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Leaking taps are always irritating, and no one likes puddles of water in their home. Not only in households but even in commercial areas, proper drainage and pipe systems help us save water. But fixing broken pipes and leaking taps is not that easy. We need proper tools and must know how the system works. So, our go-to option is calling a plumber or plumbing service-providing company. In this mobile age, everything starts with Google searches. Taking your plumbing search online will help you reach more customers. We have collected user-friendly, responsive mobile plumber WordPress themes in this list.

As we have told in our pest control WordPress themes, people using house repair and maintenance services want the work done in their presence. Understanding their customers, most service providers let users pick the time they want. These plumber WordPress themes also use booking and scheduling tools to simplify the job for you and your customers.

Best Plumbing Services & Plumber WordPress Themes


feature-rich plumber WordPress themes

MrHandy is a multipurpose handyman service website template with a dedicated Plumber WordPress theme. In addition to the plumber WordPress demo, you get ready-made designs for HVAC services, painting, and cleaning.

The advantage of using WordPress themes with dedicated demos for each service is that it simplifies the job for site owners. The demo will include basic optimizations and functions related to the particular niche. All you have to do is install the demo and start building the website with your desired custom features. Forms, email marketing tools, and page builder tools are pre-installed in this theme. Therefore, you can concentrate on your business and let the audience book your services without any worries.

More beautiful HVAC service templates are available here.

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modern feature-rich plumber wordpress themes

ProHauz is a feature-rich plumber WordPress theme. Parallax scrolling effect gives an interactive feeling. The parallax effect is very appealing, especially if you are using this site on a touch-screen device. Important sections are treated as a block to be easily highlighted. In the default design, you have space to mention the hotline number. Smart hover effect is used for the hotline number, which is a thoughtful touch.

This plugin is equipped with the premium Cost Calculator Plugin to let the user easily calculate the service cost. The online store in this theme is powered by the WooCommerce platform. So you can sell your service, products, and equipment. For basic customization, use the Bold page builder. But you can still use your drag-and-drop page builder by optimizing it.

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interactive plumber service WordPress template

Plumbit is an interactive plumber service WordPress template. The sensible modern design of this template gives a fresh look to the website and improves the user experience. Subtle animations not only add life to the website but also add richness to the overall website. Since all modern web elements and animations are made using the latest CSS script, they look natural and are very fluid. This theme pack has four demo versions, all equipped with the Elementor page builder for quick customization. If you want a theme to take care of the design and gives you full freedom to use your custom tools and plugins, you must shortlist the Plumbit theme.

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feature-packed plumber WordPress theme

Estand is a multipurpose home fix and maintenance website template. This theme pack covers all major categories, such as roofing, plumbing, cleaning, and electric works. Since each service gets a separate demo version, you can set up a proper website in no time with this theme. The contemporary design of this template will help you attract a present-day audience. The useful tools like the cost calculator and before-and-after widgets will keep the audience engaged.

This theme offers tons of customization options to change the website’s look with just a click of a button. The option to integrate Adobe premium fonts quickly into your website will be a welcoming addition to many users in the Adobe ecosystem. Overall, Estand is a well-loaded WordPress theme that makes the job simple for site owners and developers.

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Plumber Pro

plumber wordpress themes with multiple demos

Plumber Pro is a hardcore plumber service website WordPress theme. Five demo variations are given in this theme, and each helps you achieve different goals. You can either promote your services or generate leads using the demos. Colorful icons are used in the Plumber WordPress themes package. Each section on the homepage is made bigger and bolder so that the user can easily see your content, even on small-screen devices. Still, if you don’t find the given section properly arranged to meet your needs, you can use the WPBAkery page builder. Like most other plumber WordPress themes in this list, this one also uses WooCommerce to power the online store.

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plumber wordpress themes with quote request form

The Plumber is a traditional-looking WordPress theme for plumbing services. Five homepage variations are given in this theme, but there isn’t much difference between them. This theme even offers a one-page version. If you like to keep your website simple and maintain it easily, this one-page version will be a good option. Multiple colors are used in this theme and balanced well to highlight the important contents. The creator has even given us the option to experience the WordPress dashboard of this theme. So you can try to buy this theme with complete peace of mind. This theme uses the famous WPBakery page builder so you can easily get used to the interface of the WordPress dashboard.

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plumber wordpress themes with useful features

Boldman is a handyman WordPress theme. This template has six homepage variations. A dedicated plumbing service demo version is also included in the pack. Image sliders made using the Revolution Slider plugin are eye-catching. Even if you don’t like the default image slider design, you can change it easily using the Revolution Slider plugin. The creator has loaded this theme with lots of useful plugins so that you can do all minor customizations without even touching the code. Plumbing WordPress themes like this will save you time and money if you don’t have a dedicated developer team.

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Plumbing Repair

clean and easy to use plumbing WordPress themes

Plumbing Repair is a clean businesslike WordPress theme for plumbing and construction websites. The homepage header section itself is used smartly to show useful information. For example, you can see the helpline number and quick service request form on the slide. The homepage header section and the website header are also designed smartly to give better user experience. At the top bar, the user can see contact details and login options. The login page opens as a modal window so the user can log in easily without leaving the work.

This theme provides three homepage variations, one of which is an online plumbing store. The online store is powered by the WooCommerce platform, which gives you plenty of customization and integration options. This theme is equipped with the Elementor page builder, which allows users to easily customize the website and visualize the results.

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multipurpose handyman and plumbing service WordPress theme

RenoWise is a building construction, renovation, and handyman services WordPress theme. The creator has given separate demos for each service. For example, you get ready-made designs for roofing services, painting services, and landscaping along with the plumbing service WordPress theme design.

All demo versions are equipped with the drag-and-drop Bold page builder, so you can pick any demo and change it into the website you want. Other useful features that are pre-built into the website template are the before-and-after image slider, cost estimation tool, and service request forms. If you are planning to provide a smart experience to your users, RenoWise is the best option for you.

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plumber WordPress themes with bold design

Fixology is a bold and traditional-looking plumber WordPress theme. This template’s familiar layout makes this a friendlier option for people of all ages. Important and most frequently searched options are provided as sections on the homepage so that the user can get what they want as soon as they land on the website. Important information like the booking options and ongoing offers are made bold to easily get the user’s attention. You can even add chat options to this theme engage directly with your customers, and provide them with what they want.

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wordpress theme for all home fix and repair websites

HomeFix is a multipurpose home repair and maintenance WordPress theme. Though you don’t get dedicated plumber WordPress themes in this package, the default design will help you create a proper plumbing service website. Everything is included in this theme from the pricing page to the cost calculator tool. Bright attractive colors are used in the default design to promote the services easily. But you can easily customize the colors to fit your brand needs. You can either use the WPBakery page builder for minor customizations. Or else you can opt to customize using the coding for better result.

This theme uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, so it can support all modern designs and effects. You can easily manage users using the bbPress plugin. However, this theme doesn’t have a dedicated profile page or user login page. Look at our dashboard template design and login page template to make a complete website.

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Plumber Zone

clean and simple plumber website template

Plumber Zone is a bold-looking website template in a traditional layout. Though this theme doesn’t have an awe-inspiring design like the Plumbit theme mentioned above, it ticks all the fundamental boxes. Hence, you can say that Plumber Zone is a no-nonsense plumber WordPress theme. Vertical scroll elements are handled smartly so that you can add more relevant information without taking up too much screen space. Included WooCommerce shopping pages are another advantage of this theme; you can sell plumbing tools and receive payment for your services via your website.

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wordpress theme for plumbing, painting, and renovation services

If you are providing all types of house maintenance services along with the plumbing services, the BlueCollar theme is a good choice. Instead of using image sliders and big hero images in the homepage header section, this theme has services listed in the header section. A tile-like design is used for the service section. Hence, you have space to add both image and texts on the tiles. You can see only related texts and links in the services tiles in the default hover action. But if you want you can add other types of hover actions. For more inspirations, have a look at our CSS hover effects examples collection.

Out of the box, this theme supports three color schemes. Since it is a CSS3 based template it supports all modern and gradient colors. Plus, you get WPBakery page builder in this theme, hence changing colors won’t be an issue. The straightforward design of this theme has made the navigation a lot simpler. Galleries and portfolio pages are also given in this theme. On the simple neat gallery design, you can elegantly showcase your projects and works. This theme has the WPML plugin to let users easily translate and see the contents.

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Plumbing Spl

plumbing wordpress themes with promotional elements

Plumbing Spl is a classic WordPress theme with all the elements you would normally expect in a service business. Big, bold letters and a dark color scheme may make this theme look a bit outdated. However, this design has worked perfectly for several years. Except for the call-to-action buttons, everything has a flat, boxy design. Hence, all your content can fit perfectly within the given space. Five demo versions are included in this package, and each has a different design. You can choose a simple website that lists your service or a design that helps you collect leads.

The WPBakery page builder is well-integrated into this theme. You can simply drag and drop the elements in the required space or use a relevant shortcode. Animation and visual effects are sleek so the user doesn’t have to wait for the information to appear. This theme also has a WooCommer store to let you sell your products and services easily on your website. With periodic updates, this theme runs on the latest WordPress version and web development framework. Hence, working with this theme and integrating other third-party tools will be easy with this theme.

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interactive wordpress theme

Koncrete is a multipurpose construction WordPress theme. The creator has given six homepage variations. One useful feature in this theme is that all six demo variations are available in single-page format. If you want a website that is easy to maintain, you can opt for the single-page version. Big images are used throughout the template to show your work. Modern web elements like accordions and carousels are cleverly used to organize the content. If you like to tweak the design a bit, take a look at our bootstrap accordion collection. WooCommerce powered shopping pages are also given in this template so that you can easily sell your services and products through your website.

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Service Master

multi-purpose handyman WordPress theme

Service Master is a multipurpose service business WordPress theme. The creator has covered all major service businesses in this pack. Bold elements and bright colors let you elegantly promote your services. The creator has used Google fonts in this theme; hence, you get a wide range of well-optimized stylish fonts. With the help of the WPBakery page builder, you can easily change the fonts. Most modern users book their appointment through their mobile phones. Hence, using well-optimized plumber WordPress themes like this will improve your conversion rate.

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plumber wordpress themes with contemporary design

If you like the elements and features of the Plumbing Spl mentioned above but like to have it in a modern outfit, the Fixnox theme will impress you. With a more trendy color scheme and perfectly trimmed elements, this theme has a polished look. Right from the color scheme to the animation effects, everything feels fresh in this theme. The smart “Book an appointment” expanding bar help the user to access the appointment form easily. No matter on which page the user is, the booking form is just a click away from the user. Three homepage variations are given in this theme, each with the registration form placed at different spots. Based on the style you prefer, you can pick one and use it for your website.

Only two colors are used in all three versions. Hence, your website will get a consistent look and also get clear branding. Only a few plumber WordPress themes in this list have space for video content. In the Fixnox, you have ample video and image content space. With the help of the KingComposer page builder, you can easily drag and place the elements where you want.

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feature-rich construction niche wordpress theme

Construction is a multipurpose WordPress theme for construction and building service-related businesses. Though we don’t get a dedicated theme for plumbing services, the default design will work perfectly for plumbing websites. Four demos are given in this theme pack, all following a full-screen design. The theme creator has used the space effectively to present the contents engagingly to the audience. With the pixel-perfect design, this theme will help you impress modern-day users. You can use a simple hero image on the homepage header section or a vide background. Since this theme uses the HTML5 framework, it supports all multimedia content.

This theme is equipped with an Essential Grid plugin to showcase your work elegantly. Plus, you also get Revolution Slider to create impressive image sliders. If you like to reduce the plugin count and want to create a custom image slider, look at our CSS slideshow collection with impressive transition effects. Another useful feature in this theme is the megamenu option. You can organize the menu options easily and present them engagingly to your audience.

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multipurpose wordpress theme for construction related businesses

BuildPress is one of the famous construction WordPress themes. With more than seven thousand downloads, this theme has powered lots of business websites. The flexible easy to customize nature of this theme, has made it a perfect option for plumber websites as well. With a neat, simple layout, this theme handles all types of content. Except for the text size, everything is done properly in this theme. With just a click, you can easily do minor customizations like changing fonts, font size, and colors. Out of the box, this theme supports WPBakery page builder. Along with the regular pages, this theme also has a coming soon page. During your website maintenance and product launch, this theme will come in handy for you. If you are unsatisfied with the given designs, look at our Comingsoon template collection.

This theme uses the latest web development frameworks like HTML5 and CSS3 scripts. Hence, this theme will support third-party templates easily. This theme also includes shop pages to let you sell your products easily on your website. Right from the shopping page to the checkout page, everything is given in this theme. All you have to do is to complete the integration part.

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interaction modern construction wordpress theme

Constructo WordPress theme has designs for both construction and house maintenance work websites. Eleven homepage variations are given in this theme, and you get different header styles. With light color schemes and big content blocks, this theme presents the content engagingly to the audience. In all the eleven demos, lots of space is reserved for the images. Using this image space, you can increase your branding and let the user know how you work. Since it is a construction WordPress theme, it follows the traditional yellow color scheme. Like most other plumber WordPress themes in this list, this can also be customized easily.

The theme creator has given us two translation plugins, WPML and Loco. You can pick either of the plugins based on the features you want. All basic features and options are given in this theme to let you set up a proper website within a few minutes. Detailed documentation and video tutorials are also given in this theme to help you easily get started. Even a person without coding knowledge can set up this theme by simply following the theme guide. Though this theme uses the Revolution Slider, the image slides are effortless. You can create eye-catching interactive slides easily with the Revolution slider. If you don’t like the given simple slider, you can customize the Revolution Slider as per your needs.

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wordpress theme for renovation and house repair services

Renovate is a multipurpose building renovation and maintenance service with a WordPress theme. With its simple design and many useful features, this theme will help you make a user-friendly website. This theme offers quick front-end customization options besides the regular page builder customization. For example, you can quickly customize the element’s color and background patterns and turn on the sticky navigation menu bar. The template creator has used a clever layout to organize the contents elegantly. You can also highlight the important contents without making them look odd.

Like in most business websites, the top bar shows contact information and working hours. On the light color scheme, the bright yellow color elements look attractive. You can use the default colors or implement your color scheme. Visual and animation effects are also made mild and light to match the overall simple design of the theme. This theme is bundled with Streamline Premium icon set. Hence, you get a unique and clean looking icon in this theme. Since it is a premium icon, you can customize it. Overall, the Renovate is a simple WordPress theme with many customization options.

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Construction Building

multipurpose construction and home repair service wordpress theme

Construction Building WordPress theme has designs for all types of businesses related to the construction field. Whether you are making a creative architecture website or a functional construction website, this theme has a design for you. This theme gives six demo versions, each with a different layout. Much space is reserved for the text contents; hence, you can clearly explain your services to the audience. Another advantage of making a text-rich webpage is sprinkling important keywords to improve your website’s SEO ranking. Speaking of SEO, if you are making a website for an SEO agency, look at our SEO agency WordPress theme.

Along with all basic plugins like Yoast and contact form, this theme also has a WordFence security plugin. Since this theme has a security plugin, you can concentrate on other important optimizations. This theme utilizes Icons smartly to let the user easily identify the options. Using icons in the design not only improves the visual aesthetics but also helps us save valuable screen space. This theme has detailed documentation and video tutorials to help you easily get started with it.

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clean classic looking plumber wordpress themes

Spectrum WordPress theme is bundled with lots of useful pre-made demos and plugins. Along with other construction website designs, this theme also has a theme for plumbing services. Since it is a multipurpose theme, you get plenty of useful features and elements. You can pick any demo you like and easily place the desired elements. This theme supports WPBakery page builder. All the custom elements and sections are added to the page builder. You can simply drag and drop the elements in the place you want. Or if you prefer editing from the admin panel, you can use the shortcodes.

All the basic features and optimizations are done in this theme. You can customize the theme and add your desired features if you have the resources. You can also use this theme. Since it has the basic pages and plugins pre-installed, you do not need to worry about anything. Mostly Google Fonts are used in this theme, hence you get plenty of font options to choose from. You can use this theme for a construction business website by making a few changes to the design.

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multipurpose wordpress theme with multiple demos

If you are a web developer or web development agency, having this theme will help you make a website for any niche. This theme is bundled with 70+ unique demo for all types of businesses. Whether you are looking for a simple blog template or a complex creative agency template, this theme pack has a design for you. Under the construction category, we get four demos. All four demos can help you make a proper plumbing WordPress website. This theme has more features and pre-made elements than other plumber WordPress themes in this list. Hence you can create a unique and special website for your business.

As your website demand grows, you can add elements you want without changing the theme. This helps you maintain a brand and long-standing image in your users’ memories. The WPBakery page builder theme is integrated well into the theme so that you can customize anything. 2500+ fonts and icons are given in this theme to let you express your message clearly to the audience. There are more useful features and tools in this theme. Take your time and find the best theme that closely meets your needs. By making a few optimizations, you can use any theme in this pack for your plumber website.

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modern construction and house maintenance service WordPress theme

The Ave theme is promoted as the Next Generation WordPress theme. And all its demo indeed follows a trendy, fresh new design. No matter what type of business you are searching for, this theme has a design for you. A clean layout and useful features will help you provide a better user experience. This theme is a good choice if you are making a website for startups or new businesses. Texts are made bigger and bolder to provide better readability on both mobile and desktop versions. The design and visual effects are also well-calibrated for this theme. So, the users will enjoy using your website and will return.

Since this theme has to cover all businesses, only major categories are given in this package. The construction and architecture templates can be used for plumber business websites. You get useful elements like quote requesting forms, newsletter subscription forms, map widgets, etc. If you plan to share useful tips with your audience, the pre-made blog pages can help. The Events Calendar plugin is also used in this theme to let the users easily book an appointment on your website. Overall, the Ave is a thoughtfully designed WordPress theme for present-day users.

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minimal and clean looking construction wordpress theme

If you are into creative, minimal business website designs, the Bridge theme will impress you. This multipurpose theme also has a website design for all categories. But, this theme has some really good designs for portfolios, which makes this theme a perfect option for personal websites as well. You can use this theme to make a website for a plumbing service-providing company and for plumbers as well. 350+ demos are given in this theme and you can pick the one you like. Customizations are made simpler using the drag-and-drop page builder. With periodic updates, this theme runs on the latest WordPress version and web development frameworks. Hence, developers can work with this theme easily.

The Ave theme mentioned above uses the Event Calendar plugin for booking appointments. This theme uses a premium Timetable Responsive Schedule plugin. Users can easily pick a date and schedule an appointment with you. The plugins given in this theme are integrated well into it. All we have to do is complete the integration process and fine-tune it for the results we want. Since it is a multipurpose theme, you also get elements and plugins related to that niche. Based on your needs, you can use the option you want.

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interactive modern multipurpose construction wordpress themes

Porto provides WordPress themes for all professionals. If you are interested in clean, businesslike design, the themes in Porto will impress you. You can expect all the basic features, plus some advanced features in this theme to make your job a lot simpler. With creative web elements and smooth animation effects, this theme presents the contents engagingly to the audience. bbPress and BuddyPress plugins are also included in this theme. So you can easily manage your users and let them share their experiences. The only thing missing in this theme is the user dashboard. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Look at our free dashboard template to manage your users easily.

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creative business website theme for construction and architect websites

Jupiter is one of the extremely easy-to-customize multipurpose WordPress themes. With 150+ unique demos, this theme pack has designs for all types of websites. The Elementor page builder is integrated well into the theme, so you can easily customize any part of the website. You customize every element and the properties related to it. 100+ block templates are included in this theme so you can easily rearrange and place the sections you want. That means if you like the team section in the portfolio theme demo and would like to use it in your agency theme, you can simply drag and drop the team section template you like.

Coming to the plumber WordPress themes in this pack, this one has three demos. Since it is a multipurpose theme, the demos are made for all construction businesses. With the help of Elementor Page Builder, you can easily customize any theme. Premium plugins like Jet Popup, Layer Slider, and Jet Blogs are included in this theme. Hence, you not only save money with this theme, but you also get lots of useful functions with this theme. The Jupiter theme is the best option if you want a stable and flexible WordPress theme that can handle all your unique custom needs.

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classy and professional looking modern costruction business theme

If you want the flexible nature of the Jupiter theme and more website demos, the BeTheme is the one for you. The BeTheme has 450+ pre-made website demos. This theme has website designs for all types of websites. All we have to do is pick the theme we like and start working on it. Like all other multipurpose WordPress themes, only major website categories are covered. We can customize construction website themes or maintenance service themes for micro-niches like plumbing services.

This theme uses the WPBakery page builder and integrates well into the theme. You also get the custom and regular elements in the page builder. So we can simply search the element we want and place it in the place we like. With constant updates, this theme is becoming great daily, and you also get new demos. Your life with this theme will be easy, and you can maintain it easily in the long run. Plus, you can change the website design without spending extra dollars on new themes if bored with the same look.

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multipurpose wordpress theme with easy customization options

With over 500 thousand downloads, this theme has powered many websites. Unlike Betheme and Jupiter, this one doesn’t offer hundreds of demos. But you get plenty of customization options and tools that the in-house developers of the Aada themes develop. Because of these in-house developed features, this theme performs well and you get an exclusivity compared to other plumber WordPress themes in this list. Instead of using a famous page builder like WPBakery and the Elementor, this theme uses its own Fusion page builder. Plenty of custom-made blocks and elements have been added to this page builder. Hence, you can easily add the elements you want. Plus, you are also future-proof with this premium WordPress theme.

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flat style multipurpose wordpress theme

If you want to create a simple and professional-looking website, the Enfold theme will impress you. All 30+ demos have a simple, clean design that you can use for all types of websites. We get a construction WordPress theme in this pack, which you can use for all types of construction-related websites. Like the Avada theme, this one also uses a unique drag-and-drop page builder that is designed exclusively for this theme. Other important plugins included in this theme are bbPress, the Events Calendar, and WPML. Like most other plumber WordPress themes in this list, this one is also powered with WooCommerce for online stores.

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