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The fashion industry is one of the most competitive and lucrative industries. Online stores help small business owners with creative ideas make their fashion products reach a bigger audience. Statista estimated that the average revenue per user in online clothing stores to be $301 by the year 2025. After the growth of online stores, the rate of direct sales to the customer has increased from 3% (2007) to 11%(2017), which helps the small brand to get direct customers easily. If you are running a boutique shop, these free website templates will help you gain more customers.

One of the major concerns user experience in online shopping is the payment process. There are several payment services out there to help you, these free boutique website templates are flexible enough to integrate with any payment services. Another biggest concern online brands face is the death of brand loyalty due to market fragmentation. Taking your business online helps you to minimize the effect of fragmentation, as your consumer volume increases considerably. All these free boutique website templates are properly optimized for SEO from the coding side. With a proper digital marketing strategy, you can improve the reach of your website.


product focused boutique website template

Product is a product-centric boutique website template. From the homepage header to the checkout-page, every page is designed to make the shopping experience easier for the audience.

Big imageries and white spaces make the interactions easier. Plus, the product images look crisp on this layout. No matter on which device your customers are viewing your website, they can view the product and place the order easily on the go. Once you have completed the backend work and payment integration, your website is ready to reach the global audience. If you are into the Shopify eCommerce platform, look at our best Shopify themes collection.

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modern boutique website template

MaleFashion is one of the best stylish boutique website templates. The smartly handled layout and modern web elements will attract the present-day audience. Plus, it also makes shopping easier. Smart hover actions let the audience quickly add a product to the cart and also add to their favorite list. Fundamental pages with all necessary web elements are included in the default design itself to make the site owner’s job simpler.

Since it is an HTML5 website template, animations and elements can be redesigned without breaking the page. The simple code structure of the template will help the developers easily convert this template into a fully functional eCommerce store.

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well-organized boutique store website template

Ashion is a stylish boutique and fashion store website template. This HTML template ticks all the basic elements a modern boutique store must-have. For example, you get promotional banners, well-organized shopping pages and product sections, and social media widgets. Speaking of widgets, this template has an Instagram widget near the footer section. If you are very active on Instagram and getting a good volume of traffic and referrals from Instagram, the default widget will come in handy for you. Since this is a sensibly designed free boutique website template, you can convert it into a proper online store with less effort.

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trendy looking free boutique website templates

Winkel website template is a general-purpose online apparel store website. Since this template is originally designed for apparel stores, this will help you set a proper boutique store websites. You can expect all the features and options that you would normally expect in normal free boutique website templates. Interactive animation effects and stylish fonts make this template trendy and appealing. Only a handful of free boutique website templates have premium quality design and the Winkel template is one among them. The only thing you have to fix in this template is the navigation menu font size on the desktop version. To give a visual aesthetic to the template, the creator has made the menu fonts small, but functionality-wise it is better to make the menu option bigger and visible.

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free ecommerce website templates for apparel stores

If you are looking for free boutique website templates to make a simple and elegant website for a new boutique store, this would be a good option. The creator has used lots of blocks and banners to make neatly organize the products and promote your sales elegantly to the users. On the Winkel website template homepage mentioned-above, you have space to give a quick intro of your store. But in this template, you have a straightforward homepage design that lets you show only the product. The Shopmax is one of the best free boutique website templates with a premium quality well-written code structure. Hence, you can easily customize this template and add the features you want.

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responsive boutique website templates

Minishop is primarily designed for online apparel stores, but it has all the features and options we would normally expect in a free boutique website templates. Hence, we can use this template for boutique websites without any worries. The creator of this template has utilized the full-width layout effectively to show the product elegantly to the users. Plus, interactive and sensible animation effects are used to let the user feel the product before they buy. If you are looking for free boutique website templates with a neat design and useful features, this template will impress you. Right from the shopping page to the checkout page, all basic pages are included in this pack. Hence, you can set up a proper website in no time.

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simple and clean website template

Violet is the best website template to elegantly showcase your products and collection. The creator has used an unorthodox color scheme in this template. If you like to keep your website unique, you can stick to the default color scheme, or else you can use your own color scheme. Like most free boutique website templates in this list, this one also uses the latest CSS3 script. Hence, you can use any modern colors and gradients without any issue. Shopping pages are designed smartly so you have more than enough space to list and group your products. Plus, you also have space to add promotional banners on the shopping page to boost your sales.

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customer-centric online store website template

From the name itself you can understand that this template is made for online stores from the ground up. The straightforward homepage design shows the products and offers as soon as the user lands on your website. Bright color tags neatly highlight the important product from the others. Star rating elements are also shown right below the products to let the user easily pick the design the best product they want. If you want really make a customer-friendly store, review elements are the best options. To let your customers express their review clearly, look at our expressive star rating CSS design collection.

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interactive website template

Fashi is a contemporary online store website template. The creator has kept the design flexible and neat so that you can use this template for all types of online stores. Big images and banners sections let you elegantly promote your products without disturbing the user’s shopping experience. Though it is a free template, the creator has given this a pixel-perfect design you would normally see in premium website templates. Smooth animation effects and modern elements to neatly organize the products make the website tidy and easy to use. Using thoughtfully designed free boutique website templates like this will make the interactions easier on mobile devices as well.

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easy to maintain free boutique website templates

If you are looking for a brand focused free boutique website templates, this template will impress you. Big sections and bold texts will help you highlight and show the best products and offers. The only thing you have to keep in mind is it is a one-page template. You can either use this template as a landing page or you can use this template as a base to create your own custom template. Scroll effects and hover effects are used effectively in this template to let you deliver the content engagingly to the audience. Though it is a one-page template, you get all basic elements to set up a proper boutique website. For example, you get a countdown timer, testimonial carouse, contact page and plenty of other useful elements. Hence, you can set up a user-friendly website using this template.

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free tailoring website template

As the name implies, it is a tailoring website template for men. A rich and classy look is maintained throughout the website. If you want to create a long-lasting brand impression, boutique website templates like this will be a good choice. Every element is designed precisely, and the well-calibrated animation elevates the overall richness of the website. The entire icon set, font-pack, and images are included in the download folder to help you easily make your dream website. Since it is a tailoring service website template, you don’t get a shopping page in this template. If you are offering a customized design solution for your customers along with boutique dress sales, this template will be a good fit for you.

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male fashion and accessory store

Though the name says it is a male fashion store website template, you can use it for all fashion and accessory store websites. A stylish and interactive layout is used in this template, which will help the users easily find your collections. You get filter options on the shopping page and quick search options to narrow the search result. Since it is a free HTML template, all features work smoothly from the front-end side. Once you finish the back-end work, you can launch your online store and sell your collections effortlessly through your website.

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minimal looking brand focused website template

Dealers is a trendy looking minimal website template. If you are making a brand focused website for your store, free boutique website templates like this will impress you. The creator has used the white space effectively to present the contents engagingly to the audience. Apart from the regular eCommerce pages like shopping page, cart page, and checkout page, this template has other useful pages like the about page. On the about page, you even have space to add video content. Like most free boutique website templates, this one is also made using the HTML5 template. Hence, this template can handle video content easily.

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Divisma is a fully functional websites template with all the important features you need to create a proper boutique website. The full-width layout of this template gives you more than enough space to showcase your products elegantly for the users. Promotional elements like banners and ribbons are given in this template to highlight your latest and best-selling products. From the product page to the checkout page all the pages are pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to add your products and start selling them on your site. Since it is a free website template, you have to take care of the backend integration by yourself.

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Modist website template is primarily designed for apparel stores. So you get all the elements to promote your clothing and accessories. The clean minimal design of this template gives a distraction-free environment to enjoy your products. Throughout the template, the designer has followed a trendy modern web design. If you are new in the industry with fresh new designs, this website template will reflect your fresh ideas and creative designs. In this template also all the necessary pages are pre-designed for you to make your job easy.

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The Plaza


The Plaza is a trendy looking modern website template for apparel stores. Primarily this template is designed for the women’s apparel store, but you can use it for other purposes as well. The designer of this template has used the full-width layout with big web elements and fully stretched carousels. Most of the space is reserved for the images so users can see the products. Visual effects are used to give useful options like the quick view and add to favorite. As this is a free HTML template, you must take care of the backend integration to make the options fully functional.

All the important shopping pages like the product page, cart page, and the checkout pages are included in this template. In all the subpages, the web page breadcrumbs are given at the top. Using the bread crumbs the user can easily jump back to the page they want. The footer section of the template is made big enough to handle all the page links and texts. Since it is an eCommerce store website, you will be having a lot of policies to mention. The clean footer section will help you list all the page links.

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Shoppers is the best website template for a brand focused stores. If you are selling your own brand or franchising one particular brand, this website template will help you brand your website. The homepage of the template is comparatively smaller when compared to other online store websites. Though the homepage size is limited, you have enough elements to list your products. Lots of white space is used to add more products to the web page without making the page look clustered. Modern trendy colors are used for the web elements, which looks appealing on the clean white background.

In the shopping page, you have all the filter option listed on the sidebar. Interactive sliders are also given in the filter section so that mobile users can also interact easily with the elements. In the single product page, you have ample space to explain the product features. Below the product page, you have related products section to keep the users within your website. In the footer section, widgets show the latest offers and promotional products. Overall the Shoppers is a sensibly designed eCommerce website template to increase your sales.

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Fashiop is the best option for boutique websites. You can use this template as such without making any customizations. Even if you need to customize the template, you can do it easily with this template. The developer of this template has made the code structure flexible. As professional code standards are used in this template, other web developers will find it easy to work with it. Coming to the template’s design, this one uses a very simple design with minimal structure. This minimal structure shows the product clearly to the users. Colorful products look more vibrant on this pristine layout.

A professional blue color scheme is used for the web elements and the hover effects. If you have your own brand color, you can customize the color scheme to your needs. On the homepage itself, you have space to list some of your best selling products. Right from shopping page to the confirmation page, all the subpages are included in this template. All you have to do is to take care of the backend integration part.

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aStar is a unique looking website template for online stores. To keep the main content area undisturbed a static sidebar is used. In the sidebar, you can list all the navigation options, your logo, and the social media profile links. If you are an emerging brand, the static sidebar increases your brand visibility on your website. Even after leaving your website, the customer will remember your brand. A shopping cart icon is given on the sidebar, which gives a live value of the product cost in your cart. The users can easily keep track of how much they are spending on your website. If you are planning to make a user-friendly dashboard for your users, take a look at our free dashboard template collection. Blog page template is also included in this template to help you share useful contents with your users.

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Essence is a perfect option for small boutiques. The clean design of this template helps you to showcase your products elegantly. On the homepage, you have blocks to show categories, new products, and new offers. You also have space to show some of your best collections on the homepage. Tags of different colors are used to show the offers and new products. From the homepage, you can allow the user to add a product to the cart or their wish list. Nearly 50% of the online users feel they can’t try the product before buying. ECommerce retailers alleviate these issue by showing multiple images of the product. The creator of this template has used the hover effects to smartly show the product images within the given space.

In the shop page, the whole left-hand sidebar is reserved for the filter options. To make the template interactive, sliders are also given in the filter option. This template is completely functional from the front end, all you have to do is to take care of the backend work.

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Wish is the best option for both mid and big e-commerce stores. This template has all the option to set up a proper online store and elements to promote the products. In the homepage, you have options to few of your best products, categories, and ongoing offers. Most of the space in this template is reserved for the images so you can add high-quality images of any orientation without any issue. The designer of this template has used the full-width layout with big web elements in the shop page. Big web elements give you enough space to show your product image along with their ratings and price tag.

You have a sidebar on either side of the website to add filter options and promotional banners. As this template is designed for medium businesses you have lead capturing element like subscription form in all the pages. An Instagram widget is also given on the homepage to increase your social media followers count.

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Listashop is a modern creative website template for boutiques and apparel stores. If you are designing your products, then this creative template will match your taste. Content blocks highlight the important contents from the rest of the background design. Shadow effects are used to make the latest product section distinctive from the rest of the design. In the header, you have space to add a few lines about your shop and an image. If you design and make your product, you can give an inspiring intro to your business. To promote sales, you have animated countdown timer in between the sections. To improve your best product visibility, you have a frequently bought section in the homepage. Along with the shop page, you also get cart, checkout, and confirmation pages. Check out our email template collection to increase your product reach.

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Coza Store


Coza Store is a premium feature rich eCommerce website template. This well-coded website template has all the features in its core design itself, so all you have to do is to take care of the integration part. The simple clean minimal design of the template helps you to elegantly showcase your product. Interactive visual effects add life to your products and also draws user attention to the required web elements.

The users can have a quick overview of the product from without leaving the homepage. Lightbox effects are used to show the product details in the quick overview option. But still, this template has its own shop page and also have other subpages pre-designed for you. You can make a separate page for each product if you want. Another highlight of this template is it has three homepage variations with a different design. It is very rare to find a free template with so many features and options, so make sure you mark this template.

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Karl is a perfect boutique website template and an apparel store website template. If you are planning to make your boutique store a big brand with own unique design and collection, then this the template you must check out. With the clean design and cool visual effects, this template makes the user stay on the website for a longer period of time. Big image sections are given in this template to help you showcase your product neatly.

On the homepage itself, you can show some glimpses of your best collection to hook the users and later you can take the users to your main shopping page. In the single product page, you have space to mention the product details, shipping cost, and related products. A survey shows 58% of the users don’t like paying extra for shipping, so in the product shipping section, you can mention the shipping cost.

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This template is for the minimal design lovers. The simple clean design of this template gives a distraction-free shopping experience to the users. Colorful web elements and subtle animation effects are used to genuinely promote products. The color schemes are handled with care in this template to match the clean design of the template and also to highlight important web elements. In the homepage, you have a big image slider in the header section to show the latest products and offers. Each section in the homepage is made big enough to showcase some of your best collections. In between section, you have parallax images and testimonials. Speaking of testimonials, top online apparel stores uses customer review and testimonials to encourage new users to buy a product. The Store also has a blog template to create a content-rich active website.

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ColoShop is a multipurpose eCommerce website template. With the neat layout and proper segmented design, people can easily find the desired product. As mentioned before, one of the least favorite feature of online shopping for the customer is paying for shipping. In this template, you have space at the top bar to mention that shipping is free above certain price range. If you have customers around the globe, the translation option and currency switcher option will come handy for you. The language selection option are only for demo purpose, you have to manually take care of the translation feature. Design wise, this template has all the elements placed in the most appropriate positions to improve the user experience. Carousels and tabbed interface are used in this template to help you list more product within the given space in the homepage.

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Persuit is another must have template for the web developers. This template is filled with many features and page options, to help you start and complete a project in no time. As a package, this template comes with six homepage variations, plus all the sub-page predesigned for you. This template even gives you pre-made 404 page in this package. All six homepage variations have a different layout and follow different design. With this template, you can set up multiple websites simultaneously. Each layout has its web elements and features if you want you can take options from other templates and build your own Frankenstein custom template. In all the template variations you have bold texts and smooth animation effects to promote your product. For shop page and product page also you have different designs, based on your need select the one that best suits you.

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If you offer a wide range of collections with different designs, this template is the one for you. Primarily this template is made for both apparels and clothes, so you have plenty of segmentation in this template. The homepage of this template is big enough to accommodate all the elements and products. In each section, you have carousels with sleek animation effects to list the best product in that category.

Instead of hiding the categories behind the hamburger menu, the designer has put it in an always hanging bar. As soon as the users enter your site, they can easily jump to the category they want. An animated countdown is given for each product so that you can mention when the deal closes for that particular product. In the top navigation bar, you have account settings and user login option. Look at our dashboard template collection to help your users easily manage their orders.

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Fashe is another simple looking modern minimal website template for online stores. This template also provides you different homepage variations in its package. With this template, you get three homepage variations with a different design. All three homepage variation follows the same simple design with lots of white space. On the clean white background, the product looks clean and vibrant. Animation effects are used to add visual richness to this template. Another most important feature modern users prefer in an eCommerce website is ease of payment. If you are accepting cash on delivery, then it is well and good. But for online payments, make sure the payment process is simple. Also clearly mention the return and refund policies on the order page, because nearly 34% of online shoppers worry about product replacement.

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Footwear, as the name implies this template is made for online footwear store. The easy to customize structure and flexible layout make this template the best option for a boutique store website. The homepage design of this template is simple. You have banners to mention the offers, big image holders to show categories, and list a few of your products. The flat design of this template makes the product look clearer and easy to interact.

Light color scheme gives a pleasant environment for the users inside your website. In the cart page, you have step by step process indicator at the top to let the user know what are all the information they need to provide; this design mentally prepares the user and also let them feel the ease of placing an order. Since this template is designed for footwear websites, the elements in the product description page are related to the footwear niche.

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Sublime website template is designed for a small brand store. Though this template is primarily for electronic gadgets, you can use it for your boutique store. This template includes more creative design and fewer animation effects. Big banners and image holders are used to effectively use the full-width design. In the homepage itself, you have sections and elements to answer the basic question of online shoppers like shipping, return policy, and refunds. Texts are made big with ample text space to make readability easier. As this template is optimized for mobile devices, users can interact with your website on the go with their handheld devices. Both product page and cart page is designed neatly so that the user can see what they are buying and how much they are paying.

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Amado is a minimal looking online store template for furniture websites. The minimal design of the template presents the product elegantly on the website. It is a straightforward website, on the homepage itself you have space only to add products. If you want to add a few more elements to say about your business you have to customize the homepage a bit. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework with industry code standards. Your developers will find this template extremely easy to work with this template and also to integrate this template with other tools.

Since this template uses sidebar navigation design, in the shop page you have a column design. Though this template gives you a separate page for the product, the creator of this template uses hover effects to show a preview of the product before getting into the product page. The bright yellow color scheme looks attractive on this minimal design and also allows you to easily highlight important contents.

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Onetech is almost similar to the EShop template mentioned above. The only difference is this template is designed specifically for electronic stores. Few customizations can make this template a perfect option for boutique stores. This template has a unique “deals of the week” widget, in which you can show the latest deal with timer, number of units sold, and special price. Tags of different colors are used to show the latest products and products on offer. The creator of this template has used visual and animation effects as a part of the design so that user will have a great user experience. Another unique feature of this template is blog templates, in this template you have blog page design, single post design, and regular post design.

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Electro, as the name implies, is also made for electronic stores. With this template, you get a traditional eCommerce store design. You can list as many products as you want, the smart modern web elements will handle them effectively. The red and black color combination gives a perfect balance to the overall look of the template. In the product block, you have space to add the product to the favorite list, quick overview, and quick comparison. Product comparison is another strategy e-commerce stores use to help users buy the best product without feeling them physically. If you want to list the product specs neatly in a table, look at our CSS table template collection. As all the table templates are made of HTML5, you can easily integrate it into any of these free boutique website templates.

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Shop is a fully loaded colorful website template. The creator of this template has included all the features and pages you need to create an effective website. With a trendy color scheme and modern web elements, this template will make the millennial visitors stay for a longer period. Logical design of the homepage helps you to give a clear overview of the product you sell and the ongoing promotional offers. Another useful feature with this template is animated counters, pre-designed subpages, and login forms. The forms included in this template is fully functional from other front-end, you can directly integrate the form to your support and user management system. In the footer, you have space to add widget and links to other important pages like privacy policy and other disclaimers.

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Fashion is also from the same creator of the Shop template mentioned above. But this template is a simplified version of the Shop template. In this template, you get only a one-page template. If you are not concentrating much on the online store and need a website to boost your brick and mortar store this template is the best option. For those who are interested in improving the local SEO of your business and improve the brand visibility on the internet search, this well-optimized website template will be the best tool. With the full-width design, you have plenty of space to share about your business and showcase some of your best products.

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Tattooz is a multipurpose website template for fashion stores and other business related to it. Though this template is designed particularly for tattoo businesses, you can also use it for boutique websites. The creator of this template has given you all the options and pages to set up a professional website in no time. If you are designing and making your clothes, this unique-looking website template will help you reflect the uniqueness of your brand. This is the only dark theme template in this list of free boutique website template. As a package, this template not only includes different variations for homepages but also the subpages If you are a web developer, you will find this template helpful to start and complete a project in no time.

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Watch is a mixture of both SAAS company website and brand store. If you are running your own brand and unique collections, this template will help you increase your brand visibility. The features in this template help you to explain your unique features and how you work Combining an effective content strategy along with this template will improve the brand credibility among your audience. Since this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework you can easily integrate this template with your existing project. Online shoppers prefer to see the product video before purchasing a product. This template gives you space to add video contents and since it is an HTML5 template you can easily add multimedia contents.

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Coinbuzz template is primarily a finance website template, but this template includes shop page in its package. So you can use this template to set up a simple boutique website With this template you can clearly explain your business and products. The shop page follows a grid design with space below to show the excerpt of the product detail You also get plenty of other business pages pre-designed for you.

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Adventure 2


Adventure 2 is a travel website template. Since this website also needs to manage multiple products simultaneously, this will help you set up an effective boutique website. The places listing page can be used for the shopping page and the reservation page for the checkout page. By making a few customizations this template can be used as a boutique store website. Ample amount of space is given for both image and text contents. With this design, you can clearly explain the product to the users.

In each card, you have enough space to show the product image and its user ratings. Showing product ratings will help the user narrow down the product search. Many interactive web elements are used to present the contents neatly to the users. Testimonial sections are also given on the homepage. If you are designing your products, this testimonial section will help you increase your credibility. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework so you can integrate this template with other web applications easily. By keeping this template as a base you can create your own unique boutique website.

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