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Equipment rental business is in existence since the late 1990s, so it is a relatively new industry. The most significant advantage of renting equipment is you can avoid massive capital investment. Instead of buying equipment that you use less, you can rent it when you want and save some money. Equipment rental is widely prevalent among construction businesses because some equipment is very costly, and maintaining the equipment also hurts your wallet. The equipment rental website template in this list is fully equipped and has a user-friendly design. All templates are powered by WooCommerce so that you can easily use different pricing models. For example, users can easily pick a per day or per hour pricing, based on their requirements.

Along with the equipment rental website template, car rental business website templates are also listed in this post. Feature-wise, both the templates are almost the same. Hence, you can use these templates for both car rental and equipment rental businesses. Quick payment options and friendly customization options will help you take your entire business online.

Equipo (HTML)

HTML equipment rental website template

Equipo is a heavy equipment rental website template. The bold design of this template lets the site owners elegantly showcase their equipment and clearly explain their services.

Since this template is purely designed from the business perspective, you get all the elements placed at the right spots to genuinely your business to your audience. For example, you get a quote request form right below the header section, customer testimonial carousels to boost your credibility, and a lot more. All elements work smoothly from the front-end side. Once you have taken care of the back-end work, you can launch your website.

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Agrica (HTML)

agriculture equipment rental website template

As the name implies, this is an agriculture equipment website template. The whole website is designed to gracefully show how your equipment can help the farmers. Lots of image and video spaces are there in this template, which you can use to show your customer stories. If you are into visual storytelling web design, this equipment rental website template will be a good choice.

Fundamental pages are pre-designed for you in this template. You can use the given page template as a base and can create your own custom pages as your demand increases. The refreshing look and the friendlier interface of this template will make the first time visitors stay on your website and encourage them to learn more about you.

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CarRentals (HTML)

responsive car rental and car dealer website template

CarRentals is a modern and straightforward car rental website template. The creator has used the modern web elements smartly in this template to deliver a visually stunning experience to the users. Users can see vital car details and pricing on the car card element itself. Therefore, users don’t have to click on different pages to see the product details.

Hover effects and other animations are kept very simple in this template to make it appealing to a large group of business people. You can add custom hover effects to the elements to make it even more engaging for your site visitors.

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equipment rental WordPress theme

Backhoe is a heavy equipment rental WordPress website template. In this fast world, construction works are also done fastly using humongous equipment. Buying large vehicles and powerful tools for a single building, cost too much for the owners. Heavy equipment rental businesses provide you the tools and equipment you need at a more affordable price when compared to buying them. Plus, construction equipment rental is one of the oldest business models in the modern era. This WordPress theme has five homepage variations and dedicated product listing pages pre-designed for you. WooCommerce powers the listing pages and rental pages; hence, all the functions are fully working. All you have to do is fine-tuning the website as per your needs and launch your website.

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equipment rental website template with multiple demos

Motors is a feature-packed website template. This template is made for listing sites, auto dealers, and rental businesses. The default equipment rental website template design is for heavy trucks and earthmovers; hence the designer has used a sturdy solid design. Lots of image spaces are used to show the equipment details clearly. The creator has used long cards on the rental product listing page so that you get more than enough space to list the products’ standard features. Since this template is primarily designed for classified listing websites, you see lots of features related to it. If you are into classified types of websites, take a look at our Craigslist website template collection. Repair shop website demos powered by WooCommerce are also given in this template. You can use this repair website demos to sell or rent repair equipment.

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farming equipment rental website template

Motodeal is a multipurpose auto dealer and rental website template. If you are looking for a farming and agriculture equipment rental website template, Motodeal will help you make a proper website. Card elements and carousels are handled smartly to show the equipment details and other related equipment neatly within the given space. Since it is a niche-focused website template, you get plenty of useful features right out of the box. For example, you have options to compare two equipment/cars and a working finance calculator. Moreover, it is a WordPress theme with WooCommerce powered shopping pages. So integrating online shopping related options will be an easy job.

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industrial equipment website templmate

Pilon is an industrial equipment rental WordPress theme. The versatile layout of this template lets you elegantly show your equipment. Since it is a WordPress theme, you can even add videos to show your equipment in action. Rental features are integrated right from the core of the website. For instance, you can clearly see the per hour rental fee on the product page. Plus, you can easily select the date range from the given calendar and see the corresponding price before placing the order. Most of the basic functions and options you want in a rental website are pre-bundled in this template. All you have to do is to configure the settings and launch your website. Speaking for date picking options, take a look at our (bootstrap datepicker) design collection for more inspirations.

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equipment listing website template

Allegro is a general online equipment selling and rental website template. This one is also powered by WooCommerce online store engine. Hence, you can easily integrate the functions you want. There are thousands of free and premium plugins to help you quickly integrate the missing features. In the default template, you get all the basic online store functionalities. The creator has given five homepage variations and primary shopping page pre-designed for you. Reviews and star ratings are given below the products and also in product pages to let the user pick the right product. The installation process is made simple in this template so that you can easily set up your store with just a few clicks.

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Grand Car Rental

easy-to-customize website template

Grand Car Rental is a user-focused website template. The fresh and interactive homepage designs help the user easily pick the service they want. On the homepage, you have space to add video backgrounds and your unique features to keep the users engaged. A search tool with multiple filter options is given in this template to narrow down the search result easily. The creator has given separate pages for each service/equipment; hence you can mention the plans and benefits to the user. In all product pages, you have a floating booking form to improve the conversion rate. The user has cleverly placed a drop-down UI element on the booking form to switch to per hour and per day plans easily, but it is not fully functional in the default design; this might be something you have to fix. Other than the rate swapping options, everything is functioning properly.

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multipurpose service business website template

Etalon is a multipurpose service business website template. The creator has given demos for major service-oriented businesses like cleaning, mechanic, construction equipment, and a lot more. We do get a dedicated demo for rental services; hence you can set up any type of rental website using this template. Since it is a multipurpose website template made to meet all types of audience needs, you get easy customization options. This template developer has followed the professional code standard to make the code-level customization easier. The latest WooCommerce version powers all demos in this template. Plus, you will also get periodic updates to stay ahead of your customization.

This template has business elements like testimonials, service tabs and portfolio carousels. All these modern elements are neatly integrated into the WPBakery page builder. You can simply drag and drop the elements in the place you want. Speaking of tabs and carousels, take a look at our bootstrap tabs and carousel examples for more inspirations. If you are looking for a fully equipped car and equipment rental website template, this is the best option for you.

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City Cruise

party limo rental website template

City Cruise is a unique website template. The creator has made it for Limousine rental services websites. Three separate demos are given different purposes like the wedding Limo rental, business limo rental, and party limo rental WordPress themes. Detailed pricing tables in these templates help you neatly mention the services users will receive for a particular plan. WooCommerce powers car rental pages and booking pages. Hence, users can place orders and make a payment on your website. Basic plugins are there in the bundle itself. If you have any special needs, you can add it by installing a corresponding WordPress plugin.

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classy looking website template

Chauffeur is purely designed for hiring and rental service websites. Though this template is primarily designed for luxury car rental services, you can also use it as an equipment rental website template. Separate forms for hourly booking and flat-rate booking is a thoughtful touch. Users can clearly see the pricing, plus, they can also get an overview of the services they get. To make things even clear, the creator used a neat table design to compare and see the pricing easily. Color schemes can be changed easily with just click, and minor customization can be done via the WPBakery page builder. PayPal and Stripe payment options are pre-integrated into this template to provide easy online booking. As you can see, the creator has thought of everything a rental website owner would need; hence, you will find this template extremely useful as a website owner.

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equipment rental website template with a creative layout

Autozone is a sturdy and robust looking website template for car and other luxury vehicle rental services. The creator has not only used the modern elements to give a contemporary look but also gives an athletic feel. Sharp edge elements and smooth animation effects liven up the website. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, modern web elements and animation effects are crisp. The creator has used checkboxes to select the options you want, which is a practical design. Users can easily pick the features they want and can also see the pricing in real-time. You have to do a few tweaks on the back end to make the options fully functional. Take a look at our Bootstrap checkbox designs for more natural-looking elements.

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clean car rental website template

Autostar is a clean conversion-focused website template. The straightforward homepage design lets the user clearly understand your pricing and the services you offer. Useful tools like search tools and request forms are placed near the header section so that the users can easily access it. This one is also a mobile responsive car and equipment rental website template. Images and video backgrounds smartly highlight the important sections from others. This template has three homepage variations. Each demo variation is unique and designed for different purposes. Since it is a multipage website template, you can clearly explain your plans and packages clearly to the audience. Icons are used effectively on the product cards to show the product details effectively. Multiple filter options are also given to let you easily find the car or equipment you want.

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interactive website template

Turbo is a fresh style website template made purely by keeping present-day entrepreneurs’ needs in mind. The clean design and smooth animations let the site owners clearly explain their services. Shadow and subtle glow effects neatly distinguish the important elements from others. This template has seven homepage variations, and more new designs will be added in the future updates. Each demo is different helps you grow your business. All demo variations are equipped with the WPBakery page builder to customize the website easily. The WooCommerce platform is well-integrated into this theme so that the users can easily book and rent equipment easily via your website itself. If you wish to distinguish your website from others, this is the best option for you. An equipment rental website template like this will help you target the present-day audience.

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electric vehicle and equipment rental website template

Efuel is a niche-specific website template. The creator of this template has designed it solely for the modern electric vehicle era. If you are renting environment-friendly EV and equipment, this template will suit your business theme. Right from the page loading animation to the color scheme, everything lies within this template’s eco-friendly concept. As of now, this template has four demo variations. Each demo is designed for various purposes, and we get one demo for rental services. Since WooCommerce powers all demo variations, you can pick other demos as well. This template has basic plugins pre-built into it, including the MailChimp plugin; hence setting up this template will be an easy job. Speaking of MailChimp, check out our MailChimp email templates collections if you are into serious email marketing.

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rental website template with useful features

Rentit is a bold and classy looking rental website template. Big chunky elements and flashy red colors give a traditional rental business character. This template has seven homepage variations but only minor changes. You can pick any demo and customize it as per your needs. Tabs and carousels are used to list the featured products on the homepage neatly. All basic pages are neatly designed and integrated into the template. Since it is a WordPress website template, maintaining pages and contents won’t be a difficult job. This template is running on the latest WordPress engine and offers you all the latest and the greatest features. If you are interested in classy promotional style design, this equipment rental website template will impress you.

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straightforward website template

Rentacar is a versatile website template designed for car rental and listing websites. The creator has taken the best of both the world and created this user-friendly website. Modern web elements smartly manage the content and make interaction easier. The full-width website layout is used effectively so that you get an ample amount of space between each element. Because of this spacious design, even mobile users can easily interact with this template. Two navigation bar idea works better on the desktop view. Take a look at our Bootstrap menu example for more inspiration if you are also trying new things on your website. Premium plugins like the Revolution Slider and the Essential Grid present the image content engagingly to the audience.

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car and equipment rental website template

Carena is a car dealer rental and automative equipment rental website template. The pixel-perfect design and precise calibration make this template a perfect option for modern users. Both images and text contents are balanced throughout the template; hence, you can clearly explain your plans and services to the users. The creator has also given pages for you to list the repair equipment and other automotive equipment. If you are planning to sell or rent the equipment, the tools page will come in handy for you. Online store functions and features are taken care of by the WooCommerce platform. Even if you miss one or two functions in the default pack, you can add features by simply installing the corresponding plugin.

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contemporary style brand-focused rental website template

Komo is originally a community-focused bike rental website template. If you want to make a website that improves your brand and promote your services, this is the best option for you. The creator has used modern cool color schemes in all three demo variations. The cool functional design is followed on the inner pages as well; hence users can quickly identify your brand as soon as they land on your website. White spaces and color elements work hand in hand in this template to give a visually striking design and also to neatly highlight the important sections. By making a few changes to the design, you can use this template for car and equipment rental sites. The WPBakery page builder makes the front-end customizations easier. Backend customizations also made easier by keeping the code structure as simple and flexible as possible.

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simple and modern looking website template

TanTum is a colorful website template. If you are new in the industry, this template will help you clearly explain your process. Plus, if you are introducing any new business/pricing model, you can give a detailed explanation using this template. Though this template is designed for car rental services, you can use it for other types of equipment rental business websites as well. Bold letters make interaction easier on both computers and mobiles. Since it is a mobile responsive website template, all elements are calibrated for small screen devices as well. Your users can easily book cars or your equipment on the go. Animation and other effects are sleek in this template, which most users will love. Take a look at our bootstrap registration form design collection to make a perfect form that fits your website design.

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BeTheme is known for its vast array of pre-made demos. With more than 500+ demos, this template has powered thousands of websites. Two dedicated car rental demos are given in this pack, and both of them have a trendy design. You can clearly mention your pricing plans. Plus, the user can also compare the plans before placing the order. Since it is a multipurpose website template, you can easily customize it and use it as an equipment rental website template.

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car dealer website template with multiple customization options

Jupiter is also similar to the BeTheme template mentioned above. But this template has more flexible customization options when compared to the BeTheme. This template has five to six demos related to the car and auto industry. All demo variations have WooCommerce pre-integrated into them; hence, you can easily set up your online store and let users easily book equipment and cars they want. Basic plugins and pages are readily available in this template. All you have to is to activate the plugin and fine-tune it as per your requirements.

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creative car dealer website template

autoRoyal is a clean and professional-looking multipurpose auto niche website template. This template can help you easily set up a rental store and a dealer website. Both demo variations are pristine and have a contemporary style look. In the rental demo, you get customizable price settings. Some of the basic niche related functions are pre-built into this template. Both developers and site owners will find this template extremely easy to work with.

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