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As a restaurant owner, it’s important to market your business on the online platform as well. There’s a lot to profit from using a dedicated website for your restaurant. You can easily set up online delivery services and online reservation. Allow customers to enjoy your hospitality without even entering your restaurant premises. But that’s not all, it’s also great to market your restaurant using your website, through an advertisement approach. Showcasing your features through galleries and portfolios is a great idea too when it comes to restaurant websites.To that extent, it’s also important to pick a way to implement your restaurant website too. This is where we introduce you to Restaurant website templates.

Specifically designed WordPress themes and HTML templates, made for restaurant and cafe owners. These premium themes are accompanied by a wide range of features specifically designed for Restaurants, Cafes, and Bistros. Online reservation form, timetables, pricing tables, Food menus and more; Enable them all and with barely any difficulty. Each theme is designed to help you publish content and market your restaurant better, in the most professional and fancy manner possible. While the way each theme implements its design, each theme on this list exists for only one purpose; to help your restaurant and cafe business grow and attract customers to your business. However, if you’re looking for a more broad list of Food website templates containing food blog templates and more, you should check out this article.

Best WordPress and HTML Restaurant Website Templates For Restaurants, Cafe and Bakeries



Foody is a professional WordPress restaurant website template that we have first in line for you. It is advanced with the features while providing an excellent visual at the same time. Exceptional with the design and styling, this theme has more than enough variations for one to start with. To start off, there are 7 unique layout variations you can choose from. Each of these are well-crafted with careful attention to the details. Not to mention the completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect graphics it offers. Another great thing about this theme is that this theme is super user-friendly as it requires absoutely no knowledge of codes or design. And for this, this package features plenty of pre-built components you can use to get a head start. From pages dedicated to blog, gallery, portfolio, shops and more is all there at your disposal.

In addition to this, there are multiple header and footer variations as well. With the implementation of the advanced Visual Composer, this theme is as easy as it gets. And there are a huge range of prebuilt pages as well as over 150 third party add ons, as well as other premium elements. Not to mention the access to other useful plugins like WooCommerce, Open Table, search by attribute, as well as Booking Online! You also get plenty of header and footer variations one can choose from. This theme is also SEO friendly as well as cross-browser compatible. Another great thing is that you also get the option to add in unlimited number of slider thanks to Revolution Slider. Aiding to all your requirements, you can start a blog, business site, and even online shop right from scratch.

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An elegant and chic take on the classic cafe and restaurant website templates for WordPress, Savory is the next option we have in line for you. This theme is beautifully designed with typographies and the style to compliment. Visually impressive, this theme is sure to keep things interesting for your users to see. Great for any food based websites whether you want to start a blog, shop or business site, this theme is flexible enough to meet the requirements. There are 12 amazingly crafted Home pages you can start with. And each of these are unique with their own sense of purpose and styling. Which means each of the food based businesses are covered including ones for bakery, cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants and more. This theme is also fully responsive and adjusts according to the device screens.

You also get access to tons of pre-built components like Inner Pages, and demo files you can install within a matter of minutes. In addition to this, you also get access to tons of shortcodes and widgets you can use to your benefit. This includes options for Instagram, Twitter, Latest Post, Process, Product List, Video buttons and so much more. For an engaging appeal, you can also add in unlimited number of sliders, carousels and other media files to your liking. As it features CSS and HTML code structure, this theme also features plenty of animations, effects and transitions implemented throughout the site. Another great thing here is that, this theme includes a child theme which allows one to make sure that any changes you make is not instant. You can review them as you go along while confirming anything you are okay with.

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Next in line we have the authentic restaurant website template Treatos. A professionally crafted WordPress theme aimed specifically towards the niche of restaurants, cafes, and food based businesses. It is completely responsive, retina-ready and the visuals are impeccable to say the least. Not to mention the graphics that are pixel perfect offering amazing imagery. It is also based off the advanced Bootstrap framework which makes this theme pretty secure and reliable. And the best part is that this theme supports the powerful Elementor Page Builder. This means that creating a site from scratch is much easier than you think. And with it’s own set of pre-built components, you can pretty much get a head start. Following a latest of WordPress guidelines, this theme is also Gutenberg compatible as well as GDPR compliant.

It features the booking and reservation option that allows one to easily manage your business online. Another great thing about this theme is that there are tons of variations you can work with. In total you will find 3 distinct home pages, 2 blog pages and 2 event pages alongside a ton of other useful inner pages. You also get the option to add in background sliders, creative galleries, portfolios, and more. As it makes use of the professional HTML and CSS codes, you also get access to unique components. This includes animations, effects as well as page transitions that keeps your users hooked. This whole theme is cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly as well as RTL friendly. Backed up with top notch support, any quiries you have solutions right off the bat as well.

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Grand restaurant

Starting off our list is Grand Restaurant, an excellent all-around WordPress theme made to be easy to set up. For Restaurant website templates, it is important to be easy to customize and Grand restaurant proves that ease of customization. It’s integrated One click demo importer easily lets you import pre built designs for your entire website. To easily manage the rest of your website components, Grand restaurant also comes with tons of page layouts. Choose from 6 blog layouts, 3 menu layouts and tons more of page templates. Each one of these templates and the rest of the theme options can also be fully customized using its intuitive theme panel too.

Furthermore, you can also use its integrated Drag n’ Drop page builder too! Handpick each element you want on your website and customize with barely any difficulty. Enable beautiful backgrounds with tons of parallax effects using Grand restaurant. Add in tons of color to your website and let your restaurant’s aura leak through your website. Grand restaurant with dedicated Shop options including Shop layouts and product pages. Easily enable delivery services and reservations on your website. The theme also supports payment options features as well as coupon codes and discounts.

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restaurant website templates linguini

Linguini is a WordPress theme that adds a stunning look to your restaurant website with just a bit of tweaking around. Create a comfortable, mobile friendly experience on your website using this highly responsive theme. The theme’s integration of Social media links, Sliders and various layout options is pretty much spectacular. Linguini comes with a fully Theme customizer enabled theme panel with tons of personalization and typography options. Easily enable custom serving menus and reservation forms with Linguini. Promote events with a flair of professionalism and beauty and blog to your heart’s content using Linguini. The theme comes with dedicated blog layouts and a wide range of dedicated restaurant themed shortcodes.

Similarly, it also comes with additional tools to promote your restaurants. Use a fully fleshed out reservation system, complete with email notifications, captcha and data validation. Create enticing food menus using various cuisine and theme styles. Additionally, you can also feature Events for your restaurants using Linguini’s events management. Help your restaurant grow through your social media with tons of Social links and icons provided for you to use. Linguini’s designed to take advantage of every idea there is when it comes to user interaction. The only thing you have to do is to try it out.

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White rock

restaurant website templates white rock

Simply defining White rock as a restaurant WordPress theme just doesn’t do it justice. It’s creamy and clean aesthetic is perfect for any winery or restaurant. The mix of a fullscreen header and a contemplating menu design does wonders for your home page. Similarly, you can also enable responsive sliders with zero difficulty using White rock. White rock comes with all the features you’ll need to ruin your restaurant website. Display working hours, reservation forms and food menus with an air of beauty. Each element is not only designed to look stunning but also mobile friendly. With its retina support, White rock ensures that your website looks perfect on all kinds of screen sizes.

Similarly, managing your content is made easy as well. Focus on building your restaurant more so than caring about your content using White rock’s Drag N’ Drop builder. Manage various website elements and theme properties with barely any hassle using White Rock. This WordPress theme also comes tons of typography options. Easily choose a font and manage other font settings to suit your website perfectly. Likewise, you can also customize White Rock’s color options and layouts quite easily. Build easy to use mega menus and footers and ensure they suit the theme’s clean look perfectly.

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restaurant website templates lemonchili

Lemonchili is a WordPress theme designed to give your restaurant website a refreshing look. Built with comfort in mind, Lemonchili is perfectly built to be as hospitable to your website visitors as hospital you are with your customers. Add in various content on your home page that perfectly reflects your restaurant business. You can feature popular dishes, daily dishes and current events quite easily using Lemonchili. You can also feature Working hours, image galleries and much more too. All this is displayed in a very unique page layout that is just charming to use. The fixed background with the minimalistic layout serves as a refreshing touch to page designs when it comes to restaurant website templates.

Customize your menu items easily and choose from 3 different layout styles. 2 of which are unique masonry layouts for that fashionable look for your menu. Additionally, you can also customize tons of things when it comes to this theme. Color styles, font options, custom widgets and much more. Lemonchili certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to personalization. Finally, you can also integrate your social media links as well as the latest news on your website too.

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Nuvo Cafe

restaurant website templates nuvo

Nuvo Cafe is the perfect theme to use if you want a modern and sophisticated look for your website. This WordPress theme makes use of amazing parallax effects, animations and a unique page design. Couple this with its restaurant-centric features and you have the perfect restaurant website template on your hands. Everything about the website is designed to have the perfect first impression on your viewers. Fullscreen carousels, attractive galleries, well designed menus; Nuvo cafe has it all. Built on Twitter Bootstrap, Nuvo cafe also guarantees perfect compatibility with mobile devices too. Whether your mobile users are viewing your food menus or your events, their experiences are sure to be perfect.

Customizing your website is a breeze with nuvo cafe too. The theme comes with all the necessary plugins to run your website. It’s Menu builder tool lets you easily custom Menus with a wide range of customization. Enable full course meals, appetizers, dessert and the whole lot using this nifty tool. Additional tools like the Reservation management and Events management can also be easily configured to fit your purposes too. However, managing these elements can along with the rest of the website can be a chore. So, in order to help you out, Nuvo Cafe also comes with Visual Composer page builder plugin. Completely setup your website the way you want it to look by simply dragging and dropping.

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Sweet cake

restaurant website templates sweetcake

Sweet Cake is the perfect WordPress theme for restaurants of a more sweet variety. Made for dessert cafes and bakeries, this theme features a more lighthearted design. The clean grid design and the mix of white and vibrant colors works perfectly to add a sweeter taste to your website. The additional use of vibrant icons, custom social icons, creamy dividers and tons of other website elements fit the aesthetic of the website perfectly. From the minimalistic menu to the simple yet creatively designed carousel header; Sweet cake certainly adds an atmosphere of comfort to your restaurant website.

But looks aren’t enough for restaurant website templates at all. To that extent, Sweet Cake provides you with all the features you might need to run your website. Instantly set up your theme using 4 different tasty demos with a single click. The addition of the Visual composer page builder lets you easily manage your website and your content with barely any effort. Manage parallax backgrounds, fonts, premium sliders, embeds, and galleries, all through a single platform.

Moreover, Sweet cake also comes with WooCommerce support. Commercialize your website and manage various things such as reservations, deliveries and more. Sweet Cake also covers various bakeries and restaurant related sections such as team members pages, menus, product promotion and more.

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restaurant website templates limon

Enjoy a feature enriched experience when it comes to restaurant website templates using Limon. This exquisite WordPress theme has perhaps one of the most comfortable, down to ground look that we’ve ever witnessed. It’s clean and simple and at the same time, easy to use and manage. Limon also comes with a wide array of customization options too. Choose from over 17 different color options, each designed to give a unique depth to your website. You can also choose from 7 different background patterns that fit the theme’s boxed design perfectly. But that’s not all, you get tons more goodies to play around with. Responsive sliders, animation enabled fancy and unlimited sidebars. Limon provides you with it all.

Similarly, it’s dedicated custom shortcodes are all designed for restaurant purposes. Enable lucrative menus with barely any effort as well as 50 other shortcodes, completely optimized for your use. Each menu/service listing is enabled to be drag and drop so your viewers can easily order for your services too. Similarly, you’re also provided with custom post types for menu/services as well as galleries. The gallery page comes in 3 different unique variations; each with a unique visualization feature. Additionally, Limon is also completely social media ready. Not only do you get dedicated widgets and social media icons, you also get a fancy Facebook page integration. Enable a custom designed integration for your facebook page, complete with timeline support, automatic post updates and more.

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restaurant website templates bakery

Like its name applies, Bakery’s the perfect restaurant website template for bakeries and cafes. Labeled as the #1 top-selling Food theme on ThemeForest, Bakery certainly lives up to its title with its insane number of features. Choose from 4 different demos, each perfectly optimized for catalogs, shops or one-page designs. The addition of its one-click demo importer and over 80 unique HTML pages makes setting up your website a breeze. It’s Drag and Drop page builder and easy to manage theme options lets you personalize this theme to your heart’s content. Everything from Font options to color options can be easily customized. Easily customize mega menus, custom order forms, Google maps and more. Each page can be energized with parallax effects and animations too. Bakery’s presentation features are certainly off the charts.

Bakery also comes with unlimited sidebars and footer/header customization. Choose from 6 unique header style; You can also enable fixed headers as well as transparent headers to fit your theme style. Bakery is also completely WooCommerce ready and comes with unique product listing pages for you to use. But that’s not all, you also get 4 product styles, 2 member team styles and tons of custom shortcodes. All the shortcodes are specifically built for restaurant and cafe use. Carousels, Pricing tables, Galleries, WooCommerce shortcodes, you can use them all using Bakery. Additionally, each element is optimized to be completely mobile friendly as well as retina ready. Bakery’s complete package is here to save you tons of time and money using a single theme platform.

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restaurant website templates elegantia

Elegantia has that air of richness and elegance to it. And it makes sense too, after all, it is named Elegantia. This WordPress theme is perfect for restaurants and hotels that focus on professionalism and service. The theme’s use of bold colors, simple yet strongly designed header and footer design, as well as the whole page layout, exacerbate an aura of elegance that is simply unmatched. Moreover, the theme is designed to be SEO optimized as well as cross-browser compatible.

Mobile friendliness is also certainly a thing to be considered when it comes to Elegantia. And so is customization, it’s extensive and easy to use theme panel is certainly a welcome feature. Enable fully customized home pages with tons of cool elements. This amazing template lets you easily enable Food menus, galleries, Events, and Reservation forms. Elegantia also comes with a plugin for each element so you can enable them the way you want.

Enable beautiful galleries with various layout options using Elegantia. Elegantia’s gallery feature is not only made to showcase your restaurant but also glorify them. Its gallery comes enabled with features such as Lightbox, taxonomies and more. Similarly, alongside the gallery, you can also enable a detailed blog with tons of custom shortcodes. Elegantia extends its elegant attitude to coding as well as site optimization. This responsive theme is also designed to be perfectly SEO optimized.

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restaurant website templates delicieux

Delicieux is as premium as it gets when it comes to WordPress themes. This fully localization ready theme is here to market your restaurant to clients of all kinds. Simialrly, it’s optimized theme panel makes setting up your website a breeze. If that wasn’t enough, Delicieux also comes with detailed guides on setting up demos in the form of videos. And what’s more, their support team is ready to help you out at any time. If you’re not sure how to setup your restaurant website templates, then Delicieux is certainly a good pick for you.

And it’s not just customization, each element of Delicieux is designed to help your restaurant website in the best way possible too. Use a dedicated Food post type to post about various things, from recipes to food reviews. Similarly, it’s Food menu features and Food showcase works as the perfect tools for your restaurant website. Allow your customers to view your services and your food menu straight from your website.

In order to help you personalize your content better, Delicieux also comes with a Drag N’ Drop page builder. Its additional Slider management function lets you enable beautiful image carousels all over your website. Additional elements such as a Built-in Translator, Shortcodes and blogs can also be enabled. Choose from 8 different blog styles and customize various typography options. You can even upload your own Fonts too if you wish. Also, it’s important to note that Delicieux is also social media ready. Use custom social media links and share buttons to help your restaurant grow on the Social media platform too using Delicieux.

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restaurant website templates majesty

Majesty is the perfect One-page parallax HTML template for any restaurant website template. It’s beautiful material design page layout is sure to swoon all your viewers. The way every element is constructed around providing you with a magnificent HTML template is just breathtaking. It’s parallax scroll effect enabled design, tons of media elements and perfect footer design is sure to impress your customers on the first view. But that’s not all, you also get 3 unique Home page designs, each perfectly enabled by a fullscreen video header. Presentation is a key element of Majesty and we sure are astounded by its presentation skills. You can also choose from 6 different, unique stylish page, fit for restaurant websites for each type. Cafe, fast foods, bakeries and more, Majesty as you covered.

You can also choose from 14 different unique one-page parallax header. Enable animations, sliders, YouTube videos and more through your header with barely any difficulty. Usability and ease of use is also a key element for Majesty. The template also comes with tons of menu and blog customization options to help you set up your website faster. Setup custom Login pages, Reservation pages, and Food menus and add a bit more depth using Majesty. The template is also completely WooCommerce ready so you can market your products and sell them directly through your website. Delivery services, online reservations and more, Majesty has you fully covered.

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restaurant website templates pizzaro

Pizza is an HTML template fit for fast food and family restaurants. It might not be the classiest of restaurant website templates but it certainly has its own style. It’s clean layout and premium grid design is built to give you an easy to use platform for your customers. Serving menus and marketing your products has never been easier before. Pizzaro lets you easily enable a beautiful fast food menu, complete with gallery images, and online payment services. Using its WooCommerce integration, you can easily allow your customers to order their food straight through your website. Use various elements and shortcodes such as Featured food menus and items to help your customers easily order for their items.

The addition of account and login system lets you easily keep track of customer orders too. Setup eCommerce pages for track order, cart and checkout pages and even Store locator features. Pizzaro is a completely eCommerce enabled website, filled to the brim with all the features you can ever imagine.

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restaurant website templates charlotte

Next on our list is a more stylish addition to our lineup of restaurant website templates. Charlotte is an HTML template with a bit more oomph when it comes to unique presentation. Everything about this template is just unique and inspiring. The double column design, the fixed menus, the bold color palette; Charlotte might just be the most unusual template on our list. But let us tell you, this unique design works perfectly for your cafe and restaurant websites. The fixed hover styled menu comes with custom social media links. You can also add in Opening hours as well as Location for your cafe on the sidebar menu. Similarly, you can also enable a custom, parallax scroll enabled Menu for your cafes and bistros. Enable easy to fill in Booking and Catering forms as well as tons of premade pages for your restaurant website.

Charlotte is also completely Blogging and Gallery ready. Choose from 3 unique gallery styles, each with its own unique presentation style. You can also add in tons of more interactive elements to your website to make it a bit more enjoyable for your customers. With custom CSS3 animations, Charlotte strives to be the most pleasing HTML template a restaurant owner can have.

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restaurant website templates elixir

Next on our list of responsive restaurant website templates is Elixir. This clean and sleek HTML template is the perfect template that gives a feel of professionality to your website. It’s ultra responsive design guarantees perfect optimization all over the website. Each element of the template is designed to be retina ready as well as mobile responsive. Not only that but its modular design is built for easy customization too. Personalize your template and add in your own touch to your website using Elixir. Use tons of unique Predefined color styles to add more texture and color to your restaurant’s online platform. Elixir also comes with 4 unique home page templates to use. Use 4 unique home page designs, each suited to theme a unique cuisine aesthetic from around the world.

Elixir also comes with additional tools to help you attract customers to your restaurant. Use it’s gallery and portfolio features to present your services and your dishes to your customers. You can also add in custom filters to make browsing through your images that much easier. Additional navigation features such as Sticky menus and header customization makes your website a bit more hospitable to your customers. Elixir is designed to be as comfortable to use as it is to customize it.

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restaurant website templates eldar

Eldar is perfect for restaurant owners that want a more simple attitude towards their restaurant websites. The template contains all the features necessary for restaurant website templates and then some. Use an animation and parallax effect enabled home page that comes bundled with flex sliders, custom text icon boxes, and more. Its use of a media enabled custom Menu design is perfect for any website. Add in tons of custom elements built specifically for restaurant website templates. The fully customizable Menu section is designed to be stylish and yet easily presentable. Social media links enabled Team members section helps your customers familiarize with your cooking staffs and chefs. Similarly, it’s minimalistic popup enabled Gallery comes with perfect filter options for you to use.

Additionally, you can also enable a Blog on your website too. It’s huge Typography options and Font customization works perfectly to help you publish stylish blogs on your website. Furthermore, Eldar also has nifty additions that would work perfectly to your advantage. Use a Custom Contact form complete Google Map embed as well as a working contact form. Eldar is simple and functional but it certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes competing as one of the best restaurant website templates available.

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restaurant website templates vincent pizza

Vincent Pizza cafe is the perfect HTML template for you if you run a pizzeria or a fast food restaurant. This responsive  HTML template gives you the full customization experience. Personalize everything; from the Home page to Blog pages to Contact pages. It’s huge Theme options panel provides you customization options for the whole website. But, to make your just a little bit easier, Vincent also comes tons of page layouts and templates. Use 6 unique Home page layouts, each consisting of unique elements and design choices. It’s custom Food menu also comes in 3 different unique designs too. Showcase your dishes in unique ways, built specifically for your needs.

Pizzeria also has a strong focus on its typography and visibility. Customize its huge typography options to suit your website. It’s responsive, Retina-ready design makes your content resize perfectly on any screen resolution or size. Similarly, it’s HTML5 and CSS3 coding guarantees the best performance and SEO optimization for your website. Additionally, the template also comes with tons of other custom HTML pages for you to use. Use 3 unique blog layouts,3 Contact templates and 2 unique About pages. You can also customize and add Fullscreen slider to your content too!

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restaurant website templates justcakes

JustCakes provides a more sweeter variety to our list of responsive restaurant website templates. This HTML template features a stylish, colorful design perfect for bakeries and dessert shops. With 5 unique Color skins, you can add more colorful texture to your website. Additionally, you can also 4 unique layout structures that are designed to add more style and flair to your website. Market your bakery in a way that you see fit using JustCakes. This template comes with full custozation options for you to use. Add in Awesome lightbox effects on your images. Enable Google map embeds and add in tons of custom elements used for restaurants.

JustCakes comes with tons of unique HTML pages for your website. Build a Food menu to present your menu and post your reviews and recipes using the Blog section. JustCakes covers all grounds when it comes to the restaurant website. The template is also eCommerce ready and comes with custom HTML pages for your eCommerce needs. Use and customize the Single products and Shop pages. You can also make use of its Cart and Checkout pages that are very comfortable to use.

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restaurant website templates lambert

Next on our list of restaurant website templates is Lambert. And let us tell you, this one’s a package of wonders. It’s clean and modern design makes it the perfect versatile restaurant website template. Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, Online delivery, etc. You can make use of Lambert for them all. To that extent, you can choose from 6 different Homepage templates to use. Each features unique elements to attract your customers. Whether it be Carousels, Video backgrounds or sliders; Lambert makes perfect use of them all. Additionally, you can add in HTML5 Video backgrounds from various hosting websites. Youtube, Vimeo or even upload your owns, the choice is yours.

Its incredible parallax design adds in a more materialist taste to your page too. Custom hover effects and animation effect make browsing your content a treat in itself. The template is also completely Retina-ready and Fully responsive to boot. Moreover, Lambert is also completely mobile friendly. It’s touch responsive unique design makes browsing your website on tablets and mobiles a lot more fluid and smooth.

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restaurant website templates attica

Attica is a complete page builder enabled HTML restaurant template that puts a heavy focus on presentation. Ensure that you leave a positive impression on your customers using this responsive template. Optimized for Mobile devices, Attica is also completely cross-browser compatible too. The template features tons of customization options too. Choose from 3 unique menu types, and add in a lot more navigation features to your website using Attica. The template is also bundled with the Variant Page builder. Customize each and every element on your website by simply clicking, dragging and dropping whenever necessary. You can easily personalize your restaurant website in real time using Variant.

Furthermore, using Attica also gets you access to its Open Table form integration. Attica definitely doesn’t lag behind when it comes to restaurant website templates features. Add in minimal yet informative Menus complete with filter options. You can even add your own food blogs using Attica. Moreover, it’s gallery features are also quite astounding. You can also integrate your Instagram feed with barely any effort. Add in more depth to your restaurant website using your Instagram images and more using Attica.

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restaurant website templates padre

If you want a more pleasant and comfort atmopshere for your website then Padre is the perfect choice for you. Made for contemporary cafes and restaurants, Padre adds in a more vibrant feel to your restaurant website. Completely customize and finalize your website design in a matter of minutes using Padre’s theme panel. Use a wide range of layout options for your content. It’s unlimited color options also deserve to be noted. Moreover, the template also comes with the Variant page builder. Handpick each element you want to enable on your website and customize it the way you want using this Drag N’ Drop page builder.

This unique page template also comes with 3 unique header designs. You can use a simple, classic header design, a fullscreen image header or better yet, an Instagram feed enabled header. Color your website using Images from your Instagram directly using Padre. Padre also comes with tons of unique elements to enable for your restaurant website. Minimalistic, filterable Food menus, hover effect enabled Galleries and more. You can also use a Stylish Contact section that features a unique Google map embed too.

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