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Being a notary, you must deal with many papers, documents, and other administrative areas. But in this digital age, papers alone won’t help you grow your business. If you plan to take your notary services online, the notary website template in this list will come in handy. Notaries are the third part of the legal profession, and most lawyer and law firm website templates will meet your needs. You get the same sophisticated design that proves your integrity. Front-end customizing tools and page builders will make your customization job easier.

There are many beautiful notary websites, and today, we’ll show you how to create one for yourself.

All these templates have tons of useful features. Users can easily book an appointment and write their needs to you via your website. Power admin dashboards smartly handle all the plugins and features so that site owners can manage their tasks easily. WordPress website templates are easy to manage but developers with creative ideas prefer HTML templates over WordPress. To make this post useful for all types of users, we have mentioned both HTML and WordPress notary website templates in this list.

Notary (HTML)

notary website template HTML

The Notary template is purely designed for Notary service websites, so you can use this template as such and can launch your website in no time. Since it is an HTML5 website template, it is easy to maintain, and you can edit it as per your requirement. All you have to do is link the form and contact links to the corresponding tools so you can easily get in touch with your clients.

Like all other notary website templates in this list, this one is a multi-page template with all the important pages pre-designed for you. You can launch your website once you have added your content and done the back-end work.

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TheOrder (HTML)

notary website template with a sophisticated look

TheOrder is a modern law firm website template with a sophisticated look. You can use this template for law firms offering the notary service as one of the services and for notary services alone with no worries because of this template’s simple layout and easy-to-edit nature.

Precise spacing and sharp icons do improve the professional look of this template. The best part is all the icons and images used in this template are included in the download file to let you easily edit the template as per your requirements. This one will be a good choice if you want a livelier and colorful website template for your notary websites.

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Primelaw (HTML)

law firm and notary website template

Primelaw is another sophisticated law firm and notary website template. The creator has combined the clean white layout and modern web elements to deliver a better user experience. Every section is designed carefully so the user can get a clear idea of each service before picking the one they want. Since it is a multi-page template, you can add a separate page for each service. A request form is given on the homepage to improve the chances of converting new visitors into customers. This template has everything you need to make a proper law firm website and all the front-end elements to provide a top-notch user experience.

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multipurpose law and notary website template

AttorCO is a multipurpose law and legal service website template. The bold design of this template and properly handled icons & color schemes give a majestic look to the website. This theme pack has five demo versions as of writing this post, and we get one ready-made notary website template. The creator has loaded this template with 50+ template blocks and 20+ content elements, all of which can easily be accessed and customized via the integrated WPBakery page builder. AttorCO is the best option if you are looking for a clean and sophisticated website template.

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sophisticated notary website template

Barristar is a multi-purpose law website template. The flexible neat design of this template makes it a perfect option for both law firm websites and personal websites for lawyers. Neat vector icons and clean texts elevate the rich look of the website. This template has three homepage variations and inner pages pre-designed for you. All the elements and sections are added to the Elementor page builder. Hence, you can drag and drop the elements in your desired place.

Properly balanced images and texts let you clearly explain your services. Separate case study pages are also given to showcase your challenging cases. Useful elements are placed at an easily accessible spot so users can easily interact with your website. For example, the free consultation button is neatly highlighted and placed at the top bar. Hence, the new user can easily get in touch with you. To make the job even simpler, you can use lightbox forms.

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Law Firm

multipurpose law and law firm website template

Law Firm website template is purely designed for legal-service-related business websites. This template has six homepage variations, and each one is different. The creator has used the full-width layout effectively to present the web content neatly to the users. The proportionately planned layout has ample space for both images and texts. Since it is a professional website, the creator has kept the animation effects as simple as possible. But, you can add your animation effects if you want. This template uses the latest CSS3 script; hence it can handle all modern animation effects. Look at our bootstrap animation examples collection for more contemporary style animation effects. This is the best option for you if you are looking for a properly designed notary website template.

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notary website template with useful features

Lawsight is a rich and sophisticated notary website template. Though this template has only two demo variations, both look stunning. Bold texts and modern color schemes give a majestic look to the website. Animation effects are sleek and smooth, giving the website a lively feel. Sticky top bar navigation and thoughtfully designs secondary side navigations bar let you neatly organized the options. On mobile devices, the dual navigation bar design looks different. Since it is a mobile responsive website template, all the elements are smartly calibrated for small screen devices. This template also gives blog layouts to help you run an active website.

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simple notary website template

Miako’s creator tried to meet all types of user needs. This template has dedicated demos for multi-page and one-page websites. One-page website templates are relatively easy to manage and maintain in the long run. If you don’t have much time to care for your website, the one-page version will be a good choice. Multi-page website templates are not that hard to maintain. Since Miako is a WordPress website template, managing contents is in its gene. All you have to do is to install the templates in your WordPress hosting server and start working on it. This template uses the famous WPBakery page builder for front-end customization.

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Right Firm

notary website template with multiple demos

Right Firm is the best notary website template option for a rich and sophisticated design. Like most other law website templates in this list, this one also uses a rich gold shade color for web elements. Animated counters clearly show your growth and success rate. To tweak the default countdown design, look at our countdown timers list. Since this template uses the latest Bootstrap and CSS3 framework, it can handle all modern web elements. The in-built Event Calendar option is a thoughtful touch; users can easily book their appointment via your website. As you can see, the creator has thought of all your needs and made this template. As a site owner, you will love this template and find it extremely easy to modify.

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multipurpose notary website template

Goldenblatt is a contemporary-style notary website template. The unique layout and image-rich design keep the audience engaged. This template has six demo variations, each with a distinctive design. Thoughtfully designed homepages present important information at the top. For example, contact information and the consultation request form is placed right below the header section. This template uses the Contact Form7 plugin for the forms; hence all the forms are fully functional and can be used immediately. All the basic optimizations are taken care of by the template creator itself. Overall, Goldenblatt is a customer-centric website template, which will improve your online conversion rate.

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rich and sophisticated notary website template

Consultio is a multi-purpose consultancy and business website template. Since this template is purely designed from a service business point of view, it uses a friendly user interface. We do get a dedicated notary website template in this pack. Hence, setting up a law firm website will be an easy job. The creator has played with shadows and lights to give an immersive user experience. Typography style animation in the homepage header section adds richness to the design. Properly segmented notary website demo homepage design clearly shows your services, testimonial, and contact information. The creator has used a big map widget in the contact section to locate your office easily. For more user-friendly contact form designs, take a look at our bootstrap contact form templates collection.

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clean personal website templates for lawyers and notaries

Uncode will be a great option to revamp your website if you are bored by the same old web design. The fresh, modern design is visually attractive and very functional. All the elements and options are placed at an easily accessible spot to improve user experience. Scroll effects and animated counters liven up the design. Since this template uses the latest Bootstrap framework, the trendy layout also fits on small-screen devices. This template uses two-page builders; one is for front-end editing, and the other is the famous WPBakery page builder for complex customizations. You can pick any demo and start customizing it as per your needs. All 410 layouts and hundreds of elements are neatly integrated into the page builder for quick customization.

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straightforward notary website template

Pearl website template has designs for modern corporate websites. The creator has retained the good things of the traditional design and has used modern design to make a visually attractive website. This template pack has 50+ pre-made demos and has covered almost all major website categories. You can pick the dedicated lawyer website template and edit it as needed. This template uses the WPBakery page builder for front-end customization. Code structures are also made simple for core-level customization. Useful premium plugins are pre-bundled in this template, which makes this template the best value for your money. Everything is handled, from the appointment booking option to the custom login page, by the pre-bundled plugin itself. Hence, this template lets you easily set up a fully functional website.

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cleverly crafted website template

This template will impress you If you give more importance for simplicity and functionality. All 50+ demos uses a trendy content-focused website design. Whether you are making an image-rich photography website or a professional lawyer website, this template has the perfect design for you. The default notary website template has a rich and sophisticated design. Since it is a professional website, animation effects are kept subtle and neat. Text fonts are chosen carefully to maintain the website’s professional look. You can simply install the theme, add your content, and launch your website straightaway. This template supports Easy Digital Downloads and the WooCommerce platforms; hence, you can easily sell your services through your website.

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easy-to-customize website template

Jupiter is a multi-purpose website template. With more than 250+ pre-made demos, Jupiter remains one of the best selling WordPress themes. Infinite customization options are given in this template. The creator has given you both WPBakery page builder templates and the Elementor page builder templates. A website template specifically designed for law firms and lawyers is given in this pack. The default law website template gives all the necessary elements and related icons. Unless you have any special needs, you can simply install the theme and launch your website. The biggest advantage of using a multi-purpose website template with hundreds of demos is getting tons of elements pre-designed. As your business grows, the web elements will come in handy.

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clean website template

Exponent is a clean multipurpose business website template. This template has 26 pre-designed templates for all famous businesses. A carefully designed flexible layout easily meets your needs and gives you room to add custom elements. One of the few templates that use a fully visual page builder is Exponent. Just like in Photoshop and in Powerpoint, you can directly click the elements and edit them. Friendly and straightforward website templates like this not only makes the job easier for the developers but also for general audiences. Light and dark skin versions are also given in this template to build your dream website quickly.

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Phlox Pro

modern looking website templates for corporates

Phlox Pro website template is known for its modernity and practical design. The creator has balanced the trendy look and friendly interactions in all its 80+ demos. White spaces are handled elegantly in all demo variations so that you get not only a tidy-looking website but also an easy-to-interact website. If you like to be more creative with your website, you can choose other template designs in this pack. All demo variations are neatly integrated into the Elementor page builder. Hence, customizing and adding pages will be easy for the users. Since this template uses the latest web development frameworks, they load faster even with animation-rich webpages. This is the best option if you are looking for a perfectly optimized modern notary website template.

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simple website template

If you are not a big fan of modern radical designs like the Phlox Pro template, this template will impress you. The creator has given classic, professional-looking website designs in this pack. All 90+ demo variations have a familiar layout, which users have seen on many websites. Hence, even new users can easily interact with your website. The default law/ notary website template has a big image slider in the homepage header section. Parallax sections and auto-rotating carousels make the website lively. You can also neatly highlight the important section from the others using the parallax sections.

Placing the free consultation form on the homepage is a thoughtful move. You can move the consultation form to the top for better results. Like most other templates, this one also has a web page builder pre-integrated into it. Therefore, minor customizations and moving sections can be easily done via the page builder.

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contemporary style website template

BeTheme has one of the largest ready-made demo archives. This template has a huge whacking 500+ demo variations. This template covers almost all categories, and you also get more than two variations for famous niches. For law firms and notaries, this template has five demo variations. You can pick one and edit it as per your design taste and needs. All these 500+ demo variations are neatly bundled as a zip file, so the file size is small. Plus, you can also easily install this theme on your WordPress server. Basic code-level optimizations are carefully done; hence, you can import the demo with just a click. Along with the page-builder, you also get shortcode options to easily place the elements in the place you want.

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multipurpose website template

Avada is another best selling WordPress website template in the market. This template is unique from others because it has its page-builders and plugins. Because of the in-house developed tools, you get a synchronized workflow. You have a video background homepage header section in the default notary website template. Bold letters and simple flat style design help users easily interact with your website. The in-house developed Fusion page-builder gives you infinite customization options. You can change the element size, radius of the curved edges, colors, and more. This one runs on the latest WordPress version by periodically updating the template. Hence, you can expect all the latest and greatest features WordPress offers.

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Attorney Press

premium looking notary website template

Attorney Press is a multi-purpose law firm and lawyer website template. This template has five homepage variations and all the inner pages pre-designed for you. . Bold letters and rich color schemes make this template visually attractive. All the theme features are neatly integrated into the WordPress dashboard. Hence, users can control everything from the website dashboard itself. Both design and basic SEO optimizations are taken care of by the creator. All you have to do is fine-tune the design per your needs.

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brand building website template

Lawyer is a bold brand-focused lawyer and law firm website template. The creator has used the full-width layout to neatly fit all contents in one place. Though this template has a fresh look, the lack of animation effects makes it a bit dull. But you can add your animation effects via the WPBakery Page Builder or through the code. For more animation inspirations, take a look at our CSS animation examples. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, it can handle all modern animation effects. If your requirements are less and you want a website to list your services and be your brand advocate, this one will be a good choice.

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Hicks & Hynson

interactive notary website template

Hicks & Hynson is a clean and modern law firm and attorney website template. Precise spacing and neat fonts elevate the professional look of this template. This template has three demo variations and supports the latest WordPress version. Important plugins like Revolution Slider and WPBakery page-builder are pre-bundled in this template. If your requirements are less and want a simple design, this template would do. Since it is a WordPress theme, you have plenty of free and premium plugins to help you, As your demand grows, you can install the plugin you want and add the functionality to your website.

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classic looking website template

Though modern and material designs are taking center stage nowadays, some users still love flat designs. If you are a flat-style website design, this template will impress you. On the full-width layout, the creator has effectively used the flat style design to make a content-focused website. The default notary website template is simple and has only a few elements on the homepage. Because of this template’s straightforward design, users can easily understand the services you offer. This template has useful plugins like the Events calendar and BBPress to manage the users easily.

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