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Being a creative artist, we always wait for an opportunity to prove ourselves. No matter what role or what script we are working on, we always strive to give our best. Because we don’t know when we will get that magic opportunity, these WordPress themes for actors will be your 24/7 allies to show your skills and get a valuable opportunity that can change your whole life.

These WordPress themes for actors are not only designed to showcase your skills and experience but are also designed to increase your personal branding. An ample amount of space is given for you to add images and videos and list your awards and reviews. So you can be very clear and let the audience feel your acting skills. You can be simple and straightforward with your website or you can make your website distinct from others using these WordPress themes for actors. Necessary options like booking forms, online payment, social media integrations, and many more are given in this theme to meet the present-day audience’s needs.

Best WordPress Themes for Actors, Music Artists, and Movie Professionals


wordpress themes for actos and other film industry related professionals

9Studio is a feature-rich WordPress theme for actors and directors. Since this theme is purely designed for film industry professionals, you get all the elements to highlight your career and your work.

If you are planning to use your website mainly to showcase your portfolio, there is a portfolio demo version in this pack. The creator has covered almost all film industry-related website demos in this pack. All you have to do is to pick the demo type you want and start building your website. Like all other famous WordPress themes, this one also gives you friendly front-end customization options, so you can easily change the looks without even touching the code.

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wordpress theme for actors and theatre artists

Vome is a Bootstrap based WordPress theme for actors. This theme pack has four homepage variations and all basic pages pre-designed for you. The creator has kept all designs neat and simple so that the image and video content look attractive on your website. Since it is a bootstrap4 WordPress theme, the mobile responsive nature of this template is very fluid. Your agent or audience can access your website easily on the go and can see your portfolio without any worries.

WooCommerce integrated shopping pages are also given in this theme to let the site owners easily sell tickets and merch on their website. As all the basic optimizations are taken care of by the creator, you can concentrate on the fine-tuning and other tool integration part without any worries.

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wordpress themes for actors and music artists

NeoBeat is a creative WordPress theme for music artists. The creator has used bright colors and livelier animations to deliver an immersive user experience. Though this template is made for music artists you can use this theme’s artists demo version as a WordPress theme for actors; it has everything you need to make a proper actor website. You can give a short intro about yourself and your career and list your works right below the About section. Since it is a music website template, it has user-friendly music/video players right out of the box.

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elegant looking WordPress themes for actors

Bard is a multipurpose WordPress theme for theater and actors. Since this theme is designed for theaters, you get ticket selling options and a list of upcoming events along with the option to showcase your skills. In the artist demo version, you can give a quick intro about you and the awards you have received. The creator of this theme has given us plenty of space for image content. The default design of this theme itself will give a boost to your personal branding. But if you are more concerned about personal branding, take a look at our personal branding WordPress theme. You get both the light and the dark theme versions in this theme. Since this theme offers a WPbakery page builder, you can easily edit the theme by dragging and dropping the elements in the place you want.

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cool WordPress themes for actors

Filmic is purely designed for film industry professionals. Whether you are a technician or a director or an artist, this theme has a separate demo for you. Just pick the demo you like and start making your website. All demo versions are designed aesthetically so that the websites are visually appealing and are very easy-yo-use. The WordPress themes for actors in this pack have a full-width design. You get plenty of screen space to elegantly showcase your videos, images, and awards. The actor website demo designs are kept as simple and direct as possible. Hence, new users can easily get in touch with you.

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clean and interactive wordpress themes

Ftage is also a multipurpose filmmakers and film studio website template. This theme pack has nearly nine demo versions, and all of them are available in both light & dark skin versions. Elegant design and sleek animations make the interactions easier. Sensibly designed inner pages let you share your experience engagingly with your audience. Lots of premium plugins are pre-bundled in this pack to give you more value for your money. The most useful plugin that you might use too often is the Revolution Slider plugin. You can create stunning image sliders with cool transition effects without even touching the code using the Slider plugin. If you are maintaining your own site, the WordPress themes for actors like this will be a good choice.

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filmmakers and film actors website template

Pelicula is a unique WordPress theme. This theme is made for film festivals and film production websites. The lively design of this template lets your audience relive the film making moment and will help them easily connect with your work. An extreme level of care is given for the portfolio and single portfolio pages. If you are mainly planning to use your website for your portfolios, this theme is the best option for you. All demo versions are equipped with the Elementor page builder. So you can customize the homepage and other inner pages easily without even touching the code.

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WordPress themes for film makers

Cinerama is another multipurpose WordPress theme for film industry people. This theme can not only be used for actors but can also be used for other professionals related to the cine industry. The creator has used both text and image contents smartly in this theme so that you can present your contents engagingly to the users. Nearly twelve homepage variations are given in this theme and each has different layouts to give a unique interactive experience to the users. Basic inner pages like about, contact, shop pages, and even 404 pages are also given in this theme. This theme supports WPBakery page builder, hence you can pick any layout you like and can edit it easily. Another useful feature in this theme is it supports WooCommerce store out of the box. If you are planning to sell your merchandise, this shop page will come in handy for you.

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simple WordPress themes for actors

Burbank is a simple and elegant looking WordPress theme for actors. This theme is worth a look if you want a simple website to show your experience, awards, and showreels. Because of the simplicity of the design and features, this theme can be maintained easily in the long run. Some might prefer an HTML template for simple websites, but updating contents on it will be difficult. In WordPress, you can simply log in to your dashboard, add the contents you want and save it. Visual effects are very minimal in this theme, but if you want to make the website interactive, you can work in the animation effects manually. The developer has shared the CSS files in the download file so you can easily work in this theme. Take a look at our CSS animation examples for more inspirations.

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wordpress theme for theater artists

BeTheme is one of the famous multi-purpose WordPress themes. This theme has pre-made designs for almost all types of websites. All you have to do is to pick the design, you like and start making your dream website. Another advantage of using a multipurpose theme with many demos is getting plenty of useful elements. As your demand grows, you can use the elements to make an engaging website. In this theme, you get a dedicated demo for theater artists. With a retro classic look, this theme stands out from other WordPress themes for actors in this list. This theme is bundled with useful plugins like bbPress, WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce, Easy digital downloads, and Gravity Forms. If you are making exclusive digital content, you can use the Easy digital downloads to easily sell the content on your site.

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WordPress themes for actors with options to showcase skills and projects

Formota WordPress theme is purely designed for filmmakers and actors. No matter what profession you are doing in the film industry, this theme will make a perfect professional website for you. Since this theme is made for filmmakers, this theme supports all types of contents. You can engage your users with videos or use modern image sliders to get their attention. Speaking of sliders, if you are looking image sliders with interactive transition effects, take a look at our CSS slideshow collection. Since this theme uses the latest web development framework, it can handle any third-party templates. For minor customizations, this theme offers you WPBakery page builder; you can simply drag and drop the elements in the place you want.

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feature-rich WordPress themes for actors

Circle WordPress theme is made for filmmakers, actors, and video creators. In the recent updates, you even get designs for creative agencies. One of the biggest advantages of buying premium themes is you get periodic updates and new designs. If you are a design or web development agency, investing is quality themes like this will save you time. Coming back to this theme, eleven homepage variations are given in this theme and you get a dedicated homepage for actors. The WordPress theme for actor improves your personal branding and the neat sectioning will clearly show your experience. There are plenty of spaces for images and videos, which you will appreciate a lot.

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multipurpose website template

Bridge WordPress theme is purely designed for creative professionals. This template has nearly 450 demo variations. The creator has tried to cover all major website categories in this pack. What makes this template really unique is its creative design. No matter what niche you choose, a fresh unique design will help you. The default artist WordPress themes for actors in this pack let you neatly showcase your portfolio. Full-screen layouts give you more than enough space to elegantly showcase your skills. Multiple inner pages and single project pages are given so that you can share your interesting experience with your audience.

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Phlox Pro

interactive modern WordPress themes

If you want a website that stands out from your fellow competitors, this is the best option for you. All demo variations are properly equipped with the Elementor page builder. Hence, most customizations can be done without even touching the code. Under the artists and creative professionals category, different types of designs are there in this template. Based on your needs and the designs you prefer, pick one and customize it. Since this is a WordPress theme, you can manage multimedia contents easily. If you specialize in music, you can use the music band template in this pack. Built-in video players and audio players will help the user easily interact with your multimedia contents.

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portfolio-centric design

Satelite is an interactive WordPress theme, which can stun your audience at first sight. Cleverly used ajax features give a dynamic experience to the user. Since you can only add image sliders on the homepage, the creator has placed call to action buttons to direct the users to the corresponding page. Other inner pages have a normal so that you can explain your skills and career clearly to the audience. Images and videos are core of this design. If you want to impress your audience with your works, this is the best theme for you.

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photography and actor wordpress theme

KALLYAS is also a multipurpose WordPress theme like the Bridge theme mentioned above. In this theme, you get a perfectly balanced creative and professional look. The creator has handled the modern web elements effectively to deliver an engaging user experience. This template gives an ample amount of space for images and text content. Hence, you can deliver your message clearly to the user. This template uses Google fonts, so you needn’t worry about compatibility issues. All demo variations are properly integrated into its Zion page builder to let you easily customize the elements. The events calendar plugin is also given in this template so that you can easily manage your schedules easily.

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WordPress themes for actors to make strong impression

Lush WordPress theme is also made for creative artists, but this one is originally made for music artists. But you can use this theme actors without any worry, you can still showcase your works, list your awards, and above all this theme can handle multimedia contents easily. Nine homepage variations are given in this theme and all nine of them have a classy design. This theme is downloaded more than six thousand times, which shows the quality of the product. A unique feature offered in this theme supports both Elementor and WPBakery page builder. One a few premium WordPress themes for actors offers two-page builders out of the box, this Lush is one such unique theme.

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colorful multipurpose WordPress theme

Leedo is also a famous multipurpose portfolio theme made for all types of creative minds. Whether you are a graphic designer or an artist, this theme has a pre-made demo for you. To make the customization easier, this theme uses the WPBakery page builder. Plus, this theme uses the latest web development frameworks like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4. Hence, core customizations will also be easy on this theme. Right from the header to the footer, you have plenty of space to add your image and increase your visibility on your website. Apart from the regular inner pages like about, contact, and portfolio, you also get a single portfolio page. You can use the single portfolio page to explain your role in that act.

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ave is amultipurpose WordPress theme with suitable design for actor websites

Ave is also a multipurpose creative WordPress theme like the Leedo theme mentioned above. This theme has readymade designs for digital agencies, freelancers, and other creative professionals. This theme has 40+ demos and all of them has a high-quality design with a modern business-like look, hence you can use this them for professional websites. All you have to do is to pick the demo you like and start editing it. Since this theme is designed purely by keeping the present-day audience needs in mind, this theme supports all types of contents. You can showcase your works, share a showreel of you, or share a recent podcast show you did. Since this theme is designed for all types of digital creatives, this theme supports Easy digital download store.

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Theatre WP

WordPress theme for theaters with artistic touch

Theatre WP theme is primarily designed for theaters, but it has the features to make a proper website for an actor. The dark color scheme of the theme gives a rich look and shows the contents clearly to the audience. To give a luxurious feel to this design, the designer has used trendy fonts for the texts. Since this theme is designed for theaters, you get extra features like a calendar for upcoming shows, repertoire, and ticket selling option. This theme uses the WPBakery page builder, hence you can easily align the elements and customize it as per your needs. If you are looking for a rich theme with a luxury feel, you should definitely check this theme.

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pure portfolio WordPress theme for actors and agencies

If the main focus of your website is to showcase your work and portfolio, this is the theme for you. The homepage of this theme has only a portfolio section and let the user experience your acting skill. Different interactive homepage portfolio designs are given to let the users engaged. This unique design of this theme makes the scope of this theme very limited. If you are looking for a big breakthrough in your career and waiting for a good opportunity, themes like this is a perfect option. The people will first experience your skill and then they reach you. Like most other WordPress themes for actors, this one also supports WPML plugin so that you can reach the global audience easily.

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wordpress theme for creative professionals

Covercase is a clean and subject-focused WordPress theme. What I mean as the subject is the purpose of the website. Whether you are making a personal brand focused personal website or simple business website, this theme has a perfect design for you. The simple clean design of this theme presents the content engagingly to the audience. 30+ demo variations are given in this theme, just pick the one that meets your demand. Customizations are made simple with the drag and drop page builder, hence you needn’t worry about minor customizations. Even hardcore customizations are easy in this theme. It uses the latest Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3 frameworks, hence you can add any modern elements and features to this design.

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colorful modern WordPress theme for artists

Stockholm is one of the famous multipurpose WordPress themes. With over 24k downloads, this theme powers thousands of websites. 45+ demos are included in this package and the number will grow when you get next updates. This theme has designs for almost all website categories. All you have to do is to pick the design you love. You get a dedicated theme for artists and actors in this package. In the homepage header, you have a big hero section to add your image. This theme version has Plenty of space for the text and image contents. So you can explain your roles and experience clearly to the audience. All 45+ demos have the same simple clean design layout, you can pick any theme and work on it.

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wordpress theme for actors and models

Oshine WordPress theme is made for models, creative professionals, and photographers. Since this theme is designed to satisfy different creative professionals, it has a large array of design elements. With the periodic updates, this theme runs on the latest HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap web development framework. This theme uses the Tatsu page builder, which has friendly and color user interface to let you easily edit the theme. If you are already familiar with WPBakery and Elementor page builder, then the learning curve is less with the Tatsu page builder. If you are a digital agency, this theme is a must-have product in your inventory. Speaking of digital agencies, look at our digital agency WordPress theme collection to make a unique website for your business.

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personal website WordPress theme for creative professionals

Selfer is a personal website WordPress theme for professionals. Hence, you can use this theme for actors’ websites as well. You get enough space for image content and special animated elements to give an interactive intro about you. Above all, this is a one-page template, hence you can maintain it easily. If you don’t have much time to care for your website, this theme is the best option. When you need to add content, you can simply log in to your WordPress website dashboard, make changes, and publish it. Though it is a one-page theme, the long homepage design gives you enough space to showcase your experience and skills.

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