Invitations are there in the practice from very old time. Before the invention of printing equipment, monks with calligraphy skill used to handwrite the invitations. Later lithographic methods and engraving methods are used to print hundreds of invitations at a time. In modern times we can create beautiful calligraphy style invitations with computer printers. If you are designing such beautiful invitations, you can use these designer-friendly mockups to showcase your designs.

Minimalistic designs are not only a trend in web design and app design, but it is also a trend in invitation designing. The invitation mockups in this list have high-quality images with realistic textures so that your minimalistic design can felt for real by the audience.

Engraved invitation designs are still popular among the modern generations to make their invitations stand out from the rest of the invitations. Some of the invitation mockups in this list give you the option to adjust the depth of field to help you give a realistic feel of the engraved invitation design.

Some creative people like to add a personal touch to their events and wedding invitations. You can wax-seal the envelopes, ribbons or other elements related to the event. We have managed to collect invitation mockup with elements like those mentioned-above so that you can create a scene for your invitation design presentation.

Louve 4 Pack Mockups


Louve 4 Pack Mockups is a mockup with warm sunlight and natural garden shadow scenery. If you are making a design for fashion events or other such even this mockup will be great for your design presentation. The textures of the card and the wall are preserved so well in this mockup to give a natural feel. You can change the color of the card as per your requirement. The card used in this mockup is a regular size small card, so plan please before using this mockup. In the mockup set, you get plain cards so you can add any type of design on it.

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Cards & Envelopes Mockups Scene


The printing method in the early time is not that accurate and the ink takes time to dry. Envelopes had become the part of an invitation to make sure that the invitation card reaches the recipient safely. Even though the present printing technology is reliable, people are using envelopes in their invitation. If you are designing both cards and envelopes, this mockup will come in handy for you. With this mockup, you get 18 pre-made layouts and 10 background options. Apart from the mockups you also get 140+ isolated movable objects to help you create a scene as per your design requirement. Overall this mockup is a value for money pack for designers and design agencies.

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Louve Mockup Kit Scene Creator


From the name itself you can understand this mockup is also from the creator of Louve 4 pack mockup set mentioned above. With this mockup also you get a neat wall and sunlight effect images. But, this mockup gives you additional options for customizations. Not only customization option but also extra invitation cards with different sizes are given in this mockup. Both invitations and invitation covers are given in this mockup set, to help you present your design as a package. In all the images you have the shadows. The creator of this mockup has given you the freedom to customize the shadow elements as per requirement. If you are making invitation design for construction companies, interior design companies or other such creative professionals, you can use this mockup as such.

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Invitation & Greeting Card Mockups


In this mockup set, you get the normal invitation cards that we commonly use. The designer of this mockup have given the front, back, and the inner side of the invitation. Hence, you can clearly show your design in this mockup. Shadow and lighting effects in this mockup are perfectly optimized so that your design is highlighted in the image. Along with the invitation mockup, you also get eight background images. Still, if you are not satisfied with the given background image options, you can add your own custom background image. Curves and bendings are managed in the layers so that the texts blends in well with the invitation image.

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Wedding Invitation Suite Mockup


As said before, minimal designs are a trend in the invitation design also. By using only a few elements, you can clearly share your message. With the modern typography and natural colors, you can make the users feel the design. The creator of this mockup has given different types of card sizes so that the user can have an idea of your design. Shadow effects give a floating feel to the invitations in the mockup. In the download file, you get nine items and all of them are properly organized. If you like the templated used in the demo, the creator of the mockup has given the link in the description, you can buy it from there.

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Mockups Giant Bundle – 270+ JPG/PSD


If you are a professional designer, freelancer or designing agency, this mockup set is a must-have collection in your inventory. With this mockup set, you not only get the invitation mockup, but you also get poster mockups, mug mockups, and the list goes on. The link is below, click and find out what are all the mockups is covered in this mockup. All the images in the mockup are high-resolution images so you needn’t worry about customizing it or scaling it. In all the image minimalistic background are used so your designs will be clearly highlighted. Materials and the paper textures are also preserved well in the PSD layers to give a natural look and finish to your design.

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Christmas Mockups Bundle


This mockup is something that will come in handy every year. The designer of this mockup has included envelopes and Christmas related elements along with the invitation mockups. As said before, some people like to add special elements along with the invitation to give a personal touch. If you are making a design for such people, this mockup will help you to easily relate with them. Even stationary shop owners and online seller can use this mockup to make posters for their store. Since this mockup has high-quality images you can easily scale-them to the size you want. With this mockup set, you get 12 mockups and all of them are easy to edit.

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Burgundy Wedding Invitation Set


If you are designing wedding invitation card, this is the best mockup to present your design. Since it is a wedding invitation mockup set, you get cards in all sizes and formats. All you have to do is to pick the card you want and add your design in it. Along with the invitation and RSVP card, you also get the escort card and seating charts pre-designed for you. The developer has given you the mockups in AI, PSD, and EPS format. Based on your workflow, you can choose the format you want and start working on it.

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Invitation Card Mockups By Kongkow


This mockup is the best option for your invitation design presentation and also to showcase in your portfolio. The creator of this mockup has included invitation images in different angles so that you can show your design clearly. Invitations in open card type also given to help you show your typography design for the content. Plain cards are given in this mockup so that you can add any type of design to this invitation mockup. Along with the invitation card mockups, you also get five textured background options. The high-quality image helps the audience to see the detailing of your design clearly.

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Modern Gold Foliage Wedding Suite


Modern Gold Foliage Wedding Suite is a complete package. You get everything from invitation card to RSVP card to the thank you card. As the name implies, this mockup is designed for wedding events. But still, you can use this mockup for other types of invitations as well. The creator of this mockup has given you many customization options so that you can create your own card in no time. In the demo, you can see foliage images used in the mockup. You get those foliage images as a separate file in the download set so that you can use it if you want. Other basic customizations options like shadows and background colors are also given in the mockup.

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Greeting Card & Envelope Mockups


If you are in search of cards and envelopes with realistic textures, then this is the option for you. The creator of this mockup has used invitation cards of different sizes and different textures. Along with the card mockups you also get professionally re-touched photos and background options. Each element is treated as a separate object so that you can easily combine and create a unique image as you want. By default, you get 8 realistic background image options. But still, you can add your own custom image or background as you wish. Open cards are also given in the mockup to show the content design and typography used in your card design.

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Postcard & Invitation Mockups


Postcard & Invitation Mockups is a dual purpose mockup, which can be used for postcards and invitation design. This mockup has separate isometric images and also has images with a human hand. Since the images are taken in perfect lighting you get a clear picture that highlights your design. Shadows are treated well in this mockup and given in a separate layer. Based on your design, you can easily adjust the shadow effect. For optimal result, the designer of this mockup recommends Photoshop version of CS4 and above. You have got images of invitation cards placed side by side; if you are giving different design options, these images will come in handy for you. The user can easily compare and pick the design they like.

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Gatefold Wedding Invitation Mockup


When it comes to invitation design, some love to make not only the appearance different but also the way they open the card. Just like in the product packaging design, you can make the unwrapping experience a unique one. This invitation mockup includes one such unique card. The designer of this mockup has included gatefold type invitation card. Since it is given as a package, you get all the elements used in the gatefold type card. The card is shown in different angles to help you present your card design elegantly. Each and every element, including the background, everything can be customized easily with a few clicks.

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Postcard And Invitation Mockups


In the olden days, people used to send an invitation with two envelopes to make sure that the card reaches the recipient safely. Still, many follow the same tradition even though the present postal services are reliable than before. This mockup includes a hybrid card, which can be used as both invitation card and postcard. The mockup has invitation card and envelope images shown in seven different positions. Just like all other invitation mockups in this list, it also uses smart object method for easier customization. Since this card is designed for dual purposes, you get the card size in the regular postcard size only. So before using this mockup, make sure you use the correct size.

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Invitation Mockup Pack By Kahuna Design


It is another mockup for postcard and invitation card designs. Though most people go for digital invitations to reach the people in different part of the country, postcard invitations are still preferred for the close ones. If you are getting that special need for your invitation design, this mockup will come in handy. In the above mockup, you get only one size for the postcard. But with this mockup, you get three sizes. So without any restriction, you can pick the size that fits your design needs. All the images in the mockup are isolated images with a separate layer for shadow. So you can easily customize and use this mockup with other images to create a perfect presentation scene.

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Square Greeting Card and Invitation Mockup


With this mockup, you can clearly show your card design and also your typography. Before the invention of printing machines, people seek the help of calligraphy writers to write beautiful text fonts. But in this computer era, you can make handwritten like texts in a few minutes that too with high-precision. As the name implies, this mockup has only square shape cards. So make sure to check the card dimensions before using it for your design. Just like the above mockup, this one also has isometric images with customizable shadow option. Not only the shadows, but you also can customize the background.

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A6 Flyer / Postcard / Invitation MockUp


This is another multipurpose mockup which is designed for postcards, flyers, and invitations. The designer of the mockup has included 18 PSD files and each of them has different images. Flying mockups and isolated images are given in the mockup to help you present the design elegantly to the users. You also have an image with multiple postcards, flyers, and invitations; which you can use it to compare your designs side by side. The creator of the mockup has also included different background images. To help the new user, the creator also included video tutorials in the download file. In no time you can start editing the mockups and present your design elegantly to the users.

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Accordion Wedding Invitation Mockup


Accordion Wedding Invitation Mockup, as the name implies, this mockup has accordion type model card. If you are about to add a lengthy note with beautiful design, then this is the mockup for you. The designer of the mockup has included front and back side of the invitation card. So you can showcase your invitation design and also the typography design of the contents. The curves and the edges of the card are preserved so well, so that the contents blend in well with the mockup. All you have to do is to design your card and add it to the mockup.

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Valentine Invitation Mockup 2


Though this mockup is designed for valentine day, it can be used for other invitation designs as well. The designer of the mockup has included normal cards and postcard size invitation. In most premium mockups, you won’t get the images used in the demo. But with this mockup, the designer has included the images used in the mockup. By default, you get three background images. But as usual, you can change the background image and colors as per your design requirements. In the download file, you get three PSD mockups and all of them have properly organized layers for quick customization.

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Invitation Mockup By Professorinc


In the demo, you get a professional office like scenes for your invitation presentation. If you are making an invitation design for corporate events, then you can use this mockup as such. The creator of the mockup has included three different scenes along with the invitation mockup. A5 size card is used in the mockup, so check the dimension before adding your design. Each element and the invitation mockup is treated as a separate PSD layer. So you can easily customize this mockup within seconds. As a package, you get five PSD files and 2 scene backgrounds. All the images are high-resolution images, so you get a realistic image out of this mockup.

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21×10 Greeting Card and Invitation Mockup


This greeting card and invitation mockup are also from the creator of the invitation mockup mentioned above. You can expect the same design quality and designer-friendly layer optimizations in this mockup also. Five different types of background images are given in the mockup. All the given backgrounds are a simple minimal one so that your designs are neatly highlighted. Different sizes of cards are used in the mockup to help you give a clear idea of how your design looks in different card sizes.

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