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Bootstrap become the default standard for websites. The ease of development and the flexible nature of the bootstrap make it a go-to option for many developers. Gradually eCommerce stores also took advantage of the bootstrap due to the increased use of mobile devices among present-day users. Even though many online stores have their mobile applications, new users won’t install an app straight away. Thus, having a responsive and fluid mobile website becomes an inevitable option for store owners. We have collected sharp-looking Shopify bootstrap themes with friendly options in this list.

Some Shopify bootstrap themes even offer you 50+ pre-made demos. Themes with multiple demos help you create almost any online store quickly. Since these are Shopify bootstrap themes; tables, buttons, and forms can be created quickly. Because of the flexible nature of the bootstrap framework, you can easily create custom designs as per your project requirements.


shopify bootstrap theme for fashion stores

SaleHub is a Shopify bootstrap theme for clothing and fashion stores.

The image-rich layout of this template will help you elegantly showcase the products. This theme pack has twelve homepage variations as of writing this post. Since it is one of the trending Shopify themes in the market, you can expect more new demo versions in future updates. Apart from the design, this theme has everything you need to run a proper eCommerce store. This Shopify theme has multi-currency support, a free shipping threshold bar, search auto-suggestion options, and many more in this theme. Once you set up your Shopify store, your website is ready to serve the audience.

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bootstrap shopify theme for pet stores

As the name implies, this one is a Shopify bootstrap theme for online pet stores.

The creator has designed this template by understanding the taste and needs of a pet store customer. Clean layouts and big image spaces let you clearly show the cute pet images to the audience. Modern web elements in this template take the overall experience to the next level. If you want a fully functional, ready-to-use Shopify theme, this is the best option for you. Unless you have any special needs, you can use this template as such fewer customization.

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minimal-style shopify bootstrap theme

Vendy is a minimal-style Shopify bootstrap theme.

Minimal bootstrap themes are always special, and the website looks crisp on all types of devices. Vendy is also one such crisp-looking Shopify theme. The white spaces are utilized smartly to make the interaction easier. Plus, the content and images look sharp so that the audience can get a clear idea of the product before purchasing them. All major eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Instagram shop, and many more are supported right out of the box to let you set up your store in no time. If you are into omnichannel sales, take a look at our Shopify marketplace apps collection.

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mobile-friendly shopify bootstrap theme

Lusion is one of the best responsive Shopify bootstrap themes on this list.

The whole theme is designed by keeping mobile user’s needs in mind. As a result, you get an interactive website that performs flawlessly on both computer and mobile devices. Lusion is a multi-concept Shopify theme, and it has covered almost all types of eCommerce stores in its pack. Another unique feature in this theme is all demo versions are available in a single-store format as well, making this theme a versatile option that saves time for both store owners and Shopify website developers.

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beautfiul Shopify Bootstrap Themes

Ella is one of the best selling Shopify bootstrap themes in the market. The creator of this theme has given us different layouts and styles to make a unique looking online store. Since all the design optimizations and code optimizations are done by the creators, we can concentrate on our needs. There are several Shopify apps to make your eCommerce business simple, but still, if you have any unique need, you have to work with the codes. Hence, the developers of this theme have kept the code structure really simple and flexible. You can add any custom features and options without any issue.

With periodic updates, this theme is compatible with the latest Shopify version and it is also made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. You can add almost any modern design elements and animation effects to this theme. Take a look at our bootstrap animation examples collection for fresh ideas.

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multipurpose Shopify bootstrap theme

Zeexo is a multipurpose Shopify bootstrap theme. The creator has loaded this theme pack with more than a hundred ready-made demos to let you set up a proper store in no time. All major niches like apparel, furniture, the marketplace, and cosmetics are covered in this Shopify bootstrap theme pack. Must-have features of a modern online store are pre-bundled in this theme so that customers can easily compare the products, add products to their wish list, and can have a quick preview before picking a product. Plus, site owners can manage all the features from the dashboard itself. Overall, it is one of the sensibly designed Shopify bootstrap themes.

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smart shopify bootstrap theme

Online store owners who are all planning to provide a realistic virtual shopping experience for their customers must shortlist this Shopify bootstrap theme. 3D model views and predictive searches are some of the useful features that are built into this theme for a smart shopping experience. Even though the theme has plenty of ready-made features, some developers want to add a unique feature in their stores. Hence, the creator has used the latest Bootstrap framework in this template to make it flexible enough for the developers to add custom features. This one will be a good choice if you want a Shopify theme that can handle all your future needs.

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shopify theme with mutliple demos

Fastor has a huge collection of 87+ premade demos. This theme has designs for almost all types of online stores and has all types of designs. All you have to do is pick and customize a demo that closely matches your needs. Like most other modern Shopify bootstrap themes, this one is also made section ready. You can simply drag and drop the elements or sections on the pages. Minor customizations can be done easily without even touching the code, which makes this theme a perfect option for all types of store owners. Core level customizations are also made simple by making the code script simple and neat. Since all the demos in this theme are made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle any modern tools and design elements.

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Shopify Bootstrap Themes with multiple demos

Whether you are making a single product store or a mega store with lots of products, this theme will have a perfect design for you. Wokiee is also one of the best selling Shopify Bootstrap themes. Nearly 60+ demos are given in this theme and all of them follow a modern design. If you like to make an online store that present-day users love to use, this theme is the best option for you. This theme not only has demo variations for homepage pages but also for other pages like product pages and shopping pages. Lots of AJAX elements are given in this theme to give dynamic results and experience to the users. For example, you get an Ajax search, Ajax filters, and Ajax loading options. Intelligently designed code structure will help the developers easily work with this theme.

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professional looking shopify theme

If you are looking for a professional-looking online store theme with modern design elements, the Porto theme will impress you. As of writing this post, this theme has 26 demos. What makes this theme different from other Shopify bootstrap themes in this list is it is available for WordPress and Magento platforms. So if you are in a dilemma in choosing between the right platform for your online store, themes like this will be a good choice. The same design and pages are available on all three platforms. After deciding the platform for your online store, just pick the corresponding version and use it on your website. Since this theme is available for different platforms, the creator has made the code structure flexible and you also can understand the code quality of this theme.

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interactive shopify theme

The Streamline template has utilized all the best features the latest Bootstrap framework offers. Hence, you get a beautiful, easy-to-use website. Though this template has video background sections, it fits neatly on small-screen devices because of the latest Bootstrap framework. This template will be a good choice if you want a theme that delivers the same engaging experience on all devices. Three demo variations are given in this pack, and they all have a brand-focused design with lots of space for images & videos.

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shopify theme with useeful features

Kalles theme is loaded with useful features. While designing this theme, the creator has thought of both customers and site owners. Therefore, you get a website that is easy to use and easy to sell. Different shopping page layouts are also included, along with the different homepage variations. Hence, you get an infinite possibility to make a website that never looks like the others. This template runs on the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, allowing you to try any modern design elements and effects on your website.

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Shopify Bootstrap Themes for all stores

Gecko is a trendy looking Shopify theme. With big imageries and bold texts, this theme helps you make a strong impression when the user lands on your website. This theme doesn’t have a plethora of pre-made demos as you have seen in the Fastor theme mentioned above. But the demo versions will help you make a striking website that present-day users will love. Like most other Shopify bootstrap themes in this list, this one also uses Ajax for loading and dynamic searches. If you want a simple and useful Shopify theme that is easy to handle, this is the theme for you. Plus, you also get periodic updates so you can rest assured that your store always gets the greatest and the latest features.

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electronic store shopify theme

As the name implies, this Shopify theme is made for online electronic stores. If you are revamping your existing store with a large inventory, this theme is worth a look. By default, this theme is designed for megastores. The creator has used cards, badges, and bright colors to highlight and show the important product from the others. Speaking of cards, take a look at out bootstrap cards collection, for an engaging design that you can use it in your store. This theme is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, hence, it can handle all the latest design and animation effects. Right from header to footer, everything can be customized in this theme. Even you can change the major color scheme with just a button tap.

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ultra clean shopify theme

Shella is the best Shopify theme for those who want a functional minimalist design. The creator of this theme has kept all the themes minimal and simple so that you achieve the goal of the website. Successful store online store owners will always say that each page has a purpose and a goal. Using a minimal theme will help you stay on track and can also help you easily identify if something goes wrong. The Shella theme has 17 layouts and pre-made shops for major online store categories. Animation effects are used effectively on this minimal theme and you even have the option to turn off the animation effects. Useful options like multicurrency, product activity notifications, ajax popups, and lot more are given in this theme.

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Shopify Bootstrap Themes with neat design

Fastest is a feature-rich Shopify theme. If you give more importance to functionalities than the design, this theme will satisfy your needs. It doesn’t mean this theme has a bad design, it has a proper online store design. But the features it offers out of the box makes it unique from other Shopify bootstrap themes in this list. This theme is equipped with useful features like product review apps, shopping calculator, and order tracking. This theme also supports dropshipping sites like Oberlo and AliExpress. Since this theme supports all major apps, setting up a store won’t be a tough job for the users.

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Shopify Bootstrap Themes with useful features

Quickshop is a classy looking Shopify store theme. The creator has kept the design simple so that the user will get a familiar environment. An ample amount of space is given for both texts and images throughout the template. Very mild and simple animation effects are used in this theme and are used only at the required spots. You can expect all the basic pages and quick drag & drop customization options, that you have seen in many Shopify bootstrap themes. If you are looking for a simple design for your small inventory online store, this theme is worth a look.

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minimalistic style shopify theme

Logancee is a stylish and clean looking Shopify theme for salons and apparel stores. The creator of this theme has used lots of white space in this theme, which gives a roomy feel to your website. Plus, mobile users can also easily interact with your website. Texts and images are both used effectively to give an engaging experience to the user. Different header styles are given in this theme to let you create an impressive website. Take a look at our bootstrap header design collection for more trendy designs. Since this theme uses the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, the responsive nature is very fluid and the animation effects are also smooth.

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colorful masonry style shopify theme

From the name itself, you can understand that this theme is designed using the masonry grid style. Four demo variations are given in this theme, all following the same masonry-style design. To make navigation easier, the creator has used a sticky sidebar design. Another advantage of using a sticky sidebar design is your brand name and logo get good visibility. Since the user sees your brand name often, they may tend to remember your brand easily. On the clean white background, the colorful elements look attractive and vibrant. The creator has also included an Instagram feed option in this theme to help you increase your follower count.

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shopify theme with interactive scroll effects

As the name implies, this theme uses a split-screen style design. Three demo variations are included in this theme and all have the split-screen style design. The creator of this theme has smartly incorporated the split-screen design so that the user will get an engaging experience when they scroll down the pages. Apart from this split-screen design, this theme has many useful features to simplify the shopping experience. For example, you get product recommendations and social feed grids. You will get free theme updates since this theme is from the Shopify theme repository. And you can also rest assured that your online store will always run on the latest Shopify platform.

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shopify theme to elegantly showcase your products

The creator of this theme has used the full-screen design effectively so that you can beautifully showcase your products on your website. Smartly designed sections not only allow you to showcase your product but also give you space to explain your product. If you want a clean narrative style homepage for your brand, this theme will be a good choice. To give you more screen space all the navigation options are added behind the hamburger menu icon. Animation effects are smooth and swift so that the users don’t have to wait for the content to load. Just like the design, the code script of this theme is also kept neat and simple for easier customizations.

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amazon inspired shopify theme

When you look at the info page of this theme, the creator has mentioned it as an Amazon inspired design. From the ground up, this theme is designed to handle large inventories. Clean segmentations and grouping help you to elegantly promote the products and offers without making them look odd on your website. Three demo variations are given in this theme, which can be used for a big inventory store without any issues. Quick buy options and predictive search options are given in this theme to let the user easily buy a product on your website. If you like to make the search experience even more interactive, look at our bootstrap search bar design collection.

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Mr Parker

shopify theme for fashion stores

Mr Parker is a brand focused Shopify theme with a rich affluent design. Users can fully enjoy your products in this theme. Big images and beautiful animation effects add life to your product images. The smart sticky navigation bar not only makes the navigation easier but also highlights your brand logo. An ample space is given between each section and element to make the interactions easier. Near the footer, you have an Instagram widget. Four demo variations are given in this theme, which all help you showcase your product elegantly. You can make a beautiful online store using this theme by making a few adjustments to the design.

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Shopify Bootstrap Themes with a narative style design

If you want a narrative style design, this Shopify theme will impress you. The theme creator has used images and texts effectively to help you explain the product clearly to the audience. Three demo variations are given in this theme, all with a unique layout. To give a distraction-free environment, the creator has ket the animation effects simple. The full-width layout is used smartly so that you get an ample amount of space between each section and element. In the shopping page, filter options and search options are given to let users easily find the desired product. The default design of this theme makes it a perfect fit for small-inventory stores.

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trendy looking Shopify Bootstrap Themes

The biggest advantage of using Bootstrap is we can do creative stuff easily. In this theme, the creator has played with the scroll effects smartly to give an engaging experience. Three demo variations are given in this theme, all with an attractive design. Particularly the Spar demo is very clean and attractive. The creator has used modern color schemes effectively so that you can elegantly highlight and show the important options without making them look odd. Useful features like Image hotspot linking and predictive searches are given in this theme to let users easily search and find the product they want.

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