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Here you will find the highest-rated and most popular hair salon website templates that you can start using today.

Taking the business online has become mandatory even for the brick and mortar stores. Having a properly optimized website for your salon will help you hit the top local search result and make your business thrive. Imagine when a user searches for hair salons near me or the nail salon near me, and Google shows your store in the top result — your online booking rate will be skyrocketing. Two things you have to keep in mind when you choose a hair salon website template are — it should provide a seamless booking experience, and it should be easy to access on all types of devices. The hair salon websites template that we’ve picked in this list gives you both a seamless booking experience and an excellent responsive design to access your website easily on the go.

HTML hair salon website templates might be cheaper, but you have to work a lot to add functionalities to them. Hence, we have picked the best WordPress hair salon website templates on this list. All options in these templates are fully functional. Right from the booking options to the payment options, everything works flawlessly out of the box. Salon store owners and professional hairstylists who are new to websites and online businesses will find these hair salon websites templates extremely easy to use. Salon website builder tools are there in these templates so that you can change the looks without even touching the code.

These best hair salon websites templates have designs for both big salons and professional hairstylists. Take your time, check each and every demo, and make your dream website.

Hairsal (HTML)

sensibly designed HTML hair salon website template

Hairsal is a sensibly designed HTML hair salon website template.

Whether you are making a personal hairstylist website or a business website for hair salons, this template will be a good choice. Light and dark color schemes are combined smartly so that important sections can be highlighted from other tabs. Plus, users can quickly identify useful links without searching for them a lot. Premium-quality icons elevate the overall look of the website. The entire icons, images, and fonts used in this template are given in the download file to help you easily customize the website as per your requirements.

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Pretty (HTML)

beautiful looking hair salon website template

Pretty is a beautiful looking hair salon website template just like its name.

Right from the element’s stroke width to the font size, everything is designed carefully so that the website looks beautiful and is also easy to use. This one uses the latest Bootstrap framework like all other hair salon websites templates in this list. As a result, you get a flexible website template that will deliver an impeccable use experience on both mobile and computer devices. Fundamental pages like the services, work, and contact pages are pre-designed for you. If you wish to make the contact form even more engaging, take a look at our bootstrap contact form templates collection.

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The Barber (HTML)

stylish hair salon website template

The Barber is the most stylish hair salon website template on this list.

Salons that are planning to take their business online will love this template. This template’s straightforward design lets the user see your pricing and book an appointment via your website. The creator has used a modal window for the booking form to let the user quickly access the form no matter on which page they are on the website. Animations and hover effects are kept as simple as possible to maintain a professional look. You can add micro-interactions to the icons if you want to make the website even more engaging.

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Beauty Press

elegant hair salon websites templates

Beauty is a fresh WordPress website template with a refreshing look. The creator has used the full-width design and white spaces effectively to give a roomy feeling. Even on small screen devices, this template looks clean and is easy to use. Short & sweet animations are used throughout the template to make the website engaging for all users. Trendy elements in this template will attract present-day users for sure. Right from the fonts to the colorful icons, everything is chosen with care. Above all, the custom elements and sections are neatly integrated into the Elementor page builder. You can simply drag & drop the elements and start customizing it without even touching the code. If you are searching for hair salon websites templates with a clean look, this is the best option for you.

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hair salon websites templates with useful options

When you choose hair salon websites templates that are designed by understanding the core user needs, you can make a successful website. Since the whole design is user-centric, users will have an impeccable experience. All elements and options easily fall into the hand. Therefore users can easily interact with your website on both computers and mobile devices. This salon bootstrap template has six demo variations. Each one is unique and is designed for different purposes. For example, you get a parallax homepage design to keep the users engaged and a promotions-focused homepage design to improve conversion. Pick a demo based on your goals and start making your website.

Another factor for this template’s success is its infinite customization options. Nearly 300+ custom hair salon icons are there in this pack and custom forms to let the users get in touch with you. If you like to make your own custom forms, take a look at our HTML forms design collection.

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hair salon websites templates with contemporary design

Curly is a classy website template for both big hair salons and hairstylists. This template is loaded with useful & necessary plugins. Therefore you can set up a website quickly and start your salon website in no time. Since this template is designed for professional personal websites as well, you get a versatile layout. Stylish looks and straightforward design make this template easy-to-use. Online booking options are also given in this template, along with other bells and whistles. The Booked plugin calendar clearly shows the available slots in a day. Hence, the user can easily pick the slot they want. Speaking of calendars, take a look at our CSS calendar designs to change your calendar skin.

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clean hair salon websites templates

Micro-interactions and sensible designs are hot topics in modern interface design. This template’s creators have picked a few modern ideas and executed them well in this template. As a result, you get an interactive website that loads faster than you thing. The use of CSS ribbon to highlight the online booking option on the navigation bar is a smart touch — You can see many subtle & stylish designs in this template. This template has three homepage variations, and all of them have WooCommerce shopping pages. You can sell your products along with your services and can extend your business horizon.

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multipurpose salon website template

The online booking option is this template’s core concept. Hair salon websites templates like this will be the best option if you like to take your entire business online. Simple elegant layouts and bright colors present the content engagingly to the audience. Hence, explaining your services to the audience won’t be an issue. This template has ten demo variations for different businesses. We get two demo variations for hair salons and barbershops. Customization is dead simple in this template pack no matter which demos version you pick. The built-in Elementor page builder will make the complex customizations easier for you. Even if you want to make code-level customizations, the flexible code script of this template will come in handy for you.

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men's haircut website template

Wanium is a simple and elegant looking multi-concept WordPress theme. Demo variations in this pack are up to snuff but don’t have a large inventory like in other famous WordPress themes. A fixed navigation bar is used in the default hair salon and barber demo — users can easily jump to the page they want without scrolling all the way back to the top. Though the side navigation bar occupies a certain amount of space, the main content area space is more than adequate to clearly explain your services to the audience. If you are looking for affordable hair salon website templates with necessary features, you must take a look at this theme.

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interactive WordPress theme

Nelson is from one of the best selling Themeforest authors. Like their most other themes, this one is also loaded with all necessary functions and options. All you have to do is to install the theme on your WordPress server and launch your website. This theme pack has five barber and hair salon websites templates as of writing the post. All demo variations have a dark theme with a classy look. Images are handled effectively to leave your audience awestruck by your hairstyles. A separate gallery page is also included in this template to present all your styles in one place. Subtle animations enhance the richness of this template. Plus, the user will enjoy spending their time on your website.

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stylish hair salon websites templates

Bridge WordPress theme pack is the best option if you are planning your website’s major overhaul. The creative layout of this template will give a pulsating look to your website. Being a multipurpose website template, this one has pre-made designs for almost all categories. You can pick any demo in its wide range of 500+ demos. There are nearly ten demos under the health & beauty category, and the default hair salon websites templates look very attractive. Bright colors, bold letters, and an ample amount of space between elements give this template a refreshing look. Plus, the audience can quickly find relevant information.

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easy-to-edit hair salon websites templates

BeTheme is also a multipurpose website template with a plethora of ready-made demos. You get more than one demo variation under each category, which makes this template a go-to option for many users to make their dream website. Another unique feature this template has under its sleeve is its separate demo versions for the famous WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder. Both page builders are friendly and are unique in their own ways. Pick the demo version based on the workflow you prefer and start building your website. Two hair salon websites templates are there in this pack, and both of them look pretty. With all its friendly features and options, this template will help you make your dream website without any flaws.

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multipurpose salon website template

SALON website template lets the images and videos speak for you. As a multimedia-rich website template, this template delivers an engaging user experience. Lively interface and swift animations enhance the dynamic experience of this template. The book-now button is kept as a simple spherical button showing only the initial for visual aesthetic purposes. You can show the entire text so that the new user will know the purpose of the button. Take a look at our CSS buttons design collection if you like to try some cool button designs. Other than the dynamic website layout, this template is packed with useful plugins to make the owner’s life a lot easier.

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hair and nail salon website template

Jacqueline is a multipurpose beauty and massage salon website template. Hence, you get a relaxed environment in this template. Soothing color scheme and smooth animations go well with the relaxing look of this template design. This template has five demo variations and multiple inner pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is install the demo you want, add your content, and launch the website. This template is not only loaded with different designs but also loaded with useful plugins. For example, this template uses the Bookly and Events calendar plugin for online booking features. In the Bookly form, users can quickly pick the service they want. If you have nail salon features, separate bridal packages, and other such services, it is better to go with the Bookly form.

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men's hairstyle salon website template

CutStyle is a modish website template for barbershops. This template is available in both light and dark skin versions. Hence, you can either make your website look classy or elegant with just a click of a button. Make sure which version you want before installing because the light and the dark version have entirely different layouts. Elements are designed smartly in this template pack to enhance the user experience. Both versions are equipped with the WPBakery page builder. Therefore you can customize the looks without even touching the code. The CutStyle is a tad different from other hair salon websites templates in this list. If your priority is on the looks and style, this is the best option for you.

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multipurpose WordPress themes

Avada is a well-known WordPress theme for its flexible design and friendly features. Making a website template to meet all user needs is an ambitious task. This template gives you a solid base with tons of customizations instead of making hundreds of pre-made demos. Hence, you can pick the demo in your category and change the looks as per your requirements. Avada’s in-house developers make most of the features and plugins in this theme. As a result, you get a well-synchronized environment where site owners can easily manage their website and concentrate on growing their business.

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stylish website template

Revolver is another classic website template. This one has barbershop and tattoo salon website designs. Hence, you can use it for hair salon websites without any worries. The default salon website has a clean layout with more than ample space between each element. Equal importance is given for both texts and images so that you can deliver an engaging user experience. Different styles of portfolio pages are also pre-bundled in this pack to let you showcase your hairstyles in one place. When a user gets in person, they can easily refer to the style they saw in your portfolio. Plus, you can share new styles easily with your audience.

Along with the barbershop and tattoo salon websites, this template also has demos for some unique categories like the bikers club and pub. Speaking of bikers, if you are very much into extreme sports and making a website for it, please check out our sports website templates collection.

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barber and hairstylist website template

Berger is also from the creators of the Nelson theme. Hence, you can expect the same level of friendly features and professional design. The full-width layout is used effectively in this template so that you get more than enough room for all elements. Parallax scroll effects and carousels help you utilize the space effectively and engage the audience. The creator has taken care of most of the design works. You can simply add your content and launch your website in no time. Like most other hair salon websites templates, this one is also equipped with a page builder tool. Minor customizations can be done without even touching the code.

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website template for barbers

Shaver is a feature-rich barber and hair salon WordPress theme. Unlike few other hair salon websites templates out there, this one truly gives you different layout styles. Therefore you get plenty of design options to play with. Stylish fonts in the default design do give a character to the overall look of this template. You can try other fonts as well on this template. Since it is a WordPress theme with the WPBakery page builder, cosmetic changes can be done with a click. PSD files and HTML files are also included in the download file to help you make the core level customizations a lot easier.

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simple and elegant hair salon websites templates

Paradise is a graceful looking multipurpose spa and salon website template. Though it is a multipurpose website template, dedicated demos are given for each category. For example, you get demos for nail salon websites and tattoo shops along with the hair salon demo. All seven demo versions get the tidy professional look. So you can make a proper business website easily with this template. Even a newsletter subscription pop-up banner is included in the default design itself. Overall, it is one of the well-thought-out hair salon websites templates with useful features. Speaking of newsletters, take a look at our free email templates collection to create impressive emails within minutes.

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bold website template

The Hairdresser website template in this multipurpose WordPress theme pack has a bold design. Texts are sharp so that the audience can easily read and interact with your website. Since most websites receive traffic from different types of devices, having a bold design makes the interaction easier on small screen devices. The default demo itself is perfect and can be used without any hesitation. But if you like to try other demos in this pack, you can do it with ease. Plenty of customization options are there in this pack. Custom elements and sections are neatly integrated into the page builder tool. So you can bring any elements and sections to your website with just a few clicks.

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interactive hair salon websites templates

For those who want a modern website with online store options, there is no other best template than the KALLYAS. The creator has integrated WooCommerce right from the core. Hence, you can sell your services and products easily on this website. Under the health and beauty category, you get a handful of ready-made demos. The barbershop demo is close to all hair salon website needs, so you can use it to make your job simple. Being one of the best-selling WordPress themes on ThemeForest, it is updated periodically. Hence, your website will always be running on the latest WordPress version that supports all the latest features.

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These are all the best hair salon template we can recommend. However, for those on a tight budget, you can check our premium-quality free hair salon websites templates list.

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