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Shopify marketplace apps help you easily sell products on multiple channels like Amazon, eBay, etc. Even if you plan to run a multi-vendor store, there is an app for you on this list. Take your time and find the best app for your Shopify store. 

Research states that 76% of customers use multiple channels in shopping. As eCommerce is seeing triple-digit growth every year, making your product available in all the touchpoints of the customer shopping journey becomes important. Most eCommerce store owners come in with a single channel marketing strategy, but as time goes they will understand the need for multi-channel retailing. If you own a Shopify store and planning to sell your products in different marketplaces, these Shopify Marketplace apps will make your job easy.

The biggest advantage of using marketplaces for your product is the trust factor. A survey by Colorlib reveals that 65% of the consumers felt comfortable buying new products they had never heard of on marketplaces. This shows the importance of taking your products to marketplaces. Plus, tech giants like Amazon and Google introduced new technologies to deliver personalized shopping experiences to users. Being small brands or store owners, we can’t invest in new technologies. Instead, we can leverage the power of these tech giants to take our products to a mass audience base. In this Shopify marketplace apps list, we’ve collected apps for major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and many more. Just install the app and start selling your products on multiple channels.

Etsy Marketplace

Etsy Marketplace screenshot

Etsy is popular for buying vintage and handcrafted unique items. If you are also making handcrafted and vintage items, listing your products on Etsy apart from your website will improve the chances of reaching more audience. But, we have to manually track the orders on your website and the orders on the Etsy. The Etsy marketplace app will make your job simple. After installing the plugin, you can manage your product listing on the Etsy website from your Shopify store itself. When an order is placed on the Etsy store, it will be automatically updated on your Shopify store. Plus, once you completed the shipment it will be updated on the Etsy store so that the user can easily track their package.

Apart from the seamless syncing process, this app also has a powerful dashboard. From the dashboard itself you can update your product details, can control the inventories, and in the recent update, you can also manage digital products. If you are looking for Shopify marketplace apps to manage your and Etsy store easily, this is the best option.

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Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Shopify Marketplace apps screenshot

If you plan to convert your own Shopify store into a marketplace, Shopify marketplace apps like this will be the best option. The creator of this app has given you all the options to manage your vendors and also for the vendors to easily manage their products and sales. Apart from the inventory management this app also gives you the options to manage the payment. You can manage all your vendors, products, purchases, and payments from one dashboard. Sellers can easily sync their products from other popular stores like the Prestashop, WooCommerce, and Magento stores.

All the basic options to manage the vendors are given in this app, plus, you also get the Multi Vendor API to easily add the features you want. If you are looking for flexible Shopify marketplace apps that allow you to easily customize and use it on your Shopify store, this is the best option.

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Codisto app screenshot

Selling on multiple channels keeps a regular flow of income. If you are selling your products on Amazon and eBay apart from your store, the Codisto app will help you easily manage your products from one dashboard. This app helps you integrate your Shopify store directly with 40 global Amazon and eBay stores. Since this app syncs your products directly you no need to manually import and export your products; Shopify marketplace apps with smart features like this will save you time and concentrate on your business. You can set separate pricing, terms, and conditions for the Amazon store and eBay store to completely control your products.

As of writing this post, Codisto supports Amazon Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Japan. For eBay it supports all major countries, plus, you also have the option to select eBay’s particular region or sell globally using eBay’s global shipping.

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Shopify marketplace app for Wanelo

Wanelo is a social marketplace with over 800K stores and 50million products. If you want your products to be shown to millions of active online shoppers, this Shopify marketplace app will be a good choice.

All you have to do is to set up the app and sync your product. In a fraction of a second, your product will be in front of millions of active shoppers. You can control your products and their pricing from the app, saving you time and resources. Wanelo is one of the best platforms to sell your product and grow your business. This Shopify marketplace will make your job simple.

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Shopping Feed

one app to maintain all major marketplaces

Shopping Feed is a one-stop destination for all your marketing needs and marketplace management. The Shopping Feed app lets you easily sell your product across different shopping platforms and search engines. Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Google shopping actions are some of the famous marketplaces supported by this app. Now, Google shopping action is only available in the US, but it is expected to reach other regions shortly.

This is the best option if you are looking for Shopify marketplace apps that can handle all major marketplace and help you easily manage your multi-channel selling. All the products in different channels are synced seamlessly and updated in your Shopify store to easily track your sellings and inventories. The creator has given if/then functions in this app to let you easily replace the products and to remove the products from the inventory.

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Walmart Integration

Walmart Integration shopify app screenshot

From the name itself you can understand that this app connects your Shopify store with the Walmart store. Thoughtfully designed features let you easily upload the product, product details, and barcode for each product. You get special options to highlight the promotional offers and to easily remove the products that don’t perform well. If you opt for the top-end plan you even get the option to shipping management update. If most of your product sales happening in the Walmart marketplace, then using a premium app like this will save your time and money. Like most other Shopify marketplace apps in this list, this one also offers real-time syncing to stay updated about your products.

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Newegg Marketplace

shopify marketplace apps for newegg marketplace

Newegg is the best marketplace for electronics and tech gadgets. If you are selling computer parts and accessories, listing your products on the Newegg will help you reach your niche audience. The Newegg Marketplace app is from the same creator of the Etsy marketplace app mentioned above. Syncing and updating options in this app are also almost smooth and simple like in the Etsy app. Because of the realtime sync feature, any change in the product feature and in the inventory will be automatically updated in your store and also in the Newegg store.

One of the biggest advantages in this app is creating a Manufacturer ID on the Newegg is made simple. In Newegg Marketplace you have to provide your Manufacturer ID to sell on it, if not you have to create one, which is a cumbersome process. The creator of this app has made the process simple enough for you to easily create one and start selling your product. Thoughtfully designed Shopify marketplace apps like this will save you time.

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Bonanza Marketplace

Bonanza Marketplace app screenshot

Bonanza is a unique marketplace and it is growing rapidly now. What makes this marketplace special is it is a seller-centric marketplace. As of writing this post, over 60000 sellers voted Bonanza to be the best market place and they likely to recommend this to other users. If you are an emerging brand, selling your products in such a marketplace will help your brand get good visibility. With the Bonanza Marketplace app, you can not only update and manage the product inventory but you can also manage orders. If you like to link your Shopify store in one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms, the Bonanza marketplace will be a good option.

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Best Buy Canada

Best Buy Canada shopify app dashboard

Best Buy is another marketplace for electronics and smart gadgets. As the name implies, this app is solely designed for the Best Buy Canada region. If you are selling products in the Canada region, then you can buy this app. Or else, you can simply go for other Shopify marketplace apps in this list. The creator of this app, CedCommerce, is the official Shopify integration partner for Best Buy. So you get a fully functional app that you can rely on. Regular notifications are sent to you regarding the stock, purchase, and out of stock details. Because of these timely notifications, you can always stay on track. Apart from all these options, you also get an auto cancelation option. In case, if you cannot update the stock or send the stock, the auto cancellation feature will come in handy for you.

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SmartFeed Product Feed Manager

easily manage your products on different marketplaces

SmartFeed Product Feed Manager is another multi-channel marketplace app. With the help of this app, you can manage your products on Amazon, Jet, Walmart, Wish, and Newegg. Instead of using a separate app for each marketplace, multichannel Shopify marketplace apps like this will save you time. Plus, you can manage all your products from one dashboard itself. The thoughtfully designed dashboard gives you complete data and information about your products and their sales in different channels. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your marketplace needs, this Shopify app will be a good choice. The integration part is made simple in this app, but still, you can ask the support team if you have any special needs.

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Fruugo Marketplace

shopify marketplace apps for fruugo

Fruugo is another fastgrowing marketplace, especially in the US. What makes Fruggo unique is it care for all types of store owners on different platforms. It gives official integration support for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, and almost all major eCommerce platforms. Hence, you can expect an easy setup process and smooth performance. Shopify merchants who are approved by Fruugo can simply install this app on your Shopify store and manage their products. Since Fruugo is officially supporting Shopify, you get plenty of useful features. You can easily map the product category on the Fruugo store so that your products are shown in the respective categories.

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Google Shopping

shopify marketplace apps to manage your products on Google shopping

Google has created lots of buzz when it announced Google Shopping. The intelligent Google algorithm sends your products as recommendations across different Google products and lets the user easily order one from there itself.

Of course, still Google Shopping is not globally available like Amazon, but it will be shortly. As of writing this post, it is available only in the US. If you plan to sell your products on the super brilliant Google shop, this Google Shopping app will come in handy. It lets you easily upload your products to Google’s merchant center and from there it will be sent to Google’s product feed. The creator of this app has provided a dedicated team for you to easily set up this app in your Shopify store.

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Wish Marketplace

Wish Marketplace app screenshot

Wish is the sixth largest eCommerce company in the world. It has active users almost in all countries. Using a platform like this will help you take your product to different parts of the world. Apart from regular features like managing product inventory and pricing, this app also shows you the Wish feeds; in which, you can see whether your sales measure has succeeded or not. Custom pricing options are also given in this app to let you easily fix a rate for a product based on the market trend. Installing the Wish marketplace on your Shopify store is very simple. The creator of this app has made the integration part dead simple.

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Multi Seller Marketplace

convert your website into a marketplace

Multi Seller Marketplace app is almost similar to the Multi Vendor Marketplace app mentioned above. This app also helps you convert your Shopify store into a marketplace. Feature-wise, this app gives you almost all the basic features and options that you see in the Multi Vendor marketplace app. But if you expect a mote straightforward design and a light-weight app, the Multi Vendor is the best option. In pricing also the Multi Vendor is more flexible and starts from $10/month but in the Multi Seller Marketplace you get only one plan. If you have the resource and time, you can choose this app.

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eBay LINK dashboard image

eBay LINK is an official Shopify marketplace app from the eBay Inc. If you mostly sell your products on eBay, Shopify marketplace apps like this will be a good choice. After you install this app, all your products should be imported to the eBay LINK app. From eBay LINK you can change the product details and pricing. Plus, you also get the order details when a user purchases your product on eBay. After completing your shipping work, you can update the details in the app and it will be reflected on the eBay website. The app has a 30-day free trial option, if you have any doubts, then you can try it for free before buying it.

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Catch Marketplace

Catch Marketplace app screenshot

Catch Marketplace is one of the biggest online marketplaces for users in Australia. If your target audience is in Australia, taking your product to the Catch Marketplace will improve your product visibility. Another advantage of using a location-specific marketplace is improving your audience base in that region. Profiling option is given in this app to let you easily manage your products and its pricing from one place. Like most other Shopify marketplace apps in this list, this one also supports bulk product upload option to let you easily list your services on the Catch website.

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Sears Marketplace

Sears Marketplace app with useful options

Sears is one of the larget chain department stores and also offers online shopping. Because of this largest chain network, it has warehouses and delivery networks in almost all the places. The Sears Marketplace app allows you to choose fulfillment by merchant(FBM) program or fulfillment by Sears(FBS) program. In the FBM program, the seller has to take care of the shipment and delivery; in the FBS program, the seller can use the Sears delivery network. Real-time syncing helps you to get order updates as soon as the user places an order on the Sears store. Using thoughtfully designed Shopify marketplace apps like this will reduce your work and improve your productivity.

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shopify marketplace apps for Tophatter

The Tophatter site is known for its auctions and exclusive deals. Buyers who want to save a lot visit the Tophatter website. Apart from deals and auctions, this marketplace has a good volume of customers and has thousands of sellers. If you wish to sell your unique products for a good rate, Tophatter would be your best choice. The Tophatter integration app will help you easily connect your Shopify store to the Tophatter marketplace. With the near real-time synchronization feature, you will instant notifications and updates about your products.

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Amazon Integration Plus

marketplace shopify app for amazon

Amazon Integration Plus lets you connect your Amazon store with your Shopify website. Some basic integration works and import works have to be done manually. Once you setup the app, synchronizations will be done automatically. You can see your stock, set shipping fees, and other information easily. Product description updates and image updates are sent to your Amazon store once you have changed it on your Shopify site. Mundane tasks will be greatly reduced with this plugin.

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Google Shopping Actions Orders

app that syncs your product with google stores

This one is another Google Shopping integration plugin. Everything can be handled from your website, from the order to the refunds. You don’t have to open multiple tabs and keep track of every order. A unique feature in this plugin is it supports Google Express orders. Once you have updated your store’s fulfillment process, it will automatically be synced with your products on the Google Store. Therefore people purchasing your products on Google will find the fulfillment details and can place the orders.

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