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Galleries are a great way to showcase your hard work and effort. Whether you are an artist, photographer, painter or someone with amazing and creative ideas, having an outlet to represent you is a must. Especially with the cut-throat competition in every business niche nowadays, branding and promoting yourself has gone up to a new level. So what can you do to make yourself count? How can you stand out from the crowd and approach your audience more appealingly?As complicated as it may sound, the answer is simple: an online gallery website template to reach a larger audience.

With technological advancements, creating a presence for oneself is now much easier. Furthermore, connecting with your clients and followers with active social media sites is as easy as a breeze. But it all comes down to impressing them with your creative ideas. That’s right, just owning a website is not enough. It should perfectly reflect your ideas and effectively make a lasting impression. Additionally, useful elements and features to ease the process of navigating and using your site is a plus.

Why Choose a Professional Gallery Template?

Fortunately for all of you looking to start an online gallery or create a functional and visually amazing website, there is an easy way out! No need to spend endless time, effort or investment to start out. There are now plenty of options for gallery websites templates that take care of it all! And to make it even simpler, our team at uiCookies have managed to collect the best ones for you! Each of the gallery website templates

we have mentioned is free and ensure a high performance with their incredible set of features. So feel free to go through our list and pick out the one that best suits your needs!



Alime is a spectacularly designed gallery website template designed by Colorlib. To help you and your project skyrocket while maintaining an engaging feel to your online site. It is ideal for all niches of photography and gallery websites, whether for professional or personal purpose. And for an excellent visual, it is completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. With pre-built homes and inner pages dedicated to blog, gallery, and more, you get a head start. All of these are completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect to say the least. Not only this, but the template also fully relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework, offering a secure and reliable performance.

This template is also cross-browser compatible and super fast loading. Another great thing here is that this template is designed to be SEO ready as well as RTL ready. For that engaging visual effect, it is also equipped with elements like full-width Instagram feed, various social media icons, smooth running animations, effects and more. The stunner of the image banner is the highlight here. You can use this for promotional contents to keep your users hooked onto the site.

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A magnificent addition to a list of the best gallery website templates out there, Sunzine is a stunning start. Modern, clean and overall visually stunning to say the least, the major focus here is the gallery and the sections dedicated to it. Everything about this template is unique to the design and overall styling. It is completely responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect ensuring a near perfect imagery. Sunzine also works flawlessly throughout all the devices and your preferred internet browsers. Another great thing here is that it is highly flexible and can personalized to every one of your preference. From the color schemes, stunning grid gallery, width and layouts, fonts used and even the components placed onto the site; you can edit it all.

It also has pre-built pages dedicated to blog, stunning home, services, and more. In the bundle, there are also tons of useful components and elements that you can place strategically for an impactful performance overall. The minimal and simple design makes sure that the highlight of it all is the images you decide to add onto the site. Not only this, but with the implementation of CSS animations and effects as well as page transitions, it is amazing to look at. It is also fast loading while executing the lazy load feature. All in all, a great deal for a free template if you ask us, take your project up a notch only with Sunzine.

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one-page website template

Elit is a great name for this elegant, visually advanced and modern looking gallery website template. With a futuristic and unique appeal with the design and overall styling, any content you add here will stand out. With a range of amazing personalizing options, Elit is highly flexible and versatile. It is ideal for photographers, designers, illustrators and anyone related in the creative field. Whether professional or personal purpose, this theme is great for both. Although simple, and straightforward with the design, it is the highlight of this particular theme. This means the focus here remains on the contents you add instead of the other elements. With ample space to add on all your imaginations, the end result is always upto you.

It is fully responsive, retina-ready and features an HD imagery. Not to mention the flexibility it offers using the advanced Bootstrap framework as it’s base. It has a sticky side navigation bar allowing one to browse through all the pages easily. And for professional use, you also get access to stunning contact forms, social icons, newsletter subscriptions alongside creative CTA buttons. This theme is also designed to be fast loading with overall smooth performance. Build your trust with the testimonial sliders and easily attract your targeted clientele.

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Tulen is another super creative and engaging gallery website template with a unique concept. Taking that to a whole new level, the visuals are extraordinary. Great for photography, gallery, and portfolio website, leave your users impressed with this amazing template. It is modern, fully responsive and easily adjusts according to the device screens. You will find the stunning slider gallery it features pretty out of the box. And that too with such smooth movement that it is pretty engaging. Apart from the super catchy home, you will also access many stunning pre-built pages. This includes blog, shop, about, contact and more. Each of these are well-crafted and relies fully on the Bootstrap framework.

Getting more onto the details, this theme includes plenty of features you can use. From advanced fonts, icons, Google Maps integration and more; you get it all at your disposal. Another great thing here is that this theme is also cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly and loads effortlessly. As this theme is super user-friendly, even beginners and novices will have no issues as to the overall usage. This theme is complete with everything one might require to give your users access and easy way to contact you while maintaining a great impression.

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Perfect for photographers and ones who are creative and unique, Pentax is a professional gallery website template to get you started. With a simple and efficient interface that makes it easy to showcase your works to the audience, this makes for a great addition to our list today. Featuring a huge image header where you can grab your users attention, every little detail here is simply amazing. From the fonts, to the icons and even the overall styling, all of these rely on the advanced Bootstrap framework. Not only does these perfectly compliment the structure, but is also reliable and upto par with all the latest web-standards. It is ideal for even beginners and novices as the creators; Colorlib has provided super user-friendly options.

Getting into the details, the focus here is of-course the amazing gallery. It is stylish and super engaging. And to make it easier for your users it also supports filter. The template also adds amazing hover effects and animations to the visuals. Not only this, but there are plenty of other useful components that is ideal for you to get a functional online gallery ready. This includes options for testimonials, social media icons, contact form and newsletter subsctiptions. Another great thing here is the pricing plans which you can use to start selling your artworks. The whole template is fully responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect.

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Another incredible gallery website template we have in line for you is Porto. And we are pretty sure that impressed is just what you users will be, right off first glance. The distinct look stands out in a way that keeps your users engaged. Not to mention the excellent imagery with the retina-ready and pixel perfect graphics. It is fully responsive and easily adjusts to every device screen size with ease. In addition to this, the whole interface is beginner friendly and making any changes or implementing your work is now a breeze. It is perfect for photographers of all niche, creative artists, visual illustrators, designers, and more who have that mindset of showcasing their work.

All of these rely on the professional Bootstrap framework making is super flexible. Not to mention the array of customizing option it features to get you that custom feel. The amazingly designed gallery section here is surely the highlight. However, it’s the huge image header and background that steals the show right away. All of these are further complimented with hover effects and smooth scrolling. The template is also cross-browser compatible as well. This, premium-like template also comes with pre-made pages dedicated to Home, About, Portfolio, News and Contact. In addition to this, the contact form, newsletter subscription along with the creative icons helps you stay updated with your users as well.

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If minimal, clean and simple is your calling, then Nissa here is the ideal gallery website template for you. With a straightforward design that highlights your contents as the major focus, with this, your users will sure be engaged with your contents itself. It is focused on showcasing your work and the effort you put appealingly. And for this, the interface is retina-ready and pixel perfect. It is ultra-responsive and fast loading to make sure your website always looks flawless. Furthermore, with a Bootstrap framework to back it up, everything here is super smooth and flexible.

Nissa also features a wide range of customizing options from the free Google fonts to the icons available and even the color schemes, everything is personalization friendly. In addition, the layout sectioned for blogs, gallery and more perfectly compliments the theme of showcasing your contents. With the implementation of CSS, you get amazing scrolling animations, huge sliding hamburger menu and more. As the overall style is pretty minimal, there are ample amount of space to boast your creative streak. Fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, lightweight and super fast laoding, this template is worth a try!

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One that perfectly matches the list today of gallery website template options is Photographer. Why? Because everything about this template is designed to get that perfect appeal to your galleries and the contents you wish to add. The name itself pretty much sums up who this template is ideal for. But as versatile as it is, you can also make use of this as a personal, portfolio and even a blog site as well. It relies on the Bootstrap framework so that you are assured of a flexible usage. Not to mention the unique concept brought to life that makes this stand out from all of your competitors. It is fully responsive, and the visuals are impeccable with retina-ready and pixel perfect imagery.

Getting into the full detail, the highlight here is the amazing Home Page that baosts all of your projects and work in one page. Then you will find options to add in other useful components like Service, About, Blog, and more. It is also cross-browser compatible, effortlessly loading throughout all the major web-browsers. And to add to the efficiency, it also features a contact form, newsletter option, and integration with Google Maps. Another great thing about this is the clean and secure coding with HTML and CSS. This also makes way for other creative elements like hover effects, page transitions and even the navigation menu to mention a few.

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Photomedia is another great gallery website template designed with photographers, creative illustrators, designers and similar professionals in mind. This template offers all of the features at your disposal and is a perfect way to get that custom feel while not spending time and effort creating. It is also designed to be a blogging template so that whatever you showcase can be more detailed and informative. As with other templates mentioned here, this too is powered with the Bootstrap framework. This ensures that the interface is highly flexible and developer friendly. The visuals are also fully responsive and looks amazing no matter what screen it is on.

It is also compatible with all the major web-browsers so you get a flawless performance. To mention a few components, Photomedia offers a sticky navigation, drop-down menu, social media integration and even contact forms. This not only adds to the efficiency of a site, but also makes it more approachable to your users. Thanks to the CSS coding, you also get amazing hover effects, animations and page transitions to keep things interesting. The whole structure is easy to work with and personalize to your preference. All in all, it packs all of the essentials and more to get you started right away, and that is all for FREE!

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Thumber is an amazing free gallery website template that is visually impactful. From the looks of it, the template is simple and clean. However, its awesome range of features included makes this an awesome choice. It is amazingly responsive, retina-ready and makes for a perfect interface to showcase all of your work. Making a lasting impression on anyone who lands on the site comes with pixel-perfect imagery and graphics. The look, however, is pretty unique compared to most of the templates mentioned here. It features a stunning interface that executes your images and video in a minimal yet super appealing transition. Based on the latest of Bootstrap framework, it surely makes for a great way to attract more viewers and keep them engaged.

Getting more into the efficient features, this template is cross-browser compatible making sure it effortlessly loads on all major web browsers. There are also multiple Inner sections for About, Photos and Contact that you can use to your benefit. Another great thing about this are the smooth and stunning CSS transitions, hover effects and animations. Perfect for anyone to start a portfolio, or gallery websites to display their projects, designs and more. The template is also designed to be SEO friendly. You also get access to creative social icons you can use to add links to your social platforms. Whether you are an artist, designer, illustrator, photographer or more, this template will fulfill your requirements.

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Shutter — Colorlib Website Template

Another visually compelling website template by Colorlib, Shutter as the name implies is perfect for photo and gallery based websites. From professional designers, photographers, illustrators to artists or anyone with a creative vision, this template will meet the requirement. The flexible versatile interface makes it easier to leave a lasting impression and a strong impact on anyone who lands on the site. Furthermore, it executes a stunningly responsive design which readily adjusts to every device screen size. Not to mention the awesome imagery and graphics all of which are retina-ready and pixel perfect. The organized yet stylish grid-based layout adds the appeal. Engaging Home Page designs accompanied by functional Inner Page also gives the user a head start.

The template uses powerful CSS and HTML to get stunning results with each element. Various creative ailments like animations, effects, and transitions are also implemented. You can also choose from multiple Google Fonts, and icons available. In addition to this, it is also cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly no matter which internet browsers you prefer to use. The scroll content load option takes the dark layout a step further. For easier navigation, the menus are placed on the right sidebar. There are also pages dedicated to blog, Contact, bios, and more. Everything you might need to get a professional and standard site is packed into this awesome free template Shutter.

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Photo Gallery HTML Template

Designed specifically with its artistic and organized appeal, PhotoGallery is yet another amazing template we have in line for you. Ideal for any creative personal or professional designer, photographers, illustrator and more, it executes perfection with each element. The style is pretty minimal with the color schemes. However, the use of creative ailments on each section is what that makes it stand out. The innovative gallery sections with the option to highlight a certain image and add details about the project make this extra efficient. And to ensure that your site never ranks less than high, it is also SEO friendly. Express your creativity and let the users enjoy an engaging interface with PhotoGallery.

In addition to this, the layout is completely responsive and mobile friendly. Not only this, but all of the graphics are pixel perfect and retina-ready. Furthermore, you can use many social icons to link to your social profile. And if those are not enough, you can implement many button styles throughout the site. Get multiple variations of typography and icons you can use. Everything about this template is professional and smooth based on the HTML and CSS coding structure. The grid used for the gallery and the overall layout uses the advanced Bootstrap framework. Add in sliders, videos and more for the users to enjoy.

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Capture Free Bootstrap 4 Template by Colorlib

A vibrant and eye-catching free website template, Capture is sure to capture anyone’s attention with ease. This template is appealing to the eyes and built on the powerful Bootstrap framework’s latest version. Adding to the visuals, each element is completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. This ensures that whatever you wish to showcase on the site looks flawless. This template is modern and enticing following all of the trends and styling options. With plenty of personalizing options, it fits the perfect definition of the user’s unique preference. One can get as creative as they wish with the images, fonts, color schemes and more. Making a lasting impression has never been easier.

The template is also designed to be compatible and load effortlessly on all the major internet browsers. For easy navigation, the menu is placed on the sidebars where users can easily access. Various efficient and carefully designed Inner Pages are also included with the template package. This includes options for Blog, Gallery, About and more. In addition, the template also executes smooth scrolling and content load on scroll option. Pretty powerful with all of the advanced features, the visuals are further elevated. You can add the CSS effects, animations and hover effects to your preference. But that’s not all, get access to tons of social media icons you can link your social profile as well.

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Photon — Colorlib Website Template

Now another free gallery website template we have for you is Photon. With a simple, clean and elegant layout design, the template works great to focus on the major parts of the template effortlessly. It is ideal for artistic and innovative people to share their idea of creation. And because every detail is created with even the beginners, it is super user-friendly. The template is also well-documented so that you have no issues getting started. In addition to this, the template is responsive and easily loads on every device screen. It is adaptable on laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Perfect for those thinking out of the box, leave a lasting impression on anyone who lands on your site. It also features the easy to work with CSS and HTML coding structure.

Getting into the details, the template is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework which is both powerful and flexible. For easier navigation, this template also features sidebar navigation. Not only this, but it guarantees a first-class performance with amazing speed. Cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and surely one to get a perfect site ready, Photon is surely amazing. Mix and match the various typography and font option to match your preference. Not only this but connecting to your social sites is also a breeze thanks to the various social media icons available. Minima, beautiful and neat, each of the images also execute stunning transition on click and also a smooth hover effects. The vertical slider based gallery template is surely what you need.

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Explorer is a free gallery website template that is ideal for photographers, artists and creative minds that are looking to create an amazing array of galleries. Whether you are an expert or simply a beginner, this template is user-friendly enough for anyone to use it easily. Based on the advanced Bootstrap framework, it sure is an amazing option to start with. The design itself is stunning to look at and features plenty of amazing elements that can be used to promote you and your brand. The best part, however, is the unique and beautiful grid style layout that lets users showcase their images and media files in a stunning gallery.

Explorer is also SEO optimized, meaning your site has higher chances of ranking on all major SERPs. In addition, the codes used are clean and well-commented, giving way for a more customizable interface. It focuses majorly on displaying your content and is visually stunning to look at. Stay connected with your users and clients using the social media integration. Even selling your products is a whole lot easier with Explorer. Simply Download and start your online journey, improving your reach and promoting your brand only with the gallery website template; Explorer!

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Yet another amazing free gallery website template ideal for showcasing you and your brand is Pixels. A fully responsive Bootstrap based gallery website template that is sure to win your hearts. The vibrant color schemes is the first thing that captures your visitor’s attention. But the second thing is surely the stunning looking galleries with your works of art that will make them stay. Whether you want to start an online gallery, create a portfolio or start a creative agency website, this template is flexible enough to meet all the needs. Furthermore, the template also uses clean and valid HTML and CSS coding that are easily customizable.

In addition to this template being cross-browser compatible, it is also SEO friendly. This makes sure that no matter which device or SERP’s you are on, your site always end up higher ranked. It is clean, modern and unique to look at. You also get amazing Sliders and Carousels to add a touch of creativeness. Furthermore, the CSS animation also gives away the option to add smooth animation and scrolling effects. With so much option that too for free, Pixels is surely a great option if you are looking for a gallery website template!

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Format is a free gallery website template based entirely on the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework. Use your online presence to promote you and your brand creatively only with Format. It is fully responsive and retina ready, ensuring that your website always looks amazing. The design is clean, modern and elegant to say the least. Furthermore, the amazing grid-based layout style enhances the visually appealing factor even more. It is ideal to create an online gallery, portfolios, creative websites, for designers, developers or freelancers.\

This template is the perfect way to start your online business as well. It is compatible with eCommerce giving you the easy transaction method. In addition to this, you can also add creative Sliders and Carousels with ease. What’s more is that you can easily add icons and switch fonts to match your preference. The well-commented and valid HTML and CSS codings are also extremely customizable. The portfolio and gallery based layout is further enhanced with the animations and scrolling effect. Leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits only with Format.

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If you want to create a visually advanced and feature-rich website for your potential clients and users, then Aside is the perfect option for you. It is a free gallery website template that is fully responsive and amazing. Like any gallery website template, Aside enables users to easily create a stunning gallery to showcase their arts and works. It is Ideal for anyone looking to create an online presence by showcasing their creative and innovative ideas. But that’s not all, you also get the option to add full-screen sliders and carousels within minutes.

Additionally, this template is cross-browser compatible so that it works fast and smooth on all major browsers. The huge grid-based layout works beautifully to create an impressive interface. You also get social media integration to stay connected with your users. Furthermore, this template also includes a mobile off-canvas menu that makes it easier to navigate from mobile devices. The minimalist design focusing on the content you display also includes stunning scrolling effect and CSS animations. The best part, however, is that this template is free. Simply Download and start creating easily with Aside!

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Stack is a creative, modern, multi-purpose HTML website template we love. Created with so much attention to details, this free template offers tons of customizing features and useful elements. It is built using the powerful Bootstrap framework and is sure to boost your site’s efficiency. As it is extremely flexible, you can use this template to create portfolios, resumes, personal websites, creative agency websites, or corporate sites. It is also fully responsive and retina-ready. Furthermore, the efficiency is enhanced by cross-browser compatibility.

The design is seamlessly unique and professional looking. In addition to the portfolio option, you also get many other amazing features. Add Carousels and Sliders to focus on major contents. Add a touch of creativeness with CSS animations and stunning scrolling effect. You also get a range of icons and typography that you can easily switch to and from. Created and designed with innovative and creative ideas in mind, Stack is sure to make your website stand out from the crowd. The template package also includes social media integration and a modal dialogue box for Login and Sign Up. This ensures that none of your potential or current clients are ever left out.

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Rea is a visually enriched and graphically advanced free gallery website template that is simply amazing. The layout design is appealing and ensures that your site stands out from the rest. It is fully responsive as well as retina ready. Ideal to help the users start creating stunning galleries, you can also use it to create portfolios, creative websites and more. The attractive design and typewriter effect is the least of what this template can do. It offers plenty of useful elements and features that you can easily implement to get the perfect end result.

The comfortable hamburger navigation of the template is user-friendly. In addition to this, you also get load more button for a more professional touch. The social media icons and integration helps you reach out to a larger range of audience. In addition to this, the template is SEO friendly making sure your website always rank high. The cross-browser compatibility makes it even more efficient. The codes are well-commented and developer friendly. But that’s not all, there are plenty of other features included with the package. Strike out and make a name for yourself and your brand in an impressive manner only with Rea.

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Cocoon is another amazing Free gallery website template created with corporate and professional websites in mind. The design is flexible, modern and features a one-of-a-kind look that is stunning. It is also fully responsive and retina ready. Although it is meant for creative agency websites, there are no limitations as to what you can do with it. Make you and your website stand out from the crowd with technically advanced features and visually stunning website template. That being said, plenty of amazing features will help you get the perfect end result. However, the best option is to create mesmerizing galleries on its grid-based layout. The conceptualization of the layout is ideal for anyone who dares to be different.

Ideal for photography, architecture, painters, artists and every creative mind, this template takes care of all your requirements. Take your website to a whole new level with the innovative gallery website template: Cocoon. For an easier navigation option, it provides a side-way menu. In addition, you can even change the color schemes and choose the one that best fits your preference. It includes several Inner Pages that you can easily integrate on your site. In addition, you also get social media integration and icons that ensure you always stay in touch with your users. It even enables you to easily share your work and ideas onto a larger platform and audience. It is extremely user-friendly and makes the whole process so much easier. You even get stunning hover effects and CSS animation. What’s not to love? Everything is great with Cocoon!

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Sun is a simple, minimalist and content focused HTML gallery website template that is the ideal choice for anyone looking to showcase their work. The design is aesthetically clean, professional and elegant. It based entirely on the latest Bootstrap framework giving you the standard interface to work with. Whether you are an artist, photographer, freelancer or anyone with a gallery to showcase this template is worth a try. It is extremely flexible and easy to work with. Furthermore, it is also fully responsive and retina ready. This ensures that your site looks amazing no matter which device screen it is on. It also loads fast and easy on any major browsers as it is cross-browser compatible.

The gallery and portfolio section is efficient and filterable. In addition to this, you also get delightful and elegant blog sections. No matter which niche you deal with, with Sun you are sure to impress anyone who visits. Furthermore, making sure that none of your potential clients and customers are missed, it also provides a fully functioning Contact Form. What’s great is that there are also tons of icons and typography options that you can easily use. With the integration with popular social media sites, you can also easily share your contents. Owning a website is not enough, get the best deal out of your site only with Sun. Built with powerful and advanced HTML and CSS coding, customize it however you wish and end with the perfect site!

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A creative, innovative and unique gallery website template, Reopen is fully responsive and graphically advanced templates. This template is customizable and developer-friendly and backed up with advanced CSS and HTML coding. It is Ideal for creating blogging websites, galleries, and personal sites. If you are looking for an eye-catching beautiful interface packed with amazing features, Reopen is the best choice. Furthermore, it is clean, professional looking and focuses on the content you wish to display. The minimal and simplistic aesthetic further enhances the efficiency. Create an amazing platform to display your media files in an attention-grabbing manner only with Reopen.

It is also cross-browser compatible and ensures a high-performance and great loading speed. Furthermore, this template is also compatible with Google Maps giving the users an easier way to add locations. That’s not all, because this template also supports multiple video formats including YouTube and Vimeo video support. What’s more is that you also get smooth scrolling and mesmerizing CSS animations. It adds to the appealing factor and makes your site more engaging. This completely free gallery website template is the answer to all your needs. It also features the exclusive Hamburger menu that goes along with the whole outlook of the template. There are various sections including Blog section and a Contact section that makes it more approachable. Stand out from the crowd only with Reopen.

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Riddle is a clean, minimal and unique portfolio or gallery website template that has been created with careful attention to detail. Every single element is based on the latest Bootstrap framework. Furthermore, the simple and minimal aspect the template follows is simply elegant and mesmerizing to say the very least. Even the typography and grid-based layout structure perfectly go along with the template. Ideal for anyone looking to showcase themselves and their brand impressively, this template offers plenty of options to choose from. The filterable portfolio and the boxed and wide structure is the one that makes everything look amazing In addition to this, the template is also fully responsive and retina ready. But although everything is pre-made, you can easily customize and modify the elements with a few CSS codings.

The template creates an impressive outlet for you to leave a great first impression. With Riddle, we are pretty sure that you get to promote your brand and broaden the potential sales and business. It is strongly focused to enhance the attention towards your masterpieces. Get clean and beautiful typography with Google Fonts as well. Furthermore, it also includes Carousels and Slider option that supports most media file types. To make it more interesting, you can even add a blog section. Keep your users engaged on your site for hours on end only with Riddle. This amazing template is cross-browser compatible, includes working Contact Forms and social media integration. You can even let your users know exactly where you are based with Google Maps within minutes.

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As the name suggests, this template is created and designed with portfolios and galleries. Whether you are a designer, artist, photographer or any creative soul, this gallery website template is the perfect start to your online journey. It is clean, modular and flexible offering an amazing range of useful elements and features. The fully responsive layout make sure that your site is amazing looking no matter which device it is on. The imagery is an amazingly high resolution, making it visually stunning and retina-ready. It features a simple, clean, and clutter-free online interface where you can easily add your masterpieces for others to see. The Gallery or portfolio is surely the main focus of this template and is based entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework.

You also get amazing fonts and icons from Google Fonts to match the site’s aesthetic. Choose the various color schemes and choose the one that best suits your requirements. In addition, the template is checked with multiple internet browsers, ensuring a high-performance. Make a lasting impression and be the one to be remembered with only Po-Portfolio. Create amazing galleries, display your masterpieces, promote yourself and start your amazing online presence today!

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Mindblowingly exquisite and stunning to look at, this template is surely one of the best gallery website templates you can find. On top of being creative and innovative, Halo is packed with all the awesome sections and elements you can use to create the perfect website. It is fully responsive and built using the powerful Bootstrap framework. The HTML and CSS codes used are also well-commented and developer friendly. This makes it easier to modify and customize if you want to. The imageries it features are HD and retina ready. Moreover, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to show their masterpieces in an interactive interface.

The template also features tons of ready-to-use elements that are used to add additional features. In addition, the template also includes sections for blogs, contact information as well as stunning portfolios. You can even add amazing icons and fonts to boost your creativeness. You also get stunning CSS animations and effects to add a touch of creativeness. You can choose to add Sliders and Carousels as well. It is also user-friendly so that you have no trouble even if you are a beginner. The hover effect it features is remarkably another major plus. Build the website of your visions and dreams only with the free gallery website template Halo!

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As the name specifies, CVPortfolio is a creative and intuitive online CV, portfolio, and gallery website template. Whether you wish to create professional looking personal sites, CV’s portfolios or simply a gallery to boast your masterpiece, this template has it all in line for you. It is flexible, clean and includes tons of amazing features. The layout structure itself is amazing to look at. Giving out an effortless edge to the simplistic design, this template is efficient and the perfect way to start. Show your works, promote your brand, give out your location and contact details, the possibility is limitless.

Craft the perfect website within minutes and without any coding knowledge. It is also fully responsive as well as retina ready. Moreover, there are also tons of creative elements that you can easily integrate. This includes Sliders, Carousels, timeline and more. Choose from a range of color schemes and make it look interesting. You can also use creative fonts and icons to give it a professional touch. The template has been tested and ensures a cross-browser compatibility. The template is also backed up with amazing theme support that you are never left hanging. Get the ideal start to a perfect online platform only with the free gallery website template CVPortfolio. Impress anyone who lands on your site and stand out from the crowd!

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Yaseen is a clean and minimal gallery website template built entirely on the latest Bootstrap framework. In addition to the simplistic charm about the looks, this template is also amazing to work with. Create the best rendition of you and your work impressing anyone who lands there. Get an amazing range of features that enable the user to easily create a website worth all your time and effort. Add stunning portfolios, and gallery sections that are also filterable. In addition to this, you also get amazing typography, uniquely designed layout and so much more!

The template is fully responsive and retina ready. This ensures the user that no matter which device your users are on, your site looks immaculate. Every little elements have been crafted and placed strategically to create the visually advanced modules. You also get tons of useful sections and Inner Pages that you can easily integrate. No limit bounds this template! So be as creative as you wish and get the perfect end result, only with Yaseen.

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Just as the name suggests, this modern unique and stunning looking template is a free HTML gallery website template. Ideal for anyone with a creative touch, this template is based on the creative grid-based layout style. The portfolio or the gallery sections are the main attraction and is perfectly complimented with the minimal style. It is also fully responsive and retina ready. Feature-rich and visually astounding, take your website to the next level only with Portfolio! Whether you are looking to start a personal site, corporate site or simply a freelance site, this gallery website template is the perfect way to start.

Get a head start on anything you put your heart and ideas into. Start building the perfect website to represent yourself. Get amazing typography options, stunning hover effects, working Contact Form, layout variation, and more. There are plenty of amazing customizing options at your disposal to end up with something you love! The template also includes many other Pages and elements that you can easily add. There are blog sections, testimonials, and a Contact Us page so that you do not have to start from scratch. Reach up to your maximum potential leaving a impact!

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As mentioned in the name, Photography is a website template for photography websites. So, with this gallery website template, you can easily add galleries on your website. It has everything that you might ever need on a website. The template has a stylish layouts and pages specifically created for photographers. It features a full-screen slider that can be used to add intuitive elements on your website. This can attract many website visitors to your website which is always a good thing. If you are an aspiring photographer and want to create a website with an awesome gallery, then this website template is for you.

Photography also allows you to add a custom logo on your website. So, your audience can easily identify your website with your trademark of yours as well. It also features a header background image slider. This can be used to highlight your best works to the audience. This is a gallery website template that has a user-friendly gallery as well. It has a very simple interface where you can easily arrange the images in the gallery regardless of the image sizes. The images are also displayed with a minimal viewer, which most users appreciate.

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Bitmap refers to a representation where each bit corresponds with each other to display information in the computer screen. But here, Bitmap is a gallery website template to help you display these bits of information as a collection of images on your website. Many photography enthusiasts can easily love this website template as it has all the features they need. The photographers can easily create a well functioning professional website with it. It has a very responsive design. So, your website can be accessed on any devices of any screen sizes like mobile, tablet, laptops, and desktops. The website’s performance and appearance are also not affected while using it on multiple devices.

Bitmap also contains many useful web pages for your website. It contains a homepage where you can add a header background image and brief information about your website. Other pages like services, about, elements, and contact also have other pages. These pages can be easily used and adjusted according to your needs to increase the interaction with your audience. Since this is a gallery website template, it also features a prebuilt gallery page. Here, you can also categorize the images as approved, unapproved, unviewed, and all images.

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Glint is a website template created for photographers. But since it has several features to create a website with galleries as well, it can also be beneficially used as a gallery website template. It is a retina ready website template. This helps in providing pixel perfect images to your audience. A website with good pixelated images is always bound to attract a lot of photography enthusiasts. So, this website template can be very helpful to work your photography career to success as well. It also helps in increasing the popularity of your photography website.

Glint also has many other features up its sleeve to make it a good gallery website template. It has smooth animations to display the website’s content as you scroll down. You can also provide them with various colour options to make your website more eye-catching and beautiful. This website template is also extremely social media friendly. Visitors can easily share the website’s contents through social media icons. They will almost certainly share your content as this website template can display your images in the best galleries possible.

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If you want to create a website with an awesome gallery, Imahe is your companion. It can be easily used whether you want a gallery for a photography website or any other website. Even though this website template is focused on photography, it can be suited for any website with a gallery. Just modify this gallery website template with just a few tweaks and use it for any type of websites. It features a special Instagram section where you can highlight your Instagram image feeds in the website. Not only that, this website template also supports video background in the header. This can help highlight the behind the scenes or advertisements for your own services and products.

Imahe also has custom logo upload options. You can use it to identify your website against your competitors with just your logo on your website. This is a very good and unique feature to have on a website. The eye catches visual representations quite faster than texts. So, you can quickly grab the attention of many photography enthusiasts to your website. This gallery website template also has 4 gallery layouts preinstalled in it. You can select the one you like and easily have an awesome gallery on your website.

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A website template to solve all your gallery and photography website problems, Bato is a gallery website template that you might just be waiting for. This website template has incredible features that are guaranteed to be helpful to your website. With the help of this website template, you can have a professional website with an outstanding layout in no time. It has a header background image slider that changes images with a very smooth fade in and out animations. You also get a very sleek popup animation when you click on the menu icon. This can help you provide a better and more functional user interface to your website users.

Bato is also well equipped with necessary web pages for your website like home, about, contact, and work. All of these pages can be selected from the menu bar. This gallery website template has a dedicated gallery submenu in the menu bar. This submenu also highlights the thumbnails of the images in the gallery on the vertical menu bar itself. It is a very unique feature to have on a website as you have a mini gallery in the menu bar itself. The full gallery section can also be opened by clicking on it.

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To help you create an online studio with a lot of images, Studio is specially designed for your website. It is a gallery website template best suitable for photography websites. But with little changes here and there, it can be used on any type of website galleries. It is a website template made up of galleries of galleries. What it means that the homepage itself consists of a fixed page where there are two galleries. One gallery includes the background image slider. The other gallery includes the footer image gallery selector with the thumbnails. The images selected on the footer gallery through the thumbnail are displayed on the header galleries.

Studio is also well equipped with a lot of useful sections. They include the home, about, portfolio, blog and contact sections. The home section consists of the galleries. You can add a ton of information about your services or products in the about section. The portfolio section can be used to highlight your excellent works and career. It can also be further extended with galleries. You can even categorize the images in the gallery within the portfolio section indeed. So, you get an altogether of somewhat 3 galleries in this gallery website template.

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A sonar is used to receive sound pulses after their reflection in the real world. But this sonar is a gallery website template to receive and attract the attention of many website viewers. This website template is so organized that your website would look way more professional even if you use it for startups. It is most likely that almost every website visitor will find it difficult to believe that you are just a beginner with the help of this website template. Now imagine the heights of success you’ll reach with it if you are already a professional who wants to build a website.

Sonar is preinstalled with many features and elements you will ever need on a website including a gallery. It has a unique design with a carousel slider. This slider itself is a gallery in its own way. This gallery website template also has a contact page with for. This can be very helpful for your potential clients to interact with you directly through the website itself. This is a very convenient feature to have for yourself from a website viewer perspective as well. The better the user experience for your audience, the better results for you through your website.

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Premodule is a gallery website template through which you can display many awesome galleries to your website. It is specially designed for photography and portfolio websites. But, with the help of just few tweaks, you can easily use it for any website with a gallery. This website template can be very beneficial for photographers, designers, model agencies, entertainment industry and anything in between. It has a very bold and elegant design. So any content you add on your website presents itself in a very amazing way possible. This will surely make your website stand out in front of your competitors.

Premodule is complete with all the features and elements you will need on your website. It is a gallery website template that has a very beautiful and minimalist image gallery. Your images can be easily uploaded to this gallery with a simple yet attractive layout. You also get a newsletter subscription section with this website template. It can provide users with your scheduled newsletters for services or the website. This can also be used for email collection of the website users for future uses and updates.

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If you want a website with a beautifully crafted gallery, Droppler is the gallery website template for you. It comes with a lot of features that is best suitable for blog and photography websites. You get awesome features like fullscreen layouts and blog templates. Use the full-screen layout to enhance the beauty of your website. You can enable the option to showcase an intuitive design for your website to attract a lot of creativity enthusiasts. The blog template is another highlight you can use to get started from scratch. This can increase the reach of the audience even more with better interactions with them.

Droppler also has a clean design with its dedicated gallery section. The images can be easily uploaded in the gallery section of this gallery website template. You can also adjust the image with different image sizes to your gallery. The images will then be displayed according to the layout with varying screen sizes. In addition, the full-screen layout also provides you with a sort of professional look. The menu options are displayed on a single fullscreen page with great animations. This can also help improve the user experience for the website users.

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Go Crepe


A gallery website template designed to provide you with a well-functioning website with a gallery, Go Crepe will not disappoint you for its purpose. You can use the bright and colorful options to display the website’s contents accordingly. The right colour combinations can be helpful for your website to attract a lot of website visitors. The highlighting feature of this website template is its stunning visuals. Every range of items and features are designed to give you the best visual appearance possible. You can also easily configure the site with just a few light modifications.

Go Crepe has a fantastic gallery section as a gallery website template. It includes an image gallery section where you can add images of any resolution with a clean and well-organized layout. The homepage also includes a header image section along with a gallery section. Your website viewers can easily browse through the header information with the provided header gallery thumbnails. This website template also uses clean codes. This helps in maintaining the standard of your website. It can also grant you with better reliability options and hassle-free updates.

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