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Bootstrap is an open source HTML and CSS framework that has always been well known for its developer-friendly nature. Good news is that it has now been used for creating templates to provide a helping hand to the non-developer or non-coders to create magnificent websites easily and quickly. Thus, whether you are a professional or someone is an amateur, these free bootstrap 4 website templates are equally intuitive for both.

Since it is free as well as easily adaptable it falls under the primary choice of many developers today for creating website templates. Moreover, it is a complete package comprising HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that provides styling, page layouts, and UI components. Consequently, the templates crafted using bootstrap makes it easier for you to create websites that are not just visually compelling but also ensure high performance.

Furthermore, Bootstrap 4 offers responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery. Thus, the free Bootstrap 4 website templates are developed using the latest technologies and trends. All in all, the free bootstrap 4 website templates that I have listed down has everything at your disposal to assist you to come up with the cutting-edge website to introduce your business to your global audience with ease and reach the paramount of excellence.



On the top of our list of the best free Bootstrap website template is Glint. Crafted with the creative niche of professionals, it is dedicated to photography, designers, illustrators, artists and more. Full-screen, modern and stylish with the layout, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on your users.  Multi-purpose, you can even use this template to showcase the works of your agencies. The visuals are impeccable and considering the overall performance it offer, it surely is a steal. Here, you will find options to integrate smooth animations, animated statistics, equally engaging backgrounds and more. In addition to this, the fonts, icons and social sharing options takes it to the next level.

Other mentionable features here includes contact forms, portfolio sections, CTA buttons, cross-browser compatibility and overall fast loading speed. All in all, a great package deal, you can further extend the features switching to it’s premium version as well.

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For those looking for a more professional looking options for agencies and firms, our next pick is Design. And the best part about it is that this template is multipurpose and is ideal for multiple niche of professional business sites. Clean and minimal with the design, it makes for a perfect canvas while showcasing your products or services you provide. Developer friendly and even great for beginners, this template is pretty easy to set-up and use. Offering top-notch user experience, it is completely responsive, cross-browser compatible, and comes with pre-built pages you can further personalize.

Choose from an array of customizing options, from layout styles to color schemes, to even the fonts and even the icons and CTA button placements. The use of image holders, media galleries, sliders and more throughout the site adds to the visuals. Alongside this, the creative animations, effects and more adds that finishing touch. All in all, a great template based off the Bootstrap framework, Design is one you should definitely consider.

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Now, one designated more towards the online marketing and eCommerce, we have the free Bootstrap website template Selling. And as we are compiling list of the best multipurpose options, this too is one that is great for all niche of products. Whether you are looking to promote your services online, offer online shopping, retail or create an equally appealing blog, this theme has it all. The visuals are compelling and impeccable to say the least with complete responsiveness and retina-ready graphics. Apart from this, you get a huge banner, parallax sections, creative CTA buttons, sticky header and so much more. All of these are designed with SEO in mind to ensure that it ranks higher on all major SERPs. In addition to this, it is also completely cross-browser compatible, and smooth loading.

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One of our own in-house template, Format is a multipurpose free bootstrap website template. It is creative, visually impressive and is ideal for all niches of business, online marketing and portfolio sites. Vibrant color schemes, amazing layout styles, unique stand-out styling accompanied with easy customizing options, Format is definitely one that serves it all. Once installed and activated, you pretty much get pre-built options for home, projects, portfolio, about, contact and more. The stunner here are obviously the masonry based gallery design, and as it supports multiple files types, you can get as creative as you wish. With the template, you also get access to amazing typography options, niche based icons, header and footer styles and a range of other useful functions. It is also designed to be light-weight as well as super fast loading ensuring a flawless performance each time you log in.

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Another in-house theme we have for you is Trainer, a free bootstrap website templates for fitness and sports based sites. Great for gyms, health clubs, sports clubs, personal trainers and more, it is highly customizable offering the users all the flexibility one requires. Minimal, modern, and purpose oriented, this template offers a impressive visual overall. The huge image banner is certainly the standout here and you can utilize it for your professional or promotional content. Not to mention the use of amazing fonts, CTA based effects, animations and smooth transitions throughout the site for that added engaging appeal. You will also find niche based pages like trainers, services, skills and works, contacts and more. The jQuery carousel further adds to the visuals. In addition to the smooth running navigation bar, it also supports the image pop-up to focus your users on the preferred contents or for subscription newsletters.

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Getting onto the minimal, simple and creative free bootstrap website templates, Explore is definitely one that falls under the category. It is designed with the travel blogs, portfolio and photography sites in mind. And you can see how each of these aspects fits perfectly and go hand in hand with the visual aspect. As the styling is kept to the minimal, the focus here is definitely the contents you add onto the site. This template being completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel-perfect, the interface is as flawless as you expect. The beautiful grid based layout is further elevated with the implementation of CSS animations, effects and transitions. And with the theme design also being SEO ready, it also ranks higher on all the major SERPs with ease. Well-documented and clean, Explorer is secure, reliable and ensures a great performance, each time you log in.

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Industrial is a stunning free Bootstrap 4 website template that is focused majorly on the industrial niche of businesses. It is ideal for steel companies, and other similar category of sites that provide similar services. Professionally built using the latest of CSS and HTML codes, it is a sturdy and reliable website template perfect to get started with. It is fully responsive, retina-ready and overall appealing to the eyes. And to get that flawless appeal, this template offers a pixel perfect and HD imagery. Everything here is premium-like and purpose oriented. From the clean and organized feel to the design to all of the other elements implemented throughout the site. Furthermore, with the attractive Home, you get sections dedicated to blog, gallery, about as well as Service and more.

The template also features a massive image slider that is great to engage your users onto your site. Another great thing here is that the template supports multiple post types, including video files. It is further elevated with the smooth animations, effects and scrolling. A fully working contact forms, newsletter subscription, along with the social icons helps you stay in touch with your potential clients. Not to mention the easy user-friendly features that makes it ideal for beginners and novices. Other basics like cross-browser compatibility, SEO friendly design and fast loading are all tested and included. The testimonial is another great way to impress your users with your previous experience of your clients. All in all a great package for free, we definitely think Industrial deserves a mention here.

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Stamina is another free Bootstrap4 website template that is great for fitness and health based websites. For gyms, health clubs, fitness gurus and fanatics, this flexible theme is great for them all. Not to mention the amazing range of features adapted to get that purpose-oriented design that is visually impressive. Whether you own a fitness and health business or a genuine enthusiast, sharing the common ground with your audience is now so much easier. From an attractive set of personalizing options, every element here is highly customizable.

 You also get access to a professionally built Home along with pages for blog, services, about, and even for classes, schedules, trainer and more. All of these are fully responsive and readily adjusts to the device screen size with minimal effort. Another great thing is the sticky navigation that stays intact no matter how far you scroll down the site. An attractive set of font and icons as well as CTA button further enhances the look. The stunner of a image header makes it easy for you to highlight your featured contents. It is also cross-browser compatible and you will have no issues loading throughout all of the web-browsers. 

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responsive Shopify themes for big stores

Warehouse is a clean, organized and simple real estate listing free Bootstrap4 website template next in line. Perfect for any type of directorial and listing sites, the interface is pretty flexible. Sort out your online presence in the best way possible, this template is the ideal way to get started. As it relies on the CSS and HTML codes, the great thing is that all of the elements included are secure and reliable. Even the visuals are pretty amazing with strategic placement of components to the get that impactful feel to the site. The template is also fully responsice and retina-ready which means that your site looks flawless no matter what device it is on.

The huge image slider it executes makes it easy for your highlight the content for your users to see. Whether you want to use it for promotional or professional use, it is upto you. The template also supports multiple post types and the end result is completely upto you. It is cross-browser compatible, laoding effortlessly throughout all of the major web-browsers. The galleries are exceptional and you get purpose oriented feature4s like listing and product detail pages. You can also further personalize the color schemes, fonts and more to meet your requirements. 

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Landerz is one of the premium looking free bootstrap 4 website templates. Though it is a one-page template it has all the feature to create a proper business website. The developer has made the code structure flexible for quick and easy customization. Trendy fonts and colors are used to present the contents engagingly to the users. Very simple animation effects are used in this template which adds richness to this minimal looking website template. A neat contact form is given in this template to let the users easily reach you. You can add extra pages if you want, the flexible code structure can handle the customization effectively.

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Classy Ads


Making a directory website is not an easy job. The website must handle multiple contents easily and present the contents elegantly to the users. If you are making a directory website, this template will reduce your job greatly. The creator of this template has done most of the job for you. Right from the optimization to placing the elements at the appropriate positions. All you have to do is to take care of the backend integration. Trendy colors and beautiful icons are used in this template to elegantly categorize the entries. Advanced search bar with filter option is also given in this template to find the entries easily.

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Lawride, as the name implies, is one of the business class bootstrap 4 website templates and is made for the law firms. With this template, you can build strong credibility and showcase your prestigious lawers elegantly to the users. Right after the header section, you have an animated stats bar to show some interesting stats about your law firm. It is a multipage template so you needn’t worry about running out of pages. The designer has given you plenty of space to add video contents in this template. As video contents are performing better among the current generation users, these video spaces will come in handy for you.

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Roberto properly designed hotel website template. The developer has given you plenty of user-friendly elements to give a better user experience. Right below the homepage header section you have a room availability checking widget. At the top navigation bar, you have a permanent room booking call to action button so that the user can easily access the room booking feature. It is a multi-page template with a number of subpages pre-designed for you. As this template has plenty of features pre-designed for you, this template will come in handy for you as your business grows. Throughout the template, you have plenty of space for adding images. Hence, you can show the best features of your hotel and impress the users easily.

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Hami is one of the colorful free bootstrap 4 website templates for hosting websites. With animated elements and interactive tools, this template will keep the users engaged. Right from the homepage to the 404 error page, all the pages are pre-designed for you. A pricing table is also given in this template to let you clearly list all your plans and its features.

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This feature-rich Bootstrap 4 website templates is designed for real estate business. Since this template is primarily designed to handle multiple contents, you can feature your properties neatly on this website. Just below the homepage header section, you have a property search widget. The search widget gives you plenty of filter options to help the user easily find the property they are looking for. All the forms and elements in this template are completely functional from the front-end, you have to take care of the backend integration.

In the top navigation bar, you have the option to add user or agent login and signup option. If you are about to provide an online profile for your users and agents, take a look at your free dashboard template collection to manage them easily. Animation and visual effects in this template are sleek and fast; you can expect the same performance in mobile devices as well.

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Prodent is a neatly organized website template for healthcare organizations and dental clinics. The creator of this template has made the layout of the template simple so that you can adjust it easily as per your requirements. From the homepage itself, the user can get a quick understanding of your hospital. In the header section, you have a place reserved to add your emergency line number, address, and opening hours. More than enough space is given between each element and section so that the user can interact with your website easily.

Since this template is designed for dental clinics, you get plenty of icons related to it. In all the pages near the footer section, you have a newsletter subscription form. You can even use this subscription form widget for an online reservation form or for other promotional contents. The big footer section gives you space to add important page links and a table to list the opening hours.

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The Vizew is a magazine website template. With the help of Bootstrap 4 framework, the creator of this template has created a smart layout. All the latest news can be featured on the homepage itself. Neat segmentation will help the user to easily find the topic they are interested in. Since it is an HTML5 template it supports multimedia contents by default. Tags with different colors are used to easily group the contents.

Another useful feature with this template is the mega menu option. Since it is a magazine website template, the mega menu option will help you organize all the options in one place. A dark theme is followed in this template in which the contents can be seen clearly. In the top bar, you have a flash news widget, social media profile links, and a search bar.

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Places-Free- Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

Places is an outstanding HTML website template that is best suited for holiday companies and travel agencies. Fully responsive, this free Bootstrap 4 website template is clean and professional looking. Display the services that you offer in an eye-catching manner. With tons of useful UI elements alongside the advanced components, build the impeccable website that meets up to the standard of your company.

You can either choose the One Page or the Multi Page layout to start with. As you move on with the customizing and modifying process, add or remove any elements with ease. It features the unique option of multiple dropdown selections on the form fields. For a more accurate efficiency, this template also includes the DatePicker. The animations included with the template makes your website more appealing. Add background colors or images to your preference and get the best online ordeal. Garner more clients and your business significantly with Places, a stunning free Bootstrap 4 website template.

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Frontiers-Free-Bootstrap 4 -Website-Templates.com

If you are looking to start up your very own website, then why not start with something new and unique? Frontiers is a minimal, clean and simplistic free HTML5 bootstrap 4 website template. It is best suited for the personal websites, portfolios, or personal blogs. Being flexible and adaptable, you can even use this template to start up your freelancing businesses. The attractive look to the layout is fully responsive and adapts to any device screen size. That’s not all, because this template is much more than meets the eye.

The minimal characters of this template are further complemented with the simple and clean typography option. Moreover, the sleek yet smooth effects and animation that it features add the extra touch of professionalism. Furthermore, with a multi-page layout, it is built with the cool split design. Grow your audience and interact with them on a much bigger platform. Reach out to all the global audience with Frontiers, the one, and only ideal choice!

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Cachet -Free-Bootstrap 4 -Website-Templates

Cachet is a free as well as multi-purpose HTML5 website template perfect to create websites of almost all niche. Whether you want to start a corporate, landing page, product showcase, online shopping, or even a simple blog or freelance service websites, Cachet has the options for all. This free Bootstrap 4 website template is based on the clean and well-commented HTML coding that gives you the flexibility of customizing it to your preference. It is fully responsive which means that it automatically changes the dimensions and adjusts to the device screen size.

It offers tons of Pages options whether you are looking for One Page or Multi-Page variations. Built with the requirements of every user in mind, this template is super adaptable. The unique Video background option allows you to easily add your preferred media file as your background. It also includes the smooth animations and scrolling effects that add the extra touch of creativeness. Moreover, the sticky navigation bar ensures that they stay available no matter how far your users scroll down. The simplistic nature of this template in itself compliments the whole website!

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Instant-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates.com

Instant is another awesome HTML5 free bootstrap 4 website template that is built and designed with websites related to food. Whether you wish to start a blog, share recipes or simply promote your restaurants and cafes this template is the ideal choice for you. Built on the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework, it provides you with all the necessary ailments necessary for you. Just as the name commends, this template is the instant solution to all your needs.

Create amazing background that is appealing and keep your users hooked on your website for hours on end. Display food items, recipes or drinks in a modern and effective way. It also includes the options for tabs for easier navigation. Let your users know exactly where you are with the Google Map integration. Moreover, this free bootstrap 4 website template also supports modal video to make your website more engaging for your users. Grow your business evidently with Instant and we are sure you would never look back again.

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Health-Free-Bootstrap 4 -Website-Templates

Health is a responsive and professional looking HTML5 template that is best suited for websites related to the health and medicine sector. Perfect for hospitals, clinics, doctors, physicians as well as fitness and health club website, this template is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits you. Featuring a clean and organized layout design, the color scheme also mellows with the overall outlook. So why wait when the competition is getting tougher each day? Start up your website hassle-free and without cost with Health.

Built with the Bootstrap 4 framework, this template includes the clean and managed HTML, jQuery, and CSS3 codings. Extremely flexible and adaptable you can use it as a landing page, corporate, or simply a professional profile template. It also includes the advanced feature of Datepicker making the booking and appointment process way easier. In addition to that add a touch of creativity with the animated counter that you can display on your website! The best part obviously is that you get it all for absolutely free! Download it today and start reaching out to more potential clients!

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Present-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

Looking for a website template to create a fully functioning and effective corporate website for your company? The search ends here! Present is a multi-purpose and efficient free Bootstrap 4 website template that serves all the purpose you require. With a clean, modern and unique design, this template will make your website stand out from the crowd. Being extremely user-friendly and flexible, everything is possible without a single knowledge of coding.

The minimal aspect is what makes this template so professional looking. Focusing mainly on your contents and the services you offer, the product sale or the revenue of your website is sure to increase with this creative website template. The custom background choices allow you to either add an image or simple backgrounds. In addition to this, you also get smooth animations using the TweenMax and ScrollMagic. Boost your online presence and get your business known on a global scale. Whatever you wish to achieve, Present is the companion you are looking for!

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Skwela-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

Skwela is a free Bootstrap website template that is responsive as well as efficient. Best suited for the training, courses, and education based websites, this template is built and designed with potential students and learners in mind. So if you want to spread the word about your institution and the services you offer, Skwela is the way to go. Based on the modern Bootstrap framework, this template is equipped with all the useful and handy tools and elements you might possibly want.

The neat and professional looking layout is perfectly complemented with the boxed and wide layout. Moreover, the parallax effect and smooth scrolling effect spice things up for a flawless experience. What’s more is that you can strategically place the call-to-action to help you and your website boost the conversion rate. Share your knowledge, get more potential clients or simply spread the word about everything that you have to offer with Skwela! Reach out and broaden the horizon of education and download the template right away!

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Landing-Free Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates.com

Do you own a product and want to launch it in a more accessible manner for the users on a global scale? Landing is a free bootstrap 4 website template that is perfectly suited for the purpose. Featuring a clean, sleek, and modern interface, the template offers tons of options for you to create the perfect landing pages for your products or services. It is fully responsive which means that your website will adjust and fit any device screen size whether it is mobile, tablets or desktops.

With amazing CSS3 animations as well as smooth scrolling, this template is attractive and appealing to anyone who visits your site. In addition to this, you also get Slick Slider that further enhances the overall design. Other advanced features of this template include the table pricing, smooth accordion as well as FAQ’s section. But that’s not all, this One Page layout template offers tons of customization options to match your preference and need. Create the perfect website hassle free and within minutes with Landing, a free bootstrap 4 website template.

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Law-Free- Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

Built and designed with the advanced and updated Bootstrap 4 framework, Law is a free law firm website template. Created especially for law firms, lawyers, legal advisors, barristers as well as solicitors and attorneys, this template is also fully responsive. Thus, it ensures the perfect look of your website on all sort of devices regardless of their screen size. Take on the battle online and match up with the requirements of users worldwide with an efficient and visually stunning website only with Law. Make yourself count in the name of justice with Law!

Get amazing Slider options to display media files that you want to. In addition to that, get sticky nav bar that stays in place for easier access.Get in touch and interact with your users with the social media integration. Not only this, but you also get fully working Contact Forms! Make your website the marketing tool you need to grow your business and connect with a larger number of potential clients.

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Initial-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

Initial is another simple yet powerful free website template based on Bootstrap 4 framework. This template has been created paying the utmost attention to its every single detailing. Thus, it is utterly beautiful and is power packed with tons of amazing features. Since it is super flexible and highly versatile, this template is best suited for all kinds of business niches. Whether you want to create a website for a creative agency, corporate or business, personal or agencies portfolios, this template has every feature required at your disposal. You are only a few clicks away!

In addition to its modern, sophisticated yet clean design comes powerful features like owl carousel that creates responsive and appealing carousel sliders that aid in grabbing the attention of the users instantly. Moreover, it has notable call-to-action (CTA) buttons to make your website more enduring as well as engaging. The navigation bar also aids in making the website intuitive and thus helps in making the available information easily accessible to the users. Furthermore, social media icons provide easy social sharing options for the visitors. Thus, you can opt for this free Bootstrap 4 website template without any hesitation to create an alluring website and also to boost the online presence of your company!

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Unlock-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

Unlock like the name suggests is a multipurpose free Bootstrap 4 website template to unlock all the opportunities to create a strong online presence. This template caters all kinds of website needs and is suitable for all sorts of websites including business, corporate agencies, blog, travel, freelance, etc. Along with its magnificent, elegant and modern design, it also offers countless customization possibilities to create a website that you always dreamed of and giving a personal touch to it!

Besides, this template is developed using the latest versions of HTML and CSS and has followed the best coding practices. Not just that, it is fully responsive and retina ready ensuring the sharp and professional look of your site. Apart from that, it is optimized for speed thus the loading speed is kept at the minimum. All in all, this template can be proved to be a true companion to alluring more clients and also turning them into loyal ones.

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Aside-Free-Bootstrap 4 -Website-Templates

Aside is a minimally designed clean and modern free website template perfect for all kinds of business websites. It is also suitable for creating a restaurant, travel or photography website. It is based on Bootstrap 4 framework and is also built using the latest coding technologies like HTML5.  To make the online presence stronger it comes in full integration with the beautifully designed social media icons. It makes your web content easily shareable and consequently maximizing the chances of increase in its ranking positions in search results.

The feature that makes this template stand out is the availability of site navigation on the left side. Smooth animation of images upon the scrolling makes the site look more interesting. Keeping in mind the latest technologies, this template also consists of a mobile off-canvas menu to provide your users with the best user experience. It also perfectly integrates the owl carousel plugin enhancing the slider functionality as well as overall look and feel of the website.

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Photography-2-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

Photography-2, the names says it all. It is Bootstrap website beautifully designed and packed with premium like features especially to cater the requirements of a photography website. However, it is suitable for creating portfolio websites as well. For the purpose, a separate portfolio section is made available.  A massive and enticing slider on the homepage is sure to grab the visitor’s attention and great that long lasting first impression on them.

This template also has a blog section that provides you a platform to put forward your thoughts and share your knowledge with the world through the articles. Thus, it aids in increasing the search engine traffics of your site that too organic ones.  It also helps in gaining an online recognition for your business. In addition, it is fully responsive and retina ready. If you belong to the world of photography and thinking of doing it as a job, this template could be the best option to turn your passion into a profession!

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Po-Portfolio-Free-Bootstrap 4-Websites-Template

If you are someone who prefers a website that looks pretty simple yet has powerful functionalities then this free Bootstrap 4 website template can be what you are searching for. And if you are looking for a free website template to create a portfolio website then it’s definitely the one! It is based on the Bootstrap front-end framework and also the latest HTML technologies. This template has a clean, fresh yet enticing design that will surely catch your visitor’s eye.

And to keep your users engaged it has a section to showcase your best works and masterpieces in the cleanest way. This template lets you keep your proficiencies at the forefront and display it in the most compelling way. Moreover, it has a blog section in store to help your post enticing and informative articles to increase the visitors to your website. Consequently, helping you get better rankings in the search results through the increased traffic.

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Dorne-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

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Colo Shop-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

ColoShop is a free Bootstrap 4 website template that has a fresh and alluring design. Also, it comes loaded with tons of utterly powerful features that are hard to believe comes with a free template. Thus, if you are to create an eCommerce websites look no further than this one. It is so versatile and feature-laden that it can also be compared to the templates that fall under the premium category. The best part is this template can be ported to any platform that you prefer and will work perfectly well on all platforms.

This bootstrap e-commerce website template allows you to put your best products on a display that will end up alluring your visitors. It also has a new arrival section to showcase your latest collections. Besides, it has a separate promotion page to advertise your business in the best possible way to lure more customers and create a strong online presence for your site. Moreover, you can easily separate your products into different categories to make it convenient for the customers. This template is sure to take your online business to the paramount of its excellence!

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Sierra-Free-Bootstrap 4-Website-Templates

Sierra is a powerful and multi-concept free bootstrap 4 website template that is fully responsive. Providing all the necessary tools to boost your website, this template is perfect to start up your projects in an astonishingly professional manner. This pre-designed template is optimized for speed making sure that you experience only the best. Not only this but it is also cross-browser compatible and offers top-notch performance. The perfect platform to start up your business or creative ideas, Sierra is an ideal choice no matter which niche you deal with.

The vibrant and colorful aspect of the theme is visually soothing and appealing. Not to mention that the responsiveness makes it adapt and adjust to any device screen size. In addition to that, get amazing typography as well as icons to add the creative touch. Built with careful precision, this template is all you need to get your visions a life of its own. Retina ready and extremely flexible, you get it all for absolutely no cost! Packed with amazing features get amazing skins, color options, easy customization options and many more with Sierra!

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