Designing a website or an application is no longer a simple job (it has never been). It would be even more complex in the upcoming years. Instead of simply saying brand stories, we’ve to make BELIEVABLE brand stories. Designs have to even more authentic and cause-based to easily connect with the audience. Being designers and web developers, yes, we’ve to take a lot more caffeine to meet our client’s creative needs. Between all these busy schedules, we can’t spend time on making regular elements. If we can skip the basic chores, we can increase our productivity. We’ve collected basic HTML templates with all types of trendy designs to help you easily make your initial design. Once you have finished the initial designs, you can concentrate on improvising the design.

We’ve collected templates with modern funky colors and professional color schemes to cover all types of audiences. Organic shapes and the use of geometric elements are also an increasing design trend. You can find basic HTML templates with lots of creative elements in this list. Just pick the design that closely meets your needs and start working on it. All templates are made using the HTML5 and CSS3 framework. So you can use intriguing animation effects without any worries.

Best Basic HTML Templates With Simple Layouts


solid basic HTML template

Hepta is a solid basic HTML template that will help you make stunning looking hotel websites within minutes.

This HTML5 template uses a flexible code structure, and the creators have followed the industry code standards so that both beginners and experienced developers can easily work with this template. Since this template has a clean layout and minimal animations, you can use this base template to create any business website. All images, fonts, and other design assets are included in the download file to help you easily get started with this template. Overall, Hepta is a sensible HTML template that will save a lot of your time.

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single-page basic HTML template

Glint is a one-page HTML template. If you are looking for a creative full-page basic HTML template, this one will impress you.

The creator has utilized the full-page design effectively so that you get a website layout that is easy to use on both computer and mobile devices. Plus, it is a Bootstrap 4 template, so you can expect a smooth performance. The bold design and clean layout make it a perfect option for simple business websites and personal websites. Speaking of personal websites, take a look at our (personal website template collection) to boost your personal branding.

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basic HTML template with a unique design

This basic HTML template will be a treat for developers looking for a basic HTML template with a little advanced design.

The Tough template is primarily designed for architects and interior design company websites. Hence, the creator has maintained an artistic touch throughout the website. You can even add subtle animations to the icons to make them even more visually attractive. Like most other basic HTML templates in this list, this one also uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework; This means you can try any modern design and animation effects on this template without any issues.

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creative website templates

Ave is a feature-rich affordable website template. All the basic code optimizations and user experience optimizations are done in this theme. For example, all 20+ demos are mobile responsive out of the box. The neatly written code script will make the developer’s job simple and easy. You can add any custom elements and functions without breaking a sweat. Design-wise, you get both creative and professional designs in this theme. All demos have a pixel-perfect design, you can pick any demo and use it straight away for your website. Premium plugins like Slider Revolution are also given in this theme to make your job even simple. With all these features and demos, this template becomes one of the best basic HTML templates.

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simple dynamic HTML template

Trydo is a power-packed dynamic HTML template for agencies. The creator has combined the power of HTML5 and ReactJS to deliver an impressive user experience. Right from the minimal design to interactive particle design, all types of website designs are given in this pack. This HTML template pack has nearly 18 demo versions as of writing this post. Since this theme is primarily made for agencies, a trendy design style is followed in all demo versions. If you are making a personal portfolio website, basic HTML templates like this will help you make an attractive website. Overall, Trydo is one of the best simple website templates for beginners.

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one-page and multi-page website template

MegaOne is a simple HTML template. All major website categories are covered in this theme, so you can use almost all types of websites with this basic HTML templates pack. There are both one-page and multi-page website templates in its huge collection of 80+ readymade demos. Parallax effects and contemporary designs are combined smartly to keep the users engaged throughout the website. As a developer, you will find this theme extremely useful. Since the creator has taken care of all the design and front-end burden, you can concentrate on the back-end work without any worries. If you are looking for simple HTML templates that are easy to use and maintain, then you must shortlist the MegaOne template pack.

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dynamic online store HTML template

You can understand that this is an online store HTML template from the name itself. Modern online shops must be able to deliver dynamic performance. Hence, the creator has used modern web development frameworks like the NextJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, and a lot more in this template. If you are a full-stack developer, basic HTML templates like this will save you lots of time. User and admin dashboard designs are also given along with the storefront design to help you make a proper website with a consistent design. All web elements and dashboard widgets work smoothly from the front-end side; therefore, you can work easily with this theme.

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basic HTML templates for agencies

If you are making a website for creative agency, basic HTML templates like this will be a good choice. Unique layouts and creative design elements will help you make your website stand out from your competitor’s website. Plus, you can clearly show how creative your works will be by using unique layouts in this creative agency HTML template pack. Lots of UI elements are given in this template to make your job easy. Right from accordions to the progress bars, everything is given in this theme. Since it is a creative agency template collection, you also get different portfolio layouts along with the regular pages. Nearly 25+ portfolio layouts are given in this theme, based on your needs, you can pick one and start working on it.

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html website template for business websites

Porto is a flexible HTML template from the ground up. You can see on the info page that this template is also available on different platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, and Joomla. The creator has made the core HTML design simple and flexible so that it can be used for all types of platforms. Using basic HTML templates like this will save you time and money. Developers will find this template easy to work with. Apart from the easy code structure, this theme has 75+ pre-made demos.

All the demos have a simple and clean design to let you use it for all types of websites. Right from the header to the footer, you get different variations. You can simply add the elements you like and create your custom website in no time. The default navigation menu designs are neat and functional. If you like to make the navigation, even more, livelier, take a look at our bootstrap menu design collection.

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professional-looking html website template

With more than 200+ pre-made demos, this template will help you create any website in no time. Since the creator has included designs for almost all niches, you can simply pick the design you want and work on it. To make the design even more interesting, the creator has included interactive hero sections. The premium plugin, Slider Revolution Editor is included in this template pack to let you easily create interactive image sliders in no time. If you are not into pre-made slider designs and want to create your own unique sliders, take a look at our Bootstrap slider examples collection for more inspirations.

Coming to this template pack, this is one of the best basic HTML templates with all the elements and sections pre-designed for you. If you are a development agency, templates like this will save you time and kick off the project as soon as you get your customer demands.

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html website template with multiple demos

The Canvas has a plethora of pre-designed website templates. The beauty of this template pack is you get both multi-page and single-page website templates. To make the customization easier, the creator has used the short-code concept. So if you are planning to run an HTML website, these shortcodes will help you easily add the elements you want. More than 1000 UI elements are given in this template pack. Unless you need any custom elements, you can use the given UI elements as such. Basic HTML templates like this will not only help you to easily set up a website but also helps you to easily maintain the website in the long run. HTML forms are also given in this theme to let the user easily contact you and also to help you easily collect leads.

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colorful and interactive basic HTML templates

Web designs have evolved a lot over the course of time. Present website designs are more direct and engaging so that the website owners can express the message clearly to the audience. If you are searching for such basic HTML templates with creative modern designs, this template will definitely impress you. From the name itself you can understand that this HTML template is primarily designed for SAAS websites. Whether you are making a website for a small startup or a big enterprise, the HTML templates in this pack will come in handy for you. Nearly 28 demos are given in this theme and all of them have an ample amount of space for both texts and images. Along with the secondary pages like the about and contact, this theme also has 250+ UI elements pre-designed for you.

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basic HTML templates for creative startups

Jumpstart is also a SAAS HTML website template pack. But, this one completely focuses on startups and growing companies. So you get a dynamic self-explanatory design. As soon as the user lands on your website, they can easily understand where to go and how to navigate through your website. From the design and code-wise, this template is properly tuned for better SEO ranking. All you have to do is to execute your link building works and optimizing your content for the SEO. The use of fresh green colors and creative web elements not only gives a youthful look to the website but also helps you display your fresh ideas neatly to the audience.

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website template with multiple cusotmization options

Pofo is a creative website template with a professional look. The businesslike design of this template makes it a perfect option for the modern corporate and agency websites. Different layouts and different scroll effects are used in this template to give an engaging experience to the users. Based on your needs, you can pick one and start working on it. Along with the regular pages, this template also has pages for maintenance, error page templates, and coming soon templates. Unique portfolio layouts and blog layouts are also given in this theme to share your works and ideas elegantly with your audience. This template is also available in the WordPress version. If you like this design and expect a more simplified working solution for your website, check out their WordPress version.

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multipurpose website template

Most WordPress users will be familiar with this name. With more than 450+ pre-made demos, the BeTheme has designs for almost all types of websites. If you want more freedom in the development work, you can pick their HTML templates over their WordPress version. In the HTML version also you get all the demos that you have seen in the WordPress version. The flexible code script will give you a good base, on which you can create any website with the features you want. All the basic elements and advanced UI elements are also given in this theme. Since the creator has taken care of almost everything from designs to optimizations, you can concentrate on the custom features you want.

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basic HTML templates for SAAS companies

TheSaaS is another website template pack for SAAS websites in this basic HTML templates list. But this template has a subtle and creative touch in its design. If you are not into flashy animations and bright colors, this template will impress you. All the sections are arranged properly in the default design itself. So you can simply add your content and launch your website. Plus, it is an HTML5 website template, if you are planning to run it as a raw HTML website, these templates can handle videos and other multimedia contents easily. Though this template doesn’t have a humongous pre-made demos list like the BeTheme, the given handfull of demos are neat and work perfectly.

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easy to use website template

If you feel templates with 100+ demos are a bit too much handle, the Joo template will impress you. 15+ demos are given in this pack and each has a different layout. Apart from regular business websites, this template pack has designs for some unique niches. For example, you get templates for fast food websites and wedding websites. To let you use the website straight away, the creator has given working contact forms. All you have to do is to integrate it with your system. Since this template is made using the latest HTML5 framework, you can easily integrate this template with any modern tools. Overall, Joo is a simple and handy HTML website template pack.

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unique style website template

The XEN template is loaded with lots of creative UI and UX elements. If you are looking for basic HTML templates with a striking design, this template is the best option for you. Scroll effects, dynamic mouse pointer designs, and sleek menu animation effects give a lively feel to this template. Even though this template is loaded with animated elements it loads faster. Because of the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, this template performs smoothly on computers and mobile devices as well. The creator has not given you different homepage designs, instead, you get different header designs. Take a look at our Bootstrap header design collection for practically applicable innovative designs.

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clean and posh looking basic HTML templates

StartP is another fresh and trendy looking HTML template for IT startups and digital agencies. Only five demo variations are given in this pack, but the creator has given you different color schemes for all five demo variations. If you are picky about colors, these color scheme variations may satisfy your needs. Even though if don’t find the color you like, you can easily edit the code and add your color. Since this theme is made using the latest CSS3 script, it supports all modern colors and gradient color schemes. The creator has balanced the images and the text contents smartly throughout the website. As a result, you get an interactive and engaging website design. Like most other basic HTML templates in this list, this one also has an RTL version.

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basic HTML templates with typography-rich design

Rogan is one of the few basic HTML templates pack, that includes a Sketch file in it. Using an HTML template with the design file will make the work simple and easy. Before implementing the work, you can view it on the Sketch file itself. 15 pre-made demos are given in this template pack and all of them are mobile optimized. In some of the demos, the creator has used the typography design effectively so that you get a trendy looking easy-to-read website templates. If you are using lots of texts in your website, templates like this will make the reading easy for your readers. Four blog layouts are also given in this them, so you can run an active website without any issue. Speaking of Sketch files, take a look at our UI kits collection, to make your design work even more simple.

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ecommerce website template

From the name itself you can infer that this is an HTML eCommerce website template. The creator has followed a clean and simple layout to help you make a product-focused online store. Since this template is made using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, you can easily convert this template into any eCommerce platform like WooCommerce and Shopify. As a matter of fact, this template is also available in this Shopify format. For more friendly online shopping features take a look at their Shopify version. If you want more freedom and keep the expenses within your budget, you can simply go with this version. For more Shopify themes, take a look at our Shopify themes listings.

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basic HTML templates for web applications

The Basik template is made for web applications and dashboards. As most of the business actions and internal team functions are managed via online, having a powerful dashboard is a must. Tech giants like Microsoft constantly try to improve their corporate software dashboards to make the user interactions easier. If you are a developer you might be aware of Microsoft’s Fluid framework. In the Basik template, you get all the basic UI elements to make a proper admin dashboard. Since this template is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle all modern design elements and functions.

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clean and simple admin templatesDashforge is also a dashboard template. The creator of this template has equipped it with useful features to make the data visualization easier. If your user is going to handle lots of data, dashboard templates like this will save you time. Lots of widgets are given in the default dashboard design, but you can rearrange the widgets as per your needs. Modern colors are used effectively to differentiate and show the data to the users. Different navigation and color schemes are also given in this template, which can be switched easily with a click. The latest frameworks like Bootstrap 4, SASS, and CSS3 are used in this template. Hence, working with this template will be an easy job for the developers.

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colorful and professional looking web application template

Gull is a unique and function-rich dashboard template. The creator has used Laravel and Bootstrap frameworks, to give you an interactive admin dashboard. Mostly material colors are used in this theme and the consistent use of colors gives a professional look to this template. Icons are used effectively to use less screen space and clearly show the options to the users. The creator has included the Photoshop file of this dashboard design. Hence, you can easily customize and visualize the results before entering the code phase. Four demo variations are given in this template pack and all of them support the RTL feature.

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basic HTML templates for hosting websites

Antler website template is made for hosting websites. To give you more features and functional options, the creator has also pre-integrates WHMCS with this template. If you are looking for a hardcore hosting website, basic HTML templates like this will be a good choice. Apart from the WHMCS, this template has an engaging design. The user can clearly understand your hosting plans and the security features you have. Sleek animation effects are used effectively from the header to the footer to give an engaging experience. Five demo variations are given in this template pack and all of them are made using the latest web development framework.

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dark theme web application template

Veltrix is another dashboard design to manage large data. The creator has given lots of graphs and interactive charts to visualize the data. Modern colors and animation effects are used smartly to distinguish one data from the other. An ample amount of space is given between each element and widgets so that the interactions will be easier. Along with the HTML version, this template also has React, Ajax, Laravel, and PHP versions. If you are looking for a developer-friendly template, this is the best option for you. Different code bases are also given in this template to make the development work easier and simpler.

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