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Online stores are one of the booming industries all over the world. There is no surprise in Jeff Bezos becoming the world’s richest man. If you look at the Billionaire index, you can see that most of the richest people are from the technology sector. eCommerce is a perfect blend of technology and traditional shopping. These free shopping website templates will help you create a powerful website for your online store.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Alibaba are the most popular online shopping sites. Each of them has a strong customer base. These free shopping websites templates have the design and basic options that you found in the top brands mentioned above to help you start a successful online store. If you plan to make a site like Etsy, which is famous for selling handmade items, we have also covered you with that. The minimal design templates will help you showcase handcrafted and vintage items elegantly to the users. This free shopping templates list has more design for all your needs. Make sure you check all of them.


online bookstore website template

Abcbook is a shopping website template for online bookstores. The conversion-centered layout of this template lets you showcase the books and helps you neatly highlight the offers.

Big image spaces in this template let you clearly show the book cover images to the audience. Maintaining content on an eCommerce store isn’t an easy job. The creator has kept the code script as simple as possible so that you can easily update the product information. If you are a developer, you can convert this template into a CMS theme.

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apparel store online shopping website template

Capitalshop is an apparel and accessory store website template by default, but you can use this template for other types of online stores. Different color schemes are used for the web elements to let the store owner highlight the important options from others. For example, a bright red color scheme is used for tags, and a mild beige color highlights the offers. The whole template is made using the CSS3 script; therefore, you can edit the template as per your requirements and give a personal touch to your website.

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interactive free shopping website templates

Ashion is an image-rich shopping website template. The creator has used the white spaces effectively to add richness to the image and also to let the audience clearly see the product images. Page links and product links are placed at easily accessible spots so that the user can easily jump to the page they want. A red underline indicates links in this template; you can add animations to the links if you want to spice up the experience. Take a look at our CSS link style collection for fresh design inspiration. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, it can handle all modern design elements and animations effortlessly out of the box.

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image-rich free shopping website templates

Shionhouse is the best free shopping website template for small stores and upcoming brand stores. The clean product-focused design of this template lets you elegantly showcase your design throughout the website. Mostly image banners are used in the default design. You can add video backgrounds to the banner to make it even more compelling. Like most other free shopping website templates in this list, this one also uses the latest HTML5 script. Therefore, this template can handle videos and other media content smoothly. Plus, the latest code script will make backend work and integration work easier.

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product-focused free shopping website template

Product is a free fashion and apparel store website template. The full-width layout of this template gives you more than ample space to showcase your products. Basic store features like the product filter options, product image zoom effect when the user hovers over the images, cart pages with functional buttons, and many more are there in this list. All you have to do is to add the custom features you want on your website and integrate the template with the shopping platform you like. The default light background and dark element color scheme look attractive, so you can use the template as such if you want.

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Winter is a clean website template for online apparel stores. If you are looking for free shopping websites templates to power your apparel brand’s online store, this one will be a good choice. The creator of the template has given us big image spaces for the product to let the audience clearly see the products. Hover effects are used smartly to show the product rating, price, and quick actions like favorite and add to cart. Other unique pages included in this shopping template are user login page and order tracking page. If you are planning to convert these free shopping websites templates into a WordPress theme, then you have plenty of plugins for the order tracking function. Since this template is made using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 scripts, developers can easily work with this template.

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contemporary online store template

eStore is an online apparel store website template with interactive animation effects. UI and UX designers try a lot on the eCommerce stores to deliver an almost brick and mortar store experience to the online shoppers. Animations do help the designers to get user attention and also let them virtually feel the products. Designers of this template have utilized animation effects properly in this template so that users will stay engaged from the moment they step into your website. In this HTML website template, all elements work perfectly from the front-end side. Hence, you can work on the backend work and custom features without any worries.

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Pillow Mart

product-focused online store

Furniture stores are one of the sectors that adopt online shopping rapidly. Though this template is originally designed for pillows and other related products, you can use it for furniture stores as well. The product-centered design of this template let you genuinely promote your product to the audience. Since this template deals with modern interiors, a contemporary look is maintained throughout the template. This template is the best option for you if you are a new brand that targets modern buyers. Like all other HTML free shopping websites templates, you have to take care of the backend work. For those who want a more readymade solution and an easy-to-maintain website, take a look at our single product Shopify themes collection.

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online food website template

It is no surprise that the food and farming industries are also taking their business online. Since the farmers and food-related businesses are dealing with perishable products, taking the business online will help them do a profitable business. The clean layout of this template and the fresh green color scheme will give a refreshing look to your website. Modern web elements like carousels and tabs are used effectively to neatly organize the content within the given space. Since it is a mobile responsive website template out of the box, you can reach your audience on the go.

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online store template for liquor stores

LiquorStore, as the name implies, this template is for online liquor stores. The creator has maintained a classy look throughout the template, which works great on this liquor store shop. One of the biggest doubts arises when a user tries a new online store for the first time is the shipping and money-back options. The creator has smartly placed an info bar right below the homepage header section to show the shipping details, moneyback options, and online support details. Above all these design measures, if you still want to engage with the audience directly, try using online chat tools on your website. Since this template runs on the latest web development frameworks, it can handle all modern tools effortlessly.

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feature-rich website template

Fashi is another online apparel and accessories store website template. This template has a fashionable look, just like its name. Sections are handled smartly on the homepage to elegantly promote your products and the latest offers. Even big banners with countdown timers are pre-designed for you in this template to boost your flash sales and seasonal sales. The creator has gracefully balanced the look and the commercial aspects of this template. As a result, you get a shopper-friendly online store website. All basic pages and elements are included in this template. You can work on the backend script and can launch your website in no time using this template.

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Vegefoods is a unique shopping website template in this free shopping websites templates list. This template is made for online grocery shopping. On the clean white layout, the green vegetable images give a refreshing look to the website. Plus, the clean layout makes the colorful vegetable images even more vibrant and attractive. Useful elements like animated counters, subscription forms, and testimonials help you to give an interactive feel to the users. Along with the shopping pages, the creator has also given wishlist pages and checkout pages. Using free shopping websites templates like this will make your job simple.

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Aranoz is another unique online store website. This website template is designed for online furniture websites. With light colors and smooth animation effects, this template presents your products elegantly to the audience. On the homepage header section, you have a big image slider at the top and category section right below it to direct the users to the product sections as soon as they land on your website. Since it is a furniture website template, you get a slightly different single product page. Right below the product you have user reviews, comments, and related products. If you are looking for free shopping websites templates that are different from usual designs, this template will impress you.

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If you are brand focused free shopping website templates, this template is the one for you. A thoughtfully designed homepage not only let you showcase your featured product but also let you give a clear idea of your brand and what makes you unique from other online stores. Like most other free shopping website templates in this list, this one is also an apparel store website template. In the default design, you can see that the creator has consistently used a color scheme throughout the template. If you have a brand color, then you can use it on your website for better branding.

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Winkel is another brad focused website template like the Minishop template mentioned above. In this template, the creator has used the space smartly to show the information clearly to the user. For example, in the top bar, you have space to mention your delivery date and return timing. The creator has used a pristine layout so that your products will look rich. All basic shopping website pages like the product page, cart page, and checkout pages are given in this template. All you have to do is to do the back-end work and customization part.

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Modist is a modish looking website template for online apparel stores and fashion accessory stores. The designer of this template has made it with elegance and style, in which your product looks great. The homepage of this template has been designed thoughtfully, it answers all the questions that would normally arise in a user’s head when they try a new store. Proper sectioning and bold typography help users easily interact with your website. All the basic pages right from the shopping page to the checkout page, everything is pre-designed for you. Once you are done with back-end integration work, you can launch your website right away.

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Divisima is a proper commercial website template with all the elements at the right spot. Bright colors are used to highlight the best selling products and new offers. Each section and image holders are made bigger so that the user can clearly see your products. Premade big banners are given in this template to help you easily promote the products. The top bar of the homepage is used smartly with useful elements like a search bar, user login option, and cart page link. Right from the product page to the checkout page, everything is given in this template.

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Aroma is a multipurpose eCommerce website template. Whether you are selling gadgets or fashion apparel, this template will help you make a successful online store. The designer has made use of the full-width layout with big product images and bold texts. Since it is a mobile responsive website, these big elements will help users easily interact with the website from mobile devices. A professional blue color scheme is used throughout the template which gives a rich look to the pristine clean design of this template. On the shopping page, you have filter options to narrow down the search result. Plus, you have space to add top-selling products to make the users spend more time on your website.

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Selling website template is made purely for online apparel stores. The pristine clean design of the template makes the colorful products look vibrant. If you concentrate more on the brick & mortar stores and looking for a simple website to say about your business, this is the template for you. Since it is a one-page template, you can manage the website easily in the long run. You can showcase your best products and let users place their orders on your website. Though the original website template is simple, it has the potential to make a user-friendly website.

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Eiser is a simple and elegant looking website template. The uncluttered design of the template let the user easily search and find the products they like. Hover effects are used to show useful quick actions like adding product to the product and to the wishlist. Along with all other basic eCommerce website pages, you get order tracking pages pre-designed for you. All the basic features are covered in this template. You have to take care of the backend integration and launch your website.

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Karma website template is primarily designed for online footwear stores. The clean simple design of this template helps you to add more products in a single page without making them look crowded. Pre-made banners and ad sections are given in this template to help you easily promote your business. Visual effects are very subtle in this template and add richness to your product. Bright colors are used in the color scheme of this template, which draws user attention to the required web elements easily. In the shopping page, you have filter options with interactive sliders to help users easily search and find the elements they are interested in.

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Shoppers is an eCommerce website template for apparel stores. This template is clean, simple and does its job perfectly. Lots of white space is given between each element, so no matter how many products you add in one-page, they will be showcased neatly. Like all other online stores, this one has plenty of image space in its default design. Hover effects are used to show the products clearly to the users. The homepage of this template is kept simple, where you have space to list the categories, promotional banners, and add a few of your featured products. If you are making the website for a branded store, then you can use this template as such without any customizations.

Trendy violet color is used for the web elements, which looks attractive on the clean white background. You have filter options on the shop page on the left sidebar to narrow the search. Sliders are also given in the filter options to give an interactive feel to the users. Single product pages are also given in this template with options to select the quantity and size of the product. This template includes all the pages you need in an online store. Right from the shopping page to place order page, everything is pre-designed for you.

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Fashiop is designed exclusively for cloth stores. In the Shoppers template, you get options for accessories as well, but in the Fashiop you get elements only related to the cloth store. Hover effects are used effectively on the homepage to let the users easily add a product to the wishlist and cart, without going to the product page. In the top bar, you have quick access links for contact, account settings, and user login and registration. The creator of this template has included both login form and registration forms, so you no need to spend your time adding one.

Visual effects are used effectively in this template, they guide the users to the next process without taking much of their time. The Fashiop will give the best user experience for your users. A bright blue color scheme is used in the template, which looks attractive on the clean white background. This template also includes every page from the shop page to the confirmation page. All you need to do is to integrate this template with your shopping platform. In all the subpages you have an email subscription form to increase the chances of getting new leads.

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aStar is a unique looking website template, which is a perfect option for new stores. This template is filled with lots of promotional elements. With cool visual effects, this template genuinely promotes your business. Flat style design and bright color web elements help you to highlight your best products elegantly to the users. A sticky left sidebar is used in this template to list all the navigation options and currency switching options. Speaking of the currency switching option, this is a free HTML template, so you can’t expect a fully functional optional.

You have to manually work on the backend side to make the features fully functional. Apart from the homepage, you also have pages for cart and blog pages pre-designed for you. The footer section of the template is made big enough to list all the important page links like the disclaimer and return policies. Just like in the Fashiop template, you have a newsletter subscription form in all the sub-pages. For an effective email marketing campaign, look at our free email template collection with trendy design.

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Footwear website template is designed exclusively for footwear stores. For example, on the product page, you can select the foot size and the quantity. The cart page is also designed smartly. The user can easily change the quantity value and remove a product from the cart. You have a text box for the coupon code just before the checkout button. This option will be helpful if you offer special offers for your partner referrals. Again, to make this feature fully functional, you must take care of the backend process.

You can even convert this template to the WooCommerce platform, in which you have plenty of plugins to extend your feature. In all the subpages you have a flash news bar at the top to show the upcoming offers and products on sale. If you run a flash sale or offer sale, run a social media campaign as most social media users follow an online store website page to know about the latest offers.

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Listashop is a modish-looking modern shopping website template. With the neat, professional-looking homepage, you can list the latest products, best categories, and deals elegantly. Each section on the homepage is treated as a content block. Shadow effects are used to highlight the content blocks from the background. The full-width layout of this template gives you plenty of space to add web elements and banners. On the homepage, you have space to add promotional banners in between the section.

On hovering over the product, you can add it to the cart or to the favorite list. Along with the shopping page, you also get other necessary pages like cart, checkout, and confirmation pages. Listashop is the best option for brand stores and medium level online stores. It is a complete package with all your options to create an effective online store.

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Sublime is a boxy style shopping website template. The default design of this template is based on the online electronic product selling website; if you are about to create a website for that category, then you can use this template as such. You can also use this template for other purposes as well. Each product on the homepage is treated as a content block so you have plenty of space to add your product image. Labels are used to indicate new products and offers. In all the subpages at the header, you have an image section, which you can use to add promotional banners and offers related to that category. Another element you see in all the subpage is a subscription form. The default design of this template makes it the best option for the new online stores.

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From the name itself you can understand that this template is made for wine-related businesses. Since it is a different type of shopping website, you get a different layout from other free shopping websites templates in this list. In this template, you can show how you make your wines and customer testimonials to improve your credibility. The creator has given you room for improvement and made the code script simple for easier customizations.

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Amado is a perfect minimal website template for online stores. The designer of this template gives you all the options you need in an e-commerce website in a minimal format. Images are given more importance in this website layout to add high-resolution images without shrinking them. Hover effects are used to show the slideshow of the related product images. If you are about to use this template in the WooCommerce platform, it can handle it easily, because it already has the basic features of the WooCommerce. The shopping page uses a three-column-like design where you also get the filter options near the navigation sidebar.

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Essence is a clean looking shopping website template with lots of white space. The template’s homepage allows you to add only a few elements to maintain the clean look, but if you need you can customize it. The template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework with industrial code standards, so other developers will find it easy to work with this template.

The drop-down menu in this template is a mega menu so that you can categories the menu option and you can even add promotional banners. Visual effects used in this template are smart and will improve the user interaction lot more simple. At the top bar, you can add a search bar, profile link, and cart page link. If you are about to create a dashboard for your users so that they can review their shopping history easily, take a look at our admin template collection list.

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Wish is a bold looking eCommerce website template with lots of trendy elements. With fully stretched web elements, the designer of this template has effectively used the full-width layout. On the homepage you have a big image slider with bold text, the transition effects are sleek and quick. The homepage of this template is relatively long when compared to other templates mentioned above. Bold texts and bigger web elements made interactions easier even in small screen devices. In all the subpages you have mage banners at the top, which gives you the options to add banners and page breadcrumbs. On the shop page, you have a filter option at the left corner so users can easily find the desired product.

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Coza Store


Coza Store is the best pick for online apparel stores. The unique feature of this template is it gives you three homepage variations, each with a slight design variation. This template uses different types of image sliders with flashy animation effects; the best thing about it is all created using the HTML5 and CSS3 framework. When you use an addon like Revolution slider you get more options on the transition effects, but if you are content with the default transition effect given in this template you can use it as such. The homepage of this template is straightforward, as soon as the users land on the site they will see the products. Apart from the product section on the homepage you also get a separate shop page. All products open in a lightbox with the option to add buy and add to cart buttons.

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One Tech


One Tech is an online electronic store website template. This template has a typical eCommerce store layout with lots of space to list all your products in one place. Visual effects are used effectively to present the contents elegantly to the users. In between sections you have a big image banner to add promotional and special offers. Important content blocks are highlighted using shadow effects to make it look different from other products on the homepage.

In the homepage, you have an always hanging category box option so the user can easily jump to the shopping section they want. At the top bar, you can add a user registration option and logging option. This template doesn’t pack the signup form and login form in its package but fear not we made a complete list of free registration form templates and login form templates take a look at it for design inspirations.

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Karl is a fashion store website template with vogue design. The creator of this template has combined both creative design and visual effects to make it engaging. The bold design of this template helps you to get user attention easily plus allows you to elegantly promote your best products. The red color scheme is an interesting choice by the designer, you can genuinely ask the user attention on an element. On the homepage, you can add a few products in each category to show users the glimpses of your collection. Animation effects are used effectively throughout the template to showcase your products. The navigation menu options are added at the top bar and the filter options are hidden in the hamburger menu.

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Persuit is the best website template for freelance web developers and web development agencies. This template has six homepage variation with different layouts and plenty of useful options, which the developer will find it extremely useful. The creator of this template has already taken care of the basic features of a modern website template like optimizations and mobile responsive. All you have to do is to customize this template to fit your needs and take care of the backend process. Since this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework you can integrate this template with any modern tools and platforms without any worries. This template has all the subpages to kick-start your website in no time.

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Store is a perfect simple website template for online stores. This colorful website template is for the online clothes shopping website template. The minimal design of this template helps you to elegantly display your products and the colorful clothes look more vibrant on this template. On the clean white background, the bright yellow colors look attractive and help you to highlight important texts easily. The designer of this template has also given you blog template designs, if you are into content marketing and SEO strategy this blog design will come in handy for you. Since it is an apparel store, most image holders in this template are in portrait orientations. Anyway, you still have landscape image holders in the category and banner sections.

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Electro, as the name implies this template is specifically designed for the online electronic store. But the default design of this template is versatile enough to handle any kind of online store. The homepage of this template is straightforward and no fancy stuff used on the homepage. On the clean white background, the red web elements look attractive. Below each product, you have a review element and pricing table. Other useful elements you get with this template are carousels and countdown timers. All the navigation options and search options are kept at the top bar for easy access. A small bummer with this template is it only includes the homepage design. You can use this template as a base to create your own custom website template.

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Watch is the best free website template for a brand-oriented website template. Nike is one of the brand focused online store in which the user spends at least four minutes on an average. If you are about to start a website like that, the watch template can help you. The corporate style website template helps you to share your product features interactively with the users. As a trust-building factor, this template gives you a testimonial and review section in its design. The gradient color scheme of the template looks attractive on the clean white background. You can even use this template for a business website as well. As it is an HTML5 template you can add video contents easily to this template.

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EShop is the go-to template for most of the store owners. The designer of this template is versatile and has all the options you would normally expect in an online store. This template is in a perfect working condition from the front end. All you have to do is to take care of the integration part and the backend processes. The long homepage design gives you more than enough space to list all your product based and also can categorize them. Just like in the One Tech template mentioned above this one also have an always hanging category option on the homepage. Though most space is reserved for the image holders you still have space to add texts in this template. Visual effects, on the other hand, it is clean and simple to get user attention.

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Fashe is a clean looking website template. This free template includes many options and features that you might have seen in premium templates, which makes this template a unique one in this list of free shopping website templates. The author of this template has given you three homepage variations and all the three have their own unique layout style. In all the variations, lots of white space is given so that no matter how many contents you add to this template it can display them neatly. Visual effects are another notable thing in this template. Based on the layout different animation effects are used in this template. The fashe is a perfect option for any type of online store and can help you take your website up a notch.

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Coloshop website template can be used as a base to develop your custom website template. This template gives you only the homepage design, and you must take care of the rest of the page. Or else you can use this template as a starter design for a business that is about to start newly. You have a big static image in the header with bold texts and call to action buttons. The new arrival section has a tabbed interface so users can easily jump between the category they want. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework so working with this template will be easy for the developers.

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Shop is a colorful one-page website template. You can use this template as a landing page template for your campaign or as a base to create a complete website. On the clean white background, the gradient color scheme looks attractive and matches modern web design trends. Each section in this template is made big enough to help you add big images and contents neatly. Visual effects are used only at the required spots to make this template the best fit for professional use. Other useful elements in this template are a countdown timer, carousels, and image widgets. In the footer, you have space to add Instagram feeds and social media profile links.

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