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Magento 2 brought many useful features. In fact, Magento saw a major leap in its second iteration. Hence, you have to pick Magento 2 themes in order to enjoy the latest feature the Magento has to offer fully. For starters, the biggest step up is the admin panel. Magento 1 users might take a little time to get used to the new admin panel, but it is far more better than the Magento 1 admin panel. Everything is direct, and the site owners can customize the panel to access important information quickly.

The welcome addition in the Magento 2 is the drag and drop function to customize the store look and easily manage it. For example, if it takes nearly one hour to rearrange the products and home page sections in Magento 1, it would nearly take 10 mins max in Magento 2. Now you might understand why I mentioned you have to pick “Magento 2 themes” in order to experience the latest features. All themes in this list support Magento’s latest iterations, and they will be periodically updated to meet the latest standards. As a result, you will have complete peace of mind.

Here are the best Magento 2 themes to help you make a powerful online store.

Best Magento 2 Themes


best multipurpose Magento 2 theme

Armania is one of the best-selling Magento 2 themes. Being a multipurpose Magento 2 theme, this one has covered almost all major online store categories in this pack.

All you have to do is to pick the niche you want and start building your online dream store. This template receives periodic updates; therefore, you can rest assured that your store runs on the latest version. Plus, you get all the latest and greatest features the Magento platform has to offer in its latest updates. If you are a web development agency or a web development professional, multipurpose Magento themes like this save your time and money.

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best magento 2 theme for furniture and fashion stores

Koller is also a modern Mangento 2 theme with 12 pre-designed modish-looking demos.

Each demo is unique and is designed for fashion and furniture stores. Therefore, you get a variety of designs that you can use for your website. Apart from the design, this is a feature-loaded eCommerce store template. The creator has given all the features that modern online store owners must-have to deliver an uncompromised shopping experience for their users. Moreover it is a periodically updated Magento theme, so you will get the latest features as per the market demand and user needs.

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simple and elegant magento 2 theme

Spozy is a simple Magento 2 theme with a handful of predesigned demos. This theme pack has eight demos as of writing this post. You can expect more new demos in future updates.

What makes this Magento template standout from other Magento 2 themes is its dedicated design for the mobile version. If you are just launching your online store and not in a stage to make an app for your store, Magento themes with a well-optimized mobile design like this will help you cover the mobile users and let them shop easily on the go. Once you add the security layers your site requires, you can let your audience purchase products from their handheld devices itself.

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Porto is a flexible theme with a rock-solid code structure. This is not only one of the best selling Magento 2 themes but also the best selling WordPress theme. Therefore, you can understand this theme’s code quality level. This template pack has 25 pre-made demos as of writing this post. Each demo is unique and is designed for different purposes. The powerful admin dashboard allows you to control and customize the website as per your needs. Having well-optimized themes like this makes the website owner’s job simple and easy. Since this theme supports the latest Magento version, it can easily handle all new extensions.

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Claue is the best Magento theme for fashion and apparel stores. The creator has included demos for medical stores and food stores as well in the recent updates. Therefore, this template covers all major online store categories. Apart from the regular online store features, a unique feature in this template is it supports Google AMP out of the box. If you are getting more visitors from mobile devices, Magento 2 themes like this will help you get more mobile visitors.

Multiple header & footer designs and multiple layouts are given in this pack to let you easily make your dream website. Above all, this theme has a front-end editor tool to let you make changes without even touching the code. The creator has made the front-end editor tool as sophisticated as possible. For instance, you can simply drag & drop the given components and make a webpage with the elements you want.

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Fastest is one of the few Magento templates that have designs for both Magento 2 and Magento 2. For some reason, if you can’t leave the Magento 1 version, this theme will help you make the website you want. Just like its name, this theme concentrates on providing sleek user-experience. Ajax fly carts and ajax search options make the website dynamic and easy-to-use.

Design-wise, this template covers all major online store categories. You can pick any demo from its available 20 demo variations. Customizations are made as simple as possible to make the site owner’s life easier. For example, this theme supports drag & drop mega menu builder. Hence, you can build a user-friendly navigation menu in no time using this template. Speaking of dynamic features and dynamic websites, take a look at our dynamic website templates collection for more interactive website designs.

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Athlete2, as the name implies, this is a sports store website template. The creator has used bright, vibrant colors to give a study character to this template. Plus, the funky colors easily draw user attention as soon as they land on your website. Though the layout and colors give a sporty character to the website, the lack of powerful animation in a few demos dulls the overall experience. But still, you can add your own custom animations to make the website livelier. This template uses the latest CSS framework, so you can use any modern web animation effects without any hitch. Take a look at our CSS animation examples collection for fresh ideas.

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The Martfury is the best option if you want to make a big market website using the Magento platform. Since this theme is designed for big markets right from the beginning, the layout is flexible enough to handle large inventories. Quick hover action options and handy call to action buttons will deliver a smooth user experience. Mobile versions are also designed carefully like desktop versions; hence, mobile users can easily search and interact with your market store. This theme pack has six Magento 2 themes. Right from the shopping page to the checkout page, everything is given in this theme. All features are fully functional and are neatly integrated into the dashboard. Therefore users can manage their website easily without touching the code too often.

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Molla will easily impress minimal website design lovers. This template has 20 pre-designed demos. More new designs are added in the updates, so you can expect more demos in the future updates. One unique demo in this pack is the Instagram shop design. If you have a strong Instagram profile for your products and love to level-up your business, the Instagram Shop design in this pack will come in handy for you. All 20 demos have a clean minimal design with lots of white space. The white spaces not only improve the visual aesthetics but also make the interactions easier.

Magento CMS builder extension is pre-bundled in this pack. Therefore you can easily edit the blocks and use it to make your custom web pages in minutes. The creator has tried to give most of the basic features as built-in options, which makes the Molla as one of the best value for money Magento 2 themes.

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Market is also an online market website template like the Martfure template mentioned above. You can find both traditional and modern store designs in its 23+ pre-made demo collection. All demo versions are properly optimized to perform better on the Magento 2 platform. Hence, you can rest assured that your website has all the safety features Magento has to offer. Plus, the creator updates the template periodically to make sure your Magento store stays on top. Another useful feature added in the recent update is the mobile-friendly design. Now your users will get a better experience on both computers and mobile devices because of this template’s interactive, responsive design.

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Beautifully presenting the product is very important in an online store. You can let the user feel the product fully with the help of the modern web development code scripts. There are many elements like 360-degree product view, product videos, and some are even employing AR techniques to virtually interact with the product. Thankfully, there are many sophisticated Magento extensions out there to bring AR features into your website.

The creator of this theme has clearly understood the growing advancement of the online stores and made this template’s code structure as flexible as possible. Hence, developers can add custom features easily into your Magento store. This pack has 20+ readymade Magento 2 themes, different types of product layout, and a variety of header designs. Overall, it is a good product that will help you make a powerful online store.

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Eren is a minimal responsive Magento 2 theme for fashion stores. Making a minimal online store is challenging, but the creators of the Eren have done an extraordinary job. The creator has handled the promotions and product display brilliantly with a limited number of elements. Animation effects are one of the smartest ways to show secondary menu options and action buttons when you don’t have many elements and space to use; the same is followed in this template. Interactive Hover effects are used to show quick-action buttons and add life to the product images. This template has nine demo versions. All demos have a clean minimal design, so you can pick any demo and can use it for your online store.

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AutoStore is a Magento 2 auto spare parts and equipment online store theme. Whether you have spares for legendary vehicles or sophisticated equipment for modern cars, this theme will help you make a proper online store. The creator has given you both clean designs and product-rich designs. Smartly designed web pages can handle large inventories without any issues. Once you load your product into your website, you can launch your website straightaway. Like most other Magento 2 themes in this list, this one also uses Ajax powered elements to deliver a dynamic experience to the users. Plus, quick customization options for colors, layout, and menus in the admin panel make this a friendlier and easy-to-use theme for users and site owners.

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Online food ordering has increased drastically over the past few years. If you are also planning to take your Pizza or Burger shop online, then Pizzaro will be your best option. All five demo versions are available in both regular and RTL versions. There are good quality Magento extensions out there to give a hassle-free ordering experience for the users. Since it is a Magento 2 theme, it can easily handle all the latest extensions and custom features. All basic online store features are pre-bundled in this pack; therefore, developers can skip the mundane tasks and concentrate on the custom features with a peace of mind. Speaking of Pizzas and burgers, take a look at our Food Truck website templates collection if you are into the food truck business.

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Expert Magento theme is for big online stores. The creator has given separate demos for electronic stores, hardware tools stores, and a lot more. You can quickly set up a website with this theme because of its niche-specific demo versions. The creator has given both Magento 1 and Magento 2 demo versions in this pack to give more flexibility. Since Magento 2 is the latest version, you can find more new demos and designs in Magento 2. Though this theme is designed for big stores, code optimizations are done carefully so that the web pages load faster. For those who want a hassle-free experience, this theme will be a good choice.

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Rubix Magento 2 theme will help you make a beautiful online store. The clean design of this template makes it a perfect option for furniture and interior design websites. Six different layouts are there in this template pack. All six demo versions use product images effectively to get users’ initial attention, and quick animation effects manage to retain the visitor for an extended period of time. Right from the spacing to the section arrangement, everything is perfect in this template. Plus, all elements are placed at an easily accessible spot, so all types of users can access your website without any issue.

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NatureCircle is for online organic stores. Unlike other boring organic stores, this one uses pleasant and visually attractive designs. The full-page layout is utilized properly in this template, so the interactions are easier on both computers and mobile devices. Animation effects are kept as sleek as possible in all four homepage variations. For example, when you switch between the drop-down menus, it switches seamlessly without any lag. For those who want you to make an engaging organic and fruit store website that improves your brand image, this is the best option for you. Plus, the power of the Magento 2 platform will make the store owner’s job simpler.

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Electro 2

As more and more modern users love to buy electronic products & gadgets online, online electronic stores are seeing drastic growth. The Electro 2 is the best option for you if you are offering unique electronic gadgets at an irresistible price. Full-width layouts in this template pack are properly utilized so that you have more than ample space to list your products, offers, and promotional banners. Placing the shopping category navigation bar as a separate element is a wise move. Users can easily jump to the category they want and can access the important store-related pages simultaneously without clicking link after links. This theme pack has nearly seventeen Magento 2 themes. Hence, you can make a beautiful online store in no time.

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Siemon & Salazar

Siemon & Salazar is another minimal Magento 2 theme in this list. This theme doesn’t compromise on practicality or shopping experience in the name of minimal design. A wide range of layout options and designs are given in this pack. Whether you want to make a brand website or a straightforward store design, this theme pack will have a perfect design for you. The use of bright red color for tags and labels is a smart design touch; since it easily gets user attention on the clean minimal layout. Fonts with good legibility are chosen in all eleven homepage versions. Hence, mobile and computer users can easily interact with your website without any issues.

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Infinit is a multipurpose Magento theme that has designs for both Magento 2 and 1 versions. All 15+ demos are available in both regular and RTL versions. As you can see, this template gives you lots of flexibility and options. Developers will find this template extremely easy to work with. Most of the customizations are neatly integrated into the admin panel itself. Therefore, store owners can easily manage their websites without touching the code too often. Since it has Magento 2 &1 designs, it can support a wide range of Magento extensions. This template’s entire feature is given on its landing page — Take a look at it to know more about this template.

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Biolife is an online organic fruit and vegetable store website template. This one also has a trendy design like the NatureCircle Magento 2 theme mentioned above. The clean layouts of this template and fresh fruit images give a refreshing look to the theme. New users will get perked up by this theme’s trendy color schemes. Since this theme uses the latest CSS script, colors look more vibrant, and animations are smooth. Popup banners and other promotional elements are built right into the theme to make the site owner’s life simple. Talking about popup banners, take a look at our MailChimp email templates collection to run a successful email campaign.

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PetShop is a bootstrap-based Magento2 theme. The flexible layout and responsive design make this template one of the best responsive Magento 2 themes to use. The use of dog bones and paw marks on the background does give a proper ambiance to the user. Placing the categories right below the homepage header section will help the user to quickly find the supplies they want. You can use little more sharp-looking icons to enhance the visual richness of the website on high-res screens. The creator has shared all code scripts in the download file; hence, the developers can easily work with this template. Speaking of high-res screens, take a look at our Retina Shopify themes collection if you want a stunning looking Shopify website.

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Mella is a stylish Magento 2 theme. The clean layout and the trendy looks make this template a perfect pick for fashion stores. This template pack has 16+ versions. Each demo is unique, and you even get an Instagram shop demo version to help you easily make a suitable online store for you. The clean layout is neatly carried to all the pages on the template so that you get a consistent design and a template that is easy to brand. Different footer and header designs are also given along with different layouts. Therefore, you can make a unique online store without breaking a sweat.

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online bag store

PackingKing is a unique Magento 2 theme. This theme is originally designed for luggage and backpack stores. The creator has played with white spaces smartly to make a visually attractive website. Bright colors and modern fonts grab user attention easily as soon as they land on the website. Though this theme pack has only one demo version, all basic inner pages are pre-designed for you. Hence, you can set up a proper online brand store with this template.

You can see all types of filter options on the shopping page. Since it is an online bag store theme, you also get options to filter the bag size and colors. Animations and transitions are kept very light in this theme design so that it won’t take much time to load. For example, you can seamlessly switch between the list view and grid view on the shopping page with just a click of a button. If you are looking for a Magento luggage and backpack theme that gives a better experience to both site owners and site visitors, the PackingKing theme will be a good choice.

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fashion store theme

Zonex is another fashion store theme in this Magento 2 themes list. This theme pack has eight demo versions as of writing this post, and more new demos are lined up for the next update. One of the biggest advantages of buying a periodically updated website theme is your website will stay secure, and you also get the latest features Magento has to offer. Right from the shopping pages to the contact pages, everything is pre-designed for you in this pack. Once you are done linking the pages and listing them on the navigation menu, you are all set to launch your website.

The default design of this template makes it a perfect fit for small stores and new brand stores. An equal amount of importance is given for both shopping pages and blog pages so that you can share your products and articles easily with your audience. Magento has become more user-friendly in the recent update, and the creator has made sure that you get all the latest features right out of the box.

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online organic store theme

As the name implies, this is an online farming and vegetable store. With the eight varieties of homepage designs and customizable inner pages, this theme will help you create your online dream store within minutes. A clean layout and the bright green color scheme give a refreshing look to the website. Plus, the smooth animations make the website even more livelier and easy to use. Hover effects are smartly calibrated so that users can easily interact with the products and can pick the best product without spending much of their time.

Quick actions like the add to the favorite, quick look, and compare options are shown when you hover over the product image. So the users can quickly add the products to their wish list and can explore it later when they have time. Right from drop-down action to the image transition effects, everything is smooth in this template. Since this theme uses the latest CSS and Bootstrap framework, you can expect a buttery smooth experience on both computers and mobile devices.

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