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There is a saying that goes that sometimes simple is better. And that is true on many levels! And when it comes to creating a website, simple is definitely better. That’s right! If you are a novice or a beginner trying to start up their very first online platform, then a minimal theme is what you should opt for. While the feature-rich interface can be appealing and may sound very amazing, but too much of unnecessary features will only confuse you and your users. While those features can be useful for those looking for those specifics, the ones who don’t require it might simply find it useless. Not only are the simple website template easy to use and set-up, it also provides a way to navigate and perform tasks without many complications.

So to help our users pick out only the best templates to start their journey, we have stepped in! Enlisting only the best of the HTML simple website templates out there, you do not need to waste your time and effort!

Each one of them has been selected on the basis of their high rating and excellent performance. In addition to this, all of them also feature amazing graphics and responsiveness. However, each one represents a clean, clear, minimal and simple aspect to them. Ensuring an amazing experience as well as the top-notch performance we hope our template listing helps you out! Feel free to check out each one of them and pick out the one that works the best for you!



Oifolio is yet another visibly minimal yet functionally amazing website template. Perfect for portfolios and creative websites designed with complimenting elements, it is sure to leave anyone stunned. The HD imagery backed up with full responsiveness and retina-ready aspects, it easily adjusts to every device screen size. Talking about the styles and the design, all of the components are designed to give off a minimal and professional look and feel. Furthermore, it is cross-browser compatible and tested on all major browsers. Whether you prefer Firefox, Chrome or even Internet Explorer, this template seamlessly loads your site with minimal effort.

Talking about other awesome features, it includes 3 different Home Page styles that you can choose from. Not only this but there are multiple inner page templates including options for blog, gallery, about us, portfolio and more. You can also go for Masonry or Boxed layout structure designed with the amazing Bootstrap framework. Adding to all of the stunning features, get valid HTML/CSS3 coding structure to back it all up. The Themify icons alongside the Google Fonts also add the extra touch of creativeness. But the best part is that in case you come across any problems, they provide excellent theme support 24/7!

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Built and designed with the minimal and simplistic look and feel in mind, Rebalance is a creative and innovative addition to the simple website template. With a purpose to showcase your works and display the products and content you choose, this template is effortlessly beautiful. It is fully responsive and best suited for portfolios, photogphy, eCommerce, creative as well as corporate websites. It is also retina ready featuring a high-resolution imagery. Built with the powerful HTML5, CSS3 as well as the LESS coding, this template is also extremely easy to customize. Choose from 3 different and unique Landing Page to start with. In addition to this, you can also choose to add Blog, About and Contact Pages to your preference.

Furthermore, this template offers beautiful and elegant typography option with Google Fonts. Not only this, but you also get creative icons from Material Font icons that you can use. For the convenience of the users, this template also offers a creatively crafted 404 Error Page so that you do not have to do it yourself. It also includes the modern mobile menu that adds to the functionality and easier navigation. To make sure that the website is always at it’s best, this template is compatible with all the major browsers. The answers to all of your requirements, this creative yet minimal template is surely the one template you need. It is based on the latest Bootstrap framework which means that it will meet all of the standards you may require.

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UIPaper is an extremely clean and minimal One Page premium HTML website template for portfolios and personal blogs. The simple structure and the clean design is built entirely with the latest Bootstrap framework. Furthermore, the clean and well-commented HTML and CSS codes are easy to customize. The simple website template is completely responsive as well as optimized for mobile devices. Well-organized and easy to use, this template is the answer to your every requirement. Furthermore, it is also retina-ready and features high-resolution imagery. With Uipaper, you can focus majorly on the contents you post rather than other factors like designs and colour schemes.

Choose stunning typography with Google Fonts that complement the website. Furthermore, you also get a magnific pop-up for a more professional edge. In addition to this, this template also includes fully working Contact Forms. Extremely clean and minimal,Uipaper is sure to make your website stand out even more. Focus on the contents you wish to display, create amazing galleries that pop up, add images and videos only with this simple website template. It is also compatible with Google Maps allowing the users to easily add locations. It is backed up with extensive documentation and is upgraded to the all the latest tech you might need.

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Flone is the ideal choice for almost any type of eCommerce websites. That’s right! The clean, minimal and organized layout is flexible and adaptable as well as fully responsive. This premium simple website template also features a high-resolution graphics for a more appealing feel. It supports all the RTL languages and is also translation ready. This makes way for your international audience as well. Furthermore, this template also offers over 63 pre-built Page layouts and over 17 shop peage, over 33 home and other inner pages. With tons of customizing options, Bebiz makes your wish to create the perfect website a reality.

There are also options for multiple type of portfolio grid styles to display your contents in a more interesting manner. Furthermore, it also includes amazing parallax effects with boxed and wide layouts. The simplistic feel is further enhanced with the clan and semantic classes, descriptive blocks as well as hierarchy options. It is also integrated with Google Maps allowing you to easily add locations. You also get filterable gallery pages. Additionally, to make it more interactive there are also Social icons, Flickr feeds and working Contact forms included. Get amazing typogeaphy options that you can customize as well as icons you can use. To make sure that your website always rank higher, it is also optimized for SEO. Get everything that you might possibly require only with the simple website template Flone.

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Creative portfolio and personal website template, Snow is another premium option we have in line for you. Backed with the advanced Bootstrap framework,  alongside HTML and CSS code structure, it is as flexible as it gets. You can use this for all niches of portfolios, and personal sites whether it is for promotional and professional purpose. There are multiple home, blog, gallery, portfolio pages you can use. All these designed to be visually impressive and completely responsive, it allows one to get a head start with their future projects.

Clean and elegant with the design, even the layout styles, typography and the overall color scheme compliments it further. Offering a light-weight and powerful theme options, it is also quite fast loading. The menu is also flexible and is great for smaller screened devices. Cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and regularly updated, this theme definitely makes for a great start anyways. The smooth animations, effects and page transitions furthers the visuals.

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Another simple, elegant and minimal website template we have in line for you is Muteza. And like the previous option, this too is designed with creative individuals for their personal and portfolio sites. It is also great for creative companies and agencies related to graphics, illustrations, digital marketing and more. Completely responsive, even the graphics are pixel perfect, and retina-ready. Based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is upto par with all the latest web-standards as well.

There are in total 7 unique out of the box pages for home, blog, gallery and more. All of these are pretty easy to personalize. For this, you get access to a range of color schemes, font options, icons, and more. The theme is also cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout all the major ones. You also get variations for smooth animations, effects alongside amazing page transitions. All these elevate the whole theme to the next level to say the least. So if you are looking for something, simple, elegant and chic, Muteza is definitely the one for you.

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Making it to the next on our list we have the stunning yet simple website template Minal. Designed on a one-page structure, the visuals it offers is pretty awesome to say the least. Clean, organized and professional with the styling, it relies fully on the powerful Bootstrap framework. Great for multiple niches of site, this template is versatile as well as completely customizable. It is ideal for agencies, companies, brands and more that are aiming to appeal to their clients. Not only this, but you can even start a personal portfolio site using Minal. As our main focus here, this template features minimalistic features which also includes elegant fonts, icons and gallery sections. However, because of this, the highlighted section is always the contents you add onto the site. It pretty much includes all of the options one might possibly require to get started.

And the best part is that this theme is highly user-friendly which makes it great for even beginners and novices. There are tons of customizing options you can use to personalize the template to your requirements. From stunning icons, beautiful typographies to the various layouts available, you can completely change the outlook to meet your requirements. Apart from this, there are also pre-built pages for home, portfolios, full project page, blogs and more. In total you will find 20 HTML pages that are all carefully crafted. It is also fully responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect. And to ensure an optimal performance overall, it includes super fast loading time and cross-browser compatibility.

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Next in line we have the stunning, elegant and simple website template Buckzo. Emphasizing on the minimal styling, the color schemes used are also made to be just gray, black and white. It is simply pleasing to the eyes and is great for creating a creative outlet for those out of the box thinkers. Complete with responsive interface, there is no doubt that this theme loads effortlessly throughout all of the device screens. It relies heavily on the powerful Bootstrap framework which adds to the efficiency and fluency of the overall template. Clean and professional, this template comes with pre-built components that allows one to get a head start when starting from scratch. It is also integrated with Uikit 3; this template is sure to offer you a user-friendly and easy to use interface.

Getting more into the details, this template offers pre-built pages for portfolios, blog, services and more that you can use. All of these are equipped with plenty of awesome components placed strategically for an optimal performance. For engaging users; and keeping them there, this theme fully supports multiple video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and even self hosted videos. Apart from this, you can add in creative images, sliders, carousels and more. With the use of CSS and HTML codes, this template also makes way for smooth animations, parallax effects, page transitions, scrolling animations and more. Other mentionable components here are Google fonts, professional contact forms, subscription and newsletter CTAs, creative icons and more. All in all a simple but complete package of everything one might need, Buckzo is definitely worth a try.

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mantis-simple-website-templateNext on our list is Mantis, a professionally designed simple website template that is a great start here. However, being a flexible and versatile, this template is ideal for multiple niches of sites. From blogs, online shops and even portfolios, it is ideal for everything. It is fully responsive and comes with an attractive set of visual components to keep your users hooked onto the site. Featuring an excellent range of personalizing options, this template also makes for a great canvas to get started with. The huge image header slider or option is attention-grabbing so that whatever you wish to highlight is properly featured. And the great thing here is that there are plenty of customizing options to get you started.

This includes options for over 15 amazing Home Page variations, along with a list of other Inner pages. There are tons of options for shop, blog, serevice and gallery pages as well. And to go along with these designs, there are multiple header and menu styles. All of these relies fully on the professional CSS and HTML code structure. This also makes way for plenty of other elements and components that makes the overall site more attractive. It is also fully compatible with all of the major browsers, supports multiple layout styles, and comes with multiple style variations. All in all a pretty great start to any of your future endeavors, Mantis is definitely worth a mention here.

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A bold and attractive portfolio based websites, the next one we have in line for you is Phoenix. Elegant, clean and pretty professional looking, this template is surely a great simple website template ideal for our list. Designed especially for the niche of portfolio and personal sites, this one of a kind template is sure to leave a lasting impression. Starting off with the incredible visuals, it is pretty minimal and straightforward with the purpose. Each element here is perfect and compliments the overall outlook perfectly. From the variation of layout styles, incredibly designed home and even the typographies and the fonts used, everything is simply amazing. And the best part is that this template is completely responsive and retina-ready. In addition to this, the template offers a flexible interface that is highly customizable with the foundation of Bootstrap framework.

You can choose from One or Multi page design, not to mention the range of variations available. Not only this, but users also get tons of Home Page and Inner pages variations and styles to opt for. In addition to this, useful pages like Coming Soon and even 404 error is included with the theme package. The whole structure is pretty secure and reliable with the CSS and HTML codes. Another great thing here are the inclusion of various creative elements like parallax effects, animations and transitions, in addition to the range of color pallette and the fonts and icons available. It is also SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible and provides the users with an optimal performance.

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If clean, minimal yet effective is what you are looking for then Enigma surely fulfils every category. That’s right, a simple, clean, minimal yet visually amazing, it is a premium HTML simple website template. The template offers 10 Home Page demos to start with for every niche of website. It is flexible as well as extremely responsive to any device screen. Perfect to start up your very first site or for those who love the minimal aesthetic, it also features high-resolution imagery. Even the codes used are clean and well commented on. Furthermore, you also get access to the fully functional Working Contact forms.

The best part, however, is the Hero Video background that surely captures anyone’s attention instantly. In addition to this, you can also opt for either one page or multi-page variations. Based entirely on the latest of Bootstrap framework, it includes parallax sections and CSS animations. The typographies can also be customized to your preference. Extremely easy to use and customize, this template also includes premium features like Touch Slider and revolution Sliders. Although simple and minimal, this template work with any type of personal or professional websites. Needless to say, this template is the first one on our list because of the powerful yet beautifully crafted design and features.

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One of the most versatile and clean, Baewe is a minimal and attractive HTML simple website template. Best suited for portfolios and personal blogs, you can even use it to represent your corporates or start an online shop. The major focus is given to the efficiency rather than a complicated design which is why this template will make your website stand out! It is fully responsive as well as mobile-friendly. Additionally, this template is also optimized for cross-browser compatibility. It offers over 40 HTML files that you can use to add various elements. The stunning typography and icon options are available with the integration with Google Fonts, FontAwesome and LineIcons.

The template is also retina read with tons of powerful features. Choose from the 10 unique HomePage styles all built with the powerful Bootstrap framework. Furthermore, you also get access to a working Contact form to collect details of all your potential clients. Additionally, with options to add images and videos, you can easily keep your users engaged for hours. Moreover, it also provides options for filterable galleries with various grid styles to choose from. Get amazing results with minimal effort to set up the template.

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Cool Corporate


Just as the name suggests, Cool Corporate is an effective, clean and minimal corporate simple website template. With tons of amazing useful features and options to customize the template, the possibility is really varied. The template is fully responsive and built using the advanced and latest Bootstrap framework. It is flexible and fluid which makes sure that it fits the requirements of every niche of business. That’s right, the minimal purpose-oriented design focuses all the attention towards the contents and the services you provide. It includes over 35 HTML files that you can use to add all the necessary elements. With a modern and well-organzied interface, this template is extremely easy to use and set-up. The template is also cross-browser compatible so that it loads fast and easy on every major browser.

This simple and clean template offers various Home, Portfolios as well as Blog Pages to choose from. Not only this but enabling you to create an online shop, it also provides variations for Shop Pages. Choose from 8 unique and amazing colour schemes. Additionally, you also get to choose from all the Header designs. The Google Font integrations add to the appeal and give you an option for beautiful typography and icons. Additionally, it also offers a range of shortcodes that gives you easier access to add necessary elements with ease. The Toggle, Acordion and Tabs provide an easier navigation option. Not only this but with high-resolution imagery, this template is retina-ready. The boxed and wide layout makes sure that your users stay engaged with the contents you post.

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With the combination of flexibility and power, Ezy is a premium  HTML simple website template. The responsive interface can be utilized to create almost any type of websites whether it is blogs, portfolios or corporate. The multi-concept design is packed with amazing features and will leave a lasting impression. It is built with the powerful and the latest Bootstrap framework that matches the standard required. Furthermore, this template features exclusive clean source code that makes it extremely easy to use. 

Choose from over 40 unique and amazing looking demos and design options to get you started. All of these feature a modern design and are SEO optimized. What’s great about these is that there are shortcodes available for everything that you can use to integrate useful UI components. Ezy is fully customizable giving you the full control over what you end up with. Ensuring even a greater performance, the codes used are optimized. Other amazing features of this template include: Owl Carousels, Revolution Slider, Magnific Popup, Linear Icons, Simple Line Icons, Google Fonts, social media integration and more

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Flex is a fully responsive and retina-ready simple website template that is ideal to create amazing looking personal websites. It is clean, modern and unique in its own minimalistic way. It is extremely easy to customize and modify if you wish. There are tons of variations that you can choose from including multiple demos and Home Page. You can also customize the background colors and patterns to your own preference. Whether you want to create blogs, resumes or simply a personal website, this template is flexible enough to meet all your requirements.

Choose from the range of demos and start with the layout that best suits your needs. In addition to this, you can also add creative fonts and icons to make it more interesting. There are also plenty of options for layout variation, Header as well as Footer styles to choose from. The codes used are well-commented and clean. Moreover, the template is also SEO friendly as well as cross-browser compatible. Get the best ever professional and amazing online experience only with Flex.

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A clean, simplistic and minimal website template Ariko is a stunning option for the creative people looking to start a portfolio website. Complete with responsive and retina-ready theme design, it elevates your site to the next level. The visuals are clean and organized, focusing majorly on the content you wish to display. It is powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework and comes with a range of useful options. The portfolio or the gallery sections are creative and provides a modern and stylish outlook. The well-commented and clean coding structure backup all of the necessary elements in the template package. As the design is flexible and highly customizable, you can get the end result that you wish.

Powered with Bootstrap as well as SASS, it is also well-documented. Another great thing is that you can switch the fonts and typographies to match the minimal feel thanks to the access to free Google Fonts. Additionally, you also get working PHP contact form that allows you to easily connect with your users. Furthermore, you also get infinite scroll, parallax effects, stunning animations that adds to the appealing factor. The blog sections are SEO friendly as well. Other advanced features of this template includes Ion icons icons, HTML/CSS coding structure, cross-browser compatibility premium customer support and more.

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Minimal as the name gives out is a minimally designed website template ideal for multiple purposes. It features full page templates with integration with popular plugins, it is also completely responsive. It also features HD imagery and all the elements are extremely retina-ready. Talking about the awesome visuals, although minimal, it is gorgeously elegant. Perfect for anyone looking to start an appealing site to leave a lasting impression, Minimal is the final solution you will settle for. It include over 100 niche based layout options to choose from. But that’s not all, it comes with unique and stunning looking Pages that will come in handy at your disposal. But the best part is, you can use it for photography websites, blogs, journals, agency website and so much more.

A few tweaks here and there can make a huge impression. The template layout is component based and you can build the entire site using the simple copy and paste. Powered with FrameworkY, it even includes extensive documentation to help you get started. As this template is optimized for speed, it loads extremely fast. Constantly updated and growing never worry about anything once you get your premium package. It is also cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy on all major internet browsers. With an unlimited colour scheme option choose the best one to match your template design. The template even includes a fully functional contact form that you can use to add newsletters and subscription. Although a minimal website template it is ideal for any purposes.

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Kraft is yet another minimal portfolio website template that is visually stunning. It features a creative gallery and portfolio sections crafted with great attention to details. Powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is completely responsive and retina-ready. Whether you are a single individual or simply representing a team or company as whole, this template is flexible enough to meet all of your requirements Although minimal and simplistic with design structure, all of the elements are top-notch and ensure a great experience. Thanks to the Google Fonts, you can also easily change the fonts to match the minimal aspect. Not only this, but you can also customize the background, theme colour scheme and more with a simple manoeuvre of a few clicks.

The CSS and HTML codes backing up the template are all well-commented and secure. Additionally, you also get access to a fully functioning AJAX Contact form. As it tested, it works well with all the hand-held devices. Furthermore, the template is also cross-browser compatible. But the best part is that this template package also includes CubePortfolio! A premium jQuery plugin that enables you to creatively add portfolios and galleries with ease. Get the perfect site up and ready with minimal effort only with Kraft!

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