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Mobile app templates have become increasingly popular among developers, allowing them to skip the hassle of starting from scratch. By providing a pre-made concept, these templates allow developers to focus on the functionality of their app, saving them time and effort. Additionally, for novice developers, these templates can be an excellent tool for learning. They can study the building blocks of an application and develop their coding skills, regardless of their skill level. Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting, you have come to the right place if you’re searching for free bootstrap mobile app templates.

At uiCookies, we have compiled a list of the best free mobile app templates available. However, to deliver the mobile app you build, you will also need a landing page to share your work. For your convenience, we have included a list of the best free mobile app landing pages for you to choose from. If you are looking to sharpen your skills in designing and developing apps and landing pages, the templates we have chosen provide the best online interface for you to work with.



Making to the top of our list of mobile app website templates is Racks, a versatile and flexible option for those who want to stand out. With a professional super clean and organized feel to it, anything you add to the site looks super engaging. Crafted on the latest Bootstrap framework, this assures the users of a smooth performance overall. Not to mention the purpose-oriented style it executes comprising features to complement the niche. The gradient background is vibrant and makes for an interesting take on the concept. Furthermore, the template also supports multiple background variations whether you want to add in images, videos or animated elements.

As it also uses CSS and HTML codes, there are various of animations, effects and transitions implemented throughout. It features a hamburger menu atop that makes it easier to navigate for your users. Along with the stunner of a header section, you also get access to sections for about, testimonials, galleries, and more. In addition to this, the template is fully responsive, retina-ready, and overall flexible among all of the device screen sizes. Useful elements like count-down timers, creative font and icon options and more are also available at your disposal. The footer section also makes way for a menu and navigation, along with options to add in social links. Not only this, but you also get access to contact form, as well as newsletter subscription options. All in all a great way to get started, this template is surely worth a try.

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Another professionally designed app landing website template, Sasu is a perfect addition to our list today. It features a wonderfully sophisticated and modern style that is ideal to get your apps and softwares to the next level of introduction. Fully responsive, retina-ready and overall pixel perfect, this template offers the users impeccable graphics. It relies fully on the powerful Bootstrap framework, and is upto par with all of the latest web-standards. Eastablishing online presence has never been so easy as with SASU. The great thing is that it offers an interface that is perfect for promotional purposes, as well as for blogging, eCommerce and more. It is also cross-browser compatible which loads effortlessly throughout all of the web-browsers. This allows for a broader purpose spectrum.

You also get access to all of the useful components like CTA buttons, cart options, pricing tables, contact forms, newsletter subscriptions and more. The functional search bar along with the drop down menu makes for an easy navigation. In addition to this, various SVG icons adds to the visuals to make it more engaging. Furthermore, it features lightbox galleries, supports multiple media formats, and comes with tons of personalizing options you can use. From various Google fonts, icons, to the color schemes, background options and more, you get it all. So why wait when all of these premium-like features are offered for free?

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Ecobit is another creatively designed, unique-looking mobile landing website template ideal for introducing any of your next project. Built especially for the niche of digital products, mobile apps and software, this template is pretty purpose oriented. It is designed to be fully responsive so that it loads effortlessly throughout all of the device screens. Not to mention the unique and stand-out concept it features that presents your products in an engaging manner. The template executes an animated background that is pretty appealing. In addition to this, ecobit is also fully compatible with all of the major web-browsers so that it effortlessly loads throughout it all. The great thing is that this template is highly customizable and offers a variety of personalizing options.

From multiple layout styles to the fonts, icons and color there are multiple options to choose from. Furthermore, it also uses the professional Bootstrap framework which provides the users with all the flexibility one requires. Not to mention the amazing range of useful components like pricing tables, CTA buttons, animations, effects and transitions implemented with CSS and HTML codes. It also features a fully functional contact form and newsletter subscription option. There are sections dedicated to blogs, testimonials, about and more that is sure to get everything you need out there. In addition to this, the pre-styled pages gives you a head start saving both your time and effort. Light-weight and fast loading, this template is sure to provide an optimal performance for you.

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Raptor is another stunning and visually impactful mobile app landing website template that is a perfect addition to our list today. A great way to brand, promote and create a website to launch your project, this template is sure leave a lasting impression. It is fully responsive, retina-ready and features an overall excellent graphics. Not to mention the creative ailments here that are unique and super appealing to see. It features a stunning range of personalizing options as well that adds to the efficiency. And because it is highly customizable, we are sure that the end result is always unique and upto your preferences. The great thing here is that it is pretty reliable and secure. Each line of codes are thoroughly checked to ensure the security and validity.

It is pretty adaptable and is sure to expand your online presence rapidly. In addition to the excellent visuals, there are plenty of purpose-oriented features packed inside as well. This includes options for pricing, functional search bars, CTA buttons, creative icons and more. The on-scroll content load is another stand out here that makes the template load effortlessly. Although designed more for the hosting agencies you can easily make changes to fit your specific niche within a matter of minutes. As it is reliant on the CSS and HTML codes, various components execute a smooth animation, effects and more on hover or click. Not to mention the array of fonts provided by Google Fonts to choose from.

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launcher mobile app templates

Create attractive and inviting landing pages using Launcher, an intuitive mobile app template built to help your startups and app projects explode. It’s clean and sleek design makes presenting viewers with lucrative offers and services an easy task. The mix of complementary designed elements such as buttons, banners, fullscreen header and a minimalistic menu makes launcher all the more better. Use various tools for your mobile app landing pages using Launcher; This includes a nifty icon text boxes, image sliders, image preview sections, milestone trackers and pricing plans.

Furthermore, you can also place User testimonials and reviews easily on your website to promote your apps. The use of the dedicated Service listings sections and high resolution, retina-ready images is also sure to grab any user’s attention. Similarly, you can also keep any of your possible customers posted about the status and development of your apps using the Newsletter subscription form. The custom made contact form can also help you answer any inquiries regarding your app and the additional use of Social media icons and contact information can only help you improve your products even more.

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digilab mobile app templates

Digilab is also a worthy addition to our list of mobile app templates. It’s use of creative elements, unique layout and mobile readiness. The exciting Split screen image slider it comes with is a very flexible tool that lets you grab your customer’s attention from the get-go. The creative service section listing definitely helps you set your app landing pages apart. The use of hovering effects, nifty menu and sub category selection and additional images and icons works perfectly to your website’s advantage. Moreover, the use of call to action buttons all over the template makes user interaction a better deal for you.

It’s also important to note that Digilab is not only mobile responsive but also retina ready and cross-browser compatible. Moreover, the use of modern elements such as on-screen loaders, Google map embeds, custom contact form, and portfolio features make it a great template to personalize and customize with. Finally, Digilab is also a blog-friendly app landing page and you can keep your users posted about various app changes or upcoming new apps of features straight from your blogs too.

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mobapp mobile app templates

MobApp’s colourful and clean page design makes it a perfect landing page for mobile app projects. The complementary header and menu design blend together perfectly and the intuitive menu design makes page navigation an easy task. Dedicate an entire landing page to your app projects without worrying about accessibility or responsiveness using MobApp. The website template’s boostrap coding makes it extremely lightweight, customization ready as well as cross-browser compatible. Moreover, the template is also mobile friendly and works perfectly on both iOS and Android platforms.

Use tons of interactive elements and call to action buttons to get your viewers interested in your product. This includes a tab based, intuitive features listing, cool icon boxes, advertisement banners and more. All of these web elements are directly built for mobile apps in mind which makes MobApp the perfect mobile app landing page template.

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lite mobile app templates

Lite is one of the best free mobile app templates built to provide you an easy way to create landing pages for your apps and projects. Create a fully functional, simple yet attractive landing page for your mobile apps and products in a matter of minutes using this excellent template. Lite comes with a highly customizable, drop down menu along with a simple fullscreen header. Moreover, Lite also lets you set up a nifty registration form to help you inform users about your app’s release date and product information. Explain to all your viewers what your app is all about using Lite’s excellent service listing section. Moreover, you can use the partner listing section to show who your sponsors and collaborators in a cool fashion.

Lite also features support for accounts and login system so your users can sign up for your app’s online features directly. The mix of perfect landing page layouts, scrolling effects and unique header and footer layouts makes lite stand out amongst any adversary. Moreover, it’s well designed HTML code ensures maximum responsiveness and accessibility for all your users. Lite ensures that setting up the landing page for your apps is the least troublesome part of the development life cycle.

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chimper mobile app templates

Everything about Chimper gives off a sense of cleanliness and professionality. Whether it be the clean white texture design, well managed grid layout or the use of intuitive web elements. The animated text on top of the Header is definitely a welcome addition when it comes to landing pages. Catch your viewer’s attention right from the start and keep it stuck onto your website using Chimper and its wide array of features. This obviously includes a Media enabled Service listing section that comes with video embeds. The video embed feature lets you place a video that really encapsulates the objective of your apps and projects in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can also use a dedicated portfolio section to showoff your projects.

Chimper also presents you with a unique Testimonial section that also functions as a slider. Lastly, Chimper is also extremely blog friendly. Not only do you get tons of typography elements but you can also use setup a Newsletter subscription form for your blogs. Moreover, Chimper and all its elements are completely retina ready. This means that your mobile app landing page shows up perfectly on all platforms, especially mobile ones.

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Gaas is a free app landing website template that is trendy innovative and modern in every way. If standing out from the crowd and ranking higher than your competitors is your goal, then this complete is the perfect way to get started. The homepage is lightweight vibrant and fully responsive so that your users are immediately hooked on to your site. Additionally the elegant and professional looking Google fonts also add to the creative approach. Ideal for your apps, software or for any creative projects, this template is aimed at providing even the beginners an easy way out to create a professional looking website.

The layout is completely responsive so that it easily adjust every screen size with ease. Get a trendy blog sections where you can easily add informative contents for the users to enjoy. The clean and well commented CSS coding also provides access to a range of amazing hover effects, animations and more. What’s great is that this template is also completely cross browser compatible. You can also add other advanced elements like pricing tables, Google maps and effective call to action buttons. Powered with the advanced bootstrap Framework this template provides all the flexibility that you require.

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making a powerful impact on your users is now a piece of cake. Thanks to the powerful, modern, and innovative HTML app landing website template Appru, creating a professional website is now hassle free. The template is designed to be completely responsive for the your website adjust every device screen size with extreme ease. That being said, the visuals are simply stunning. Each component included in the theme is purpose based, so that everything the you might require is at your disposal. The personalizing features are also extremely user friendly. This ensures that the end result of the website is completely up to you.

You can play along with the colour schemes, theme design, page variations, and come up with something unique. It also offers a range of free Google fonts, creative icons, home page and inner page variations and so much more. Ideal for any startup websites whether you deal with apps software or any type of digital products, this template is the perfect place to start. To make it more effective you can also at the pricing tables for users to see. The impact full banners with creative call to action buttons are sure to engage your users in the right path. It also supports video format, which enables you to easily create creative contents. Other advanced features of this template include pricing tables, attractive sliders, testimonials, and screenshot sections.

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Just as the name would give out stand out is a unique and creative HTML app landing website template that is sure to make your website stand out. With an impactful visuals that are completely responsive this template is also optimised for every devices out there. Tested for optimal performance this template features an excellent loading speed, cross browser compatibility, SEO optimisation and flexibility. As this template is highly customisable you get a range of amazing customising features as well. And the best part is it is completely user friendly so that you no longer need to depend on professionals. This template is ideal to showcase or introduce your product to your users and targeted audience in an impressive manner.

The template is powered with the bootstrap framework, therefore meeting after all of the latest coding standard. With a creative one page design, it loads all of the contents in an attractive scrolling effect. It is equipped with creative social media icons, fully functioning contact form, and an attractive newsletter subscription widget so that it is easier for your users to stay in touch. You can also easily at the informations about your product and add the pricing on the creative blog pages pricing tables available. Boost your sales through the roof only with standout!

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Privy App


Privy App is an ideal mobile app template designed with a minimal and aesthetic design. It is built with the intention of giving the users an easy way to access any of your personal websites through their mobile devices with ease. The is best suited for web-designers, graphic designers, digital professionals and more creative minds. It comes with all the necessary features you might require to help you maintain your online presence. It is flexible and you can also use it to display your CVs and Resumes. This template is also cross-browser compatible and can be displayed on all screen size.

Built entirely on the Bootstrap framework, it is structured using the HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery coding. The professional and modern design is sure to keep your users engaged. And you can enhance it with creative fonts from Google Fonts and Font Awesome. It is also easy to add location using Google Maps integration. It is also highly customizable so that you can modify any elements with ease. If you are looking to impress your users with a mobile app based website then this is the perfect start!

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Based on the latest flat Bootstrap framework, Appliance is an amazing mobile app template. It is designed to give the users an excellent interface and a flawless experience. Even the HTML and CSS coding used are extremely well-commented and clean. It brilliantly suits your mobile app category and takes your website to the next level. Tailored with excellence this template is also cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy. The design is also fully responsive and features HD imagery.

It features a vibrant and visually appealing outlook. In addition to this, it matches the requirement and the latest standards of the modern market. Providing an amazing customer support and well-documentation, this template is almost premium-like. Not only this but it also packed with tons of amazing features that you can utilize. It is flexible and adaptable making it suitable for almost everyone. Even the customizing process is extremely easy and user-friendly. So if you are looking for the perfect mobile app template then Appliance makes it to the top.

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Praerdium is yet another amazing option to opt for if you are looking for a functional and effective mobile app template. Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is modern, unique and flat designed. Impeccable with the high-performance, this template makes it so much easier to help you concentrate on the important things. In addition to the beautifully tailored design, you can even add elegant Google fonts to enhance it even more. It is flexible and multi-purpose so you can use it for mobile apps in every niche. This includes corporate, industrial, travel, booking, real estate and more.

The minimalistic aesthetic facilitates an amazing interface for the users to work with. Each of the elements included is aligned in an effective manner. not only this but this template is also fully responsive and retina-ready. You can choose from a range of amazing color choices and pick out the one that best suits your preference. It also features amazing hover animations and effects that add to the appeal. All the CSS and HTML coding used are also extremely easy to customize. This gives way for additional modification if you want to. Download this mobile app template today and experience the ease of usage!

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Appizz is a modern and flat styled mobile app template that is designed using the Bootstrap framework. The elements and the UI components included with the template package is carefully built using the HTML, CSS and jQuery coding. All of the codes are also well-commented and clean. This makes it developer friendly and easy to modify. For easy and fast loading, this template is also cross-browser compatible. Not only this but the unique and visually appealing design is also fully-responsive.

It features a clean, and minimal workspace that not only looks stunning but is also effective. Although it is designed to give out a stylish and fancy appeal, you can modify it to suit your preference. You can also add Google Fonts and Font Awesome fonts to add that creative touch. Furthermore, this template is fully responsive and easy to use. Tailored to provide the best user-experience, you can use this template for any type of mobile apps you wish. It is flexible and adaptable and adjusts to your requirements. Try it out today and never have to look back again!

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Fluid App


Fluid App as the name suggests is a clean, stylish and modern looking mobile app template. It is designed to be flexible and fluid so that it can adapt to all your preference. Based on the latest and powerful Bootstrap framework, this template works amazingly with every niche. The layout is visually stunning versatile. The default color schemes are vibrant and attractive but if you want you can modify it to match your preference. The HTML and CSS coding used provides additional animations and effects. This adds to the enhance the effect of the template for your users.

The structure is also fully-responsive making sure it automatically adjusts to every device screen size. Additionally, ensuring that your site loads fast and easy, this template is also cross-browser compatible. One of the best option to start with, this template is also highly customizable. Each and every element included are placed so that it is functional and effective to work with. Not only this, but this flexible template can be used for every mobile app template niche. Add locations, amazing typographies and more. Leave a lasting impression on everyone who lands only with Fluid App.

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Max App


Probably one of the versatile and flexible mobile app template out there, Max App is carefully tailored to ensure an amazing online experience. The visuals are stunning and sure to leave your users wanting more. It is entirely based on the powerful Bootstrap framework. Not only this, but it is fully responsive. This means that no matter which device your users are on, your site looks amazing. But not all the structure and the elements are crafted using innovative CSS and HTML coding. Taking care of everything you might require, this free mobile app template is an awesome choice.

It features amazing color schemes and grid-style layout. Additionally, you also get stunning hover effects and animations to keep things interesting. Furthermore, this template is also cross-browser compatible. This ensures that your website loads fast and easy no matter which browser you use. It is flexible and adaptable and suits every kind of product based websites. This fluid website template also has excellent customer support to help you out whenever you need.

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Millor is yet another amazing mobile app template we absolutely love. Why? This template is versatile, flexible and amazing to look at as well. But that’s the least of it because it is packed with so many amazing features! With Millor, it is sure that your business will step to the next level. It is multi-purpose which means that it is suitable for almost any type of websites and apps. The template is optimized for high-performance and is backed up with amazing responsiveness. The layout is super modern and is sure to impress any of your users.

It is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework and advanced coding from HTML, CSS, and jQuery. This ensures that this template meets all the latest standard you require. Additionally, the layout also follows a good grid style of elements. Furthermore, you can also switch the color schemes to match your preference. It is fully compatible with all the major browsers and loads easily. Stylized to make an impression, this mobile app template also includes MailChimp and AJAX forms. You can also add creative typographies to keep it simple or edgy whichever you prefer.

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If you are searching for a creatively built, modern and innovative mobile app template, then your search ends here. Aptile is a free website template that features an amazing layout and effective sets of function. Flexible, clean and professional, this template automatically adjusts to all device screen size. This includes mobile, laptops, tablets and more. But that’s not the end of it. You also get a set of amazing Google Fonts and Font Awesome typography that adds the hint of a creative touch.

It is designed with the powerful Bootstrap framework. Additionally, it also uses the advanced coding structure of HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Get amazing animations and effects that make your site look more professional. Furthermore, it is also optimized for online marketing and SEO to help your site reach its optimum potential. The source files and PSD displayed are also included within the package. In addition to this, it is extremely customizable so that you can edit it per your requirements.

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App Fun

App fun is a flat designed modern and clean mobile app template that is packed with tons of amazing features. One of the most professional looking and visually stunning designed mobile app template, it is also fully responsive. This makes sure that your app or website adjusts to any device screen size whether it is laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. The best thing, however, is the vibrant color schemes that are impossible to take the eyes away from. But if you prefer, you can also easily switch to one you prefer.

The template is fully compatible with most of the major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. This ensures that no matter which browser you use, the template loads fast and easy. Based entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework, there are plenty of variations you can choose from. Furthermore, the clean and valid HTML and CSS coding add all the features you might require. Get amazing animations and stunning effects. As it is flexible and multipurpose, you can use it for any types of mobile apps. Probably one of the best mobile app landing templates out there, you should definitely try this one out!

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Ecno is a stylish and trendy mobile app template that is visually just amazing to look at. Best suitable for apps of all the different niche, Ecno is designed with a flat and modern outlook. It is professional and meets up to the expectations of the users. Based entirely on the latest and powerful Bootstrap framework, this template features a set of exclusive options. It is also fully responsive and automatically adjusts to every device screen size with ease. In addition to this, you also get a range of color schemes that you can try out.

It is highly customizable which means that you can modify and play with the design as much as you like. All of the elements are placed in such order that they enhance the functionality. In addition to this, you also get stylish typography and icons that you can use. Not only this, but it also comes with MailChimp and AJAX integration that lets you add forms. It is also optimized for speed and is compatible with all the major browsers. This includes Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even internet explorer. Sure to take your site and apps to the next level, try out the free template out today!

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Appson-mobile-App Landing-Template

Appson is yet another stunning mobile app template that is not only stunning to look at but is also efficient to get you results. Instead of taking the long and tedious path of designing and planning everything, this template takes care of it all. Save tons of your time and effort with this mobile app template. It is fully responsive and retina-ready, which makes this template one of the best choices to opt for. In addition to this, the template is also cross-browser compatible, which makes the template load fast and easy.

Best suited for mobile apps of all niche, this template is flexible and adaptable. You also get additional typography and icons options that add a creative touch. The color schemes also enhance the vibrant visuals. Furthermore, the template package also includes other amazing features. As it is highly customizable, you can easily add and modify elements according to your preference. All the elements and UI components included helps you create the perfect platform.

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Unapp is yet another amazing mobile app template that is sure to take your site to the next level. If you want to keep track of your products, grow your business and take the next step towards success, then this template is sure the way to go. It is fully responsive and stunning to look at. This means that no matter which device your users are on, the template still looks amazing. It is multi-purpose and works great with almost every niche of mobile apps and landing pages.

Implement an effective content marketing strategy based on your products and get an impressive result. Add creative typographies, icons and media files to add a touch of creativeness. Built with the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template takes care of all the latest standards. In addition to this, the template features exclusive CSS and HTML coding. All of these are extremely clean and valid so that users don’t come across any problems when customizing. In addition to this, this template includes a range of useful UI components that you can utilize. This adds to the enhancement of the template functionality.

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Massive as the name suggests is a huge package of amazing features and graphically advanced free mobile app template. Featuring a clean, modern and professional looking structure, this template is also fully responsive and retina ready. It gives out enough space and attribution to present your apps or products in an impressive manner. Boost your conversions, get more visitors and grow your business only with Massive. This free mobile app template is also flexible, and adaptable which suits every mobile app template.

Modernistic and innovative this website template is also cross-browser compatible. Get an amazing range of fonts and icons with Google Fonts. In addition to this, you can also add subscription and sign-up forms using AJAX and MailChimp integration. Stand out from the crowd with interesting color schemes, amazing animations and more. You can even add images and videos to keep things interesting. Add contact forms, pricing, and other useful sections. In addition to this, you can also switch to and from the color schemes if you prefer. It is built on the powerful Bootstrap framework and features exclusive HTML and CSS coding.

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Selene -App-Landing-Page

Selene is an attractive and feature-rich HTML based mobile app template that is extremely flexible and adaptable. Not only this but the structure is also fully-responsive and retina ready. This means that not only does this template automatically adjust to every device screen size, but it also features exclusive HD imagery. It is suitable to meet the requirements of every mobile app niche. Built on the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template features many awesome features.

This tool is great to promote and grow your business remarkably. The free template package includes tons of customizing options as well. It also includes pricing tables, call-to-action-buttons, statistics, menu and more. Supplying the users with exactly what they need, this template is effective and useful. In addition to this, you also get creative fonts and icons you can easily integrate. Not only this, but you can also choose from a range of colors and features for your own convenience. Customize it however you wish as this template is also fully customizable.

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Apps, as the name suggests, developed and crafted with mobile apps in mind and is a fantastic option to start with. If you are a designer, developer, promoter or someone with a product or app to share, then Apps is an amazing mobile app template you can use. It is not only visually appealing, but it is also enriched with tons of amazing features that you can use. In addition to this, it also fully compatible with any modification and customizing. This ensures that the end result of how it looks is entirely up to you to decide.

Built on the powerful Bootstrap framework and advanced HTML and CSS coding, it meets all the standards of the modern market. In addition to this, you also get stunning animations and effects that adds to the feature. It is also cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy on all major browsers. The modern and straightforward design can be stylized with creative fonts and icons. Not only this but there are plenty of other UI components like pricing, contact forms, call-to-action buttons, subscription buttons and more. This free template is sure to take your site and your product to the next level. So why not try it out for free today?

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Appy is an amazingly designed and tailored HTML template that is free but just as stunning as a premium. One of the best out there, this template is stunning visually and graphically advanced. It is also fully responsive which makes sure that this template easily adjusts to every device screen size. Not only this but the attractive color scheme is sure to keep any of your users hooked. Furthermore, it suits perfectly each of the tech and SAAS services. It is multi-purpose and flexible that suits every mobile app. The layout structure is based entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework.

It also loads fast and easy and is compatible with all of the browsers. This includes Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even the internet explorer.  Launch your projects or your business in an effective and functional manner only with Apps. Moreover, this template uses advanced HTML and CSS coding. It is all clean and well-commented so that customizing process is also easy. The template also offers tons of animations and effects. In addition to this, you can also add fonts and icons using Google Fonts and Font Awesome. But that’s not all, this template is a great start to any of your business!

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SuSan-App Landing-Page

Susan is a free website template that features an exclusive and attractive interface. It is extremely user-friendly and is suitable for both beginners and experts. Built using the best technology of the Bootstrap framework, this template is stunning. Even the coding structure uses the standard and professional HTML and CSS. This enables the users the freedom to add all the necessary features. The template is fully responsive and retina-ready. It automatically adjusts to every device screen size whether it is laptops or mobiles.

As it is compatible with all the internet browsers, it loads fast and easy on Safari, Mozilla, Chrome and even internet explorer. It includes 2 demo versions that you can choose to start with. Not only this, you can even combine the elements on each one of them and create a unique variation. In addition to this, you also get tons of other customizing options. Easily add the creative fonts and icons using Google fonts. You also get stunning hover effects and animations. Add locations, images, descriptions, media files, and more! Create an amazing platform only with Susan.

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Simple yet powerful, Colid is an amazing HTML mobile app template that is robust and flexible. It best suits websites for starting your projects, launching your mobile apps of any kind and to create landing pages. The template features elements with care making sure each and every aspect is effective. This amazing package includes and fulfills the requirements with all of the components and tools required to create the perfect platform. It is fully responsive and retina ready. This makes sure that this template fits every device screen size including laptops and mobiles.

Add creative and innovative texts and icons to make it more appealing. You can even add custom colors or choose from the existing ones. In addition to this, it also supports multiple media formats which makes it easy to add images and video files. Furthermore, the template offers optimization for speed and loads fast and easy on all internet browsers. It includes tons of UI components that you can easily integrate onto the site. Add forms for subscription and log in with ease. An amazing option to opt for, this free mobile app template is everything that you are looking for!

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Sierra is a one of a kind and modern standard based website template. It is extremely flexible and attractive visually that features the careful attention to the details. The sure-fire way to get your site a head-start, this template is everything you wish for. It is fully responsive and retina ready. This enables the users an excellent platform to work with. The interface is smooth and clean and adds a touch of professionalism to the template.

It follows the structure of the amazingly powerful Bootstrap framework and features an exclusive set of features. In addition to this, the structure includes the advanced CSS and HTML coding. You can switch the color schemes to the one you prefer. Furthermore, you also get forms, call-to-action buttons, useful UI components, and much more. It is compatible with Google Fonts, AJAX, MailChimp, and popular social media platforms. Ensuring a top-notch performance, this template is sure to take your visions to the next level.

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If you are looking for a free website template to showcase your apps, then Landing is an awesome choice! The design is flexible enough to suit the requirements of all niche. It is smooth, stylish and modern giving way to a professional outlook. The template is fully responsive and retina-ready. It is ideal for any type of mobile apps, developers, designers. Or anyone wanting to create a landing page for their products. It showcases an amazing range of features that gives you the full control.

The template is also cross-browser compatible which makes it load fast and easy no matter which browser you are looking. In addition to this, it follows a content focused and minimal design. Promote your products, grow your business, only with this free template package. It uses the powerful HTML and CSS coding that are standard and clean. In addition to this, it is also cross-browser compatible. Furthermore, you get a horde of useful features that you can easily utilize!

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