In this list of books website templates, we’ve collected designs for all major categories. Whether you want a book author website template or a book store website template, there is one for you on this list. To make your job simpler and easier, we’ve picked both WordPress templates and HTML templates. If you want convenience, you can go for the WordPress version. Or if you want more coding freedom, you can opt for the HTML version.

The book store website templates in this list are powered by WooCommerce, so you can sell your books and also do book rental services. Since it is WooCommerce, you can add subscription services and handle recurring payments easily. For those who are into the Shopify platform, check out our Shopify bookstore website templates collection.

When we talk about books, we should think about eBooks as well at this time. eBooks are easy to carry, they don’t take much physical space, and you can take it where ever you want. A 2020 study states that eBook user rate has increased from 26% to 34%, and it is supposed to grow year by year. Hence, we have included book website templates for both eBooks and hard copy books.

Booke (HTML)

single-page book website template

Booke is an elegant-looking single-page books website template. This template’s sensible design lets the author clearly explain the features and share a few details about the book. A call to action button to buy the book at the top of the homepage is a wise design, which will help the audience quickly buy the book once they see the book features. You can use the book screenshot section to show a few pages of your book and induce the reader to read the full book. Though it is a one-page template, it has all the features and options to make a proper book website. If you are an emerging writer, books website templates like the Booke will be a good choice.

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Author (HTML)

book author website template

Author is the best books website template for book authors and book publishers.

This one is also a one-page template, but this one has a more engaging design. The product-focused design of this template lets you give a sneak peek at the book content. Smart sticky vertical tab sections really take the user experience to the next level. Since it is a mobile responsive website template, each element is designed carefully to meet both computer and mobile users’ needs. This template uses the latest web development frameworks, and the creator has kept the code script flexible for easier customization. As a result, you can create your dream website in no time with this template.

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feature-rich books website templates

Livre is a sensible bookstore WordPress website template. Creators of this template have clearly discussed the features a user will expect in an online book store theme and have designed this template. Hence, the books website templates in this pack are not only user-friendly but also website owner friendly. There are fourteen homepage variations as of writing this post. Each homepage is unique and emphasizes different goals. For example, if your website’s goal is to promote the offer and clear the stock, you can opt for the homepage version with promotional banners. Because of this template’s perfectly optimized code structure, you can install a demo with just a single click.

Book landing page templates and unique single post pages for music, games & movies are given along with the book store theme. The creator has made this template a complete package. All you have to do is to install the theme and use the included demos as your demand grows.

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properly organized books website templates

Booklovers is loaded with all the necessary features that modern users will love. This one is also a book store theme with a fully functional design. Once you have integrated all your tools and payment options, you can launch your store in no time using this template. This template has four normal demo versions and one RTL version. Event calendar features are also given in this template apart from the online store options. The event booking options will come in handy for those who are building a community and holding events to bring all like-minded persons together.

Book’s ratings are shown right below the book image so that the new user can get a rough idea before selecting a book. Making the rating elements fun and easy to use is crucial in an online store. Take a look at our CSS star rating design collection for some cool design ideas.

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book author website template

Auteur is solely designed for books related websites. This template not only has designs for bookstores and book review sites but also has book author website templates. The book author demo helps you boost your personal branding and lets the user easily pick the book they want. Even subscription pricing plan tables are also given in this pack. If you are planning to write a special series and provide a sneak peek of your upcoming books, the subscription option will come in handy for you. Moreover, its online store is powered by WooCommerce. Hence, you can manage recurring payments and other subscription-related tasks easily in this template.

Design-wise, it is a simple and elegant looking website theme. All books website templates in this pack have big imageries so that you can clearly show your book images to the audience. Speaking of book images, take a look at our book mockups collection to create photorealistic images for your book.

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WordPress books website templates

Pustaka is also from the creators of the Livre template mentioned above. In this template also you get different types of book store designs and book launch landing pages. All demos in this template have a modern look, especially the recently added demos are more elegant and straightforward. Audio options are also there on this template to let you sell audiobooks easily. Speaking of audio contents, take a look at our podcast website templates collection for more audio-content-rich websites.

A unique feature in this book store demo is it supports Dokan multivendor plugin out of the box. If you are planning to run a multivendor bookstore, the Dokan plugin will come in handy for you. Another useful feature is it is compatible with the WooZone Amazon affiliate plugin. As you can see, the creator has loaded this template with many niche-related features. Therefore you can set up a proper online store with this template.

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book library and book rental website template

Scientia is a feature-rich book library website template. By making a few changes to the template, you can use this WordPress theme for book rental websites as well. The full-width layout is handled smartly in this template. Therefore you get an ample amount of space between each section and element. Contents are organized in different formations to make the website even more engaging and increase the website’s visual aesthetics.

Plenty of useful premium plugins are bundled in this theme, which gives more value for your money. For example, this template has an online booking System, Give Donation, Slider revolution, and a lot more.

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books website templates with useful options

Bookie is a pleasingly ingenious bookstore website template. Rounded edge web elements and stylish fonts do add a contemporary look to this template. The website will look even more richer if the creator has added a premium set of icons and little animations. But never worry, since it is a WordPress theme, you can easily add your icon packs and custom animations into this template. Moreover, this template is loaded with the WPBakery page builder tool. Minor cosmetic tweaks can be done without even touching the code.

Active blog post layouts with different post formats for audio, gallery, and text content are also given in this pack. Therefore you can run an active website and share useful ideas with your book readers. Like all other WooCommerce powered books website templates, in this one also you can easily add subscription plan features. If you are into Shopify platforms and planning to bring a subscription model into it, read our Shopify subscription themes article to know more about it.

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book review and book selling website template

This bootstrap book website template uses the Unyson framework. Hence, you can expect a very friendly code structure in this template. You don’t have to spend much time in rewriting the code when you do hardcore customizations. The Odrin is one of the few books website templates in this list that gives demos for both multiple books and single book websites. Carefully crafted inner pages help you share author bio easily. Plus, new users can easily find related books without hitting the search bar often.

Book preview options in this template are quite unique and are useful book website features. Users can read a few pages before purchasing a book — features like this will improve the digital shopping experience. Even the page-turning effects are done with care to give an authentic user experience. If you want books website templates to be both elegant and functional, this is the best option for you.

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Blog for Writers

website template for writers

As the name suggests, this theme is a mixture of blogs and book stores. If you are a writer and want to sell books via your personal blog or running a book review blog and love to monetize your website by selling books, this one would be a good option. There are five concept designs in this pack. Each concept is unique, and the creator has blended the blog & book store beautifully to deliver the best experience for both readers and buyers. Users can easily interact with your website and easily buy books because of this template’s simple layout.

Animation effects are kept as simple as possible in all demos to deliver a distraction-free environment for the readers. Having books website templates created with extreme care will make the site owners’ life a lot easier — Blog for Writers is one such theme.

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books website templates with a friendly interface

Leona is also from the creators of the Odrin book website template mentioned above. You can see lots of Odrin’s design resemblance to this theme. Only subtle differences are here and there to make it look different from the Odrin. The 3D-ish hover effects for the books work really well on this template’s clean layout. Shadow and depth effects add authenticity to the 3D visual drama. Lots of inner pages are there in this pack, but there is only one homepage as of writing this post — Which might be a deal-breaker for some users. If you are expecting a cleaner look and handy features, you can consider this theme.

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book review website template

Typology is a unique template in this books website templates list. This one is purely designed using texts. If you are planning to start a series on your website, there is no other best template than this one. Readability is of-course extraordinary, and the accessibility is great. Therefore even impaired people can easily access your website. The creator has given quick customization though there aren’t many elements in this template to customize. Speaking of accessible website designs, take a look at our accessible WordPress themes collection to make your website truly for all types of audience.

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modern books website templates

Bridge gives you fresh new design ideas. This template has more than 500+ readymade demos. All of them are easy to edit and will make your website stand out from your competitors’ site. Since we are talking about books website templates in this list, there are two readymade themes in this pack. One is a book landing page template, and the other is a bookstore template.

The bridge is one of the few WordPress themes that has demos for both WPBakery and the Elementor page builders. Each page builder is unique in its own way. Pick a demo with the page builder you like and start working on it.

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ebook website template

BeTheme is a darling for many web development agencies. Name any niche website design you want, and this template will have one (sometimes even more than one) in its archive. Under the books category, we get designs for book authors and eBooks. Since digital books are becoming more and more popular among the present-day audience, selling a digital copy alongside your hardcopy is a wise choice. All these demos are equipped with the WooCommerce powered shopping pages. Therefore you can sell soft and hard copies easily on your website. It is better to use Easy Digital Download if you are concentrating only on the eBooks — because it gives you more flexible digital product management options.

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user-friendly bookstore theme

Kalium is one of the few WordPress themes that have a professional-centric design. No element is out of place, and everything is perfectly organized. Hence, new users can easily access your website and can find what they want. The bookstore demo in this pack has a perfect text and image ration so that the user can see the books and its details quickly at a glance. For those looking for books website templates with a bold & classy design, this is the best option. The creator has made the template even more lighter in the recent update to make it load faster and perform better on all types of devices. Overall, it is a professional website template created by experienced professionals.

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book landing page template

The Jupiter multipurpose website template gives you not one, not two, but four books website templates. Being a multipurpose website template, the creator has given this template a ton of customization options. Hence, users can add custom features and niche-specific elements easily into the website. Both simple and sophisticated book website designs are there in this pack. Pick the one you want and start making your dream website.

Since it is a multipurpose website template with more than 500 demos, there are plenty of custom elements in this pack. The creator has added all custom elements into the page builder tool so that you can use them whenever and wherever you want.

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Book Store

simple bookstore template

Book Store has premade website designs for book library, reading, and book authors. A simple design with a retro look is followed in this template. If you are not into fancy designs, this template is worth a look. Though the design looks a tad older, practicality is good in this template. For example, a separate section with the page-turning effect is given for you to preview the book. A relatively long homepage design gives you more than enough space to list all your books and reviews in one place. Fundamental plugins are also included in the bundle to make the job easier, for starters.

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