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Websites have evolved a lot from black and green interfaces to colorful lively interfaces. A few years back, one of the main problems which webmasters and content creators have is to make the website interactive. Storytelling is the backbone of the homepage and as well as for the landing pages, to achieve this we use animation effects. But with the latest updated HTML5 and CSS3 framework, we are able to create more lively animation effects without making the template heavy. In this list, we have collected some of the finest free web design templates which follow the latest design trends. Most of these free web design templates give you a pixel-perfect design and well-written code base as you have seen in a premium template.

Before getting into the list of free web design templates, we must be clear about the design trends we are following now. I don’t want to dive deep into it in this post, but I will mention the trends below.

  • Drop shadows & depth
  • Lively color schemes
  • Particle backgrounds
  • Mobile-first design
  • Custom illustrations and videos
  • Big, bold, and stylish typography
  • Asymmetry and broken grid layouts
  • Animated web elements
  • Dynamic gradients

Well, there are several articles out there explaining the trends, but I found the article written by Lennart de Ridder to be the most obvious; you can check it here. Let us get into the list of free web design templates without further due.

Calvino (Bootstrap 5)

trendy-looking Bootstrap 5 web design template

Calvino is a trendy-looking Bootstrap 5 web design template.

The creator has used all the modern design trends in this template to help you attract the present-day audience. Colorful & unique patterns and background elements eliminate the boring feeling users get when viewing a plain long page. Sensible animations make the elements interactive and elevate the visual appeal. All icons and images used in this template are included in the download file so the developers can easily work with it and quickly create a custom website.

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Rolax (Bootstrap 5)

Bootstrap 5 hotel web design template

Rolax is a Bootstrap 5 web design template for modern hotel/restaurant websites.

The image-rich layout of this template lets the site owner elegantly present their hotel facilities to the audience. Big image spaces on the clean layout bring the places to life. If you are planning to use your custom images and videos on your website, this template is the best option for you. Since this is an HTML5 and Bootstrap 5 website template, it can easily handle all modern tools immediately. Once you have integrated the tools and other custom features on the backend side, you can create and launch the website to serve your digital audience.

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Victor (Bootstrap 5)

bootstrap 5 startup website design template

Victor is a business website Bootstrap 5 web design template. The default design of this template makes it a perfect option for startups.

The whole design is made to help the site owners easily interact with the audience. Once a new audience gets into your website, they can quickly see your work, how you work, and what clients think of you, which is a must in a startup website, and the creator has done it properly in this template. Since the creator has taken care of the design part, you can work on the backend part without any worries.

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Restauco (Bootstrap 5)

Bootstrap 5 restaurant web design template

This Bootstrap 5 restaurant web design template lets you create an engaging website.

The default color scheme and the image-rich layout will deliver a delicious feeling to the audience. Animations are done precisely so the website doesn’t feel disturbing or annoying. As a result, you get a website that ages well, and the user will also love to visit again and again. Everything is in this template, from the food menu to the registration form. All you have to do is to take care of integrating the food order system and the reservation system.

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Atlantis (FREE)


Atlantis is a hotel website template with interactive design and clean animation effects. Hotels are one of the early adopters of the Internet in their business. As most user decisions rely on online reviews, taking your business online is a must. With this template, you can show your hotel rooms, highlight the special features, and easily convert visitors into customers.

The icons used are also closely related to the hotel website niche. If you use this template for your hotel website, the customization works are greatly reduced. You can use this template straight away and kickstart your business website. This template also gives you a separate page for room reservations with a form. The form is in a perfect working condition from the front end, you have to take care of the backend integration of the reservation system.

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restaurant web design template

Meal2 will be the best option for those looking for free restaurant web design templates with a trendy design. The creator has made this template stand out from others with its creamy yellow color scheme. Plus, the vertical food category tab with colorful icons lets users easily jump between different categories like snacks, drinks, and lunch. The qualities of animation and design perfection feel rich, which you would normally see in a premium website template. Basic restaurant website pages like the food menu, events, and gallery pages are pre-designed for you, which makes this web design template a perfect option for professional developers.

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clean web design template for architects

Alpha is primarily an architect website template, so you can see that the creator has designed this template by giving more importance to visual aesthetics. The homepage and the other inner pages are also designed with the same level of care; hence, you can expect a consistent design throughout the website. Plus, the creator has shared all code files in the download file to let you quickly recreate similar pages with custom elements. Alpha is a clean and interactive website for architects and similar creative professionals.

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wedding website design template

TwoHearts is a free web design template for wedding websites. This template’s dreamy layout lets you elegantly show your beautiful memories and make help people relive your special day. Many image spaces are there throughout the template so that you can add special eye-catching clicks on your websites without disturbing the main content area. The only thing you must remember before picking this template is that it is a one-page one. One of the biggest advantages of one-page templates is easy to set up and manage. If you plan to use your website for reservations and showcase a few of your best moments, this template will be a good choice.

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Using custom vectors and illustrative diagrams are the present trends among creative startups and business websites. Even big brands, especially the people in the design and creative field, adopt this design to make their website unique. If you plan to create such a wonderful website for your business, free web design templates like this will be a good choice. The modern HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks offer plenty of animation and visual effect options. Combining these effects with the vectors and diagrams will give your website a new life. Throughout the template, the designer has used elements and patterns to avoid the same boring plain look from the header to the footer.

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content-rich website template

This website template will give you new ideas for managing a web page’s content. Since this template has to deal with lots of content, the creator has used accordions and carousels to organize them neatly. Drop shadow effects not only give a floating appearance to the elements but also let you neatly highlight the important content. Each element is made bigger, making interactions easier even on the small screen devices. It is a mobile responsive website template with all the elements properly optimized for the mobile screens. Lots of image spaces are given in this template, which you can use to show some lovely pets images. Speaking of accordions, look at our bootstrap accordions collection for more modern interaction designs.

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interactive website template

Iconography and illustrative designs are on the rise. Most SAAS companies and tech companies prefer illustrative vector-rich designs for their websites. The creator has used the vector efficiently in this template to give a futuristic look to the website. White spaces not only give a visual treat but also make the interactions easier. Hover-activated drop shadow effects give the website a realistic floating look. This template has all the elements and pages that a modern website would need, which makes this template one of the best free web design templates.

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Health (FREE)


Health is a creative modern hospital website template like the Medical template mentioned above. With the block style design, the designer of this template creatively gave us space to add all important content at the top. So that the user need not scroll down to find the frequently searched common contents. At the top you have blocks saying about the opening hours and the services they are specialized in, just below it, you have a vertical menu option for different departments. According to the department, the contents in the content block changes. The icons used are also closely related to medical fields unless you have any special need you can use these icons as such. With this template also you get an appointment form template.

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Instant (FREE)


Instant is another food website template in this free list of web design templates. Just like the Eatwell website template mentioned above, this one is also a one-page template. With the pristine clean design, this template gives equal importance to both image and text content. In the header section, you can add a video background. Since it is an HTML5 template, adding multimedia content or links from popular media like YouTube and Vimeo is an easy job. The font strokes are light and add more richness to this simple design website template. Each section in the homepage is separated by a full-width banner, where you can add promotional contents. Visual effects are used elegantly to match the overall design of the template.

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web design inspiration for app based companies

Appco is a fully-equipped website template. Right from the loading animation to the contact page with a map widget works perfectly in this template. From the design point of view, you get everything you want on an app website. The creator has used lots of fresh animation effects, which will make your website stand out from the crowd. All animations are designed using the latest CSS3 script, so you can handle it easily and can add your custom effect to give a personal touch to the website. Speaking of apps, take a look at our iPhone mockups to make impressive images for your app presentation.

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consultancy website template designs

Buson is another smart-looking website template with a fresh design and new-age animation effects. Since this template is made for agencies, content spaces are handled carefully so that the users can easily understand your services. In the top bar, you have space to add communication addresses and social media icons. Bright material colors improve not only the design’s visual aesthetics but also elegantly highlight the important sections from the others. Blog page layouts are also given along with the basic pages to run an active website and provide useful content for your audience.

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reader-friendly food blog web design templates

If you are revamping your existing website or planning to take your blog to the next level, a sensibly designed food blog template like this will save you much time. The creator has taken everything under consideration before creating this blog. As a result, you get an author-friendly and reader-friendly blog design. Images are used extensively throughout the template because it is a food blog. You can add videos to this template to clearly show your cooking. Front-end elements work perfectly — so you can work on the backend with a peace of mind.

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interior designing website template

Apart is a real estate website and rental service website template. If you are dealing with luxury properties, this template will give your website a rich and sophisticated look. The clean white background gives an airy atmosphere to your website. No matter on which device the user is viewing your website, they will get a neat experience on this website. The default design of this template makes it a better option for hotel websites as well. Using free web design templates with a flexible design will make your customization job simple and easier. In all the pages the creator has given plenty of space for images, hence you can show your property images clearly to your audience. Like all other free web design templates in this list, this one is also an HTML5 template. Hence, you can add videos and audios without any worries.

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creative interactive web design template

If you are looking for unique and stylish free web design templates to use in your design agency and portfolio website projects, this one will inspire you. The creator of this template has utilized the full-screen layout effectively and gives you more than enough space to list your works elegantly to the users. This template allows you to showcase your design and gives you space to share a few words about the project. Since it is a free template, some of the pages like a single project page and full shop pages are missing in this theme. Like all other free web design templates, this modern template is also made using the latest web development framework, hence working with this template will be an easy job.

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ecommerce web design template

Winter is a fully equipped eCommerce website template for online apparel stores and branded stores. The creator has used modern web elements to organize the products neatly and uses hover effects smartly to show related content within the given space. Shadow and depth effects are used wisely to distinguish interacting elements from other elements. Unlike few free web design templates, this one has all the basic pages pre-designed for you. Fully functional elements and pre-designed pages make this template feel like a premium one and one of the best free web design templates.

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bold and straightforward website template for charity websites

If you are trying to make a brand focused website, this web design template will be a good example. Throughout the template, the creator has maintained the design consistency. Since this template is designed for non-profit and charity organizations, the elements are used wisely to deliver the message clearly to the audience. Progress bars are used to show the progress in each charity program. Between the sections you have big banners to promote your cause and ask viewers to support your cause.

Plenty of call to action buttons are given in this template and placed in the right spot. All we have to do is to take care of the back end integration and mapping the buttons to the desired pages and actions. Free web design templates like this will give your website a fresh look and a better experience for your audience.

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clean professional design website template

Handyman is a clean and professional looking website template. This template has no fancy elements and crazy designs but the creator has given a fresh look to this business website. Color choices are done smartly in this template so you can neatly highlight and show the important content from others. Tabs and cards are used effectively to organize and present the content elegantly to the users. If you like using card elements in your designs, take a look at our CSS card design examples for more inspirations.

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Smooth animations and lively colors are one of the most prominent features of modern web design. Rather than simply jotting down the features and specs, designers use trendy web elements to elegantly present the contents to the users. Lots of white space is used in this template so that the users can easily interact with the elements even on small screen devices. The creator has given us a one-page template in this design, which many small business owners will like. Like most other free web design templates, you can add pages to the template if you want and can use it as a proper business website template.

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Breaking old traditional design is one of the raising web design trends. You don’t have to follow the same structured layout for your templates; unorthodox designs like this will also perform great. Though the template layout is unorthodox, it functions properly and will give a unique experience to the users. The designer has used monochrome images to add an artistic touch to the template, but you can use colorful images without any issue. All the navigation options are given at the top and the search bar appears on the screen for better accessibility. The creator has treated this template as both a fashion and online store website. Based on your needs, you can use the features you like.

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Using lighting and glowing effects to your advantage is one thing modern designers used to connect with the target audience. In this template, the designer has used dark colors with creative patterns to set the proper ambiance for the event website. As the colors are neat and professional, you can also use this template for business events. All the basic event website elements like pricing tables, schedule tables and lot more are given in this template. Just add your content and integrate the template with your registration system. Your event website will be ready in no time with this template.

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Illustrative designs with custom made vectors are used extensively in all business websites. This illustrative design clearly explains the business and the process to the users. If you are looking for such an elucidatory website template for your website, the Landerz will be a good choice. The creator has made this as a one-page template. Logical sectioning and proper placement of web elements make this template a perfect fit for landing pages as well. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can use this template for your website.

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eCommerce websites are one of the most challenging websites for web designers. The website needs to be creative and at the same time, it shouldn’t miss any basic features. Many developers use unique animation effects to make the user experience lively on the eCommerce website. Shopmax is one such thoughtfully designed eCommerce website template. The designer has done all the basics perfectly to make a proper eCommerce store. Since it is an eCommerce website template, you need to do a lot of integration works. The developer has kept the code structure simple to simplify customization and integrations on this template.

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Storytelling method is one of the most effective strategies used by modern businesses to make the user stay on the website and slowly convert them. With the help of modern web development frameworks, creative elements and effects are used to present the content engagingly to visitors. Beyond is one such website template for travel websites. The designer of this template has used images and videos to narrate your services and offers. You can add videos without issue since it is an HTML5 website template. Plenty of white space is given in this template to help you add more images without making the page look cluttered. Big bold texts and subtle animation effects highlight the important content and get user attention on the particular segment.

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The Venue


The venue is a clean-looking, modern website template for restaurants. Each restaurant has their unique style and favorite foods. The restaurant websites also must reflect the uniqueness of the restaurant. This clean website template helps you clearly show the best things about your restaurants and gracefully highlight their uniqueness. Most restaurant websites provide online table reservation options so users can easily book a table whenever they want. The venue template uses the latest HTML5 framework, so you can easily integrate the template with other applications. If you still prefer reservation through phone, a separate space is reserved on the navigation bar to neatly show the reservation desk number.

You also have a “Today’s special” section to highlight and show the day’s special dish. Fonts used in this template are casual and stylish, adding extra richness to the template’s look. In the food menu section, you have a neat long menu card to clearly show the foods your serve, along with their price. Above the footer, you have an online reservation section with fully functional form fields. All you have to do is to integrate this template with your reservations system and kick-start your website.

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Millennials are more charitable and socially driven than any other age group in the present era. More than 70% of the people say that they love to work a welfare organization that they believe in. If you are making a non-profit organization website, then the Welfare template will impress millennial users. The Welfare template uses a pretty straightforward design approach by putting most important information at the first. With this template, you can clearly explain your goal and the achievements you made. On the homepage, you have a big hero image with bold texts and a video link to explain your activities.

In the homepage info bar section you have ample amount of space with big web elements to state your cause, your goals, and mention how the visitors can help the needy people. Call to action buttons are placed at the most appropriate positions to take the users to the required pages. The designer of this template gives equal importance to images and text contents so you can make impressive stories on this template. It is a multi-page template with a separate page for donations, events, galleries and other important pages. All you have to do is to add your contents and launch your website.

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We no need to visit a class in person to learn new things. We can learn on the go in this fast world with gigabit internet speed. Industry thought leaders can now communicate with the world and share their expertise with upcoming professionals. If you want to create an effective online education website, this Webuni template will help you.

The designer of this template has used flat style design with boxy web elements to keep the contents organized. On the homepage itself, you can mention the courses your offer and the specialty of your website. In between section, you have form elements to encourage the users to join in your courses. Since this is an HTML5 template you can add multimedia contents to create impressive study materials to make learning lot more simpler. This template uses big content blocks to give you ample space to give a brief intro of the course. The courses section and pages have category filters at the top to help users easily find the course they want.

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Woodrox is a perfect website template for furniture stores and interior design websites. Since this template is designed for art and craftsmanship, it has an aesthetic look with an artistic touch. The designer of this template has used the template’s full-width design with effective web elements. This template not only allows you to showcase your products but also to promote your business. Since this template is designed for furniture stores, you have icons related to the furniture stores. If you need you can change the icons based on your needs.

You have plenty of image holders with different sizes in this template. Texts are big and bold so users can easily read and interact with the websites. You have a separate page to explain a product in detail to the users. Star rating elements are also in the template to help the users select a better product. In the top bar, you have space to add social media profile links and support page.

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Flash is the best photography website template to give life to the photographs on your website. This template takes your artistic vision of you to the website and presents the photographs elegantly to the users. On the homepage, you have a style design with spaces given for texts so you can explain your business engagingly to the users. The texts and the web elements are visible on the clean white background. It is a mobile responsive website out of the box.

The creator of this template has also given immense care to make your photographs look beautiful on small-screen devices. All the web elements are scaled to perform better on small-screen devices. Being a photography website, this template gives a full-width widget near the footer for you to share Instagram feeds. A bright red color is used for the template’s color scheme, which looks attractive and draws user attention to the required web elements easily. Visual effects are kept subtle and clean so that they don’t distract the users from your work.

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Interbizz is one of the best free web design templates with premium design quality. As the name implies this template is designed for business websites. So you get a more professional design approach in this template. The designer of this template gave equal importance to images and text contents. As a result, you get an attractive content rich engaging website template. To add elegance to this pixel perfect website template, the developer has handled the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework smartly.

The bold texts and big content blocks have made the reading experience a breeze. Both the in small screen devices and big desktops the user can read and interact with the template easily. The big footer section also allows you to add images of your top management personals. This makes Interbiz a perfect personal website template as well for freelancers who would like to take their business to the next level.

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Robust is a fresh new free website template for fitness and health-related websites. This template ticks all the boxes of the modern creative website design. It has lots of white space, colorful gradient color scheme, and smooth animation effects. That is not all, this template is also packed with lots of useful features which many fitness website owners will find it helpful. This beautiful template lets you share all your courses and classes with images, motivating your visitors. If you are building a website to improve your personal branding, you can use these image spaces to show off your skills to the visitors.

The homepage is designed logically so that the user will get answers to all the questions at a glance. Contents are the fuel for your site to get more traffic, this template comes with blog templates predesigned for you. You have subscriptions section in all the pages to improve the chances of collecting leads. Overall the Robust is a well-thought-out website design template.

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Conference is one of the most downloaded website templates on our website. As the name implies, the Conference is designed primarily for event website templates. If you are looking a landing page template for your conference you can use this template. The laser focused content-based design helps you to create a striking landing page. Logically arranged sections and properly placed web elements help you to sell tickets for your event easily.

This template has all the major sections that you would normally see in an event website template like speakers, sponsors, buy tickets and venues. Texts are kept bold enough so that the user can read the contents easily even on their handheld devices. The pricing table is made broad and long enough to accommodate all the contents and call-to-action buttons. If you are in search of some creative pricing table design, take a look at our CSS table template collection for more inspirations.

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Marketer (FREE)


Iconography web design is a trending website design trend followed especially by SAAS companies and other service-providing companies. With the help of modern HTML5 and CSS3 framework, the developers can use this design to convey your messages interactively to the users. The user also can easily understand the process section and how it works section easily with this type of design. Another advantage is that you can easily create characters and a plot for your content strategy with this type of website design.

To match the creative design of this template the animation effects used is also neat and attention-grabbing. As the animation effects for storytelling part totally depends on the content of the website, you have to manually create the storytelling visual effects. This template uses a latest CSS3 framework, so working with sleek animation effects will be an easy job for the developers.

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eCommerce is the most trending and hot growing industry. As the modern digital economy relies on the eCommerce store, your website must be modern and meet the user’s needs. Sounds like you have to make a lot of background research before making a site for online-store right? Don’t worry, with the Essence template lots of your web design work is reduced. The designer of this template has followed the most trending online store design. All you have to do is to customize the website for your needs and add your contents.

With the simple minimal design, this template allows the user to enjoy your products without any distractions. The homepage is made simple where you can add promotional contents and best offers. Lots of space is reserved for the image contents so that you can visually engage visitors easily. From the shop page to the checkout page all the basic pages are pre-designed for you, you have to take care of the backend process.

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X-Corporation is a simple website template for business websites. With big sections on the homepage, you have ample amount of space to add contents of the related topics. Since it is a multi-page template the homepage only has a regular length to give an overview of your business and services. In the header, you have a big image slider with bold texts and subheadings to help you give a clear intro about you. The top navigation bar is made sticky for better user experience, the top bar changes from transparent to an opaque bar when the user scrolls down. The light color scheme of this template not only display the contents elegantly but also make the reading easier. Other useful elements you get with this template are carousels, drop-down menu options, smooth animation effects, and customizable icons.

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Personal is a free website template for personal websites. This template is designed elegantly to build your personal brand. With the full width floating style design this template will sure spellbind the visitors as soon as they land on the site. Either you are a graphic designer or any other creative designer you will find this website design template extremely useful to promote you and your services.

Since this template is designed for personal websites, you get a portfolio pages out of the box, which makes this a perfect for a portfolio websites as well. On the clean white background the texts are clearly visible and if you are a graphic designer the colorful designs will look more vibrant in this clean layout. It is a multi-page template, the designer has given us more than enough pages, so you will never run out of pages. Even if you need a page you can add it easily with the help of a developer. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Medical, as the name implies this is a medical and health-related website template. Designing a website template for service-oriented sites especially for a medical website is a crucial thing. As a website developer and creator more importance are given to the accessibility of features than the template’s look. But with the Medical template, you get both modern design and user-friendly features. All the web elements are placed in the right spots so that the user need not spend their time to find it, as a result, you get more appointments easily.

Speaking of the design, this template uses full-width layout and lots of professional web elements. The designer has used both light and dark color scheme to make it look attractive. Below the header section, you have the servicing hours and appointment booking form. The form is in a perfect working condition from the front-end with calendar entry and drop-down options, all you have to do is to take care of the backend process.

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Eatwell is a restaurant website design template. This is an attractive and stylish website template. With its pristine design, this template distinct the web elements from each other and the texts are also easy to read. The web elements are made big enough to interact with it easily even in small screen devices. Just like in many restaurant website templates, this one also uses stylish fonts.

The designer is very precise in selecting the fonts, the texts look stylish and also easy to read. Since this template almost follows a minimal design the texts play a major role in the web design. It is a one-page template with a long homepage that lets you add all elements and sections to describe the restaurant. Other useful elements you get with this template are offer section and food menu section. The user can easily see your restaurant’s best dishes from the homepage.

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Imahe is a photography website template by default, but the design of the template makes it a perfect choice for fashion websites as well. Though this is a photography website template, the designer gave equal importance to the text contents as well. Use of stylish fonts and creative icons makes this template look trendy and manages to attract the present-day audience. It is a multi-page template, with all the basic pages pre-designed for you, so you can use this template even for business websites. In all the subpages the header section has an image background with the page title, which you can use to improve your brand visibility on the website.

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From the name itself you can understand this template is designed specifically for the churches. This church website template includes all the features and options you might need to run an effective website. The default layout of this template makes it a perfect option for non-profit organization websites as well. With its pristine clean design, this template gives you ample space to add all your contents and web elements. If you are using this template for a church website, you can use it without any changes.

All the icons, patterns, and designs are closely related to the church theme. Customizing this template is also an easy job, as it follows the universal code standard the developers will find it easy to work with this template. This template also provides you option to collect donations, all you have to do is to integrate this template with your payment system.

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Civic is an online resume website template. You will find this template extremely useful if you are a busy online professional. With the big bold design of this template, you can share your professional experience with visitors. The timeline style design helps the user to understand your career path easily and the animated counters help you to share your expertise interactively. At the top itself, you have the option to include a call to action button to download the resume and other is to see your portfolio. With this modern resume template, you will get a notch over your fellow competitors.

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Animal Shelter


Animal Shelter is an awe-inspiring website template for NGO’s and non-profit organizations. With the neat clean design, this template helps you to share your moto in an interactive way to the visitors. The bright yellow color for the web elements looks vibrant on the clean white background and also get user attention as soon as they land on your site. Animation effects are very mild on this template and are used only at the required part. The homepage is full of big sections, which can accommodate big contents and web elements. It is a multi-page website template, all the pages follow the same clean design. As a result, you get a well-balanced website with the same design consistency.

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Online campaigns are not only used by companies now they are used by politicians as well. In the olden days’ campaigns and talks are held in places where people gather a lot, now the internet is the big place where you get a global audience. The Politics website template will help you spread your thoughts to a global audience easily. The designer of this template balanced the text and image contents elegantly throughout the template so that you can create a compelling story for the users. Lots of white space ensures the neat presentation of contents, no matter how long and big the contents are. This HTML5 website template also given you space to video contents, which opens in a separate lightbox so that the user will have complete over the video player.

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Listed is a directory website template. Managing lots of contents and presenting it elegantly to the user is the most difficult thing, but with this template, you can do that easily. This template is not only designed to present the content neatly but also packed with features so that user can browse and found them easily. Images and visual effects are used to present the categorized contents elegantly to the users. With this template, you only get the outline design of the homepage, by keeping this template as a base you can create your custom website template. This template uses latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Interior is an elegant looking interior and construction website template. As interior designing is one of the most creative fields, this template also follows the creative web design. The elegant design of this template is combined with interactive animation effects to glue the visitors to the site. This template ticks all the boxes of the modern design, it has bold texts, lost of white space and creative web elements. The template layout is made flexible to be used for all types of business website. To match the minimal design of the template, the color scheme used is also mild and simple.

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Agenda is a colorful event website template. This is the most creative web design template on this list. Since this template is designed for events, it has many creative design elements. Instead of using the same old boxy sections and big call-to-action buttons, this template uses creative shapes. If you are searching for creative, out-of-the-box web design, this is the template for you. In the header section, you have a big image slider with a countdown timer and call to action buttons.

Again this template is also a one-page template, if you need to make this creative template to a fully functional multi-page website template, you have to customize it by yourself. The developers will find it easy to work with this template, which follows the premium code standards and uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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