As a business owner, you should be completely capable of expanding your business through the use of the internet. This is true, regardless of the business you own. Whether you’re a restauranteur, a farm owner, a cafe owner and so on; it’s essential to understand how much of an impact an impressive website can have on your business. And moreover to that extent, how much of an effect using Food website templates can have on the presentation of your website.

Therefore, it makes sense for us to have an article covering this specific field of HTML templates and WordPress themes. Moreover, this list of various food website templates attempts to list out the best HTML and WordPress themes dedicated to the purpose of food and catering themes. Whether it’s for farm owners or restauranteurs, we have them all covered.

Moreover, we’ve focused on specific areas or features that are crucial in the current eCommerce and marketing landscape. You can expect the finest quality of themes and templates, all tailored to be well optimized, easily usable, and beginner friendly. From unique designs to versatile design choices, these templates are sure to cover your needs perfectly; provided that you go through the entire list, of course. However, if you’re specifically searching food website templates for blogs only, we recommend you check out this list.

Best Premium WordPress and HTML food website templates for Farms, Restaurants, and Bakeries



Safira is a clean, minimal and professional looking food website template we are starting off our list with. A content-oriented design, Safira is designed to focus majorly on the elements one adds onto the site for users to enjoy. It uses simple, plain yet attractive color palette for you to showcase your contents. And it is immediately noticeable that it executes excellent imagery with sharp, retina-ready and pixel perfect graphics. From the amazing image holders to the flexible interface, this theme surely stands out. It is great for majorly all the eCommerce based sites, but it is aimed towards the food based businesses. Especially organic farms, producers and restaurants and marketplaces. In total you will find over 28 amazingly designed HTML pages that is all dedicated to the niche. This includes 4 different home pages and other inner pages including ones for blog, gallery and shop.

All of these are similar with design and goes hand in hand with each other. It relies on the professional Bootstrap framework which means that it is amazingly flexible. Not to mention the ultra responsiveness it executes making sure it loads effortlessly throughout all of the device screens. You will also find beautiful fonts and typographies that compliment the overall design. Not to mention the niche based icons that are pretty creative. In addition to this, the theme also packs the premium slider plugin Slick Slider and Owl Carousel at your disposal. Not only this, but the theme is cross-browser compatible and fast loading as well. The contact forms, newsletter subscription options, as well as the social icons offer easy access to your users. Great for even beginners, this theme is surely one that we would like to mention.

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Mezban is another creative option for those looking to start a food website of any kind. Whether you are looking to start a professional blog, business site or anything related to the restaurant or food niche, this theme is surely a great start. The design in itself is unique and modern giving one a impactful visuals. It is also completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. This means that not only does this effortlessly loads throughout all the screen size, but it does with a flawless execution. Based on the advanced Bootstrap framework, this theme is pretty flexible and easy to work with. Not only this, but this theme also makes use of CSS and HTML codes that gives access to plenty of useful components. And this theme is also highly customizable and features an array of options you can use to personalize the theme to your preference.

From the color palettes, fonts, icons and even the layout and menu styles, you get it all. Another great thing here is that there are 4 different Home Pages you can choose to get started with. In addition to this, there are 17 Inner pages for purposes like shop, blog, gallery, service, about and more. All of these are designed to be SEO friendly as well as RTL friendly. Not only this, but this theme is also fast loading to ensure an optimal user-experience. For additional engagement options, you can add in multiple post types whether you want to add image, video, sliders, galleries, quote or simply texts. Another great thing is that it is accompanied with creative animations, effects, transitions and more to add that creative flair.

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food website templates vincent


Next on our list, we have Vincent, a perfect Food website WordPress theme that is extremely beginner friendly. This theme is inherently Drag and Drop builder-friendly design and comes integrated with Visual Composer. This makes managing various website layouts and website content much easier. Setup different Food and catering related elements on your website. Vincent lets you add customized menus, food galleries, recipe previews, and more. Moreover, you are also provided with six different home page layouts and three blog layouts. For the specific purpose of Food website templates, Vincent also provides you with  3 Restaurant food menu layouts.

The addition of 3 contact templates, two unique about pages and additional layout options gives you complete control over your website’s layout choices. Furthermore, Vincent also comes with an inbuilt one click demo importer. This, along with its WooCommerce ready design, makes for a very beginner friendly food website template. Moreover, you get access to tons of features such as Unlimited Color options, Translation ready features, and more. We’re definitely starting with one of the best food website templates with this one.

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food website templates lahanna

Lahanna’s the perfect food website WordPress theme for any food blogger. With its beautiful design and exquisite home page features, your website is sure to impress any viewer on the first look. Furthermore, Lahanna is specially designed for food-related sites with its elegant front end interactive list. Create recipes in a very efficient manner and showcase it using Lahanna. Moreover, for recipe and food blogging needs, Lahanna also comes with inbuilt easy timer links for your visitor’s needs. How cool is that! Additionally, you also get a fullscreen recipe layout and an intuitive recipe creation interface for your blogging needs.

As for the theme itself, you get tons of cool page templates and layouts to choose from. Each part of the theme is designed to be completely retina ready and fits any resolution or screen size. You can also enable a useful Index page with tons of filters for your readers too. Finally, Lahana also comes with tons of header variations, unlimited sidebars, and beautiful gallery options for that complete food blogging experience.

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Good food

food website templates good food

Another one to add to our list of Food website templates, we have Good food. This Food blogging WordPress theme is just the ultimate collection of theme designs and tools built for culinary and food blogging purposes. It’s integration of custom widgets, post types and custom shortcodes enable various kinds of blogs for you. From food reviews to restaurant reviews to recipe listing, you can do them all with Good food. Moreover, the theme also uses the Visual Composer drag n’ drop page builder. This lets you customize your page’s content the way you like it with extreme comfort.

Use three fancy blog layouts that can be further customized to your heart’s extent using an in-depth theme options menu. The addition of tons of section options, animations, and mega menu leaves complete customization on the table for you. Furthermore, GoodFood is also completely eCommerce ready. As so, you are also provided a WooCommerce integration designed to help you create an Online store with barely any hassle.

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Food stuff

food website templates food stuff

Food stuff is the perfect WordPress theme to use for online food markets and shopping websites. This completely eCommerce ready theme comes with all the features you might need to run your online business. This HTML5 and CSS3 powered food website template is designed to be completely responsive as well as mobile browser optimized. Food stuff even comes with a custom mobile menu that makes your website much more mobile friendly. Moreover, it’s integration of Visual Composer, and a robust theme customization menu makes personalization much easier. Customize and enable tons of website elements like Google fonts, social media integration, cool galleries, and more.

For your marketing needs, Food Stuff with a unique Product page with a ZoomMagnifier image slider option. Enable crucial online shop functions on your website using Food stuff. This includes Wishlist options, Drop-down shopping carts, Product tabs, and even product lists. Not to mention, Food stuff also comes with custom post styles for your portfolios, staff listing, and Testimonials. The theme itself is completely beginner friendly too. Moreover, you also receive step-by-step Video tutorials as well as dedicated customer support.

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Next on our list is a Food WordPress theme that sports a very refreshing look. Salmon is a food website template that is designed to help you instantly build your website in no time whatsoever. Use six different dedicated Demos tailored for multiple purposes. You can choose from demos made for Wineries, Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, Pizzeria or Online Shops. It’s Live customizer optimized design, and huge theme customization panel lets you customize every nook and cranny of your website. Spice up your website’s design using custom management options for various site elements.

You can enable cool mega menus explicitly built for food websites. For your needs, you can also add in cool Slideshows to showcase various food recipes and items too. It’s unique Gallery, Events, Pages, and Blogging management options makes it quite a versatile theme.

And not to mention, Salmon is completely WooCommerce friendly. Create a shop with a comfortable design built to help you sell your items easily. Managing your shop is as easy as it gets using Salmon. Finally, Salmon is also completely mobile friendly, and its retina ready design makes it very adaptable.

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Kudil helps your website stand out amongst any competition with its Stylish and bold design. This attractive WordPress Food is quite versatile and comes with a wide assortment of features for your website. Kudil lets you choose from two unique Home page variations, each with its own charm. For your website marketing needs, you can enable tons of cool elements on your home page. This includes cool Gallery previews, Staff listing, nifty sliders, discount deals, and more. Customizing these page details and elements isn’t that hard of a task with Kudil.

The theme itself comes with a unique Drag n’ drop customizer designed to be user-friendly. Customize and manage over 150+ shortcode elements and create the perfect Food website using Kudil. Its integration of a demo click importer ensures that you don’t have to start all over from scratch. Moreover, Kudil is also WooCommerce friendly. Market your products and services and sell them directly using this beautiful WordPress theme.

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Caverta is a WordPress theme that has that fine dining vibe to it that we just adore. It’s beautiful typography, and page layout will surely wow your viewers instantly. At the same time, Caverta leaves a lot of option for you to customize too. Its intuitive Theme panel lets you customize a wide variety of options too. And if that wasn’t enough, you also get access to the Elementor Drag N’ Drop builder to add, remove and customize tons of page elements. With its Home page layout options, you can add in a lot of depth to your home page. Enabling Background videos, different header styles, and tons of menu options. You can do it all with Caverta.

Not to mention, you also have the option of using four well-built Home page templates as well as Demo click importer. The beauty and impressiveness of each template and the demos are just astounding in our personal opinion.

Caverta is also altogether blogging friendly as well. You can choose from Multi-blog layouts and use tons of Google fonts and customized shortcodes for your food blogging needs. Marketing your services using an exquisite Gallery option is also a great choice, and Caverta certainly provides that.

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Next one to our list is Flyfood, which is quite a beauty to behold. Built specifically for catering and food blog needs, Flyfood provides you a WordPress theme made to post blogs quite quickly. And specifically, Food blogs too. Flyfood comes with dedicated elements built in mind for food website needs. Use custom made Menu, Recipe, and Gallery shortcodes that are very easy to use and customize.

Moreover, you can also use tons of 3D sliders and Post sliders for that extra coolness factor. Similarly, Flyfood is also completely eCommerce ready and comes with full WooCommerce support. Provide more than just tasty blogs to your viewers using this highly flexible WordPress theme.

Furthermore, Flyfood is also extremely easy to customize and personalize. Flyfood also comes with an integrated Drag N’ Drop builder as well as a Demo importer. Both of which are very intuitive and user-friendly. Similarly, you can customize a wide range of theme properties such as page layouts, color options, and sidebar. Additionally, you can also use Flyfood’s custom theme options and its Child theme support to experiment with all sorts of changes.

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Need a WordPress theme completely set up for your eCommerce needs? Then GoodResto’s the perfect pick for you. This feature-rich theme is completely optimized and designed to help you flourish your food services all over the internet. Create exquisite Food menus powered by Ajax filters. Your food menu option comes with four different layouts, label system, and advanced Ajax filters for better presentation. Similarly, Good resto also comes with an intuitive online booking system to help your customers setup reservation straight from your website. The addition of perfect WooCommerce compatibility and restaurant related shortcodes makes Goodresto the perfect restaurant theme.

Moreover, Goodresto also lets you beautify every part of your website. You can impress viewers with fully customized headers and footers and even sidebars. Use over 100+ customized elements. Goodresto really gives it to you all to play around with. Moreover, you also get additional features like nine blog layouts and tons of typography options. The addition of social media icons, Parallax backgrounds, and page scroll animations give a perfectly modern and material feel to this elegant template.

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Benedicta is just one of those themes that just let you set up an astounding Food website in a matter of minutes. This WordPress theme comes with over 12 different demos, all designed for food websites. From restaurants to online shops to cafes; Benedicta lets you choose through them all. But that’s not all either; you can also customize a wide range of options to suit yourself better. Enjoy a fully configured theme experience using Benedicta. Its user friend Admin panel is here to provide you all the help you need to personalize your website. Moreover, you can customize various navigation styles, menu options, and even blog layouts.

Similarly, for your restaurant needs, you can also enable custom Menu styles. Benedicta comes with dedicated page templates enabled with tons of cool elements. Choose from over seven different trendy menu styles to suit your business better. Furthermore, you can also add in Booking forms and Custom contact forms to improve customer interaction. As a final touch, the template also comes with great Gallery features. Impress your viewers with over seven different portfolio designs, and an exquisite Gallery specifically built for marketing purposes.

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food website templates efarm

Food blogs and Restaurant themes aren’t the only themes we have on our list. eFarm is a WordPress theme with a more fresh take to food website templates design. As its name suggests, eFarm is the perfect theme to use for farmers and food producers. Efarm is completely designed to help you sell your products online in a very customer friendly manner. Use a completely eCommerce theme that comes with unique product listing layouts, Full WooCommerce compatibility, and tons of QoL features

eFarm lets you choose from 12 different unique demos to enable your farm and food website. Moreover, it’s integrated Page builder lets you customize each element from your website, regardless of whether you choose to build it from scratch or use the inbuilt One click demo importer. Similarly, for your shop needs, you are provided with cool Shopping cart pages, Featured product listing, shop filters, and more. You can even enable a Weight calculation and Product price calculation for your customers. eFarm is definitely top of the line when it comes to satisfactory features.

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food website templates RC

RC is a uniquely made One page WordPress theme built for restaurant and cafe owners. Create a condensed and well designed online restaurant experience for your customers using RC. Developed with modern HTML5 and CSS coding, you can expect completely Mobile friendliness with RC. You can even enable a Fullscreen mobile menu for mobile users.

Similarly, you can also customize the theme to your heart’s content using its dedicated theme panel. RC provides you with Visual composer integration, Custom typography options, and customized shortcodes too. To embellish your website with more fanciness, you can also enable tons of custom animations and hover effects. Add in parallax animations, entrance animations, and more, all optimized for easy use.

Similarly, RC also comes with perfectly marketability features. Add in Online reservation forms, fully customized Food menus, and more straight on your home page. The template is also inherently blogging friendly to cover all grounds when it comes to food website templates. Its customized Blog post layout, typography and custom icons, and blog hero post features are all designed to help you publish food blogs as quickly as possible.

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food website templates quickfood

Need an HTML template for your online food delivery service? Then Quickfood’s the perfect pick for you. Built specifically in mind for Takeaway and Food delivery services; Quickfood has the charm of the prettiest templates out there as well as the functionality. This HTML bootstrap template comes with a completely responsive menu table as well as order submission forms. Each part of these elements is designed with proper UI and UX optimization in mind. Similarly, the template also comes with complete Google map integration cause a food delivery service website definitely needs one. This is further complemented with custom Google map fonts, navigation as well as listing options.

Moreover, Quickfood is also extremely easy to customize. Choose from over eight different home page templates, each with individual charm to them. From video backgrounds to text rotators to Layer slides, you can enable them all using Quickfood.

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food website templates pistacia

Pistacia is the ultimate HTML template built for Chefs and Cooks. Leave a mark on the online landscape of the cooking business using Pistacia. This exquisite template includes options to enable shops, blogs, portfolios, and more. Choose from 6 different, unique color themes. Each theme design can be further customized using Pistacia’s user-friendly theme panel. Similarly, you can also enable Video backgrounds and Parallax background effects to your website. This adds in a bit more modern flair to your overall website’s look and feel.

Moreover, the addition of Flexslider and Layerslider plugins lets you add in cool sliders all over your website’s content. You can also easily enable Font awesome icons, Flaticons, and Glyphicons to your content too. The addition of Masonry and Timeline posts layout and Google fonts leaves a lot of area for experimentation. Build a website that perfectly represents you and your style of cooking using Pistacia.

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food website templates charlotte

Charlotte is an HTML template designed to give your cafe website a bit more comfortable feel. Add in a bit more depth and style to your website’s look using this food website template. Charlotte comes with a very unique and unusual layout that works perfectly regardless of its abstract design. This unique design is complemented by a simple yet very user-friendly menu bar that can be easily customized. Similarly, you can also enable cool parallax backgrounds for that additional impressiveness factor. You can also add in Charlotte’s menu options on its list of nifty features. Serve your customers straight from your website with the combination of the food menu as well as its catering and reservation forms.


Moreover, Charlotte is also bundled with a unique Gallery design. This gallery design comes with its Infinite scrolling effect so your customers can enjoy your food and catering related images to their heart’s content. Similarly, you can keep your customers occupied using Charlotte’s interactive elements as well as blog features. Charlotte’s completely well-rounded restaurant management features definitely deserve an applause.

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food website templates attica

Attica serves as a perfect concoction of accessibility and versatility. This HTML food website template is designed to give your restaurant website a vibrant atmosphere. It is inherently mobile friendly, and responsive nature due to its well-structured coding. Expect the best loading speed as well as SEO optimization using Attica. Similarly, the template is also completely Page builder friendly and is coded to be easily customizable and adjustable.

The theme itself comes with tons of header and footer customizations. Moreover, you can also customize it’s exquisite menu design too. Choose from 3 different unique menu and footer variations to suit your site better. You can also enable tons of nifty and useful element on your page. These include cool sliders, table reservation forms, as well as Instagram feed embed. The addition of the Variant Page builder plugin only sweetens the deal for you.

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Social Chef

food website templates socialchef

If you need a complete package deal for your food website, then Social chef’s the perfect HTML template for you. This responsive HTML template has it all laid out for you: custom animations, grids, photo galleries, blogs. Social chef covers every ground there is when it comes to food website templates and more. Enable food blog posting with dedicated Blog pages and post designs. Social chef also comes with the ability to post unique recipe designs and publish them as easily as possible. Similarly, you also get tons of typography options as well as a wide array of custom shortcodes. Energize your blogs with both animations and shortcodes using Social chef.

Similarly, the name of Social chef fits well too as the template is built to feature social media features as well. Enable login, register, and account pages to invigorate your food website with socialization features. You can even enable an Upload your own recipe page for your viewers for better user interaction.

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food website templates justcakes

Bakery shops can definitely get some love on our list of food website templates too. JustCakes, for one, is an astounding bakery website template that is very stylish and unique. It comes bundled with 16 unique HTML pages, designed to give your website a modern feel to it. Choose from 4 different layout structures to fit your content better. Justcakes also comes in 5 vibrant color schemes to add a bit more sweetness to your website. Customize your homepage to represent your business the way you like it. While customizing it completely is an option, you can also choose from 4 different home page templates too.

Similarly, JustCakes is also completely eCommerce ready and comes with dedicated Shop pages too. Likewise, you can also enable Shopping carts and Checkout pages as well as a custom Contact page. A Google map embed can also be added like a perfect cherry on the top.

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food website templates pizzaro

Pizzaro is an HTML website template more suited for fast foods and pizzerias. It’s clean, yet stylish layout design is specifically built to give your website the most comfortable look a fast food outlet website can have. Built with Bootstrap, each element and page in Pizzaro is completely mobile friendly. And not to mention, easily customizable. The entire idea is to hand you the paintbrush so you can color to your heart’s content.

But Pizzaro makes customization even easier for you by providing you with over 42 different HTML pages. This includes seven different Home page variations and tons of Shopping grid and page choices. The huge range of variations when it comes to Single product listing and shop page list is just absolutely breathtaking. Additionally, Pizzaro is also blog friendly too.

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food website templates chow

Another one to add to our list of food website templates made for blogs. Chow is designed to provide you with a complete blogging experience. Choose from a wide range of layout options and customization features to suit yourself better. The template is designed with and SEO optimization in mind. Watch as your blog soars through the sky with its search engine optimized design.

Moreover, Chow is specifically designed with food blogging in mind. The HTML template comes with a dedicated page and posts templates for recipe blogging. The various recipe related elements are designed to help you publish posts as quickly as possible. Whether it be recipe list, instructions, reviews, and whatnot.  Chow ensures that your blogs are also completely readable on any platform and browser with its responsive coding.

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food website templates flavours


Flavours adds so much texture and taste to your food website and we just simply can’t describe it fairly. This premium HTML template works for it all; grocery stores, food website, fruit markets. It’s excellent image and gallery friendly design, and clean structure makes it stand apart from any competition. Additional features, such as gallery options, hover effects, and unique banners are also extremely welcome. The fullscreen homepage carousel and the clean Menu design contemplate each other quite well. Similarly, you can also place additional scrolling information on your menu too.

The addition of various image presentation and slideshow features are quite astounding too. It’s presentation features are quite astounding, but that’s not all Flavours has in its package. The template is designed to help you sell products after all. Use dedicated Shopping grids, product lists, and pages. Flavours also has a dedicated Drop-down shopping cart function, and tons of other nifty features fit for an online store.

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food website templates agricom

Next on our list is a flat designed HTML template customized for the use of agriculture and farm food websites. Agricom comes in 2 unique designs, One page as well as multipage designs. Whether you’re in need for a perfect landing page for your business or a large scale website to operate your online business off of, Agricom has you covered. Choose from 3 different home page design that can all be fully customized. Whether it’s page structure, color options, or typography options. Easily personalize your website the way you want to. Use tons of dedicated Fully layered PSDs, Google fonts, and FontAwesome icons using Agricom.

Moreover, Agricom also features unique and beautiful HTML pages built for various purposes. Need dedicated Portfolio sections to impress your viewers? Agricom has you covered. What about blog pages and blog posts? No worries, Agricom features pages for that purpose too! Contact pages, 404 pages, Product listing, and the whole lot; Agricom has you and your online website wholly covered in all aspects.

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food website templates organik

Last on our list for Farm food website templates is Organik. Though, whether or not you own an organic farm, this template is sure to fit you regardless. This exquisite template comes with over six different homepages to suit various purposes. Whether your site is a farm website, a food store or more, Organik ensures that your template fits the purpose of your website too. Similarly, you can also customize its elements and even enable a blog on your website. Choose from 3 different blog styles with tons of custom shortcodes built specifically for you. The template also comes with integrated Google fonts and FontAwesome icons. It’s typography options are just simply endless!

Additionally, it’s bootstrap, and HTML coding ensures maximum performance on your website as well as compatibility. The template’s Retina ready design and responsive layout makes it perfectly resize on any screen size. It is also additionally optimized for mobile devices as well as other touch responsive devices. If you’re looking for all-around food website templates with a green touch, then Organik is the choice for you.

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Sweet cake

food website templates sweetcake

Next on our list is a specifically designed one-page template for food websites. Sweet cake has both the design choices as well as the graphics to suit bakeries and sweeter varieties of restaurants. Created with an optimized grid system that takes full advantage of its HTML and CSS3 coding, Sweet cake ensures the best performance and accessibility on your website. Regardless of your viewer’s platforms, they will be easily able to access your website. Moreover, Sweet cake also comes with all the required PSD and PHP file for additional customization from the developer side.

Similarly, you also get all the necessary plugins and tools to beautify your website’s content. Enable cool and impressive sliders to wow your viewers using the Amazing revolution slider plugin. You can also integrate well-made portfolios and galleries to feature your images too using Sweet cake. It’s gallery ready structure, filtering features, and lightbox features fit in quite well too.

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Invisio cakes

food website templates invisiocakes

And the final one on our list is the sweetest one of them all. Invisio cakes is the perfect HTML website template to use for sweet food website templates. Whether it be cake shops, desserts, or bakery shop sites, Invisio fits them all. Its parallax effect enabled design, and creative layout structure is simply amazing. The addition of a blog page and an elements page totally round up your content publishing experience too. Additionally, you also get access to a fully customizable contact form, Google fonts and Google maps with custom markers.

Similarly, it is extremely necessary to mention how well coded Invisio is. It’s lightweight design, and cross-browser compatibility is sure to help your website out. It’s HTML5, and CSS3 coding ensures maximum mobile friendliness as well as customization friendliness. Various elements and site options can be easily customized to your heart’s content. It’s fully responsive design is definitely the perfect icing on top of the cake. If you’re looking for tasty food website templates, Invisio Cake is almost the perfect pick.

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