If you are anyone with an innovative idea and product to sell or promote then online marketing is surely the best method. We have talked about the effectiveness and the advantages of this over and again here on our blog. And there is no denying how powerful the internet is. No matter which niche of business or creative work you deal with, an online platform is a must. But let’s face it, a website to compete amongst the thousands of other competitors is no joke. You need professional technicians and spend a fortune to end up with one. Well, the ready-to-use HTML templates are the way out. To help our users get started, today we have made a list of the Best premium HTML landing page template options out there.

These offer a range of useful features as well as a ready-to-use interface that you can get started with. You can place the details of your products, focus on the important stuff and leave a lasting impression on anyone who lands. You no longer need to worry about the designing and the functionality as these templates have taken care of it all!



Mixito is one of the professionally designed landing page templates suitable for any digital and material products. Perfect to be used for promotional and marketing purposes, each section is created with amazing attention to the details. Fully responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect with the visuals, it is packed with all of the features one might need to get started. It features a unique sense of style that makes your product stand out and relies fully on the professional Bootstrap framework. As it highly customizable, users also get access to a huge range of easy to use personalizing options. Perfect for lead generation, everything about this is very purpose oriented. To start out, there are plenty of HTML pages you can stylize to meet your preference. From the color schemes, to the overall layout styles, you can easily add your very own custom feel to it.

Getting more into the details, it consists of plenty of sections dedicated to showcase the details of the product you are promoting. Stunning pages dedicated to the details, services, key features, and even galleries are included. The creative addition of sliders and carousels makes it stand out even more. Fully functional search bar also adds to the ease of usage for your users to filter their search. As it relies on the professional HTML and CSS code structure, users also get access to a ton of useful components. This includes the smooth animations, effects, pricing tables, and overall modern and stylish approach. Creators have also made sure that Mixito loads effortlessly throughout all the major web-browsers. Once installed and activated, you are ensured of a lifetime free updates and 24/7 premium support as well.

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Next in line is the amazing app landing page template Appsite. And it is ideal for any of your digital products and softwares that you are launching or working on. Unique with the concept, it features a visually engaging interface for you to start with. The versatality and the flexibility it features is also another stand out point. Possibilities of the end result is pretty much limitless. With over 14 amazing awesome Home Page styles to choose from, whatever you prefer to use is at your disposal. Not only this, but each of these are designed to be fully responsive, adjusting according to the device screen size. Furthermore, the template package also includes pages dedicated to other purposes like blog, details, pricings, contact and more. You even have the option to choose whether you want to opt for the light or the dark version of the blog pages.

In addition to these variations, thanks to the Google Fonts users can choose from hundreds of creative typographies and fonts. The Owl Carousel helps you stay creative and add engaging sections to keep your audience hooked. Another great thing is the reliable and secure Bootstrap framework  it relies on. Each of the elements also makes use of the CSS, jQuery, and HTML codes all clean and valid. To make sure that Appside provides an optimal performance, this features an ultra-fast loading. Pretty much everything you need from amazing designs to the useful components like pricing tables, buttons, icons and more are all included. The structure is also cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly and overall makes for a great addition on our list.

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Ingenious, stunning and professional looking, Devazo is another great way to promote your business and product. It is perfect for any type of digital products, agencies and business, SASS, marketing and similar niche of websites. Straight-forward with the design, it is pretty purpose oriented with all of the elements and components it features. And to make sure that it also fits all the preference of the users, it is highly customizable. Not only this, but you also get access to tons of variations and multiple options to choose from. For the theme, there are three different variations gradient, light and dark you can go for. Furthermore, the template also includes 4 different Home page design; each unique with the style and purpose. All of these are fully responsive to make sure that your site looks amazing throughout all of the device screens.

The creators here have focused majorly on improving the UX experience, providing the users with a modern, clean and beautiful interface. Here you can add in all of the contents you prefer while keeping your users fully engaged. Relying on the amazing Bootstrap framework, users are also assured of all the flexibility they require. Not to mention the basics like cross-browser compatibility, RTL friendly nature and fast loading. It also includes a fully functional contact form where you can collect the user details for future reference. It makes use of the CSS and HTML codes. And for the assurance of an optimal performance, each line of codes is checked to ensure the validity and security.

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Crafted with various start-up projects and products in mind, DoStart is exactly what you need to leave a lasting impression. Vibrant, creative and overall pretty unique with the concept and design, this sure is one that stands out. The visual aspect is pretty amazing considering the ultra-responsiveness. Even the details are retina-ready and pixel-perfect to make sure that everything about this template looks flawless. It is ideal for modern startup, app, softwares, product, launching and any digital marketing and promotion websites. And to match all of the requirements of these niches, there are tons of variations to get a head start with. There are 6 stunning Home Page versions each depicting a different style and purpose. All in total you get over 10 valid HTML files including options for useful inner pages.

The great thing is that the interface is super content oriented so that whatever you want to showcase on the site is the focal point. All of the files are also well-commented, valid and secure. You also get multiple background options including option for parallax, static image, gradient and more. As it relies on the professional CSS and HTML codes, it also makes way for creative effects, animation and page transitions. There are useful components like functional contact forms, pricings, sticky menus and more that adds to the efficiency. All in all, a complete package of everything you need to get started, this definitely is worth a try

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The Saas is an HTML landing page template that is clean, modern and unique in its own way. The layout structure it features is fully-responsive and is built using the latest Bootstrap framework. It suits every niche of business or products you wish to promote or display. The template is flexible and also extremely customizable making sure that you have a full control over what happens with the website. It is ideal for developers, designers as well as entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Alongside this, the template also is also user-friendly and easy to understand and work with. This makes sure that even if you are just a beginner, you have absolutely no problem with this template.

There are plenty of pre-made demos you can choose from, built with all the features included. Thus, you can save your time and effort to start entirely from scratch. Or you also have the option to customize and modify the elements to suit your requirements and needs. This premium landing page website template also includes Inner Pages that you can easily integrate if you wish to. On top of this, you also have plenty of variation for Headers and Footers to switch to and from. Additionally, the developer-friendly code is well-commented and clean. You also get over 130 different unique HTML pages and over 300 useful UI components. Get the best possible outcome from your landing page for your products and corporation only with The Saas.

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One of the most popular website templates on ThemeForest, Pofo is an incredible multi-purpose HTML based template. Because it is multi-purpose you can use it to create almost every niche of websites including landing pages for your products or company. Visually stunning and incredibly effective to leave a lasting impression on any of your viewers, this template is surely one-of-a-kind. The layout structure is also fully responsive and retina ready. In addition to this, the premium template package includes tons of amazing features that you can use to create the ideal platform. It is highly customizable and developer friendly giving way to additional codes you can write if you prefer. What’s more is that this template has been optimized for speed so that it loads fast and easy.

Giving the user a great online experience, this template offers a range of useful options and components. The color schemes and the layout structure is vibrant and crafted with attention to all the little details. Get over 210 different Pages as well as over 150 unique demos that you can start with. But that’s not all, you can also get creative and create whatever you wish. You can add amazing looking galleries or blog sections if you want to. In addition to this, the template is also cross-browser compatible. You can also get creative and add use fonts and icons to enhance the outlook. With an AJAX Contact forms and social media integration promotion and staying in touch with your audience is also so much easier. Create the perfect landing page only with Pofo!

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Lateral is a creative, simple yet smart landing page website template that is not only effective in functions but is also visually stunning. The layout structure is created with all the latest technology and coding that are all well-commented and clean. It is also highly customizable so that you get to have the access to all everything that is going on with the site. The template is also fully compatible with cross-browser and optimized for speed. This ensures the users that their website looks and works amazing no matter what. You get plenty of options and useful UI components included with the package.

In addition to this, the template also has tons of variations for demo pages and pages for you to start with. Save your precious time and effort with these, or if you want to go the creative route, you can also design and implement everything with ease The interface is fully-responsive and optimized for maximum potential. It enables your website to automatically adjust and fit any device screen size with ease. The template also includes flexible Headers, Saas Landing Page analysis, flexible HTML sections and much more. This adds to the essence of the whole site Additionally, you also get amazing typography as well as icons that you can easily implement. No matter which niche you deal with, Lateral can be the perfect way to start for you and your corporation.

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Laapp App Landing Page

A premium HTML landing page template, Laapp is a perfect way to get a head start on any of your current or future project. Professionally designed, this template comes with tons of powerful and high-performing apps and elements included. Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it is flexible, versatile and highly customizable. Ideal to be used for any type of software, apps and more this template comes with loads of awesome features. The layout in itself is pretty professional and organized to look at. And the added options for personalizing takes it a notch further. The template is designed to be responsive and load effortlessly on all screen size. You also get to choose from multiple page variations. Vibrant and eye-catching color schemes make it super appealing as well.

You can either start from scratch or choose from an existing page demos available. Each of these represents a different style and presentation. The full-width header and product showcase brilliantly highlight the focus on the important parts. You can even add in creative CTA buttons to make things more efficient. For your convenience, this template also has additional pages designed for pricing, contact and even for about us and testimonials. Major highlights of this template include advanced reporting, mail management, and customer tracking. It is also integrated with multiple third-party software like Contact forms, CSS, HTML, FontAwesome and Google Fonts. Overall a pretty great option to opt for, get the perfect start without spending much time and effort only with Laapp.

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Softino Software Landing Page HTML5 Template

A lightweight yet powerful landing page website template, Softino is neat, clean and organized. Visually impactful, it comes with all of the options and features packed into one single package. Leaving a lasting impression on anyone who lands on the site is as easy as ever. Choose from tons of variations and styles to go for. From creative components to stylish interface, this template has it all lined up. Executing a responsive and retina surface, it makes sure that your site readily adjusts to every device screen size with ease. And because of the lightweight structure, it features amazing loading speed. It is best suited for apps, softwares and any single product based websites. You also get access to tons of creative personalizing options as well. As it is cross-browser compatible, it loads fast and easy on all modern web browsers.

Choose from 6 different demo pages that all represent a different styling and design. Based on the powerful coding structure of HTML, CSS and SASS, the overall template is pretty powerful. Each line of the codes are also developer friendly and well-commented. It also includes tons of FontAwesome icons, Line Awesome icons as well as Google Fonts for you to get as creative as you like. In total there are over 30 HTML files ready to be used included inside the package. Working and valid Contact forms also makes sure you stay connected with your users. To add in to the visual impact, it also features multiple creative animations, effects and transitions. Not to mention the full-width banners where you can add anything from images to videos to sliders. There are also multiple color scheme options that you can match to meet your preference.

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Sofbox Responsive Software Landing Page

Another awesome HTML landing page website template we have for you is Sofbox. Super sleek, modern and super clean and professional looking, it is overall very flexible and customizable. With tons of stunning UI/UX elements included with the package so that it not only is appealing to look at but also super efficient. And if you are trying to get a head start on your future projects, this is a great start. The template is also designed to be ultra-responsive and readily adjusts to every device screen size effortlessly. Not only this, but the template also executes an amazing imagery with pixel perfect resolution. With the eye-catching and vibrant color schemes, this template comes with variations for layouts and niche based templates as well. But that’s not all you get! Backed up with the powerful HTML and CSS coding structure there are plenty of animated elements, transitions and effects.

Getting more into the details, this template has over 16 amazing Page templates to choose from. This includes the options for 7 pre-made demos to start with. From blog to creative gallery sections, every little detail is taken care of. Integrated with major third-party softwares, users also get access to tons of awesome features. You can add in creative Google Fonts, icons, Sliders, and even a custom Google Map. It features unique colors and gradients you can opt for as well. Furthermore, it is optimized for high performance and blazing fast speed. The template is also cross-browser compatible and effortlessly works with all the major web browsers. To ensure that your site looks exactly as shown on the demos, all of the PSD files used are also included within the theme package.

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Zumax Product Landing Page

Perfect to use as a product landing page, this template offers the option to creatively showcase any of your products, softwares or apps. Highlighting the focal features while effectively engaging your users to get hooked on the site has never been easier. This is all thanks to the awesome HTML based template Zumax. As you can see, the layout is pretty advanced and versatile. Based on the latest Bootstrap framework, this template offers the users with all the modern day tech required to get a site started. Designed specifically for the niche of marketing and promoting, each and every element of design and style are clean and organized. Not to mention the powerful structure of CSS and HTML backing it up It is also designed to be cross-browser compatible and ensures optimal performance no matter which web browser you use.

In addition to all these cool features, there are also plenty of awesome personalizing options included. Choose from 2 different and beautifully perfected Home Page designs. To add to the creative ailment one can also make use of the Google Fonts and icons Furthermore, it is also fully responsive and amazingly retina-ready. Various elements like pricing, CTA buttons, stylish navigating menus, and more are strategically placed throughout the site. It is well-documented and provides excellent theme support for anyone in need. No matter what it is you are trying to get started, this template is sure to give you an amazing start flawlessly.

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Sedmy Landing page Template

A modern, elegant and clean to the eyes, Sedmy is an amazingly designed product landing page website template. Based on the latest Bootstrap framework, this template is versatile and simply awesome. It is best suited for single product websites as it highlights all of the major features for the users to see in an effective manner. Not to mention all of the sections implemented to make sure you make the most out of this template. Assuring the users of an amazing promotion and advertisement campaign online, Sedmy surely combines the visuals and tons of useful features. The template is also completely responsive and retina-ready. And each and every small details are pixel perfect.

Getting more into the list of awesome features, this template uses the powerful CSS and HTML coding structure. This also enables stunning effects, animations and transitions on the components spread throughout the site. It is also integrated with MailChimp which makes it easier for the users to manage and organize their emails. In addition to this, the template is also designed to be compatible with all the major web browsers. Easily customizable, you also get access to tons of Google Fonts to choose from along with the modern day icons. All in all, a lightweight, fast loading and simplistic approach, we definitely recommend this template to our users to get started with.

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Another stunning multi-purpose website template, Canvas is one of the most popular amongst the users. And there is no doubt the features and the graphically advanced interface is the reason for it’s popularity. Visually amazing to look at, this template is also packed with amazing features that help you get the perfect end result. No matter what type of website you want to create, this responsive and HTML based template is the right choice! The framework is fully based on the latest Bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. The template package includes so many features that you never have to look back again. Whether you want a simplistic website, professional corporate websites or simply a landing page, you can have it all with Canvas.

It is powerful, flexible, modern and everything that you might require. Get a huge range of demo Home Pages and websites to start with. Not only this, but you also get access to amazing Inner Pages so you don’t have to go through the hassle of crafting one yourself. But that’s not all, you can add useful sections like a blog, about, testimonials, and much more with ease. Get over 80 HTML files that enable you to add just about everything. This creative template also includes the premium plugins like Revolution Slider and Revolution Slider editor. You can switch from over 15 unique and stunning Header styles. It is compatible with eCommerce so you can also easily sell your products. Not only this, but you also get over 50 scalable shortcodes to help you add any useful components.

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Foundry is yet another amazing multi-purpose website template that we would like to mention on our list of premium landing page website template. Why? Simply because this flexible, modern and sleek website template is definitely worth a try. It is built with the latest Bootstrap framework and is fully compatible. Take your landing page or whatever you wish to create to the next level only with Foundry. It is smooth and works fast and easy on all major browsers as it is cross-browser compatible. In addition to this, the template is also developer-friendly and user-friendly so it is easy to work with and modify. Whether you want to start a blog website, corporate website, portfolio website or simply a landing page, this template fits all the requirements.

You have the option create multi-page or a one-page website with ease. Get over 100 fully responsive HTML template files that you can use. In addition to this, you also get over 20 unique niche concept based Home Pages to choose from. Not only this, but this template also includes a variation for light and dark skins whichever you prefer. You can even add sections to display video files as it fully supports almost every file type. To add the location is also an easy task as it is integrated with Google Maps. You can even choose from the multiple color schemes available or simply create a new one with the .less files included. What’s great is that this template is also integrated with most social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. So, build the platform, display your amazing products and corporation, and leave lasting impression only with Foundry.

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Stack is a clean, simplistic and modern looking website template that is suited to almost every niche of websites. Just like the other multi-purpose website templates, you can create professional websites, corporate sites, portfolios or personal websites or even blogs and online shops. It is robust, flexible and one-of-a-kind. The design structure is visually amazing to look at and the interface is graphically advanced. In addition to this, it is also fully responsive and retina ready. Furthermore, it puts reusable HTML and modular CSS first so that it blends out the contemporary styling throughout each template included.

The template is packed with almost everything that you might need to create that perfect platform. Get over 140 different Demo Pages and over 270 unique interface blocks and components that you can easily utilize. What’s great is that it comes with the Variant Front-end Page Builder that makes the process of creating even more easier. Get multiple navigation styles that you can switch to and from. Furthermore, you also get creative portfolio section as well as extensive blogging layouts. Backing it all up, this template has well-documented features and provides excellent support if you ever need it.

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Pivot is an amazing multi-purpose website template that is also ideal to create landing pages for any types of products or business. This robust block based template is built using the latest technology and advanced coding. Not only is it visually amazing to look at but it is also graphically advanced. One of the user favorite HTML and CSS template so far, it is packed with tons of amazing features to help you create the perfect website. In addition to this, this premium package also includes the Variant Page Builder. It is the ideal way to start especially if you are a beginner. The Drag-and-drop feature is user-friendly and extremely easy to work with.

Furthermore, this template offers 14 amazing colour schemes that you can choose from. Not only this, but you also get MailChimp and Campaign monitor integration which makes this template more efficient. There are also variations for Menus and Footer that you can easily switch from. What’s more is that the template also has 404 and 500 error pages built in so you don’t have to create one. Another great thing about this template is that it is also integrated with the popular social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. This enables the user to easily connect with their audience and maintain their online presence. Built with the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is simply the right choice no matter what type of website you wish to create!

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A premium HTML template, Khaki is another stunning looking landing page website template. It is clean, professional looking and modern at the same time. And if you are looking to take you and your business a step further, then this is the right way to go. It is multipurpose, which means that whether you wish to start a blogging website, corporate website, or even a simple personal website, it meets all the requirements. The visuals itself is pretty amazing to look at although it follows a simplistic approach. Built with the powerful Bootstrap framework, the template is entirely responsive. This ensures that the site you create automatically adjusts to any device screen size.

The template package includes over 150 unique HTML files that you can use to add useful UI components. In addition to this, you also get 9 stunning pre-made demos that you can try out before you start creating from scratch. There is an unlimited number of layouts that you can choose from. But that’s not all, it includes plenty of other awesome features that makes it effective. It is also compatible with eCommerce giving you the option to even sell of your products. Keeping in mind the mobile users, it also jas a Mega Menu and the Real Swipe Mobile Menus that you can easily switch to. With the Twitter and Instagram feed option as well as the AJAX Contact forms, you can easily maintain a strong online presence. To keep things interesting you can even add Sliders and Carousels with Revolution Slider and Owl Carousel.

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Warhol is a creative, modernized and unique concept HTML website template that is perfectly suited for almost every website niche. Whether you own a small or a large-scale business, this template is ideal for both. Even the interface is user-friendly enough for even the beginners to work with it. Each and every little detail has been crafted with attention so that the user of this template have the best online experience. The elegant Slider section, amazing typography, and the unique design are a few of the plus point. In addition to this, there are plenty of other amazing features packed within. The template is also fully responsive and retina ready. It includes a variety of carefully designed page layouts to choose from as well.

Choose from 8 stunning HomePage variation, and 8 hero variants to start with. You also get over 50 HTML files that you can use to add any useful UI elements. The full-screen parallax sections alongside the bullet navigation system add a creative element. What’s more is that you can also choose from Sub Menu, Mega Menu or Header drop-down support whichever best appeals you. Furthermore, this template package also includes over 20 UI components that add to the functionality. Clean-coded with HTML and CSS coding this template is also extremely developer friendly. To make it more interesting, you also get over 400 Entypo as well as Google fonts. You also get working Contact form as well as MailChimp integration. What more can you possibly want? This multipurpose landing page website template is the epitome of templates out there!

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A modern and innovative HTML and CSS based template, Novu is a one-of-a-kind and creative landing page website template. Crafted with great attention to detail and multi-concepts, it is flexible and adaptable. In addition to this, the template is entirely based on the latest Bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. This means that no matter which device your users are on, your website always looks amazing. The visually amazing layout structure is not the only plus point. It is feature-enriched and includes everything that you might possibly require to create the perfect online platform.

Whether you want to create a portfolio website, personal website, or landing pages for your corporate website, this template has it all in line for you. Talking about its amazing features, you have the option to add Slider as well as Parallax background effects. But that’s not all, you can also add custom Header including the Slider or your own preference with ease. In addition to this, the template also features amazing looking CSS animations and transition effect. This adds to the enhance the creative outlook. It is also fully responsive which makes it extremely easy to fit onto any device screen. It supports Google fonts and Font Icon that gives the user access to beautiful typography and icons. Get the perfect website with absolutely no coding knowledge only with Novu.

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Apperle is a stunning app landing page template that was crafted especially with designers and developers in mind. Mashing up all the creative and innovative ideas, this template has made sure that everything you require has been taken care of. Based on the latest HTML and CSS coding, this template is an awesome start to launching anything. It is fully responsive and works great with almost every device screen size. It includes tons of customizing options as well as variations to choose from. Boasting a unique and materialized design structure, it is simply amazing to look at. Not only this, but it is flexible and adaptable so that you can create any type of landing page possible with Apperle.

You can choose from the 28 color schemes and pick out the one that best represents you and your needs. This premium landing page package also includes working AJAX contact forms as well as MailChimp subscription forms. The clean and valid coding are easy to modify as well. Get stunning JQuery and CSS animations and effect to make it interesting for your users. There are also 14 different and unique concept based designs you can start with. This makes sure that you do not need to start entirely from anything. It is extremely flexible, customizable as well as cross-browser compatible. Keeping in mind your global audience, this template is also RTL and translation ready. With a 24/7 customer support and extensive documentation, you will never come across any problem when using this template. Probably one of the best landing page templates out there, it is definitely worth a try.

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If you are starting or launching a product or application soon, then Rabbit is the ideal choice to go for. It is a stunning Coming Soon landing page template fit for almost every niche. Promote and make a name for your business before actually launching with ease. This template is fully responsive and retina ready. To sum up, this ensures that it adjusts to every device screen size including mobiles and tablets. Based on the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework, this template is not only stunning to look at but is also feature-enriched. The design it features is minimal, simple and clean. It gives out a professional feel that is sure to impress any of your visitors.

Talking about the customizing and modification, this template offers plenty of variations. You get over 11 background styles including YouTube, Rain animation, Constellation animation as well as Low-Poly Animation and Slideshow and Image background. Integrated with MailChimp and AJAX, you also get access to subscription and contact form. To keep it more interesting, this template includes tons of Font Awesome and Google Fonts typography. That’s not all because the clean and minimal design is perfectly complemented with the jQuery Countdown timer. This enables the users to let their user know exactly when they are available. The codes used are well commented and valid. It is also developer friendly so that if you want to add simple codings then you easily can. Well commented and with an amazing theme support, Rabbit might be the ideal choice you are looking for!

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Kant is a unique and elegant multipurpose website template ideal for any type of corporative and business website. You can also use this template as a landing page template and create the ideal platform to get started. The elegant and simplistic features of this template is enhanced with beautiful typography. Not only this, but the template is fully responsive and retina-ready. This means that no matter which device your users use, your website automatically adjusts. Furthermore, it is carefully crafted with tons of ready-to-use content blocks that you can utilize to your requirements. The template boasts not only an attractive interface but also amazing functionality. However, the best part about this is that you get a complimentary email template as well.

It includes over 100 purpose-built content blocks that you can easily integrate. Not only this but you can also choose from over 70 different Page layouts. Launch a professional looking website within a matter of minutes with this amazing template. Because it is multi-purpose and flexible, this template offers plenty of useful sections as well. You can add blog, forms, testimonials and more. Not only this, but this template is fully compatible with eCommerce giving way for an easier payment method. It also includes over 20 useful and effective UI components that all serve to enhance the functionality. Another amazing thing about this template is that it also includes 8 in-house plugins. Each of the better than the other makes sure that you have the best experience with this template.

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Wander is a creative, multipurpose and professional HTML landing page template. It is visually simplistic as well as rich with amazing features. And that is exactly why we have mentioned this template on our listing. The smooth and sleek design is fully responsive and retina ready. Featuring HD imagery, this template amazing to look at to say the least. It offers the best ever experience no matter what type of website you wish to create. It even gives you the option to either create a One-page or Multi-page website. But that’s not all. This premium template package offers tons more options and features. You can add creative galleries, blog sections, or even start selling your products with ease.

Get over 100 responsive files that you can use. In addition to this, you also get 6 unique and stylish menu variations. Furthermore, there are even tons of variations for icons and fonts that you can integrate. To make your site more engaging, you can even add stunning looking Sliders and Carousels. There are two different Hero sections that you can add. Based on the latest and advanced Bootstrap framework, it includes tons of other useful options. Get Mailchimp subscription form, AJAX contact form, Twitter and Instagram feed, interactive tabs and accordions, multiple menu styles and so much more.

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Just as the name suggests, Applify is the ideal app landing page template that is interactive and creative. It is perfect to showcase your products especially the apps you have developed, modern techs or more. With a vibrant and visually amazing design, this template is sure to take your business to the next level. It is fully responsive and retina ready. But that’s not all because it is also based on the powerful Bootstrap framework. The codes used are HTML and CSS which are all clean and valid. Although it has plenty of customizing options, it is also developer friendly. This means that if you wish to add additional coding and styling it is extremely easy to do so.

You can choose from 4 different gradient color schemes and pick out your favorite. In addition to this, it also offers Hero section variation fit for all apps. Even the PSD files mockup used are free and included with the package. Each and every little component and modules are designed especially with apps in mind. The template is also super lightweight and optimized for speed. Get smooth animations and effects that add a touch of creativity. The bright and the modern design supports UHD and retina ready imagery. Additionally, you also get Google fonts and FontAwesome icons that you can use with ease. Get the perfect landing page to represent your apps and digital products with Applify.

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RaiseApp is yet another multi-purpose and feature-enriched UI Kit and landing page template that is built with careful attention to details. The design is based on the responsive Bootstrap framework and the 3 in 1170 grid system. Easy to set up and use, this template is developer friendly and features an amazing layout structure. A brilliant theme package, the robust and flexible structures are ideal to display any of your products and apps in an impressive manner. It is tailored for an amazing landing page presentation and you can also add useful UI components with ease.

Optimized for SEO and speed, this template offers an amazing experience for its users. In addition to this, there are parallax sections that make it stand out. Furthermore, it also includes the premium plugin Revolution Slider that lets you add creative Sliders with your media files. But that’s not all because you also get access to the built-in jQuery plugins that can easily change all declaration. With integration with MailChimp and AJAX integration, you get a fully functioning Contact forms and newsletters. Get an amazing array of icons and fonts from FontAwesome and Simple Line icons. Probably packed with everything you require, this landing page template allows you to get a perfect start!

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Faulkner is a clean and modern technology and coding based landing page template built for professionals. Best suited for software as a service company, it can also be used for all types of tech and corporative websites. Built with the versatile and modular design toolkit, it is sure to take your project and your work to the next level. With so many useful UI components as well as tons of customizing variations, this template is also very flexible. It is also fully responsive.

You can choose from over 150 built-in content blocks that you can integrate to add features. Not only this, but there are also variations for HomePages, layouts, shop layouts, error pages and more. Built with care, the valid and solid codes are easily customizable. Furthermore, you can even add Sliders and Carousels to keep it interesting for your users. The carefully picked out fonts from Google Fonts and Entype Font Icons add another touch of creativeness. Other amazing features of this premium template are Avalanche Slider plugin, Snowbridge Parallax plugin, Socialize Share plugin, premium support, mobile menu and more!

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A minimal, creative and innovative app landing page template, Decades is crafted with simplicity in mind. The template is fully responsive and retina ready. This makes sure that your site looks amazing no matter which device screen it is displayed on. Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it meets all of the latest standards you might require. The creative interface alongside the stunning array of features serves as an ideal platform for you to get started.

The template is highly customizable and developer-friendly. This means that you have the full control over what the site looks like. It also has the option to easily add Sliders and Carousels to display your media files. Not only this, but it is also cross-browser compatible. In addition to this, you also get tons of other amazing features. The CSS and HTML coding used are extremely clean and well-commented. Adding to it all, it also has excellent customer support and free updates for lifetime.

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Arcon is a high-quality and creative multipurpose HTML template that we highly recommend. It is extremely flexible and adaptable. You can use it to create almost any type of professional or personal websites. This includes corporate websites, creative agencies, resumes, landing pages and more. The layout is also fully responsive. This makes sure that your site looks amazing no matter which device it is on. What makes it great is that it includes tons of demos that you can start with as well. Each represents a different niche and concept so you don’t have to.

It also includes over 75 HTML files that you can use to add all the useful elements. Designed for cross-browser and SEO compatibility, we are sure that this template will make your site stand out. It is also eCommerce friendly which means that you can also create online shops with ease. You can even add a full-width video background to make it interesting. In addition to this, it includes over 15 shortcodes that you can implement. There are also variations for header and footer that you can switch to and from. Probably packed with all the features you might need, Arcon is an awesome choice for you.

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The last but certainly not the least, Dezure is yet another amazing HTML template. It is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework. Not only this but it features the modern and effective One Page layout structure. The creative design is simply stunning to say the least. Each of the codes used is clean and valid. It means that the customizing and modifying process is also easy. Because it is extremely flexible, the possibilities are endless with Dezure. Wh\s great is that it is also responsive and retina ready.

Designed with extreme attention to details, get almost everything you need in one place. There are amazing Sliders and Carousels options included. This adds a touch of creativeness and appealing factor on your site. Get unlimited color scheme that you can choose from. So pick out the one that best suits your requirements. In addition to this, the template also includes MailChimp subscription form and AJAX Contact form. It is also easy to stay in connect to your audience with the social media integration.

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Tox is a clean, minimal and stunning looking App landing website template that is powered with the Bootstrap framework. It is responsive, retina-ready and comes with ready-to-use elements which makes the overall template effective. User-friendly and easy to use instruction makes the process of creating a landing page easy. Each of the elements and purpose focused whether they are various PHP forms, W3C validator or the unique and professional design. You also get to choose from over 20 different colour schemes and 20 unique designs. With Free Google Fonts as well as the Font Awesome icons you can make things more attractive and appealing for your users.

It is backed up with powerful HTML coding structure which are also developer friendly. The Home Page is striking in itself allowing the users to easily add all the necessary details. You also get access to creative CTA buttons and social media icons to make things easier for your users. The template package also allows you to add custom background colour, pattern or even images. But another great thing about it is that it is SEO optimized. This ensures that your site always ranks on top among all of your competitors. Start your next project with innovation and an impressive app landing page with Tox!

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The perfect showcase with a professional, neat and organized design structure, Apptidy is another great landing page website template. Complete with HD imagery, pixel perfect elements, full responsiveness, Apptidy is surely worth a try. It comes with a range of awesome variations to choose from as well. Change any element with minimal effort to match your preference. It comes with 4 different Home Page variations to choose from. In addition to this, you can also choose the fonts, typographies with the Google Fonts. Not only this but you can also easily implement custom background, colour schemes and more.

It is powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework making it upto the latest standards. The template is also cross-browser compatible, which means that no matter which browser you prefer, it loads fast and easy. Not only this, but it is equipped with all of the PSD fields used on the demo pages. The CSS and HTML coding also provides option for stunning animations, effects and more. Perfect to showcase your latest creation in an appealing manner, this template is sure to take your project to the next level.

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Retouch is yet another stunning option for you those looking for a creative solution to showcase their latest creation. It is a responsive, retina-ready and visually stunning app landing page that is ideal for almost every niche of products. Designed and powered with the Bootstrap framework, the interface is highly flexible and customizable. It is well-suited for apps, softwares, service pages and even for creative websites. You can easily modify the elements to match your preferences. Get 6 vibrant colour schemes that you can adapt to easily. Additionally, you can also switch the fonts, typographies as well as various other components.

The template is also completely cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy on all major internet browsers. For your convenience this package also includes well-designed and purpose focused Contact and Blog Pages. Adding to this, you also get access to exceptional visual effects thanks to the advanced coding structure. With a fully functional contact form staying n touch with your users is also a piece of cake. To add more creativeness, you can also opt for the floating menu, mega menu or sticky menu. In addition to this, you also get creative pages like Video, Portfolio, Pricing and other useful pages at your disposal.

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Appy is one of the popular and flexible app landing page designed especially for developers and designers launching their newest products. Leave any of your users impressed with the amazing visuals as well as the amazing range of features you can add. The great thing about this template is that it is completely responsive, retina-ready, and flawlessly adjusts to every device screen size with ease. It comes with awesome style variations each designed with great attention to little details. Organized, clean and simple to use, this is the perfect start to your next project. It even supports video files making it easier to engage your viewers.

If you want you can even start an informative blog with the fabulous blog pages included. Adding to this, there are also various sections like Features section, portfolio section, download section, recent blog section and more that you can adjust. In addition to this, it comes loaded with features like pricing table, PHP contact form, CTA buttons, Count-down timer, testimonials and more. It is also integrated with Google Fonts so that you have access to a range of beautiful fonts and typographies.

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