Real Estate is one of the competitive and lucrative business all around the world. Many business tycoons have a real estate company under their belt because if you made the right investment, it would bring you tons of money. To be a successful real estate business person, all we need is networking, organization, and perseverance; all these three skills can be done easily via a real estate business website. A website is your 24/7 companion, always sitting there on the internet and spreads your business throughout the world. These real estate investor templates help you showcase your previous projects and let you clearly explain how you can help people transform the world.

We have collected some real estate listing website templates as well in this pack to help you run a versatile business. Some hardcore real estate business website gives you everything from cost calculator to video tour options right out of the box. All you have to do is to pick the template that meets your needs. Since all these real estate investor templates are powered by WordPress, back end functionalities also work smoothly.


real estate investor templates with useful options

MyHome website template is designed carefully to meet all types of real estate website needs. You can create a real estate website for investors, property listing, agencies, and a lot more. Each demo is unique and has different sections to meet its goal. Minor customizations can be done easily via the WPBakery page builder. Both basic and custom web elements are neatly integrated into the page builder tool. Hence, you can quickly customize the web pages with the elements and sections you want. Video content spaces are given in the default real estate investor template itself. You can clearly explain how you can help your customers manage their properties.

Modern web elements are used effectively to show more content within the given space. For example, carousels are smartly merged with the property listing cards; Hence, users can see your property images without even leaving the property listing page. Attention to small details and useful features make the MyHome as one of the best real estate investor templates.

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real estate investor templates and listing websites

If you are looking to revamp your existing website or make a real estate website for a fresh brand, real estate investor templates like this will be a good choice. The clean layout and contemporary style of this template will attract the present-day audience. Thoughtfully designed fifteen demo variations has lots of useful functions. Each demo is different and has a different layout. Hence, you can create a unique looking real estate website without spending much time. Some of the useful and special features in this template are mortgage calculator, easy property comparing option, and 360+ virtual tour option. Since it is a WordPress website template, all the options and tools are in full working condition. For listing and managing property details, this template uses a premium plugin named uListing. Overall, the HomePress is not only a tidy looking website template but also a feature-packed website template.

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consultancy website templates

Wealty is a multipurpose real estate website template. This template also has a clean and tidy layout, like the HomePress template mentioned above. Card elements are used extensively in this template to organize the content neatly. Simple and smooth animation effects make this website livelier and interactive. If you are a developer, take a look at our Bootstrap cards design collection for more contemporary style card design inspirations. Since this is a developer-friendly website template, you can easily use your custom elements without any issue. This template has ten homepage variations as of writing this post. The default agency demo is versatile enough to meet all types of real estate business website needs. More new demos are in the queue, dedicated real estate investor templates are also in the upcoming updates.

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clean and elegant real estate investor templates

Houzez is another thoughtfully designed modern real estate website template. This is one of the few real estate investor templates that meet all present-day web standards. For example, this template is GDPR ready and uses the latest maps to give an accurate geographical location. All sixteen demo variations have a corporate look, which makes it a perfect option for all types of real estate business websites. The creator has also integrated payment options like Paypal and Stripe to help you take your entire business online. Feature-wise, this template has a huge list when compared to other real estate investor templates. If you don’t have a dedicated development team, templates like this help you save time and money.

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constrcution and real estate investor templates

Wilmër website template is exclusively designed for construction and real estate development business websites. We even get a dedicated design for real estate and development investors. Hence, you get all the elements to explain your business clearly. The peppy design gives an energetic atmosphere to your website. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap framework, colors are vibrant and livelier. This template has nearly ten demo variations. Each demo is unique and uses animation effects smartly to deliver an immersive user experience. An ample amount of space is given for texts as well so that users can easily read your web page content. Plus, these clear texts make interaction easier on small screen devices. If you are not concerned about real estate website features, this template will help you make a beautiful website.

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clean real estate investor templates

Ekko is another multipurpose business website template. The creator has given 50+ ready-made demos in this template. You can create almost any type of business website using this template. We do get a dedicated demo for real estate businesses. The clean, sophisticated design lets you neatly explain your projects. With modern, intuitive web elements, you can clearly show how you help people change the world. Even if you don’t like the default real estate business website design, you can simply pick the demo you like and customize it. Since this template is equipped with the WYSIWYG tool, you can easily edit the template as per your needs. Take a look at our WYSIWYG web builder templates collection.

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real estate consultancy and real estate investor templates

Reality is a feature-rich website template like the Houzez template mentioned above. The creator has used the full-width layout effectively to accommodate all types of content. This template gives a dedicated front-end dashboard for the property listing demos. Hence, site owners can easily manage the requests; plus, the user also can see their property progress. Right from the social login option to the GDPR cookies notice, this template has all the modern website options. Since all the basic options are already taken care of by the developer, you can concentrate on fine-tuning your website. Another unique feature in this template is it can be easily translated to the German, French, and Spanish languages. If your potential customers in the given three countries, this template will improve user engagement.

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real estate investor templates with useful features

Findeo is a professional-looking modern real estate business website template. The creator has used the image spaces smartly to promote your service and to improve user engagement. Smooth scroll effects and hover effects liven up the website. Since this template is made using the latest CSS3 and HTML5 scripts, the animation effects are natural. This template has six demo variations, and each one is made for different purposes. With the given demos, you can easily make a property listing website, real estate agency website, and investor websites. This template supports a wide range of payment options to help you easily receive payments. It also supports WooCommerce; hence, you can sell properties and services easily on your website.

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multipurpose real estate website template

Benaa is a functional and classy looking real estate website template. This template has designs for listing properties, real estate developers, and real estate investors. The simple layout of the business demo template lets you easily edit it as per your needs. For front-end customizations, this template uses the WPBakery page builder. Thoughtfully designed user dashboards are also given in this template to manage the property easily. Images and icons are used effectively to explain your services clearly. Other useful features are mortgage calculators and easy payment options. Floor plans can also be maintained easily in this template because of its inbuilt floor plan support. Since each and every feature is designed by understanding the real estate business people’s needs, this template will definitely make your job simple.

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real estate investor templates with friendly options

RealHomes is a multipurpose real estate website template. This template has both listing and business website characters. You can use the features and options based on your needs. Just like the design, the coding is also made flexible enough for hardcore customizations. Design-wise, this template will meet all your needs. All basic real estate website pages are pre-designed for you so that you can easily set up a website in no time. Single property pages are also given in this template. If you are promoting a particular property, the single property page will come in handy for you. The WPML plugin is pre-integrated into this template; hence you can reach the local audience without any issue.

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website template with easy customization options

BeTheme is one of the best selling WordPress themes. This template has more than 500 pre-designed demos for various niches. Friendly customization options let you edit almost anything on the webpage. The company-5 demo variation is designed for real estate investment and construction company websites. Images and videos not only make this template engaging but also let you clearly explain your projects. The trendy look of this template makes it a perfect option for modern website lovers and modern entrepreneurs. One of the biggest advantages of using big multipurpose, real estate investor templates like this is you get plenty of elements pre-designed for you. With the help of the page builders, you can easily edit and add the options you want.

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real estate and construction website template

Jupiter is another multipurpose website template with multiple demos. This template pack has designs for both WPBakery and Elementor page builders. Based on the workflow you prefer, pick the demo with the corresponding page builder. The construction and investment company website designs will be a good choice for your real estate investor website. On the clean white layout, you can clearly explain your services and previous project. Explaining projects and your innovative solutions will be easier on this template because of the full-width clean template. This template has more than a hundred webpage pre-designed for you. Since all the basic website needs are already configured by the developers, you can concentrate on your custom needs. If you are particularly looking for property development and construction websites, take a look at our free construction company website templates collection.

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multipurpose WordPress website template

If you are in the web development field, you must know about the Avada theme. It is one of the all-time favorites for many users. Flexible layout and friendly customization options make this template a go-to option for both developers and regular users. Detailed documentation and the strong community will let the beginners to easily settled with this template. The default architecture and real estate website template will satisfy your design needs. Though this template doesn’t have dedicated real estate website features like in other real estate investor templates in this list. It will help you make a proper business website.

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clean and modern looking website templates

Bridge website template is made for creative businesses. If you are selectively investing in creative real estate properties, this template will help you reflect your business goal. This template has nearly 440 demo variations. Each demo is unique and is designed for various business websites. Since it is a multipurpose website template, the designs are generic. But, you can easily customize this template and add the sections/elements you want. Code-level customizations are also made easier. The developer has followed the professional code standards; hence, any developer can easily work with this template and adjust the design as per their needs.

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flexible and easy to edit website templates

KALLYAS has powered more than 40,000 websites with its 70+ demos. This one is a multipurpose website template made for different niches. The creator has covered almost all major niches in this template, so you can quickly set up any website. Just pick the demo that meets your needs and start working on it. All demo variations in this template have a modern look. The creator has given equal importance to the content space as well, so that you can clearly explain your services. Basic elements like Investors & partner sections, project galleries are given in this template. If you have a big gallery and want to show the images lively to the users, take a look at our image gallery design collection. Since this template is made using the latest CSS3 script and Bootstrap framework, it can handle all modern elements.

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ready to use website templates

Pearl template is purely designed for modern corporate offices. The creative designs of this template help you take your business to all types of users. Logically designed homepages not only promote your services but also improves your credibility. This is one of the few real estate investor templates that is packed with tons of premium plugins. You get premium plugins for image sliders, appointment booking, forms, and for all major functions. With all these premium plugins and pre-made demos, this template gives more value to your money. If you are a freelancer or web development agency, templates like you deliver a better quality website for your clients. The famous WPBakery page builder tool is pre-integrated into this template for minor customizations. Even appointment booking options are given in this template. Take a look at our appointment booking website templates if you are into online booking features.

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real estate development and real estate investor templates

Exponent website template is made for modern business websites. If you are using your website to show your services and to reach a large audience base, this template would be a good choice. Since this template is designed from a business perspective, every element and section looks professional. The creator has covered all major business website categories in this list. You can pick any investment and development business website template for your website. This template uses its own page builder instead of using a third-party page builder. Hence, you can expect a more synchronized and fluid customization experience. WooCommerce is also integrated into this template to let you sell your services online.

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bold and easy to interact website templates

From the name itself, you can understand that this template is made for rental type business. But, you can use it for other types of real estate business as well. The sensibly designed homepage lets you clearly explain your services to the users. The timeline element is a thoughtful touch, which will come in handy if you are in the business for a long time. Take a look at our CSS timeline design to explain your root clearly. On the clean white layout, both colorful images and gradient elements look attractive and demand user attention. This template supports WordPress’s Guttenberg editor; hence you can easily manage your content.

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property management and real estate investor templates

WPResidence is a versatile website template made for all types of real estate business websites. Email marketing is one of the strongest marketing channels for realtors. The creator of this template has understood it correctly and given MailChimp out of the box. If you are interested in creating awesome emails for your clients, take a look at our MailChimp email templates. Coming to the WPResidence, it is a user-focused website template. Big imageries and dynamic elements are used effectively to deliver an immersive user experience. The famous Elementor page builder is used in this template for front-end customization. Hence, changing the look and adding the elements will be an easy job for you.

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multipurpose website template for all types of businesses

Kalium website template will help you set up an eye-catching modern business website. This template has 21 pre-made demos. Each demo is unique and is made for different businesses. The creator has kept the design simple and neat so that you can use this template for all types of business websites. You can pick any demo and edit it as per your needs. Front end customizations are made easier using the Elementor page builder. Code scripts are also made simple enough for quick back-end customization. Hence this template is friendlier for both general users and developers. By spending a few hours, you can easily set up a proper business website using this template.

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consultancy and business real estate investor templates

Avante is a multipurpose business website template. Creative layouts are neatly combined with the images to give a stunning look. This is a fresh new theme out there in the market for quite some time now. The creator has loaded this template will all the necessary features. Since all ten homepage variations are made for business websites, you can pick any demo and work on it. Shadow effects give a floating appearance to your website, especially on the high-res screens. The Elementor page builder is well-integrated into the template for easier customization. You can customize almost everything via the page builder tool itself. Hence, this template becomes the best option for general users. If you are looking for real estate investor templates for simple business purposes, this is the best option for you.

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contemporary style website templates

The Front template uses a clean futuristic professional design. If you target the present-day audience, real estate investor templates like this will be a good choice. This template has multiple homepage variations and multiple webpages pre-designed for you. All demos are made mobile responsive and load faster. Since all the major optimizations are taken care of by the template developer, you can skip the basic chores and concentrate on custom needs. The whole template pack is made using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script. Hence, the webpages are sleek and interactive. Both basic elements and sections are given in this template. By spending a few hours, you can make a proper website.

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