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Looking for Joomla real estate templates? We have got you covered with this comprehensive list. 

If you had read our Shopify real estate website template, we would have told you how much you have to work your way to make a real estate website using Shopify compared to WordPress. Joomla is a tad simpler than the Shopify platform. There are a handful of good-quality Joomla real estate templates out there. We’ve handpicked the templates with modern designs that most present-day users will love.

Functionality-wise, Joomla supports plugin extensions like WordPress themes, so you can add functionalities as your demand grows. For example, if you want Joomla website templates for property management, you can install plugins like OS Property Real Estate to add property management options. All these templates run on the latest Joomla version, so you can add any of the latest plugins without any hitch.

This list also includes a few HTML real estate templates to give developers more options. Based on your needs and options, you can pick a template and start working on it. Without further ado, let’s get into the list of the best Joomla real estate templates.

Azenta (HTML)

real estate website template

Azenta is a sensibly designed real estate template. The creator understood the needs of the present-day audience and realtors’ needs and created this template. As a result, you get a well-optimized website template that is easy to use. On the homepage, you have a featured property section on the header section and a powerful search tool to let users quickly search the property they want. Multiple filter options exist on the search tool so that the search results can be narrowed down greatly, and the user can quickly find the property they want.

This HTML5 template has a friendly code structure, so you can convert it into a Joomla real estate template without any issues.

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Homey (HTML)

clean real estate website template

Homey is a simple real estate website template. This real estate template will be good for handling urban spaces and modern houses. The clean layout with big images lets you explain the property details clearly to the audience. Only important sections are given on the homepage to make it look professional. You can add other sections by editing the code if you want. This one is also a well-optimized HTML 5 template, like the Azenta template. Therefore, you can convert this template into a Joomla real estate template quickly.

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joomla interior design and real estate website template

ARC is an image-rich Joomla interior design and real estate template. Since this template is designed for interior designers, you get a visually beautiful web design. Precise spacing and carefully chosen color schemes grab the user’s attention when they land on the website. The interactive image slider on the homepage with a random transition effect lets you share the latest listing engagingly with the audience. This Joomla template pack has five homepage variations, and all five have a similar layout with different sections and elements. If you are looking for a website template that gives more importance to the visual, this is the best option.

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joomla real estate templates with useful options

GemEstate is a colorful Joomla real estate template. The creator has used modern colors and colorful vector icons to give this template a youthful look. Different hover effects are used for different elements to distinguish them and their purposes from others. A search bar with multiple search options is placed right below the header section; Therefore, users can quickly start their search without jumping to different pages. This template has four homepage variations. Each demo has a different section arrangement. Based on your website’s goal, you can rearrange the sections. The SP Page builder tool is pre-bundled in this pack to let you handle the elements and sections easily. If you are looking for Joomla real estate templates with trendy designs, this one will be a good choice.

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Mj Estate

retro-style joomla real estate templates

Mj Estate is a straightforward content-rich website template. Card elements and sections with visible boundaries give an organized look and a retro touch. Apart from the looks, this template is functional and practical. Chunkier elements make the interaction easier and let users easily find the property they want. The default gallery page does its showcasing job. Look at our bootstrap gallery page design collection to make your gallery page more interactive and livelier. Since this template uses the latest bootstrap framework, it can easily handle modern design elements and effects. Overall, Mj Estate is a simple template with the basic features a present-day website should have.

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multipurpose joomla template

Apare is a multipurpose Joomla website template. The creator has given a flexible layout to this template so that you can make this template fit for all types of websites. A clean, professional look is followed in this template; hence, you can use this for real estate agencies and corporate websites without any worries. This template has many image spaces, and well-organized sections will help you present the content engagingly to your audience. You can use the portfolio pages to list your properties and can use separate pages to explain the property features. Since it is a multipurpose website template, the code structure & customizations are kept as simple as possible. This is the best option if you are looking for flexible Joomla real estate templates.

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clean joomla real estate templates

Decorators is an elegant website template for interior designers. The content-focused layout and the user-centric design will deliver a buttery smooth user experience. Since this is a niche template, icons related to the building business are used. Hence, you can use these icons for your real estate website without worry. Lots of white space is used in this template, which gives a roomy feeling. The user can easily interact with your website, even on small-screen devices. This one is mobile-responsive like most other Joomla real estate templates. If you want elegance and practicality on your website, you must shortlist this Joomla template.

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interior design website template

Experts always say a good website should not just showcase your work, but it must explain your business — The Interrio template is designed exactly based on this. New users can see their properties and can see how your process works. Neat modern web elements are used smartly to deliver the message clearly to the audience. A work process section is given on the homepage to let you give a quick overview of your step by step process. If you like to make the process section even more engaging, you can use a timeline design. For more interactive timeline designs, please look at our CSS timeline design. Since this template uses the latest web development frameworks, you can use modern web elements without a hitch.

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image-rich joomla real estate templates

Bruges gives a sense of luxury when the user enters your website. Precisely calibrated animations and proper spacing will help you present the properties elegantly to the audience. This template has two demo variations — both of them have a premium look. Since it is a multipurpose architect and real estate website template, shopping pages are also included on this page. The shopping pages will be useful if you offer other services on your website. You can turn this template into a proper real estate business website by making a few changes to the page design.

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FindHouse (HTML)

fully functional real estate html template

We have included HTML templates for those who want more freedom & solid base. The creator has given a trendy design with modern web elements. This template has nearly ten homepage variations — more than any other Joomla real estate template. Each homepage design is unique and will help you make a strong impression when a new user lands on your website. All navigation and useful options are placed at an easily accessible spot so that users will find this template extremely easy to use. This HTML template has both an eye-catching design and a solid code base. Hence, developers can easily work with this template and make a Joomla website quickly.

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Real Estate Template (HTML)

website template with functional map widgets

Maps are one of the inevitable elements of real estate websites. Showing your property’s exact spatial location on the map will help the buyers easily understand. The creator has kept the map widget as the center of attraction in a few homepage designs. These map-centric homepage designs will come in handy for those real estate companies concentrating on local properties. Regular homepage designs with image sliders are also given along with the map homepage designs; hence, you can use this template to create all types of Joomla real estate templates. All elements are working properly from the front end. Therefore, you can concentrate on the backend work without any worries.

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BeTheme (HTML)

html real estate templates

With 500+ pre-made demos, this template can help you make all types of websites. Templates like this save a lot of time and money for professional developers. This template’s creators have not only given you different demos but also given you different sections. You can create a unique website with many permutations and combinations of the given elements. The same template is available in the WordPress version as well. Hence, you can understand the quality level of this template’s code structure. All professional code standards are followed in all templates to make the developer’s job simple. Developers can use this template’s rigid base and flexible code structure.

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FindHouses (HTML)

minimal real estate template html

FindHouses is a sensibly designed real estate website template. This template’s inner pages have a niche-centric design. Even you get separate pages for real estate agents and agencies. Hence, you can not only easily manage the properties but also your agents easily in this template. You should work on the backend because it is an HTML template. All elements work perfectly as expected to deliver an impeccable user experience. Homepage designs on this template are extremely functional with a contemporary design. This is your best option if you are targeting this generation of users.

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Realdeal (HTML)

modern html real estate template

Realdeal is a minimalistic website template. Web elements with rounded edges give this minimal template a refreshing look. The creator has balanced the images and text content smartly in this template. Hence, the user can quickly preview the property before getting to the property page. This template has four homepage variations. All four demos have a minimal design with lots of white space. Users can interact with this template easily because of its roomy layout. Design-wise, this is a perfect template — everything is in the right place, and the ergonomics are good. You can use this as a Joomla real estate template once you are done with the backend and meet the Joomla code standards.

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