Fitness and health have become one of the major aspects of concern nowadays. With new ideas and evolution in the sector of living healthy, and exercising, there is now the unlimited possibility of what we can do. And the best part about being in this digitalized era is that you have access to almost everything online. That’s right, now there is no need to wait for health tips, gym memberships, reserve and book for personal trainers or even shop for gym equipment the old-fashioned way. Because a simple solution has taken over the mainstream way of doing so! A simple effective and appealing Fitness and Gym website that allows you easy access to all of these.So today we have prepared a list of the Best Premium HTML5 gym website template options that make the process of setting up a website super-easy!

Each of the templates that we have chosen features exclusive, responsive and stunning design as well as plenty of awesome elements you can choose from! Simplifying the whole process, take a look at our list of the Best Premium HTML5 fitness website templates down below! We have also included a few of multi-purpose business website templates as well that you can use for the similar purpose. So feel free to browse through and find the one that suits your needs best!



The first name on our list today is definitely the creative, multipurpose and versatile sports and fitness website template Sportstrainer. While designed for all the niches of fitness, health coaches, gyms, health clubs and more, there are plenty of pre-built pages alongside easy to use customizing option to get exactly what you need. It offers both multi and one page variation you can opt for, and there are amazing range of layout styles as well. All of these are also designed to be completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. In total there are over 180 HTML pages and is as flexible and versatile as it gets to say the least. And being completely based off the powerful Bootstrap framework is upto date with all the latest web-standards.

Getting more in depth, there are tons of awesome components that keeps your users engaged in the most efficient manner. The mega menu atop it all makes for a easy browsing experience for your users. Not to mention the integration with MailChimp and access to professional contact forms that allows you to manage your emails and contacts. Apart from this, there are options to add in creative icons, tables, purpose oriented media files, sections for blog, gallery and more. Even the header and footer sections are pretty flexible. All in all a great and powerful template package for anything related to sports and fitness, this definitely makes for a stunning gym website template as well.

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Unlike the multi-purpose template we mentioned above, Blackfit, the next name on our list of gym website templates is definitely just that. A professionally crafted, niche based HTML theme designed for gyms, health clubs and professional trainers to promote their services. It is pretty straightforward and uniquely designed, so you can start off right away without much effort. Responsive, and excellent with the graphics, all the media files alongside all the various elements is pretty flawless to say the least. And there are over 15 pre-built page layouts you can use to add that efficiency you are looking for. From amazing home, to services, about us, timetable, trainers, shop, blogs, contacts and more, you get it all.

All of these are perfectly catered to the niche and perfectly compliment the design. And adding to this, the theme is also cross-browser compatible, SEO ready, as well as RTL friendly. It is also equipped with the AJAX contact form and newsletter subscriptions option that allows you to manage your contacts more easily. You can even add in custom location for your users to find your business with ease thanks to Google Maps. All in all, a simple, and straightforward option for those who are looking to get started right away, Blackfit definitely stands out.

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Now getting onto another huge template package, that is versatile, multi-purpose and great for a variety of health and fitness sites, Luvfit is one that comes up next. Vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching with the design, it is also designed to be completely responsive. There are 3 distinct demos you can start with or, a collection of 34 advanced HTML pages you can use. From stunning homes to all the useful inner pages, you get it all. Even the header, footer, are flexible and can be customized as per need. For this, you get an array of custom widgets and components you can add. The whole template is also cross-browser compatible, SEO ready and super fast loading to say the least.

The responsive mega menu, with multi-level drop down and effect on hover certainly makes for an easy browsing experience. Apart from this, it also includes all the SCSS sources, and the complete GULP work-flow as well. The super engaging sliders, carousels, galleries certainly stand out here. You can even make use of the banner sections to add promotional contents for your users to see. Whether you want to advertise your services, add informative contents, start online memberships, showcase your timetables and trainers, this template is definitely the answer.

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Gym Expert


Gym Expert us a professionally crafted niche based gym website template aimed at the fitness, health, gym and similar category of websites. Even ideal for sports and crossfit, zumba, boxing and more, it is pretty flexible to say the least. Clean and modern, the design itself is a unique blend of efficiency and versatality to match. It is completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect ensuring an excellent visuals overall. It relies fully on the powerful Bootstrap framework, alongside the HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery based codes. All of these are to ensure a smooth performance and overall great efficiency. It also includes a RTL version that you can use to your preference. Talking about efficiency, this template is also SEO friendly which means that it offers the latest SEO techniques and accessibility.

Getting more into the details, you can pretty much find all that you need to get started from scratch. There are pre-designed pages for gallery, blog, service, courses, trainers, opening hours, testimonials and more. Not only this, but with the access to the advanced Google Maps, you can also add in custom Google Map element. Getting creative has never been so easy as you also get access to stunning gallery designs, as well as the premium plugin Revolution Slider. For customizing, you get an unlimited range of color schemes, premium fonts and icons as well. You can also choose from 3 different header styles each depicting a different sense of styling. All of the files included with the template is well-coded and secure.

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Another stunning gym website template we have next in line for you is GYMEE. Niche based and pretty much aimed towards all the categories related to health, wellness and exercising and sports. Each of the design elements are stylish, modern and super eye-catching. Vibrant, stylish and stunning visually, it is also completely responsive, and retina-ready ensuring an absolute flawless interface. And the best part here is that there are so many pre-built components and elements you can get a head start with. In total there are over 30 premium HTML files all dedicated to the various niches. Among these, you will also find 5 different Home page variations, each unique with it’s own sense of styling. All of these are also fully responsive and adjusts to every device screens with ease. Not only this, but you also get to choose from dark and light variations of each one.

With the integration of the stunning Slick Slider you can add in all your medias in the most creative manner. And if you prefer, all of the PSD files showcased on the demos is also included with the template package. It is completely cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout all of the major browsers. Easy to personalize and pretty user-friendly, this template offers a huge array of professional customizing options. From stunning color schemes, attractive fonts, engaging animations, CTA buttons as well as social icons, all of these are at your disposal. So get kick-start to your online presence with GYMEE right away!

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Let’s start off with some newest addition to the themeforest template collection. First and foremost we have Rexfit. A professionally designed gym and fitness website template that is visually amazing. Best suited for every kind of fitness and health clubs, yoga studios, meditations and even personal trainers, the template sure is a flexible one. And with the use of Bootstrap framework as the foundation, it is also pretty reliable and secure. Not to mention fully adjustable according to the device screen sizes as it is fully responsive. Another great thing is that it is highly customizable and comes with an array of unique features and options you can opt for. The whole structure also supports various styles of Home pages and other inner pages. And there are a total of 31 HTML pages you get in total.

Getting into the details, there are 2 different Header styles along with 3 menu styles that matches your theme design. In addition to this, you can also customize the color palette it exudes among an unlimited range. Useful components like pricing tables, side navigation and more are implicable. Furthermore, you also get access to OwlCarousel, Revolution Slider and an attractive sections for images and videos you can showcase. For a more professional feel, you get access to full sections dedicated to blogs, contacts, trainers, classes, details, schedules and even 404 error page. All of these are undoubtedly cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly and SEO friendly.

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If you are looking to stand out from the overall site examples, then Fitmax is surely one that you will love. Designed with a unique flair to the design, it is perfect for fitness, gym, health clubs and any similar niche of websites. One of the focus point here is the touch enabled sliders that is featured on the Home Page. You can use this for promotional purposes while keeping your users hooked onto the site. The template is also highly customizable which means you can adjust each components to your own preference. The bold and professional looking typography and fonts are another appealing factor. And to top it all off, these are all are fully responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect.

As it is built on the HTML and CSS code structure, this template also offers a number of creative ailments. From animations, effects, transitions and parallax sections, everything is at your disposal. Not to mention the option to opt for video background if you prefer. Fitmax is also cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout every browsers. The whole package is well-documented, clean and secure. Users also get access to creative components like dynamic contact forms, Google Map, social links, and more.

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Fitaza is an HTML5 based gym and fitness website template that is professional, modern and clean. Each of the elements are designed to perform at an optimal level so that it offers the users an excellent experience. Perfect for personal trainers and fitnes and health based businesses, there are tons of variations you can choose from. This includes 5 incredibly designed Home Pages, alongside over 34 other Inner Pages. From blogs, home, trainers, contact, services and even 404 error, you have pages dedicated to it all. And there are multiple unique and beautiful header styles that matches your personal preference. All of these are fully responsive and adjusts according to the screen sizes.

As it relies on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it sure is flexible and follows all the latest web-standards. The parallax sections along with animations and effects, this template makes use of subtle CSS codes throughout the template. Furthermore, with Google Maps, users can also map out or add the location of their businesses for users to find. The look it features is pretty unique, and the creative components are what makes it stand out. Fitaza is also highly adjustable, and efforlessly loads throughout all the major web browsers. You also get access to professional contact forms, attractive social links, newsletter subscriptions and more to reach out to your audiences. Overall a pretty amazing option to opt form we definitely recommend this for our users to atleast try!

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Another one on our list of the best fitness website template is Stayfit. A complete package of amazing visuals and impactful features, this sure is an ideal way to get started. There are 3 Home Page variations, each depicting a different feel to it. Not only this, but there are plenty of other element variation you can personalize according to your preference. Pretty flexible and versatile, this template is ideal for every health, gym, fitness, yoga, meditation and similar niche of websites. It is also based on the latest of Bootstrap framework, assuring the users of an amazing flexibility. Not only this, but the codes used to create are all well-commented, neat and secure.

Getting into the details, the look itself is pretty great and stands out from the crowd. Along with an attractive set of Home Page designs, you can also choose the blog and gallery styles. To aid to these pages there are components like pricing tables, creative Google font options, icons, gallery, contact forms, and more. Furthermore, it is also implemented with Google Maps which allows the users to add in custom location. Not only this, but the overall structure is cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and overall pretty appealing. So get started with your next fitness project only with Stayfit.

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Zarxio is a simple, straight-forward and purpose-oriented fitness website template that is a perfect fit for the niche. Responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect, the overall appeal it features is impeccable. Whether you own a gym, fitness and health clubs, and all of the similar niches of websites, this template is pretty flexible and versatile. There are also multiple Home Page and Inner page variations you can opt for. Not to mention the range of easy customization options it offers.  From color pallettes to creative icons and fonts, this template will end up looking exactly how you want it.

There are 3 unique Home pages along with a list of 18 Inner Pages all dedicated to various sections. Blogs, galleries, services, trainers, and more are all included. The template itself if packed with premium like components. This includes options for OwlCarousel, Slick Slider, Google Fonts, Rcounter, Countdown timer and so much more. All of the templates are well-documented, secure and valid. As this template too relies on the Bootstrap framework, it makes way for a developer friendly option as well. Not to mention the creative animations, effects, pre-loaders and more enabled with CSS codes. All in all a pretty great solution to all your web-creating dilemma, Zarxio is definitely worth a mention here.

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Kallyas Gigantic Premium Template Gym Homepage

One of the most versatile and flexible templates out there, Kallyas is an amazing option for almost anyone who wants to start a website. Modern, fancy and professionally designed, this template is packed with amazing features. You can start a blog, online store, corporate sites, and for this list a gym and fitness based site. Easy to use and understand, this template is pretty much the epitome of everything you are looking for! That’s the reason why its so popular. The style and designs are all fresh, modern and creative. Not only this, but the overall interface is responsive and readily adjusts to every device screen size with ease. Backed up by the core based on the front-end framework Bootstrap, it makes up for all the latest web techs and standards.

Get unlimited possibilities with the design, Home Page, Header styles and everything inside with a few tweaks here and there. The overall site is also SEO friendly and optimized for speed and performance. Furthermore, the users will also get access to amazing components that makes it easy to manage the site. This includes elements like creative Google Fonts, Premium plugins and features, functional newsletter and MailChimp integration and tons of sliders and carousels. Adding to all this, the template offers custom page designs, and layout styles to choose from as well. And the best part is that you also get additional extra pages like Holiday pages, error pages and coming soon pages included. Simply put the template one might need to get started with extreme ease.

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ReOne Gym

Another great option for those looking for a uniquely crafted fitness website template is ReOne. With over 10,000 happy customers, what prove could we possibly need? Complete with a stylish and professional design that is also responsive and retina-ready, it is backed up with awesome template support as well. The stunning One Page design makes sure to highlight the main focus on the content you wish to display. And the smooth animations, effects and parallax transition adds to the overall appeal. Another great point is that it is fully customizable and provides the users with options to end up with a unique design each time. There are also 10 pre-made demos if you wish to save all your time and effort.

Choose from the multiple color option and make it your own. But that’s not all, this template also comes with additional HTML pages that you can use to your convenience. As the codes used when designing is clean, and well-commented, it assures the users of nothing but the best performance. Talking about creative elements, users can switch their styles with fonts, icons and unique sliders and carousels. Another great thing is that the template is designed with SEO in mind so that no matter what, your site always stays on top. Backed up with the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework, we are sure that the templates makes up for all your necessities in the single package. So why not try out this awesome theme when starting out your next fitness niche based site?

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Health Coach

SportsTrainer Sports Health Gym Fitness Personal Trainer HTML5 Theme

Perfect for health-based trainers, coaches, gym websites, and similar niche, just as the name suggests, this premium HTML template is designed exactly for the category. Simple, clean and professional looking, the style and design is immaculate. Visually pleasing to the eyes, the overall concept and styling is modern in all ways. Users get options to choose whether to go for a multi-page or a one-page design. And whatever you choose, you can further go for either the dark or light version. The interface is pretty user-friendly and easy to understand. And because the framework used is so flexible and versatile, the possibility you can come up with is limitless. Get over 180 HTML pages that you can use to your benefit. And the best part is that all of the elements and components are responsive and retina-ready.

This means that no matter which device your users are on, it readily adjusts according to the screen size. Now, getting into the efficient features, there are plenty to even mention. However, the core features are obviously the cross-browser compatibility, multiple color scheme options and overall performance. But that’s not all, expanding and managing your clients and their email is super easy thanks to the MailChimp integration. For easier navigation the creators have also made use of the mega menu. With important sections for trainers, courses, pricing, services and more, the end result is sure to be professional. All of the codes are also neat, organized and well-documented. This makes sure that when you implement it on your site, you will have nothing but a flawless template to work with.

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HealthZone Daring Multi Concept Theme for Medical Nursing Yoga Sports Gym Fitness

Another one for the fitness and health niche, HealthZone isana efficient and robust set of features packed into one HTML template. Stylish, eye-catching and vibrant with the styling, the template is sure to appeal to anyone who lands on the site. Built with multiple concepts in mind, this is ideal for gym, boxing, training, martial arts, nutrition, yoga, nursing and pretty much every health based sites. And thanks to the flexibility, users can end up with a unique result with a custom touch each time they use the template. All of the elements are designed to be completely responsive and retina-ready. Not only this, but you get tons of awesome options to choose from so that you don’t waste tons of time and effort starting out from scratch.

Get over 500 HTML pages which includes Home Page and Inner Page as well as additional pages option. There are also over 200 ready-to-use layout styles that you can pick out. The template is also RTL language friendly and translation ready. And for those who wish to sell off their merchandises, it also includes creative shop pages. Choose from 3 different header and Footer styles. But that’s not all, you also get access to 15 uniquely designed Menu styles. Other mentionable features of this template includes speed optimization, SEO friendly concept, cross-browser compatibility, MailChimp integration, social icons, creative fonts, icons and slider options. So get a head start on any of your future project only with the premium template HealthZone.

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Gyme is a stunning and powerful One-page HTML5 fitness website template designed especially for the website of health and fitness niche. The responsive and attractive design to the layout of the template makes it engaging for your users. In addition to this, it is also extremely customizable making sure that every element works according to your needs. The powerful display is built on Bootstrap framework along with HTML5 and CSS3 codes. The clean and simple design also features the One-Page design.

Gyme also integrates great effects and stunning Parallax effect. You can also add media files using the Awesome Slider to make your website more interesting and engaging. The codes are well-documented and well-commented so that it can easily be edited and customized to your will. The template is also cross-browser compatible. Add locations and build loyal customers using the Google Map and the social links that you can add to the website.

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If you are looking for a quality based website template for your gym and fitness website, Gymbase seems like the perfect option. Featuring a professional and minimalist aspect, this template makes sure that the overall features of the website is enough to keep your users hooked to your site. The template also features a responsive and retina-ready design that adjusts to any screen size with no difficulty. The main focus of the template will be the Home Page Slider that scales down automatically depending on the screen resolution.

Furthermore, this template also contains blog pages that you can use with comment section as well as filterable portfolio. The template is powered by jQuery and based on the powerful Bootstrap template. It also features a Timetable template to let your users know exactly what services and routine you follow. You can also add social icons and latest tweets as well as Contact forms for a more interactive interface. The location can be added using the Google Map integration. The package also has an extensive documentation to help you get started!

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GYM Edge


Designed and built especially with gyms and trainers as well as fitness and health based websites, GYM edge is a powerful HTML5 template! With a responsive and standard quality, this fitness website template is fully responsive and retina ready. You can use this template to build websites for yoga classes, gyms, personal trainers, health centers as well as every health based niche. With the template, you also get to choose from 14 different Inner Page design that is all responsive and mobile-friendly. It is powered by Bootstrap framework adding the innovative and creative touch to it.

The HTML5 and CSS3 code used to build the template are all well-documented and well-coded so that they are easily customizable. In addition to that, GYM edge is also integrated with advanced features like Nivo Slider and Carousel Slider. The Pixel perfect design with the website also integrates a fully functioning AJAX Contact Form for easier interaction. The creative typography option available is powered by FontAwesome and Google Fonts.

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Fitness Zone


Fitness Zone is yet another stunning fitness website template that features an amazing design with a modern and clean feel to it. Best suited for gyms, sports club, fitness centers, personal trainers as well as websites of similar niche, this HTML5 template is responsive and retina-ready. With effective and appealing skins and Home Page layouts that you can choose from. It features amazing elements that you can add in a matter of minutes. Trendy and effective, this template is sure to keep your site engaging and appealing to your users.

Furthermore, with the template, you also get Mega Menu and Sticky navigation so that the menu stays intact no matter how far down your users scroll. It also includes a working AJAX Contact form from where you can collect the details of your users. This makes sure that none of your potential clients are out of your hands. The well-coded and commented shortcodes also works seamlessly to add important elements to your website. Overall, Fitness Zone is the perfect fitness website template that you are looking for!

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A responsive and professional looking, Activity is an amazing option for fitness website template. It is designed and built especially with gyms, fitness centers, trainers, and health & fitness niches in mind. Built with the Bootstrap framework, the grids and columns look awesome no matter what device it is on. The best thing about this template is that it is equipped with 4 different kinds of Calories Calculators, i.e. Daily calories calculator, Calories Burned By Heart Rate Calculator, calories burned by activity Calculator and BMI Body Mass calculator.

This template is cross-browser compatible which makes sure that your website loads fast and performs great in any internet browsers. The template along with all the elements are also Retina-ready. You can choose to add a touch of creativeness with around 1900 Fontello Icons. Get all the necessary details with the AJAX Contact Forms included with the template and never lose any potential client again. Startup what you have always wanted with this effective and feature rich fitness website template- Activity right away!

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Just as the name suggests Champ is an HTML5 fitness website template fit for the champions. Responsive and flexible, this template is suited for gym, fitness clubs, health clubs, yoga, trainers and any other health and fitness related websites. A perfect platform to start motivating people for a healthier living, Chamo listens to all your needs and provides all the elements you require. The layout is responsive and attractive making sure that your website looks stunning no matter what device it is on. Another major feature of this template is that it features two types of body calculator to keep track of the user’s improvements and progress.

The template also allows you to display media files in stunning slides with Revolution Slider. It also includes 3 new slider styles that you can choose from. In addition to this, you also get unlimited color options to match your vision. Use awesome typographies and icons through Flat & Font Awesome along with Google Fonts. Stay in touch and collect details of any of your potential customers with ease using the AJAX Contact For that is integrated. And that’s not all because this template further includes amazing parallax efFfect, CSS3 animations, and smooth style switcher as well.

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Fitway is a One Page HTML5 fitness website template that is best suited for websites of the same niche. You can get a jump start to an amazing website for Gym Centres, Health Clubs as well as body builders and personal trainers. The clean and creative layout is fully responsive and retina-ready. Built on the Bootstrap framework, this template is powerful and provides all the necessary elements you can add to your site. Choose from tons of options like- Blog Page, Trainers Section as well as About Section. You can even add the pricing listing for your users through the Price Section that is included.

Fitway also features amazing display options for your media files using the Nivo Slider as well as Awesome Slider. In addition to this, you can even add the extra appealing factor with the Owl Carousel. Add amazing typography using the Google Fonts as well as Font Awesome. The codes used to build the template are all clean and well-commented so that you can easily customize it to match your needs. Create the perfect website to lure more visitors and clients to your gym and fitness centers today!

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Just as the name suggests, Energy is a powerful fitness website template based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding. The layout is responsive and retina ready making sure that your site looks amazing no matter what device it is on. With this modern tech template, you can easily display the advanced elements like- fitness events, schedules, training videos as well as use it to promote your business. There is unlimited possibilities of what you can do with it. You can even set up an eCommerce website with it as it is eCommerce ready. With clean and well-commented codes, it is also really easy to customize each element according to your requirements.

Add all the necessary elements required with ease with the user-friendly interface. The modern and complex layout is also an added appealing factor to keep your users engaged. Ready to take on any demand of the fitness and health based industry. With the template, you also get access to extensive documentations and tutorials that will help you out. A robust and powerful template, Energy is surely one that we definitely recommend.

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Arcon is a premium HTML multipurpose website template that is suitable for almost niche of websites. With tons of options for customizing and updating the elements anything is possible with this template. It features a responsive and visually stunning layout that compliments any online platform. Built with the powerful Bootstrap framework Arcon includes high-resolution images and fonts that make your website even more attractive. Choose from the range of template design available and start with the one that suits your needs best.

The template also includes over 75 different HTML files which make the process of creating a website from scratch almost too easy. You can even choose to have a video background to make your site more appealing and engaging. It includes over 15 different shortcodes too, for adding any necessary elements. Other advanced feature of this template includes- Entire Font Awesome access, Lightbox Photo Gallery, Boxed and Wide layout, CSS3 animations and effects. Furthermore, this template also provides excellent customer service for any of their users!

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Fitness Gym


Fitness Gym is yet another powerful and feature-packed HTML5 fitness website template that best suits gym, trainers, sports and health based websites. The layout it features is fully responsive and stunning-looking. The dark color scheme that is integrated adds the extra appeal element. Get advanced options to customize and add elements onto your website with ease. You also get a variety of Pages option to choose from. Create the perfect online platform to make the world a healthy place with Fitness Gym!

You can either choose the multi-page or single-page design according to your preference to start with. Furthermore, the template also provides additional option to include a separate Trainer Page for a more informative look. In addition to this, you get access to clean and well-documented codes that you can easily customize to fit your vision. The revolution slider provides another amazing option to make your website more appealing. You can also add interesting and creative typography using the Google Fonts. The template is also cross-browser compatible which lets your site load fast no matter which browser you prefer!

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Creative and powerful, Barcelona is a HTML5 and CSS powered fitness website template that is fully responsive. Built with a competitive and all the modern trends in mind, this theme is perfectly suited for Health Clubs, Gyms as well as Dance Studios and similar niche. Optimized for speed, the developers have made sure that you only have the best experience online. The stunning and modern outlook to the website design is also fully customizable. Get connected and start a website to showcase the services you provide right away!

The template is cross-browser compatible making sure that it loads fast and immediately no matter which internet browsers you prefer. The pixel perfect design is built with clean and well-commented codes. The template also includes WC3 Valid HTML pages that you can use. You also get to choose from 3 unique homepage variations. In addition to this, the template is extremely well-documented so that you don’t come across any problems. Furthermore, you also get access to a fully Working Contact Forms from AJAX.

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StarGym is a perfect website template for you if you are looking for fitness website templates. Why well, to start off, the layout it features is amazing and extremely engaging. It is also fully responsible and pixel perfect. The template also features tons of advanced option you can use to customize the website however you want. It has two unique versions that displays a Pink and Blue interface whichever seems more appealing to you. In addition to this, this template also features smooth scrolling and stunning parallax effect.

The careful structure is based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding and the powerful Bootstrap framework. Along with the template, you also get the logo and favicon included that you can either change or use. It is also SEO optimized so that your website is searchable on top rankings. The codes are valid, clean and well-commented. It also has Google Fonts and Font Awesome integrated that you can use to add creative typography and icons. Furthermore, StarGym is cross-browser compatible making sure it loads fast and effectively with any popular internet browsers.

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Just like the name suggests, this HTML5 and CSS3 based fitness website template best suit all the fitness, gym, trainer as well as health club based websites. With a responsive and retina ready designed layout this template will surely make your website stand out from the rest of them. The clean and minimal aspect of the template focuses your content and the visual effect for an appealing yet professional look and feel. Get tons of options for customizing; the package and create the perfect website you have always wanted for your business.

You can share schedules and training timetable with the options available with the template. It also provides to different homepage option you can choose from. In addition to this, you also get classic and parallax version whichever you wish to choose. More advanced options with Fitness includes integration with AJAX for Contact Forms, cross-browser compatibility, SEO optimization as well as tons of Icons and typographies!

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Fitness Coach


Fitness Coach as the name suggests is a premium fitness website template based on the latest Bootstrap framework. And if you are looking for something to represent your health club, gym, fitness centres or more, then this template is the right choice! It’s modern and unique design structure is completely responsive and retina-ready. To top it off, the template also executes an excellent typography as well as font options. In addition to the amazing visuals that will leave anyone impressed, it is also easy to customize and highly flexible. That’s right! You can easily add, remove or edit the elements included within as easy as a breeze. It is tested on all major hand-held devices which assures it’s users of an optimal performance.

Fitness Coach is also cross-browser compatible whether you prefer to use Firefox, Safari or even internet explorer or Opera. To make things easier and let your users find you with ease, you can also add a custom Google Map. The layout is also stunningly complimented with the parallax background option as well as animations and effects. You also get a fully functional Contact Form you can use to collect user data. The CSS and HTML codes used are clean and well-commented. However, that’s not all. The awesome looking Home Page features a full-width Image Header where you can add appealing media files. Even the call-to-action buttons and the fonts you choose further enhances the visuals. Display all your services, pricing, informative contents with ease only with Fitness Coach.

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Another great option for you to choose as a fitness website template is the Gymfit. It is responsive, and the design structure is created especially with the sports, fitness and health niche in mind. The best part about this template is that you get to choose from both One Page and Multi-Page website design. As it is powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework, it matches all the latest standards. Talking about the variations you get, this template includes 3 unique and beautifully designed Home Pages both One and Multi Pages. In addition to this, you also have 27 Inner Pages including Blog Page, About Page, Courses, Contact and more. It is also compatible with all the major internet browsers as well. But that’s not the only thing you can choose as there are plenty of personalizing and customizing options you get.

Using the Revolution Slider, you can add appealing galleries, Sliders, Carousels and more. Not only this, the template features smooth scrolling, hover effects and more thanks to the CSS and HTML coding. With the integration of Google Fonts and FontAwesome, you also get elegant and professional fonts to choose from. To make things more effective, you can add timetable pages, information about trainers, Coming Soon details, and even 404 pages. The template also allows you to easily add custom Google Maps. Depending on your device screen, the layout structure automatically adjusts with the resolution. You also get a professional AJAX Contact Form that you easily use to your benefit. Another great point about this is that it is also translation ready and WPML compatible. Get an awesome experience without any expert help only with GymFit.

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FitCross is a powerful and strong design based fitness website template that is ideal to promote the cause of fitness, health and sports. That’s right, it features a stylish and edgy design that is visually stunning and graphically advanced. Each and every element included in the template is created with great attention to detail. This means that once you get the package for yourself, you are assured of a great performing website. It is even tested on multiple devices so that it adjusts to every device frame with ease. The colour schemes alongside the brilliant interface are nothing short of perfection. Perfect for gyms, health clubs and fitness related institutions, it consists of everything you require to get a professional site started. The visuals are excellent and execute an HD imagery. Talking about the looks, you can choose from 2 Page styles whether you prefer One or Multi-Page design.

The great thing is that you get a range of demo siles that you can easily install with a click. The full-width Sliders add a creative touch your users will definitely appreciate. Not only this but the Header can be used to add creative CTAs as well as effective social media icons. Aimed at active lifestyle, this template has a functional page to display the schedule and timetable as well. Not only this but you can also add details and information on the courses you provide and the coaches and trainers available. Completely cross-browser compatible, this template is also fast loading. Furthermore, you get a functional Contact Form that makes it easier to manage the details of your users. The codes used are clean and well-commented making it developer friendly as well.

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Yoga Zone


Just as the name would suggest, YogaZone is a simple and elegant website template designed for Yoga and fitness websites. The design follows a simplistic and clean approach towards the visuals and style. It is completely responsive and mobile-friendly which makes this template look amazing no matter which device you use. As it is minimal and lightweight, it also features a fast loading speed. Although designed for yoga, this template is ideal for any type of fitness, health and similar niche of websites. And for your convenience, there are plenty of personalizing and customizing options. You can choose from 3 differently designed Home Pages that covers almost every category of Yoga and fitness category. Additionally, the template package has over 100 HTML files that is ready to use!

Powered by the advanced Bootstrap framework, this template is SEO optimized, minimal and uses powerful CSS and HTML coding. Apart from the Home Page variations, you also have 7 different Header styles, 6 unique Footer styles as well as over 8 Testimonial Pages to choose from. You can also implement the Parallax effects, animations, and more to make things appealing. Thanks to the Free Google Fonts and icons, your site will end up looking fabulous. However, that’s not all. You get lifetime free updates once you buy the package for yourself so that you have absolutely no problem using this template. Other amazing features include BxSlider with CSS3 transitions, 404 Page, AJAX contact form, clean and effective codes, cross-browser compatibility and more!

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GXM is yet another premium gym and fitness website template built on the powerful Bootstrap framework. As it is backed up with the clean and well-commented CSS ad HTML coding structure, it is advanced and feature-rich. The visuals are minimal yet impressive thanks to the colour schemes and various elements included. Sure to take your site to the next level, this template is also fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Additionally, the visuals are enhanced as it featured pixel perfect resolution with HD imagery. But that’s not the only great thing about this theme. Ideal for fitness and health based websites, it has plenty of awesome customizing options that you can use to get your site started. The best part is that it even has options to turn any website into a fully functional event managing website.

It includes 19 amazing Pages including Home Pages and professional Inner Pages. The simple, clean and well-commented codes ensure a problem-free and developer-friendly experience. In addition to this, the template is completely cross-browser compatible and loads on every browser with ease. Furthermore, you can also start a membership or newsletter using the fully functional Contact form. The blogs and the gallery pages are also detail oriented so that anything that you wish to display looks absolutely amazing. What’s more is that you can add interesting media files using the Sliders and Carousels. Whether you want to add the details of the services you provide, trainers, pricings or more, this creative template has the option for it all.

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Another awesome HTML template we definitely recommend our users is FitD. The professional and unique looking design is completely responsive. Not only this, but this Bootstrap powered structure is pixel perfect and designed with extreme attention to all the details. The black and the red colour scheme gives it the edgy and retro feel ideal for the niche. It is ideal for fitness, gym, personal trainers, health clubs and similar business websites. And sure enough, each and every little option are added to complement the purpose. The full-width Header Slider is an awesome way to leave a lasting impression with attractive media files. Furthermore, informative contents or social media icons can also be placed within the Header. With over 16 stunning HTML files to get you started, it is sure to provide you with everything that you might possibly require.

FitD is also completely compatible with all the major internet browsers making sure that it loads fast and easy no matter what you prefer to use. As it is designed for business, it even has Shop Pages and fully compatible with WooCommerce as well. The HTML and CSS codes are well-commented and clean. But that’s not all, there are plenty of useful options like: Owl Carousels, Contact form, attractive CTAs, Google Fonts and icons and more. In addition to this, you can choose from an unlimited colour scheme that you can choose from. The blog pages, gallery sections and the overall outlook is sure to make your site stand out. Sell your merchandise, promote your business, attract more clients only with FitD.

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Perfect Gym


Perfect Gym is a creative solution for those who are looking to get a professional and effective website for their gyms, health clubs and fitness related niche. The Bootstrap based template is stylish and modern keeping your users wanting more. That’s right! It provides an option for both One and Multi-Page design. And if you are looking for a custom feel to your site, then this template is surely the right choice. It is flexible, highly customizable and the best part is that it is user-friendly. Making it effective both feature wise and visual wise, it is responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. But that’s not all, you also get amazing looking demos, Home Pages and creative Inner Pages to start with. And installing them is only a matter of minutes.

Now talking about the features, you get options to add engaging contents with extreme ease. You can also switch the fonts, typographies using the Google Font integration. In addition to this, as it provides easy payment gateway through WooCommerce you can even set up an online shop to sell your merchandise. Add the details to the trainings and services you provide, add images to attract clients, add appealing CTA’s and more. Adding memberships and managing user data are also a piece of cake as you get a fully functioning AJAX Contact form. Furthermore, it is also cross-browser compatible. The blog sections are also designed to be SEO optimized. So get a head start and win over your competitions right away!

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A flexible HTML fitness and gym website template, Ryada is an awesome option to opt for. Offering a range of awesome variations and possibilities you can reach, this template is really flexible. This ensures that no matter what your requirements are, you have the option to personalize it however you want. That’s right! It features 5 different and detailed Home Page variations with Sliders, Parallax, Video, Full Screen and even Full-width options. In addition to this, it is responsive and retina-ready making it ideal for any types of hand-held devices. The images you decide to display on your site appears flawless thanks to the HD imagery and pixel perfect design.

Although simplistic, this template is professional looking and provides it’s user with a clean space to work with. The typography and the fonts add the extra detail the site is missing. And the full-width Image Header can be utilized to get attention on important details. Add creative images, contact details, appealing CTA’s, social icons and more. Additionally, you can even choose from the Header and Menu style variations. The template is WooCommerce compatible and provides an easy option to start an online shop as well. And once you invest in the premium package you have also ensured of a lifetime free updates. So what are you waiting for?

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Extreme is an edgy and strong designed HTML fitness and gym website template. With an efficient layout structure powered with the Bootstrap framework, it is perfect for health and fitness based sites. And if you own a gym, health club, yoga, Zumba or any centres dedicated to the health and fitness sector, then this template is the perfect choice for you. It is responsive, retina-ready and the overall template features an HD imagery. Even the colour combinations and the styles are designed especially with the niche in mind. Making it ideal even for business sites, it includes options to start an online shop as well.

It includes the Revolution Slider that enables an easy option to create wonderful Sliders and Carousels. In addition to this, you also get pages dedicated to teachers, trainers, stores, events and more. The huge Home Page has stylish features and styles for menus, headers and footers. Choose from 2 different blog styles and if you wish, you also get a Single Class Page. Making it easier to connect, you also get attractive social media icons, and options to add details. Whether you want to sell off your merchandise, add details or more, this template ha options for it all!

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Gym Breaker


Last but not the least, Gym Breaker is an awesome HTML template perfect for our list of best fitness and gym website templates. It is responsive, retina-ready and visually impactful. With 3 Gym Home Pages as well as 2 Home Page dedicated to the Boxing niche, it is the perfect start to your online journey. Based on the advanced Bootstrap framework, this template is flexible and efficient. The colour schemes, typographies as well as fonts make this template more appealing. In addition to this, the awesome Home Page styles along with the option to add custom background enhance the look even more.

The premium template is perfect for gyms, fitness centres, health clubs, and all the similar businesses. For your convenience, it is also cross-browser compatible. Talking about the awesome features, it comes with an interactive timetable, BMI calculator, Mega menu option, Revolution Slider and much more. The stylish shop pages also makes sure that your sales increase rapidly and your products are displayed amazingly. Get everything that you need in one place with a simple investment only with Gym Breaker!

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