Here you will find the best martial arts website templates for your gym, martial arts school, or personal trainer. 

When your mind & body work together, the end result will be stupendous. Martial arts is one such art that demands both mental and physical strength. Whether you are running a martial arts school or conducting a martial arts event, these martial arts website templates will come in handy for you.

One of the most important features of a professional martial arts website template is the schedule options. Showing your weekly schedule lets the user easily pick the class they want. Most martial arts website templates in this list have a neat table that shows the schedule and other details clearly to the users. We have included WordPress themes in this list to make the website owner’s life a lot simpler and HTML templates to make the developers’ work easier.

Online classes and home fitness exercises are becoming a trend nowadays. If you are also creating different types of useful content to keep your audience motivated and engaged, the different post types in the WordPress templates will come in handy for you. You can add video series and can introduce premium subscription content to improve your business’s money flow. Most WordPress themes in this list support WooCommerce out of the box. For digital content and products, you can use the Easy Digital Download tool for a more synchronized experience.

Keeping all the points mentioned above in mind, we’ve picked the best templates for you. Here are the best martial arts website templates that can boost your online presence.

Best WordPress Martial Arts Website Templates

These feature-packed WordPress martial arts website templates give you a fully functional website. Once you install the theme on your WordPress website, you are all set to go.


martial arts website template for MMA, boxing, and fight clubs

FightClub is a stunning-looking martial arts website template for MMA, boxing, and fight club websites.

The creator has used the image-rich layout effectively to deliver an immersive user experience. You can use the image spaces to clearly explain your training programs and upcoming fights on your website. Like all other WordPress martial arts website templates in this list, this one also lets you easily manage the image and video content. You can insert the videos from the WordPress gallery and edit them easily with the help of the WPBakery page builder. This theme pack has nine demo versions as of writing this post. A yoga website demo is also there in this pack; take a look at our yoga website templates collection if you are making yoga studio websites.

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boxing and MMA martial arts website template

Puncher is a straightforward website template with a friendly interface. This WordPress theme pack has ready-made demos for MMA and Boxing websites.

Since you get separate demos for MMA and Boxing, you can set up a website quickly within minutes. The pre-integrated schedule system will let you manage online schedules. All controls and options are neatly integrated into the WordPress dashboard so that you can manage all your tools from one place. If you are planning to take your martial arts school online and want to easily manage your classes, website templates like this will be a good choice.

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martials arts karate website template

Youko is one of the best selling martial arts Karate website templates. Despite having a fewer number of demos, this WordPress template is picked for its straightforward design. All elements are in an easily accessible spot so that users can easily interact with your website. Separate pages are given for events and programs. Hence, you can easily list your martial events and martial arts training schedules separately on different pages. Speaking of scheduling, this template has an appointment booking calendar in which users can quickly pick their slots. Take a look at our HTML calendar design collection if you like to make an interactive custom calendar for your website.

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sturdy-looking website template

Instead of settling in one genre, you can pick the best move in each genre and make your own style called MMA. If you are making boxing and mixed martial arts websites, you must shortlist the Rumble Website template. This WordPress theme pack has six martial arts website templates demos. Each one is designed for different purposes. For example, you can make a martial arts training website and a boxing & MMA online store. Because of this template’s versatile nature, your website can meet the demands as it grows.

Design-wise, this a tough-looking website template. Bold letters and big sections do give a rugged character to this template. The creator has given all the basic pages you would need to make a proper website. Therefore setting up a website with this template is a lot easier. A membership page is also given along with all basic pages. Since WooCommerce powers this template, you can run a membership program easily on your website. Plus, you can manage recurring payments easily from your dashboard itself. If you are into the Shopify platform, read our Shopify Subscription themes article to know more about it.

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martial arts training website template

Bridge is a multipurpose WordPress theme. This template pack is known for its creative modern design. With constant updates, this template now has demos for almost all niches. Under the martial arts website templates category, you get demos for boxing and martial arts training. The creator has kept the homepage as direct as possible. Hence, the user doesn’t have to jump to different pages for regular tasks. For example, you get a schedule table on the homepage itself so that the user can see their class schedule once they land on your website.

Another advantage of using a multipurpose website template is you get plenty of custom elements. All custom sections and elements are there in the included Elementor page builder. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements in the place you want.

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modern martial arts website templates

Powerlift is a dynamic website template. The creator has used animation effects cleverly in this template so that you get a lively website. New users will definitely get inspired once they get into your website. This template has seven demo variations. Each demo has different layouts and delivers a unique user experience. Though this template is first made for fitness websites, a martial arts demo was added in the recent update. Constant updates are another plus point in this WordPress template. You can rest assured that your website will be up to date and will meet modern web standards.

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WordPress theme with multiple demos

BeTheme gives you a powerful looking boxing website template. Since it is one of the most flexible WordPress themes, you can turn this template into any website you want. More than 500 readymade templates are there in this pack. Plus, you get separate demos for both WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder. As said before, this template has tons of flexibility options.

The default boxing club website template has a dark theme. Red color web elements look vibrant and do get user’s attention once they get into your site. All demos in this pack are mobile responsive. Hence, the elements resize effortlessly based on the screen size. Even the navigation bar contracts & expands as you scroll up & down through the pages. You get plenty of header design in the default design itself. But if you like to make a header section with a strong impact, take a look at our bootstrap header designs collection.

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easy-to-edit martial arts website templates

Jupiter also gives readymade designs for boxing and martial arts training websites. This one also uses a dark theme like most other martial arts website templates, but it uses white spaces in between the sections for visual balancing. Since it is a multipurpose website template, animation effects are kept as simple as possible. As a result, you get a fast loading website that looks appealing for all types of audiences. If you want to spice up the template with lively animations, you can add custom effects. This template can handle all modern effects because of its latest code structure. Take a look at our CSS animation examples collection for more modern animation ideas.

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multipurpose fitness and health website template

Symetrio is a multipurpose fitness website template. There are six demo variations and eight homepage variations in this pack. You can understand how flexible this template is from the available pre-made designs itself. Among all these pre-made demos, we do get a dedicated demo for martial arts. Therefore you can simply install the demo and start working on it.

The Symetrio is also a feature-loaded website template. For instance, you get plugins to schedule classes & events and shortcodes for payment cards so that you can use them on any part of your website and blog posts. Above all, PayPal is fully integrated into this template out of the box. Therefore you can start receiving payments from the first day of your website launch.

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interactive website template

Samurai is a karate school WordPress website template. The creator beautifully handled the images and scroll effects to deliver an immersive user experience. This template has three homepage designs with slight variations. Web elements are kept simple and neat. The creator has made this template look modish without even using modern funky elements — the template looks professional because of this. If you are making a karate school website, then you can use this template as such by without even making any changes.

This WordPress theme is equipped with the Event Calendar, so you can manage schedules and appointments easily. The biggest advantage of using WordPress martial arts website templates is you can extend the functionalities by installing corresponding plugins.

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clean martial arts website templates

ArtKombat is also similar to the Rumble template mentioned above. But this one has separate demos for boxing and martial arts schools. Hence, you get more niche-specific elements and sections in this template. All five demo versions are unique and are made for different purposes. Apart from regular boxing and martial arts template, this one also has a demo for Taekwondo. If you are running martial arts classes and making students like Hwoarang in Tekken, the Taekwondo demo version will come in handy. Speaking of games, take a look at our gaming website templates if you like being active in both real and virtual worlds.

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Tiger Claw

martial arts niche-friendly website template

Tiger Claw is a feature-rich WordPress website template. This template’s creator has loaded it with useful features. Since it is a premium WordPress theme, all options are working perfectly as it should. Big image sections will help you draw user attention on the required spot. Plus, users can see the images clearly, even on their small-screen devices. If you are using your own custom images and videos, martial arts website templates like this will improve your brand image.

The creator has cleverly linked the classes on the schedule calendar to its page so that new audiences can see the class details clearly before booking their schedule. You can find many minor yet useful tweaks on this template, which makes it a friendly template for both users and site owners.

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martial arts website templates with scheduling options

Online booking/scheduling option has become one of the critical options that a service-based business can’t avoid. Since more and more users love to book their appointment on the go, having online booking options on your website is a must. The Entrepreneur WordPress theme is designed purely by keeping online booking at the core. Different types of professional website categories are covered in this template. For example, you get yoga, hair salon, agency, and personal trainer.

Looks of the template can be changed easily via the Elementor page builder. Hence, you can pick any demo you like and can convert it into a martial arts website. The Events Calendar plugin is well integrated into this template, so you can experience a synchronized environment. If you prefer functionality over the looks, this template will impress you.

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karate martial arts website templates

You can understand that this is a Karate related website template from its name itself. Though the name is karate, the creator has covered all health & fitness website categories in this list. Different layouts and different formats are given in this template. All layouts in this template pack utilize the space effectively so that you can deliver the message clearly to the audience. If you are expecting different layouts in the martial arts website templates you pick, this one won’t disappoint you. Right from translation to email tool, everything is pre-built into this template. All you have to do is to install the theme and launch your website.

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colorful and interactive WordPress martial arts website templates

If you want your website stand out from the crowd and create a bigger impact on your audience, TopFit is the best template for you. This template’s contemporary style will deliver a jaw-dropping user experience. Cool color schemes and precisely calibrated animation effects give this template a visually stunning experience.

Some unique features in this template are — BMI calculator and Class timetable. Since the basic functions are pre-integrated into this template, you can expect a smooth experience. Speaking of tables, take a look at our CSS tables design collection to organize your data neatly.

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Gym Edge

fitness html template

Gym Edge is a pure fitness website template. This template has all gym and fitness website related features out of the box. Therefore you can set up a website easily using this template. The creator has made not only user-friendly website design but also a developer-friendly design. Hence, both frontend and backend customizations can be done quickly in this template. Though it is not technically a martial arts website template, it has all the elements you would expect in a professional martial arts website. For example, you get a schedule list page, classes page, separate profile pages for trainers, and a lot more. You can make this template into a martial arts website by spending a few hours.

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fitness website template with a sensible design

GymBase uses an information-centric design. Hence, website visitors can know all about your training and results from your website itself. Making a website that clearly explains your training to the audience will help them pick the right training they want. Plus, you don’t have to explain from the basics when a customer walks into your class. If you are treating your website as a part of your business strategy, well-executed website templates like this will be a good choice.

Lots of interactive web elements are there in this template to deliver an impeccable user experience. A short & simple tab section is used to show different workouts, and interactive graphs are used in the tabs to show which area the workout concentrates. Overall, it is a unique WordPress website template that will improve your website interactions.

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Best HTML Martial Arts Website Templates

If don’t want to get into the WordPress ecosystem and expect a more raw template so that you can use it the way you want, these HTML martial arts website templates will come in handy for you.

Dojo (HTML)

martial arts website templates html

Dojo is a perfect website template for both karate and judo. The creator has maintained a dark theme throughout the website. Even the images are in black and white format to visually fit in the dark theme. Since it is an HTML template, you don’t get easy drag & drop customization options. But the creator has included quick style switchers for minor cosmetic changes. For instance, you can change the element colors and background patterns with just a click. Speaking of patterns, take a look at our CSS background patterns collection if you want to use unique background patterns on your website.

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Okorner (HTML)

multipurpose martial arts website templates

Okorner is a karate website HTML template. This is an image-rich website template and also has plenty of space for videos. If your website is going to house lots of images and tutorial videos, martial arts website templates like this will be a good choice. Though this template has only one homepage variation, it has plenty of inner pages pre-designed for you. This template uses the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, you can use this template as a raw HTML website if you want. Adding videos and custom functions won’t be a difficult job. In fact, this template is from the creators of the Youko template mentioned above. Therefore you can expect the same quality in this one as well.

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Judo (HTML)

judo martial arts website templates html

Judo is a simple martial arts website template that fully concentrates on Judo art. This template has a one-page version and a multi-page version. The lack of multiple demos might be a bummer for a few users. But if you find the default design more than adequate, you can shortlist this template. This template’s long homepage design gives you more than enough space to list all your services and classes. Overall, it is a decent website template with all the basic optimizations done for you. By keeping this template as a base, you can create your own custom website.

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MartialArts – Karate (HTML)

karate html website template

MartialArts – Karate is an HTML version of the Karate template mentioned above. If you don’t want to spend so much on a theme and have developers to help you, the HTML version might save you some money. All Karate demos you have seen in the WordPress version are also there in this HTML version. But you don’t get other health & beauty niche demos in the WordPress version. If you want only the Karate website design, then you can go for this HTML version. Plenty of elements and sections are there in this template, so basic customizations will be easier.

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