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Family reunions are one of those occasions that makes the event worth spending a few extra efforts and time on. Whether it is for any minor meetups and gatherings, dinners or for extra special events like weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and more, today we are here with a perfect list for you! Professional family reunion website template options all lined up at your disposal. And the best part is that each niche of possible reunion occasions are covered here. Whether you are seeking to just blog and share informations, manage and organize an event, invite people and share the details, or invest more effort into it, we have options. From creative portfolio, blogs, galleries, event management, and even RSVP sites, you will get an ideal way to get started with our list today.

The templates we have mentioned here are all designed to be perfect for individuals without experience with codes and designs. Most of these are also accompanied with advanced Page Builders for the sake of making the process a breeze. Featuring a set of unique features all packed into the theme packages, we have made sure to include the ones that are the best out of the bunch. From event management website templates to wedding templates and family blogs, choose our pick and get started! Impress your friends and family with professional looking sites and enjoy the credit you will get! And so without further ado, let’s get right onto it.



Wezet is a professional event planning theme that is the perfect start to our list of the best family reunion website templates. And with the array of features to help you and your family set up meet in a professional and organized manner, it deserves the spot. With tons of demos; 9 so far and adding more, you get variations to work with. And the best part is that you can even opt for either one or multi page variations. All these built with advanced Bootstrap framework, it is pretty flexible and reliable. Great for personal or professional conferences, events, meetups and more, it is also pretty user-friendly.

Considering all the pre-built elements and easy customizing options to get started with, it is ideal for even beginners and novices as well. Fast light-weight and powerful, it is smooth running, cross-browser compatible, and RTL ready. You also get access for event management like count-down timers, calendars, RSVP and contact forms, promotional banners and more. It is also integrated with creative sliders, galleries and carousels that allows your users to keep users engaged.

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Next in line is another creatively crafted event management website template, Eventsia. 100% responsive, and relying fully on the advanced Bootstrap framework; it is quite powerful and efficient to work with. This too offers the users a huge variation to work with considering 5 different homes, and other range of inner pages. All these are also further customizable which means that you can personalize this template to your own preference. These are visually stunning and well-crafted from blog, gallery, event details, contacts, and more. Even the graphics here are impeccable with retina-ready and pixel perfect imagery.

Getting onto the details, it also features sections dedicated to Sponsors and Speakers. Adding to this, you also get access to easy working AJAX contact and RSVP forms. Integrated with Google Maps, it also allows one to add in the venue details. The whole theme is also relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework making this template as versatile as it gets. Apart from this, it also features exclusive banners, cross-browser compatibility and smooth running animations, effects and transitions as well.

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Event HTML is an awesome event management and family reunion website template that is a perfect addition to our list today. Great for any types of conference, events, meetups and more, this is the perfect way to get started. There are tons of amazing features that allows you to manage any professional and casual events. There are 18 Home pages, and over 10 awesome Inner pages you can start with. There are completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect assuring the users of an optimal visuals at all times. And the best part is that this template offers plenty of amazing customizing options and variations you can choose from. From advanced fonts, icons, gallery designs, layout styles and more, you have it all.

With the access to CSS elements, there are animated typing effects, scrolling parallax effects, creative animations, and smooth scroll. There are also 8 different pre-defined color style sheets to give you a head start. Talking about creative elements, you also get responsive slider, carousels, calendars, timers, contact forms and informative graphs, charts and more. It is also cross-browser compatible, fast loading, and super easy to work with. The LESS & Gulp files used on the template are also available with the package. Based on the stunning Bootstrap framework, it is pretty up to date with all the major web-standards.

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aconte-family-reunion-website-templateAconte is another great family reunion website template, or event management theme that is perfect for our list today. It is complete with all the necessities and tools one needs to start a event and manage it. From a completely responsive interface to the fully functional elements that are equipped inside the template, this template definitely takes the cake. The home itself features a functional slideshow background, title, location tag, count down timer and more. Based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is pretty flexible to say the least. Being completely customizable, it also features amazing personalizing options you can choose from. It includes plenty of creative fonts, icons, vibrant color schemes, and various layout styles.

Unique and clean, you can pretty much impress your family members and invitees with minimal effort. Getting more into the details, it features a stunning multi-gallery where you can add in all the contents you want. With a functional contact form, and creative social icons, you can easily communicate with all your users with ease. Several widgets are customized to meet your requirements regarding event management. Another great thing is that this template is cross-browser compatible, RTL ready, and SEO friendly. Not to mention all of the pre-built pages dedicated to event details, event timeline, blog, about and more that adds to the efficiency. And with the implementation of CSS animations, effects and transitions throughout the site, it sticks out!

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Best Day


Starting with a professional wedding website template, Best Day is one that makes on the top of our list. Completely responsive, retina-ready and overall appealing, this template is one of a kind. Featuring a full-screen image background, it is instantly eye-catching right off the first glance. Fully responsive and mobile friendly, this template adjusts according to the device one uses. And that’s not all, the interface is amazingly flexible and customizable. This means multiple variations for homepages, inner pages, layout styles and more. In addition, with integration of Google Fonts, you also get a huge array of custom fonts you can use. Changing the overall color palletes and outlook is pretty easy to say the least.

Furthermore, there are also pre-made demos that can be easily installed within a matter of seconds. With the intuitive Drag & Drop Page builder, adding, removing and editing any sections is a breeze. To add to the visual, there are also CSS3 based animations, effects and transitions. An automatic music player is also there to add that creative touch. You can easily set up the custom music played right when a visitor enters the page. A great way to invite your family, friends and loved ones to your special day, this family reunion website template is worth a go. It is also completely cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly, and SEO friendly. Great for novices and beginners, you will also get video tutorials to help you set up the site easily.

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Now another one for a great option to create and manage any events whether professional or personal is Ayojok. Professional looking with a variety of features for both large scale events and smaller ones, this template is a perfect addition here. Incredibly flexible, you can even use this as a family reunion website template to add that professional feel to it. Multipurpose with the design, it features tons of amazing variations you can start with. From awesome Home Pages to Inner Pages and even for the overalls styling and layout variations. It includes multiple functions all dedicated to the niche from booking, online shops, contact informations and more. All of these are well-designed and uses secure and valid codes. Not only this, but each page is responsive, retina-ready, and pixel perfect.

Making the process of creating and customizing easier, you will get the fully equipped Drag and Drop Elementor Page Builder. This comes with it’s own variation of pre-built components and addons. However, this is not all. This awesome template is also compatible with multiple premium plugins like WooCommerce, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, WPML and more. It is also cross-browser compatible, and loads effortlessly throughout all of the web-browsers. Users will also find event based features like pages, event schedules, bookings, and more. The template is furthermore designed to be SEO friendly as well. Another great thing here are the animations, effects and page transitions it features to keep things interesting.

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Torino is another professional event or family reunion website template for WordPress we have in line for you. An awesome choice for those individuals who wish to impress their users right off the first glance. It is also ideal for huge scale of events, as well as small and personal ones. Pretty functional with the list of features packed in, there are plenty you can get a head start right away. Not to mention the amazing visuals it offers with plenty of styling elements. The stunner here is surely the amazing imahge header slider it features. In addition, it also has placements of numerous functional elements like count-down timer, CTAs for booking and buing tickets, titles and more. Atop all of these, you also get a efficient menu that enables users to navigate throughout the site with ease.

The template is also fully responsive and contains plenty of variations to personalize it to your preference. There are 2 different Home Pages, multiple color schemes, fonts, and more that you can opt for. In addition to this, you also get creative animations, effects, parallax sections, and page transitions that adds that creative flair to the site. You can further enhance the interface by adding sliders, galleries, video files and more. It also features the amazing Drag & Drop Page Builder King Composer that makes the process so much easier. In addition to this, you will also get access to the premium plugin Slider Revolution for free! It is also completely cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly and overall fast loading.

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Another great addition to our list today, is Meetup, an organized and stylish WordPress theme for events and family reunions. It is ideal for all events, whether professional or personal, and is quite flexible to say the least. Aimed towards creating, managing and organizing events the easy way, you will find everything you need right here. With a huge image or video header slider, it is instantly eye-catching. You will also find multiple elements all placed strategically for maximum impact. For example, you will find the huge creative title, count-down timer, CTA buttons, and social media icons on the Home. These sections are highly customizable which means that you can easily edit, add or remove any of these elements to your own preference. The navigation bar atop can also be enabled as sticky so it stays intact, no matter how far you scroll down.

All of these are fully responsive, retina-ready and mobile friendly. The best part here is that the theme package also includes multiple premium plugins like Slider Revolution, Tickera, Visual Composer, T2 Plus Gallery and more. It supports WooCommerce which means that it supports multiple payment gateways. There are also 8 awesome Home Page demos you can choose from. And getting into the purpose oriented features, you will find creative gallery, easy booking system, multilingual support, amazing portfolio and parallax sections and more. It also supports child theme which means that any changes you make is not instantly permanent. The theme is cross-browser compatible, frequently updated and fast loading as well.

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For awesome event management no matter what scale of event you are organizing, Eventr is a great option. Why? It is flexible, fully customizable and overall pretty great to work with. Featuring  the professional One Page website design, it is unique with the styling and design. Pretty user-friendly as well, customizing this template is a breeze. To start, it features the awesome Visual Composer that includes an array of unique addons and components you can use. Apart from this, you also get variations for color schemes, fonts, icons, and layout styles. Users also get access to pre-made Homes and Inner pages you can easily personalize to your preference. All of these are also fully responsive and mobile friendly. In addition, the graphics it features are excellent with retina-ready and pixel perfect imagery.

The demo files can be installed within a matter of minutes. You can then easily replace the datas to match your own. Display purpose-oriented contents like venues, dates, tickets, and more easily. Furthermore, you can schedule and add a testimonials page for your users. With integration of Contact Form 7, it also makes for a efficient way to register, book and contact the organizer. If you are planning a personal family reunion, you might not need all of these aspects. However, impressing your family and friends with professionalism is worth a try. This template also offers, premium support and free updates at all times to ensure you are never out of date!

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Exhibz is a vibrant, creative and visually impressive event management, conferences, exhibitions and family reunion website template. With components that makes your site stand out, this template is surely eye-catching right off the bat. With a image header slider as a featured section here, you will also notice plenty of useuful components placed strategically. It is amazingly flexible and easy to work with. Not to mention the amazing array of customizing options it offers. From variations of Home page designs to the overall styling with fonts, icons and more, you have multiple options you can opt for. It is also ideal for all scales of events from smaller personal ones to huge global ones. The great thing here is the implementation of the Elementor Page Builder that adds to the efficiency. Coming up with a functional website has never been this easy.

The template is also designed to be responsive, SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible and overall easy to work with. Based off the professional Bootstrap framework, you will find over 15 awesome Home Page variations. Not only this, but you get 8 awesome header layout, 3 event schedule page, and 2 speaker layouts. It is also compatible WooCommerce and supports multiple payment gateways. In addition to this, it follows all of the latest web-standards which means that it is Gutenberg and GDPR compliant. With integration of HTML5 and CSS, you also get awesome animations, effects and transitions to add that engaging factor. An array of useful components like count-down timer, calendar, and CTA buttons are also included. Gallery designs and with access to stunning sliders are another highlight here.

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Modern Housewife


If you love to share the family adventures with the world, this is the perfect family based template for you. A theme designed to provide all the options to create a blog, creative gallery or organize and promote family events, this sure is a great addition here. It is appealing with a minimal style to it. With simple color palette, clean and organized sections and huge image holders and sliders, everything here is pretty appealing. It is fully responsive, retina-ready and overall provides an excellent graphic. Not to mention using creative details like elegant fonts, strategic placement of items, icons and more. Each of these are fully customizable and can be personalized to your preference.

The great thing here is that from blogging to event management, there are plenty of options you can use. It is quite advanced and integrated with the WPBakery Page Builder to help you out. There are two different page variations you can opt for, and there are variations of Inner Pages as well. Not to mention the header and footer layout builder you can personalize it to your own preference. It is completely cross-browser compatible as well as fast loading. You will also get access to premium plugins like TRX addons, Contact Form7, MailChimp, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid and more. As it is also WooCommerce friendly, this template supports multiple payment gateways. It is also integrated with social media so you have easy access to share your contents.

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Another premium WordPress wedding or family reunion website template we have in line for you is Monisa. Elegant, chic and stylish, this template offers a beautiful interface you can share with your audience. A great way to share your contents and the special day with your loved ones, this template comes with everything you might require. And the best part is that it is extremely easy to work with and personalize. From event management, blog, gallery, RSVP and announcements, this theme is designed for it all. Completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect, this theme is flawless regardless of device. And with the professional Elementor Page Builder, creating the whole site entirely from scratch is a breeze. Not to mention the access to pre-built pages that also gives you a head start.

The Live Customizer is so user-friendly that even novices and beginners will have no issues. Getting more into the details, it also features elegant and clean RSVP forms you can use to invite and share your special occasions to your loved ones. In addition to this, you get multiple pages dedicated to gallery, shop, photography and in total 13 unique looking Home Pages. These are distinctly unique and elegant although styled with a minimal approach. Users can also access unlimited header and footer variations that you can customize. You also get tons of fonts, icons and animations that you can implement throughout the site for that extra appeal. Adding to this, this theme is SEO friendly, RTL ready and also supports WooCommerce.

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Another one that falls under the wedding or family reunion website template category is lilac. Elegant and chic with the design, it also comes with a full set of features all aimed to provide the best possible online experience. Beautiful fonts, vibrant color palettes, creative elements and useful components are the major highlight here. Not to mention the interface that is completely responsive and loads effortlessly throughout all of the web-browsers. An ideal choice for those couples who want to create their own custom site to share their special occasion, we surely think Lilac is worth a try. And being as customizable as this template is, you can even use this for any other similar occasions and events. It offers purpose-oriented components like event time-line, countdown timers, and more.

And with the integration of Google Maps, you can even pin-point the venue with custom marker for your users to see. Getting more into the details, you will find pages dedicated to blogs, gift sections, RSVP, galleries, and much more. These, along with the set of pre-built pages, is sure to give you the head start when creating something from scratch. Apart from this, you also get access to the premium Visual Composer that adds to the efficiency. Not to mention the unlimited variation of color schemes, icons, fonts, and more you can implement. For wedding, you will also get pages for bridesmaid, groomsmen, as well as about bride and groom page. Furthermore, the theme based off on the Redux framework, also gets access to creative animations, scrolling effects, parallax and more.

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Now another one that is aimed more towards the blogging niche is Ammi. This is a minimal, clean and well-organized family blog theme that is multipurpose and flexible. While majorly aimed towards sharing the daily blogs, you can use this to announce and manage this as a family reunion website template. It is pretty straightforward, and comes with features to aid that author in you. And the best part about this is that it follows all the modern web-standards and is upto date. The design is pretty clean, and the fonts and its overall appeal are the simplicity it features. As it relies on the professional Bootstrap framework, this template is also pretty reliable. Not to mention the use of clean and valid coding which furthers the secure performance.

It sia lso completely responsive and retina-ready as well as pixel perfect. This ensures that the visuals are always flawless no matter which device it is on. It is also built with HTML5 and CSS, which gives access to multiple useful components. You can choose from 2 different layouts with the sidebar variations on left or right. It also suppotrs 10 different Post formats including, audio, links, quotes, chat, and more. Widget friendly areas are available on the sidebars and there are 8 custom widgets you can place there. In addition to this, the template is cross-browser compatible and fast loading throughout all of the web-browsers. Not to mention the SEO friendly design that aims to rank higher on all the major SERPs.

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Gretna Green


Another elegant, and pretty event, wedding or family reunion website template is Gretna Green. A stunning visual with creatively crafted element perfect for the niche, this theme surely stands out in a crowd. It is packed with tons of elements, all great for easily managing and organizing the special day. Visually speaking, it is exceptional and impressive. With the use of carefully crafted styling components and highly customizable interface, it is pretty flexible. You can choose from multiple variations of fonts, icons, style and layouts to start off. Each of the sections are highly customizable so that it offers a personalized touch as you edit. The theme package also has an array of pre-built Home and Inner Pages. And with the implementation of the WPBakery Page Builder, choosing and editing each one is a breeze. It is also fully-responsive and retina-ready as well.

In addition to this powerful Admin Panel, you also get the premium plugin Slider Revolution. This enables you to add in custom and an unlimited number of sliders to keep your users engaged. For easy access you get a list of shortcodes that makes it easy to add additional features when needed. Purpose oriented or event based features includes professional RSVP forms, invitation card, styligh gift registry, video support and more. You also get 5 different styles of header to choose from. And with the use of CSS and HTML codes also includes smooth scrolling, animations and effects you can implement throughout the site. There are options to enable sticky menu, add video contents, and enable passepartout border. And that’s just mentioning a few of what this incredible theme offers. Check out the link below to get the full detail.

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Wedding Day


Wedding Day is a professional wedding, event or family reunion website template ideal for our list today. Creative, modern and stylish, this template is fully responsive, retina-ready and overall super appealing. Pretty versatile and customizable, the great thing here is the powerful interface it offers the users to work with. The design is pretty simple, clean and minimal. In turn, this focuses on the contents you wish to highlight the most. Taking extra caution and attention, the creators have made sure that every little detail here are flawless. Complete with features for blogging, sharing medias, creating stunning galleries, managing events, booking and sharing the details and more, this theme is pretty much a whole package. And there are certainly thousands of happy customers already loving this theme!

It is a wholesome theme that is also completely cross-browser compatible and incredibly fast loading. In addition to this, you will also find this theme to be SEO friendly as well as RTL ready. You will get unlimited style variations you can personalize and style to your preference. Not to mention the array of fonts, creative animations, skin switcher and more you get to implement. The functional count-down timer is one of a kind and makes for a more engaging appeal until the exact event date. And to add to the appeal you also get options to add in sliders, various custom widgets, CTA buttons, social icons and more.

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