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Landingpages has evolved a lot over time. The landing pages are not only used to showcase your products but also to improve your sales. We’ve already made a post on conversion-centered free bootstrap landing page templates, take a look at it to know how to make an effective landing page. In this post, we are going to see Shopify landing page themes.

Whether you are planning for a flash sale, big product launch exclusively on your online store, Black Friday, or season sale, these Shopify landing page themes will come in handy for you. Speaking of flash sales, the Colorpop website once went down on a flash sale. The traffic volume was so high so that the developers have to use a landing page to queue the user to access the website. A simple solution, yet it was effective at that time. As I told before, landing pages have evolved a lot and it is used for multiple purposes.

Most Shopify themes are made as section ready themes. So you can easily drag and drop the elements to create a custom landing page in no time. If you like to have more control over the custom landing page creation you can use Shopify landing page builder apps like

If you don’t have the time to build a landing page from the scratches, you can use these Shopify landing page themes. The advantage of using a readymade landing page template is you get pixel-perfect designs and code quality. Plus, you already know how to handle that theme. Some Shopify themes in this list are made for a particular occasion like Christmas and Black Friday, so you may have to tweak the design a little to meet your needs. Saying that, let us get into the Shopify landing page themes list.


Shopify Landing Page Theme

Lusion is a multi-concept Shopify theme with dedicated designs for full eCommerce stores and landing pages.

Since you get separate demos for different concepts, you can set up a store you want by simply importing the demo you want. All optimizations and default app settings are taken care of by the creator itself. Once you have finished the final integration work, your store is ready to serve the audience. Nearly twenty-five eCommerce store demo versions and five single product demo versions are there in this pack as of writing this post. The creator is updating the theme periodically, so you can expect new designs in future updates.

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product Shopify landing page themes

Unero is a clean and minimal looking Shopify theme. Because of its simple design, this theme gives a distraction-free environment where the user can enjoy the products. Right from GDPR cookies message to the popup newsletter, everything is given in this theme. Hence, setting up a proper online store will be an easy job for the developers. Nearly five homepage variations and one landing page design are given in this theme.

In the landing page design, you have a testimonial carousel right below the header section to improve your credibility. If you are planning to use the landing page to attract new users, elements like testimonials and reviews will encourage the new users to try your store. Since the default landing page design is made for one product, only one call to action button is placed at the end. Like most other Shopify landing page themes in this list, this one is also a section ready theme. Hence, rearranging the elements and sections will be an easy job.

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Shopify landing page themes for christmas sales

If you are looking for an interactive landing page for your Christmas sale, this theme will impress you. The creator of this multipurpose Shopify theme has given us two Christmas Shopify landing page themes. Animated snowflakes and bright red color elements set up the Christmas mood as soon as the user lands on your site. Even the newsletter subscription popup is given Christmas theme design, so the user will enjoy using your website for the holiday shopping. Apart from the Christmas landing page, this theme has eighteen homepage variations. With the given demo variations, you can create almost any type of online store. All the basic optimizations are done in this theme, so you can concentrate on the custom features you want.

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simple and neat Shopify landing page themes

The Lorin Shopify theme is purely designed for lingerie stores. If you are looking for a clean and stylish looking Shopify theme, this theme is worth a look. Three homepage variations and one landing page demo are given in this theme. The landing page uses a bold design so that the user can understand your message clearly. Animated countdown timers are used effectively to show the limited time offers and urge the user to act quickly. If you like to tweak the countdown timer design a bit to make it even more engaging, take a look at our CSS countdown timer collection. All the elements are placed at the right spot so that the user will find it easy to interact with your landing page. Like the store theme, the landing page is also mobile responsive. So you needn’t worry about optimizing the design for mobile devices.

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neat and clean landing page theme

In Ella shop, we get a simple yet effective landing page design. The creator has used countdown timers and big texts to clearly show the limited time deal. Like most other Shopify landing page themes in this list, this one is also a section ready theme. Hence, you can easily drag and place the sections you want. Ella is a multipurpose Shopify theme with all the basic elements and pages pre-designed for you. Pretty much all the important sections are covered in the default design itself. If you have any custom needs, you can create one manually. Just like the design, the code structure is also kept neat and simple to make the developers’ job simple.

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Shopify landing page themes for black friday sales

If you are a freelance developer or a web development agency, Shopify themes like this are a must-have collection. The creator of this theme has given us more than 200 demo variations in this theme. You can not only set up a Shopify store for any business but also for stores of all sizes. All demo variations follow a simple and elegant design where your products will look attractive. Plus, the user can also easily interact with your website.

Landing page demos are given for Black Friday and Christmas sales. Since this theme supports the one-click install, you can easily install a homepage without changing your main store design. On the landing page, you get big and bold elements to draw the user’s attention to the required elements. Bold texts clearly state the purpose of the landing page and highlight the offers.

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Shopify landing page themes with useful customization options

Fastor is another multipurpose Shopify theme with 87 demos pre-designed for almost all categories. This is one of the few themes that offer you light and dark skin design. The creator of this theme has given us plenty of customization options to create a unique looking online store. Even for the Christmas sale landing page theme, you have the option to change the frame design. Six frame designs are given in the landing page demo and can be switched easily with a single click. If unlimited customization is an important feature for you in a Shopify theme, this theme will impress you. Other useful options given in this theme are instant checkout design, product activity notifications, and 360-degree product. This theme also supports the Revolution Slider plugin, hence you can create eye-catching slides in no time.

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animated landing page theme

The Nokshi theme is made for handcraft stores. Hence, the creator has used a simple and neat design where your products will look attractive. Like the Fastor theme mentioned above, this theme doesn’t have a plethora of premade demo versions. But the given handful of designs are unique with different layouts. Along with the five homepage variations we also get one landing page demo for Christmas sale. In this Christmas theme, the creator has used the snowflakes animation only on the header section so that the user can see the main contents clearly. If you are into creating interactive animation effects, take a look at our Bootstrap animation examples collection. Since this theme is made using the Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle all modern designs and animation effects easily.

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landing page with big banners

Devita is another multipurpose Shopify theme. This theme is also from the creators of the Plantmore theme mentioned above. Hence, you can expect the same level of design and code quality. In this theme also you get Shopify landing page themes for Christmas and flash sales. Swift animations and smooth transition effects give an engaging experience to the users. Plus, the user can also easily claim the offer products without having to load many pages. Tabs and carousels are used effectively to group the related products within the given area. Take a look at our Bootstrap tabs design collection for more design inspirations. Coming to this theme, big banners are used in between the sections to highlight and show the important offers and new products.

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sales boosting Shopify landing page themes

Plantmore, from the name itself you can infer that this Shopify theme is designed for garden and botanical stores. Seven normal home page variations and three special designs for Christmas and Blackfriday are given in this theme pack. Along with different homepage designs you also get different blog designs and shopping page designs. If you like to make an engaging blog for your online store take a look at our free Blog templates collection. Since this theme is designed using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle any modern designs and the latest third-party templates. Three different Shopify landing page themes are given in this pack and all are easy to edit.

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interactive product-focused landing page

Being a single product theme, this one has a laser-focused homepage design that you would expect on a landing page. Therefore, you can use this template as a landing page without any hesitation. This template has big imageries, video sections, and interactive layout to deliver an engaging user experience. Plus, you can explain your product/services clearly to the audience. Simple yet elegant animations add life to this template and make website interaction a breeze — Even a new user can use your landing page without any issue. If you want to narrate the features of your product, this Narrative template will be a good choice.

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landing page for product launch

Launch template is primarily designed for new product launch; hence, you get a neat layout on which you can explain your services/product clearly to the audience. The content-focused design and the product-centric layout makes this template a good option for landing pages. Web elements made using the latest web development frameworks give a crisp look to the website. Since it is a mobile responsive design, you can expect the same crisp and sharp look on mobile devices as well. For those who are looking for professional-looking Shopify landing page themes, this is the best option for you.

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easy-to-edit shopify landing page template

Zeexo is one of the well-equipped multipurpose Shopify themes. This theme pack has more than 113 pre-made stores and thousands of sections pre-built for you. Since this is a Shopify 2.0 theme, it supports all the latest features Shopify has to offer. So you can use the sections to make your own custom landing page in no time. Choosing a Shopify landing page template with friendly customization options will help you make landing pages quickly whenever you want. All major shopping website categories are covered in this theme pack. All you have to do is to pick the demo you like and start making your dream online-store.

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segmen-ready shopify landing page template

November is another section-ready multipurpose Shopify theme. This theme pack has eleven pre-made demos as of writing this post, and you can expect more in the next updates as it is one of the best selling Shopify themes. Design-wise, all demos in this theme follow an image-rich layout. Big image banners and product image spaces make it a perfect option for online brand stores because it can visually engage the audience and improve brand visibility. Product pages and cart pages are designed smartly so that the audience can easily buy your product with just a few clicks. The creator has covered the basic pages in the customer purchase cycle. Once you have configured the payment gateway, you can simply launch your website.

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shopify landing page template for beauty stores

Iva will help you make a stunning looking Shopify landing page for a beauty product. The creator has maintained an elegant look on all the pages so that you can gracefully showcase your beauty products. All three demos in this pack use a full-width layout, which gives you more than enough screen real estate to add all your web elements and promote your products neatly to your audience. The default homepage designs have parallax scroll sections; you can use it to make your landing page engaging to the audience.

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interactive one-page and landingpage shopify theme

Startup is also similar to the Launch Shopify theme mentioned above. This template is also designed for small online stores. The modular layout of this template makes it a perfect option for both one-page stores and landing pages. This template has four demo variations and you can use any of them for your landing page. The clean white background lets you easily highlight the important elements and help the user to easily interact with your website. Video sections are given in the default design itself, which will help you explain the product clearly to the audience. Since this template is running on the latest Shopify version, it supports all major video formats.

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clean landing page

This is the best template for your landing page if you want to stun your audience with your product design. The big imagery layout of this template lets you elegantly showcase your product. Though the default template is made for cosmetic products, you can use it for other types of products as well. The whole design is kept as simple as possible so that you can easily add custom features and design elements to your website. Conversion elements like the newsletter popup & gift card options are given in this template, which will help you collect more new leads.

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minimal shopify landing page theme

This theme might fit your needs for those looking for a minimal landing page design, especially for furniture and apparel stores. This template’s six homepage variations will hep you elegantly showcase your latest products. Smooth hover effects will help the user feel your products and get an idea before getting to the product page. Since this template is fully equipped, you can even use it for your main store.

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premium-quality theme

Prestige theme is designed especially for luxury products. Hence the creator has maintained a premium-look throughout the theme. Each and every page is designed smartly so that your product looks elegant on the theme. Three demo variations are there in this pack. Some demo options even have video options to let the user feel your product before buying it. Since this theme is designed from the eCommerce perspective, online shoppers will find this landing page easy to use. Plus, it is a Shopify powered theme; you can do all eCommerce stuff easily without breaking a sweat. If you are looking for Shopify landing page themes that boost your brand image and increase your sales, this theme is worth a try.

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simple and easily applicable landing page

The Flone gives you two Shopify landing page themes in this pack. One theme is exclusively designed for the Christmas sales, while the other is designed for all types of sales. In the Christmas sales design, you get the snow effect, bright red colors, and everything you need to set the Xmas vibe. The creator has used swift and smooth animation effects to give an engaging experience to the user. Since all the demo versions in this theme are made using the Bootstrap 4 framework, developers can easily add modern custom elements in this theme. Apart from the landing page design, you also get eleven homepage variations in this theme.

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goal specific landing page theme

Logancee is a minimal looking Shopify theme for apparel stores and salons. Nearly 16 homepage variations are given in this theme and each has a proper professional look. The creators of this theme have given all important elements and sections so that you can make any type of homepage using this theme. In the default homepage design itself you can see flash sales banners, countdown timers, and email collecting forms. Hence, setting up a landing page using this theme will be an easy job. Plus, it also supports drag and drop sections to make your job simple. If you are looking for a versatile theme that can have your back at all the time, this theme would be a good choice.

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interactive Shopify landing page themes

If you are looking for an interactive landing page design to showcase your collection, the Split slider landing page in Mr.Bara will be a good choice. The creator has managed to add important elements like shopping buttons, user reviews, and best features in this split-slider design. Because of this split slider design, you also get an ample amount of space for adding images. In the default design, a contact page is added at the end. But, you can add a subscription box or an inquiry form, based on your needs. If you are into email marketing, take a look at our MailChimp email templates collection to crate impressive email templates within minutes. This theme has 22 amazing demos, if you are not into split slider design, you can choose the layout you like.

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minimal landing page theme

The Supro theme is also from the same creators of the Mr.Bara theme mentioned above. More than 15 demos are given in this theme and all of them have a unique design. The creator has used modern web design trends effectively in this theme to attract present-day users. The smartly designed homepages give you an engaging experience. You can almost choose any homepage in this theme and can use it as your landing page. Useful widgets like the countdown timer, email subscription forms, offer banners are given in this theme. All you have to do is to add the sections you want and make your landing page. Apart from the landing page design, this theme also has a design Instagram shop. So if you are running any special sales for your loyal Instagram followers, the Instagram shop design might come in handy for you.

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image-rich landing page theme

Since most users access the website via mobile phones, making a landing page engaging enough for both computer and mobile users is inevitable. Parallax scroll effect pages are one of the effective ways to create an engaging design for all types of users. The creator of this theme has used the scroll effect to list all the offers and flash sale collection on one page. Though you don’t have any physical call to action button, the creator has given you the option to click the image and go to the corresponding pages. This theme is also a multipurpose Shopify theme with multiple demos. Hence, you can choose another homepage design and use it as a landing page for your sales and product launch.

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conversion centered landing page theme

Images play a major role in modern web design. Designers use images effectively to deliver the message clearly to the audience. Plus, with the help of interactive animation effects, you can add life to the image. If you are making a Shopify website for a brand store, this theme will be a good choice. The store owners can elegantly showcase the products with the help of the custom product images. If you don’t have enough budget to take custom images for your products, take a look at our mockups collection to create photorealistic images within minutes. Nearly 17 demo variations are given in this theme and you can pick any homepage design and use it to make a landing page for your store.

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