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Who doesn’t like shining cars or bikes? Most of us will be very careful after our car or bike has returned from service. Black clean tires and shining coating that reflects the sunlight; is something we like to sit and see for days. But unfortunately, the dazzling look of the car gradually deteriorates, and our car cleaning schedule also slowly changes. Thankfully, many auto-detailing services are out there to restore your car’s glory. If you are helping people get back their cars and bikes’ dazzling look, the auto detailing website template in this list will help you make a gleaming website.

These templates help you showcase your detailing services and other auto repair services. Because of the multiple characteristics of these templates, you can set a proper business website. Right from online booking options to online store options, everything is neatly integrated into this template to boost your online business. The auto detailing website template in this list is fully functional. You can simply install the template and launch your website straight away. We added WordPress website templates in this post to give you more flexibility. Enjoy a beautiful website and accomplish more with these templates.

Carwash (HTML)

auto detailing website template

Carwash is a sensibly designed HTML5 auto detailing website template.

The creator has used image spaces smartly on all pages so that site owners can show their car washing services clearly to the audience. An interactive map widget showing your garage location on the map to let the users easily find your shop. Pricing tables are made bigger and longer in this template, where you can clearly mention the services included in each package and can add a purchase button to let the users easily buy the package they want. As said before, it is an HTML5 website template so it can handle all modern tools and plugins easily out of the box.

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AutoRepair (HTML)

auto detailing and auto repair website template

AutoRepair is a multipurpose auto repair and auto detailing website template.

Since this template deals with lots of services, the creator has used interactive content grouping elements like the cards and tabs to present all related information in one place. Both light and bright color schemes are used in this template. The creator has used bright colors smartly for important sections to grab the user’s attention. Overall, AutoRepair is a complete website from the front-end side. You can simply launch the website once you have taken care of the backend work.

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Automotive (HTML)

auto spare parts website template

Automotive is a content-rich website template for car repair, maintenance, and auto spare parts website template. Since this template has the important characteristics of a car detailing website, you can use it for car wash and detailing services websites without any worries. The creator has added shopping pages in this template, which will come in handy for site owners planning to sell their products on the website. The flexible code structure of this HTML template will help you integrate any modern eCommerce platform into it.

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interactive auto detailing website template

Aqualine is an interactive and straightforward website template, which is a must in a service website design. The creator has cleverly given space at the homepage header section highlighting your best options. Two demo versions are there in this pack as of writing this post. The second demo version gives you a quick booking option on the homepage. A premium booking plugin is included in this pack; hence the user will have a seamless online booking experience. Plus, the summary and confirmation page before placing the order makes online booking far more easier for the users. Because of this theme’s many niche-focused features and options, you can make a proper auto detailing and car washing website quickly.

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Auto Spa

ultra-clean auto detailing website template

Auto Spa is an ultra-clean website template. Icons and elements with precise sizes make interactions easier even on small screen devices. Though this theme has only one homepage version, it has multiple inner pages with different variations pre-designed for you. Therefore you can make a professional website easily with this template. Plus, the included WPBakery page builder will improve your customization experience. The Car washing booking system is integrated into this theme right out of the box. The car washing booking system plugin is developed by the in-house developers of this theme; hence, you can expect a seamless experience on both the admin and end-user sides.

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Car Wash

auto detailing and car wash website template

Car Wash is another clean looking auto spa and detailing website template. Bright colors and big images will help you get user attention when they land on your website. Lots of content space is given in this template to let you clearly explain your service to the audience. From the header to the footer, everything is editable in this theme. You can either use the WPBakery page builder or make your hands dirty and play with the code to get more precise customization results. With all these customization options and features, Car Wash theme becomes one of the best car detailing website templates for first-time website owners.

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Auto Repair

one website template for all auto repair and auto detailing services

Auto Repair is a straightforward car repair and auto detailing website template. This template may not have a fancy look but has a functional design. Important options and information are added as higher up as possible on the web pages to improve user interaction. For example, garage working hours and contact information are below the header section. Plus, the top bar is also used smartly for appointment booking options. Useful plugins like the Gravity forms, Slider Revolution, and bbPress are pre-bundled in this template. An online store page is also given in this template so that you can easily sell your tools via your website. As the shopping functions are taken care of by the WooCommerce platform, you get plenty of support and useful plugins to improve your functionalities as your demand grows.

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clean and user friendly auto detailing website template

Etalon is a multipurpose website template for service-oriented businesses. The creator has covered all major service businesses in its 20+ demo variations. Hence, you can set up any website easily with just a few clicks and clanks of a button. This template uses the WPBakery page builder for front end customization. You can simply drag and drop the elements, adjust the sizes, just like you do in the Photoshop tool. The default auto detailing website template has a clean design. Tabs effectively organize your services and related options neatly. Most animation effects are kept as simple as possible so that the page loads faster. Proper code-level optimizations are also done in this template to deliver an impeccable user experience.

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colorful and modern auto detailing website template

KALLYAS is one of the best selling multipurpose website templates. The creator has given this template the power of WordPress and WooCommerce. As a result, you get an easy-to-manage website, and you can take your entire business online without any worries. All the basic elements and options are pre-designed for you so that you can concentrate on what matters the most to you. This template has a handful of readymade demos for auto industry websites. All demo variations follow a trendy professional design. You can explain your services neatly and clearly to your audience. Plenty of image spaces are given throughout the template to let you showcase your garage and your facilities. The creator has given detailed documentation for this template; hence, even newbies can easily work with this template.

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easy-to-customize auto detailing website template

With more than 500 premade demo variations, this template can power almost any website. Under the car and auto industry category itself, you get six demos. The creators of this template have tried a lot to meet all types of user needs. This template not only meets the present-day web standards but also the requirements of present-day entrepreneurs. Pixel-perfect designs and smooth animation effects elevate the user experience. Thoughtfully designed homepages deliver just what a present-day audience would expect in a business website. Design optimization and basic code optimizations are taken care of by the creator itself. You have to pick the demo you like and customize it as per your needs.

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multipurpose auto service website template

If you want both look and functionalities in your website, this is the best template. This template has two demo variations with slight changes. Colors are handled carefully, and to avoid confusion, the creator has stuck with two color schemes. You get four readymade color schemes in the default design itself. With just a click of a button, you can easily switch the color. Even if you don’t like the default colors, you can add your custom colors. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, you can also use gradient colors. Functionality-wise, this template has all the basic plugins. You even get the MailChimp email tool to simplify your email marketing tasks. Look at our MailChimp email templates collection to create beautiful emails to boost your email marketing campaigns.

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Service Master

auto detailing website template with interactive elements

Service Master is another multipurpose service-business website template like the Etalon template mentioned above. Since this template is purely designed for service businesses from the ground up, you get a clean, straightforward design. As soon as the user land on your website, they can clearly understand your services. Testimonials and awards sections are given in the default design to increase credibility. Images are used in the required spots to clearly deliver the audience’s message. If you are a professional web developer, templates like this will save you time and money. With this single theme, you can also power other types of business websites. Plus, you get plenty of elements pre-designed and neatly integrated into the page builder tool. So the website owners can also do minor customization without touching the code.

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Car Shire

content-rich website template

Car Shire is the best option if you are providing A to Z all car-related services. The bold design with bright colors gets user attention when they land on your website. Basic customizations like changing the colors and adding boxed-layouts can be done with a button click. Smartly designed web elements will deliver a smooth user experience. For example, an appointment booking button slides in gradually as you scroll down the pages. Users can easily jump to the appointment booking page by clicking the button. At the top bar, you have space to mention your working hours and other contact details. As you can see, the creator has sensibly designed this template for better results. If you are looking for a conversion-focused auto detailing website template, this template will impress you.

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Phlox Pro

clean and interactive auto detailing website template

If you are looking for a flexible WordPress website template, this template might get your attention. This one is a multipurpose website template with a simple and easy-to-customize design. To make this template meet the requirement of all types of audiences, the creator has kept the design as simple as possible. The default car service website template is primarily designed for washing services. But, you can also use the car service demo for other car-related business websites. The clean-tidy design with bold letters makes interactions easier. This template has many image spaces and looks stunning on the full-width layout. If you plan to use your auto detailing website template to showcase your works and provide online booking options, this template is more than enough for you.

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website template with multiple pre-made demos

Jupiter website template is well-known for its flexible design and friendly customization options. This template has separate demos for the WPBakery and Elementor page builder. Based on the workflow you prefer, pick the page builder and start working on it. Under the car and automotive category, you get five demo versions. This template receives periodic updates and new demos; hence, you can expect more related demos in the future. As said before, the biggest advantage of using multipurpose demo is you get hundreds of elements pre-designed for you. Most minor customizations can be done via the page builder tool itself. If you want to do any hardcore customization, the flexible code structure will make your job simple.

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clean and modern looking website template

Modern web designs purely concentrate on the content and user-experience. Javelin is one of the few templates that executed the user-centric design properly. Clean layouts help the user easily find what they want. Plus, design boosting elements like shadow effects highlight important elements from others. The default auto detailing website template has a long homepage design. You can give a brief overview of all your services on the homepage itself. Users can easily jump to the service they want and read it in detail on the dedicated service page. If you are looking for a user-friendly and a developer-friendly template, this template will impress you.

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Car Repair Services

multipurpose car service website template

Every aspect of this theme is designed purely by keeping car repair and auto detailing website template in mind. Though this template has only three demo variations, all of them are properly tuned for the auto detailing website. Page loading vectors and icons are also chosen with care to maintain the auto garage ambiance throughout the website. Apart from the regular features, this template has a cost estimator tool. Users can easily pick the services they want and can calculate the pricing before placing the order. The biggest advantage of using a niche-specific website is the minute detailing and the useful features. Though this is a mobile responsive website template, the creator has given a separate mobile version. Hence, you can deliver a first-class user experience on small screen devices as well.

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auto detailing website template with useful features

Autrics template has all the bells and whistles a present-day WordPress website must have. This template supports the latest WordPress Guttenberg editor. Plus, it also has the Elementor page builder for complex front-end customization. All these front-end customization tools will make the website owner’s life a lot easier than you imagine. Arranging sections and managing contents can be done with just a few clicks. Code-level optimizations and basic SEO optimizations are also done perfectly in this template. All you have to do is fine-tune the template per your needs and launch your website. Even a shop page is given in this template to let you easily sell your tools via your website.

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auto service website template with useful features

Motorepair is a multipurpose auto detailing website template. This template has three unique demo variations. All three demos clearly explain your services when the user lands on your site. Icons related to the auto shop are used in this template to give an authentic look. If you have your own custom icon collection, you can use it easily in this template. The WPBakery page builder can handle all the fonts and icons easily. Hence, removing and adding custom design elements will be easier than you think. A dedicated option is given to manage vehicle service listings and vehicle databases easily. Website owners can control the entire website from their dashboard itself.

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auto repair and other services website template

Autoresq is a crisp looking website template. Since the developer has designed all the elements and sections using the code, they look sharp even on high-res screens. As most smartphones and modern computer screens have at least 720P resolution, templates like this will deliver a better user experience. This template has three demo variations, all with a pixel-perfect design. The creator has given space to mention appointment booking telephone numbers at the top bar. You can place the form link at the top bar if you are giving online booking options. Take a look at our retina-ready Shopify themes collection to create a crystal clean shopping website.

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Car Service

website template with clean layouts

Car Service is a traditional auto detailing and service website template. The creator has balanced both the flat style design and modern effects to give a fresh look to the website. Simple customizations like changing colors and background images can be done easily with just a click. You can always go for the WPBakery page builder for complex front-end customizations. Though this template has only two demo variations, they are neat and niche specific. Most of the basic and auto detailing related features are pre-built into this template. Lots of white space is used in this template to give an airy feeling. Plus, the user can also easily interact with the elements and content.

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website template with multiple layouts

AutoPro is primarily an auto dealer website template. But with the friendly customization options and pre-built useful features, you can also use it for auto detailing websites. The creator has used the card elements effectively in all eight homepage variations. If you like to design your own custom cards, take a look at our bootstrap card design collection. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks, it can handle all modern design elements. The creator has given a financing calculator tool and a more information request form to keep the users engaged.

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contemporary style website template

CaLeader is also a car and auto dealer website template. Modern design elements and patterns deliver an immersive user experience. Since this template uses the latest web development frameworks, the animation effects are swift. If you want an auto detailing website template that distinguishes your website from others, this is the best option. The texts are also used as a part of the design so that you get trendy looking fonts. All custom fonts and elements are available in the Elementor page builder. You can change the font style and element attributes with just a few clicks. Speaking of patterns, look at our CSS background pattern collection for more contemporary style designs.

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