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Python is a darling for many backend and full-stack developers. Creating dynamic applications and tools is easier in this friendly framework. Some even prefer Python over PHP for its extremely synchronized environment that improves productivity. But practically speaking, PHP always has an upper-hand when compared to Python. WordPress, the platform that powers nearly 43% of the web is developed using PHP. If you don’t want to use the well-explored PHP path for some reason and want to pioneer the Python platform for web development, these Python website templates will help you.

Before choosing Python, you have to be clear about two things. One is you have to find whether your hosting provider supports Python. If you are using a dedicated server, everything is well and good; you can easily start your python project. But, if you are using shared hosting, you must confirm with your hosting provider whether they support Python before getting started. The second thing is, you have to be very clear in choosing the Python framework. Some of the best Python frameworks are;

  • Django
  • Grok
  • WebPy and
  • Turbogears

Since we are talking about web development, it is better to go for the Django framework. Because of the excellent documentation and a huge set of features, Django is preferred by many professional developers.

In Python, you don’t get readymade website solution as you get in WordPress. But you can use an HTML template to reduce your front-end work and concentrate on the backend functionalities. Please take a look at this Tutsplus Python web development article to know more about developing a dynamic website using Python and how to use an HTML template in your project.

Python is gradually gaining momentum and in the future, you can expect readymade website solutions like in WordPress. We will update this post now and then when we find properly developed python website templates. As of now, you have to import an index.html file for the front-end and can make your dynamic Python website.


simple HTML template for quick python website template development

Hepta is one of the best HTML website templates for cross-platform development. This template’s solid code base gives you a rigid platform with which you can convert this template into a Python website template, WordPress website template, or any CMS platform template with less effort.

The simple layout lets the developers easily work with this template. Therefore, you can easily recreate the same interactive design in your Python website template as well. Since this is a travel website template, you get lots of space for images and videos in the default design. Overall, Hepta is a perfect option to create a travel website Python website template.

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html template for business python website templates

Buson is a business HTML website template. If you want to create a stylish yet professional-looking business Python website template, this one is the best option.

The customer-centric design of this template highlights the important information and makes the potential user spend more time on your website. The sensible animation lets the site owners clearly explain their services to the audience. All fundamental pages are there in this pack. Unless you have any special requirements, you can use this template as such and can create your Python website template in no time.

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Interior 2

python website template with a modern design

Interior 2 is the perfect example for properly using modern-age web development code to create a stunning looking website. The creator has played with the images and hover-effects to deliver an immersive experience for the computer users. Basic mobile responsive optimizations are taken care of by the creator itself. Therefore, your effort to make your website easily accessible on all devices will be easier on this template. If you wish to create a contemporary business website that makes your website stand out from the crowd and delivers a better user experience, this one will be the best option for you.

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fast food website templates

Yumme is a fast food website template. Stylish fonts and flashy animation give a conventional fast food website look. Images are used extensively in all webpages to let you neatly display your food menu. A dedicated food cart page is given in this template, where the users can easily search and find the food they want. Since it is an HTML template, cart functions are not fully functional. HTML files and Javascript files are included in the download file. All you have to import the HTML template into the Django editor and start customizing it. Speaking of fast food websites, take a look at our food truck WordPress themes collection for more stylish fast food website designs.

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creative multuipurpose website template

Ave is one of the best selling multipurpose HTML website templates. This theme is also available in the WordPress version. Since we are talking about python website templates in this list, we pick the HTML version. In the HTML version, the creator has also given the same pixel-perfect design you see in the WordPress version. All the elements and animation are fully working from the front-end side. This is a bootstrap website template, so you needn’t worry about mobile-responsiveness. Icons and other elements are neatly bundled in a folder. You can simply call the corresponding folder to view the elements in Django.

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clean IT services website template

Mitech is a cool-looking IT services website template. This template’s interactive modern design makes your website future-proof so that you don’t have to change your website looks too often. The creator has given six demo versions as of writing this post. All of them have a clean design and interactive animations. Case study pages are also included in this pack and all other basic pages, making this template unique. If you are an upcoming brand and want a Python website that expresses your creative thoughts clearly to the audience, Mitech will be a good option. With complete peace of mind, you can forget the front-end work and concentrate on the Python back-end work.

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simple dynamic HTML template

Trydo is a contemporary-style portfolio website template for creative agencies and creative professionals. Both light and dark scheme web designs are there in this template pack, so you can showcase your work in style with these readymade templates. Video spaces are also on the default design, so you can add videos to your website without rearranging the webpage. Many coding-level quick customization options are also there on this template, making it easy for the developer to work. All basic optimizations are taken care of by the creator itself. Once you are done with the backend Python coding, you can launch your website.

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modern Python website templates

Brook is a creative agency HTML website template. The creator has used lots of colors in this template. This template has nearly 42+ demo variations, all of which follow a trendy design. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, the colors look more natural. As a professional web developer, templates like this save you a lot of money and time. The creator has given layout designs; hence, you can make different varieties of python website templates using this pack. Nearly nineteen headers and 20 footers are given in this pack to help you make a unique looking website.

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futuristic Python website templates

Saasbox, from the name itself you can understand that this template is for the SAAS websites. The creator has given a trendy-looking futuristic design. Different coding languages and frameworks are used in this template to let you make a solid website. You will find this template extremely enjoyable if you are a developer. Plenty of elements and code scripts are there for you to play. Blog pages and the basic inner pages are also included in this template. For more interactive and reader-friendly blog designs, look at our free blog templates collection. Most of the icons used in this template are Font Awesome icons. Hence, you get a wide range of optimized icon collections.

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nonprofit website template

Charity is a bold looking nonprofit website template. This template has three homepage variations. All three demos have almost the same design, with little changes. Everything is given in this template from the shopping page to the 404 error page. This template is a good choice if you want to make a traditional-looking website. Like most other python website templates in this list, all front-end elements are in full working condition. Speaking of error pages, look at our error page templates collection to make a creative error page for your website.

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one-page Python website templates

This template has 40+ demo variations, all of which are one-page website templates. If you want to make a simple yet elegant looking one-page website, python website templates like this will be a good choice. The creator uses different types of layouts and animation effects to make every one-page design unique and interactive. You can still control the animation effects easily via the Django. The creator has covered almost all website categories in this 40+ demo variations. Since it is one of the best selling HTML website template, you can expect more new demo variations in the upcoming updates. Take a look at our free one-page website templates if you like to save some few extra bucks.

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website template with multiple demos

Polo is another multipurpose website template with a wide range of premade demos. This template has 220+ demo variations; you are reading it correctly, 220+ demos! You can make any website using this template. The creator has used different layouts and designs to give you more variety and options. All 220+ demos are properly optimized and are mobile responsive as well. Like the above-mentioned SASSBOX template, this one also uses different latest coding languages. Hence, you can easily make an eye-catching python website using this template pack. The creator has already taken care of the basic front-end optimizations, so you can concentrate on the python functionalities without any worries.

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professional-looking flexible Python website templates

Porto is the most flexible website template in this python website templates list. This template is available in all major CMS versions. The creator has kept the base code simple and flexible so that you can easily convert the HTML template to any platform you like. This multipurpose website template has 70+ demo variations. All demos have a professional look; hence, you can use this template for any business website without any issue. Because of this template’s versatile nature, you can easily use this template in the Django and can make a python website in no time.

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