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The WordPress themes for painters in this list are designed to show your work elegantly to your audience. Some of the themes even have project pages to let you list your unique project and its case studies. Some big companies use AR and VR technology to let users feel their work. The WordPress themes for painters in this list are made using the latest web development frameworks so it can handle advanced plugins and tools easily.

WordPress Theme For Painting Artists

Following are the best WordPress themes for artists, painters, art galleries, and simial creative professionals. All WordPress themes in this list are equipped with Woocommerce so you can sell your paints easily on your website. Plus, you can conduct online shows and events easily by installing the corresponding plugins.


minimal WordPress theme for painters

Stockholm is a minimal WordPress theme for painters and painting artists.

The clean layout of this template will help you present your work elegantly to the audience. More than ten readymade WordPress themes for painters and artists in this pack. Whether you want to simply showcase your work or want to sell your work online, there will be a ready-made solution for you in this theme pack. To simplify your job, the creator has loaded this theme pack with both Elementor & WPBakery page builders so that you can edit the template without touching the code.

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WordPress theme for art galleries

Breton is a creative-style WordPress theme for art galleries and painters.

The creative layout of this template will help you make the website stand out from the crowd. Some unique layouts have interactive portfolio design, a horizontal portfolio reel, and sliders with cool transition effects, which will increase the website interaction and improve user engagement. If you want to add a personalized touch to the sliders, look at our CSS slideshow animation collection for fresh ideas.

Like all premium WordPress themes, this one also has WooCommerce support right out of the box. Therefore, you can sell event tickets for your art gallery or run an online auction without any issues.

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painting artist wordpress theme

Marceau is one of the best WordPress themes for painters and artists because the whole theme is designed by understanding the artist’s creative needs.

There is a touch of elegance and artistic character on all demo versions in this theme pack. The creator has utilized the space effectively to present the works neatly to the audience and also keep the interactions easier. A familiar layout is followed in all demo versions so that even new users will find it easier to use your website. Some demos use a unique color scheme; you can change the default color scheme if you want. Since this WordPress website template uses the latest CSS3 script, it can handle all modern colors.

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painting artist portfolio WordPress theme

Lekker WordPress theme pack has designs for both creative artists and agencies. As a result, you get a versatile website template that can showcase your work and also help you grow your business.

Website owners who are planning to take their services to online users must consider this template. Both simple & creative layouts are given in this template, making it a perfect option for new users and advanced users. Plus, you can scale your website design and easily add pages to the website as your demand grows. The creator has kept the frontend customization and hardcore customizations as simple as possible to make the job simple enough for the site owners and developers.

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WordPress Theme For Painting Services

Following are the best WordPress theme for painting services. Whether you are offering house painting services or corporate space painting services, these WordPress themes will come in handy for you.


Wazors is a modern WordPress theme for painters. Many painting techniques are used to make the home and workspace walls unique. Wallpapers are also becoming popular nowadays because they are easy to install and are very easy to replace. If you offer both painting and wallpaper services, this WordPress theme will be a good choice. The full-width layout and modern web elements let you explain your services clearly to the audience. Plus, you can showcase new designs and the latest works neatly throughout the website. If you are making custom wallpapers and plan to sell it, you can add WooCommerce into this WordPress theme and start selling it on your website itself.

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Pressure Washing [Budget Friendly]

Pressure Washing is a home service and maintenance website template. Since this template shares lots of features and options with a painting services website, you can easily edit this template and can make a professional-looking painting website in no time. Sensibly designed web pages let you neatly list your plans and give a quick overview of the service included in each package. Professionally written code script and the flexible nature of the code will help you convert this HTML template into a feature-rich WordPress theme with less effort.

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Cleaning Company [Budget Friendly]

Cleaning Company is also a clean services website template like the Pressure Washing template mentioned above. Those who want a content-rich website that clearly explains each and every service will love this template. The creator has used modern web elements and smooth animations to present the content in an easy-to-understand format. All elements are made purely using the CSS code, so they look crisp on all screens. Plus, the mobile responsive nature of the website lets your audience access your website easily on the go from their handheld devices.

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mulitpurpose house maintenance and service wordpress theme

BlueCollar is a multipurpose home repair and maintenance WordPress theme. If you are offering all the home maintenance services, then you can use this theme as such. Or if you need only the painting services, you can tweak the design to fit your needs. Speaking of customizations, the creator of this theme offers both WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor page builder. Pick the page builder you prefer and start working with it.

Since this theme is designed purely from a business perspective it delivers the content clearly to the audience. The top bar is used effectively to show contact information and social media profile links. The only thing this theme misses is the appointment booking form. Take a look at our free registration form collection to use one in this theme. Overall, BlueCollar is not only the best WordPress themes for painters but also all home maintenance services.

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colorful and gradient-rich WordPress themes for painters

Paint is one of the best colorful and eye-catching WordPress themes for painters. On the clean white layout, the colorful gradients and colorful elements look vibrant. Call to action buttons and other web elements are handled smartly to blend well in this colorful website. The creator has given us both the full-width layout and boxed layout in this template. Banners and promotional posters are used smartly to highlight and show the offers and other important contents. The latest CSS3 and HTML5 script is used in this theme, hence you can edit the code and add the effects and colors you want to give a personalized touch to your website.

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contemporary style WordPress themes for painters

If you want interactive WordPress themes for painters, this theme will impress you. This theme not only lets you list your services but also lets you clearly explain what you do in the services. In the default design itself, you have space to add related videos. Using short crisp videos will improve the engagement rate and also help the user easily understand your services. Different light color schemes are used in this theme and they are balanced well to give an elegant look to the website. Since this theme uses the latest CSS3 script, it can handle any modern colors easily. Speaking of colors, if you are planning to use interactive color palettes on your website to give a clear idea of painting a room, take a look at our CSS color palette design collection.

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painting service website template

RenoWise has dedicated website designs for all major types of renovation works. We do get a separate theme for painting services, so you can simply pick it and install it on your WordPress. Design-wise, this theme has a simple design that most users will love. Simple yet attractive animation effects are used in this template. Nine demo variations are included in this pack — you can pick anyone and can use it for your website. Since this theme uses its page builder, you get many customization options. Even if you are a novice, by spending a few hours, you can make a proper website with this theme.

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handyman service website template

Smartman is a multipurpose handyman service WordPress theme. This template has three unique homepage variations. Each homepage design concentrates on different purposes. For example, the main homepage concentrates on elegantly showcasing all your service, while the others concentrate on the brand and conversions. Painting services are treated as one of the services in this theme, so you might have to tweak the design a bit if you are only the painting services. This template uses the King Composer Pro page builder for quick front-end customizations. Hence, doing cosmetic changes will be easier for the site owners — they don’t have to look for the developer’s help for minor changes, it can be done easily using the page builder tool itself.

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multipurpose construction website template

Duplexo is a construction and repair work WordPress theme. This template’s creator has smartly handled the pages and elements so that all types of construction business websites can use this template without any issue. Plus, tons of customization options are prebuilt into this theme to make it appeal for all types of audiences. Premium plugins like the Slider Revolution and WPBakery page builder are included in this theme, which gives more value for your money. Along with the WordPress theme files, the creator has also included the PSD files in the download folder. Hence, developers can work precisely with this theme and quickly make custom websites.

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interactive website template

Konstructo WordPress theme is purely designed as a business theme. Since this theme targets construction and architecture companies, the creator has gone with a businesslike look. Not only the looks but this template’s features are also something you would expect in a business website. All basic pages and elements are prebuilt in this template. Like the Smartman theme, this one also uses the King Composer page builder tool. Hence, you can expect smooth and quick customization in this theme. If most of your clients are corporate offices and luxury buildings, this theme will help you attract your target audience.

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luxury business and construction website template

Koncrete is a multipurpose construction WordPress theme. This template has six homepage demos. Plus, you also get single page variations for each demo. The creator has designed this template practically so that most users will find this template easy-to-use. Since this is a mobile responsive website template like other WordPress themes for painters in this list, users can book your services easily on the go. The creator has not included an appointment booking plugin in this bundle. But, you can add the booking functionality by simply installing a plugin. The biggest advantage of WordPress themes is you get plenty of good-quality free plugins out there.

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colorful and elegant looking WordPress themes for painters

The Painting WordPress theme is also a colorful WordPress theme like the Paint theme mentioned above. But the creator of this theme has kept the design very professional and used the colors only in the required places. With the help of the Revolution Slider, the creator has made interactive image sliders for the headers and other sections. If you have your own slider design concept, you can do it easily with the Revolution slider; because of its user-friendly nature only it is used in many WordPress themes for painters in this list. Apart from the regular pages, this theme has different blog layouts. If you are planning to run an active blog, WordPress themes for painters with lots of blog layouts like this will make your job simple.

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elementor based WordPress themes for painters

Exqute WordPress theme has a fresh and clean design. This is the theme for you if you want a WordPress theme compatible with the Elementor Page builder. The creator has integrated the Elementor page builder well into this theme, giving you plenty of useful customization options. In this design, the creator has used lots of card elements, hence you get well-organized tidy looking web pages. If you like making these card elements even more interesting and engaging, look at our CSS Card design examples. Like all other WordPress themes for painters in this list, this one is also made using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, hence it can handle the latest third party templates easily.

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WordPress theme with straightforward design

Helpmate is another multipurpose house maintenance and service WordPress theme like the BlueCollar theme mentioned above. Along with the house maintenance, you also get gardening and pool services website designs in this theme package. Since it is a multi-concept theme, it has plenty of useful elements and sections pre-designed for you. Even if the demo you like misses one or two elements, you can easily drag and drop them using the WPBakery Page builder. With all the basic pages, this theme also gives you a shopping page. If you are planning to sell tools and equipment, these WooCommerce powered shopping pages will come in handy for you.

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WordPress themes for painters with useful features

The HomeFix WordPress theme uses a straightforward design, hence you can promote your services clearly to the users. Each section on the homepage is made bigger so that you can add related content in one place. Plus, this big section design makes interactions easier even on mobile devices. On the homepage itself you have forms for appointment booking and request quote, which is a thoughtful touch. Since the HomeFix theme is made for home maintenance and services, the painting is included as one of the services. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can make it a perfect theme for painting like all other WordPress themes for painters in this list.

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brand focused WordPress themes for painters

Handyman WordPress theme has website designs for home renovation, painting, and pool cleaning services. Because this theme has a dedicated website design for painting services, you can use it as such for your website. The homepage header is designed smartly, the first thing the user sees is your brand banner with the helpline number at the top right corner. Logically arranged sections will help the user easily access the information they want. The transparent sticky top navigation bar may not be visible in some areas, but you can fix it easily. This theme is made using the Unyson framework and you get the Unyson page builder for quick customization. The detailed documentation will help you easily start with this theme.

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Service Master

multipurpose service businesses WordPress theme

Service Master is a multipurpose handyman business WordPress theme. This is a multi-concept WordPress theme, hence you get a dedicated theme for each service. In this pack, you get website designs for gardening, tech repair service, car repair service, laundry, and much more. We do get a dedicated theme for painting services, so there are only a few customization works we have to do. On the painting service homepage, we get a sidebar, where we can add useful widgets like Maps & Twitter widget, quote request form, and promotional banners. Many sub-pages are pre-designed for you in this theme, hence you can easily set up a website in no time. Using WordPress themes for painters like this will save you time and concentrate on the important custom pages and features you want.

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We Build

user-friendly WordPress theme

We Build is one of the best selling WordPress themes for painters, construction, renovation, and architecture. With periodic updates, we get new demos for different construction-related business websites. Since it is a multi-concept theme package, we get plenty of elements and pre-designed sections. Though the demo version you like misses one or two sections you want, you can simply drag and drop them using the WPBakery page builder. Along with the WPBakery page builder, this theme is pre-bundled with useful features like Easy Digital Downloads, The Event Calendar, and WooCommerce. Since this theme uses a dedicated appointment booking plugin the Event Calendar plugin, users can easily book appointments on your website.

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handy man WordPress theme with dedicated theme for painters

Handyman is a multi-concept multiple demo WordPress theme pack. This theme pack has a website design for services like carpenter, barber, electrician, and painting. This one also has dedicated WordPress themes for painters like a few other multiple demo themes. The creator has used the flat design effectively on the full-screen design. Hence, you get a neat and professional-looking website. Though this theme is not bundled with superabundant plugins, it does have some basic plugins like WPBakery page builder and WooCommerce. By spending a few hours in customizations, you can make this theme a perfect fit for your painting service business website.

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modern WordPress theme for construction companies

If you redesign your existing website with lots of content, WordPress themes for painters like this will simplify your job. Nearly six homepage variations are given in this pack; all have plenty of space for images and texts. With this theme, you can deliver the content engagingly to the audience. Call to action buttons are placed at the required spots so that you can easily redirect the users to the corresponding pages. Shopping pages powered by WooCommerce are also included in this pack, so if you plan to sell your tools on your website, this theme will come in handy.

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Handyman- Ancora Themes

wordpress theme with gentle and smooth animation effect

This handyman WordPress theme is a simple and professional-looking website theme. With the gentle animation effect and warm color scheme, this theme stands out from other WordPress themes for painters. Though the website looks formal and simple, it does its job perfectly. With this theme, you can list your services and let users easily place the desired order. A fully functional, interactive calendar style appointment booking page is given in this theme. Working days are marked in this theme so the user will know your working schedule before booking their appointment. If you wish to tweak the calendar design, look at our calendar design collection with interactive design concepts.

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wordpress theme for house maintenance services

Fixology is a bold looking WordPress theme with lots of content. The creator has used the screen space fully, so you have plenty of elements and contents on the webpage. If you like to free up some space and give a neat look to your website, you can easily do it either using the WPBakery page builder or for the precise result, you can edit the code. Not only the design but code script is also made simple for you to easily edit the theme as per your needs. With periodic updates, this theme runs on the latest WordPress version, supporting all latest tools and APIs. For appointment booking, this theme uses the premium Events Calendar plugin.

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elegant looking interior design WordPress theme

Bauer is a perfect WordPress theme for construction and other related business company websites. Nine demo variations are given in this theme pack and each has its design. All nine demo variations have a neat modern look, you can choose any design and work with it. Since we are looking at WordPress themes for painters in this list, the Interior design demo version in this theme will be a perfect fit. It has elegance and gives you plenty of image and video space to show your works. Plus, you get the Revolution Slider plugin in this theme, so you can create interactive image sliders quickly.

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Yellow Hats

multipurpose WordPress themes for construction businesses

Yellow Hats, from the name itself you can understand that this theme is made for all types of construction services and business websites. The creator of this theme has given us nearly 23 demo variations and more will be added in future updates. Buying themes like this will give you more designs if you are a freelance web developer or web development agency. Different header and footer designs are given in this theme pack. The WPBakery page builder is well-integrated into this theme, so you can easily drag and drop the elements and sections you want.

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Handyman Services

boxed-width handyman service WordPress theme

Handyman Services is a pure boxed-width WordPress theme. If you search for this layout WordPress theme, this one might impress you. Though it is a boxed-width website theme, the creator has given ample space for the elements so your website won’t look clustered. Texts of different sizes elegantly highlight the important content without making them look odd. A custom form builder tool is also given in this theme to let you easily create a form you want. Basic customization options are made simple in this theme. If you want a simple WordPress theme for your website, this one will be a good choice.

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