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While we are making our fashion website template list, we came across many discussions from the small store owner for mockups to showcase their materials. Of course in our eCommerce store list, we have mentioned that original pictures get more attention than stock ones. But making quality photographs of a product will consume lots of time and resources. That too if you are running an apparel store you need to search for a suitable model as well. So in this list, we decided to help both store owners and designers with these thirty free t-shirt mockups in this list.

All these free t-shirt mockups are build using Adobe Photoshop, so you might be needing an editing tool like Photoshop, Affinity, or anything related to it. We have listed both t-shirt mockups with models and show quality t-shirt mockups. All these free t-shirt mockups will reduce your work immensely, all you have to do is to replace the existing text or images with your own design, simple as that. Saying that, let us get free t-shirt mockups.

Woman T-shirt Mockup

free t-shirt mockups for women t-shirts

As the name implied, this t-shirt mockup has a woman model in it. If you are looking for a Woman t-shirt mockup free to download and use, you must look at this.

Shadows, lighting, and wrinkles on the t-shirt make it look realistic. The best part is all adjustments are taken care of by the algorithm itself. All you have to do is upload your design, change the t-shirt color according to your requirements, and download the image. A text editor tool is also there in this mockup generator tool, so you can add texts if you want.

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T-shirt Mockup With Male Model

free t-shirt mockup with model

You get a free t-shirt mockup with a male model in this pack. This one is a real-world picture mockup, so you can’t change the background color. But, you can change the t-shirt color with just a few clicks. For example, you can create a white t-shirt mockup or a black t-shirt mockup by simply selecting the color from the given color palette. You even have the option to add hex color code value; this might come in handy if you are planning to use some unique color.

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Women’s V-neck T-shirt Mockup

black free t-shirt mockup

As the name implies, it is a women’s V-neck free t-shirt mockup. You get a real-world image of a woman sitting on a skating board image. If you are making stylish modern v neck t-shirts for women, this image will be a good choice. This is a black t-shirt free mockup, but you can change the t-shirt colors and easily add your graphics with just a click of a button. Most minor customizations can be done via the Placeit tool itself.

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Collar T-shirt Mockup

collar t-shirt mockup free download

In this image mockup, you get collar t-shirt mockups free to download. Both t-shirts are editable in this mockup; hence, you can add separate designs and colors to the t-shirts. The creator has optimized this free t-shirt mockup generator smartly to make your customizations easier. No matter what type of design and color you use on the t-shirts, the generator automatically adjusts it to give a realistic look. All the heavy lifting is taken care of by the tool itself. You can simply upload your design and create your product images quickly within minutes.

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T-shirt and Tank Top Mockup

t-shirt and tank top mockup

You get both t-shirt and tank top mockups. If you are creating unique apparel collections for couples, image mockups like this will be a good choice. A couple going on hiking is used in this mockup image. Bright sunlight and shadows are well contained in this mockup. Plus, the online t-shirt mockup generator is tuned smartly to manage all these variables and help you create a photo-realistic t-shirt image without affecting your t-shirt design.

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Women Wearing a Round Neck T-Shirt

This lifestyle image of a woman wearing a t-shirt mockup is perfect for a number of different intentions. Whether it is for social media promotion, on your online store or even in an email campaign, grab the users attention without a hassle and turn them into a potential client. Also, if you are building a design portfolio or work with a client, showcase your creation on a T-Shirt and win them over. The options are unlimited.

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T-Shirt Hanging Against a Solid Background

t-shirt mockup for effective product presentation

This mockup will help you make an impressive product presentation image. The creative elements let you add a proper mood to your t-shirt design. If you don’t like the default graphic options, you can turn it off and neatly showcase your design alone. Since Placeit is an online editing tool with online customization options, you don’t need any design software to use this mockup. All images are in high-resolution, so you can easily resize them as per your needs. Overall, if you need an online mockup editing tool, the Placeit will be a good option to consider.

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Man Having Fun at Picnic

casual t-shirt mockup

If you are making casual t-shirt design, mockup with a causal background like this will be a good choice. As you can see, a man wearing a t-shirt in a picnic spot with a casual gesture is there on the mockup. The creator has taken care of the layers; hence, you can edit the t-shirt without disturbing the background scene. Plus, you get proper lighting on the t-shirt, so your designs can be seen clearly. Mockups like this will help you create product images that bond with the user.

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Couple on a Picnic

couples t-shirt mockup

This one is also a picnic spot t-shirt mockup. But, this one has a happy couple in the image. If you are making exclusive t-shirts for couples or special occasions like valentine’s day, mockups like this will help you deliver your product engagingly to the audience. Both t-shirts in the mockup can be edited separately; hence you can easily manage your designs and adjust them as per your requirements. In the free version, you will get the watermark on the image. For commercial usage, it is better to opt for the premium version.

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Man with Dark Glasses

t-shirt mockup with creative elements

This mockup is almost similar to the Solid background image mockup mentioned above. In this design also you can add lively elements to spice up the design. You can easily swap the creative element with just a click from the given option. Since all elements and graphics are treated as separate layers, you can change colors and adjust the elements easily. One of the biggest advantages of using an online tool is you can edit the image without spending much time. If your requirements are less and need a proper product image, mockups tools like this will save you time and money.

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Folded T-Shirt mockup on a bed

Photo realistic mockup of a folded T-Shirt that you can customize with your own brand, slogan, quote or anything else you fancy. Take a look at our banner mockups to elegantly promote your banner designs.

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T-Shirt Mockup of a Man with a Tote Bag

A modern T-Shirt mockup of a guy sitting with his glasses on and a tote bag in his hands. You can edit the tee, and you can also enrich the tote bag with your designs. In just a few clicks, you can fully improve this template and have it ready to impress possible buyers or the client you work with. Placeit is a wonderful and user-friendly platform where you can come up with the most outstanding presentations for the product designs you are working on. Do not waste any more time and enjoy the process which gives excellent results.

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Brand Folded T-Shirt


If you are making designs for your stores, then branding them is a must. Making good design is a must but showing your brand clearly will increase your brand awareness among the other customers. For those brand focused stores, this mockup will reduce your time immensely. This mockup clearly shows your brand on a folded t-shirt. You can change color and the background image easily. Even if you are Youtube celebrity or an influencer and want to sell your own merchandise, then this mockup will help you share the preview images on your social media accounts. It is a PSD file, so working with it will be a piece of a cake job.

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Trendy T-shirt PSD Mockup

easy to customize PSD mockup

The creator has given us a t-shirt with a hanger in this mockup. From the name itself you can understand that it is a PSD mockup. Each part of the t-shirt is treated as a separate layer, hence you can customize this PSD mockup easily. With the professionally handled PSD files, this mockup has become as one of the best easy-to-use free t-shirt mockups. The wrinkles and the shadows give a realistic look to the t-shirt. Because of the simple look and easy customization options, this t-shirt mockup can be used for all types of designs and product images.

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Women T-shirt Mockup

t-shirt mockup with front and back side

This free t-shirt mockups collection has t-shirt images in different angles. As the name suggests, this mockup has a female model and you also have the option to show both the front and back of the t-shirt. Just like most other free t-shirt mockups in this list, this one is also PSD mockup. The creator has used a high-quality image hence the user can see your design clearly. The PSD layers are handled properly so that even the texture of the cloth can be felt in this mockup. For best results, the creator recommends using Photoshop version CS4 and above.

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Long Sleeve Woman T-shirt

long sleeve t-shirt mockup

This one is also a free t-shirt mockups collection for women, just like the previous mockup. But, this one only the front side of the t-shirt. The material of the t-shirt used in this mockup is a little bit shiny and silky. And the nature of the cloth material is preserved well in the PSD mockup. Just like most other PSD free t-Shirt mockups, this one also treats different elements as different layers. Hence, you can change the color of the t-shirt and change the background that suits your t-shirt design. Because of the high-quality image, the user can zoom-in and clearly see your design.

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Realistic Free Tshirt Mockup

realistic t-shirt mockup

If you are looking for free t-shirt mockups set with realistic look and environment, this mockup might impress you. In this mockup, you can not only add your design to the t-shirt but you can apply your design on the wall as well. If you are making any brand-focused design, free t-shirt mockups like this will come in handy for you. Shadows and lightings are used perfectly in this image so that your designs will get a rich look. Speaking of designs on walls, if you are making billboard designs, take a look at our billboard mockups to showcase your designs elegantly to the users.

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Cool Looking Women T-shirt

free women t-shirt mockup

This one is also a free t-shirt mockups collection for women t-shirts. But in this one you get eight pre-made templates, each showing your design in different angles and different lighting. You also have the option to change the photo colors from the given ten photo color presets. The creator has used 4000×3200 px images, hence you can easily scale this mockup to the size you want. Plus, this high-quality image makis this mockup as one of the few free t-shirt mockups that come print-ready out of the box.

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V-Neck Male T-Shirt


This is a high-quality image taken in a perfect studio lighting condition. So you can edit the mockup easily to your taste. All the layers are blended well so no matter you add to the mockup, it is shown clearly. This mockup can be used for the eCommerce stores as well. As most of the online buyers love to see the product in a different angle before buying them, these multi-angle images will help you a lot. In the demo, the designer has used only text design, but you can add any type of design you like.

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V-Neck Female T-Shirt


This mockup is also from the same creator of the Male T-shirt mentioned above. If you want the same image quality with a female model, this one will help you. If you are planning to make a special sale for valentine’s day or take special orders for events apparel with the same design for both men and women; these two mockups can help you. Like the above t-shirt mockup, this one is also shown in different angles so the users can have a better look before buying one. In order to download this mockup for free, the creator expects a small favor from you; you need to share this in the social media. Other than that, it is completely free to use.

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PSD Zone T-Shirt Mockup


If you are looking for a casual looking model mockup for your t-shirt design, then this is the one for you. Rather than submitting your design on a simply folded t-shirt mockup, you can use mockup with the model so that the user can get an idea. All the layers and lighting effects are taken care on this mockup. You can simply add your design and showcase it without any issue. It is completely customizable so that based on your design, you can change the mockup to the color you want with a few clicks.

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Little Girl T-Shirt Mockup


We have seen a lot of t-shirt mockups for adults, this particular mockup is for kids. Since this mockup is designed for kids, you have bright colors by default. But you can change it to the colors and designs as you want. The creator of this mockup has made it perfectly fit for all types of designs like the full body design, chest design and lot more. This mockup has more than enough resolution of 4000×3000 pixels. So no matter how big your design file is, you can easily fit it into this mockup without any issue. You can also shrink it to the normal size without any loss in the quality.

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Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD 3


Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD is a product showcase type mockup. The designer of this mockup made your job easy by using several layers. The layers are made very realistic so that no matter whatever text or graphics you add to the t-shirt, it will look like an original piece. This mockup includes both front and back design, so you can showcase your product neatly. To edit this mockup you need at least CS3 photoshop version.

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T-Shirt MockUp PSD


T-Shirt MockUp PSD is from the same designer of the Woman T-shirt mockup mentioned above. In the previous design, you get two color option, with this mockup you get only one color option. Since the mockup design is developed using different layer, you can almost change every aspect. The main graphic element is used as a smart object, all you have to do is to change the existing design with your own text or design. This showcase quality mockup gives you both front and back design of the t-shirt.

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Polo Shirt PSD MockUp


Polo shirt mockups are rare under the free category. But this designer has given an extraordinary premium quality mockup for free. The high-quality image looks real and the lighting is also great so that you can display your t-shirt elegantly. In the demo, logo design is placed on the left sleeve, but the designer has made this mockup smart enough to handle both full body design and sleeve design. With this mockup also you get both front and back design of the t-shirt. To edit this mockup you need at least CS4 version of Photoshop.

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Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD


This woman t-shirt mockup design comes with a hanger to give a more realistic look. The designer had made the mockup look surreal with the shadow effects. Layers of the mockup are made to blend well with the t-shirt design to make sure that whatever graphic or text you add, looks perfect in the design. The default design of the mockup includes black and white color, but you can also change the t-shirt color based on your needs.

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt MockUp


Long Sleeve T-shirt mockup gives you a photorealistic view. In the default mockup, you have a scratched wooden desk like background. But you can change the background style as per your need. With this mockup, you can showcase two t-shirts at a time. To edit this mockup you will need a Photoshop CS4 version. If you are looking for a full body long sleeve t-shirt design that has a realistic effect, then this the best mockup for you.

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V-Neck T-Shirt MockUp PSD


If you are selling a set of t-shirt with different colors, then this V-Neck T-Shirt MockUp PSD. With this mockup you get three t-shirts placed one over the other. All three t-shirts have separate layers and smart-objects so that you can easily customize each t-shirts design. This mockup gives you both front and back view for a better view. In order to edit this mockup, you will need at least CS4 version of Photoshop.

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T-Shirt Mockup PSD #2


This round neck t-shirt mockup helps you to make your design look realistic. The designer has made this mockup flexible enough so that you can change almost all aspects of the design. With this mockup, you get only one angle view and front side alone. You can change the color of the t-shirt without any issue and the graphic design is kept as smart-object. All you have to do is to replace the existing design with your design and showcase it on your site.

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Men’s round-neck T-Shirt Mockup


This mockup is especially for web designers, especially if you are designing a portfolio website template you might need many colorful designs. This Men’s round-neck T-Shirt Mockup is the most colorful ad quality design. The designer has given you full-freedom to change the entire design of the mockup, you can change the color of the t-shirt as well as the background. Smart objects are used for the design placement for easy editing.

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Folded T-Shirt


Sometimes it is better to show your product in all possible styles. In the stores, most of the t-shirts are kept in a properly folded condition, with this mockup you can do that in your e-store also. On the clean background with trendy colors, the product looks real and the t-shirt design is clearly visible without any disturbances. If you want you can change the design of the background. Properly arranged and labeled layers help you easily identify the objects and customize them.

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T-Shirt Box Packaging Mockup


Packaging plays a key role in the product marketing. With the packaging design itself, you can make the people feel your brand quality. This T-Shirt Box Packaging Mockup will help you show your t-shirt design folded in a box. This mockup is also from the folded t-shirt mockup mentioned above, so you can expect the same design quality and user-friendly editing option. In this mockup, you can also change the logo on the packaging box.

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Folded Psd Sweatshirt Mockup


Folded Psd Sweatshirt Mockup gives you complete control over every element of its design. Right from the t-shirt to the tag, you can customize everything and can add your brand label. The high-quality image gives a realistic feel, and the designer has also blended the layers well within the real photographs. You can easily customize and change the mockup with your design. In order to edit this mockup, you would need at least CS4 version of Photoshop.

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Folded T-Shirt #2


This is another neat looking realistic t-shirt mockup. In the default demo this mockup uses text design, if you have any other abstract design it will look great on this mockup. Personal brand focused apparel sites can use this mockup to increase their brand visibility. The smart object layer is created with accuracy to meet the natural effect in the image. You can straight away put your design on this mockup and can add it to your store.

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Free T-Shirt Design Mockup


Free T-Shirt Design Mockup is a premium quality freemium type t-shirt mockup. When a product is mentioned freemium, there will be a catch point. In this mockup, you can use this mockup for free, but you have to attribute the creator of this mockup. Other than that design wise you get a perfectly natural looking mockup. The customization is also made easier with smart objects and proper layers, you can add your design easily within a click.

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T-Shirt with rolled up Sleeves Mockup


To give a more natural and casual look to your t-shirt design, this mockup includes a rolled up sleeves. With the plain dark background and hanging posture, this mockup will give a better visibility to your t-shirt design. The smart object design of this mockup is done exceptionally well that matches with the fabric of the t-shirt. So you get a real t-shirt design feel even when the user zoom in. Like most other free t-shirt mockups in this list, this mockup also allows you to change the color of the t-shirt and background.

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3D T-Shirt Design Mockup


Sometimes you no need a model to show your apparels elegantly. Instead, you can use the 3D design, which is more cost effective and is also easy to handle. The designer of this mockup made your job, even more, simpler with his design. With the neat design, you can highlight your t-shirt design easily. You can change the color of the t-shirt and background as you want. Since this mockup is done using latest Photoshop version, make sure you also have the version close to the current version.

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Free Tshirt Mockup PSD With Model


We had enough look at the showcase type mockups, let us start looking at the mockups with the model. The following graphic fuel t-shirt mockup gives you t-shirt model mockup with a clean background and with images. On the clean background, the image looks natural but in the image background the mockup looks a bit artificial. The smart object is done with care to make it look natural. Since the model is wearing a headphone, the smart object segment is aligned perfectly to match the original result.

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Woman T-Shirt Mockup With Model


The following women t-shirt mockup is also from the graphics fuel team. It is a high-quality mockup with clear segmentation of layers and smart objects. If you are looking for a wool-like material t-shirt mockup, then this is the one for you. The smart object part is designed to give utmost perfection to the dress material, but yet at certain areas it looks bit artificial. Other than that it is a perfect mockup with full options to change the colors and other design attributes.

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Women T-shirt Mockup With Model #2


This t-shirt mockup gives you a more realistic view. One can’t easily find the difference between the real world element and the graphics element. The designer has given you multiple choice to edit and also done all the adjusting work for you with the help of different layers. You can add graphics rich work as well as minimal designs, this mockup can handle it easily. Since this mockup is done using latest photoshop version, make sure you have latest or closest iteration of the Photoshop software.

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Women T-shirt Mockup With Model #3


From the design itself, you can see that this mockup is also from the same designers of the version two mentioned above. The designer has taken the toughest part of making the mockup look real with the sunlight. Other smart objects are also included in the downloaded packages, so website template designers you will have more model options to choose from. This mockup can handle both full body design as well as sleeve designs.

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Women T-shirt Mockup With Model #4


Most fashion stores are nowadays looking for a lively model image in their sites. If you are also in search of such lively model for your apparel design, then this the mockup for you. This studio-quality image gives you clean design and gives you all the feature to elegantly display your t-shirt graphics. At certain areas, the design looks bit artificial, but it is very minor, one can’t find it easily. This mockup is designed with latest Photoshop version, so you get more realistic effects.

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Women T-shirt Mockup With Model #5


This t-shirt mockup includes two models. When you are running shopping festival on your apparel store mockups like these will come in handy. The perfect lighting condition on the pic made it easy to edit both models t-shirts easily. Layers and smart objects are also used effectively in these mockups so that it reduces your editing work immensely. All you need to do is to customize the mockup with your original designs and brand names.

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Women T-shirt Mockup With Model #6


More casual looking t-shirt mockup. This fresh new mockup is a new entry in the free mockup world. With the natural looking t-shirt mockup and perfect lighting, this template will help you showcase your design elegantly on your site. The designer has shared high-quality image, so even you can use this mockup for ad banners and other types of printing uses. This mockup also gives you complete control over the design, you can almost change everything in this mockup.

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Women T-shirt Mockup With Model #7


This t-shirt mockup also uses the same model as you have seen in the sixth variation mentioned above. By using the same model with different poses you can make a consistency throughout a product lineup. With the clean background, this mockup highlights your t-shirt design elegantly without any distractions. The designer has used latest Photoshop version to create this beautiful mockup, so you might need Photoshop version close to the latest version to edit this mockup easily.

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Women T-shirt Mockup With Model #8


With the pulling down t-shirt pose, this mockup helps the user to get a better view of the full design of the t-shirt. If you are making a full body t-shirt design, this mockup would be the best choice. This mockup can handle both simple abstract design and complex artistic designs. The designer had taken care of all the layer adjustment work, all you have to do is to replace the existing design with your design.

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Women T-shirt Mockup With Model #9


This is a plain simple women t-shirt mockup. The designer had given you the option to add single colors, multi colors and split colors. If you are using some other colors other than the colors used in this mockup, you can change it easily. The mockup doesn’t look so natural, at some spots it does look like an artificial layer. If you are using it for design showcase, then it is well and good but for store owners, this won’t be the best choice.

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Men’s Round neck T-shirt Mockup With Model


This round neck men’s t-shirt mockup is created perfectly for professional use. The photograph in this mockup is taken under perfect studio lighting condition, so you get a clear high-quality mockup. You can not only change the design of the t-shirt, the designer has also given you the option to change the color of the t-shirt and the background color. You can even use images as background, but for more natural look go for a clean background.

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Men’s Round neck T-shirt Mockup With Model #2


This mockup is designed like character interacting with each other. Mockups like this can be found easily on premium sites like Shutterstock, but it is quite difficult to find in a free category. Lucky for you we find this premium quality mockup. The designer had aligned the layer perfectly to match the orientation of the t-shirt, so you get a more natural looking t-shirt model. All you have to do is to change the existing t-shirt design with yours and resize it to fit within the mockup.

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Men’s Round neck T-shirt Mockup With Model #3


Casual looking men’s round neck T-shirt Mockup. If you are an apparel store that is selling clothing and accessories, models like these will help you promote your accessories as well. On the clean light background, the colorful t-shirt looks vibrant. The clean background also makes the t-shirt look attractive and distinct from rest of the properties. Perfectly aligned layer helps you to create a more natural looking t-shirt model.

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Men’s Round neck T-shirt Mockup With Model #4


This day to day usage style t-shirt mockup gives a casual look to your t-shirt. The t-shirt used in this mockup has a pocket, so make sure to check this before using this mockup. With the clean background, this mockup highlights the t-shirt design elegantly. This mockup can handle both the full body design and sleeve design.

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Men’s Round neck T-shirt Mockup With Model #5


This mockup is also from the creator of the fourth variation mentioned above. Like the above mockup design, this mockup also has the same model and same posture but in a different angle. The preference is purely based on your t-shirt visibility, both the mockup images are taken under perfect studio lighting condition. Whichever version you feel comfortable with, you can choose that one. As both the mockup are from same creators, you get the same quality and editing experience.

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Men’s Round neck T-shirt Mockup With Model #6


It is a fully free premium quality mockup for your designers and store owners. With the circular shadow design, this mockup neatly highlights your t-shirt design elegantly. If you need you can remove the dark edges and make the design look plain and simple. Well, structured layers make customization easy for the end users. To edit this mockup you might need Photoshop version of CS4 and above.

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