RS Construction HTML template

30+ Creative Premium HTML5 Construction Website Templates 2019

When it comes to being competitive and making a place for your own in the online world today, having a business website no matter what niche you deal with is a must. Big or small any businesses now have ensured that they have their foot in the cyberspace. And you find it all- restaurants, corporates, online shops, educations, everything online in a matter of seconds. With an ease of access and with a lot to offer, these online platforms are now the major element of any business.

And the construction companies are surely not an exception. Much like the others, construction companies rely heavily on their official sites to reach out to a wider range of clients and projects. Even at this exact moment, there are thousands of construction and industrial websites out there who have already managed to take that step further. So if you are in the business, why wait? Start up your very own construction business website offer your services to potential projects and clients from your firm with ease.

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20 Intriguing CSS Mobile Menu Concepts For Modern Mobile Devices

As more than 50% of internet traffic is from mobile phones, making your websites and applications compatible for mobile devices is a must. A study by Fortune states that 75% of the users open an application once and never come back. There are several reasons for it, but one of the main reasons is complex navigation and cognitive process. Cognition is good, but people use applications to finish the job easily. So we have to keep the process and the navigations as simple as possible. We are in the era of complete change over of hardware designs. Both computers and mobiles are started receiving major breakthrough hardware designs.

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20 Postcard Mockups For Postcard Marketing And Invitation Designs

Postcard marketing is one of the most effective and budget-friendly marketing strategies. The tech giant Google still uses postcard marketing to generate millions of revenue. It sounds a bit irony, right? A tech giant making everything digital follows an old traditional method. Actually, the direct mail via postcard gives a sensual bonding with the customer and they tend to remember your company longer. If you are planning any creative marketing strategy via postcards with impressive designs, these postcard mockups will give you a clear idea before running your campaign.

70% of the consumers feel more valued when a company sends them direct mail. Google send direct mail to new Adword business owners with a quick start guide and $100 free campaign card. This encourages the owner to make their small store reach globally via digital ads.

Google kept the postcard design really simple with neat typography and a quick message. In this postcard mockup, you get an extremely customizable postcard to help you try any type of designs. Some of the postcard mockups even give you the option to customize the texture to give you a real idea.

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20 CSS Toggles To Clearly Express The Micro Interactions

Toggles showed a new dimension in UI designing. For several years designer are using the checkboxes for the actions to be completed. When a user has to select an option, they have to tick a box. Practically checkboxes did the job perfectly, but still, it lacks the bonding. Even though designers have made the checkboxes modern and used eye-catching animation effects, it feels like a little old school design.

The toggles help us to be more creative and can even express the result of the action chosen by the user. These expressions are called micro-interactions if you want you can leave them, but when you use them it makes you design something else. In this CSS toggles list, we have collected both simple toggle designs and toggles with micro-interaction designs. Toggle animations are used for menu design as well, so we have collected a few menu toggles to spice up your design.

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Kingster – School College University HTML Template

30+ Amazing HTML Education Website Templates for Schools, College and Universities

According to different researches done over the years, owning a website makes any business sky-rocket! Instead of waiting in a queue to get things done, and having easier access to the services is something that we would obviously opt for. Not only this but owning a website also provides an outlet to share information and details in a much easier and effective way. However, the trend of setting up a website is now not only limited to business based websites or eCommerce websites.

While the internet now has the ability to make everything possible, more and more people now have chosen to establish an online website. And this includes a rise in institutional websites as well. With an influence of E-learning taking over the mainstream educational platform, many College & Universities now use an online platform to provide students with more than just educational materials.

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20+ Free Under Construction Website Templates For Times When Your Site Is Down

Revamping and updating your websites every once in a while is something we all do to meet up to the latest standard. Whether you are changing themes, or redecorating and updating the entire site, keeping it up to date is a major task. But leaving your visitors unattended with errors or not found page can lead you to huge disadvantages. Without an explanation, you are sure to lose their interest as they will be looking somewhere else for answers. This is why it is of utmost importance that you let everyone know what your site is going through and when will it be live next. This ensures that your users know exactly when to find you next and will await the upcoming updates. A glimpse of your work progress can lead you to a long way.

And this is where powerful and creative under construction websites templates come in handy. Instead of wasting the time and effort creating or coming up with a new one, these templates lend you a hand to help you concentrate on your websites. So today here at uiCookies, we have made a list of the best free under construction website templates that you can find out there! Each of these has been hand-picked so that you have the best results. Built on the Bootstrap framework, each of them includes a set of unique features and range of options giving the user the flexibility to work with.

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20 Flyer Mockups To Showcase Your Eye-Catching Designs

Flyers still play an effective role in marketing. Even though digital marketing is the trend to reach a mass audience, print and media advertisements are still the best to reach the locals. If you are organizing an event or having a brick and mortar store, flyers are the best way to let the audience know about you. But flyers are tricky unless you do it right you can’t expect a good result. If you are making a creative flyer design to reach a mass audience, these flyer mockups will come in handy for you.

Multiple channel marketing is a must for current businesses to be successful. Make your flyer design versatile enough so that the business owners can use it as printed flyers and digital flyers as well. Foldings also play a major role in the printed flyer design to demand user attention as soon as they get a flyer in their hand. A flyer designed for the opening of “WING” (a US network of community and workspaces specifically for women) in Australia has made use of origami-style folding to get user attention. There are more such design inspirations here in this Creativeblog post, take a look at it to get cool design ideas.

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Building a Vertical Timeline vertical timeline

25 Interesting Ways To Implement Vertical Timelines On Your Site Today

Timelines can be very useful features on your website. They can say a lot about the past achievements of your website. Not all users are just interested in the latest and most recent contents of your website. Most of the website visitors can also be interested in your past accomplishments and contents too. With the help of the timelines, you can easily provide them with a brief history of your website. When you provide your own timeline on your website itself, it will be very easy for the website visitors as well. This is because the necessary contents of the timeline are already provided to them. So, they don’t have to keep digging deep on your website for the needed information.

You can place the timelines on your website in different ways. But, the most generally used timelines are either horizontal or vertical timelines. In the horizontal timelines, the timeline is navigated with a horizontal line and moves horizontally when you scroll it. Alternately, the vertical timeline is navigated with a vertical line for the timeline. When you scroll it, the timeline moves vertically to the desired time of the event. Make sure you put the correct timeline on your website as it can affect its design as well. A good design can lead to larger visitors and bad design to lesser visitors. 

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20 Cordial HTML Form Design Examples For Beginners

Form designing is no longer the same, where you put a bunch of text boxes, (radio buttons) and checkboxes. Based on the requirement and where you are going to use the form, the entire form design changes. Forms are the one through which you can get to know about your customers, audience, and clients. When we design a form, we concentrate on the form design alone. But there are two important factors we miss a lot. One is the functionality and the other is the accessibility. Coding wise, yes there is a lot of best practice you have to follow to make a proper HTML form. If you are a beginner take a look at this Tutsplus post to know more about making a proper HTML form.

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boltex simple website template

25 Simple Website Templates for Every Type of Website Niche 2018

It is said that sometimes simple is better. And we cannot deny the fact that sometimes, minimalism and simplistic vibes are more appealing. That is exactly the trend is getting more and more popular each day. From simple designs to user-friendly interfaces, even online websites have joined in the trend. And you can now see thousands of examples online if you look around who have adapted to it. Especially when it comes to content focused or professional sites, simple website designs are much easier to navigate or use. In addition to this, for those looking for a distraction-free platform, these serve the purpose best.

Furthermore, a simple design is easy to achieve and needs a lot less attention to details and updates. That’s right if you are one who likes to concentrate more on the content and making the site efficient and effective platform, then simple website templates are the best option. Not only are they easy to maintain but it takes minimal effort to upgrade or stylize. However, this does not mean that they are the least appealing. In fact, those sites that are simple to use and easy to understand focusing more on the sites main purpose whether personal or professional tend to gain more interest.

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