Radio buttons are always used for mutually exclusive options, that means the user can choose only one option. Professional designers always recommend going for a circular design with a solid circle at the center. Practically speaking, sticking to the circular design is the best idea. But, you don’t have to keep the radio buttons with the same old design. You can add little animation effects and colors to make your radio buttons unique and attractive. In this list, professional developers have shown some of their creative designs, that follows the design guidelines. We have collected radio buttons for forms, applications, control panels and for all other purposes where we usually need a radio button. These bootstrap radio button styles will come in handy for all your design needs, so make sure you check each and every design in this list.

SCSS Styled Radio Buttons


SCSS Styled Radio Buttons is a simple big radio button which you can use for all types of websites and applications. Fade in and fade out animation effect is used for the radio button so the user can quickly see the option they chose. The entire gradient background and the smooth radio button transition effects are made purely using the CSS3 and HTML5 script. Since the developer has used the latest frameworks, you can even improvise the design with your own custom animation effects and color scheme. By making a few optimizations you can easily use this code in your project.

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Google Dots Radio Buttons


Google Dots Radio Buttons is a fun concept design inspired by Google loading animation. If you are looking for some cool animated radio buttons, this one might impress you. Each dots on this design has different clicking animation, which is an attractive feature. But, if you like to be consistent in your design, you can stick with one animation effect. Though the concept looks intricate, the code structure is very simple. The developer has used only CSS3 script to make this beautiful conceptual design. Because of this simple code structure, you can easily utilize this code in your design. All you have to do is to tune the design as per your requirement and use it on your website or application.

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Pure CSS Radio Button Tiles


Instead of using simple radio buttons you can creatively use icons. In this design, the developer has used a restaurant theme. The user can select whether they want drinks or food. Because of this simple icon design, you can use this design in mobile applications as well. Restaurants are one of the competitive industries which effectively uses modern technologies effectively to serve their customers. Making the restaurant website mobile responsive is a must to let the user reserve a table on the go. Since this radio button is an icon-based design, you can easily use this design in the responsive design as well.

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Swappy Radios


Swappy Radios is another crazy conceptual radio button design. Instead of animating each and every button, the developer has moved the selected radio button throughout the form. As the name implies, the selected radio button swaps the place of the unselected radio button. Since this animation happens around the form, make sure you give adequate spacing between the elements. Though it is a swapping animation, the developer has timed the animation perfectly so that the user won’t feel any lag. You can use radio buttons like this in your survey forms or other forms. Take a look at our free email template collection to improve your email engagement rate.

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SVG Splat Radio Buttons


SVG Splat Radio Buttons is similar to the Swappy radios mentioned above. This one also uses a creative animation effect to make the radio buttons interactive. A small subtle animation effect is used to indicate which option the user has chosen. The animation effect used in this design is very simple so that you needn’t worry about the spaces around the elements. To make this beautiful radio button, the developer has used HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript code. Since the developer has used the latest frameworks, you can expect a smooth animation effect with this code script.

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Custom Radio Buttons


Custom Radio Buttons is a simplified version of the Google Dots radio button mentioned above. This one doesn’t have any flashy or cool animation effect. A very basic functional design is used in this example and simple animation is used to indicate the tick mark in the radio button. Not only the design but the code structure is also kept simple in this example. Hence, you can easily use this design even on your existing website or application. Though the code is simple, you still have to make a few optimizations before using it for commercial use. Click the info link below to have hands-on experience on the code.

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Material Radio Button


Material Radio Button is another icon based radio button design. In this design example, the developer has used a water droplet concept. When you click an option, the white dot squiggles to the next option. The animation effect is made very fluid using the CSS3 and Javascript framework. When you are making a radio button two options, this design will do. In the default design, the developer has used a font awesome icon, which is good and well optimized. However, if you have your own set of icons, then you can use that in this design. Since it uses the latest framework, it supports all trendy color schemes.

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Animated SVG Radio Buttons


Animated SVG radio buttons are sensibly animated radio buttons. The developer has designed the buttons smartly so that it won’t take much screen space and also gives an eye-catching animation effect. The button is made to zoom in at the end of the animation to clearly show the user what option they have chosen. Along with the radio buttons, the developer has also given you tooltip animation in this set. It is a complete set for control panel designing which will give a better user experience. Another advantage with this design is it is made using the CSS3 and HTML5 script.

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Ripple Wave Radio Button


In this design, a small ripple wave blast is shown when you click an option. Along with the radio button the developer has also given you checkboxes. We have made a separate list for checkbox designs for applications, websites, and forms, take a look at it for a more impressive design. The developer has used HTML and CSS scripts alone to make this design. Hence, you can easily work with this design and customization will also be easier on this one.

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Liquid Radio Button


Liquid Radio Button is another liquid drop based animated radio button. If you like to do something out of the normal, this one might impress you. The developer has given you animation for both selected radio button and an unchecked one. Hence this design will give you a clear idea before using it on the design. To give you a buttery smooth liquid drop animation, the developer has used CSS3 and Javascript. The code structure is handled professionally, hence other developers can easily use this code. Since it uses the latest frameworks, implementing the latest design trends will be an easy job.

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Animated Switch For Radio Buttons


Instead of following the same old school design, the developer has used a sliding button for the radio buttons. All the user have to do is to slide the button to the option they want. The developer has smartly used different colors to indicate the options. By default, you get clicking/tapping interface in this design, but if you want you can even use the sliding gesture. The advantage of this radio button design is you can use it for both website and mobile application design. To make this sensible design, the developer has used the CSS3 and HTML5 script. Because of this simple code structure, developers can easily work on this design.

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Three State Radio Button


Three state radio button is another version of the Animated switch design mentioned above. But this one has a more funky and attractive animation effect. The letters in the switch constantly rotate to indicate that they are a clickable option. Just like in the previous Animated switch design, this one also uses a different color for different option. Using different colors for the option let the user easily understand which option they are choosing. Though this one has multiple animation effects, the code structure is kept very simple. With the latest CSS3 script, the developer has managed to deliver you an attractive design in a light-weight code script.

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Jelly Radio Button


Jelly Radio Button is another version of the Splat Radio Button design mentioned above. Since both the designs are from different developers, the code structure also varies. In this one, the animation effect is a bit intense than in the Splat Radio button. When you select an option the zoom in animation starts right from the screen and ends on the button. For professional use, you tone down the effect so that the user won’t get annoyed. Since this one is designed only using the CSS3 script adjusting the code as per your requirement will be an easy job.

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Gooey Radio Buttons

Gooey radio buttons use a liquid drop concept for the radio button selection animation. The developer has made the animation effect consistent so that you get a professional finish. For example, if you select the fourth option on the radio button list, the liquid drop moves through the second and third option to reach the fourth option. The user will have a better experience with this interactive animation effect. To make this animation effect smooth an clean, the developer has used CSS3 and Javascript. The use of the additional framework feels like a good choice on seeing the end result.

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Radio Button Animation


In this design, the developer has given us an animation concept for the radio button. On clicking the radio button you get a bouncing ball filling the radio button. The animation effect is very gentle and clean, which makes it a perfect fit for all types of websites and applications. Like most other bootstrap radio buttons on this list, this one is also made using the CSS3 script. Because of this light-weight code script, you can even use this code straight away on your existing website. All you have to do is to optimize the code as per your requirement and use it in your design.

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Bouncy Radio Buttons


Bouncy Radio Buttons is a very clean simple animated radio button design. As all the animation effects take place within the radio button, you don’t have to adjust the elements on your web page. Not only the design but the code structure is also kept simple in this design. Since the developer has made this design purely using the CSS3 script, you can use any modern color scheme and animation effects on this design. Plus, you can easily utilize the code on your existing website or form.

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Transform Toggles Will-change


All the previous radio buttons are made for forms and web pages. In the modern web design, web elements not only look elegant but they also give user-friendly features. The developer here used the radio button smartly for selecting plans. You can use this design as such on your website. On picking a plan, the card slowly expands and shows the plan you chose. Another advantage with this design is it made fully using the CSS3 script. The CSS3 script gives you a smooth animation and transition effect. If you wish to use something different from the usual design, this design will impress you.

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Slap Toggle


Slap Toggle uses 3D card flipping like animation effect. When toggling from one option to another, not only the option flips but the entire option swings to give a fluid effect. To give you this free-flowing animation effect, the developer has used CSS3 and Javascript frameworks. The code structure is handled properly so that you can easily spot an element and edit it in no time. Colors are also used smartly in this design to give you a realistic experience. Because of this fluid animation, you can even use this as a standalone function on a full page.

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Wobble Radio Buttons


Wobble radio buttons give you a set of radio button designs. Each button has different colors, based on your needs, you can pick one and start editing it. To give you a better idea, the developer has shown his design in both light and dark versions. On the dark version, the colorful radio buttons look more attractive and distinctive. To make these set of radio buttons, the developer has used HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. The default design is smaller, but you can scale the size easily as per your design needs.

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Material Inspired Radio Groups


As the name implies, this one is a material design based radio button. Along with the radio button, the developer has also given us checkbox designs in this set. Both the checkboxes and the radio buttons use the same material design colors. Swift animation effects are used to indicate the field chosen by the user. The developer has given you a base design, from here you have to work manually to make it fit for your design and feature requirements. Simple code structure enables you to easily add and edit the features you like.

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