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Admin Dashboards are seemingly one of the most crucial parts of any website. Combining all of the control panel and settings at the back-end providing access at a single place, it allows any user to monitor and function the website smoothly. However, creating a professional and effective Dashboard is somewhat a hassle. Keeping in mind the selection of components, elements as well as the cards in the template package, the ideal Admin Dashboard needs tons of effort invested.But this was before there were templates that solved our problems. That’s right! Now there is plenty of variation of VueJs Admin Dashboard template options,that make the whole preparing and creating the process simpler than ever!

It can be customized and used as the foundation of any of your projects. It is also possible to add or customize any elements like charts, graphs, buttons, alerts, as well as tables with ease. And that is the least of what it can do. Some may even include advanced animations and effects to match your preference. So back here at uiCookies, we have decided to help you out with the process of choosing the ideal VueJs Admin Dashboard template. Investing time and effort picking out the best templates we have made a whole list of them. Make sure that you check out each of the elements and find the one VueJs based Admin templates that are ideal for you!

ArchitectUI – Vue.js Bootstrap

light and fast loading vuejs admin template

The ArchitectUI is a fully equipped premium responsive VueJS admin template. The designer of this template has used each and every space on the template effectively to make the options easily accessible. One of the biggest advantages of the VueJs is the flexible nature, there is always a solution to bring your dream element in the design. The developer of this template has maintained the flexible nature throughout the template so that the integration part will lot easier for you. In the default design itself, you get plenty of elements, pages, and charts pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to pick the dashboard type that closely matches your needs and start editing it.

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MaterialPro – Vue.js Bootstrap


Next in line, we have an equally advanced Vue Js admin website template Material Pro. It is very professional with all of the powerful elements and amazing visuals to go with it. Equipped with 4 different demo variations to choose from, you also get access to 6 awesome dashboards. There are in total over 100 awesome pages you can use, alongside over 300 premium UI components. Easily customizable, there are tons of creative variations to work with. From stunning color schemes, layout styles, interactive charts, tables you can choose from. Furthermore, you also get variations for dark and light schemes with a matching sidebar option.

Getting more into the details, there are useful widgets and UI components you can add to your own preference. You can even add in creative flair to the site using the premium Range Slider included with the package. Other mentionable components here are professional forms, a pre-built login page alongside newsletter pop-up that appears on the screen whenever someone logs in. This template is also overall SEO-ready, fast loading as well as RTL friendly. All in all definitely a great choice for those just starting out, Material Pro as the name suggests is a material design based template that definitely is worth a go.

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Compost Vue


Compost is a vibrant, visually appealing Vue Admin template that is both efficient and powerful. Packed with everything you might possibly require to get started, you get all the creative elements in one. This one is a pure Vue based template that has no relation with jQuery library whatsoever, making it more user-friendly as well. It is designed to be smooth running and features options like easy drag and drop, Bootstrap framework, and well-commented codes for an overall flawless performance. There are tons of amazing demo variations you can use to get started.

From light and dark to niche based, you can opt for these if you want to get a head start on any of your future endeavors. The attractive Dashboard also features useful range of widgets and UI components like charts, tables, professional contact forms, login forms, sliders, datas, animated galleries and more. And these make access through the integration with plugins like Range Slider, Google fonts, Form Wizards and more. It is incredibly fast loading and smooth running for an utmost excellent performance overall.

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Based off the powerful framework of Bootstrap, Gull is another Vuejs admin dashboard template we have in line for you. A modern next generation template that is feature rich and powerful, it features a minimal styling to it. Completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect, everything implemented here looks flawless. The good thing here is that there are plenty of demo variations you can work with. And it includes both dark and light options you can opt for. Customizing the overall theme is also super easy with the tons of amazing personalizing options including fonts, icons, color schemes, layout styles and more.

Gull also makes use of eCharts, Apex charts, bars, tables, and configurations for incredible data visualization. Pages for login, forgot password, not found and signup are also included with the package. You also get plenty hand-crafted  UiKits like buttons, badge, cards, accordion lists etc. It also features custom loading spinners, loaders and loading buttons. In addition to this, you also get advanced options like over 200 card widgets, Toastr alerts, Sweetalerts, multi-lingual support, and super fast loading speed.

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Neor is a creative and one of a kind VueJs Admin template that we have in line for you. Simple, attractive and efficient with the purpose, this template is pretty much all you need to get started. It is quite flexible to say the least, and you can use this on any SAAS, CRM, CMS or dashboard based projects. It comes with plenty of awesome components and that too with full responsiveness. Not only this, but it is also highly customizable which means that the end result is always to your own preference. It offers both light and dark color schemes that you can choose to match the theme design.

Not to mention the range of UI components at your disposal that will managing the site and it’s performance much easier. There are a list of useful widgets as well as resources too, that you can utilize to your own liking. This includes options for charts, forms, fulll calendar and more. And like with the other templates this is also based off the advanced Vuejs framework, making it an ideal addition to our list today!

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Another one on our list of the best premium Vuejs Admin templates is Veltrix. An amazing template for dashboards, it is solely designed to make things easier for one to manage the contents on the site. It is visually impressive to say the least and is based off the CLI and Vuex component frameworks. Clean, minimal and simple, this theme surely stands out from the crowd. You also get to choose between light or dark theme to go for. Whether you are working for SAAS based interface, eCommerce, CRM, CMS, or more, this theme is sure to get things started.

Veltrix also contains a range of new design based widgets that aids to your requirements. This template also features firebase authentication at your disposal. In addition to this, there are plenty of useful components like data tables, charts, font variations, icons, calendars and more. This theme is also offers multiple layout options. It is completely responsive which means that it adjusts according to the various device screen sizes. Not to mention the integration with elements like Google maps, Metismenu, SimpleBar, Toast UI and more. Engaging and efficient with the features, this template is sure to get you started off the right track.

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Another one we have in line for you is Endless, another great addition here. One of the best options on our list, this template is great for multiple purposes. The great thing about this is that it requires no jQuery dependancy, which makes it pretty flexible to work with. The whole interface is designed to be fully responsive making sure that it adjusts every device screens. Not to mention endless list of useful components all packed inside the package. To start off, it offers multiple different layout styles to choose from. Being highly customizable, one can easily personalize the template according to their own requirements. This is great for any of your web-application or other online business site purposes and aids to all your needs perfectly.

Getting more into the details, this template also features options that allows one to manage their emails with ease. Integrated with Firebase, it also includes the options for Todo, Crud and more. It is also mulitilingual which means that it aims at a broader range of audiences. An attractive set of useful widgets is also there. This includes charts, icons, calendars, total visits, feeds, rankings and more. Not only this, but it includes the premium Range Slider, as well as the animated gallery that adds to the visuals. Other mentionable feature here are the form wizard, Google fonts, Quick search, feather icons, workable applications and so much more.

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Skote is another great interactive and improved version of a VueJs admin template. It is complete with all of the components one needs to handle and manage their projects with ease. And that too with multiple different variations. You can opt for the light and dark theme to start with. In total there are 8 amazing types of layouts with 3 different modes you can choose from. This theme makes use of the Bootstrap, VueJs, Vuex, yarn, Saas and even HTML to get the perfect result. However, absolutely no jQuery dependancy is there so that one can get a smooth and flexible performance out of it even with no previous experience with codes.

You will also find useful pages like ones for eCommerce, product, orders, customers, contact, profile pages, invoices, details and more. But that’s not all, this theme being highly responsive, effortlessly loads throughout all of the device screens. This theme also offers tons of components that will give you a head start. This includes variations for charts, data tables, interactive icons, calendars, and so much more. The whole interface is also designed to be cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout all the browsers. And once installed and activated, this theme will be ensured for a lifetime of free updates. Making way for a reliable, secure and smoother performance overall.

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Piaf VueJs

Piaf Vue 2 Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

A beautifully crafted Dashboard template, this design is a spectacular option to opt for. Within a matter of a few minutes, users will be able to create and develop Dashboards and manage it all with ease. Created using the Bootstrap frameworks Vuejs version, this template makes the whole process a breeze. Responsive innovative in all ways, it also includes various features and hand-crafted components. It presents a big suite of front-end development tools that will help users get a head start right away. And the best part about it all is that these are completely customizable and modifiable. It includes 10 different filter color for the sidebar that one can choose from. Users can also choose from 4 different Dashboard design to start with.

For easy access, it features a quick right-click menu option and also the keyboard shortcuts. The template also supports multiple languages and is translation-ready. It is also completely cross-browser compatible which means that the users will have no problems using it on any web-browsers they want. instead of the traditional menu, this template uses the smart menu with accordion structure and 2 different panels. The template package is also regularly updated so that you have nothing but the best experience with it. Adding charts, bars, and other useful components is also a breeze. Backed up by amazing support, get everything you might need with a VueJs admin template only with Piaf Vue Js Dashboard.

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Vuesax VueJS

Vuesax Vuejs Admin Dashboard Template

Another one in our list of the best VueJS Admin Dashboard template is Vuesax. A complete package of everything one might need to get started. From Login pages to permission authentication features, the security is almost flawless to start with. The design is also professional looking, stylish and pretty amazing to work with. Giving users the easiest way to manage and handle the front-end components, start your next project with a head start. The structure is based on the Bootstrap framework as well as the Vue.Js which means that everything is up to par when it comes to coding standards. A range of awesome features is also included with the package that the users can make use of.

The clean and modern design does not rely on JQuery or any other structure which means it is fully reliable. It even includes dark and light layout design for the users to choose from. For easier navigation, the use of the smart menu, bookmarks, and quick search is also enabled. The template comes with 4 workable apps for emails, chat, to-do and calendar, and easy modification option as well. Other creative ailments like lazy loading, animations, code splitting and more are included as well. Advanced cards with placements for everything one might need is also another great feature.

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VueJS Laravel

vuea vuejs admin template

Created using the Bootstrap framework alongside the VueJs, this awesome Admin Dashboard template is unique and innovative by all means. It is completely responsive and easily adjusts to every device screen size with extreme ease. Jam-packed with awesome features, this template is sure to give anyone a head start when starting out on their next project. The great thing is that it is integrated with a range of third-party elements so that you have access to tons of features. Whether you want to implement charts, progress bars, maps or more, you can easily do that. You also get choices for color schemes to match your theme design. Get amazing looking material form design with validation and security implemented as well.

The login and sign up page templates are also another great addition. It is also designed to be completely cross-browser compatible. This ensures that no matter which browsers that you and your users prefer, your site loads fast and easy. There are also 7 different and unique layout styles for users. Adding into the attractive features, one can also add in calendars, Google Map and more to make the interface more efficient. Changing other subtle details like fonts, adding icons and images are also a piece of cake. As it is completely modular, each of the components are separated from the rest of the codes. Users also get custom widgets and plugins that add to the functionality.

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vuely Admin vuejs admin template

Vuely is another responsive and effective Vuejs Admin template on our list today. The design is pretty professional and styled with great attention to the details. Responsive and retina-ready, the overall structure is based on the advanced Bootstrap framework. It comes with tons of pre-designed custom pages and integrated features to create and manage all of your elements with ease. Aimed to provide the developers with all the component structure for a hassle-free experience, this template is surely an awesome choice. It also comes with multi-language support and it is also RTL friendly.

The template also includes multiple Dashboard options that give the users an unlimited possibility of what they can do. From eCommerce, Agency, News/Magazine and even web analytics, the Dashboard options have covered all the niches. Another great thing about this template is over 200 UI elements. In addition to this, you also get over 78 amazing custom widgets to help you manage everything more efficiently. For an easier customizing option, the users also get awesome theme options for a more custom look and feel.

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Vuse Admin vuejs admin template

Another attractive premium VueJs based website template is Vuse. A pretty great option for those looking to add an attractive admin dashboard, this design is innovative and creative in all ways. The eye-catching design is also pretty responsive and flexible. All of the codes used are clean, simple and well-commented as well. With tons of features jam-packed into the template package, it comprises of a Google Material design that elevates the whole design. A ton of UI components is included with the package to make the developing process a whole lot easier.

The built-in apps for Chat and contacts make it easier for you to stay in touch with your users. In addition to this, you also get a variation of authentication pages for login, registration, reset the password and even a lock screen page. But that’s not all, to give you a head start, you also get Coming Soon Page, Error Pages as well as Profile and Pricing Page. Talking about choices, there are also options for Light and Dark color schemes, over 5 different layout designs, custom color management options and even configurable templates. The template is also designed to be cross-browser compatible so that the content on your dashboard load fast and easy.

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Devinvue is a premium Admin Dashboard template built with the advanced Vuejs framework. In addition to this, it is also based on Element, a component library for developers, designers and product managers with a range of useful options. The UI kit is complete with a useful set of features that make it easy to run your site. Furthermore, this template is also fully responsive and mobile friendly. There are also tons of variation for sidebar skin colors to choose from. The modern and unique designed package is more than just attractive, it is also extremely effective.

What’s great is that it also includes an option to choose various patterns like Light, Dark and Gradient to go with the layout. The HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes used are extremely well-commented and adaptable. Unlike most other templates based on another framework, this template is flexible and highly customizable. To top it off the extensive documentation and dedicated support are always there to lend a helping hand. Get amazing apps like Chat App, Calendar App, and much more included. The template is also compatible with all the major browsers as well as eCommerce. Possibly the best option to start with, Devinvue is an amazing VueJS Admin Dashboard template!

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A powerful Bootstrap and Vue Admin Dashboard template for the premium users, Atkins is clean, modern and unique. The layout itself says tons as it is stunning to look at and fully responsive. And if you are searching for the ideal Admin Dashboard then this is surely the way out. There’s seemingly unlimited possiblities with this template. Easily edit and modify the template to suit your preference. What’s great is that the user-friendly interface enables the users to easily add any necessary component. Get amazing icons and typography to complement your Dashboard from FontAwesome, Ion Icons, Material Icon as well as Themify Icons. It is also really easy to add charts and tables to represent the progress of your project.

Every little detail is implemented with careful attention. Thus, you will only end with the perfect end result with this VueJs Admin Template. For a more convenient interface, it also allows you to add Carousels, Calendar as well as other important elements. In addition to this, the template also represents stunning looking effects for a more creative and professional feel. The color schemes and the overall presentation is stunning to look at. Furthermore, enhancing the user experience, this template provides amazing support and extensive documentation! This does not get any better! Try it for yourself today and experience the taste of professionalism.

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Cover cover-vuejs-admin-template

Cover is yet another stunning Admin Dashboard template faturing a VueJs and Bootstrap framework. It is powerful, modern and feature-rich giving the users a flexible and adaptable interface. The Dashboard is one of the major element to start on your next project, take it to the next level only with Cover. It is also fully responsive and retina ready. It includes all the necessary components and is crafted with careful attention to all the little details. Handle your next project with efficiency and effectiveness!

Gain full control over each element and modify it to your preference. Get an amazing range of colour schemes to choose from with their unlimited colour palette. The best part about this template is that it also includes built-in template layouts. This makes sure that you don’t waste your time and effort starting something entirely from scratch. What’s more is that implementing useful charts, graphs, and tables are extremely easy. Get stunning typography to match the theme of your website. Additionally, you also get tons of icons that you can use with FontAwesome, Ionicons and much more. Get a stunning Admin Dashboard to help you stay in control only with Cover.

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A premium Bootstrap and VueJS Admin template, Clear is an ideal choice for professionals looking for efficiency. It features a clean, modern and well-organized interface that is extremely easy to use and understand. The speed is blazing fast and the template get’s things done in a breeze. The codes used are clean, well-commented and modular. This makes it easy to modify and extremely developer and user-friendly. Furthermore, this template is fully responsive which makes sure that no matter which device you are on, you can still easily work. Another amazing feature is that it includes tons of layout variations to choose from. Simply select one and get started within a matter of minutes.

Built with the powerful SAAS, this template can easily build colour schemes to match your website. Furthermore, there are multiple page layouts to use as well. With over 70 different Page variations you can add the ones that you find useful. Additionally, the icons and typography implemented to give you full control over how the end result will look like. Other useful components that this template package includes: Full Calendar, GMaps, Datatables, Charts, and Graphs. But that’s not all, with the integration of over 50 plugins, everything you need is packed within. Try it for yourself today and we are sure you will never look back.

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Entirely based on the latest VueJs framework, Laravel is an effective, modular and modern looking Admin Dashboard template. Although built on the VueJS, it also includes all the Bootstrap features. It is extremely professional and well-organized to look at. This gives you the edge you are looking for. In addition to this, the layout is also fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Thus, no matter where you are and which device you are on, the layout adjusts and adapts to the device screen size. Never miss out on you important work ever again. Start your next project with an amazing experience.

It provides 7 layout variations that you can choose from. Each represents their own unique design and value In addition to this, the template features multiple color schemes that are perfectly suited for any website theme. What’s more is that you can also implement various breadcrumb designs. The template is extremely well-documented and their team provides excellent support. In addition to this, the Admin template also provides an array of well-designed and useful widgets to use. Add Charts, Maps, Sliders, Calendars, Tables, Forms all within a matter of minutes only with Laravel!

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Dondoca is yet another competitive VueJs Admin Dashboard template that is enriched with all of the useful features. It is complemented with a stunning structure that focuses on providing the best possible interface. The template is powerful and flexible enough to meet your needs. Additionally, it is also fully responsive and mobile-friendly. With HTML, CSS and JQuery codes to support the infrastructure, this template is extremely easy to use and modify. Each and every part of the template has been carefully designed to make sure that the users get high-performance.

The speed is blazing fast and every element reaches to the expectation. It also provides plenty of variations for the layout to choose from. But that’s not all! This template also includes an array of templates that cover every requirement. Simply choose and add the ones that you find useful. Other useful components include stunning typography, amazing icons, charts, graphs, tables, forms and so on. You can even implement Carousels and Sliders to make it more interesting. With Google Maps integration, adding the location is also super easy. The animations and effects that is included in also enhance the overall outlook. One of the best option for you if you are looking for a premium VueJs Admin Dashboard template, Dondocas could possibly be the one.

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Just as the name suggests it, Adminify is a premium VueJs Admin Dashboard template that is advanced, user-friendly and adjustable. Probably one of the best options, this template explores the feature-rich and attractive outlook. It is easy to understand, set-up and use. The layout itself is extremely responsive and mobile-ready. Not only this, but the stunning design and usefulness of the template are enhanced even more with Adminify. Get all the necessary elements right at your disposal. Easily add components, design the layout, customize various settings and get the perfect end result. Designed with an approach to provide the users with a hassle-free development process, this template is packed with all the stunning options.

The best part about this template is that it includes multiple Dashboard template variations. That’s right, these pre-built templates include pre-made widgets and amazing interface to start with. Moreover, it also includes over 500 UI elements, each serving a unique purpose. Furthermore, you can also choose from different Sidebar variations as well as light and dark theme. Drag an drop the elements like- charts, graphs, tables, calendars and much more with ease, Not only this, but this template includes tons of other Pages option to add if you prefer. The well-designed and the well-organized template is simply one bargain if you ask us!

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Basix Admin


Bazix Admin is a Bootstrap and VueJS Admin Dashboard template that is simply stunning to say the least. Based on the growing framework, this template is sure to lift up your website and take it to the next level. It is flexible, adaptable, powerful, modern and unique. This sums up almost everything that you might need, but this template is even more feature-rich than you expect. It includes over 60 widgets that you can add or implement with no hassle. Additionally, there is also an unlimited color palette that you can use to match the Dashboard to the theme of your site. It is fully responsive, mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

Each and every single component is based on the modular framework and is extremely easy to use. The blazing fast speed in accompanied by high-performance being super-lightweight. What’s more is that with integration with Google Maps, adding locations is extremely easy. You also get multiple Pages variations for your convenience. This also includes Login Page, Error 404 and Error 500 Pages. Get over 80 different components that add a touch of efficiency. With developer-friendly coding, this template is also well-documented. Probably one of the most versatile, effective and useful VueJS Admin Dashboard templates, we are sure that running a site was never smoother.

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Blair is an amazing Bootstrap VueJs Admin template that is fully responsive. As it is based on the flexible and clean structure it is extremely efficient. Get tons of amazing features as well as a stunning interface that works amazingly to capture your visitor’s attention instantly. To say the least, this template is sure to give your website a life of its own. Get everything under your disposal in the simplest manner with Blair.

Along with the premium template package, this template also offers plenty of useful elements. Get stunning Themify icons as well as Google Fonts that you can use. Easily add graphs, charts, or anything you wish and find useful in a matter of minutes. In addition to this, you also get OwlCarousel as well as Animate that makes your website more interesting for your users. Creating a stunning Admin template has never been so easy only with the VueJs Admin template Blair.

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Material Design React


Another stunning addition to our list of VueJs Admin Templates is Material Design React. It is an amazing website HTML admin template that is clean, flexible and multipurpose. With so many options and features, this premium template is worth more than it is rated for. That’s right! This template ensures a high functionality and flexibility that is fit to create just the stunning website Admin Dashboard you wished for. Simply the most complete Admin app to create the portfolio, app landing page or just about anything.

It is fully responsive and retina ready making sure that it all fits any device screen size. Not only is the structure based on VueJS, but it is also dependent on other amazing frameworks like Angular and Bootstrap. With all of the useful components packed into the premium package, it is simply a great deal! What’s more is that it also comes with the option to create React App and Cli. Get 6 unique Page Portfolio and Agency templates included. In addition to this, it has over 500 useful components that help you stay in control. Users can also choose from 13 different colors HTML demos to start with.

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Now one that is multipurpose, flexible and customizable as it gets, the next name we have in line for you is SmartHR. Ideal for managing all of the official businesses, whether it is the overall payrolls, projects,leads, assets, tasks and more, you have options for it all. Packed with a range of amazing looking elements to keep things efficient, this whole theme is pretty impressive to say the least. With a responsive, and retina-ready surface, you also get pixel perfect graphics to execute it all. This ensures that no matter what you add onto the site, it looks flawless. Another great thing here is the secure and easy navigation alongside detailed documentation that allows for a smooth running template overall.

You get various different demos you can start with, each unique with it’s own set of styling elements. And here, you willl also find options for animated bars, charts, multiple color schemes, sections dedicated to employee, clients, projects, and pretty much everything you need as a site admin. Apart from this the template is also cross-browser compatible, RTL ready, SEO ready and fast loading as well. Based off the advanced Bootstrap framework as well as Vue.js, it offers a developer and user-friendly performance.

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Another professional Vue.js admin template we have in line for you is Arctic. A combination of both visuals and efficient features, this template is definitely one thatb stands out. It is based off the powerful HTML, VueJs, Angular, React and Laravel framework, it pretty much makes for a stunning performance overall. And because of this, you also get access to easily customizable options you can use. From advanced color schemes, layout styles and even various demos to start with, you can unleash your creativity with ease. The whole template is also completely responsive, retina-ready, as well as pixel perfect ensuring an excellent visual overall.

This theme relies on a clean and minimal design that focuses on the major elements you need. And the best part is that you can also choose from light and dark version of the theme. The template contains a total of over 90 components, 6 different dashboard styles, and 4 stunning navigations to start with. This includes options to add in pie charts, bars, animated infographics, testimonials, contact forms and more. And all those are freely customizable to your own requirements. It is also completely cross-browser compatible, SEO ready, and fast loading as well.

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Last but not the least, we have Minton, another clean, minimal and beautifully crafted VueJs admin template. Reliable, secure, responsive and overall smooth running, this theme is one that certainly deserves a mention here. With the freedom to personalize the whole template to your own liking with ease, you get multiple options and components to do so. This includes plenty of amazing components, multiple layout styles and even dark and light theme design. The whole template is completely cross-browser compatible and pretty fast loading for a greater user-experience.

Based off the advanced Bootstrap and VueJs framework, it is pretty secure and reliable. In total you will find 6 different pre-built layout you can choose from. And whether you want to choose light, dark, vertical or horizontal layout, it is pretty flexible. For added efficiency, you also get access to apps for chat, calendar, email, tasks, contacts, support tickets and more. Apart from this, you will also find multiple pages dedicated to ticket, timeline, pricing, sitemap, dashboards, profiles and more. All in all, worth a try, Minton is one that definitely deserves a mention on our list here.

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