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“Provide what audiences want,” is the first lesson for any entertainment business — the same applies to movie websites as well. The movie websites templates you pick should show what the user searches for and intelligently recommend the movie they might like. Giving good suggestions is one of the best ways to keep your audience in the loop. Artificial intelligence has improved a lot, and web development is also adapting to the modern age. The movie websites templates in this list give you a strong base on which you can create your custom website with all the bells and whistles you want.

Not all site owners can hire a group of developers and can make a custom website. Hence, we’ve listed both HTML and WordPress movie website templates in this post. The WordPress themes are more convenient, and there are lots of plugins out there to help you add the feature you want. But still, few creative minds out there want their website to be unique and might be planning some unique functionalities to deliver an impeccable user experience — for such people, the HTML website templates will be a good choice. You can skip the basic chores with these properly optimized HTML templates and can concentrate on the custom features.

Let’s get into the list of Best movie website templates for movie reviews, movie streaming, movie directory, and movie promotion websites.

Best Movie Websites Templates


netflix-like online streaming movie website template

Streamit is a unique movie website template made for online streaming. The dark theme and image-rich layout deliver an immersive experience to the audience. Users can quickly see lots of movie suggestions on the homepage and start watching the movies without searching for each and every movie. If you incorporate an intelligent user recommendation system based on the user’s watch history and likes, this WordPress movie website template will deliver an impressive user experience. The creator has given a flexible code structure so that developers can easily extend the functionalities without breaking the theme’s default design and core features.

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Vodi WordPress theme is for online movie and TV show streaming websites. This theme will be a good choice if you want to make a website like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Card elements and carousels help you neatly organize the content and engagingly present them. At the same time, the homepage sections and tabs keep the users engaged as soon as they get on your website. The whole website is designed as a web app more than a website. Hence, all controls are placed in an easily accessible spot. Under the video streaming page, you get recommended video sections to show related videos that users might like.

This template’s creators have developed a plugin called MAS to let you easily manage videos and TV shows. You can easily manage the video content, like WordPress posts. More about the plugin is given on the theme’s info page, take a look at it if you are interested in the plugin.

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Vayvo is also similar to the Vodi theme mentioned above. Live streaming website owners will love this WordPress theme. Both the homepage and the movie list page have a clean layout with an ample amount of space between each card. Though this template doesn’t utilize the full-width layout effectively like the Vodi theme, the interaction is easier. Even mobile users can use your website easily because of this template’s simple layout. User icons and other category links are all placed at the top bar. Plus, the top bar is made sticky for easier access. Overall, Vayvo is one of the best movie websites templates in terms of user experience and user interface.

The creator has designed this template from the commercial point of view. Hence, membership options and pricing plans are integrated right from the core of the template. As said before, live streaming site owners will love this WordPress movie website template.

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Filmic WordPress theme is for movie professionals and filmmakers. No matter what kind of work you do in the film industry, the clean layout of this template will help you elegantly showcase your work. This theme pack has nine movie websites templates as of writing this post. All demos follow a white and dark layout. Color schemes are also chosen with care to match the dark and white layout — As a whole, you get a vibrant look. The use of the Unyson framework will make the developers’ job simple. Plus, this theme has the Elementor page builder; hence, most minor customizations can be done without touching the code.

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Silverscreen is a perfect movie website template for both filmmakers and movie promotions. With this template’s lively layout, you can present your movie’s trailer and behind the scene videos interactively to your audience. Plus, users can use the social media share icons to quickly share the videos with their friends. Like all other WordPress movie websites templates, this one also has a fully functional design. Template’s creators have taken care of the basic optimizations. All you have to do is import the demo you like, finalize the setup, and launch it. WooCommerce shopping pages are also there in this template to easily sell tickets and other items on your website.

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Movify is a proper commercial movie website template. The creator has designed this template from a business point of view. Hence, you get elements to promote your services and to highlight your subscription plans. This template has four homepage variations. Each homepage is unique and welcomes users with a warm welcome message — adding personalized touch like this will make your website feel special. Images and text content are balanced equally throughout the template so that users can understand the point quickly. Plus, users will also have an interactive experience. The movie list page is treated more or less similar to the gallery page. If you are just launching your streaming website, the given movie list will be enough for you to show your titles.

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Sequex is a unique WordPress theme in this movie websites’ templates. This is a movie directory/database WordPress website template. Right from the homepage to the forum, every page is designed to make the interaction easier. Both simple and advanced search tools are given in this template so that users can easily find the movie they want. Since it is a directory website making the search tool as friendly as possible is important. Take a look at our bootstrap search bar design collection for more interactive designs.

Design-wise, this template has both light and dark skin versions. You can opt for the dark version if you want a classy-looking website. Or you can opt for the light version to make a friendly website. No matter which skin or which demo you pick, all of them are equipped with the WooCommerce shopping pages. Therefore, you can easily sell products on your website.

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movie database website template

Blockter is a simple movie database website template. If you want a movie website template with a powerful search option and straightforward design, this one would be a good choice. The uncomplicated design of this template lets the audience quickly understand your interface. Therefore, the audience can start using your website as soon as they land on the website. Some of the movie-niche features are pre-built in this template — movie review system, flexible movie listing options, and a lot more. This template’s Unyson framework will make the developer’s customization job easier.

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Ftage is a perfect website template for both actors and filmmakers. New demos are added in each update along with the stability improvement, so you can trust this template. This one also offers light and dark skin versions like few other movie websites templates mentioned in this list. Whether you need to do a movie promotion campaign or want to maintain an online portfolio, this template has a perfect readymade demo for you. All you have to do is to import the demo you like and start building your website. All demo versions are equipped with the Elementor page builder. Therefore, you can edit the template easily without even touching the code. The pre-bundled Events Calendar plugin lets the user book appointments and helps you easily manage the schedules. Overall, Ftage is a well-thought-out website template with all the necessary features pre-bundled for you.

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Pelicula has readymade demos for all types of movie-related websites. You can make a studio website or a personal website for actors and directors with this template. Modern animation effects and web elements are combined smartly to deliver an immersive user experience. All these elements and effects can be controlled using the Elementor page builder. In fact, most cosmetic changes can be done with the Elementor page builder itself. Hence, site owners who take care of the website by themselves will find this template extremely easy to use.

The custom portfolio pages in this template add life to your work and let the user fully experience your works without any distraction. Overall, it is one of the best visually attractive movie websites templates that most artists will love.

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Specto is a clean online movie listing website template. You can list the movies, on which theaters they are screening, and their showtime. Star ratings and PG ratings are placed right next to the movie title so that users can quickly pick the best movies they want. On the single movie page, you have space to add movie wallpapers, trailers, and interview videos. Hence, users can learn more about their favorite movies. Though this template doesn’t support online ticket booking options right out of the box, you can add one by yourself. Since it is a WordPress theme, adding new features or extending the functionalities can be done easily with the help of a plugin.

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SKRN is another movie streaming website template. This template also treats the website as a web app, like the Vodi template. But, this template has a proper homepage to let you clearly explain your business and what users will get with the subscription plan. Once the user login to their account, they can access movies and TV shows. Using well-planned movie websites templates like this will save you a lot of time and money. The creators have taken care of the designs and basic functions. Hence, you can forget the basic chores and concentrate on the custom features with a peace of mind. Speaking of web applications, take a look at our dashboard templates collection to make an interactive dashboard for your users.

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Everyone wants to know about their favorite stars and their upcoming movies. If you are planning to revamp an active movie news/magazine website, the Soledad will help you make a reader-friendly website. The whole layout is treated as a proper magazine website. Hence, important headings and other elements are made bigger. Typical magazine widgets like the social media feed widget, forum discussion widget, and lot are available in the default design itself. Spaces for promotional banners are also there in the default design to easily monetize your website.

As you can see, the creator has thought of all possible options and features that a modern movie magazine website should have. Moreover, it is a WordPress theme, so there aren’t any other movie websites templates that fit for movie magazine websites. All you have to do is to install the demo and start publishing entertaining content for your audience.

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easy-to-customize movie websites templates

BeTheme is one of the best selling WordPress themes. There are two movie websites templates in its huge collection of 500+ readymade demos. Both demos have a different design. One has a classy design with an artistic touch.

On the contrary, the other demo has a modish layout that is easy to use. No matter which demos you pick, all of them are equipped either with the WPBakery page builder or the Elementor page builder. So you can change the looks and adjust the designs as per your needs.

Since it is the best selling WordPress theme, you can expect this to support all the latest WordPress and WooCommerce features. Developers can work easily with this template because of its friendly code structure.

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Jupiter is also similar to the BeTheme mentioned above. With multiple demos for all famous niches, this template is downloaded by all types of website owners. For movies, we get a movie review website template design. A dark theme is followed in the default design, on which the images and texts look sharp. Plus, swift animations make interaction easier. The creator has made both simple and complex customizations easier in this template. Hence, developers can perform core customization easily, and the site owners can do minor customization by themselves. Using a friendly website template like this makes the job lot simpler for the site owners in the long run.

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Phlox Pro

Phlox Pro is a multipurpose creative website template. The contemporary look of this template makes it a go-to option for many young artists and young entrepreneurs. Whether you want to make a professional website or a creative website with funky elements, this theme pack will have a perfect design for you. For creative professionals, this template has a common theme. You can pick the default creative professional demo and can convert it into a movie website. Movie actors can pick the portfolio demo and can use it to showcase their works in style. If you want your website to stand out from other related websites, you can pick multipurpose WordPress themes like this and add personal touch to it.

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Ohio is another creative portfolio and creative agency website template. You can use this template’s creative layout to make a unique movie website. With this template, you can create an interactive movie promotional website and personal website for movie professionals. This template has 27 premade demos. Each demo is unique and uses different interactive layouts. For example, this template has horizontal sliders, split sliders, minimal grid, and many more. Since this template is designed for creative agencies, single project pages are also included in the pack. You can use the single project pages to explain the movie or your role in the movie.

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FlixGo (HTML)

HTML movie websites templates do give you more freedom. You don’t need to stick with the platform or don’t need to wait for the platform developers to fix a bug. If you are a developer or have a good developing team, you can always pick an HTML template and save money.

In the FlixGo template, the creator has given you a simple, straightforward homepage design. Plus, a user dashboard template is also included in the package. The default design of this template makes it a good option for new websites and movie streaming websites with a medium-sized library. A cool search bar is placed at the top of the movie listing page. Interactive elements like the range sliders and drop-down options are given to make the interactions easy on both computers and mobile devices.

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Movie Pro (HTML)

Movie Pro is a lively website template with multiple demo versions and inner pages pre-designed for you. Bright gradient color schemes and swift animations make this template livelier than any other HTML movie website templates in this list. Subtle animations and neatly designed layout will deliver an immersive user experience. This template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS script; hence, you can use your own custom animations and improvise the design as per your needs. Take a look at our CSS animation examples collection or more fresh animation ideas.

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HotFlix (HTML)

HotFlix from the same creator of the FlixGo template mentioned above. From the name itself you can infer that this template uses a little bit of inspiration from the Netflix site. Big card elements elegantly show the album art, ratings, and title. Since it is an HTML template, the creator has given all basic pages. Right from the login pages to the privacy policy pages, everything is pre-designed for you. Basic optimizations like the mobile-responsiveness and speed optimizations are also taken care of by the developer. Hence, you can focus on the backend work and custom features without any worries.

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