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A great way to ensure that your viewers are interested in your website is to attract their attention right from the get-go. Amazing and unique website designs, impressive user interface and various graphical visuals are great items to use. For this purpose, bootstrap template builders create dynamic and breathtaking Header designs. Many of them also create bootstrap website templates with Video background and even combine the two features to supplement this.

Video background headers hold a wide range of purposes. They can preview some of your products and how they work or demo your content. Animated videos can help artists preview their work to any of their viewers. Software companies and their websites use video backgrounds to show how their software is used in a presentable fashion. Landing pages and Coming soon pages prominently feature Video backgrounds for product promotion. The number of uses video background templates seem innumerable.

Thus, UICookies’ blog presents you with this list of highly accommodating and flexible HTML Bootstrap website templates with Video background features. These web templates were all built on the Bootstrap framework and are compatible with most website systems, whether it be CMS or not. Furthermore, this lets you integrate your website with a wide range of custom elements, scripts and more if necessary.



On the top of our list today is the professionally crafted free video background website template is Megapod. Designed for the niche of podcasts, audio books, recordings, videos and more, this template offers everything one needs to get started. It is completely responsive, retina-ready and amazing with the overall visuals. The home features a stunning section dedicated to parallax background, video files, creative typographies, CTA buttons, etc. You also get text slider, srop-down menus, hover effects, carousels, and more for added visual effect. All in all, a dark themed website template ideal for even beginners and novices, this theme is one to get started with.

Promoting your online presence is also a breeze thanks to the options for social icons, contact forms, clickable links, etc. Integrated with Google Maps, adding custom maps is also pretty easy. Not to mention the range of easy customizing options you get to personalize the whole site to your own preference. It even features various sections dedicated to inner secctions for episodes, blog, about and contact. These are great for videographers, illustrators, photographers, podcasts and more, it is pretty versatile to say the least.

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Next in line, we have another stunning videographer website template Videograph. A jaw-droppingly gorgeous free website template by Colorlib, it is visually stunning. It features stunning sections dedicated to portfolios, videos, galleries and more. All of these designed with immaculate graphics and complete responsiveness makes for a stunning visuals overall. Based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is completely flexible and customizable with minimal effort. And if you are looking to leave a lasting impression on those who land on the site, this template is the one.

For added efficiency, this theme is also designed to be cross-browser compatible, SEO ready, and enhanced for speed. It even includes options for text slider, drop-down menu, over effects, featured post carousel and more. All these adds to the efficiency while keeping your users hooked on the site. The template is also dark themed to emphasize the contents you wish to add to the site. Other notable features include niche-based icons, advanced typographies, count-down timer, social icons, and more.

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Easy resume

bootstrap website template with video background - easy resume

Easy Resume lets you create very impressive personal career websites with video banners and backgrounds. This bootstrap HTML5 template allows you to create professional looking portfolios in minutes. One of its strongest charms is its Video background feature that lets you diversify the ways for you to impress any viewer. The template is highly customizable and comes with an easy to manage flat grid pattern. This ensures that alignment and content arrangement on your website is precise and clear. Make use of dynamic images, Video backgrounds , hover animations, icon boxes, etc. Easy resume provides you all the tools necessary to create an impressive online resume for you. Boast of your skills using cool progress sliders, custom contact pages and about me pages using Easy resume.

Easy resume also ensures that cross-browser compatibility isn’t something you have to worry about. Its fully HTML5 design ensures that your website is fully functional on all web platforms and mobile phones. Each element is designed to be easily resizable to fit any screen and work flawlessly on them. Easy resume’s a great choice as far as a portfolio and personal resume websites go.

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Joy Amusement Park

bootstrap website template with video background - joy amusement park

Joy Amusement Park provides you with an amazing HTML5 website template with a video background. This business template is designed to help you advertise your business so it can reach amazing new heights. The fullscreen video background is an instant attraction to anyone that enters your website. But that’s not all! Tons of amazing widgets and tools help you build a website which can represent your business perfectly. You can use Timetables to inform customers about opening and closing time. The pricing table can be separated into multiple sections for different customer demographics. Furthermore, you can enable Online ticket booking service straight from your website. Each section and widget have been clearly designed to be distinct and unique from one another.

Joy amusement park also provides you with customer service listing sections, contact pages and more. The Gallery section is enabled with a full-screen image viewer for better viewing features. Each section is enriched with tons of hover and animation effects. Furthermore, this HTML5 theme is designed to be mobile friendly and retina ready for your convenience. It’s also extremely well coded and designed to be as lightweight as possible.

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bootstrap website template with video background - roasting

Hotel Hotel and Restaurant business can use that extra flair of a professional-looking website, and Roasting seems to agree. This HTML5 bootstrap template provides you with a stunning Video background section that can represent your entire restaurant for you. Moreover, it’s uniquely designed service listing section is designed to evoke a feeling of passion straight from your website. As the theme was made for hotels and restaurant, the theme also comes with elements and plugins designed specifically for them. This includes an image-enabled Menu section as well as a Featured menu section.

Roasting also provides you with a gallery section with a fullscreen lightbox viewer. This can be quite beneficial to help you advertise your services and all the features your restaurant can provide. Roasting also gives you custom contact pages and about pages. These pages contain specifically designed elements such as Milestones, team member listing, contact forms, etc.

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bootstrap website template with video background - fishing

Fishing is a multipurpose HTML5 website template with video background made to fit sports, animals and adventure-themed websites. You can use this website template for various types of businesses such as fishing tours, hunting, outdoor activity, surfing, traveling and more. The bootstrap powered template comes with tons of nifty features fit for a wide range of purposes. Enable your website to be a perfect attraction using cool navigation buttons and menus, image tabbed team member section as well as a gallery enabled with lightbox effects. Images and icon boxes all over the website are coupled with hover effects to improve its attraction factor. Fishing provides you with a unique service listing design with cool hover animation effects to help you establish the objectives of your business.

If you want to use tons of cool features for your business and its advertisement, you can do that as well with FIshing. The HTML template comes with a cool Team member section with Social media integration. Add the Carousel User testimonials section you have a perfect way to define how successful your business can be using Fishing. Moreover, Fishing is designed to run smoothly on all PC browsers as well as mobile platforms. Each element is perfectly coded to scale perfectly on all resolutions and not lose quality whatsoever.

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bootstrap website template with video background - graduation

Graduation is a great educational website template with video background features. Because it was coded using HTML5, the web template is completely mobile friendly and is responsive to all types of digital devices. The parallax effects enabled web template can be used for various educational websites. This includes learning hubs, cooking schools, university websites, creative digital agencies, language schools, and music lessons. Use the background video banner section to invite your new students to your agency’s hospital services. The added benefit of cool text sliders, smooth scrolling, hover effects and flat design will only work to improve your website’s presentation factor.

Moreover, the web template also comes with pre-built elements for your website. Use Graduation’s gallery and gallery lightbox to display the extent of your educational capabilities. Similarly, the icon boxes can be used with the service sections to display the full range of the services you can provide. Graduation also provides you with a custom sign in/sign up forms for your online services. Each element is designed to resize perfectly on all displays and resolutions perfectly. You just can’t go wrong with this website template with video background features.

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Schooling bootstrap website template with video background

Schooling provides you with an amazing HTML template built primarily for education institutions, tutoring agencies, and consultancies. The entire web template consists of highly dynamic elements built to attract enthusiastic learners and students. The fullscreen video background feature can be quite great increase user attraction. While the Header menu isn’t drop-down, its transparent and hover effect design complement the video background quite well. The button and logo section is very minimalist and clean as well. Furthermore, the video background functions perfectly on mobile phones as well. The Boostrap website template with video background provides a Smooth scroll effect to give you a fluid browsing experience. The various sections are well designed and can have a wide range of color combinations.

The photo gallery and portfolio section can show detailed images of your institution custom hover effects. The reservation form submission has been hand made for schools and universities. Users can use these reservation forms to fill in appointment forms straight from your website. Schooling comes with a custom Testimonials section with parallax effects and custom icons to give your website users a better understanding of your organization. The contact section has a unique design that comes with an inbuilt contact form. The mixture of all these elements creates an atmosphere in your website well fitting for educational institutions. The entire web template was built using HTML5 and CSS3, so it is so lightweight and highly optimized.

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Cruise. bootstrap website template with video background

Travel agencies and Cruise trip organizers will have a field day out of this responsive web template. Cruise is a minimalistic HTML template that we would highly recommend to tour operators, cruise adventure and resort organizers. The web template is filled with tons of amazing parallax effects and animation effects. Place amazing video banners using Cruise which also features an accommodating header design. The header and menu fill perfectly with the video background and provide efficient site navigation to users. The custom parallax effects make it so that the web elements pop up as your viewers scroll down. The services section lets you place useful textual info alongside custom icons.

For you and your customers’ convenience, Cruise also comes with a Google Map embed. The number of uses this can have for a touring and cruising agency seems almost infinite. The custom contact form also comes with an adjoined newsletter form to inform your customers about any upcoming trips or deals. While the entire web template is flat based, you can use the quick links on both the footer and headers to view any section at any time. The custom goes to top button is an ever-present boon to your viewers as well. The entire web template was built using Bootstrap framework, Jquery plugins, and HTML. Cruise is completely mobile friendly with all its retina-ready elements and navigation features fit for mobile viewing as well.

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Frequent Flyer

Frequent-flyer bootstrap website template with video background

Built for adventurers, Frequent Flyer presents you with an amazing Bootstrap website template with video background. The fullscreen background is a great feature that is put to maximum use for travel and adventure related websites. Adventure blogs can put their own vlogs as their video background or even videos of amazing visuals for their viewers to see. The entire website is extremely social friendly as well to allow you to spread your stories round the world. Custom Social bars can be placed all over the website as well as the footer.The entire web template presents itself with custom animations and hover effects. The buttons and hover effects fit perfectly with the impressive color scheme of the template as well.

The template lets you enable images with parallax effects where hover. This is also implemented in the Team members section where Social links for the corresponding members appear if you hover over them. The sectioned and structured form of the flat designed website template is sure to impress any potential viewer or customer as well. A frequent Flyer is a marketing tool as well as you can also use the flexible video background for advertisement. The service listings section can also be useful for organizations working in a competitive environment. The photo gallery section also comes with hover effects as well as a lightbox gallery display as well. Show off breathtaking scenes and all your impressive photography portfolios using Frequent flyer’s gallery section.

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Travelo bootstrap website template with video background

If you’re planning to streamline the entire advertising aspect of your tourism agency, then Travelo is the web template for you. This highly responsive bootstrap website template is filled with features primed for this exact purpose. Right off the bat your website can greet your customers with an amazing fullscreen Video background. The video background blends in with not only the custom menu but also the Booking bar. The booking bar can help your customers easily book for their trips. However, making them consider this decision is inherently difficult. This is why the entire website is optimized for leads generation using the service listing section with Custom icon boxes and Featured image boxes.

Travelo provides you with image sliders to use as a Gallery preview to show the various exotic locations you can cover. Videos, as well as blog sections, can be used to provide valuable information to any of your website viewers. Website owners can also insert valuable critics or user reviews using the Testimonials section which can have a hyperlink as well. The entire website template is also completely advertisement friendly and banner ads can be placed as well. The entire bootstrap website template is compatible with all forms of digital platforms. The bootstrap responsive design and HTML5 and CSS3 coding also allow Travelo to be compatible with any external scripts or plugins you would like on your website.

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Ice Berg

Ice berg bootstrap website template with video background

Iceberg is a multi-page Bootstrap website template with video background built for Tourism planners and Travel agencies. The color theme and the layout design of the website is very unique and beautiful. The home page has a Full video background homepage design with no other sections. Textual content and more can be layered on top of the video background beautiful which leads to some interesting location promotion opportunities.The simple yet highly efficient Menu can provide a well-navigated browsing experience to your customers. The template is highly versatile and is usable for various touring advertisement. Iceberg provides you with a wide range of custom shortcodes and web elements to diversify the content on your website.

Using these shortcodes you can enable Progress bars, custom buttons, Alerts, breadcrumbs, tabs, custom forms and more. The About us page can be easily customized with various columned textual information, profile images of the team with hover effects, bulletin points, and social media link. Easily build amazing portfolios and image compilation of all your agencies’ exotic locations and past experiences using Iceberg. The template comes with a Gallery page with a portfolio section. The images gallery images are integrated with a dedicated Lightbox image viewer and both its hover effect and lightbox appear responsively. Iceberg also provides you with a custom Contact form for user interaction. This contact form comes with a Google Map embed to show your location, contact details and more. The High definition video background, as well as the amazing Menu, are highly mobile friendly as well.

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Doctor Appointment

Doctor-appointment bootstrap website template with video background

Doctor Appointment is an amazing HTML website template built for one and only purpose, Appointment forms. However, this highly detailed free website template is useful for doctors of all specifications. Dentists, Gynaecologist, Dermatologist, surgeons and more can customize these forms and their fields to suit their work more. Radio buttons with animation effects, impressive color scheme, and mobile compatibility, Doctor Appointment has it all. The best part of the web template is definitely the Video background. This video background can loop endlessly and can serve as a comforting video for your patients when they fill up their forms.

The entire form is well optimized and extremely user-friendly. The bootstrap powered template is compatible with mobile phones as well. This allows your customers to fill up their appointment forms on the go, whenever they want. The entire template is retina-ready and fully supports size resizing. The entire background video fittingly encompasses the entire template and it gives your whole website a more comfortable feel. This sets your customer’s expectation to expect what they might get out of your establishment: Great service and comfort.

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World Tour

World-Tour bootstrap website template with video background

World Tour is a complete packaged solution for all Travel themed websites. The Bootstrap website template ensures maximum lead generation and retention for your tourism company. Use the Video background feature to instantly drag the viewer’s interest to exotic locations, visually pleasing cuisines and adventure opportunities. The entire web template has a very versatile and flexible design. You can freely use this free template for hotels, web agencies, automotive, music, leisure parks, tour operations and more. World Tour also provides you with a fitting reservation form for customers. The Flat design is supplement with an amazing smooth scroll feature with various parallax effects. Custom icon boxes, Hover animations, flex sliders, scroll to top buttons and more; World Tour has them all. All your items can also have ratings for better product clarity with the users.

A special offer section is present in the template for selective product promotion as well as a discount/sale section with countdown timers. If you want to create a better impression on your viewers, you can use the gallery section to show stunning images straight from your website. The custom lightbox gallery viewer can also show descriptions of images as well. Finally, in order to increase lead generation, the template comes with a custom Newsletter form as well as a custom Contact form. This can help you inform your customers more about services and answer their queries. The entire HTML web template is completely cross-platform compatible and its Bootstrap framework and HTML/CSS coding ensure maximum SEO optimization for your websites.

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Eduma bootstrap website template with video background

Eduma is an education and school-based Bootstrap template that provides you with a highly responsive and adaptive Video background. The HTML coded template provides you with an amazing grid-based layout fitting for educational institutions. Eduma provides with various custom elements built to fit websites built for Schools, Tutorials, Universities and Colleges. The Video background fits perfectly with the Web site’s design and its fullscreen design combines with the custom header menu gives your website a highly professional feeling. Custom icons boxes, Buttons, Navigation buttons, dynamic content loading and Smooth scrolling effects improve your website visitor’s experience immeasurably.

Create a well sorted and categorized website with listings and links to various courses and faculties available in your school. The Courses page comes with a categorized listing of various listings in a custom table format. The search form accompanying it can help users find whatever cause they need and more easily.The website is compatible with User account systems for students to use as well. Eduma provides you with an About us page to give a rudimentary description of your institution to any student or their guardians. The Contact page comes with a Google Map embed, a custom contact form as well as Newsletter subscription for. All these elements contain a flair a flair fitting for your website and are sure to help you generate more interest towards your institution. You can fill your website entirely using the custom shortcodes and various elements the template provides you with.

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GreenLife Agriculture

Green-life bootstrap website template with video background

Green life Agriculture is a bootstrap free template built for agriculture and farming related websites. The fitting green color theme along with the flat design fits the purpose of the template quite well. Green life not only provides you with a flex slider capable of having 3 different video backgrounds. That’s right, Green life lets you place in multiple video backgrounds for various purposes. Users can easily switch through videos and the transition effect between them is smooth and crisp. The navigational feature of this flat design HTML template is perfect as well. Users are provided with a hovering, sticky menu button that provides you with a transparent sidebar menu. This menu is easily customizable and provides navigation to any desirable section of the site. The hovering scroll down button on the Video background section provides a great entry point for users as well.

Administrations can also setup User accounts in this amazing bootstrap template. Each element of the web template is custom designed to fit the “go green” atmosphere. Custom icon and Icon boxes, Drop cap highlights, Headings, milestones tracker, blog layouts and more; You can use them all with their own green flair. Banners and mid sections are compatible with video backgrounds as well. The image gallery lets users use the Lightbox viewer to view images on prompt in the Gallery section. The social media bar, Newsletter subscription form and Contact form, all built in a fitting green color scheme, are sure to attract the attention of fellow nature appreciators, an agricultural entrepreneur and nature enthusiasts. Greenlife Agriculture is a mobile-friendly bootstrap website template with video backgrounds, custom color scheme, tons of cool features and an amazing website layout and you just can’t go wrong with this template.

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Realbuild bootstrap website template with video background

RealBuild is highly customizable Real estate and Property management themed website template. This bootstrap template with video background is designed to be a flat website template with extensive popup and lightbox options. It’s minimalist design, use of various navigation buttons and features, as well as a wide assortment of nifty features, makes it a high user accompanying web template. The various sections present notable information regarding your company or your website in a visually striking manner. Whether it be colorful About us section with custom icon boxes, the partners and sponsors listing or the Team members section: All of them are built to suit your demands. Realbuild provides you with tons of tools to improve a user’s experience on your website and help them search for items that they are looking for.

Smooth scrolling effect and transitional and hover effect means the act of simply looking for their dream house itself is enjoyable for users.Your viewers can check out all the property in detail using the template’s Lightbox image view. The Lightbox image viewer that comes with accompanying text and information to supplement the listing. Real build’s coding design consists of HTMl5 and CSS3 as well as the Bootstrap framework and jQuery plugins. This provides you with a highly responsive website that functions perfectly on all platforms. Realbuild is also completely Social networking friendly. Its features include custom Social icons and Social bars. You can present these social icons in the header/footer section as well as individual member listings.

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Topiary bootstrap website template with video background

Built for Gardening and Exterior Design related websites, Topiary is a highly versatile bootstrap template with Video background created to funnel in readers for your website. Topiary is extremely customizable and contains tons of nifty features. This makes it a website template fitting for sites related to Floristry, Landscaping, Plantation, Organic farming, Farming, Nurseries, Ecology preservation and more. The web template opens up packing a strong punch using its fantastic Video background banner. The overlapping Icons and Text, as well as site text and information, fit perfectly with the video background. You can also add a nifty Social bar to the video banner itself with links to all your social networking accounts. The banners can contain different text details which users can scroll through using the buttons provided if needs are.

Topiary provides users with a completely transparent, overhead menu overlay instead of a simple sidebar. The transitional effect and the simple, minimalist design gives your website a highly professional look. To attract your viewers, you can use the Portfolio section to show all kinds of content related to your websites such as different garden designs, flowers,previous projects and more. The contains Lightbox viewer plugin which lets your viewers learn more about the image by just clicking on it. The lightbox viewer ensures that your readers can view the images closely without opening another tab as well. Topiary also naturally comes with a custom contact form as well as an embed Google map to help customers learn more about your business. Topiary is also a Bootstrap powered template. This also means that your website is very compatible with various digital outlets and speed optimized.

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Gloriou bootstrap website template with video backgrounds

Glorious is a restaurant and cafe oriented website template whose integration of the Video background plugin is extremely impressive. A smart choice for food and restaurant websites, the bootstrap template not only provides you with a fullscreen video background plugin with scrolling text but also reservation form integrated alongside it. Flex sliders and scrolling menu items are present all over the template. This provides you with attractive areas to preview your amazing cuisines and dishes.The entire web template contains tons of impressive parallax effects. The custom hover effects and transition effects are fantastic to use and view. These hover effects also serve their custom purposes.

Such as hovering over the icon boxes on service listings will provide viewers with information regarding it and hovering over Team member’s Photo in the Our team section provides users with their social media accounts. Create impressive Food galleries for both your food blogs or for advertising purposes using the template gallery section. The image gallery comes with distinct hover effects, lightbox viewer and highlightable text info for each listing. Glorious also contains tons of other useful elements and features such as Testimonial sections, carousel and banner text sliders, menu carousel slider, recipe listing and more. In the footer section, you can not only enable Contact information and a custom contact form but also an Opening days schedule. The clean, sleek and well-structured design provides your restaurant website with a professional theme to help you compete with the best chefs and restaurateurs on the planet.

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Pool Dive

Pool-dive bootstrap website template with video background

Pool Dive is a sports-themed HTML web template. Specifically, a Water Sports themed web template. It features tons of fantastic elements that blend seamlessly with the transparent aqua design. The Fullscreen Background video header is an amazing tool that also contains a flex slider so that you can insert multiple videos and images. The header section comes with a non-intrusive header title as well as a nifty social bar. The menu button pops up a nifty navigational menu made to suit the background video design. It’s design choices and tons of carousel sliders makes it a perfect web template for various websites such as swimming pool clubs and companies, beach resorts, swimming school, and more.

Various elements such as Text boxes, Testimonials and About us sections and contact section are all transparent, made to blend into your website’s background. A custom video can be placed on banners as well Newsletter subscription male. Besides this, to boost its stunning look, the template contains tons of cool hover effects and parallax effects. This includes smooth browsing, amazing gallery section, smooth flex sliders and more. Furthermore, Pool Dive’s HTML and CSS coding improves the usability and adaptability as well as mobile browsing friendliness as well as great SEO optimization.

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Craft bootstrap website template with video background

Craft is a business and market themed web template that sports a simple yet impressing design. The template has that amazingly professional look and layouts that are sure to fit for any business operations. The background video template provides a great hook for your customers. The Header slider allows you to place videos and photos with cool transition effects. An About Us section stacked right on the bottom of the video template gives your website the space to talk about your company to grab the needed attention. The images come with their custom effects that range from border lighting to hover details and more. You can also place fullscreen video banners for your Our team section to talk about your highly experienced crew.

The about us section alongside a structured and filterable Portfolio section can help you preview your products. A professional business website professional business website can always use lead generation and user interaction tools. And Craft provides tons of them. This list of tools also includes a Contact page section with custom backgrounds and custom colored Social media buttons. The bootstrap website template also allows you to build not only amazing blogs but also build a Latest blog section for your website. The blogs, as well as the rest of the website, are just amazing to view on mobile phones due to the template’s HTML design and Bootstrap framework. The template presents viewers with a highly optimized experience to boost your website upwards on the market ladder.

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Travel Zone

Travel zone is a multipurpose Travel and touring themed web template. It is a highly flexible template for companies who wish to provide an exquisite and out of the mundane world experience to its customers. The website template contains everything to help you stand out in this highly competitive market. It comes with Cool scrolling and parallax effects, custom icons with colour themes, structure page layout, lightbox galleries and more.When it comes to travelling, the first thing you want to use is the power of scenery and the beauty of nature. This is where the background video feature of Travel zone comes to full potential.

Show the amazing scenes worthy of visiting your customers straight from the get-go using these amazing full-screen video backgrounds. You can place these video backgrounds even on banners and sliders if you wish. Travel zone is a travel-oriented template through and through, and it makes this fact certain with its customized portfolio section as well as the gallery section. These images come with custom hover effects as well as a well accompany lightbox viewer. Furthermore, Travel Zone provides you with a Google Map section as well for various geographic purposes. The template features HTMl5 coding which is it is so lightweight and optimized. The bootstrap framework also ensures cross-browser compatibility on all digital devices.

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Alcohol-spot bootstrap website template with video background

Party hard with this amazing Bootstrap web template named Alcohol which provides you with a perfect cocktail of cool colour themes, responsive video backgrounds and functionality. The bar and restaurant oriented web template pack quite a punch with its amazing Video background header alongside a cool text slider. The buttons and colour design of the entire header are spectacular and is sure to grab your reader’s attention right from the get-go. Various sections can contain Video backgrounds as well for a wide range of purposes such as showing drink recipes, bar techniques and more.

The website template with video background itself uses tons of cool elements such as colorful progress bars, clean and structured web design, parallax effects and more to give a unique presentation factor to your website. Stun your viewers with an amazingly made gallery section coupled alongside a great lightbox viewer. The testimonials section in this one even comes with a video background itself. All these functions work correctly on all platforms, from PC to mobile. The template’s HTML, and CSS coding makes it compatible with all sorts of changes as well. The Bootstrap framework ensures that your website is fully functional on mobile browsers and retains its presentation factor to boot.

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Fit & Spa

Fit-&-Spa bootstrap website template with video background

If you’re looking for highly flexible Bootstrap website templates with video backgrounds, then Fit & Spa is the pick for you. This Bootstrap framework powered template has a charm that has the aesthetics of a beautiful website design. Right off the bat, the template provides you with a Video background with transparent minimalistic header menus. This video background can contain additional text and a site title that completely augments the background video. Your users can check out all the services your business provides with the excellently made Services and About us sections. These come with hover effects over images, buttons, additional info and more. The services section provides information using Icon text boxes with hover effects over the icons themselves. The Flex slider in the Testimonials section provides readers with a slideshow effect where reviews chance once you click on a different image.

Fit & Spa is essentially a website template with video background made for service providing companies and institutions. Therefore, it also includes a Quote or Reservation form. Using this, the users can fill up reservations using various customizable fields. The template also offers a nifty, minimalist and suiting Contact us element which comes with a Newsletter subscription and contact details. The entire website is social media friendly and provides you with a sticky social bar. Every element and section is compatible with mobile platforms as well. Using smart modern techniques and coding, Fit & Spa guarantees a smooth and optimised browsing experience.

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