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Many religious habits are slowly changing, physical closeness was once considered as a source of spiritual solidarity. Now online is the best and the safest way to stay in touch with your community. Even a platform called Pray.com has emerged where you can share your daily prayers. Pray.com uses audio ads just like Spotify to monetize the app as a commercial platform. If you want to make a distraction-free environment where your religious community can have their epiphany, you must make your website. This religious website template collection gives a modern, friendly website that present-day users will need.

User-friendly audio players are readily available in this religious website template. All you have to do is to upload the file and make it available for public use. To make your job even more simple, we have picked WordPress religious website template. You can add any custom features and options easily on your website. For instance, many churches, mosques, and temples have offered worship through Livestream amidst the pandemic. You can add a group calling tool like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, etc., by simply adding the corresponding extension.

Donations were the main funding source for many churches and other religious institutions. With the help of the built-in donation plugin, you can receive donations through your website. A few templates in this list even gives you dedicated user dashboards where users can see their donations, and admins can manage the funds.

The tough time has given us the chance to upgrade us to the next level. The religious website template in this list will make your first step to the change easier.

Let’s look at the best religious website templates for WordPress, HTML, and other platforms.

Church (HTML)

church religious website template

Those looking for a religious website template for their church will find this template useful. The HTML code of this church website template is simple and easy-to-edit. Plus, it uses the latest HTML5 code script so you can create a custom website that supports all the latest tools and services. The Church is a multi-page HTML website template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. Unless you have any special needs, you can simply download this template and launch your HTML website straightaway.

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Christian (HTML)

single page church website template

Christian is a single page church website template. This template’s simplicity lets you neatly show your church information, share a few sermons, events, and church services. Though it is a single page template, the creator has loaded this template with all necessary features to make a proper website. Modal windows are used to show the sermon videos and audio, which is smart because users can easily resume the sections by closing the modal window. The creator has given you a flexible code base to add custom features, or you can even make it a full-page website in the future as your demand grows.

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Vineyard (HTML)

modern religious website template

Vineyard is the modern age religious website template. If you are planning to use your website to take your prayers to the whole world, this is the best option for you. The Mild color scheme and simple layout make this religious website feel fresh. All images and icons used in this template are included in the download folder, so you can customize the looks easier. Latest Bootstrap 4 and HTML5 frameworks are used in this template, which means you can add new tools like Zoom to digitally connect with the people and can add chat services for immediate help. Overall, the Vineyard is a sensibly designed modern church website template.

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My Religion

modern religious website template

My Religion is a youthful website template that will help you bring more young blood to your website. The creator has maintained a simple and elegant design language throughout the template. As a result, you get a website that is easy to interact with. Parallax effects are combined smartly with the image section to give an interactive experience when the user scrolls through your website. The biggest advantage of incorporating parallax effects in your design is that both mobile and desktop users can feel it. If you want your website to give a consistent experience across all devices, a religious website template like this will be the right choice. Being a WordPress church website template, this one has different types of post categories. Therefore you can make your content engaging to the audience.

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Native Church

feature-rich religious website template

With more than seven thousand downloads, this one of the best religious organization website templates. The uncomplicated design of this template lets all types of users easily interact with the website. Thoughtfully designed web pages and sensibly included premium plugins will simplify your job. Some of the useful plugins are Events Calendar and Sermon manager. This template will be a good choice for starters. Direct interface design and straightforward customization options make this template a splendid option even for the people without coding knowledge. If you are looking for a religious website template that meets present-day user needs, this one is the best option for you.

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easy-to-use website template

Blessing is a livelier website template with swift animations. This responsive religious website template makes sure that your audience gets an impeccable user experience on both computers and small screen devices. Essential plugins like the Slider Revolution and Form plugins are bundled in this template to make your initial setup process easier. Speaking of forms, look at our HTML form templates collection for fresh design ideas. For those who are looking for a no-nonsense website template with all the basic ticked, Blessing would impress them. All custom elements and sections are there in the WPBakery page builder. Therefore you can make cosmetic changes on this template without touching the code.

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Great Lotus

religious website template for buddhist

Buddhism is another famous religion in the eastern countries, and this template is for Buddhist websites. Right from the icons to the color scheme, everything is picked carefully in this template. As a result, you get a peaceful aura in this template with a rejuvenating look. Modern web elements give this template a fresh look and the character that current users will love. Precisely designed elements and properly calibrated animations add magic to the overall user experience in this template. Not only the looks, but this template is also adequately equipped. Powerful donation plugins help you receive donations via your website, and the Event management plugin will help you manage schedules easily.

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islamic website template

Shaha is an Islamic religious website template made for mosques. Being an Islamic themed website, this one has RTL designs right out of the box. Hence, you can provide quick switch options for your audience for the regular English website and RTL versions. This template also has pre-bundled donation plugins to help you easily receive donations on your website. Like most other religious website templates on this list, this one also supports the famous WPBakery builder for quick customizations. The default table helps you list your prayer timings. If you like to make the tables even more interactive, take a look at our CSS tables design collection. Since this template is using the latest CSS framework, it can handle all modern web elements and animations without any issues.

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religious website template for present-day audience

Nazareth religious website template is designed by keeping present-day users’ tastes in mind. Bold letters and big sections make this template stand out from other ministry website designs in this list. The colorful ring patterns on the background give this template youthful character. Podcasts and sermons can be added on the homepage so that the user can access your latest show as soon as they land on your website. All these custom elements are there in the Elementor page builder. If you need an element on your custom page — all you need to do is simply drag & drop the element in the place you want. The Elementor page builder gives you tons of customization options. Most minor cosmetic tweaks can be done without even touching the code.

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Adore Church

simple and elegant looking church website template

This bootstrap religious website template is also from the creators of the Native Church template mentioned above. Since both the templates are from the same creator, you can see some design similarities. The creator has used many widgets in this design when compared to the Native template. Because of the compact size of the widgets, you can show more information within the given space. Plus, the user can access all essential information on the same page. Speaking of accessibility, take a look at our accessible WordPress themes collection to make a friendly website for all types of audiences. This template is also equipped with useful tools like the Event Manager, Sermons manager, and Event Ticket manager. For those who are looking for a feature-rich church website template, this one might satisfy your needs.

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catholic church website template

This WooCommerce powered religious website template lets you take your entire service online. Smartly designed card elements let the user easily all related information in one place. The flat style design gives a roomy feeling to this website template. Plus, users can easily interact with your website even from their handheld devices. Plenty of customization options are given in this pack. For example, you get a quick theme customizer, shortcode generator, and Layout customizer. All these customization tools will help you bring your dream website to life. As said before, this one has WooCommerce pages to easily sell items and tickets on your website.

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hindu religious website template

Peace WordPress website template has designs for all three major religions on the Earth. You get premade designs for Christian Churches, Hindu Temples, and Islam Mosques. This template’s versatile nature becomes a one-stop solution for all types of religious websites. This template has four demo variations as of writing this post. Recently one demo is added to this template; hence, you can expect more new demos in future updates. This template’s design is a kind of mixed bag of retro and modern looks. You can change the looks as per your wish using the WPBakery builder. Since the page builder tool is integrated from the core, customizations will be a lot easier in this template.

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New Life

church website template with multimedia contents

New Life is another full-width website template that uses space effectively. Smooth scroll effects and cool hover effects make the template interactive. Three home page variations are there on this template. Each one is unique and has a different section arrangement. You can pick the homepage design based on the goal of your website. All custom elements and sections are added to the WPBakery page builder. So you needn’t worry about the missing one or two sections on the homepage design you like. You can use the page builder tool to bring in the elements and sections you want on your webpage.

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clean website template

Deeds is a dual-purpose website template that has the characters of both nonprofit and religious website templates. Nine demo variations in this pack are unique and help you run an audience-friendly website. Since this template has the characters of nonprofit websites, you can easily sell items and receive donations on your website. This theme supports Paypal, Stripe, and 2Checkout out of the box. Even though you don’t like any of the given payment options, you can integrate other payment services into your website. There are plenty of useful plugins out there for payment and other addons. As a whole, if your website’s goal is to spread the gospel and receive donations for good causes, it is the best option.

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wordpress theme with multiple demos

BeTheme is always known for its niche focused design. Though this is a multipurpose website template, each niche demo is designed with extreme care to meet the niche audience’s needs. Two church demo variations are there in this huge premade demo collection. The Church2 demo version will be the best option if you are planning to make a modern website. Unlike other religious templates with vague design, this one has a clear cut design. For example, you get a Links section where users can pick categories like bride service, children service, charity, and more. Hence, new users can easily get the service they want without wandering around the website. Both simple and complex cosmetic customizations can be done in this template using the Elementor page builder or the WPBakery page builder.

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best selling WordPress website template

Avada is another famous multipurpose WordPress theme. The Church website design is very simple and has a boxy layout. What makes this theme unique from others is it has plenty of in-house developed plugins in it. For example, even the page builder tool is developed by the Avada team. Therefore you can expect a buttery smooth customization experience. Plus, a well-synchronized result. Plenty of custom elements are neatly integrated into the Pagebuilder tool. F the demo you like misses one or two elements you want, you can add it by simply dragging & dropping it on the page you want. With this WordPress template’s infinite customization options, you can make any religious website in no time.

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christian ministry web design template

With the video background homepage header section and modern patterns, the church website template in this pack will help you make a beautiful website. The default church website design is kept as simple as possible so that it will be easy to use. Plus, the website loads faster on all devices. The creator has taken care of all basic optimizations so that you can concentrate on the custom features with peace of mind. Some of the useful plugins pre-bundled in this pack are GO Pricing, Convert Plus, and the Revolution Slider. Like the BeTheme, this one also has separate demos for the Elementor Page builder and the WPBakery page builder. If you are expecting more flexibility in a religious website template, it is one of the best options for you.

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church website template

With more than 320+ readymade website template designs, the Jupiter WordPress theme pack can help you make any website. This template’s creators have covered all major website categories in this pack. The advantage of using a theme pack with a huge library like this gives you multiple layouts and design styles. Even if you don’t like the default design, you can pick the demo you like and import the elements to make your dream website. The pre-integrated bbPress plugin will help you manage online users easily on your website. Since all chores and basic optimizations are taken care of by the template’s developer, you can work on the custom needs without any worries.

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easy-to-maintain website template

For those who are looking for professional-looking website design, this template will impress you. The default church website template is a one-page website template. Hence, it will be easier for the site owner to maintain it in the long run. If you want a multi-page layout, you can pick another demo in this pack and customize it to your needs. This template not only has multiple layouts but also has lots of useful plugins to help you make a proper website. In the recent update, the creator has given this template block functions. The beauty of the block concept is you get pre-designed blocks, which you can customize with multiple permutations and combinations.

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church website template

Zegen is a vivacious website template. The carefully calibrated animation effects make this template full of life. Modern web elements let you highlight the important sections neatly on your website. Because of this template’s professional design, every section on the page is intact and lets you clearly deliver the message. This template has two homepage designs and one landing page layout as of writing this post. All website layouts are equipped with the Elementor page builder. Hence you can customize your website easily without even touching the code. Even if you have to do core level customization with the code, the simple code structure will make your job easier.

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charity and religious website template

Alone is a feature-packed multipurpose charity website template. The creator has given you different types of designs in this template. You can create a charity website for almost all types of nonprofit organizations and causes. For example, in the recent update, you even get the premade designs for fighting Corona. The up-to-date designs and useful features make this template as one of the best selling website templates in the market. Lots of premium plugins are bundled in this theme pack. This template uses the famous GiveWP plugin for receiving donations. If you are planning to use your religious website for collective donations and bring people together for good causes, this is the best option for you.

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charity and non-profit website template

From the name itself you can infer that this template is also for charity websites. What makes this template stand out from others is the amount of detail the creator has given in this template. In this template, you get dashboards for the donation & transaction process. Hence, site owners can easily manage their donations. Even membership management options are given in this template. End users can easily log in to their profile and see their activities & donations they made. Like most other religious website templates in this list, this one is also very flexible. You can add your custom functions to make it even more friendlier for your audience. Speaking of dashboards, take a look at our bootstrap admin dashboard design collections for more friendly design inspirations.

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