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There is no other better thing than being at the stadium and cheering your favorite team. The nail-biting moments when your favorite player is about to take a crucial shot and enjoying the victory with fellow supporters is something else. But, can everyone get in-person to enjoy the game? No, it is not possible. Thankfully, telecommunications have evolved a lot, and now we can watch the game easily from our handheld devices. Making a website for your own and letting your audience share their thoughts will help you improve the bonding with the audience. The sports website templates in this list are equipped with proper tools and running on the latest code scripts to let you easily stream your game on your website.

Some WordPress sports website templates give you full freedom to add your own custom features. For example, you can add a chat feature so online users can interact when the game is on. Whether you need to make a website for a club or want to sell sports equipment on your site, these sensibly designed templates will come in handy for you.

Knights (HTML)

american football sports website templates

Knights is an American football sports website template. Being an HTML5 website template, the Knights gives you infinite customization options and lets you create a custom website in no time.

Right from the score tables to squad details, users can see everything on the homepage. Therefore, site visitors don’t have to click on different pages to see the match scores. Plus, you have options to add videos in this design so that you can show match highlights neatly to your audience. The creator has taken care of all the elements and options and given the developers complete peace of mind to concentrate on the backend part.

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running sports website template

Endurer is a lively sports website template for runners and running clubs. Like all other WordPress sports website templates in this list, this one also has a fully functional website.

You can simply upload your content and launch your website straight away unless you have any custom needs. This theme pack has three demo versions for running clubs, events, and gear stores. WooCoomerce enabled shopping pages let you sell running gears and other products easily on your website. If you are building a sports community website, this theme is the best option for you.

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water sports website templates

Divein is a scuba diving and water sports website template.

This template’s image-rich layout lets the site owners elegantly showcase the scuba diving images and videos throughout the website. Since it is a WordPress theme, managing media content won’t be a difficult task. Site owners can add or remove the video & image sections easily using the Elementor page builder. All elements and their properties can be edited using the Elementor page builder. Unless you have any complex customizations, all other basic customizations can be done without touching the code.

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hardcore soccer website template

Splash is a multipurpose sports website template. The creator has covered all major sports categories in this template. For example, you get ready-made demos for — baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey. There is even a design for the eSports website template. If you are looking for sports website templates for all your needs, this is the best option for you. The creator has given separate designs for both sports clubs and sports store websites. More ever, it is a WordPress theme with WooCommerce powered shopping pages, so you can easily sell tickets, sportswear, and other items on your website easily.

Since this is a hardcore sports website template, it has all the elements you want. Scorecards, fixture tables, standings, reviews — this template has anything you name it. Speaking of tables, take a look at our CSS tables design collection for more interactive table designs.

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multipurpose sports website templatessports website templates

Oxigeno is a bold and sturdy looking sports website template. This WordPress theme is designed for sports clubs and teams. Therefore you get plenty of web elements in this template to show your team members, stats, and a lot more. As of writing this post, this template has six demo variations. Along with the baseball and basketball design, this template also has designs for water sports and golf. A cost calculator plugin is pre-bundled in this template. If you are offering membership plans or other such plans, the cost calculator plugin might come in handy for you. Though this template has WooCommerce powered pages, you don’t get dedicated sports store website designs like in the Splash template mentioned above. Overall, Oxigeno gives more value for your money and is the best option for clubs & teams.

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e-sports website template

From the name itself you can infer that this template is for eSports and gaming websites. This template’s black theme gives a powerful character to this template, which most gamers will love. Bright colors and gaming images make this template attractive. Subtle animations make the website livelier and also make the interaction easier. Since this is a WordPress theme, you can add dynamic elements and tables without any hitch. Video options are given in the default design itself, so you can do live streaming and share Youtube videos with just a few clicks. Meaningful inner pages are also there in this template to lessen your burden. If you are looking for sports website templates with a powerful fantasy look, this one would be a good choice.

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surfing game website template

WaveRide is a cool looking water sports website template. The creator has carried the water sports theme carefully throughout the website. For example, the water ripple hover effects and wave patterns for the page sections. Hence, users can easily relate to your website. Plenty of whites spaces with neat background patterns and modern funky colors makes this template appealing for the present-day audience. The creator has given you pre-made designs for both water sports clubs and online store designs to sell water sports gears. Sports website templates with such a focused design will help you run a successful website and a website that your target audience will love to visit again.

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gaming tournament website template

Overworld is a rugged-looking dynamic website template for eSports. Funky colors and attractive gradient colors look vibrant on this dark-theme layout. The default eSports version lets you elegantly highlight the players. Well-organized fixture boards and result boards help the user see the match results quickly at a glance. Gaming magazines and tournament pages are also given along with the eSports design — which makes this template a complete gaming & esports template package. All custom elements and sections are added into the WPBakery page builder. If you need to add an element on your page, simply drag & drop them on the place you want. Speaking of dynamic elements and websites, take a look at our dynamic website templates collection to make interactive websites.

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lively sports website templates

Xtrail is the best option for those who are looking for adrenaline-pumping outdoor games and adventure/extreme sports websites. When you make an adventure sports website, it must be livelier and let the users feel the fun when they see your website — Creators of Xtrail have understood this perfectly and made a peppier looking website. This template has nine homepage variations. Each demo is unique and will help you make a zesty website. This one has useful plugins for booking and timetables apart from the regular contact form plugins and page builder plugins. If an online booking option is your major priority, take a look at our appointment scheduling website templates collection. All these features and demos in this sports template give you more value for your money.

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multipurpose website template

KALLYAS was originally designed for creative-websites and online stores. The template becomes better and better in each update, and now it is a multipurpose website template. You get pre-made demos for general sports, sports shops, and sports news websites. Since it is a multipurpose website template, you get plenty of pre-designed web elements. All custom elements are loaded into the page builder tool. Therefore you can customize the website quickly by drag and drop the elements in the place you want. The core of this template i.e., the online store characters are well-preserved in all demos. If you want versatile sports website templates that can handle anything you throw at them, KALLYAS will be a good option.

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golf website template

Triompher is made for the rich man’s sports websites. Yes, this one is designed for the golf clubs and golf courses. Since this is a rich man’s sport, the creator has maintained the posh look throughout the template. Right from the fonts to the color schemes, everything is chosen with care to deliver a rich user experience. This theme has everything you need to show your club features, legacy, and all. The given timeline design is short and sweet. But if you have a long legacy, then you might need to redesign the existing timeline design. Take a look at our CSS timeline design collection for more interactive designs. Since this WordPress template is made using the latest CSS script, it can easily handle all modern design elements and effects.

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sports website templates for basketball and soccer

BigSlam has many soccer website designs and a few basketball website designs. Like most sports website templates in this list, this one is also a niche-focused template. Hence, you get all the basic sports website elements in this template. Custom game event cards and custom player detail cards will come in handy for many site owners. This is one of the few sports website templates that uses its own page builder tool. Therefore you get a seamless customization experience. You can change the entire look of the website without breaking a sweat. Well-optimized website templates like this will help you launch the website in no time.

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bold website template

Whistle is a multipurpose sports website template. Instead of giving separate demos for each sport, the creator has made all the sports in one demo as a mixed bag. Since this template has the WPBakery page builder, customizing it won’t be a tough job. Plus, you can make any niche-specific sports website in no time. A unique feature in this template is the course page. If you are offering training in your club and encourage young minds to join your club, the courses page will come in handy for you. As it is a multi-page website template, you can easily add custom pages without any worries. Overall, Whistle might not have a niche-specific ready-made demo but gives you unlimited customization options to make your dream sports website.

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FC United

soccer website template

You can infer that this is a soccer/football related website template from the name itself. Unlike the Whistle, this one has a dedicated demo for each purpose. For example, you get separate demos for the club, event, course, and also for a shop. Because of this template’s carefully designed demos, you can set up a proper website in no time. This template got a Basketball and NFL demos in the recent update. Therefore you can expect more new demos in future updates. Sports website templates like this give you not only code level updates but also new designs to help you keep up with the competition.

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Xtreme Sports

adventure sports template

Xtreme Sports is another adventure sports website template. The long homepage design and flashy animation effects will keep the audience engaged as soon as they land on your site. Another advantage of this template’s long animated homepage page is users on small screen devices will find it easy to interact when they scroll down. Minor details in this template make it more mature to use. It has three demo variations as of writing this post. All three of them have an engaging design that most users will love to use. The creator has given a quick color scheme swatch option in this theme. With just a few clicks, you can change the colors. If you want to make more complex customizations, you can use the included WPBakery page builder.

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atheletic website template

There is no other better feeling than running for a long distance and feeling a breeze on your sweaty face. If you are looking for sports website templates for your athlete or other related sports websites, Endurer is the best option for you. Cool trendy design with lots of space gives a refreshing look to this template. The creator has used an interesting washed-out pattern to enhance the website’s visual aesthetics. This template has images and video sections to let you fully showcase your club. The Endurer theme pack has three demo variations, and all of them are equipped with WooCommerce powered shopping pages. Hence, you can sell gears, tickets, and other related items easily on your website.

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extreme sports sports website templates

Freestyle is a lively website template for extreme sports and adventure sports websites. Whether you are a motorsports enthusiast or an underwater sports lover, this theme has the perfect design for all your needs. The creator has covered unique niches in this theme pack — which makes it special when compared to other sports website templates in this list. The creator has given you all basic plugins and features in the default design itself. Therefore you can set up a website without breaking a sweat. Design-wise, this theme uses an image-rich layout. You can showcase your events, original track footages, and lot more to inspire the new users to join your club.

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bike sports website templates

Bike racers and Motocross lovers will find this template extremely attractive. Four demo variations are there in this template. Each demo is unique and uses different layouts. Therefore you get more design variations and options. The creator has added the Elementor page builder in the recent update to make your customization experience a lot more smooth and simple. Tons of shortcodes are there in this template. When you need an element in a spot, all you have to do is to copy and paste the shortcode. The Elementor tool will be the best option for more complex customizations.

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water sports website template

Surfy is a stylish website template for surfing and water sports website template. The creator has used modern fonts and stylish patterns to give a chic look to the template. This template has two homepage variations, and both of them have a well-segmented design. Therefore users can easily read and understand the information. Animated cards are used effectively to present the message interactively to the users. If you like to use your own custom card animations, look at our bootstrap card design collection. Since this template uses the latest bootstrap and CSS script, it can easily handle all modern elements and effects.

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Jupiter is the most flexible WordPress website template out there in the market now. This template has a wide range of demos covering almost all types of websites. You can pick any template from the 350+ readymade designs and can make it fit your needs. There are more than ten demos in the sports category itself. So making your dream website with this template will be an easy job. With the help of the bbPress plugin you can easily manage your online users. If you have plans to start a subscription model for your sports club, the bbPress and the WooCommerce will come in handy for you.

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Bridge WordPress theme is known for its creative designs. This one is also a multipurpose website template with readymade demos for all categories. Under the sports category, you get some unique niches like Ice Hockey, Winter Sports, Skating, and a lot more. These unique niche demos make this template stand out from other templates. All demos are equipped with the Elementor page builder. Therefore you can customize the look and make it fit your needs in no time. Core code script is also kept as flexible as possible to make hard-core customizations easier. As a whole, Bridge is a friendly website template for both developers and site owners.

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