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There is entirely a different world under the sea. Every time the Discovery or NatGeo channel shows the underwater world and colorful creatures, our heart desires to see it at least once. If you are helping people explore underwater beauty, these scuba diving templates will help you take your underwater adventures to the binary world — the internet.

The sensibly designed Scuba diving templates in this list let you elegantly showcase your videos and images. Some of the templates even use animations to add life to your images. Making the website livelier will help you easily relate with your audience. Plus, new users can feel how it will be under the ocean. You can even use audio and videos to deliver an authentic user experience.

Since modern websites need to handle much multimedia content, we have collected HTML5 templates and WordPress scuba diving templates in this list. You can easily manage your video and audio content in these templates. Many useful features like appointment booking and scuba diving class scheduling options are there in the WordPress themes. Most WordPress templates have WooCommerce built right into them from the core. Hence, you can sell equipment and merchandise easily on your website.

Best HTML Scuba Diving Templates

HTML templates always give you freedom. Plus, you can skip the basic chores and can concentrate on the custom features. If you are a developer or have a developing team, these HTML Scuba diving templates will come in handy for you.

Dobby (HTML)

Dobby is an HTML scuba diving template. The creator has given you a trendy looking fully-functional front-end design set. You can pick the template you want and can convert it into a proper website with the help of a developer. This HTML pack has two scuba diving templates; both of them have an interactive design. But, the second demo feels roomier and attractive from my point of view. Both demo versions are designed carefully and have a flexible code structure. Hence, you can easily edit this template as per your needs and can make it fit your needs.

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Scubo (HTML)

Scubo is also an HTML scuba diving website template, but this one has a livelier design. Animation effects and hover effects are calibrated neatly and executed well in this template to make it engaging to the users. The creator has maintained the underwater theme right from the header to the footer. The use of wave patterns and underwater plants in the background is an artistic touch. Since this template is made using the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle all modern elements and effects without any hitch. Take a look at our CSS background design patterns collection to spice up your design.

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Waterboat (HTML)

boat club and scuba diving templates

Waterboat is primarily a water transport and boat club website template. The clean looks of this template make it a good scuba diving template as well.

You can list your best services along with their pricing on the home page to help the new visitors quickly understand your services and pricing. A separate service page is there in this template, where you can list other services. Customer testimonials are placed on the service page to improve your credibility. Many sensible design elements are there in this template, making it a good option for scuba diving business websites.

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Best WordPress Scuba Diving Templates

WordPress makes the site owner’s life a lot simple. Most of your website activities can be managed from the WordPress dashboard itself. If you prefer the convenience and want a website where your employees can easily collaborate and grow your website, these WordPress scuba diving templates are the best option for you.


Briny is one of the sensibly designed WordPress scuba diving templates loaded with useful features. The creator has used images and videos effectively in this template to deliver an immersive user experience. Hence, new users can actually feel how it is to be underwater and what they can expect. Being an adventure sport, showing how your team takes care of the people underwater, will inspire some confidence for the first-timers. The built-in online booking options will come in handy for many of your customers to book a session on the go. Overall, it is the best website template that will help you cover all types of audiences.

Design-wise, this is a modern website template. Nine demo variations are there in this pack. Each demo is different and will help you make an engaging website. You can see water ripple effects here and there in all demos; the creator has used it to deliver an authentic experience. If you are a developer and always wanted to add subtle, meaningful animations to your designs, take a look at our CSS animation examples collection.

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DiveIt theme is a simple and straightforward scuba diving WordPress theme. In the Briny template, you get demos for other types of websites like the water park, surfing, and yachting. But, you get only scuba diving website design in the DiveIt theme. This one also has big image spaces to clearly display your images and videos to the audience. The lack of animations and hover effects makes the website a little bit dull. Since this template uses the latest web development frameworks, you can add custom animations easily. Minor customizations can be done using the WPBakery page builder tool itself. All you have to do is drag & drop the elements in the place you want.

Responsive design and useful features like the online store, event management, and appointment booking makes the DiveIt theme to be one of the best scuba diving templates in this list.

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Divein is a colorful interactive WordPress scuba diving website template. The creator has used vector icons instead of using images for all the sections. Hence, you get a more mature look. Plus, you get plenty of on-page space, which you can use to place other elements and content. Stylish-looking fonts are chosen to match the overall contemporary design of this template. This consistency in the design will help you easily brand your website.

There are five homepage variations and one single-page layout version. If you want an easy-to-maintain website, you can go for the one-page layout. Or else, you can opt for the multi-page layout to fully explain your services and courses. Premium plugins like the Revolution Slider, contact forms, and a lot more are given along with the Elementor page builder, making this template one of the best value-for-money scuba diving templates.

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WaveRide is purely designed for water sports websites. The refreshing design of this template makes it a visually attractive website and a user-friendly website. Visual aesthetics and practicality are balanced smartly in all four demo versions. Tidal wave-like patterns and hover effects make this template fun to use. Among all four demos, the canoeing demo version will be an apt option for the scuba diving website. In fact, scuba diving is listed as one of the services in the Canoeing demo version.

Since it is a WordPress theme, all features are fully functional. You can easily sell your products on your website with the help of the WooCommerce powered store. Even if the default template misses one or two features you want, you can add them by simply installing the corresponding plugin. If you expect stylish look and practicality in the scuba diving templates, the WaveRide won’t disappoint you.

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Surfy, as the name implies, this website template is for surfing sports websites. Since the core theme and functionalities of this template coincide with the scuba diving templates, you can use it to make a scuba diving website. The neat full-width layout gives you more than enough space to engage your audience and show the underwater world clearly. Though the default design doesn’t have video sections, you can add videos easily into this WordPress theme. Like all other WordPress themes, handling content and gallery items will be easier. Minor customizations can be done easily via the WPBakery page builder. All you have to do is add your content, add related images, and show your brochures. Speaking of brochures, take a look at our brochure mockups collection to make photo-realistic scuba diving brochures.

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Kayaking is another water sports website template. This thoughtfully designed WordPress theme lets you elegantly show your services and sell kayaking gears easily on your website — You can use these core features to make a proper scuba diving website. For example, you can show your services and related videos/images in the services section. And you can use the store pages to sell the scuba diving gear. The WPBakery page builder will help you change the front-end looks with just a few clicks. Hence, making this template meet your needs will be a lot simpler than you think.

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For those who are looking for a classy content-rich website template design, this one will impress you. Though this template doesn’t have fancier looks like the WaveRide template mentioned above in this template, it is practical and easy to use. Since it is a sports website template, it has points table and fixtures elements in the default design. WooCommerce features are integrated right from the core of this template. Hence, you can sell products/services easily on your website. Plus, integrating payment gateways will also be an easy job. All major payment gateways have their own WooCommerce extensions. As a whole, this template gives you a strong base, with which you can create your dream website in less time.

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Malta is a funky-looking surfing and adventure sports-related website template. Funky color schemes and groovy font styles add unique character to the website. Since it is a WordPress theme, you can change almost everything right from the fonts to the colors with the help of the WPBakery page builder. Four demo versions are there in this pack, and one of them has a boxed-width layout. If you love radical designs and want your website to stand out from the crowd, scuba diving templates like this will match your taste.

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BeTheme is one of the best selling WordPress themes. This theme is well-known for its plethora of readymade demos. With constant updates, this template now has more than 500 demos. Name any niche, and this theme pack will have a demo for you. For the scuba diving category, you get a multipurpose underwater business website template that you can use for aquariums, scuba diving, aquarium shops, and a lot more. Making a dream website will be easier because of this template’s versatile nature. Plus, this template supports both WPBakery and the Elementor page builders. Pick the demo with the page builder you like and start making your website.

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Bridge is a creative multipurpose website template. You get one single-page parallax website template under the underwater website category. The default single page design is a good option for those who want an attractive website, yet it is easy to maintain. Images look stunning on both desktop and mobile devices because of this template’s full-width layout. Parallax effects are well-calibrated so that mobile users will also experience the desktop level quality. If you want a more professional design with multiple pages, you can opt for other demos. All demo versions are equipped either with the WPBakery page builder or the Elementor page builder. Hence, you can do minor cosmetic updates easily without touching the code.

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If flexibility is of primary importance to you, then there is no other better template than Jupiter theme. The creator has given you unlimited customization options. Right from the header to the footer, you can change everything with just a click of a button. Unless you have any hardcore customization, you don’t have to touch the code. Though this template has more than 300 demos, all demos are properly optimized. Hence, you can import a demo on your WordPress website with just a click. Another advantage of using a multipurpose website with a huge number of demo variations is that you can change your website’s looks as your website grows.

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boat club and rental website template

Lamaro is a Yacht club and rental WordPress theme. A stylish-look is maintained throughout the template to provide a sophisticated user experience. Water ripple effect homepage header design and video background header section options are there in the default design to take the user engagement to the next level. Many yacht and sailing elements are there in this design to deliver an authentic experience, and it can be used for scuba diving websites as well. Since it is a premium WordPress theme, it is loaded with useful plugins like the WPBakery page builder and Events calendar plugins.

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Avada is always a unique WordPress theme. Even though this template has fewer demos when compared to the BeTheme and the Bridge theme, it scores in the functionality. The in-house developers develop most of this theme’s functions. Hence, you can experience a seamless performance and a synchronized environment. Your website’s entire activity can be controlled from the WordPress dashboard itself. If you want a website that is friendly to both site owners and site users, Avada is the best option for you. This template has lots of features — I have to make a separate post to explain all of them. Take your time and read all the features by clicking the info button below.

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water park website template

Neptunus is a water park and watersports WordPress theme. There are three demo versions in this pack. All demos use big images and lots of white spaces to deliver the message engagingly to the audience. Though the layout is modern and has lots of contemporary web elements, the lack of interactive animations makes this template a tad boring. You can add parallax effects and smooth hover effects to make the website livelier. Since this theme uses the latest CSS script, you can add any modern effects to this template without any hitch. Plus, the Elementor page builder will help you do cosmetic changes easily.

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modern watersports website template

Werfy is another surfing and watersports WordPress theme. Big imageries and modern web elements make this template interactive to use. Since it is a WordPress theme you can add videos and images easily into your website. Plus, you have space to add videos in the default design itself. There are only two homepage variations as of writing this post. Basic pages are pre-designed for you. The Unyson framework in this template will make the developers work simple and let them customize this template easily in no time.

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Sail (HTML)

scuba diving HTML template

Sail is a simple and neat scuba diving and travel agency website template. Though this template uses the conventional design that you might have seen on many websites, elements are placed at the right spot to deliver a better user experience. This template pack has five homepage variations. Each homepage is designed for different purposes. Based on your needs, you can pick one and start making your website. Developers can easily work with this template because of this it’s a simple design. All development files are included in the download folder; therefore, developers can utilize this template fully to make their own custom website.

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