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It is the age of technology and the internet so if you haven’t yet jumped on with the trend, what are you waiting for? If your answer is the right website template, consider your problem solved! Today here at UiCookies, we are here with our hand-picked collection of the best Free HTML website templates available out there. And the best part is, we have covered each and every niche of websites. From multipurpose, business, eCommerce and even to blogs and portfolios, we have it all. However, if you are looking for one particular niche, check out our blog for more of our collections of premium and free website templates, CSS templates and WordPress themes. But without further ado, let’s get onto our list today.

Best HTML Website Templates For Every Niche



On the top of our hand-picked list is Buson; a free business consulting website template for you. Modern, sophisticated and responsive, this theme here is perfect for any type of business, agencies, consulting, companies and more. Whether for promotional or professional purposes, this theme is the ideal way to get started. The design itself is clean, modern and visually impressive. But the amazing visuals are the least of what the theme is capable of. There are plenty of useful components to it, aiding to all your business requirements. From amazing sections for banner ads, to the layout structure focusing on showcasing the contents in the best possible manner, everything here is carefully thought out.

It is also designed to be cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout all of the web browsers. Another great thing is that is based off the HTML and CSS codes making sure that this theme is reliable and secure. With Buson, you also get unlimited slider options that keeps your users engaged. Not to mention the use of sticky navigation upon the drop-down menu that makes browsing through the site easier. It is also integrated with Google Maps which means that you can add in custom location to your business or institutions with ease. Another highlight here is the easy back-to-top button, creative CTA buttons and more that allows you to navigate your users to the desired content. Not only this, but the theme is also RTL and aims at a broader range of audiences.

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Aznews is a creative free HTML website template that is aimed especially for the various niches of news portals and online editorials. Perfect for every types of contents whether you want to share news, updates, scores, blogs, and more, this theme is surely a great way to start. Featuring a simple, minimal and clean interface, it aims majorly to focus on the contents you want to showcase. And that too with HD imagery thanks to the retina-ready and pixel perfect graphics. Another great thing here is that, this theme is completely responsive, further aiding to the visuals. The design is pretty out-of-the-box; and features that unique flair ideal for multiple niches of sites. It is also based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, which means you get all the flexibility one needs. And because it is highly customizable, it ensures that the end result is always upto you.

For this, you get access to plenty of variations of fonts, typographies, creative layout styles and even the color schemes. You can pretty much change any of it within a matter of minutes. There are also pages dedicated to the various sections like blog, top news, galleries and more. For a more enhanced reader experience, you can also add in components like sliders, carosels, images, video files and more to keep your users engaged. Talking about users, you can also enable newsletter subscription, social media icons with links, and even add in contact forms for easy email management. Overall, packed with everything you might need to get a functional site started, this theme is surely a great head-start.

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Consula is a free website template that is perfect for business agencies and corporate sites. Whether it is a start-up or an established corporation, it is highly flexible with the efficiency and features. Responsive, retina-ready and stunning with the visuals, it follows a clean and contemporary looks. It follows all of the latest web development regulation which makes it pretty secure and reliable. The full-screen banner or image header section is sure to capture your users attention. While other elements like sticky header, useful inner pages, creative CTA buttons and stylish icons take it to the next level.

This template features a stylish One-Page layout structure which is content-oriented. For more impact on the users, you can add in stylish sliders, scrolling animations to add that creative touch. To make it more socially approachable, there are newsletter subcscription option, MailChimp integration, Contact forms as well as social icons to link your social profiles. It is cross-browser compatible no doubt, and also features super fast loading speed. And because of all these, this template is a perfect start to our collection of best website templates today.

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Evans is an amazingly creative website template for modern, stylish and creative individuals. Visually impressive, this template is a portfolio website template fit for freelancers and agencies alike. The highlight here is the stunning split-screen slider that welcomes your users. In addition to this, the overall styling and design is pretty eye-catching. Powered with the stunning Bootstrap framework, it is highly customizable and developer friendly. It guarantees an optimal performance with a blazing fast speed and user-friendly interface. Responsive, retina-ready and overall executing a pixel perfect design, everything here is just flawless.

The template package involves options for multiple pages, color palette and a huge variety of Google fonts to choose from. In addition to this, it also supports multiple third-party plugins like Google Maps, MailChimp, Contact Forms and more. It is a sophisticated website template that is sure to drive more viewers to your business platform. A free template package with everything you require, what else do you possibly need?

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KD is a modern and high-tech HTML website template that is ideal for architects, construction and those involved with the niche. It ensures an outstanding performance overall with the design and the efficient tools. Encorporated with tons of useful features, this template although versatile is also very purpose oriented. Visually stunning, it is an awesome way to kickstart your online presence with style. It features an elegant, clean and wholesome look with ample amount of space to add in all of your contents. This one-of-a-kind theme is also packed with unique elements like animated statistics, content load on scroll, and amazing range of other creative options.

The theme is responsive, retina-ready and overall one of the best website template you can find for the niche. The sticky overlay text menu is another standout here. While the default settings are pretty rocking as it is, you can change any of the aspect with ease if you want. Ofcourse, following all of the latest web-trends, this template relies on the powerful Bootstrap framework. Even the codes are valid, and each line is well-commented and secure. To sum it all, this architect theme is one of a kind and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who lands on your site.

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Craft is another corporate based site template that is impactful and visually appealing. Following the latest of all the design trends, each and every little detail here is upto the point. If you are aiming to get your online site to the next level then this template is surely the way to go. Responsive, retina-ready, and creative in all ways, the whole outlook is simply breathtaking. And there are tons of unique features that makes it one of the best website templates for agencies, and businesses. However, it even works great with those individuals who are freelancing and want to attract more clientelles.

The full-screen banner with stunning parallax effect is super engaging. There are tons of Inner Pages like Project Detail, About, Testimonials, Blog and more to get you started. Flawlessly adapting to every browsers out there, this template is cross-browser compatible. A functional PHP Contact form is also there if you want an easy way to stay in touch with your users. The elegant fonts and typography seamlessly compliments the aesthetic. Whatever you are planning on, this template is the way to visualize your ideas to your users in the most effortless manner.

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Boxe is a specifically niche based website template that is ideal for any type of transportation based businesses. Whether you own a rental, transportation, taxi and similar niche of business, this versatile template can be modified to match your preference. Spreading the word about your business while attracting more clients has never been so easy. With creative elements that engage your users while you promote your business, this template is a sure-fire solution. Various Home Page along with other useful Inner Pages dedicated to you and your services are there to get started with. Not to mention all the functional elements like search bars, creative CTAs, social icons and more encorporated with the site for an optimal performance.

Boxe features a huge image header slider which can serve as the perfect way to impress your users upon landing. Strategic placements of banners, buttons and texts is another way to get your users engaged. And the great thing is that this template is integrated with mutliple third-party sites to add in additional options. This includes Google Maps, Google Fonts, MailChimp, and more. All in all, a pretty great way to promote your car, and transportation business, it surely fits our list today of the best website templates out there.

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One of the free best website templates for a stunning portfolio and gallery website is Porto. An elegant, chic and stylish design encorporated with amazing range of features. It is ideal for those creative individuals involved with photography, art, visual art, illustration, digital art and anything similar. As the whole structure is meant to be a huge album or showcase to diplay your work of art, it is extraordinarily awesome visually. It is user-friendly and is also great for novices and beginner who wish to start something amazing without being distracted with the hassle of coming up with something entirely from scratch.

There are multiple layout design you can play around with while you get the perfect one. Talking about the personalizing options, you get plenty of color palette, background options, font, icons and typography to choose from. The template furthermore executes an excellent loading speed and a SEO friendly design. Highlight of Porto is surely the amazing gallery design and the overall concept perfect for a unique touch. And if you are aiming to stand out from the crowd without getting too much involved with the designing and editing, then this is surely one of the best website templates for you.

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Talking about standing out from the crowd, Glint is another website template that features an out of the box aesthetic. Aimed mostly at photographers, digital agencies, illustrators, designers and anyone involved with the niche, this template is the perfect definition of creative. It is visually flawless to say the least. And because it executes a retina-ready, pixel perfect and HIDPI imagery, each and every part of this template looks amazing. Glint is also completely responsive which means that your website will load on every device screen size with ease. The design is pretty organized and makes it easier to manage and share your work.

Glint too is powered with the Bootstrap framework which guarantees it’s flexibility. Not only is it easy to customize but even the codes are developer friendly. Talking about customizing, it also offers stunning animations, transitions and effects powered with CSS and HTML. The highlight here too is the portfolio sections that are stylish and super appealing. And if you prefer, you can enable social sharing with the social icons and other widgets included. All in all, a pretty amazing deal you get for free, we can conclude this template surely is one of the best website templates.

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More into the niche of professional, clean and organized, Niko is a free resume website template we have for you. Ticking all of the boxes of requirement, there are more than a handful of unique features you wont find in any other templates. That’s right, ideal for employees and job seekers, leave a impact on your employers effortlessly. And the best part here is that all of the options are so user-friendly that no experience with design and codes is required. It is responsive, cross-browser compatible and multilingual which means no matter which device, browser or language your hirer is used to, your site still loads with ease.

The stunning slider or section for video is a stand out here. You can introduce you and your services, skills and more. Featuring the classic pop-up video option, you can even link any other sites of pages there. The sticky navigation bar, and content load on scroll delivers a smooth user-experience and ease of usage. Niko even has a fucntional contact form, stylish interface to add in your content, and other useful pages that comes in handy. Impress anyone who lands on the site in all the right ways only with the best website templare Niko.

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Talking about personal sites, we have also included a personal blog theme Daren. Vibrant, modern and one-of-a-kind, this elegant blog theme is sure to increase your viewers rate. Although focused on the blog niche, it is also ideal for editorial sites like newspaper and magazines of all kind. The design follows a neat, clean and minimal approach focusing majorly on the content. It is no doubt responsive, retina-ready and pretty awesome to work with. And if this is your first website, Daren is worth a try. User-friendly, this template is ideal even for beginners and novices with zero knowledge of codes.

The design is pretty unique standing out from the crowd with the exceptional focus on the sections for blog. Each content is displayed with a huge image to depict the content inside and a placeholder for the title and details. Following a pretty randomized structure with the boxed and wide structure it surely is one of a kind. Even the font styles used are pretty elegant and goes perfectly with the niche. The menu atop the blog also has social icons and various other menus for easy navigation. Although a minimal, it surely is not that way when it comes to the features.

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Talking about blogs and magazines, Eden is a stunningly versatile template that is perfect for the niche. The boxed and wide layout is visually impressive and strategic placements of creative images elevates it as a whole. With an interface as unique and engaging at this, your users are sure to be captivated within seconds. Completely responsive, this theme looks incredible throughout all the device screens. The logo, design, menu and overall styling is pretty clean and elegant. However, it’s the use of efficient and eye-catching elements that gets the users attention. With a huge amount of space for you to work with, you can unleash your talent.

Each space is customizable whether it is the sections for contents, header, footer and even the pages included. And the great thing is the array of options you get alongside to get the custom touch and unique feel you want. Thanks to the Google Fonts and FontAwesome, you get plenty of fonts to add in. And the color palette is also unlimited no matter what you are looking for. Eden is 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible and to top it off multilingual. Deliver your contents in an outstanding manner for your users to enjoy with the best website template for blogging; Eden.

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You can pretty much tell from the name itself, what Stories is dedicated to. Telling stories, experience or in other words providing news and blogs for your users to enjoy. Leaning more towards a creative side of blogging, especially about foods, this flexible and vibrant template is a great start. The split screen you see when landing on the site is really captivating while highlighting your major service, content or more. Rest of the space below the image header slider is there for your users to view other contents you wish to add. While the design is pretty unique to see, it follows an exceptionally clean and serene outlook. But that is just describing the Home Page; because there are plenty of other creatively crafted inner pages which gives you a head start.

It is a pretty practical and content oriented design which emphasizes on getting your users attention on all the right places. Stories is completely responsive, retina-ready and features and HD imagery. Not to mention the flexibility with any internet browsers. Other useful features when it comes to blogging like Contact Forms, Newsletter Subscription, Social Icons, Typography variation and amazing looking gallery section is all included with the theme package. And as it relies on the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is secure, valid and meets all the latest web-standards.

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Honey is a elegant, chic, clean and organized wedding website template. Robust, powerful and highly customizable, this is aimed at anyone dedicated to their special day. It is recommended to all the couples who are soon-to-be-married or who wish to share their special occassion for everyone else to enjoy. Responsive, visually impactful, this allows the users to leave a memory for everyone to remember the day. The design is beautiful to say the least and includes every thing a couple might need to share the occasion, invite people, and manage their big day effortlessly. That’s right, not only this template the perfect way to share your medias to your loved ones, but it is an effective way to invite people the modern way.

The major features here includes sections for bride, groom, story, creative galleries, event details, arrangements, and a functional RSVP form. One can add in all the necessary details of the wedding including the venue, dates, arrangements, media files and more. It even has a fully working countdown timer and calendar that makes the wait for the special day even more special. All in all a pretty amazing way to share your day with your loved ones, Honey is surely one of best website templates for weddings.

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Talking about weddings, here is yet another free wedding website template you can try out. While this template also follows the same purpose as the one mentioned above, the design is pretty unique comparatively. Wedding is pretty business and professional like which certainly fits the individuals involved. Beautiful with the design, and 100% responsive, this template readily adjusts to every device screen with ease. Unquestionably another one of the best website templates for brides and grooms of the 21st century, let’s take a closer look at the features.

It includes tons of personalizing options and you can switch the color palette, fonts, contents, media files and more. Wedding even includes functional elements that is sure to come in handy like count-down timers, calendards, clock, creative buttons, icons, image holders and more. This template is also cross-browser compatible, and relies completely on the Bootstrap framework. Pretty reliable and secure, each line of HTML and CSS codes are well-commented.

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Minishop as the name suggests is a pretty versatile and flexible eCommerce website template. Modern, stylish and appealing visually, this template is sure to increase your sales with extreme ease. A user-friendly solution for those wish to get started without any hassle, this is ideal for any type of online shops. It does not matter what you wish to sell whether it is fashion apparells, accessories, electronics or possibly anything. Striking with the simple color palette and stunning looking shop and product pages, Minishop is pretty straightforward with the purpose. Full-width slider is a great way to promote your brand starting right after the users land on your site.

And as it is focused on online shops, surely this template is compatiblee with third-party apps for payment gateways. The sticky menu is also an essential navigation tool for your users who scroll down too far. Engaging CTAs, in addition to the awesome range of icons and font variations makes it efficient to get results fast. Even the design is SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible and overerall makes a great impression. Another stand-out feature here is the CSS implied hover effects, animations and page transitions. So if you are looking for the best website template you can get for online shops, then Minishop is probably the one.

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Getting into free yet premium like online shop or eCommerce website templates, Dealers is one that is definitely worth a try. With features that compliment any products no matter what you are selling, this template is versatile and multipurpose. Minimal with the design, the range of awesome options are surely not simple. It is beautifully crafted with every type of buyers or clients in mind. From fashion apparells, sports equipments, beauty products, jewelleries and more, this template is ideal for it all. The product section is surely the highlight here featuring large spaces and holders to showcase each one.

Another great thing here is the product slider which makes it easier to highlight the featured products. Other mentionable features here is the multi-level drop down menus, hover effects animations, user-friendly interface and the easy personalizing options. In addition to these, you also get a full-screen image background option and offers a wide range of widgets that come is handy. One can even include subscription newsletters, and contact forms for the users to find. Building an online empire has never been easier.

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Glamour as the name suggests is the perfect way to let out your fashionista out and online. It is a free eCommerce website template designed specifically with fashion brands in mind. The design is pretty trendy, elegant and modern in all ways. Especially with the various animations, effects and the beautifully crafted sections in place. The color palette is kept to the minimal, however, if you prefer, it provides an array of awesome pesonalizing options to add your custom touch. There are plenty of unique elements that gives the users an originality of it’s own. Responsive, retina-ready and extremely awesome with the visuals, the whole ordeal is one of a kind.

This template is cross-browser compatible, and features an excellent loading speed. A cool text slider is the highlight of this template while you can elevate it further with creative fonts, icons and buttons. The black and white feel is pretty appealing to the users and super stylish to compliment the fashion niche. Even the navigation menu is efficient with all the page section and a functional search bar. The social icons are placed vertically on the right hand side of the full-width slider for added efficiency.

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Mediplus is a pretty straightforward and purpose oriented free website template that is ideal for health based websites. It is ideal to represent hospitals, clinics, doctors, specialists and anyone related to the niche. The professional design is built with the specific niche in mind and is accompanied with features to meet the requirements. Clean, sophisticated and pretty advanced with the layout structure, one can easily make a great impression of their practice. Users get access to tons of useful pages, all purpose oriented to get started with. This includes pages for About, Contacts, Services, creative Home Page, Blog and even pages for Doctors and Departments. In addition to this, plenty of effective elements like appealing CTA buttons, various font design along with the full-width image header takes it to the next level.

This template is readily responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. Image holders placed strategically throughout the design makes it interesting for the users as well. One can even add in their location thanks to the Google Map integration. Not only this, but for professional purposes, there are newsletter subscription and a fully functional contact form. As it also relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework, this template is more than versatile. Another stand out feature here is the animated statistics option which makes it pretty visually impressive to layout any stats for your users to see. All in all a pretty great medical template, these features certainly makes this one of the best HTML website templates you can find.

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Getting onto the medical and pharmalogical field, Pharma as the name announces is a pretty great option for those who own a pharmacy or are related to the niche. Simple, yet very professional looking, this template is built using the advanced Bootstrap framework. Because of the organized structure it features, this template makes it pretty user-friendly. Not only this, but the use of vibrant color palette alongside all of the easy to use personalizing option gives it the custom touch you require. Pharma is also completely responsive, retina-ready and executes a flawless HD imagery. The minimalism is sure to make your content stand out. And various other creative elements add to the essence.

Useful Inner Pages like product pages, testimonial, blog, about us, and more gives it a head start. It even includes a full-width product slider which makes it easier to highlight the products. Super engaging as it is, there are CSS based animations and effects that adds to the engaging factor. Pharma is also cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and all in all another great addition to our list today.

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Medisen is another creative and probably one of the best website templates out there for medical and healthcare niche. Designed specifically for the health based industry it is fit for hospitals, clinics, elderly home, nursing care and similar niches. Although versatile and user-friendly, the layout is pretty purpose-oriented. Not to mention the awesome layout and creative icons dedicated especially for the niche. The white and blue color palette compliments the niche. And the use of Bootstrap framework as the base makes it a reliable and secure option. As it follows a pretty minimal design structure, it provides an ample amount of distraction free space for the users to work in.

The best thing here is the super fast loading speed and a great user-experience guaranteed. Sticky navigation and the drop down menu effectively makes it easier for the users to navigate throughout the site. Furthermore, the testimonial slider sheds the light onto your briliiant services. Another focus feature here is the newsletter subscription as well as the booking forms that makes it easier for your users. In addition to this, a fully functional Contact Form is also a great way to add your client list. To sum up, if a minimal, functional and visually impressive medical site is what you need, Medisen is surely the way to go.

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Talking about health and healthcare, another aspect of this is also fitness and exercise. And with Vigor, one of the best website template for the niche, we are getting right into it. Specifically aimed at those who like fitness, healthy lifestyle, own healthclubs, gyms and more, this template is pretty versatile with the uses. As soon as the users land on your site, the first eye-catching thing is the video background. One can use this for promotional purpose or engaging element to keep the users hooked. As it is completely responsive, these elements look flawless and adjusts to every devices with ease. Without a doubt, this template is user-friendly and beginner friendly. However the ease of usage is the least of what it has in line for you.

The stunning factors here are the unique looking icons, tons of font options, multiple media file support and of course the whole professional design structure. If you want you can add in the contact details and the list of the services you provide. Adding to this, even managing your clients is a breeze. Thanks to the functional contact form, online registration and booking form as well as the social platform icons, you can easily stay in touch of your users. Vigor is also cross-browser compatible, and super fast loading. This ensures an aoptimal performance over all so why settle for less?

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Another niche of fitness is Yoga, and like the name suggests, Yogafun is the best website template you can find for it. Free, yet packed with premium-like features, why go for anything less when you get it all? It is a complete package of everything you need to create a functional website. Whether you are a trainer, own a yoga studio or a fitness center, this template offers everything you need. You no longer need to get worried about the responsiveness, and the browser compatibility. It is also pretty impressive visually with all of the elements and CSS animations, effects, and transitions. Relying on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it is pretty secure and developer friendly.

It features the on-scroll content load which makes it fast performing. The design also features the exclusive video background that engages the users immediately. Creative fonts and image sections add in to the visual impact. Other mentionable features include beautiful blog sections, content marketing strategies, SEO friendly design, stunning icons and fonts. Pages dedicated to classes, about, contact and more are also there to get you started.

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Rehomes is a mobile-friendly and 100% responsive, real estate based website template that is pretty out of the box. The Home Page itself is a pretty awesome and impressive visually considering the Google Map interface. Instead of starting entirely from scratch, why not consider starting with something that will take care of all your requirements? Make your practice stand out and make it effortless for your users to find and locate exactly what you are looking for. Furthermore, along with the stunning Google Map HomePage, other userful sections and pages are also there to help you get ahead start. This includes interactive blog pages, About Us page, Services as well as testimonials.

The super efficient search bar located on the template comes in handy to find properties at your desired location. Even the fonts, and buttons and the icons are creatively designed especially for the niche. It is ideal for realtors, real estate agents, relocator, accomodation platforms and more. Relying on the Bootstrap framework as well, this template also offers a tons of easy personalizing options. Another great thing here is the range of variations you get with the images, icons, fonts and color palette. Unique and pretty interesting, this is surely one of the best website templates we can offer so why not give it a try?

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Last on our list today is DirectoryAds, a super efficient and professional looking website template that says the purpose out loud. Designed with the directorial sites in mind, this template is one of a kind. It is even ideal for classifieds, ads and similar niche of sites and comes with all the features one might require. Responsive, retina-ready and cross-browser compatibility, we cannot say enough of the awesome performance it offers. Bundle of features integrated, Directoryads is also super user-friendly. This ensures that even if you are a beginner with no previous knowledge of coding and programming, coming up with a site is a breeze.

The advanced search box with the filterable option is a great way to make things efficient for your visitors. Another outstanding point to keep your users engaged is surely the parallax effect and other animations. To add to the features, it comes with a fucntional contact form, registtration form, testimonial sections and more. The Featured ad section also highlights the major contents you wish to showcase. One of the best website templates for the niche, we definitely recommend our users to try this out for absolutely FREE.

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