19 Best Premium Wedding Website Templates For Couples, Event Planners & More

For every couple in love about to tie the knot or someone who wishes to be different from everyone else, owning a stunning website or online platform is a must. Especially with everyone competing to become unique and stand out from the crowd, making memories has taken a whole new turn! Thus, today we have made a list of the best premium wedding website template for you to check out!

Perfect for you to start an online platform to share memories with your loved ones, you can create online invitations, share details, information, and media files the easy way. Not only is it easier to manage the guest list and confirm their arrival, these templates are also a modern and stylish way to let everyone know your story. However, the list does not end there. These hand-picked templates are also suited for professional use. That’s right, if you are someone related to the niche of business, whether you are an event planner, venue decorator, bakery, florists or more, these options can be the ideal choice. So why not check them out today and start out elegant and stylishly only with this list of premium bootstrap based wedding website templates?

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25 Free Animal/Pet Website Templates for Animal Shelters & Adoption Centers

When it comes to flowing the information through online sources, websites are one of the most effective sources. People can make a website of anything nowadays to spread information whether it is professional websites or personal websites. This has been also implemented for news and details on pets and animals. There are many ways through which the use of websites can be beneficial in the case of animals and pets. So the demand for making these websites are quite high nowadays.

These websites can be used for multiple reasons. Most of them are used for animal shelters, adoptions, pet tips and details, and lost animals. Here, these websites can help to increase the promotion of various animal-related agencies and companies. People can also know a lot about how to raise their pets or about other animals with the help of these websites. These websites can also benefit the pets and animals for caretaking, rescue, adoptions and many more.

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24 Minimal and Simple Website Templates For Every Niche 2019

There is a saying that goes that sometimes simple is better. And that is true on many levels! And when it comes to creating a website, simple is definitely better. That’s right! If you are a novice or a beginner trying to start up their very first online platform, then a minimal theme is what you should opt for. While the feature-rich interface can be appealing and may sound very amazing, but too much of unnecessary features will only confuse you and your users. While those features can be useful for those looking for those specifics, the ones who don’t require it might simply find it useless.

So when it comes to personal blogs or purpose-oriented and content-focused websites, then a clean and simple aesthetic is the key. Not only are the simple website templates easy to use and set-up, it also provides a way to navigate and perform tasks without many complications. So to help our users pick out only the best templates to start their journey, we have stepped in! Enlisting only the best of the HTML simple website templates out there, you do not need to waste your time and effort!

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24 Stunning HTML Event Website Templates To Inspire and Impress Atendees

Planning and organizing an event is a hassle no matter what occasion it is. Whether small or big, professional or casual, it takes effort, time and investment to make it a successful venture. But thanks to the internet and the technology, it’s so much easier to reach out to the global potential attendees and followers. Whether it is casual events like concerts, exhibitions, gigs or more serious events like a conference, meetings, or official meetups, owning an Event website to handle it is the easy way out.

Handle everything like a pro with easy to use and feature rich websites to let your users and any potential attendees know all the details and useful information. Skip the old school method of inviting people with cards and calls, and join in on the trend of viral websites. With a range of options available out there, planning, organizing and promoting is just a piece of cake. However, with tons of options now available thanks to all the creative developers making a choice are sometimes difficult. So to help our users out, our team at uiCookies have made a list of the best ones out there just for you.

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24 Best Premium Bootstrap HTML Landing Page Templates For 2019

If you are anyone with an innovative idea and product to sell or promote then online marketing is surely the best method. We have talked about the effectiveness and the advantages of this over and again here on our blog. And there is no denying how powerful the internet is. No matter which niche of business or creative work you deal with, an online platform is a must. Especially if you have a product you want to share with the world, then a creative outlet is what you need.

But let’s face it, a website to compete amongst the thousands of other competitors is no joke. You need professional technicians and spend a fortune to end up with one. And even if you are an expert, it takes a lot of time and effort. So what is the solution? Well, the ready-to-use HTML templates are the way out. And today we will be dwelling with exactly that. To help our users get started, today we have made a list of the Best premium HTML landing page templates out there.

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24 Bootstrap HTML Personal Website Templates To Create The Best First Impression

When it comes to impressing your potential clients and customers, nothing can compare with a digital resume or portfolios. Not only does it create an outlet to share your visions and ideas, but it also leaves a lasting impression. No matter which niche of business you deal with, having a creative outlet to showcase and represent you takes you and your business to the next level.

But let’s be honest, most of us compromise on regular CVs and portfolios simply because of the fact that creating a website from scratch is a hassle. It takes time, effort and potential to create an incredible website that is worthy to represent you. Not only the logo and color schemes, you also need to take care of plenty of other features.  While you can hire designers and developers for the purpose, it might require a hefty sum. However, this was before there were creative website templates.

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20 Postcard Mockups For Postcard Marketing And Invitation Designs

Postcard marketing is one of the most effective and budget-friendly marketing strategies. The tech giant Google still uses postcard marketing to generate millions of revenue. It sounds a bit irony, right? A tech giant making everything digital follows an old traditional method. Actually, the direct mail via postcard gives a sensual bonding with the customer and they tend to remember your company longer. If you are planning any creative marketing strategy via postcards with impressive designs, these postcard mockups will give you a clear idea before running your campaign.

70% of the consumers feel more valued when a company sends them direct mail. Google send direct mail to new Adword business owners with a quick start guide and $100 free campaign card. This encourages the owner to make their small store reach globally via digital ads.

Google kept the postcard design really simple with neat typography and a quick message. In this postcard mockup, you get an extremely customizable postcard to help you try any type of designs. Some of the postcard mockups even give you the option to customize the texture to give you a real idea.

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24 Top Premium Hotel Website Template To Attract More Potential Visitors

If you are involved in hotels and resort business, then you obviously have an idea about how tough the competition is. There are possibly thousands of other competitors who have raised the bars for the clients with amazing services. Alongside the customer services, there is definitely no denying that marketing and promotion makes a huge difference. But that’s certainly not enough to own a successful business. So an online website to attract more customers and clients is a necessity. It works not only as a platform to showcase your hotels and resorts but you can make it useful for online booking and reservation services as well.

And today for our readers, we have made a list of the Best Premium Hotel Website Templates out there! Our hand-picked collection has been tailored carefully to meet all your hotel needs and requirements. Tested for quality and high-performance, these templates are sure to take your site to the next level So, showcase your hotels, resorts and grow your client numbers remarkably starting today!

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24 Stunning One Page Parallax HTML Website Templates For 2019

When it comes to creating a website that stands out from the crowd, One Page website designs are getting more and more popular each day. This obviously has to do with the modern and unique aspect these type of layout. More focused on the purpose of displaying your contents in a more attention-grabbing way, One Page website templates are an ideal choice for almost any type of websites. That’s right! Whether you are looking to start a corporate site, personal websites, portfolios, restaurant websites, medical websites, educational websites and so on, these templates work great with almost everything!

Although these One-Page website templates have been around for a while, these types of templates have now started to make an impact. These templates are designed to be complex and aim to engage your users in an interesting manner. According to various researchers; it is proven that a well-designed One Page website generated more conversion rate than any regular websites. Another advantage of having a One-Page website is that it focuses mostly on the important stuff. With a minimal space and design, it ensures that you only share the useful facts and information.

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25 Stunning Looking Free Bootstrap Gallery Website Templates To Boast Your Masterpiece

Galleries are a great way to showcase your hard work and effort. Whether you are an artist, photographer, painter or someone with amazing and creative ideas, having an outlet to represent you is a must. Especially with the cut-throat competition in every niche of business nowadays, branding and promoting yourself has gone up to a whole new level. So what can you do to make yourself count? How can you stand out from the crowd and approach your audience in a more appealing way?

As much complicated as it may sound, the answer is simple: an online gallery to reach out to a larger audience. With the advancements in technology, it is now so much easier to create a presence for oneself. Furthermore, with the active social media sites by your side, connecting with your clients and followers is as easy as a breeze. But it all comes down to impressing them with your creative ideas. That’s right, just owning a website is not enough. It should perfectly reflect your ideas and be effective in making a lasting impression. Additionally, useful elements and features to ease the process of navigating and using your site is a plus.

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