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WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor has made many dream websites come true. To design a website, all you need is imagination, not coding skills; that’s the principle of the WYSIWYG editors. Previously, we need to edit the code even if we need to change the color of an element. Normal users have to be always dependent on a developer to make changes. Plus, editing the code of a template will be a laborious task sometimes. If you can’t hire the actual developer who made the website for you have to get another developer who will need some time to understand the code structure. WYSIWYG editors help the user to overcome all the inconveniences in the traditional method. We have collected user-friendly and trustworthy WYSIWYG web builder templates in this list that you can rely on to make your dream website.

Not all WYSIWYG editors are developer-friendly and user-friendly. One of the major issues in using WYSIWYG editors is redundant tags that are generated in the background. With the help of the modern frameworks, the developers have reduced the redundant tag issues to a certain level. In this WYSIWYG web builder templates list, we have collected only the template that meets the modern web standards. These WYSIWYG editors won’t make your webpages heavy. As a result, you get a lightning-fast website with an eye-catching design.


feature rich WYSIWYG web builder template

One WYSIWYG editor is always better than the other, and it is sometimes difficult for the users to pick one WYSIWYG web builder template. The Essentials creators have given you both WPBakery and Elementor page builder to avoid confusion. Especially if you are a professional developer or a development agency, themes like this will help you meet all types of users’ needs.

Ok, you get the most popular WYSIWYG builders in this template pack. What else makes it special? To be frank, the creator has spoiled you with options. You get almost 34+ demo versions in this pack, and all of them have separate versions for the WPBakery and the Elementor page builders. Along with the page builders you get, the creator’s own custom elements, particles, shape builder, and many more. If you want a website template that gives you infinite customization options, this is the best option for you.

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online coaching website template

You can infer that it is an online coaching WYSIWYG web builder template. Whether you are a life coach or fitness coach, you can find almost all types of coaching website templates in this pack. Each demo is unique and has its own elements to meet the particular niche audience needs. The creator has pre-integrated the Zoom tool into this template to give a seamless start. If you are making a website for first-time site owners, a friendlier website template like this with all the basic options pre-built into it will be a good choice.

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blog WYSIWYG web builder template

Creative professionals and content creators are the ones that will truly need a WYSIWYG web builder template. Since the creators need a flexible tool to express their creative thoughts, WYSIWYG web builder templates can cope with their creative needs.

The Soledad is a blog and magazine WordPress website template. WordPress is one of the famous CMS platforms among bloggers for its straightforward approach. Since this is a multi-concept blog/magazine website template, the creator has covered almost all major blog concepts. You can quickly set up any blog/magazine website with this WordPress template.

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synchronized Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates

Avada needs no introduction. It is one of the best selling evergreen WordPress theme loved by thousands of users. This template becomes more powerful and friendlier in each update. This template’s creators concentrate on the features rather than simply adding different demos. Hence, you get a synchronized and seamless experience in this template. This template uses its own page builder, the Fusion page builder. Since the in-house developers design the WYSIWYG editor, editing the template will be a breeze for the users. You can customize almost any element to the way you want. One of the biggest advantages of using WYSIWYG web builder templates like this is you get excellent support from the developer team. If you have any questions are issues, theme developers can easily fix your issues.

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multipurpose website template

The Jupiter theme is well-known for its friendly customization options. Jupiter is one of the few templates that support both the WPBakery and the Elementor page builders. The WPBakery and the Elementor are unique in their own way. For example, the Elementor page builder is comparatively lighter, while the WPBakery has tons of add-ons to make the customizations easier. Based on your needs, you can pick the page builder you like and start working on it. The creator is not only generous with the page builder option but also generous with the pre-designed demos. This template has nearly 270 demo variations, impressive right? All the demo variations are neatly grouped and organized so that you can easily find the template you want. If you are looking for WYSIWYG web builder templates that give you more freedom, this is the best option for you.

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multipurpose website template

Navian is a feature-rich multipurpose WordPress website template. The creator has integrated the WPBakery page builder well into the theme. As a result, you get an interactive website editing experience. Whether you need to make a simple color change or you have to make complex animation customization, most of them can be done with the WPBakery page builder. The Slider Revolutions plugin is also given along with the page builder tool to help you create interactive sliders without even touching the code. If you are a developer and want to add your own custom sliders with modern transition effects, take a look at your (Bootstrap Slider collection) for fresh design ideas.

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magazine Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates

If you are looking for powerful Wysiwyg web builder templates to create magazine websites, then you should consider the Pixwell theme. Having a Wysiwyg editor on a magazine website makes the job a lot easier for content creators and writers. Without waiting for the developer team, they can customize the look of the post and can even add effects to the image to deliver an engaging reading experience to the users. More than 20 demo versions are there in this pack. Each demo is unique and is designed for different types of magazines. What makes the Pixwell even more interesting is it supports Google’s AMP out of the box. Hence, you can deliver a snappier performance on mobile devices as well.

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Hotel Booking

hotel booking website template

Hotel Booking is a smart hotel website template. The creator of this template has really thought about a hotel website owner’s possible needs and has made this template. As a result, you get an engaging website with useful options. Inner pages are designed with extreme care to deliver a smooth user experience. The booking page is especially loaded with tons of options to make the booking experience as seamless as possible. From the website owner’s side, this theme has options to manage orders, built-in payment options, and a lot more. Since it is a WordPress theme, all options are fully functional. Once you have configured the plugins, your website is all ready to go.

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simple and elegant website template

The7 is a multipurpose website template with multiple demos. This template has not only multiple demos but also supports multiple web builder tools. As of writing this post, this template supports WordPress’s own Guttenberg editor, the WPBakery builder, and the Elementor page builder. More premium plugins are also included in this template to give more value for your money. All these page builders and the premium plugins will help you create your dream website in no time. Filter options are given on the theme’s landing page so that you can easily find the templates that are compatible with the page builder you like. Design-wise, this template has a trendy and flexible layout. Hence, customizing the templates will be easier than you think.

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flat style website template

As the name implies, this is a flat style website template. This template also uses its own WYSIWYG editor, like the Avada theme mentioned above. This template has multiple demos, and all of them are neatly integrated into the page builder. Hence, you can easily drag and drop the elements where ever you want. Right from the header to the footer, everything has multiple choices in this template. Just pick the one you like and start working on it. Especially the shop templates are smart so that you can sell more products on your website. Premium banners and slider plugins help you create beautiful slides. If you like to create your own sliders, take a look at our bootstrap sliders collection.

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developer and user friendly website templates

Salient website template has a wide array of 285+ premade demos. With the help of the one-click demo import feature, you can easily install the demo you like. Salient is a unique template that fuses two page-builders. For front-end editing, you can use this theme’s own front-end editing tool. And for major customizations and dashboard side customizations, you can use the famous WPBakery page builder. The creator has combined the best of the two page-builders to give an uncompromised website customization experience. Even users without prior website editing knowledge can easily work with this template. Apart from the customizations, this template has many beautiful demos. Most demos can be used as such if it meets your niche needs.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates with multiple demos

KALLYAS is also a multipurpose website template. But this template has more stunning eCommerce store website designs when compared to other niches. This template uses a colorful drag-and-drop page builder named the Zion builder. The friendly user interface of the page builder will help the new users easily understand its functions. The unique feature of this template is is supports multisite editing options. You can easily edit the website and export it. If you have to deal with multiple websites, page builders like this will save you time. This template has 70+ demo variations. You can pick any demo and can use it to make your dream website. If you are looking for powerful yet simple WYSIWYG web builder templates, this is the best option for you.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates with modern web elements

Exponent is a fresh new entry in the market and is also a best selling website template. This template uses the Tatsu page builder. The intuitive and straightforward website template lets the user quickly edit the web pages. Since it is a WordPress theme, you also get custom post types to launch the pages with the features you need easily. This template has 26 homepage demo variations and hundreds of premade inner pages. Creative elements and white spaces give a visually stunning design. Basic optimizations are taken care of by the creator itself. So you can concentrate on the custom features you want and launch your website in no time. If you want to try a different page builder other than the WPBakery and the Elementor, WYSIWYG web builder templates like this are worth a look.

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easy to customize website templates

Saasland is a vibrant website template for today’s young entrepreneurs. Bright colors and fresh layouts will not only visuall impress the present-day users but also will encourage the users to check your services. This template has 30+ premade demos for modern SAAS and IT corporate companies. The flexible and smart design of this template makes it a perfect option for both big corporations and new startup companies. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks, you can use micro animations to improve user engagement. Take a look at our bootstrap animation example collection for inspiration. All these elements and sections are well-integrated into the Elementor page builder. With just a few clicks and clatter of the keyboard, you can make a beautiful web page with no worries.

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website template for creative professionals

Bifrost is a minimalist style portfolio website template. Though this template is initially designed for portfolio websites, it also has shopping website demos now. The clean distraction-free environment neatly highlights your work. The creator has used subtle animation effects to liven up the things on this minimal design. Most of the elements and effects can be edited via the Elementor page builder. So even novices can get along easily with this template. In each update, new demos are also added along with the fixes for minor bugs. So you are in a safe theme author hands. By default, you get six-month support from the theme developer team. If you don’t have a dedicated developer team, you can extend the support time up to 12 months.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates with lively designs

If you are particularly looking for Startup and application developing business website templates, this is the best option for you. The clean design and interactive elements help you easily demonstrate your innovative idea to the user. You can even use this template for your project and investor pitch presentations. This template has three demos, and each has slight variations. Based on your needs, you can pick one and edit it using the WPBakery page builder. The Revolution Slider plugin is also included in this template to help you create interactive slides in minutes. Speaking for sliders and presentations, take a look at our free Keynote templates and free PowerPoint templates to create awesome looking presentation slides.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates with flexible layouts

Webify is a multipurpose website template with stylish demos. All 50 demos have a smart and eye-catching design that most modern users will love. This template also uses the Elementor page builder. Hundreds of elements are neatly designed and added to the page builder tool. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements in the place you want. This template also has different portfolio designs along with different header styles and homepage page designs. As a complete package, this template is the best option for digital businesses. If you are looking for WYSIWYG web builder templates with modern and creative designs, this is the best option for you.

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easy to edit Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates

Gentium is a freelancers and creative agency WordPress theme. Just like its name, this is a gentle and posh looking website template. Modern design trends and design elements are used effectively to attract present-day users. For example, unique and smart card elements neatly highlight the important content from others. Subtle animation and hover effects not only make the website livelier but also help the user quickly skim the webpage content. Another useful feature in this template is it is available in both light and dark skin version. If you like to join the current dark-theme mode trend, the dark skin versions might help you. This template uses the renowned Elementor page builder. Hence, you can expect a buttery smooth editing experience in this template.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates for photography websites

Reflector is one of the best WYSIWYG web builder templates for photography websites. This template allows you to edit the website without hindering the beauty of your photographs. Since it is a photography website, the creator has concentrated more on the gallery design. Different gallery designs with useful functions are given in this template. For example, some galleries won’t let the user right-click on your website, and some galleries need a password to see your gallery. If you want to keep your photographs secured, the security features given in this template might come in handy. This template has more than 25 demo variations, and each has a different design. This template uses the WPBakery page builder for front-end customizations.

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illustrative style agecy website template

Onum website template is a fresh new entry in the market for SEO and marketing agency websites. The creator has not only made it look attractive but also has made the website functional. Hence, you can elegantly promote your services and can improve the conversion rate. Creative backgrounds act as a visual break and also distinguish the important sections from others. This template has only three demo variations, but all of them are pixel-perfect and ready to use. Just like the homepage designs, the inner pages also follow a contemporary style design. Usings WYSIWYG web builder templates like this let you make a website with consistent design.

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creative business website template

Ohio is also a contemporary style business website template like the Onum template mentioned-above. But, this one uses images and modern web elements to give a professional look. Parallax effects and dynamic mouse pointer elevate the user experience and keep the users engaged. This template has 25+ demo variations, and you can expect more new demos in the future updates. All 25+ demos have a bold and attractive look which most modern users will love. The creator of this template has calibrated the animation effects and the layouts smartly so that the user will almost have a desktop desktop-like user experience on small screen devices. The famous WPBakery page builder is integrated into this template for front-end editing. If you are looking for WYSIWYG web builder templates with contemporary style design, this is the best option for you.

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ecommerce website template with page builder

Cerato is a multipurpose WooCommerce website template. With the help of premade demos and friendly customization options, you can create any type of online store using this template. All 20+ demo variations in this template use a full-width layout. Hence, you get plenty of space to list your products neatly. The flexible nature of this template allows you to create an online store website for both small and big size stores. Basic optimizations and initial WooCommerce integrations are done by the creator itself. All you have to do is to fine-tune the design as per your demand, add your products, and launch your website. Overall, the Cerato is one of the best WYSIWYG web builder templates to make customer-friendly online stores.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates for magazines and news websites

From the name itself you can infer that this is a magazine website template. Using Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates helps you to create engaging content easily. With the new WordPress’s Guttenberg editor, blog posts can also be designed smartly. Since this is one of the best selling magazine themes, it is updated periodically. So you not only get bug fixes in the updates but also get all the latest and greatest features WordPress has to offer. Unique elements related to magazine websites are given in this template to improve the reading experience. For example, a reading progress bar is given at the top of the page as the user reads and scrolls down the page.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates with useful features

HomePress is an intuitive real estate and property listing website template. The creator has not only given different homepage designs in this template but also loaded this template with useful real estate website features. For example, it supports radius search and geolocation out of the box so that your users can quickly find the properties near them. Property comparison, mortgage calculator, and a lot are given in this template to help the user find the best property for them. Since this template is already pre-loaded with tons of useful features, you can simply launch your website once you have added your properties list.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates with hundreds of pre-designed elements

Bridge is a feature-loaded website template with multiple premade demos. This template also supports both WPBakery and Elementor page builders. A powerful search tool is given on the Bridge template’s landing page so you can easily find the template with the page builder tool you want. Other premium plugins are also given in this template, along with the page builder tools to give you more value for money. With the help of the 450+ premade demos and the friendly page builder tools, you can almost create any website using this template. Backend customizations are also made easier using the simple code structure. Overall, the Bridge is a friendly website template for both developers and general users.

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Wysiwyg Web Builder Templates with useful features

Pearl is a multipurpose corporate website template. If you like to create a website that clearly explains your services and promote your services, this is the best option for you. This template has nearly 50 demo variations. Each demo is different and is made for different niches. Just pick the design you like and start editing it using the WPBakery page builder. All the custom elements are pre-integrated into the page builder tool so you can simply drag and drop the elements in the place you want. This template has both premium and free plugins to make your job simple.

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