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Let’s be honest. In this day and age, you can pretty much buy, sell, market and resell anything out there on the internet. Whether it is materials like cars, bikes, jeweleries, or real estates like lands, apartments, buildings, you can pretty much find options for it everywhere. Even if you are searching for service providers, the options online are limitless. Thus, this niche of websites are now all the rage. And even amongst these, the most profitable and popular of all is surely the reselling, auctioning and bidding websites. So much so, that even regular eCommerce stores has now also encorporated the options to enable bidding and auctioning for items that the sellers want. And that is exactly what we are diving into today! Our pick of the best possible WordPress auction website template options out there.

But why rely on a website template or a WordPress theme you ask? Well, first of all, it saves you both time, and effort you would put in the process if you have already decided to create one. All of the ones we mentioned below are crafted by professionals for novices and beginners with no knowledge of codes and designs. Another plus point is that these templates offer a huge range of features that you could start with immediately. Not only that, but with just a small investment, you could end up with a fully functional website with everything you want for your business, within a matter of minutes. And that’s not all, some options also serve multiple purpose and niche so that you can utilize one template package for it all. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal to you? So, without further ado, let’s get right onto it!



iBid is a professional multi vendor auction website template we have first in line for you. Designed to be versatile and flexible, it is ideal for any type of WooCommerce websites. No matter what product you are trying to market, promote and sell, this theme is the perfect way to do so. With plenty of awesome looking elements, it is great for those who wish to leave an impact. It is completely responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect with the imagery. Compatible with the Dokan Multi-vendor marketplace plugin, you pretty much get the whole package in one. The great thing is that it is being tried and tested to be compatible with other vendor and marketplaces like WC marketplace, YITH WooCommerce as well as Socio Multi-vendor WooCommerce pretty soon. The interface features attractive product, product details, gallery and pricing pages to appeal to your clients as well.

Focusing on the auctioning, there are plenty of pages dedicated to this as well. You will find options for item condition, auction type, proxy bidding, start price, bid increment, reserve price and more. In addition to all this, you can also set the automatic relist auction and set the times. Based off the advanced Redux framework, it is pretty upto date with the latest web standards. Not to mention the super fast loading speed adding to the efficiency of the site. Multiple color schemes as well as fonts, icons and more are all available. Easy to personalize, you will find options for styling the headers, footers with multiple variations, excellent typographies, layout styles and more. This theme equipped with custom widgets and components is sure to get things started in the right track.

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Findhouse is a more or less a property listing, real estate and auction website template that is mainly focused on selling off real estates. It is professionally crafted with the niche in mind and is designed to showcase any of your listings in a appealing manner. A huge template package, it offers over 64 HTML and PSD files that you can use to get started with. This includes 10 Home Page variations, over 14 property listings, 5 property single page as well as contact, service, location, 404 error, FAQs, shops and more. All of these are completely responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect ensuring that anything add onto the site looks absolutely flawless. Built on the advanced Bootstrap framework, this template is pretty flexible and versatile.

The styling is kept professional, modern and sleek. And it also features advanced search box where you can add in filters for when your users are looking for something specific. The image background is definitely another stand out, where you also replace it for sliders or carousels. This is thanks to the integration of the premium plugin Owl Carousel, and Slick Slider. Using the powerful HTML, CSS and jQuery codes, it makes way for smooth parallax effects, animations, page transitions and more. It is also cross-browser compatible, SEO ready, RTL friendly and super fast loading. All in all a great way to start auctioning site for properties like housings, and reals estates, Findhouse is definitely one to consider.

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Just like the template we mentioned above, Carrpi is also another template designed for a specific niche that are automobiles. While the others are more or less multipurpose and ideal for all kinds of products, this template specifically aims at selling, retailing and auctioning off automobiles. Combined with a advanced visuals and efficient structure to work with, Carrpi is definitely one that deserves a mention. It is like the other templates today is based off the powerful Bootstrap framework and HTML and CSS code structure. Ideal for even beginners and novices, it features plenty of pre-built elements you can get a head start with. From responsive and well-crafted pages to useful components; you get it all. In total, this template packs 12 unique pages dedicated to various purposes.

All of these are completely responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect with a flawless interface. For easy customization, you can add in creative sliders, carousels, various color schemes, fonts, icons, tables and more. Listing out the properties when it comes to selling or auctioning is also super easy. And with such careful craftsmanship, all the listing and shop pages are no less than incredible. For added efficiency, this template is also designed to be completely cross-browser compatible, RTL ready as well as SEO friendly. So if you are involved in the automobile industry and are looking for something to get started, definitely check our Carrpi.

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The name Auction pretty much sums up this awesome WordPress theme and the purpose it is aimed at. But unlike the ones we mentioned before, this is pretty much aimed towards the niche of cars and automobile businesses. Clean, organized and purpose oriented, this is best suited for any person or professional who are involved with dealing, marketing, auctioning and selling the cars, and automobiles. It is responsive and mobile friendly. And to ensure that everything you add on the site is flawless, it also executes an exceptional imagery. This premium auction website template is also compatible with all the major web-browsers. Not to mention the fast loading speed and overall user-friendly interface that you get to work on. For even more easy access, you are accompanied with an equally competent Page Builder with a set of it’s own custom component to get you started.

Getting into the details, there are plenty of pre-built pages for blog, service, product, auction, and even one for 404 error. The great thing here is that there are multiple variation of each one to choose from. A set of useful custom widgets and a list of shortcodes are available for when you want additional features. In addition to this, the site is also designed to be SEO friendly.  For easy browsing throughout the site, you can also enable sticky menu. Creative elements like gallery, sliders, twitter and social feeds widget and more are at your disposal to keep things interesting for your users. And to add that extra touch of creativity, you can also make use of the CSS and Jquery effects and animations throughout the site. Covering all of the basics, this theme is cross-browser compatible, WPML friendly as well as offers 24/7 dedicated support.

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Adifier is a more of a listing, classifieds and WooCommerce or auction website template that is quite different from the ones mentioned above. Yet, if you are looking for something that offers an easy way to list your properties, market it to the audience and provide easy buy, sell and auction offers. It is great for anyone who wishes to start a classifieds website. And the visuals are exceptional to say the least no matter what you decide to list here. For a even more professional feel, the home page itself has multiple variations to choose from. However, the common most elements implemented like the functional search bar, the categorized icons and the huge image header are some mentionable ones. The design is pretty engaging and is crafted after analyzing all of the major marketplaces to include all of the features required. It is also completely responsive and retina-ready.

The highlight here are surely the multiple ad types and ad friendly sections with monetizing options. Advanced custom fields also offer the versatality and flexibility one is looking for. Not to mention the awesome range of purpose oriented features here like awesome pages, easy payment gateways support, reviews for the sellers, and even a messaging system through chat. Surely the highlight here is the auction system, that allows the buyers to bid on the product or ads you add on the site. Not only this, but you can set up auction count-down, approval emails, email notification and even set up offers on the products you wish to sell. Your users get access to their personal user-dashboard if they prefer to sign up and be a member. Overall a great way to start your business site from scratch, follow the link below for more details.

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Domina is another premium auction website template that is aimed towards the domain selling and auctioning niche. Based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, this WordPress theme is pretty purpose-focused to say the least. Pretty bold and vibrant with the default color scheme, it is visually impressive and appealing. The split screen design is efficiently designed to be responsive and mobile friendly. And because it offers retina-ready and pixel perfect graphics, everything here is pretty much excellent. There are plenty of customizing options you can use. And the best part is the animated parallax and effect based background that keeps your users engaged.

All of these are also GDPR compliant and Gutenberg compatible. Stylish, trendy and awesome to work with, even novices and beginners will enjoy this theme for sure. There are in total 5 unique Home Pages all simple, stylish and creative in their own manner. To match this, you can also choose from the 6 pretty color schemes, 6 awesome typograhy options and plenty of fonts. The codes used here are HTML and CSS, all clean and secure. Not to mention the SEO optimization which offers the users a higher ranking throughout all the major SERPs. The theme is also cross-browser compatible and RTL friendly. Overall, this theme is designed and aimed towards selling the site or domain to your users and we are sure this will get the job done!

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Now, Nilam is a premium HTML auction website template ideal for the similar niche as we just mentioned above. Selling, buying and auctioning domains. It is customized to tailor the needs and requirements of the niche, ticking off every box. Fully responsive, retina-ready and visually impressive, this template is sure to keep your site appealing towards the users. This ensures that no matter what devices your users are on, this site automatically adjusts to the screen. And because it is based on the advanced Bootstrap framework, you get all the flexibility you can possibly want. The default home with the split screen, one with a contact form and the other with the title is sure to keep things purpose-oriented and straightforward. And if that’s not enough, you can still edit and personalize each section to meet your own preference.

For this, there are plenty of variations you can try out. In total, this package offers 6 different template layouts; all unique in their own manner. Not only this, but you can also choose from 4 different color schemes. But, that’s not all! There are variations for icons, fonts, typographies and more. And with the CSS and HTML as the code structure, there are plenty of creative elements you get access to. This includes creative effects, animations and transitions you can implement throughout the site. The whole site is also designed to be SEO friendly as well as optimized for speed. Not to mentuon the clean and minimal design elevated with the use of custom components at your disposal. All in all, a great way to promote your online presence right from scratch, Nilam surely deserves a mention here.

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Now, getting back into the niche of versatile and multipurpose marketplace and auction website template, we have EmeraldDragon next! A complete and powerful HTML website template ideal for all niches of properties, products and goods. It’s a great option for buying, selling, marketing and bidding off pretty much anything. Responsive, vibrant, modern and stylish, this theme is great for even beginners with no previous experience with codes and design. It features an awesome range of customizing options as well. From over 41 HTML files and 50 PSD files included with the package, you pretty much get everything you need at your disposal. All of these are designed to be cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout all of the web-browsers. In addition to this, the template package also offers the uses a range of custom plugins created and coded to ensure an optimal performance.

Highly customizable, this theme also offers the users multiple variations to choose from as well. For better illustrations, there are creative ailments and icons based on photoshop vectors. This keeps the interface less boring and more engaging for your users to see. And to add to this, you also get access to a variety of CSS effects, animations and transitions. As it supports multiple file types, you can also add in banners, images, sliders, and more as well. You will also find additional pages for categories, forums, and pinned post with quote options. A series of badges for authors and buyers to set the levels, winners, followers adds that unique flair to it. Custom design, you also get over 206 flag shields with badge baoxes is also included. Regularly updated, this theme ensures that this template is upto date with all the latest web-standards and requirements.

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Autolist is another premium-grade HTML auction website template ideal for our list today. Great for buying, selling, trading and auctioning cars and automobiles, this theme is pretty purpose-oriented. It comes with over 12 styles of awesome Home Pages. So saying that it is versatile and flexible is the least we could say. In addition to that, this template package features over 80 HTML pages all dedicated to the niche. And you will get variations for blog, gallery, shop, product, product details, listings, and more. All of these are completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect ensuring an overall excellent imagery. Great for even beginners and novices, this theme offers a user-friendly experience overall. It is completely compatible with WooCommerce, which means that this theme supports multiple payment gateways.

This also ensures an easy way to create an online marketplace to promote and lure in more clients. It is based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, and is also regularly updated. In addition to this, you also get 4 types of Footer, and 5 types of header. To add that creative flair, multiple carousels and sliders can all be implemented. Not to mention the inclusion of over 30 premium plugins that adds to the efficiency. Additional pages dedicated to under-construction, login pop-up page, user-profile, invoice, intro and more. The whole structure is RTL friendly and offers multiple languages. All in all a great way to create a functional classifieds from scratch Autolist surely deserves a mention here.

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Hiraola is a professional eComerrce website template that is designed for jewelleries, accessories, and similar range of products. This is a versatile template where it is easy to buy, sell, and even bid and auction the products enlisted. Ideal for jewellers, who are looking for a quick and easy way to get the things started from scratch. And by easy, we mean just a piece of cake. You can choose from 2 different Home Pages, and 18 creative shop pages where you can showcase your products. Not tomention there are also 12 different and unique blog page variations along with 10 other useful Inner Pages. In total, the 42 pre-built pages are all highly customizable and easy to work with. All of these are fully responsive, retina-rady and pixelo perfect.

The interface of this auction website template is attractive and allows for additional placement of useful components to keep things interesting for your users. It is powered with Bootstrap which means that the template offes a clean and versatile surface for users to work with. Regularly updated it is upto date with all the latest of web-standards as well. In addition to this, the HTML and CSS codes used are all clean and valid. This ensures that the package is pretty secure and reliable to say the least. It is also cross-browser compatible and offers a fast loading speed. Not to mention the useful features like quick view product, add to cart options, sliders, creative galleries and more that makes it efficient. It is also designed with style and visuals in mind, which means that whatever you decide to add onto the site looks flawless.

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Another incredible addition to our list of the best auction website templates is Sbidu. A stunningly crafted template ideal for selling and auctioning off any niche of products out there. It is pretty versatile and flexible when it comes to the overall structures and offers plenty of amazing options you can get started with. In total, here you get 5 different Home variations, alongside 16 amazing inner pages. From blog, about, product details, user profiles and more, you get it all packed inside. All of these are also completely responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect. Interactive and that intuitive design is reliable and secure considering the CSS and HTML codes. Not to mention the range of amazing features that allows you to get that custom feel you are looking for.

Equipped with smooth running animations, effects, transition and more, the visuals here are to die for. It is great for showcasing all of your products and open online bidding and auctions. Super clean and clear with the layouts, it is also highly cross-browser compatible, RTL ready, as well as SEO friendly. In addition to all these, this template is also equipped with the advanced Bootstrap framework allowing one a secure and reliable online experience overall. Not to mention the 24/7 theme support you get that allows you to get instant solutions to any of your immediate issues.

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Next in line, we have another stunning domain sale and auction website template that is Saldom. A professional, reliable and smooth running template designed especially for the niche of domains. It relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework alongside the powerful HTML and CSS code structures. The intuitive interface is packed with interactive range of icons, fonts, images and more. For added efficiency, you get access to amazing sections dedicated to gallery, sliders, product details, blog, about, autctions, bidding and more.

You will also get a huge range of customizing options from color schemes, layout styles, Google fonts, CTA buttons and more to add that creative flair. Getting onto the details, this template also allows one to start membership making it easy for your users to bid on products. Not to mention the access to features like contact forms, advanced search bar, huge mega menu and more. The whole interface is also cross-browser compatible, and loads effortlessly throughout all of the major browsers with minimal effort.

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