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List of the best premium and free artist website templates.

“My audience was my life. What I did and how I did it, was all for my audience”, a quote by Cab Calloway. For an artist, their audience is everything; in this digital world, there is an audience for everything. If you want more audience for your art in this digital world, these free artist website templates can help you.

We have collected templates for all types of artists in this list of free artist website templates. Whether you use your website for personal use or the template to grow your business, these templates can help you. All these free artist website templates are HTML5 templates, so you can add multimedia content like videos and audios easily and customize them. Like the audience each of the templates is different, so check them.

Jackco (Bootstrap 5)

digital artist website template

Jackco is the best digital artist website template.

This colorful and lively template lets the site owner confidently showcase their work and skills. Bootstrap 5 features are utilized smartly in this template to deliver a friendlier user experience. Each section is made bigger, and texts are kept bold enough to make the interaction and readability easier on small and big screen devices. It is a multi-page template, so you can explain your works clearly to the audience and effortlessly organize your website in the long run.

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Glint is a full-page website template that uses every pixel on the screen space. Each section is made big enough to help you add all the related content and web elements. You have a static hero image with bold texts, call to action buttons, and social media profile links in the header. The template designer has balanced both the texts and the images smartly in this template so that you can make an engaging website easily. It is a one-page template with a long homepage. This template is the best option if you want to create a simple yet modern website to showcase your work.

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music artist website template

HnBand is a music band and music artist website template.

Creative background patterns and lively colors will get the user’s attention as soon as they land on the website. Music player and album playlist options are also given in this HTML website template so that users can quickly listen to your music without leaving your website. Since it is an HTML5 website template, it can smoothly handle multimedia content immediately. Site owners planning to maintain a simple HTML website can use this well-optimized template to deliver a better user experience for their audience.

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Josanclick (Bootstrap 5)

photographer and visual artist website template

Josanclick is also a Bootstrap 5 artist website template. This one is made for photographers and visual artists.

The image-rich layout of this template gives you more than enough space to showcase your photographs and arts elegantly throughout the website. Simple yet attractive hover animations in this template will improve the user engagement rate. Unless you have any special requirements, you can use this template as such and save your time. The creator has kept the code script simple to simplify the customization. Therefore, developers planning to customize this template will also find it easier to work with the code.

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artist portfolio website templates

Sunzine is a proper artist portfolio website template.

The portfolio-centric design of this template has the portfolio on the homepage itself. A list of categories is given at the top of the portfolio to let the audience quickly filter the work. Site owners can use this template for all artist websites because of its simple and flexible layout. The creator has given us a strong base to create our dream website in less time. You can utilize your time for other crucial tasks like backend work and unique custom features. Overall, Sunzine is a friendlier website template for both users and developers.

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professional artist website template

PersonalPortfolio is a perfect mix of professional and personal websites.

The creator has maintained a clean approach throughout the website. Little splashes of colors are used here and there in this template to improve the visual aesthetics of the website. Artists planning to use their website to get new projects and grow their business must consider this template. The creator has kept the code structure flexible enough for you to add custom features as your demand grows.

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free bootstrap personal website template

Jonson is a personal website template for creative professionals. Its classy design and unique color scheme make it a perfect free artist website template. The straightforward design of this template lets you make a narrative style design that clearly shows your experience and achievements to the audience. Plus, the big image spaces in the default design will help you elegantly showcase your work. Necessary pages like the portfolio and about page are pre-designed for you. You can use the included web page designs as a guideline and create similar looking custom pages if you have any special needs.

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interactive single-page freelancer website template

Unfold is a dark theme free artist website template. Bold animations and bright color schemes draw the user’s attention when they land on the website. Plus, the dark theme enhances the overall animations and usability. Though it is a one-page website template, the smart portfolio section lets the user expand and see the portfolio details within the section. Another advantage of this template’s smart portfolio section is users can quickly resume to the page where they left. If you want a modern artist website template with a sensible design, Unfold is the best option.

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Explorer (FREE)


Explorer is one of the best minimal-looking free artist website templates for photographers.

This simple website template will be the best option for budding artists. Though this template is designed for beginners, it has all the options to create an effective website template. This template is easy to maintain in the case of both contents and design. Even if you need to update or revamp this template in the future, you can do it easily because it uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Industry code standards are followed in this template so that developers will find this template easy to work with. Like all other modern website templates, this one is also mobile optimized and performance-optimized.

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simple dark-theme bootstrap profile page

Rezume is a free bootstrap website template for artists and creative professionals. Since it is a one-page template, it will be easy for the users to maintain. This template’s smartly written HTML5 code script lets you easily update the content. The creator has used only images in the default portfolio section. But you can add videos to this template without any issues. This template’s latest Bootstrap 4 and HTML5 codes will effortlessly handle multimedia content.

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music artist website template

Mixtape is an energetic website template made for music artists. This template has all the elements and features you want on a musician’s website. Your audience can listen to your latest albums, see your trips, and even book their tickets. The elements look fantastic on the dark theme layout, and the colors look more vibrant. The default music player lets you easily control the music and the sound. If you like to use a fancy music player on your website, look at our HTML music player collection. Since it is an HTML template, all elements work smoothly from the front-end side. You can take care of the backend work without any worries.

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yoga artist website template

Ahana is exclusively designed for yoga artists. Since yoga is also considered as a unique art by many audiences, this template will help you make a stunning website for yoga artists. Default icons are mostly related to the yoga, so you can use this template as such if you want. Plenty of image spaces are given throughout this template, which you can use to show your poses. Placing an Instagram widget right above the footer section is a thoughtful design. You can direct your site visitors to your Instagram profile and develop your social media authority.

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actor and fashion models website template

This template will help you make a voguish website if you are a fashion model. Like most modern free artist website templates, this one also uses a dark theme. The creator has used the dark layout effectively to present the colorful elements and swift animations engagingly to the audience. Since this template runs on the latest web development frameworks, all animations are swift, and colors are natural. Along with all basic pages, a separate gallery page is included in this template to effectively showcase your photoshoots and event photographs. The default design of this template makes it a good fit for personal and model agency websites.

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musician and band website template

Musico is another music artist website template on this list. The straightforward design of this template will help you make a personal-brand boosting website. When users land on your website, they see your big image on the header and your best number below the header section. Call to action buttons to purchase albums are placed right beside the tracks, a clever design. But, the creator has missed this template’s shopping and cart pages. If you plan to sell your albums on your website, you must take care of the cart and other pages.

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personal-brand boosting website template

Healthcoach is a perfect mixture of personal and business website templates. If you plan to use your website to showcase your works and get new projects or sell your classes, this template is the best option for you. There are plenty of spaces for you in this template to show your images and to boost your branding. All elements work flawlessly from the front-end side. Unless you have any special needs, you can use this template as such and can concentrate on the backend work. The creator has kept the code script as simple as possible for you to easily add the custom features you want.

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Modelo website template is designed for fashion model agencies. Trendy design and useful features make this a perfect option for business and personal websites. The designer of this template has given you plenty of options to add your images throughout the website. If you are using it for personal use, you can utilize this images space to add your photographs and increase your personal branding. It is a multi-page template with lots of pages pre-designed for you. This template’s unique layout helps you elegantly highlight the important contents and options. A gallery section is given on the homepage and on a separate page, which you can use to showcase your portfolios.

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brutalist style website template

KD is a unique website template with a creative layout. The creator of this template has utilized the full-page design effectively so you have plenty of space to showcase your design. If you prefer to get recognization for your works, free artist website templates like this will help you the reach you want. By default, this template is designed for architects, so you get elements and content related to it in the demo. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can use this template for all types of professionals and artists. Since it is an HTML5 based website template, it can handle videos and audios easily. If you plan to use a raw HTML website, website templates with the latest frameworks will simplify your job.

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interactive website template with an interactive design

Evans is a creative personal website template for all types of creative professionals. The smartly designed homepage design helps you showcase your designs/works and skills neatly to your audience. On the clean white layout, the big bold texts are easy to read. An elegant looking yellow tint is used as the primary color scheme, which gives a rich look to the template. If you are a freelancer, free artist website templates like this help you promote your services and also increases your credibility. All the basic pages and elements are given in this free template, so we can concentrate on the custom elements and pages we need.

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creative artist website template

If you are looking for a creative website template with a minimal design, this template will help you. This template is designed for developers, so you have elements related to it and portfolios to showcase the design. Lots of white space is used in this template to give a roomy feeling and also to make the interaction easier. Like most free artist website templates in this list, this one is also mobile-responsive. With this template, you can not only showcase your works but you can also promote your business. If you are a graphic artist, designer, photographer, or any other creative professionals, this template will help you grow your business.

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website template for interior designers

Ideal is a creative and interactive website template for interior designers. The creator has used the dotted background effectively to give the user a floating experience and interactive feel. Hover and animation effects are used smartly to add life to your project images. This template is the best option if you want free artist website templates with a premium-quality creative design. The professionally handled code script will make your customization job easier and help you make your own custom website quickly. Using free artist website templates will make developers work simple and easy.

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Radios is the best website template for music artists and podcast show hosts. Though this template is designed for audio contents, the designer has given equal importance to image and text contents as well. Since it is an HTML5 template you won’t find any difficulty in adding multimedia contents. On the clean white background, the images and the texts are visible so that the users can interact with your website easily. Since it is a mobile responsive website template your audience can listen to your music and see sneak peek of your upcoming albums on the go.

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Art Museum


Art Museum is an artistic website template for artists and museums. Since this template is for art events, you get promotional and design elements to present your contents elegantly to the users. The template uses light color schemes and clean backgrounds to make the colorful paintings look vibrant. On the homepage, you have ample amount of space for both images and text contents so that you can give a brief idea of the paintings.

In the top bar, you have space to add quick links to buy tickets and event landing page. Since it is an HTML template, you must handle the integration parts. As this template uses the HTML5 framework you can easily integrate this template with your ticket reservation system. With this multi-page template, you also get other pages for gallery, events, and blog. Visual effects are used smartly to show the related contents without taking many screen space. Both blog page and single blog post pages are given in this template so you can share the event updates easily with your audience.

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Musica, as the name implies, is designed specifically for music bands and music artists. This template not only allows you to share your story and business contents but also allows you to add music players. Since it is an HTML5 template, it has native support for multimedia contents so you can add audio and video contents easily in this template. In the homepage header section, you have an animated slider to show some of your band music images along with your band name and tagline.

You also have space to show the upcoming tours and events on the homepage to let your audience easily book a show. A trendy color scheme is used in this template to give a creative touch to the template. Animation effects are also handled effectively, which adds life to the web elements. Mega menu options are also given in this template to help you easily organize the options and features. All these features makes this template a perfect option for the entertainment websites as well. In the top bar and in the footer you have space to add social media profile links. You also have a newsletter subscription form in the footer, so you can keep in touch with your audience via email.

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If you are running a blog for music artists and other creative professionals like videographers, this is the best template for you. This template helps you to present the contents engagingly to the audience. Big sections are given for the video and image contents so the user can easily understand your tips and tricks. The smartly designed homepage lets you neatly list all your articles in one place. Since this template is designed for blogs, the creator has given importance in selecting the fonts. The texts look bigger and bolder so the user can read about it easily even on small screen devices.

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Music, from the name itself you can understand that this template is designed for the music artists. It has all the elements to make a proper music website and music band website. The designer has made this template beautifully with lots of colors. From the homepage itself the user can get a quick overview of your best albums and upcoming tours. In the homepage header section, you have a smart widget to book tickets. All the elements function properly from the front-end and basic optimizations are done perfectly. Hence, you can work easily work with this template.

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Podca website template is designed exclusively for podcast artists. In this template, you can list all your episodes in one place and let your audience enjoy your show. Since it is an HTML5 template, the developer has given you a fully functional audio player. If you want, you can customize the audio player’s look and give your website a unique touch. All the basic pages are pre-designed for you so that you can set up your website in no time. With this intuitively designed website template you can easily increase your subscriber count.

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Music is a more simplified version of the Musica template mentioned above. This template gives you the same colorful layout with limited options and features. Sometimes you don’t need many features and options, if that’s the case for your website, then this template is the best option. It is a one-page template so it will be easy to maintain in a long run. The creator of this template has made the code-base flexible enough for customizations. As this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, you are future-proof with this template; you can add any applications and tools without any issue.

More space is given for the image contents, you get image holders of all sizes and orientations without any issue. Line vector icons are used in this template, most of the icons are related to the music niche. If you are making a website for professionals, then you might need to change this. All the modern website optimizations are done in this template so the web developers can concentrate on the customization part alone.

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Look website template is designed primarily for fashion agencies and fashion models. This template includes a lot of personal-brand boosting elements, so you can even use this template for the artist’s personal website. Lots of space is given for the image holders so you can add as many images as you want on the homepage. Hover effects are used to show the related contents of the image. If you are making a website for an actor, you can use the hover effect to show the related movie or stage show. Smooth scroll effects are used present the contents elegantly as the users scroll down the pages. Since this template is designed for business use, in between sections promotional banners.

All the navigation menu options are hidden behind the hamburger menu icon to give you more screen real estate. Even in the hamburger menu, you have space to add your image. It is a multi-page template with all the basic pages predesigned for you. The split screen style design in the main content area helps you to creative engaging contents.

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Trim is a fully functional salon website template. Though this template is designed for salon and beauty business, it can also be used for the artist website. In the homepage header section, you have a video playback option. Throughout the template, the designer of this template has followed a dark theme. With this dark theme, you can give a rich content experience to the users. The creator of this template has made the homepage pretty long so that you can give an overview of all the contents in one place. Light golden brown color is used for the web elements, giving this dark theme template a rich look. Apart from the homepage you also get other sub-pages like gallery, services, and about pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to adjust template as per your needs, add the contents and launch your website.

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Bato is the best choice if you are looking for a website template to improve your reach and personal branding. The minimal design of this template helps you to showcase your works. As this template is primarily designed for creative agencies, texts and image contents are equally important in its design.

In the homepage, you have a full-page image slider with split-screen design. Where you can present your best works with a few lines about it and a call to action buttons. All the navigation menu options are hidden behind the hamburger menu so that you have more screen space. Bato is a multi-page template with a separate page for portfolio, where you can list all your work with images. Like most modern minimal website templates, this one also uses texts in its design. Fonts used in this template not only look modern and stylish but also increase the readability of the texts.

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Noah is also similar to the Bato template mentioned above. But the designer of this template uses a different design approach. With the full-width layout and lots of white space, this template gives you lots of space to neatly add big contents and web elements. The sections of this template are arranged so that it puts you at the top. For example, on the homepage, you have about section with subtle transition effects, social media profile links, and a call to action button.

Bold background texts indicate each section in the homepage. Image holders are made big enough to handle large images to showcase high-resolution images without any issues. Though this is a minimal template with lots of white and black color combo, the designer has also used other mild-colors for web elements.

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Riddle is the best website template for creative artists, especially graphic designers. The simple clean design of this template makes the colorful images look more vibrant. In the homepage, you get space to add a few lines about you at the header and a mini portfolio to hook the new visitors with your best works. The portfolio section in the homepage uses a full-width layout with fully stretched image holders so that you can easily add images of any orientation.

Since this template has lots of white space, the designer made the texts bold and big to use. Image holders in the subpages are designed creatively to give life to the template. In all the pages you have a separate section reserved to add a few lines about you. As you can see in the demo, the intro section shows your experience and expertise.

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Connect (FREE)


Connect is another simple content-focused website template. If you think your work is your best identity, then this template is the one for you. The default design of this template put your work to the core of the design. Instead of using a formal design style, this template designer adopts a more casual design language, which makes the Connect a perfect option for the personal website templates. The split screen design of this template gave you enough space to add images and texts side by so that you can explain your work elegantly to the users. To maintain the design consistency, all the subpages in this template also use the same split screen design. The fluorescent green like color scheme for the web elements look vibrant on this template and get user attention easily.

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Transcend is a creative website template, which can be used for both personal and professional use. Since this template is designed for professional purpose as well, you get plenty of promotional elements. Bold texts and big sections made interaction easier on mobile devices and desktops. This template gives you lots of space for adding text contents as well so that you can explain more about your work and services.

If you are about to take your artwork into a profession, this template could help you reach more audience. Promotional elements are combined with the creative design of the template so that you can genuinely promote your business to visitors. Important homepage section navigation options are given in the header and the whole list of navigation options are given separately in the hamburger menu.

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Suitcase is designed exclusively for creative freelancers. If you are a freelancer and looking to take your business to the next level, take a look at our freelancer website template collection. The clean design of this template gives you enough space to share your works elegantly to the users. Visual effects are combined with the simple design of this template to create an interactive website template. This template allows you to add likes to your work so that you can know which work of yours is admired a lot by your users. Since this template is designed for business use you have elements like testimonials, animated counters to show your experience and skills. Both at the header and the footer you have a call to action button to let the user know you are available for new projects.

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Sonar uses the parallel grid design with patterns to creatively share your work. Visual effects are also used effectively to match the creative design of the template. Patterns and typographies are widely used design elements in modern web design. With the help of the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework the creative elements were brought to life. Lots of space in the template is reserved for the image, image holders of different sizes are used so that you can add an image of any orientation easily. At the top bar, you have space to add social media profile links and your logo.

All the navigation options are given behind the hamburger menu icon. The best part of this template is it is a multi-page template, all the subpages also follow the same creative design. Even the icons in the template are customized to match the overall design of the template. Detailing is this template’s unique feature, making it a perfect fit for the artist websites. If you are looking for Free artist website templates with lots of space for images, this template would be a good choice.

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Sierra is the best example of the modern website template. This template is filled with useful creative elements to highlight important content elegantly. The pristine clean design of the template gives a floating feel to the users as they scroll from header to footer, plus the colorful web elements look more vibrant on this template. Color shifting hover effects are used for the gradient color scheme web elements, which gives a lively feel. Shadow effects highlight a content block when the user hovers over it.

The Sierra is a multi-page template with all the basic subpages pre-designed for you. With this template you get pages like about, services and portfolios, all the subpages follows the same modern clean design. Vector icons are used in this template and customized to fit in well with the overall design of the template.

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Halo is similar to the Transcend template mentioned above, but this template has a different layout design. This template is exclusively designed for the photography studios. Hence this template can be used for both personal and business use. With the full-width layout and big sections, this template gave us ample space to add big content and images. On the homepage at the header, you have a big image slider with sleek transition effects. As most of the space is reserved for the images, hover effects are used to add texts so that you can share a few lines about the project. The footer section is made dark to mark the boundary of the main content area. In the footer, you can add big texts contact details and social media profile links. If you want fully-equipped free artist website templates, this template will impress you.

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Personal website template is designed for professional freelancers. From the header to the footer you have many elements to promote you and your business. To match the clean design of the layout, mild color schemes are used in this template, which helps you to easily highlight important contents. Shadow and depth effects are used in this template to highlight the contents and web elements from the clean background. Other pages you get with this template are pricing table, portfolio, services and contact page. You can add newsletter subscription options and social media profile links at the footer.

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Personify is purely a personal website template. This template has plenty of space to add your images and increase your visibility among the visitors. The homepage has a split-screen layout to add your image and a few lines about you and your services. Other pages with this template are portfolio, resume, and contact. All the subpage follows the same split-screen design. The navigation menu options are hidden behind the hamburger menu. At the footer of the hamburger menu, you have the space to add social media profile links. Free artist website templates like this will be a good choice for personal websites.

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