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The parallax effect is one of the leading web design trends for several years, so it is no wonder if you are searching for a Shopify parallax theme. Rather than putting all the elements and contents on a long page, designers use parallax effects to create a depth illusion. In some designs, variable scroll effects deliver the content engagingly to the audience. If you like to create an immersive storytelling homepage for your online store or brand store, these Shopify parallax themes will come in handy for you.

One of the main reasons why designers use the parallax effect in an online store is to present the product elegantly to the audience. In a single product website, the parallax effect is used to show the product benefits. Another biggest advantage of using the parallax effect is giving your audience a visual surprise. Parallax effects are the best method for hiding easter eggs. For example, you can hide the offers in a parallax section and reveal it as the user scrolls down the pages. Whether you plan to use the parallax effect for product presentation or to reveal special offers, these Shopify parallax themes will help you make an impressive website.

Ap Sharon

easy-to-handle Shopify parallax theme

Ap Sharon has a beautiful Shopify parallax theme in its pack of 20+ demo versions.

Each demo is unique, and you get the parallax layout in the photography demo version. Smooth animations and an image-rich layout deliver a mesmerizing user experience. If you plan to use your Shopify stores to display your collections elegantly to the audience, this one is the best option. The advantage of this multipurpose theme is that you can use the blocks and easily create a custom store in no time.

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minimal-looking shopify parallax theme

Vendy is a minimalistic Shopify parallax theme.

Shop owners who want a clean layout and an attention-grabbing parallax effect will love this theme. Since it is a minimal theme, the creator has used the parallax effect only at the required spot to maintain the simple nature of the website. This theme pack has over ten readymade homepages, five product pages, and five single product pages. Because of the clean layout, this theme can load quickly and deliver a better user experience.

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feature-rich shopify parallax theme

Zeexo is another performance-optimized Shopify parallax theme.

This multipurpose theme pack has different styles along with the parallax design, so you can set up a unique website in no time. Plus, the latest Shopify 2.0 version’s ability to easily edit the blocks will help you customize the looks without even touching the code. Furthermore, the creator has managed to integrate the theme options well into the Shopify dashboard. Therefore, you can easily manage the website and all other site activities from one place.

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product-focused Shopify parallax theme

Venedor is a premium Shopify parallax theme. The creator has given lively layout options in this pack to let you deliver an engaging shopping experience. If you are looking for a brand-focused Shopify parallax theme, this is the best option. The default parallax homepage demo lets you showcase your products and their features elegantly on one page. Smart hover effects show the product highlight and hook the users. Many links and call to action buttons are there on the homepage to direct the users to the related pages. All basic sections and elements are covered in the ready-made modules. Therefore, setting up a proper online store will be an easy job.

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best Shopify parallax theme for visual story telling

November is one of the best selling multipurpose Shopify themes. Since it is a sections-based Shopify theme, you can pick any demo and use it as a Shopify parallax template. Tons of customizations are in this theme pack, making it one of the best Shopify themes for all types of users. Whether you know to code or not, you can set up an online store as quick as a flash. Apart from the friendly customization options, this theme has useful prebuilt features like the live search and beautiful blog layouts to share your stories.

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minimal Shopify parallax theme

Pipeline is a minimal Shopify parallax theme. The creator has blended the minimal layout and the parallax effect smartly in this template to deliver an immersive user experience. Only the required elements are used on all pages, so users can easily find what they want. Plus, the screen real estate on small screen devices will be a lot. As a result, you get an online store that is easy-to-use on both computer and mobile screen devices. You have space to add background videos and video sections in the default design itself. The Pipeline theme will help you make the best visual storytelling online brand store.

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clean and rich looking shopify theme

The creator of the Ella theme has used the parallax effect smartly to give a compelling look. It is a complete online store website theme with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. The parallax effect is used only on the homepage and other pages are kept normal so the user can easily interact with your website. Quick action buttons are given as a toggle option on the right side of the website. Since it is a multi-purpose website, it has plenty of demos pre-designed for you. Different layout options are also given in this theme so you can create an impressive website using this Shopify theme in no time. This is the best option if you are looking for a Shopify parallax theme that can accommodate your large inventory store.

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Shopify Parallax Theme for single product theme

Fastor is the best option for freelance and Shopify web development agencies. With more than 87 pre-made demos, this theme has designs for almost all types of online stores. Minor customizations are made easier with the readymade sections and drag & drop builder. This theme gives Different layouts and styles, and the parallax design is used for the single product Shopify website.

The creator has used the parallax design effectively to present the product engagingly to the users. You can showcase your product and mention its features in this parallax theme. Since this theme is primarily designed for the Shopify platform, all the online store functions are fully functional in this theme. Basic optimizations are done properly in this theme, so you can concentrate on the custom features and options you want in your theme.

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multipurpose shopify theme

If you are looking for a Shopify parallax theme for your lookbook, the Lezada theme will impress you. Lezada is one of the best selling Shopify themes in the market. This theme has whacking 220+ demo pre-designed for you. You can make almost any type of online store using this theme pack. All demos have a modern look which most present-day users will love. The parallax design is used for a few demos in this theme, but the Lookbook demo has is more attractive. The creator has used the full-width layout effectively to given an immersive parallax effect. Plus, you also get plenty of screen space in this theme. The calibrations are done carefully so the user will get a fluid parallax effect on both computers and mobile devices. From header to footer, you can customize almost everything in this theme.

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multiple demo shopify theme

Yanka is another value for your money Shopify theme. 18+ demo versions are given in this theme pack; all have a neat minimal design. If you like to make a pure product-focused website, this theme is the best option for you. The Shopify parallax theme is used for the single product demo version. Lots of image space is used in this theme to let you neatly showcase your product. Texts are made bigger and bolder to get a perfect visual balance between the text and the images. Different product pages and shopping pages are given in this theme so you can set up your dream shop in no time using this theme. Lots of useful ajax elements are given in this theme to reduce the page loading and refreshing time. Plus, the user can also have a breezy shopping experience in your online store.

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shopify theme with useful options

If you like to keep the parallax effect mild and simple on your online store, the Shopify parallax theme in this theme will impress you. Like few other Shopify themes in this list, this one also uses the parallax design for the single product theme. Wookie is one of the best selling Shopify themes, loved by users for its colorful and engaging design. Right from fashion website stores to the food store websites, this theme has designs for all types of online stores. The admin panel of this theme is designed smartly so that you can control all your website actions from one place. Speaking of dashboards, look at our free admin dashboard templates collection to make a user-friendly dashboard without hurting your wallet.

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minimalist style shopify theme

Images play a major role in modern web design. If you plan to use images to grab user attention as soon as they land on your site, the Gecko theme is the best option. 20+ demo versions are given in this pack and you get one Shopify parallax theme design. Parallax and hover effects are combined effectively in this design to give an experience to the user. Apart from the parallax effect, this demo has plenty of useful elements. Popup newsletter subscription form, fake latest purchase notification, and colorful ribbons to highlight the latest products. All the elements you needed to make a complete online store is this theme. Hence, setting up an eCommerce store will be an easy job.

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multipurpose theme with parallax homepage demo

Kalles has more than ten unique homepage designs to help you make a stunning online store. The parallax demo version has a very mild and simple parallax effect — on which images can be seen clearly, plus, you have space to add texts as well. Apart from the parallax homepage design, this template has all other pages pre-designed for you. In the default design, you can see a notification bar at the top with a countdown timer to improve your flash sale reach. Overall, a thoughtfully designed Shopify theme will help you increase your online sales.

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Shopify Parallax Theme for fashion stores

Porto is a neat and professional-looking Shopify theme pack. If you like to make a businesslike website with creative elements, this website will impress you. Just like the design, the code script of this theme is also neat and simple. Developers can easily work with this theme and add custom features without issue. 20+ demo versions are given in this theme and each has a different layout. One Shopify parallax theme version is given in this pack. The creator has effectively used the texts and cards to show the content clearly over the parallax images. It is a complete eCommerce website with all the pages pre-designed for you. Speaking of cards, if you like to use cards in your designs, look at our CSS cards designs collection for more inspiration.

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minimal and interactive shopify theme

If you are looking for a minimal Shopify theme for apparel, interior design, and salon store, this is the best option. Nearly 16 demos are given in this theme, a new theme is added in each update. Using a Shopify theme like this will help you get new designs periodically. So if you want to revamp your website, you can simply switch the demo version you like without setting up the website right from the beginning. One Shopify parallax theme version is given in this theme and it follows a boxed style design. Thoughtfully designed parallax sections let you add videos. As videos are consumed a lot by the present-day users, incorporating videos in your design will improve the engagement rate.

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Shopify Parallax Theme with a minimal design

iOne has the most pristine clean Shopify store themes in the market. Almost 16 demos are given in this pack and all of them have a spotless design on which the products look attractive. Even a dark theme demo version is given in this theme and it also follows a minimal design. The Shopify parallax theme version in this theme will be a perfect option for brand stores. All basic online store pages like the shopping page, product page, and cart pages are given in this theme. So you can create a complete eCommerce store using this theme. Like most other Shopify 2.0 supported themes, this one also has the drag and drop option. If you want a section, simply drag and drop the section in the place you want, no coding needed.

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shopify with easy customization options

Unero is another minimalist style Shopify theme, just like the abovementioned iOne theme. The creator has used a lot of white space in this theme design to give a roomy feel. Since most of the modern users access the website through smartphones, designs like this will improve the user experience. Plus, the user can also easily interact with your website. Different creative layouts are given in this theme and one parallax style theme is given in this pack. The creator has smartly used white content boxes over the parallax images to show the texts and links clearly to the users.

Useful features like the product activity popup, easy product swapping, and quick product view options are given in this theme. Using a Shopify parallax theme like this will save you time. This theme is also available in the WordPress version. If you are still in the dilemma between WooCommerce and Shopify, look at their WordPress version also.

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professional looking Shopify Parallax Theme

Basel is one of the best selling Shopify themes. With multiple pre-designed demos and inner pages, this theme will help you set up your dream online store in minutes. Since all the basic optimizations are taken care of by the theme creator, you can concentrate on the custom features you want. This theme has demo versions and store layouts for almost all types of stores. The parallax theme in this pack has big sections, so you have plenty of space to add images and texts. In the parallax sections, you even have call to action buttons to direct the users to the corresponding pages. This theme supports the latest Shopify 2.0, so it has all the latest and greatest features the Shopify has to offer.

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shopify theme with simple animation effects

You must check the Kala theme if you are looking for a highly customizable Shopify store theme. The creator has made both minor customization and hardcore code level customizations easier in this theme. 60+ sections are pre-designed for you in this theme, all you have to do is to drag and drop the section in the place you want. The Valentine shop in this theme has parallax design, but it is not used completely for all the sections. To make an engaging homepage design, the parallax section is used only for the important sections. You can easily draw user attention on the required spot using this parallax effect.

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Shopify Parallax Theme for small inventory stores

Broadcast is a simple and elegant looking Shopify parallax theme. The creator of this theme has used the homepage effectively to showcase your products elegantly to the user. Plus, the posh look gives a rich look to your website. Just like the most modern single product or small inventory store websites, lots of images are used in this theme. The creator has made sure that all images are seen clearly and also the user can easily place the order without leaving the page. Using a Shopify parallax theme like this will not only make your website look good but also help your sales. This theme also has a lookbook feature to showcase your latest collection.

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shopify theme for brand stores

Impulse is the best Shopify parallax theme for apparel and accessory stores. The creator of this theme has used big imageries in this theme so that the user can clearly see the product images and also can easily interact with this. Using big and bold Shopify themes like this will make the user experience better on both computers and small screen devices. The sticky top navigation bar makes the navigation easier and improves your brand visibility throughout the website. Since this theme support Shopify 2.0, you get the option to multi-currency option out of the box. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can make this theme a perfect fit for your online apparel store.

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Shopify Parallax Theme with parallax header

As the name implies, this theme is the best option for physical store websites. If you are concentrating on the local audience and also try to take your business online, themes like this will help you. The Dark theme demo variation clearly shows the shop opening and closing time below the header section. You also have a big space in the header section to put your brand logo. The parallax sections are used for important content and promotional offers. Because of this well-thought-out design, store owners can simply install this theme and launch their website. Customizations are made simple by the flexible and well-written codebase. If you are a developer, you will like to work with this theme. This theme meets all the code standards followed by both the professional developers and the Shopify platform.

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brand-focused store theme

No matter how good our products and offers, users won’t know about them without proper promotions. The Loft theme is purely designed from the business perspective. The creator has smartly placed promotional elements in between the products, designs like this will not only improve the promotional offer visibility but also maintain the businesslike look of the website. Three demo versions are given in this theme pack and the Lawrence demo has an interactive homepage parallax effect. To balance the design, the creator has made the texts bigger so they can be found easily between the big imagery sections.

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shopify theme with a unique design

Emerge is a pretty straightforward Shopify theme. When the user enters the website, they see your product/services first. The homepage parallax header section adds more drama to the product presentation. Apart from the parallax effect, this theme has an interactive gallery and video sections to let the user fully enjoy your product. If you are selling your products only through the online store, themes like this will be a perfect option. Three demo variations are included in this pack, and all three of them support have parallax effects.

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premium-quality theme

If you are selling luxury items, this theme will add more richness to your website. The spotless layout of this theme lets you elegantly showcase your products. Smart hover effects are given to preview the product quickly before getting into the product page. Full-width banners between the sections help you promote new products to the users. The creator had added parallax effects to the banners to make it even more appealing to the user. Other useful elements on this template are the timeline carousel and quick buying options. Speaking of timeline, take a look at our CSS timeline design collections for more interactive timeline concepts.

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Shopify Parallax Theme for medium inventory and single product websites

From the name itself you can understand that the creator has used the parallax effect as the center part of this design. The full-page design is not only used effectively for the parallax effect but also to give space for the content and action elements. The top navigation bar is made sticky and transparent so the user can see the contents without any issue. Popups are used for newsletters and promotional banners. If you are into email marketing, look at our email template collection. Since the theme creator takes care of all the basic optimizations, we can concentrate on the custom features and pages we want on our website.

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simple Shopify Parallax Theme

Icon is another minimal theme for small inventory stores. If you are looking for an image-rich website theme, this theme will impress you. Four demo versions are given in this theme and all of them have a neat professional. Since we are seeing parallax themes in this list, the Dolce demo will be a perfect option for you. Like most other Shopify themes in this list, this one is also mobile-responsive out of the box. You can make a beautiful website using this theme by making a few adjustments to the design.

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