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Cafepress is known for its custom t-shirts, mugs, and merchandise. With Cafepress’s customize gift feature, you can make your gift personal and also can express your feelings. If you also want to start a unique gift store or an apparel store that allows users to customize the product to their wish, these Cafepress website templates will come in handy for you. Some website templates give you product customization features out of the box itself. While some templates give you the look of the Cafepress website and you have to work on the custom features you want. WooCommerce powers most Cafepress website templates in this list. Hence there are lots of plugins out there to help you easily add the features you want.

Another strongest point of the actual Cafepress store is its designers/vendors. Designers were able to showcase their unique designs on the Cafepress store and sell them directly to the customers. The Cafepress website templates in this list support multi-vendor features. All you have to do is to configure the multi-vendor plugin with your store and let vendors sell through your website. As you can see, most of the basic functionalities and options are taken care of by the theme developer itself. All you have to do is to fine-tune the template as per your needs.


custom t-shirt store Cafepress website template

TEEPRO is a feature-rich Cafepress website template. Online store owners concentrating on custom t-shirts and supporting multiple vendors will love this template. Since the vendor and custom printing options are there from this template’s core, you can expect a seamless experience. The creator has utilized WooCommerce to the fullest and given you six ready-made demo WooCommerce online t-shirt website templates.

You can simply install the demo you like and start making your custom t-shirt online store. A complete guide and documentation are given in this template to make things easier for the starters. In a word, TEEPRO is the best Cafepress website template to manage custom printing orders.

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feature-rich cafepress website template

Staaw is another print-on-demand t-shirt website template. The creator has added support for the famous Printful and Printify plugins to make your t-shirt printing orders easier. Right from the homepage to the FAQs and customer support page everything is given in this pack. Therefore you can provide proper support to your customers and new customers will also read and know a lot about your service. Like most other WordPress CafePress website templates in this list, this one also supports WooCommerce out of the box to make your online store job easier.

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multi-concept online store template

PeakShops is a multi-concept eCommerce store website template. With the flexible design and friendlier customization options, you can convert the apparel store website demo into a t-shirt store website. This WooCommerce template has everything you need to make the purchase experience easier. For example, you get the option to see the product video, different hover styles, product color swatches, product tab styles, and much more. The creator has done a core-level optimization in this theme so that you can experience a lightning online store, which is a must in the modern internet world. Another advantage of this theme is it is compatible with all famous plugins, so you can add custom features by simply installing the corresponding plugin.

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user-friendly cafepress website templates

Shopkeeper is a modern eCommerce store website. Big imageries and white spaces give a tidy look to the website. Users can easily pick the product they want and can see the product variants without even going to the particular product page; this not only saves users time but also helps you easily manage the server load. All these dynamic functions are combined with swift animation effects to deliver an impeccable user experience. The creator has handled the elements smartly to improve the engagement rate. For example, floating social media icons let the user easily share the product they want. Drop shadows are used effectively in this template to distinguish the important elements from others neatly.

Carefully integrated WooCommerce takes care of the basic eCommerce store functions. All you have to do is to add the custom features and options you want in your store. Properly configured Cafepress website templates like this will help you create a near-perfect online store like Cafepress.

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online store theme for clothes and apparels

The Cafepress is a big success because of its creative vendors. Unique designs by the vendors attract the users towards the site. Building a multi-vendor site isn’t an easy job. You would need a strong developer team to make a platform that easily manages all vendors and their products. Urna is a readymade solution that allows you to manage multiple-vendors out of the box. This template supports famous marketplace apps like Dokan, WCMP, and WCFM marketplace. Advanced payment options and multiple currencies also given along with the multiple-vendor option to make a friendly website for both sellers and buyers. Since all the basic functions are already taken care of by the theme creator, we can concentrate on fine-tuning the design and features. If you want to make your Shopify store into a marketplace, take a look at our Shopify market place apps list to set up a marketplace easily.

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WP Configurator

easy-to-customized website template

WP Configurator is a unique WooCommerce website template that will help you make a website that is almost similar to the Cafepress website, Intrigued? Yes, you will be. This template not only allows you to list your product but also lets the user easily configure the product. Users can easily change the colors, texts, designs, and a lot more from the given option and can order their product. This unique feature makes this template trending in the marketplace and also sells well when compared to its counterparts. The creator has used KingComposer for this unique website. All the basic customizations can be done via the page builder itself.

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contemporary-style online store template

Ekommart is a trendy looking and fun-to-use eCommerce website template. The creator has used modern design elements and swift animations to make a livelier website. This theme pack has more than 20 readymade demos, and you get dedicated demos for t-shirt and merchandise stores. With the help of the friendly customization options and the Elementor page builder, you can make a website that is even better than the original Cafepress website. Each and every section of the website template is designed with care to deliver a better user experience. If you don’t have any special requirements, you can straight away install this theme and launch your online store in no time.

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minimal eCommerce website template

Metro is a minimal website template. The creator has utilized the white spaces effectively so that the website doesn’t feel cramped. Plus, users can easily interact with the product. This theme pack has seven homepage designs, five shopping page variations, and seven product page variations. When you do the permutation and combination with all these variations, you can create a unique website that lets you stay ahead of the competition. The creator is providing constant updates to this WooCommerce store theme. So you can add any latest tools and plugins to make a proper website that meets present-day audiences’ needs.

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multivendor website template

Pinkmart is one of the best dynamic Cafepress website templates in this list. The creator has given lots of dynamic functions in this theme so that users can easily see product details and add them to their cart without leaving the page. All major online store categories are covered in this pack. Pick a demo based on your store needs and start building your dream website. This theme natively supports Dokan and WCFM multi-vendor plugins. Therefore, you can run a multi-vendor marketplace easily with this theme. As you can see, this theme has already taken care of most of the crucial functions. Once you have integrated your custom features, you can launch your store.

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neatly categorized cafepress website templates

Ciao is a minimalist style multipurpose eCommerce store website template. This template has 11 demo variations, which have a pre-designed store for all major store types. Just pick the store type you want and edit it as per your needs. The creator has given us the Elementor page builder to make minor customizations easier. If you need an element, just drag and drop the required element in the place you want. In the Cafepress website, you get a left sidebar shopping page design with filter options. In this template also the creator has given shopping page with/without sidebars. Based on your design needs, you can pick one. All these multiple layouts and designs will help you set up a unique website. If you are looking for Cafepress website templates with friendly customization options, this is the best option for you.

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minimalist style apparel store

Cerato is another multipurpose eCommerce store theme. Like most other Cafepress website templates in this list, WooCommerce powers this template as well. This template has nearly 21 demos for different stores. Right from the fashion store to the supermarket store, everything can be designed using this template. Many smart online store features are given in this template to make the experience buttery smooth for both store owners and store visitors. For example, you can easily manage the product variations, and the users can see the variations easily via the quick view. Other useful features are mega menu options, 360-degree product view, and perfectly tailored mobile-optimized design. Using mobile responsive Cafepress website templates help you reach all types of users.

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multivendor cafepress website templates

Firezy is the best option for big online stores. Smartly designed home page variations and neat sectionings will help you manage the large inventory. Images and banners are a part of the design. Hence, you can easily showcase your products, plus, you can also promote your new offers. The creator has used the Revolution Slider to create interactive product sliders and offer sliders. If you are not interested in using readymade slider templates, take a look at our Bootstrap sliders example to create your own unique sliders. Carousels and smooth animation effects are used to organize the products neatly. As a result, users can see all the related products in one place. Bright colors draw user attention to the required elements. Overall, the Firezy is a thoughtfully designed online store website.

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clean multipurpose ecommerce website templates

The creator of this template has handled this template smartly. It is one of the best Cafepress website templates with a well-executed design. Each and every section is designed with care to promote your products without disturbing the user’s shopping experience. This template has twenty demo variations as of writing this post. Since this is the best selling theme, you can expect new demos in the future updates. The creator has sued Ajax for cart and search forms; hence the user can quickly add their product to the cart and search for the next item without loading the page. The strong WooCommerce platform not only gives you the best eCommerce store experience but also gives you the flexibility to easily add the features you want.

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contemporary style cafepress website templates

If you are looking for a product-focused Cafepress website templates, this is the best option for you. The minimalist look of this template can be felt on both computers and mobile devices. The modern, clean, and intuitive design of this template will impress all types of users. Since only the required elements are on the webpages, users can easily buy the product they want. Images and videos are used extensively in this template to let the user fully experience your product. This template has multiple layouts and multiple pages pre-designed for you. With the help of the WPBakery page builder, you can easily edit the pages as per your needs. In a word, this template will help you make a website that stands out from the rest of the online store websites.

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cafepress website templates with friendly options

KartPul is also from the same creator of the Firezy template mentioned above. You can expect the same design and code quality in this template also. The WCMarket place plugin is pre-integrated for you to set up a multi-vendor site easily. Other premium plugins like the Revolution Slider, WPBakery page builder, and the Elementor page builder are also given in this template. As you can see, this is one of the best well-equipped Cafepress website templates. Once you have installed the theme, you can simply launch the website. This template has ten pre-made concept demos; each has a different layout and different sections.

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tredny looking website templates

Rey is a stylish-looking website template for fashion, furniture, and merchandise stores. This template has nearly 15 demo variations, and all of them have a striking design. Each demo uses a different layout and style, which not only gives you more layout options but also helps you set up a unique store. The full-width layout is used effectively in this template so that you get plenty of space for images and product listing. Modern design elements and scroll effects give an immersive user experience. Since this template is designed using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, the dynamic webpages load faster. Basic premium website template features like page builders and multiple inner pages are given in this template.

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bold and straightforward website templates

Kapee is also a modern eCommerce store website template but not as radical as the Rey template mentioned above. If you like to add a modern look to a traditional website, this template will impress you. This template has ten homepage variations and three maintenance page layouts. White spaces are used effectively in all demo variations so that you can easily highlight the important products. Though this template doesn’t have any multi-vendor plugins out of the box, it supports famous plugins like Dokan and WCMarketplace. Hence, adding multi-vendor features will be an easy job for the developers. Overall, by spending a few hours, you can make a website almost similar to the Cafepress.

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online store template for big invetories

eMarket is a unique template in this Cafepress website templates list. This template is more than a responsive website template. The creator has given two separate mobile layouts along with the ten desktop homepage variations. If most of your website traffic is from mobile devices, this mobile-first layout will help you convert more users. This theme also supports famous marketplace apps Dokan and WC vendors to make your job simple. Apart from the mobile-first design and multi-vendor support, this template also has a beautiful desktop website design. Big imageries and carousels help you to showcase your best products neatly. If you are into the mobile-first design, Cafepress website templates like this will be a good choice.

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multipurpose eCommerce store website templates

Martfury is a feature-loaded WooCommerce website template. This template is purely designed by keeping present-day users, and store owners need. Since this template supports multi-vendor options, store owners will find this template extremely easy to use. Like the above-mentioned eMarket website template, this template also has three mobile-first designs. Lots of premium plugins and WooCommerce special Yith plugins are bundled in this template, which makes the Martfury the best value for your money template. Different types of store demos are given in this template. And another unique feature in this template is it has both the WPBakery and the Elementor page builder templates. Based on the workflow you like, pick the template with the page builder you want.

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marketplace website template

Marketo is an affordable premium WooCommerce website template. This one is also a multipurpose eCommerce website template with multiple demos. This template has fifteen demo variations and two Dokan multi-vendor demos. Unlike few Cafepress website templates, this one not only supports the Dokan plugin but also has a dedicated Dokan theme for you to set up the website easily. Since this template is designed for big e-market right from the beginning, you can easily manage large inventories. This template uses the famous Elementor page builder for front-end customization. The simple code structure makes the backend customization easier. This template meets the code standard, followed by professional developers. Hence, working with this template will be an easy job for your developers.

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simple cafepress website templates

Hongo is a precisely designed modern eCommerce store website template. None of the elements are out of place or looks odd on this template. The consistent design quality of this template helps you easily brand your website and also make a long-lasting impression on your user. Color combinations, animation effects, font size, everything is perfect in this template. All you have to do is to pick a template and launch the website. Unless you have any custom needs, you can use this template as such.

This template uses the WPBakery page builder for front-end customization. Both regular web elements and 200+ custom web elements are added to the page builder. You can easily search the template and add it to your webpages. Just like the shopping page and the homepages, other inner pages also have a modern look. Overall, Hongo is purely designed for modern store owners who concentrate on building a brand.

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product-focused cafepress website templates

Dynamic websites that take less time to load and avoid unnecessary loading is the current web standard. Since most of the internet traffic is from handheld devices, reducing the load time will improve user interaction. In an event, Google mentioned that for every one-second delay, your website is missing a potential customer. Hence, you have to concentrate on both designs and code structures when you make a website. Elessi is one such template that concentrates on both design and code. The creator has also given you separate mobile layouts to deliver a silky smooth mobile user experience. Plus, ajax elements are also used to give results dynamically without loading the page too often. As you can see, the creator has thought about all the basic needs of an eCommerce store. Using CafePress website templates like this saves you money and time.

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The Retailer

cafepress look a like cafepress website templates

For those who want a pure product-focused eCommerce store, this is the best option. The minimalist design of this template neatly highlights the product. Users can quickly see the product details and offers as soon as they land on your website. Since most of the web elements are designed using coding, they look crisp and sharp even on high-res screens. If you manage to use retina-ready images and logos, your eCommerce store will look stunning. Having a retina-ready website may not be a big deal before, but now it’s a must. Even budget smartphones have 720p displays, so having a retina-ready theme is an advantage. Apart from the crystal clear design, this template has all the basic WooCommerce functions. Once you install the custom features you want, you can simply launch your store.

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image-rich online store templates

Sober is an ultra-clean, pristine eCommerce website template. This template has 10+ pre-designed online store demos. Each demo is unique and has a different homepage design. Portfolio pages are also included in this template, along with the basic online store pages. If you are offering special designs on a request basis, you can use these portfolio pages to showcase your previous projects. This image-rich shopping website template helps you neatly list the products. Plus, the hover effects are used smartly to see the product details.

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flat style ecommerce website template

From the name itself you can infer that this is a flat style website template. Along with the eCommerce store websites, you also get other business website template designs. Right from a freelancer website to a big eCommerce store, everything can be designed using this template. All these pre-designed templates and friendly customization options make this template as one of the best selling templates. With periodic updates, this template is running on the latest web development frameworks and is compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. The creator has covered you on the design segment; all you have to do is take care of the functionalities.

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fashion store website templates

Kable is another minimal looking WooCommerce website template. The creator of this template has covered all the major online store niches in its demo. You can quickly pick a demo and start working on it. Like most other modern premium templates, this one also has the one-click installation option. Hence, installing the theme and initial setups will be easier for the users. Among the 16 pre-designed demos, one of them is close to the Cafepress website’s default design. Flexible code base and the friendly WPBakery will make the customization job easier.

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online store website template with auction features

iBid is designed based on a unique concept. This template allows you to run auctions on your website. If you are into such a business model, this template might impress you. Since you have to handle multiple vendors, this template supports multi-vendor Dokan plugin out of the box. You even get a demo without auction functionality, so this template is flexible for all types of shop owners. The WPBakery page builder will make your customization job easier. Interactive design and useful features will help you set up a proper website in no time. All demo options are mobile responsive, and basic customizations are already taken care of by the theme developer.

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clean cafepress website templates

Claue is another minimal website template. This template has ten homepage variations, and you even get an Instagram shop design in this template. The creator has made a design for almost all types of store owners. Lots of white space is used in this template, which not only gives a tidy look to the website but also makes the interaction easier. Since this template is made using the latest HTML5 framework and supports the latest WordPress version, it can handle all types of content. You can add videos to your product page to clearly explain your product. You can make a complete website using this template by spending a few hours.

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