Line Drawing Animejs

20+ Amazing Ways You Can Implement Anime.JS Animations On Your Website

Anime.js is a lightweight JavaScript animation library which features multi-target, simple and powerful API. It works with almost anything including CSS properties, SVG or DOM properties and even other JS objects. It is similar to jQuery or any other familiar JS library that you might have worked with previously. In simple terms, it makes complex follow through and animations extremely easy to come up with. If you are looking for a library small in size yet works with even the simplest timeline sequences, and other web elements, then this is surely the ideal place to get started. Thus, the implementation of anime.JS has surged over the past years. And since, its first release on June 27, 2016, it sure has made a huge impact on designers and developers all over.

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25 Book Mockups For All Types Of Book Covers

Nearly 40% of the Americans read printed books exclusively and only 6% of the US people are digital-only book readers. No matter how quality your device screen is it can’t replace the original book reading experience. Famous motivational speaker Simon Sinek has added a special scent to his book “Together is Better”. The scent can be felt only with a hard copy, not in the digital form. If you are designing some interesting head-turning design for your book, these book mockups will help you present your design elegantly to the users.

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25 Contemporary Bootstrap Radio Button Styles In 2019

Radio buttons are always used for mutually exclusive options, that means the user can choose only one option. Professional designers always recommend going for a circular design with a solid circle at the center. Practically speaking, sticking to the circular design is the best idea. But, you don’t have to keep the radio buttons with the same old design. You can add little animation effects and colors to make your radio buttons unique and attractive. In this list, professional developers have shown some of their creative designs, that follows the design guidelines. We have collected radio buttons for forms, applications, control panels and for all other purposes where we usually need a radio button. These bootstrap radio button styles will come in handy for all your design needs, so make sure you check each and every design in this list.

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Horizontal Timeline Horizontal Timeline

28 Engaging Horizontal Timeline Examples To Copy This 2019

Typically, you can find timelines on various history books and lessons most of the time when explaining any specific events and why and when it happened. Based on similar strategies, various sectors and niches of business and professionals use it to keep things organized and sequential. This not only provides a better understanding of the content but also helps stay on track. The best and the most popular use of timelines can be seen on social media like Facebook and Twitter. All of your posts, tweets, images you upload and every data shared or saved is presented in a timeline right from when you were born and when you joined. Simply put, timelines provide the users with a useful framework that are a great way to make what can often be a huge range of data much more accessible and approachable.

Today we have for you a list of amazing timeline examples that you can use on your site. Since there are so many types of timelines to choose from whether it is animated, sliders, cards, progress bars and more, we decided to make it more interesting! We have divided the timelines into two categories, vertical and horizontal. Thus, here is a list of all the creative horizontal timelines and you can find the list of all the vertical timelines on our other post! All of these examples also include the link to the code snippets and the image to showcase the demo. Enjoy!

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25 Highly Customizable Spiral Notebook Mockups

Spiral notebooks are one of the favorite stationeries for journalists, people who always take notes, and artists. If you are a DIY lover you can create your own custom spiral notebook that reflects your personality. All you need is a bunch of properly punched papers and a spiral binding coil. You can add as much paper as you want and can choose any spiral coil color. If you are designing your own custom spiral notebooks and love to share or to sell them, these spiral notebook mockups will come in handy for you.

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25 Voguish Threejs Examples To Rev Your Creativity In 2019

Threejs allows the developer to bring the complex 3d animation to the websites, which loads easily without any external plugins. Though you can make three-dimensional elements using the Javascript, using threejs will help you accomplish more complicated designs. The threejs has lots of useful features like anaglyphic effect, adjusting camera angles and the ability to use geometric shapes and images. We have found some unique threejs examples, which uses the threejs features to the most. Even some of the developers have given you mini-games using the three-js, make sure you check all the examples given in this list. All these threejs examples are developed by professional developers like you so you can utilize the code without any worries.

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Pure CSS Button (animation with clip-path) css button animation

25+ Stunning CSS Button Animations To Add Subtle Hints Of Creativity

One of the most common things that you see on a website are their buttons. Buttons are mostly used to perform specific tasks like sign ups and logins. They are also used to redirect the buttons to other pages or different sections of the same page by just clicking on the button. They are mostly developed with the help of CSS. As we’ve already mentioned, these CSS buttons are quite useful as well. They are one of those small details that can bring a big change and difference on your website.

The CSS buttons have important tasks to redirect your users to another page or within the same page. So, you need to make sure that you have a very attractive detail for your CSS button. A small touch of animation on the button can be a great help for your website. These CSS button animations can be really eye catching for your users. You can also get a lot of user attraction from these buttons. So, we have listed a number of the best CSS button animations for your website. All you need to do is find the correct location on your website files and add them. So today here at uiCookies, we have managed to collect quite a list of creative CSS button animations for you to try out and implement! Check it out for yourselves!

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25 Easy To Navigate Pagination CSS Designs In 2019

Pagination plays a major role in the SEO of your website. It helps the search engine bots to easily index the articles and rank them. When it comes to pagination design we can be creative but have to keep the basic functionality undisturbed. For our own good, it is better to follow the proper pagination system and design. In this list, we have collected some of the best pagination CSS designs, which has proper functionality and good design. Some creative developers have used animation effects smartly to give a better user experience. To ignite your creativity there are some cool conceptual designs, which needs proper tuning before using it in a professional design. Overall, there is a design for all your needs on this list. So make sure you check all of them before settling on one design.

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Subtle Quote CSS Blockquote

25 Unique and Creative CSS Blockquote Inspirations For Text-Heavy Sites 2019

Blockquotes are now one of the staple elements that various text-heavy sites have come to implement. Whether for the purpose of adding visual impact or to indicate an original quote source, there certainly is a surge of its application. And this too comes in many variations. From tame, simple designs to animated and advanced ones, with innovative ideas, these little details have come a long way ahead when it comes to their structure, design, and styling.

When talking about various CSS design elements, today we wanted to curate our best picks for the best possible CSS blockquotes to try out. Why start from a blank canvas when there are plenty of free options online? Keeping in mind the user-friendly aspects, all of the examples are CSS based and easy to replicate or change to your own custom result. If you are interested, we have also made a list of creative CSS button hover, cards, and spinners you can check out as well.

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