Resume, online CV, Portfolio, Professional vCard, personal curriculum vitae website or whatever you prefer calling it, the important thing is these are an awesome tool to impress the employers or recruiters remarkably. If you are here in search of professional online resume templates to be ahead of the job competition, you need to look no further. In this roundup, I’ve created a handpicked collection of best free HTML & Bootstrap resume templates.

The free responsive portfolio website templates come packed with simple, intuitive, enchanting, mindblowing elements. Moreover, they are all SEO friendly, lightweight, fast loading. Furthermore, they are packed with extraordinary design interface which helps you convince your interviews. Therefore, it will probably give you an opportunity be get unbeaten priority in the applicant shortlist.

Key Features of Free Bootstrap HTML Online Resume Templates

As resume represent you, it should be streamlined, highly articulate, and professional which can describe your essential and required details as applicated perfectly. Free HTML5 website templates for professional resume websites come with each detail that is asked for as requirements. So, I am going to include key features that every smart resumes ship included.

Career Object

Career object is one of the crucial parts of an online resume. It indicates you deep of thinking, personality and capability to take the company to the forward. So, when you head to select an HTML5 personal resume website template, you should prioritize the one which offers beautiful space to express insight details for your career objective.

Professional Experience

Professional experience section is another highly prioritized and the most crucial part of a resume; It should make it simple for employers to understand your capability to work them. So, when you are going to download HTML resume templates, make sure your desired piece includes a section to combine all working experience engagingly.

Skills and Proficiency

The section represents your educational background, should come with the sequential placement of your every educational degree, passing years, and intuitional details. Such website sections should be concise and straightforward.

Education Experience

The section represents your educational background, should come with the sequential placement of your every educational degree, passing years, and intuitional details. Such website sections should be concise and straightforward.

Technical Feature

When your digital resume website template offers perfectly adaptability with your key contents that are essential for submitting a resume as an applicant, you should focus on checking website specific technical features. It should be readily responsive and mobile friendly; it means whatever devices your recruiters use, it can be visible all where.

Brower compatibility is another key technical feature of responsive HTML online resume template; it keeps your resume website shining throughout the all modern browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and more.

To provide optimized performance throughout viewing devices and modern browsers, Bootstrap HTML5 resume template website template should be lightweight and fast loading so that it can render your resume website by all mean.

When your goal is to get employers to find you online and contact you with their project, it is time to select SEO friendly professional resume HTML template.

I bet, now you have got a clear idea of best resume website template, now get to the list one by one and download your desired theme for your CV website.


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Meetme is a sensibly designed personal website template for professionals. The homepage of the template is treated like a resume page, which gives a quick overview of you and your services. It is a multi-page template so you can list all your services and portfolios in a separate page. The homepage header section is designed like a vcard to give a clear idea of you and your experience. Timeline designs and animated skill bars are used to give an interactive visual of your experience and skill sets.

If you are a freelancer, this template serves you as both resume template and business website template. The code base of this template is flexible enough for you to edit a feature or to add your own feature. Cool gradient color scheme is used in this template, which gives a fresh look to your website. Visual effects are subtle and elegant so that they do not overshadow your works in the portfolio.

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Ronin is almost similar to the Meetme template mentioned above, but this one has its own unique design. With the pristine clean design, this template clearly shows the content to the users. Shadow and depth effects are used to neatly highlight the important web elements from the rest of the design elements and contents. In the homepage header section, you have space to add your image, which gives your image better visibility on your website.

Just like the above resume template, this one is also a multi-page template so you have more than enough space to explain your services and experience. Mostly font awesome icons are used in this template so you have more than enough well-optimized icon options to choose from. The color shifting effects for the gradient color call to action buttons adds richness to the template. Throughout the template, the transition effects and the animation effects are kept very minimal to make it the best fit for professional use.

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Steve is a trendy looking website template for freelancers and creative professionals. It is a multipurpose template, which you can use for both personal websites and professional websites. Bright colors are used for the color scheme to get the user attention as soon as they land on your website. The colors are balanced well throughout the template so that you can give an appealing look to your website. In the homepage header section, you have a big space to add your image and give a short intro of you.

A call to action button is also placed in the header section to let the user know that you are ready to hire. Since it is a multi-purpose website template you also get other pages like the about, portfolio, and contact page. A separate page is given for you to explain the project in your portfolio. A blog page template is also given in this package. If you are planning to share your expert tips to drive traffic to your website, these blog templates will come in handy for you.

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Curriculum Vitae

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MyProfile is creatively designed meticulously coded, lightweight, fascinating, astounding and mesmerizing interactive resume website template. My profile is perfect for those who are looking for incredible website HTML template for showcasing their personal details, working history, specialties, skills, working experience, education, marketplace profile, portfolio, testimonial, contact form and more.

The developer of uiCookies has grounded up this site template with extream care. so, it’s quite lightweight and fast loading. On top of that, it has successfully passed the Google responsive check. It means it can easily be viewed from the Desktop, Notebook, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and more. The free mobile-friendly HTML5 template features with the colorful and mesmerizing interface, Font Awesome, Google fonts and Google map. With this template, you can create a stunning website seamlessly with minimum or without knowing coding to code.

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Online CV

Online CV-Resume-Template
OnlineCV is another elegant, easy to use, high stunning, and graphically intuitive, visually astounding personal resume website template. The template is saturated with modern technology and color combination. With this SEO optimized, fast loading, W3C validated website template comes combined with everything that you need to adorn with your curriculum vitae site beautifully. The UI and content arrangement is creative, allows you to create professional, educational, and technical expertise gorgeously.

The template is highly effective and comes with an imaginative implementation of uiCookies developers which let freelancers, engineers, creative artists, developers, photographer, designers to create their professional resume with ease. The one page responsive HTML template let you include Google fonts, icon fonts, and other third-party scripts without any complication.

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ResumeX is amazingly clean, effectively engaging, highly stunning, graphically polished, purely aesthetic, endlessly customization, fast loading and SEO friendly online resume website template. It comes included with a visually attractive element like intuitive typography and gorgeous color combination. The responsive bootstrap resume website template is optimized for preparing a resume for UpWork, Freelance,r Envato Studio, PeoplePerHour and other freelance marketplaces. ResumeX has been crafted on the solid foundation of Bootstrap framework. It means you can use the ready element of Bootstrap with ease.

Simultaneously, this template cross-browser compatible and mobile devices ready. It can easily be viewed from browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and more. If you are a car mechanic, photographer, copywriter, video editor, online marketer, creative artist, website frontend developer, website backend developer, software engineer, civil engineer or handyman, the ResumeX template can fit to make you an elegant resume with ease.

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if you are looking for a template that has got the elements to showcase your qualification and professional expertise then Personify is probably the one that you were searching for! This template includes everything that you might require to create a jaw-dropping personal/VCard website that perfectly showcases your dexterity. Personify has a split screen web design. Thus, you can stuff in your personal as well as the professional information on the one half of the screen and the other half can be used for inserting your images.

Whether you are a freelancer or a just a job seeker, this fully responsive as well as a feature-laden template will take care of everything. All you got to do is insert your brilliance into the website and prepare for the interview. Interestingly, writing a striking bio and creating that remarkably amazing resume will be no more a hectic job with this template.

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CVPortfolio is one of the online HTML resume templates that has the sleek and elegant design stuffed with all the mind-boggling features. This template is a little more than just an average website template. So, embrace yourself to stand out from your competitors in this extremely competitive job market! CVportfolio not just carters the need of the job seekers or the freelancers but it can also be the ultimate choice of those who are looking forward to allure new clients towards their service. One of the best features of this template is its categorized portfolio. It got different sections to display your educational qualification, write your bio, showcase your skills, and other proficiencies.

Animated statistics, on the other hand, makes your website more engaging and more entertaining. In addition to that, it has plenty of other options that will surely keep your visitors or your probable employers or potential clients hooked. Moreover, it is fully responsive and also profoundly optimized for search engines. Thus, it will also boost your online presence. And who knows, this website may get you your dream job!

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What is the most important thing to do if you are to find a job through online? To have a portfolio website that has your personal page presented in the most captivating way, right? And what can be better than having a resume website template to ease up the things. Ramirez is a free online resume template create a dashing online portfolio website. And keeping a step away from the norms, this template allows you to simply provide a link to your personal page to your employer rather than sending them an email.

Moreover, this template comes along with two demos, unlike the others. One is in the light version whereas the other one is a bit darker. So, you have the option to go with the option that you think is more suitable for you. Furthermore, this amazing template is fully responsive, retina ready and cross-browser compatible. Thus, you online resumes will look outstanding on any devices and on any browser. Some other notable features of this template are scroll animations and loading, skill bars, neat timeline, categorized portfolio and a blog section.

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Are you a creative professional in search template that will help you in creating an outstanding resume that will help you find the job of your interests. Well, in that case, Resume can bring your search for the perfect template to an end. This modern, elegant template sports alluring welcome banners that create a remarkable first impression. Besides, it includes different sections for qualification and skill bars. In addition, it has a section a special section to showcase your technical expertise and professional skills to convince the job givers.

To make the website more captivating and look more professional, it also allows you to showcase the latest and complex projects that you have accomplished. And, to keeps your potential employers hooked there’s a chat option available. Moreover, Resume has a working contact form included in it so as it make it easier for people to get in touch with you.

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Katt is a spectacularly clean, responsive, highly flexible, carefully curated online portfolio website template. The features that this template incorporates will just sweep you off your feet. Along with being a fabulous online portfolio template, it can also be used for building a creative blog website. Ain’t that great? Thus, it suitable for various purposes and is best suited for artists, designers, freelancers, musicians, and bloggers.

With this template, you can portray your work experience, dexterity and your educational qualification in the best possible way. Therefore, this template can help you generate a new avenue towards your future job. Moreover, to make your Curriculum Vitae stronger, you can add up some blogs that showcase your expertise in the field. In addition to that, it also has a fully functional contact page. This template is also fully responsive assuring the perfect view of the CV page on all sorts of devices ranging from handheld mobile phones to laptops and desktops. All in all, this template is everything one can look for to get themselves an attention-grabbing portfolio website!

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Civic is one such template that would be of a great help to make you cable enough of standing ahead in the intense global competition among the job seekers. This template is an amazingly developed and beautifully crafted with plentiful of astonishing features that you just awe you. It allows you to advertise your talent and professional expertise in the online job market. Thus, it one of the best ways to get you to your dream job.

Using this template to create a captivating online resume is almost like zero investment with cent percent return. Why? Because it is a free template with premium like features. This template includes a quick bio section to insert the best of you and your work. Also, it has a large timeline. In addition, it has a portfolio and skills section. Thus, it makes it easier to showcase your proficiencies and your professionalism. Besides, this template has an active, working contact form to get you in touch with your potential employers or clients.

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If you are a graphic designer or a developer, you will love this template. Instead of adding your image or photograph, the designer has a digital character of yours. After Apple’s crazy animoji feature creating your digital character is widely becoming popular among the users. Apart from the colorful vectors, this template has a creative layout. In the homepage itself, you have the option to download the resume. It is a multi-page template and has a separate page for the portfolio. By making a few refinements to the design, you can make this template a good fit for your personal and online CV website.

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Louie is a regular personal website template with some trendy web elements. If you don’t wish to try something out of the box and stick with the safe plan, this is the template for you. As soon as the user gets into your website, the first thing they see is you and your welcome message. All the navigation options are added on the left side sticky bar. This familiar layout will let the user easily navigate throughout your website. You have a fully stretched Instagram widget in all the page. You can replace the Instagram widget with the element you want.

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Elen is almost similar to the Louie template mentioned above. But this one is designed for bloggers. In the homepage header section, you have space to add a quick intro of you. You can either add a link to download your resume in the header section or use a separate page for your resume. Since this one is designed for bloggers and writers categories on the left sidebar. You can use this template as a base and can create your own custom template.

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Mona is a perfect online resume and personal website template for artists and models. With this template, you can elegantly showcase all your beautiful photographs. The designer has actually treated it as a business website, so you get testimonial elements and other promotional elements. But you can use them or just remove them as per your requirement. We get plenty of pages with this template. Pro tip, you can use this template as your personal website and add resume page as one of the subpages on your website. The developer has kept the code structure really simple so that you can easily edit and add the features you want.

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in today’s era, you need to think beyond the average to stand out of the crowd. And what could be better than advertising your talents online to mark a spot in the market? Well, Format is the best way to get the job done. The format is an elegant yet sophisticated, fully responsive, ultra flexible, carefully curated online portfolio website template. This template has been developed giving extra attention to every element in it. Not even a single element is placed as a secondary element. Each and every feature in it has been given equal attention. Thus, it is one of the best online resume templates with extraordinary features to develop interesting, attention-grabbing CV page for you.

Whether you are a freelancer, designer in search of a job or an agency looking out for some new clients, this template is just perfect for you! It is retina ready and profoundly optimized for search engines. Besides, this template features a pop-up video that makes your website more interesting. Additionally, it includes a smooth overlay for the portfolio that makes it look stunning. Also, this template sports an animation upon scrolling to give your personal page that wow factor.

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To Sum Up

Lastly, I’ve put together both free and premium HTML CSS online resume templates. I believe, from this website CV template list, you can find the one you desired. If you find this article helpful, feel free to check out on our other similar articles.

Which template have you downloaded and what feature convinced you? Do let us know through your valuable comments from the comment box below. Or if there’s any template that you think fits in the list, let us know about that as well. It would be our pleasure to add it to our list!

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