After the launch of smartphones and iPads, the web design field has changed dramatically. As present-day people use different devices to access websites, websites need to be smart enough to fit on all types of devices. In the earlier time, developers used to maintain distinct sites for each and every platform and device, which involves lots of testing efforts. Since codes are forked differently by different developers, therefore there isn’t any universal standard. Responsive designs saw a major breakthrough when Twitter made its Bootstrap framework as an opensource platform. With the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, you can create a responsive website that easily fits on any modern device. The responsive HTML5 templates in this list will help you make perfectly tailored websites for all types of modern gadgets.

Present-day users are mostly multi-device users. On average, a typical user operates at least two devices. This number will increase in the future because household devices are also getting smarter nowadays. For example, Amazon’s Echo Show lets the user browse recipes on its screen. Even smartwatches are getting browsing options nowadays. These responsive HTML5 templates will help your website manage all these modern gadgets and be future-proof. Developers have handled the queries smartly on the backend side. As a result, you not only get a flexible website layout, but your content also aligns appropriately.


responsive HTML5 templates for creative startups

Jumpstart is a modular style easy-to-edit HTML5 website template. The creator designed this template for modern startups and corporate offices. The interactive design of this template lets you clearly explain your unique business ideas and products. Lots of white space and creative web elements are used in this template to give a fresh look to the website. This template has six homepage variations. All homepage designs have logically arranged sections to let the users easily understand your product and improve your credibility. Apart from the regular inner page designs, this template also has pre-designed pages for help forums and case studies. Using thoughtfully designed responsive HTML5 templates helps you make a proper business website. If you are a software-based company, take a look at our Wiki website templates collection to manage your users.

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simple dynamic HTML template

Trydo is an interactive, responsive HTML5 template for creative agencies and creative professionals. The creator has used modern web design and web development frameworks to deliver fluid user experience on small and big screen devices. Personal portfolio templates are designed smartly to improve your personal branding. Plus, you can also make a dynamic portfolio that presents your work elegantly to the audience. Other basic inner pages are also included along with the portfolio pages to help you set up a proper website in no time. The same template is available in the react version as well. If you want more dynamic experience, you can check their ReactJS version.

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responsive eCommerce HTML5 template

Bigdeal is a responsive HTML5 template for eCommerce stores. Sturdy backend functions alone are not enough for modern eCommerce stores; they should also have a smart front-end design. The Bigdeal takes care of the front-end part. Right from the homepage to the product interaction options, everything is taken care of by the developer. Plus, user dashboards are also included in this pack. Overall, Bigdeal is a complete package that will make the developers’ job a lot simpler and let them concentrate on the custom features.

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one-page and multi-page website template

MegaOne is a multipurpose responsive HTML5 template. This template pack has a huge collection of 80+ readymade demo versions. You can find both one-page and multi-page templates are there in this pack.

A wide range of design styles is covered in this pack. Whether you want a minimal template or a colorful materialize template, there will be a design for you in this pack. All custom elements, effects, and icons are given as a separate file in the download folder; hence, the developers can easily work with this template. The latest web development frameworks used in this template pack gives you unlimited customization options. You can add any modern elements and effects to this template without any hitch.

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responsive HTML5 templates with flexible layout

Rogan has a creative and eye-catching website template designs. As of now, you get 15 pre-made designs, and all of them follow a trendy design. As most of the templates are designed for creative businesses, you get a unique layout that most modern users will love. Smooth scroll effects and interactive patterns keep the users engaged when they scroll down the pages. For more interactive background patterns, take a look at our CSS background pattern collection. Since this template is made using the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle all modern elements and animation effects. This template has plenty of white space. Hence the interactions will be more comfortable even on small screen devices.

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website template for creative agencies

Brook is also designed for creative business websites like the Rogan template mentioned above. But this one is more colorful and has lively elements when compared to the Rogan template. Right from the header to the footer, every section in this template has different variations. Based on your needs, you can pick one and start working on it. Premium plugins like Slider Revolution are given in this template to help you easily create interactive image sliders. If you like to create your own elements and are not satisfied with the plugins, take a look at our bootstrap slider collection. Coming to this template, it has more than 40 pre-made demos as of writing this post. The creator of this template updates it periodically. Hence, this template not only gets new features, but you also get new templates.

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responsive HTML5 templates for landing pages

SuperProps will help you make a user engaging landing page. This HTML5 website template supports React out of the box. Trendy colors and flexible layouts are combined well with the React features. As a result, you get an engaging landing page design. One of the crucial parts of designing a landing page is you have to keep your users engaged right from the header to the footer. Using responsive HTML5 templates like this will help you reach audiences on small screen devices as well. As most of the modern users use smartphones more often than computers, responsive landing page design will increase the campaign success rate. Like most other modern responsive HTML5 templates, this one also uses components in its design. Because of the component-based design modularity of this template is high.

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responsive HTML5 templates for photography websites

If you are looking for responsive HTML5 templates for a photography website, this is the best option for you. This template is a hardcore photography website template; hence you get only image sliders on the homepage. This template has Seven different homepage variations. Each homepage variation has different types of image sliders and carousels. All navigation options and user options are moved to the top so that the user can enjoy your photographs without any distraction.

Koltis template is available in both light and dark skin version to give you more flexibility. This template pack has six portfolio page designs and one single portfolio. By making a few changes to the design, you can use this template to create a beautiful photography website. If you are in a tight budget and want the same level of premium design for free, take a look at our free photography website template collection.

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minimal and clean website template

Joo is an easy to handle HTML5 website template. This multipurpose website template has fifteen unique and neat demo variations. The creator has given designs for various niches; hence you can easily set up a proper website easily using this template. Not only the content spaces but the empty white spaces also handled smartly in this template. The designer has used the white space intelligently to elevate the look of the website. Based on the template, you choose the animation effects changes. You can either choose a simple and professional-looking website template with subtle animation effects or choose a website template with interactive scroll effects. No matter which template you choose, all of them have a professional codebase. Any developer can easily work with this template.

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responsive HTML5 templates with useful features

Canvas is a Bootstrap 4 based interactive multipurpose website template. The creator has covered almost all famous niches in its demo; hence you can create any website using this template. Plus, each update might bring you a new template. If you are a professional web developer or a web development agency, responsive HTML5 templates like this will be of great use to you. Along with the templates, the creator has also added PSD design files. Hence, you can easily edit and clearly see the results before taking the designs to the development phase. All essential HTML elements are pre-designed for you, plus you also get a form processor to edit the forms easily. Revolution Slider plugin is also given in this template to let you create interactive sliders in no time. Overall, Canvas is an adequately equipped HTML5 website template.

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easy to customize website templates

Polo is also one of the best selling HTML5 website templates like the Canvas template mentioned above. With more than 220 pre-made demos, this template has given shape to thousands of websites. The designs on this template are bold and straightforward. Hence, most users can interact with your website without a hitch. All the elements are placed at the right spots to make accessibility easier. This template also has 120+ readymade hero header designs along with the multiple homepage designs. The creator has thought out everything in this template so that your job is made easier. Right from the blog layouts to the shopping pages, each and every page is designed carefully. All these features and pages are given in attractive, affordable pricing, which makes this template a budget-friendly website template as well.

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responsive HTML5 templates with multiple demos

BeTheme is a darling for many web developers. This template is available in both HTML5 and WordPress formats. With a whopping 440+ pre-made demos, this template has brought many dream websites to life. Whether you need a graphic style design to narrate your services or a neat, professional website with a businesslike look, this template has everything for you. Just pick the template you like, edit it and use it for your website. Shortcodes will make the customizations easier. When you need an element on your web page, simply copy and paste the corresponding shortcode. This creative template pack has different image slider effects and hero section designs. Another best thing about this template is all these designs are available in the WordPress version also. If you need a readymade solution and want to launch the website immediately, go for the WordPress version.

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creative multipurpose website template

Ave website template is designed for creative-business websites. The creator has used bright colors and modern design elements to attract young entrepreneurs. Trendy fonts not only clearly show the texts but also fully express the message in the right tone. Since this template is designed for creative agencies, plenty of smarty animation effects are used. The developer has made sure that users get the same level of experience on both computers and mobile devices. The well-optimized code structure made this template work smoothly on all types of devices. Since all the optimizations are taken care of by the creator, you can concentrate on the custom features you want on your website.

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ecommerce responsive HTML5 templates

Multikart is a responsive eCommerce website template. Making an eCommerce store website responsive is a must in the current situation. As the mobile shopping rate is increasing every year, having a responsive website will improve your sales. This template does not only have an interactive design but also has a dynamic code structure. React JS elements will deliver an immersive shopping experience for the users. Coding-wise, this template is entirely ready. You can simply install the template and start integrating the features you want. Since this is an eCommerce template, you get unique features like product comparison and Instagram shop features. This template is also available in the Shopify platform. If you want to make a robust eCommerce store without spending hours and hours of time, take a look at our Shopify bootstrap themes collection.

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responsive HTML5 templates for blogs

StoryHub is a responsive modern blog template. In this template, the creator has given blog layouts for both personal blogs and corporate blogs. Even if you already have a business website, you can use this blog template on your website. This template is made using the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, integrating this template with your existing website will be an easy job. Another advantage of this template is it supports React JS out of the box. If you are planning to make an interactive blog, the React features will come in handy for you. This template uses well-optimized fonts with good readability. Using responsive HTML5 templates with optimized fonts helps the user to read your content easily on the go.

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html website template with useful features

If you are in search of professional looking responsive HTML5 templates, this template will impress you. This website template has 75+ pre-made demos, and all of them follow a clean layout. The simple layout makes the customization job easier for you. This template is also made retina-ready; hence your contents will look attractive on high-res screens. All the forms and Ajax functions are fully functional in this template. Even if you are planning to run a raw HTML5 website, responsive HTML5 templates like this will make your job simple. For sliders, this template uses the Revolution Slider plugin. If you like to create your own custom sliders, take a look at our bootstrap sliders collection.

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responsive HTML5 templates for hosting websites

Antler is a fully functional hosting website template. The creator has loaded this template with useful features so that you can easily set up a proper hosting website. WHMCS is pre-integrated into this template so you can do all primary hosting functions easily on this template. Apart from the WHMCS feature, this template has a trendy looking design. Bright colors and neat vectors let you clearly explain your network. One of the critical features you have to mention on your hosting website is the security features you have. The illustrative style website with micro animations helps you describe your features engagingly to the audience.

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responsive HTML5 templates for event websites

From the name itself, you can understand that this template is for events. Bright gradient color schemes and organic shapes help you to set the party mood easily. This template is not only designed for parties but also made for professional events as well. Essential elements like the countdown timer, timeline design, and pricing tables are given in this template. You can clearly describe your activities and share a few words about the speaker. All the animation effects and colors can be experienced on the small screen devices as well. Well-optimized responsive HTML5 templates like this will help you deliver engaging user experience on all types of devices.

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feature-packed hosting website template

Cloudhub is also a hosting website template like the Antler template mentioned above. This template is also equipped with the WHMCS tool to manage primary hosting website tasks easily. This feature-packed website template has nine homepage variations, and each focuses on different goals. Some homepages concentrate on user interaction by providing a domain search tool at the top. On the other hand, some demos are designed from a conversion point of view to improve your signup rate. No matter which template you pick, all of them have a solid codebase. Most developers will like properly structured responsive HTML5 templates like this. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can make a great hosting website with this template.

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responsive HTML5 templates with interactive design

Fizcon is also an event website template. The design of this template is more youthful and attractive. This colorful website template has four homepage variations, and each has a different design. The creator has used the modern design elements smartly in this template. If you have the resources, you can add micro animations to the vector elements to liven up the design. Like most other responsive HTML5 templates in this list, this one is also made using the latest bootstrap framework. For more animation inspirations, take a look at our bootstrap animation examples. Apart from the impressive design, this template has working ajax forms. All you have to do is to integrate the forms with your mailing system.

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colorful responsive HTML5 templates

Gorib website template is designed for fundraising websites. Interactive and colorful elements clearly show the purpose of your non-profit organization. Bold letters and smooth animation effects help you clearly deliver the message to the audience. Since it is an HTML5 website template, it can handle videos easily. All you have to do is to optimize the video size and quality before uploading it to your website. Because of the latest web development frameworks, the site feels snappier and responsive an all devices. This purposeful website template has three homepage variations, and each has a slightly different design.

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simple and straightforward website templates

Hernando is also a non-profit and charity website template like the Gorib template mentioned above. But, this one has a little bit of professional look when compared to Gorib’s creative design. The creator has kept the design simple and straightforward. All the essential web elements are placed at an easily accessible spot so that both mobile and computer users can easily interact with your website. Throughout the website, there is plenty of space for images. Hence, you can show your voluntary works and special events elegantly to the users. If you are looking for a user-friendly gallery design, take a look at our bootstrap gallery design examples. Interactive image galleries will improve user engagement on a charity website template like this.

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Green Nature

responsive HTML5 templates for charity websites

Green Nature is an environmental care charity website template. The creator has used green and yellow color schemes beautifully throughout the website. Plus, the default color schemes go well with the environmental care theme of this template. This beautiful website template has only one homepage variation. Some users might feel it a little bummer when compared to other templates in this list. If the default design fits your needs, you can go for this template. For more features and options, you can opt for the WordPress version of this template.

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