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57% of the users say that they don’t recommend a business with poor mobile website design. Luckily making a user-friendly mobile responsive website will be made easy with these free responsive Bootstrap templates. Last year nearly 80% of the websites in Alexa’s top website list have made their website mobile responsive. In simple words, if you don’t want to miss your potential customers, your website needs to be mobile responsive.

To make websites easy to maintain across different devices, nearly 50% of the businesses choose simple layout design. The free responsive website templates mentioned in this template have both creative designs and simple designs, tested for all types of devices. So you can use them without any worries and start your website as quickly as possible. 33% of mobile research actually starts directly from the website the user trusts. So if you are using valuable content to bring your business up, make sure you have made your website mobile responsive for your readers. Or you can use the blog templates given in this free responsive Bootstrap Templates.

When we speak of responsive website templates, we often miss the third-largest market shareholder, the tablets. Tech giants are dreaming to replace entry-level laptops with tablets for professional users and students. Especially if you are owning an eCommerce store site, you must make your website ready for tablets, because tablets have the highest 8.58% of the add-to-cart rate in the eCommerce website. All these free responsive Bootstrap templates are well optimized for all major devices. In the demo itself, you can preview the template for different devices.

FineOak (FREE)

ultra-clean free responsive Bootstrap template

FineOak is an ultra-clean free responsive Bootstrap template. All elements and sections manage to fit in all types of screen sizes neatly because of its minimal design.

The creator has designed the FineOak as a multipurpose business website template. Therefore, you get versatile and flexible layouts that can manage all types of content. Fundamenta pages needed to run a proper business website are included in this free template. You can use the given web page template’s code script as a base and can create similar-looking custom pages if you have any special requirements.

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Cachet (FREE)

free responsive Bootstrap template with a video background

Cachet is a free responsive Bootstrap template with a video background. As the present-day audience consumes more video content, video elements in web design have increased in modern web design.

The creator of this template has smartly written the code so that the user will enjoy the same experience across all types of devices. Apart from the video background, this template has sensibly designed sections that promote the business elegantly to the audience. Since this is a free multipurpose business website template, the creator has used only the general section on the homepage. You can edit and add more custom sections to make the homepage even more engaging to your audience.

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Sublime (FREE)

free responsive Bootstrap template for SASS companies

Sublime is a colorful free responsive Bootstrap template for SASS and app development companies. This template’s flat-ish design and the smartly handled depth effects for the buttons make the website easy to use on both small and big screen devices.

The creator has delivered a visually stunning website design with only subtle effects. As a result, you get a fast-loading website template that looks great on small screen devices as well. Right from the users’ login/sign-up pages to the pricing pages, everything is included in this pack. You can simply add the content and launch the website in no time.

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real estate website template with responsive design

If you are in search of free responsive bootstrap templates that deliver the same level of experience on both desktop and mobile devices, this is the one for you. On the desktop version, you can experience a clean interactive design with lots of images. On the mobile version also you will have lots of white space and interactive web elements. The creator of this template has used the latest Bootstrap4 framework effectively so that you can deliver the content engagingly to the audience. Since the Uptown template is a real estate website template, making interactions easier will let the users easily find the properties they like. With a clean design and clean coding, this template is sure one of the best free responsive bootstrap templates in this list.

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professional website template

HumanResources is an aesthetically beautiful website template. White spaces and elements are handled smartly to make the interactions easier on both computers and small screen devices. Though it is a free responsive bootstrap template, the creator has used high-resolution icons, which is something you usually see in a premium website template. All icons and images used in this template are included in the download file along with the code scripts; hence, you can easily customize this template as per your needs and can launch it in no time.

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modern wedding website template

You can infer that this is a wedding website template from its name itself. Making your wedding website or wedding service providing websites mobile responsive is a must in this current world. Lots of creative elements are used in this template to add a fantasy touch. Since all elements are designed using the latest CSS script, they look crisp. Plus, you can add micro-interactions to the elements and icons to make the website even more livelier. A portfolio page is given in this template, which you can use as a gallery page as well. Category tags are given at the top of the portfolio page to help the user easily switch between the categories. Overall, WeddingDreams is a well-thought-out modern wedding website template.

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interactive restaurant website template

Tasteit is a smart modern restaurant website template. The straightforward design of this template puts important information in a logical order so that the users can easily find what they want. For example, you get the table reservation form right below the homepage header section and a detailed food menu on the homepage itself. Once you integrate the reservation system and payment options, your website is ready to take your business to the netizens. This template uses the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks; therefore it can effortlessly handle all modern tools and applications.

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responsive website template for hotel websites

All modern hotel websites are lively and colorful on the desktop version. But delivering the same level of livelier design on the mobile version is a difficult task. Free responsive bootstrap templates like the Roxandrea will help you deliver the interactive design on mobile devices as well. For example, one of the sections on the homepage uses a video background, it performs well on mobile devices as well. For more interactive video background designs, take a look at our Video background WordPress themes. Lots of space is given for the image contents in this template so that you can deliver the message clearly within the given space.

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Cleaning Company

cleaning website template

Being a service providing business cleaning service websites must be easy to reach for the customers. Having a responsive website lets the user easily access your website and book an appointment on the go. Since it is an HTML5 website template, you can easily integrate any modern tools into this website. The thoughtfully designed homepage of this template clearly explains the services you offer. Smooth animation not only livens up the website but also helps you neatly highlight the important content from others. If you are specifically looking for carpet cleaning services, take a look at our carpet cleaning website templates collection.

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Physical Therapy

interactive spa and wellness website template

Physical Therapy gives you a clean relaxed website design. Lots of white space is used in this template, which makes the website clean. Plus, the user can easily interact with the website even on their mobile devices. The creator has calibrated the code properly so that all elements fit neatly on the small screen devices. Working with a well-calibrated website template like this will make the developer’s job lot easier. Basic pages and elements are pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to take care of the custom pages and features you want on your website. Speaking of physical therapy, take a look at our acupuncture website templates if you are also providing wellness services in your center.

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modern responsive consulting website template

Buson is a contemporary style consulting website template. Funky colors and bold letters manage to draw user attention to the required spots. Since most of the elements and sections are designed using the code, they look crisp and sharp on the high-res screen. Users will find this template really eye-catching when they view this template on their high-res smartphones. Just like the design, the animations are also modern and sleek. Shadow effects and small hover effects neatly highlight the important elements and also improve user engagement.

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clean restaurant website template

If you are making a website for a luxury restaurant, this posh-looking restaurant website template will be a good choice. The creator has used the white space effectively to add richness to the website. Though it is a one-page website template, all important sections are given to clearly mentions your services and food menu. Even a reservation form is given to let the user easily book a table through your website. The creator has used the latest web development frameworks; hence, integrating any modern reservation tool into your website will be an easy job for developers.

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landscapping and gardening website template

Lawncare is a premium quality free website template. The creator has set the free website design benchmark high in this template. Modern web elements and smooth animation effects let you organize the content neatly. High-quality vector icons are used in this template, and the best part is they are included in the download file. So you can easily work with this template and can make a beautiful website in no time. If you want a more ready-made solution, take a look at our landscaping WordPress themes collection.

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minimal and simple design responsive website

The most common idea in making responsive design is to maintain a simple plain design. Because we can easily maintain the design in the long run and performs flawlessly on both mobile and desktop devices. Lots of white space is given in this template so that your content can easily adjust to the screen size. If you are looking for free responsive bootstrap templates with a simple design, this template will impress you. Since this template is designed for wine business websites, you also get shop pages in this template. Hover effects are used effectively to show relevant information and pricing. If you are into interactive hover effects, take a look at our CSS hover effects collection. Like most other free responsive bootstrap templates in this list, this one also uses the latest CSS3 script. Hence, it can handle trendy designs and animation effects effectively.

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responsive website template for magazines

If you are looking for free responsive bootstrap templates to use in your magazine website, this template would be a great choice. The simple design and minimal look make this template a perfect option for new magazines and magazines that are gradually growing. Since it is a minimal website template there isn’t much visual drama in this template. Texts are pitch black and an ample amount of space is given between each element to make the interactions easier.  All the basic pages are given in this template to let you easily set up a proper website in no time. Like most free responsive bootstrap templates, this one also uses Google fonts, hence the texts can be seen clearly on almost all major browsers.

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fitness website with responsive design

Endurance is a fitness website template. If you are running online courses and selling fitness equipment, free responsive bootstrap templates like this will be a good choice. With bold elements and gradient colors, this template gives a strong appearance to the template. Right from loading animation to the contact page, everything is included in this template. If you like to make the loading animation a little bit special on your website, take a look at our loading animation example collection. Overall, Endurance is one of the best free responsive bootstrap templates with all the necessary options you need to set a proper fitness website.

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Fitness awareness is increasing among the current-generation people. Smartphone users have at least one health-related app on their mobile. Making your fitness or gym website mobile responsive is a must. The designer of this template has used many positive elements to motivate the new users. A clean website layout is combined with super clean design to present the contents engagingly to the users. Long homepage design lets you add all important contents and information on the homepage. Animation effects are used only at the required spots, which makes this website light. As a result, your website loads faster even on mobile devices.

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Modern users turn to their smartphones first to search or to find the information they would like to know. Making your eCommerce store mobile responsive will bring in more traffic. The designer of this template manages to provide the same attractive design in the mobile version also. Important options are kept on the main page itself so that the user doesn’t have to move around the options to find the menu they want. All the animation effects you see in this template are lightweight and simple, hence the user can have the same desktop experience on their mobile also. Coding of this template is also kept simple to make integration easier.

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With innovative thoughts and unique solutions to common problems, the software industry is setting a new trend. If you are a startup with creative minds, then this template is for your business website. The Racks website template is designed primarily for software companies, so you get plenty of useful elements to explain your software. Cool animation effects and creative design layout will help you reflect the creative side of your business.

In the homepage at the top bar, you have space you have an image slider with typing animation effects to give an interactive intro of your business. Right below the header section you have space to showcase your software, this helps to nail your business as soon as the user gets into your website. You also have space to add videos as link are directly into the website. As it is an HTML5 template it has native support for multimedia contents.

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Atomic is also a business website template for creative agencies and other businesses. The simple clean design of the template helps you to clearly explain your services. Ample amount of space is given for both text and image contents on the homepage so that you can make an engaging content. Line icons are used in this template to match the simple design of the template and they are also customized to the color scheme of the template.

The visual effects are smooth on the mobile devices as well, so the users will have a uniform experience through different devices. In the header, you have space to add video link, which opens in a lightbox to give a complete control over the video player. In the tablets, the website layout is almost similar to the desktop experience, so the user can consume contents easily from this template layout.

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X corporation


X Corporation is a website template for finance and business websites. As said before, nearly 50% of the businesses use the simple layout as it is easy to maintain. This X Corporation website template also uses the same simple layout principle here. With more than thirteen thousand downloads, this template is really an easy to adapt template. All the elements are designed at a precise size and are placed in the proper position so that user will have a better user experience. It is a multi-page template with subpages pre-designed for about, services, and contacts.

Another useful feature of this template is it supports megamenu. If you are offering more than one services, this mega menu option will help you organize the options neatly under one section. But in the mobile and tablets, this mega menu option is not applied in order to present the content neatly within the given screen space.

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Maps and online review services have made traveling a lot simpler. But still without proper arrangements, one cannot explore a place fully. If you are making a website for a traveling directory, this template would be the best choice. Smartphones with the power of billions of data processed within seconds, users can get a place info on the go. With the Explore template, the user can easily access your website on the go.

No matter what device they have, this website template loads faster. Perfectly optimized website design helps the user to easily interact with the web elements. Lots of space is reserved for the images so that the users can easily see the images of a place. This template provides you three homepage variations, with different layouts. All the variations follow the same clean design, so you get a consistent design throughout the template. Since it is a directory website, the texts are also designed with care. Users can easily read and interact with your website from the small screen devices as well. The footer section of the template is designed sensibly, where you can list the places and the number of entries in each place.

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Just like the travel agencies, hotel websites are also accessed through mobile devices a lot. Most restaurants and hotels are providing online booking option to help the user easily book a room or table. As most users first use their mobile device to start their search, making your hotel website mobile friendly will increase the chances of getting new customers.

With the properly designed template, the user can easily see about your hotel and its features. Lots of space is reserved for the images to help you showcase your rooms and facilities elegantly throughout the template. In the top bar, you have space to add contact details for reservations. A big search bar widget with filter options are given in almost all the pages. No matter where the user is on your website, they can easily search a room and book it. A grey color scheme is followed in this template. If you have your own brand colors, you can change the color scheme accordingly. The creator of this template has made the customization easier with this template, so even other web developers can work on this template without any issue.

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Klift is a premium quality website template designed for interior designers. With this artistic website template, you can showcase your creative designs elegantly. Light color schemes are used for the web elements to match the light theme of this template. Since it is an interior design template, you have plenty of image holders in this template. Images of all sizes and orientations can be added without any issue. Regular business website subpages are included in this template. You can set up a complete website within a few hours using this template. All you have to do is to add your contents and kick-start your website right away.

Visual effects and animation effects are used for the images, which gives a life to your designs. Typography is also treated as a part of the web design, so you have equal importance for texts in this template. In the demo you can only showcase your project image, but if you need you can add a separate page to explain your project in detail to the users.

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Bhost, as the name implies this is a hosting website template. This colorful website template has plenty of options and features to set up an effective hosting website. If you are covering all the categories in the hosting business, then this template is the best option for you. As soon as the visitor land on your webpage, the first thing they see is the domain search tool. Providing useful tools like the domain availability search bar will help you retain the visitor for a longer period of time. Drop down options are also given in the search bar, to help the users choose other top-level domains (TLDs).

Different colors are used in this template so that the users can easily identify the domain category before they search. The designer of this template has made the web elements bigger and bolder so that the user can easily interact with the template without any issue. Customer support is the biggest concern for the users when they choose a hosting company. In the top bar, you have space to list all your customer support links to increase the credibility of your services.

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Coffee Blend


As said before, online reservation is one of the features users expect in a restaurant website. It is a rich looking website template with an exquisite design. The designer of this template has designed it sensibly so that all the important web elements are added at the top for easier access. For example, the table reservation form is added at the top bar itself so that the user reserve the table as soon as they land on your website. The form is completely functional from the front-end. With the calendar entry options and drop-down options, the users can easily fill in the form details.

This template is treated like an eCommerce store. In this template, you get a shopping page, cart page, and single product page. If you are selling ingredients along with the foods, this template design will come in handy for you. Once you have integrated your eCommerce platform to this template, you are all set to go. This is a dark theme template with a clean layout, so the users can clearly see the contents on any screen.

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Giving, as the name implies this template is for charity and non-profit organizations. In a simple layout, this template is filled with modern web elements to explain your cause neatly. Logically designed homepage shows the ongoing events and donation works. Progress bars are given below each charity programme, to show how close are you towards your goal. To encourage the new visitors to donate you have latest donators section in the homepage. In the tablet, you almost have the same the content area design, but the navigation menu options are changed. All the segments on the homepage are listed neatly in the mobile layout so that user can understand your charity work easily. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, so you can integrate it with any modern payment tools to help you reach your goal faster.

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The Charity


The Charity is also a non-profit organization website template. This template gives more importance to the content of the website. If you are an organization is particularly concentrating on one cause, then this template is the best option. Neat content blocks in this template help you to explain your cause and goals engagingly to the users. Lots of space is given for the image sections in this template to help you share the happiness of sharing. In the top bar, you have space to show contact details and a call to action button for the donation page.

Animation and visual effects are used to give a positive feel to the users. In the cause page, you have animated bars beneath each programme, which animates as the page load. This animation indirectly pushes a thought that a little help from the visitor will help you reach the goal. The Charity is a well-thought-out and well-executed website template in a perfect working condition.

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One thing online has changed for sure is the way we learn. We are no more bound within four walls to take a class. You can travel as you learn, start your class on your laptop and can end it on the mobile phone. World’s top thought leaders can share their knowledge directly with the audience via the online course offering websites. If you are planning to start such freedom to learn from anywhere website, this Academica website template will help you.

The Academica website template includes all the elements you need to create an effective education website. This template includes both promotional elements and elements to explain the features. The designer of this template has used web elements smartly and used it effectively in both desktops and small screen devices. It is a multi-page template and in all the pages you have advanced search bar to easily find the relevant course.

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Knowledge is also an education website template, but this template is filled with lots of creative web elements. The creator of this template has used a full-width layout of this template effectively with modern web elements. Texts are also treated as a part of the web design so you get plenty of space to explain your services within the given space. Spacings between each element are given in a precise scale so that the user can read and interact with your website easily. Shadow and depth effects are used for the important web elements to make it distinctive from the rest of the design. As modern mobile devices start to get high-resolution screens just like in the desktops, users will have a great experience in using this template on their mobile screen.

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Online stores start to get customers after the growth of smartphones. If you are thinking only mobile applications will help you get more customers, then you might be wrong. 33% of the user start a brand research from the website and only 26% of them use the brand mobile application. Once you have gained enough customer base, you can move towards the mobile application goal. Because when users purchase from a mobile application, they tend to see less alternative from other stores. The wish template is designed for online apparel stores. If you are an upcoming brand, this well-optimized website template is for you.

This template includes all the options and pages you need to create an effective online store. All you have to do is to integrate this template with your online store platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify. More space is given for the images so that you can clearly show the product image.

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Listashop is also an eCommerce website template, just like the Wish template mentioned above. This template uses modern creative design throughout the template. This template is specifically designed for the small brand stores. The Listashop template not only includes design to showcase your product but also to explain your brand uniqueness. Along with this template, you also get an animated timer to boost your sales. Both in the product page and in the cart page you have related product section just above the footer to increase the chance of holding the user in your online store for a longer period of time. Another useful feature of this template is the user login page and registration page. We have made a separate post for login form templates with creative design, take a look at it to make your website look unique.

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Dorne is a directory website template. Users spend nearly 80% of their social media time on mobile devices. If you are making a directory for the best places around you, then this template is the best option for you. This template has elements to keep the users engaged and also allow them to interact with other users. The explore page in this template is the one, which makes this template stand unique from the rest of the directory website templates.

In the explore page you have advanced search bar, a small excerpt of the place with the image, and an interactive map. The best part is all the web elements in this template is also given in the mobile and tablet devices. Hence the user can add a place then and there, as they discover a new place. Take a look at our dashboard template collections to help your user easily manage their activity.

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Listed is a simplified version of the Dorne template mentioned above. The Listed is also a directory website template for hotels and restaurants. This template gives you only the option to list a place. If you need more interactive widgets, you can go for the Dorne template. This simple website template helps you to neatly list the place with a short story. The Listed template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, so you can add this template to an existing project. Or you can use this template as a base to create your own custom website template.

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Health, as the name implies this template is a healthcare website template. Making your hospital website mobile responsive is a must. When there is an emergency, people can reach you easily from their handheld devices. This template put the most important contents like emergency contact number and appointment booking form at first. Without wondering around people can reach you quickly. 40% of the online scheduling in a hospital website comes after the regular working hours. Most of the people will be on the go after their work, so making your website ready for smart devices will help you keep booked throughout the week. With big sections and bold texts, people can easily interact with your website. In the footer, you have space to add a quick contact form and detailed mentioning of your regular working hours.

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This Health website template is from us. In the previous website template, the emergency number and other links are given in the menu bar, so some of them will be missing in the mobile view. In this template, all the important contents are given in the main content area, so the user will get all the desktop options in the mobile version as well. As most users see animation effects in the mobile screen are intrusive, the designer of this template has used very minimal effects. The dual color scheme of this template not only makes the template colorful but also helps you to elegantly highlight the important contents. Modern web elements are used effectively to help you add contents neatly within the given space. Other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters and neat subscription form.

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Steak is a minimal and elegant looking website template for restaurants. If you are making a website for luxury restaurants, this template is the best option. The clean design of this template helps you to neatly present your food. Fonts are also chosen with care in this template. The texts are not regular business fonts, they give a stylish look and also makes readability easier. Lots of white space in this template add richness to the food image and make them look vibrant.

As most users prefer online table booking option, adding a reservation option will help you grow your business. In this template, you have a pre-made reservation form in a perfect from the front-end. All you have to do is to add the form to your reservation system. Near the reservation form itself, you have space to add opening hours along with contact number so that user will be clear when they can expect the service.

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Tasty is a user-centric website template. If you are a growing business, this template is the best option for you. This template is filled with lots of conversion centered web elements to increase the chances of getting customers. In the header, you have a big image slider with a call to action button for table reservation. You also have a quick reservation form in the header to help the user reserve a table as soon as they land on the website. The form field has a calendar entry option and drop-down options to make reservation quicker and simpler. This HTML5 website template is in a perfect working condition with a well-written code base. All you have to do is to customize the template to your taste and integrate with the modern web tools to grow your business.

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Samira is a bold website template for hotels. Hotels are another industry which effectively uses online to get customers. Though there are several room booking websites with loads of discounts, having an own website for your hotel will help you stay ahead of your competitors. The smart design of this template helps you to clearly showcase your best rooms and also gives you space to add view lines about the room. To help the user feel the luxury and comfort of your hotel, this template uses a warm color scheme. The color scheme not only makes the template look elegant but also helps you to neatly present the contents. In the header itself, you have space to add get a quote bar with calendar entry option. Apart from the forms you also get animated counters and space for adding video contents.

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Fitness Gym


In most free website template we would ask you to integrate the template with modern web applications. But in this template, the creator of this template has integrated the online chat tool Twalkto along with this template. You can chat with your visitors directly and convert them into customers. This template passes all the quality check of a proper modern website template and it also manages to get all the options to the mobile version as well. In between section, you have promotional elements like banners to boost your subscriber count. Animation effects are used in a proper scale so that they look professional and also manage to get user attention. Logically designed homepage gives a quick overview of all your services and plans on one page.

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Yoga is a flexible and creative simple website template. Though the template has a simple layout, interactive visual effects make this template unique. On scrolling down the pages, you will find the web elements aligning in the same line as you scroll. An ample amount of space is given for the text contents to explain the features of your class. We have made a complete yoga website templates list for Yoga studios and personal trainers, take a look at it for more useful templates like this. As the texts are made bold and bigger the user can interact with the website easily in mobile devices as well. If you are looking for interactive free responsive bootstrap templates with cool visual effects, this template is the best option for you.

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The Conference


The Conference is an event website template for corporate events. This template can also be used for the event organizing business websites. With big web elements, this template helps you to clearly explain the features of the event. The pricing table is made long and big so that you can give a detailed information on each ticket. It is a multi-page template so you can give a detailed information about the speakers and the event sponsors. In the top bar, you also have space to add social media profile links. Supporting your visitors via social media not only makes things easier for the visitors, you also increase the reach of your event.

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Musica is an event and music website template. Just like most other free responsive bootstrap templates, this one is also made using the HTML5 script. Hence you can use this template for music and entertainments websites as well. This multi-page template includes subpages pre-designed for about, concerts, news, and contacts. You have a separate page to list all your upcoming events, a search bar with filter option is given to help the users find the result easily.

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