List of the best premium transportation websites templates to help you make logistics company websites, freight forwarding websites, shipping websites, cargo websites, and a lot more.

In the modern tech world, we can shop from our homes and instantly get whatever we want. Manufacturing industries import the best materials all around the world to give the best product for their local customers. All these happen only because of the transportation industry. If you are in the chain of connecting millions of people’s dreams and livelihood, these transportation websites templates will help you reach customers all around the world.

The transportation websites templates in this list have not only contemporary looks but also have functional tools that modern users expect. Your users can quickly see your warehouse networks, what locations you cover, and can make a quick cost calculation from your website itself. To be precise, these transportation websites templates are not just website templates; they are your online business companion that can boost your business.

Best Transportation Website Templates

Logistico (HTML Template)

sensibly designed HTML transportation website template

Logistico is a sensibly designed HTML transportation website template for logistics. The clean homepage design lets you explain the service clearly to the audience. Plus, you get useful elements like the quote request forms on the homepage to improve the user engagement rate.

Since it is an HTML template, all elements are working smoothly from the front-end side. Once you have taken care of the backend work, your website is ready to serve the audience worldwide. Fundamental business website pages are included in this template. You can edit the existing page code and can create a custom page as your requirement grows.

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LogisticExpress (HTML Template)

modern transportation website template with a bold look

LogisticExpress is a modern transportation website template with a bold look. Users can easily find the service/feature they want because of this template’s straightforward design.

All elements are placed directly in front of the users so that they can quickly complete the actions and take care of the rest of their work. A shipping/cargo tracking search bar is placed on the homepage header section to let the user search and find their package location as soon as they land on your website. If you are planning to make a user-centric transportation website, templates like this will be a good choice.

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Foundation2 (HTML Template)

sophisticated transportation website template

Foundation2 is a professional and sophisticated transportation website template. Modern web elements are handled precisely in this template. As a result, you get a stunning-looking website.

Parallax sections are used throughout the template to deliver an immersive user experience as the user scrolls down the page. Another advantage of parallax sections is site owners can highlight the important sections without making them look odd. You will notice that the icons used in this template are crisp, and moreover, they are related to the transportation website niche. All icons and images used in this template are included in the download file, so developers can easily work with this template and can create a proper website in no time.

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Logistic (HTML Template)

attention-grabbing transportation website template

Those who are looking for an attention-grabbing transportation website template will love this template. Each and every element is made bigger and bolder not only to draw the user’s attention but also to make the interactions easier. The biggest advantage of this template’s bold design is that mobile users can clearly see the content and interact with the elements without any issues.

Lots of space is given for images and videos, making this template a better option for entrepreneurs who want to deliver a storytelling experience to their audience. By making a few changes to the design, you can make this template reflect your brand. Overall, Logistic is a user-friendly and developer-friendly HTML website template.

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Transport is one of the well-equipped and powerful transportation websites templates. This theme pack has designs for the logistics of all sizes. Whether you are providing worldwide shipping service or providing truck services within the country, this template pack will have a perfect design for you. All eight theme variations have a neat full-width layout on which texts and images look sharp. Plus, the user can easily interact with your website on the go. This template uses the Loco plugin for translation so that users can easily view your website in the language they want. If you have customers around the globe, transportation websites templates with built-in translation options will come in handy for you.

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Cargo WordPress theme has designs for both logistics companies and delivery company websites. All three demo versions have a sensible homepage design that puts the frequently used elements at the top. For example, you get a quote request form and call to action buttons on the homepage header section. The inclusion of a cost calculator tool in the pack is another thoughtful touch. Since it is a WordPress theme, all tools and functions are in perfect working condition. Once you finalize the setup, you can simply launch your website.

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Moovit is an interactive modern transportation website template. Interactive web elements and contemporary look make this template one of the best transportation websites templates for young entrepreneurs. And even businesses who want to give a fresh look to their existing website with modern features can use this template. Since it is a WordPress theme, you can import the old data and can manage it easily.

This template has nearly five unique demos. Each demo has a straightforward design so that users can easily find what they want and can book your services quickly through your website. The creator has bundled the premium Booked Appointment plugin in this pack. All you need to do is to finalize the setup and tada! Your website can accept bookings — it’s that simple. If the online booking option is your top priority, check out our appointment scheduling website templates collection.

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Geoport is also a trendy looking website template with interactive animations. This template has three homepage variations. On the V3 version, you can see that the creator has placed the “Get a Quote” tab and “Track Your Order” tab right below the homepage header section. Hence, users can easily pick the options they want, and it also saves a lot of time. Parallax image sections do give an immersive scrolling experience, especially on the high-refresh screens. Plus, this theme uses the latest CSS3 script to provide you a buttery smooth experience. If you are looking for transportation website templates with snappier performance, Geoport is the one for you.

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Transcargo is a content-rich website template. The flat-ish design might give a conventional look to this template, but the design really excels in the practicality. All elements easily fall into the hand; hence, the user can easily interact with your website. Plus, the long homepage design gives you more than ample space to list all your services in one place. Quick customization settings are also given alongside the WPBakery page builder. As a result, you can change your website’s look with just a few clicks, and you don’t have to touch the code too often. Website owners who are taking care of their own websites will find transportation websites templates like this extremely useful.

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Pearl is one of the best selling multipurpose WordPress themes. Niche-friendly features & designs make this theme a go-to option for many professional and business website owners. The default transportation website template has a refreshing design. Trendy fonts and high-res icons give a sense of richness to the overall website design. Plus, the swift animations make the website livelier.

It has thousands of custom elements and sections since it is a multipurpose WordPress theme. All custom elements are added to the WPBakery page builder. You can simply drag & drop the elements in the place you want and make a custom webpage in no time. This theme also has the Booked Appointment plugin along with other premium plugins; hence, the value for money proportion is higher in this theme.

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Wheelco is a multipurpose transportation and logistic website template. The creator has covered packaging & moving, courier, delivery, and cargo websites in this pack. Even a truck rental service website template is given in this pack. All these unique demo concepts make Wheelco one of the versatile transportation websites templates in this list. No matter which design you pick, it has the trendy niche-specific design to deliver an impeccable user experience. For example, you get an interactive cost calculator with range sliders in the default homepage design. This theme uses the Bold Page builder tool to let you easily rearrange the sections and customize elements without touching the code. Wheelco will be a good option if you want a website that has both visually attractive designs and useful features.

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Whether you like a dynamic contemporary design or a simple classic web design, you will love this theme. The creator has given both contemporary and classic designs in this pack. Though the creator has mentioned classic designs, it still has some modern elements to meet the present-day competition. Bright orange colors are used smartly in all three demo versions to get users’ attention as soon as they get into the website. You can still use your own brand color on the website using the WPBakery page builder. Or, if you are pedantic like me, then you can use the CSS script for a more precise result.

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As the name implies, this theme is fully designed for truck transportation websites. Hence, all nine demos are related to trucking business websites. Each demo gives you a different homepage design. For instance, you get video background designs, parallax scroll design, and many more. Nearly 167 custom transportation niche-icons are included in the bundle to give a more authentic experience to the users. Apart from the icons and design elements, a really useful feature in this theme for trucking websites is the interactive Google maps. If you are making a website for a large transportation company, the Google map feature will help the user easily see the available locations.

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Morz will deliver a unique experience to your users. Each demo is designed carefully to deliver an immersive user experience. If you want your website to engage with an audience and convert him/her into a customer, Morz is the best option for you. Functionality and design play a major role in making a successful website. The creator has taken care of the design part with the Morz theme. All you have to do is to add the custom features you want on your website. Since it is a well-optimized WordPress transportation website template, it can handle all the latest tools & plugins without any issue.

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In BeTheme’s wide range of 500+ demos, you can find website designs for almost all types of websites. The creator has given you lots of flexibility and customization options when compared to all other transportation websites templates. Under the transportation category itself you get three demo versions. Even if you don’t like the default transportation website demos, you can pick other demos you like and bring the transportation web elements into it to make a proper website. A unique feature in BeTheme is it has demos for both the WPBakery and the Elementor page builders. Therefore you can build your dream website within minutes using this theme.

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Bridge is a well-known WordPress theme for its niche-specific creative design. For site owners who got bored by the same old designs, Bridge theme will give a fresh look. All 500+ demos in this template pack have a well-balanced design that has a visually attractive design and user-friendly features. Since it is a multipurpose theme, you don’t get any niche-specific features out of the box. For example, this theme doesn’t have a cost calculator and appointment booking features. But, the friendly code structure of this theme lest you add custom features and third-party extensions easily into the website. Overall, Bridge gives you a complete web design. Once you are done with the backend functionalities, you can launch your website in no time.

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Jupiter is the most flexible WordPress theme in this list. With this template’s friendly code structure and customization tools, you can build your dream website in no time. This theme also has demos for both the WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder. You can pick the theme based on the workflow you prefer. The creators have worked their way to give you separate customization for each device. For example, you can set how your website looks on mobile, iPad, and computer devices. All custom elements and animations are neatly integrated into the page builder tools, so you no need to touch the code unless you have any special needs. Speaking of phones, take a look at our iPhone mockups collection to make photorealistic images for your website.

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Phlox Pro

Phlox Pro WordPress theme is well-known for its creative, user-friendly designs. This theme pack has more than 100 readymade demos as of writing this post. Since it is one of the best-selling WordPress themes, you can expect more new demos in the upcoming updates. Though this theme doesn’t have different types of transportation website templates, it has packers and mover service website design — you can use it to make your transportation business website. The clean, straightforward design gives everything you need to make a proper transportation website. For instance, you get pricing tables and a quote request form readily in the default design itself.

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If you have a website design in your mind, then you can build it easily using the Avada theme. Avada is more than a readymade website template collection pack — it is more or less like a tool that allows you to do complex customization easily. For starters, it gives a base template for all major website niches. You can take the default demo as a base and can build your website on it. Since most of the tools in this template are designed & developed by Avada’s in-house developers, you will have a seamless experience. Plus, all your works will be synchronized so that you can manage your website easily on the go. Lots of new features are added in the recent update. Click the link below to know more about the latest features Avada has to offer.

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TransX (HTML)

TransX is an HTML transportation website template. The creator has used contemporary web elements to deliver an engaging user experience. All elements are crisp & sharp and work smoothly from the front-end side. Hence, you can concentrate on the backend functions without any worries. This theme pack has six demo versions. Each demo is unique and will help you make a user-friendly niche focused design. The latest web development frameworks used to make this template gives you full freedom to incorporate the latest tools. Even shopping pages are there on this template pack so that you can sell products and other tools easily on your website.

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Transport (HTML)

Transport is a professional-looking transport website template. This template has seven homepage variations. The creator has used hover effects smartly in all demo versions to create a stunning impression as soon as the user gets into your site. Since this theme uses the latest bootstrap and CSS script, animations are buttery smooth. Plus, mobile users will also have a smooth website experience. If you also want to use such dynamic hover effects on your website, take a look at our CSS hover effects collection.

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Logio (HTML)

Logio is a clean HTML transportation website template. All three demo versions in this theme have a plain layout on which the texts are easy to read. Plus, the animations look more evident on this template’s clean layout. The creator has kept the homepage as long as possible so that you get plenty of space to give a brief overview of your services. Inner pages are also designed carefully to maintain the design consistency and also to let you explain clearly the services. All elements work smoothly from the front-end side. Developers will find this template extremely easy to work with.

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easy-to-interact WordPress website template

Equita is a bright and attention-grabbing WordPress transportation website template. This theme pack has three demo versions. Each demo is designed sensibly to deliver a friendly user experience. Placing the transportation categories right below the header section is a wise design — users can simply get to the transportation type they want and can learn about it. The whole template can be redesigned using the powerful Elementor page builder. Each and every element is customizable; therefore, you can quickly make your dream website using this template. Plus, it is a WordPress theme, so you can add custom features easily by installing the corresponding plugin.

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subtle and elegant website template

You don’t have to fill the website with animation to make it interactive. Sometimes, subtle and graceful designs will deliver an immersive user experience. Animations are used only at the required parts that too in a precise amount so that your website will be more professional. All three demo versions in this template have the same businesslike look, so you can use this template for your transportation business corporate website. Since it is a WordPress theme, you get regular goodies like the page builder tool and the WooCommerce. If you want a decent WordPress theme that improves the professional image of your brand, you should shortlist Mikago.

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ultra-clean website template

Shiptar is an ultra-clean transportation business WordPress theme. The creator has kept the design as simple as possible so that users can easily get what they want. Trendy fonts and colorful vector icons give a fresh look to the website template. If you have the resource, you can add micro-interactions & animations to the vectors and spice-up the design. This template uses the latest bootstrap framework; hence, you can add any modern design elements and animations without any worries.

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website template with useful features

Anvoy is an interactive modern logistic website template. Since this is a WordPress website template, you can manage the content easily without even touching the code. The creator has given all customization options and theme settings on the WordPress dashboard itself. Hence, you can control all your website activity from the dashboard.

Design-wise, it is a contemporary style website template. Card elements are used throughout the website to present the information in a bite-sized form. Subtle hover effects are added to the card elements to make it interactive. Take a look at our bootstrap card design collection for more interactive card animations. Not only the cards but other important elements are also neatly animated in this template to easily grab the user’s attention. For example, you can see a blinking video play button on the header section. The creator has kept the animation as simple and neat as possible so that the website is easy to use for all types of people.

Logistic related features like the driver module, shipper module, and lot more are there in this pack. Even an order tracking option is also there in this pack. Once you finish the final optimization, you can launch your website.

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modern logistics website template

Additrans is a feature-packed logistic and transportation website template. The creator has loaded this template with lots of useful plugins to help you make a proper business website. If you are new to the WordPress platform, transportation websites templates like this will make your job simple. You don’t have to search all over the internet to find the proper plugin for your basic needs. Since all basic website needs are taken care of by the creator, you can work on the custom features and advanced options you want on your website.

This theme pack has four homepage variations, and each one of them has a slightly different section arrangement. Like most other premium WordPress themes, this one is also loaded with a page builder tool. With the help of the Elementor page builder, you can change the website looks without even touching the code. WooCommerce online shopping pages are also there in this template. Hence, you can sell your service and products easily on your website. Being one of the best eCommerce platforms, you can integrate all famous payment gateways in this template.

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animated homepage website template

Transpix is a simple and neat WordPress transportation website template. The clean, simple design of this template will make the user interaction easier. To make the homepages even more interesting, the creator has used different animation concepts. For example, you get video background homepage designs, parallax effect homepage design, and water effect homepage design. All animations are simple and are used only at the required spots, so it loads faster. You can even try your own custom animations on this template. Since this template uses the latest bootstrap and CSS script, it can handle all modern design elements and animation effects.

Apart from the different homepage designs, this theme pack also has all basic inner pages pre-designed for you. You even get different layouts for blog pages to make your job even simpler. All pages and elements can be edited easily using the Elementor page builder. Being one of the best and light-weight front-end editors, Elementor gives you infinite customization options. Once you are done with the customization work and custom feature integration works, you can launch your website.

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Global Logistics(HTML)

simple and contemporary style HTML transportation websites templates

Global Logistics is from the ThemeRex team — one of the best-selling authors on the Themeforest. The unique layout of this theme will help you make a stunning website. Even though it is an HTML website template, the creator gave you some quick customization options. For example, you can change the background colors and background patterns with just a one-click. With this template’s optimization level, you can easily convert this template into a website theme for any famous CMS platform.

Three homepage variations are there in this pack. Each homepage design is smart and makes user interaction easier. The creator has used many modern web elements to show all relevant information without taking much web page space. A horizontal timeline is given in this template to let you clearly explain your company’s growth. If you are making a website for a big logistics company, elements like the timeline will come in handy for you. Take a look at our CSS timeline design collection for more interactive timeline designs.

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